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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52127

Chapter 52127 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kay, B., 1988:
Clinical pharmacology of opiate agonist/antagonist (OAA)

Gilday, E.; Nasrallah, H.A., 2012:
Clinical pharmacology of paliperidone palmitate a parenteral long-acting formulation for the treatment of schizophrenia

Bialer, M., 2008:
Clinical pharmacology of parenteral use of antiepileptic drugs

Hoch, M.; D'Ambrosio, D.; Wilbraham, D.; Brossard, P.; Dingemanse, J., 2015:
Clinical pharmacology of ponesimod, a selective S1P₁ receptor modulator, after uptitration to supratherapeutic doses in healthy subjects

Miñano, C.; Garcia-Tsao, G., 2011:
Clinical pharmacology of portal hypertension

Ueda, S., 2008:
Clinical pharmacology of renin-angiotensin system

Patel, K.R.; Brown, V.A.; Jones, D.J.L.; Britton, R.G.; Hemingway, D.; Miller, A.S.; West, K.P.; Booth, T.D.; Perloff, M.; Crowell, J.A.; Brenner, D.E.; Steward, W.P.; Gescher, A.J.; Brown, K., 2010:
Clinical pharmacology of resveratrol and its metabolites in colorectal cancer patients

Parker, W.A., 2018:
Clinical pharmacology of sodium salicylate

McQuay, H.J., 1988:
Clinical pharmacology of spinal opioids

Ishiguro, H.; Saji, S.; Toi, M., 2013:
Clinical pharmacology of targeted drug for breast cancer

Osamu, N.; Hirotaka, N.; Koji, S.; Kenji, T., 2015:
Clinical pharmacology of the anti-IL-17 receptor antibody brodalumab (KHK4827) in Japanese normal healthy volunteers and Japanese subjects with moderate to severe psoriasis: a randomized, dose-escalation, placebo-controlled study

Pacifici, G.Maria., 2013:
Clinical pharmacology of the loop diuretics furosemide and bumetanide in neonates and infants

Peterlin, B.Lee.; Rapoport, A.M., 2007:
Clinical pharmacology of the serotonin receptor agonist, zolmitriptan

Zhang, X.; Peck, R., 2012:
Clinical pharmacology of tocilizumab for the treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Zhang, X.; Morcos, P.N.; Saito, T.; Terao, K., 2013:
Clinical pharmacology of tocilizumab for the treatment of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Ferrari, A.; Tiraferri, I.; Neri, L.; Sternieri, E., 2012:
Clinical pharmacology of topiramate in migraine prevention

Levêque, D.; Gigou, L.; Bergerat, J.Pierre., 2008:
Clinical pharmacology of trastuzumab

Eckstein, N.; Röper, L.; Haas, B.; Potthast, H.; Hermes, U.; Unkrig, C.; Naumann-Winter, F.; Enzmann, H., 2014:
Clinical pharmacology of tyrosine kinase inhibitors becoming generic drugs: the regulatory perspective

Gin, T., 2010:
Clinical pharmacology on display

DiFrancesco, R.; Rosenkranz, S.L.; Taylor, C.R.; Pande, P.G.; Siminski, S.M.; Jenny, R.W.; Morse, G.D., 2014:
Clinical pharmacology quality assurance program: models for longitudinal analysis of antiretroviral proficiency testing for international laboratories

Mishina, E.V.; Hoffman, A.C., 2014:
Clinical pharmacology research strategy for dissolvable tobacco products

Pastoor, D.; Gobburu, J., 2014:
Clinical pharmacology review of escitalopram for the treatment of depression

Poli, G.; Acerbi, D.; Pennini, R.; Soliani Raschini, A.; Corrado, M.Ermanno.; Eichler, H.Georg.; Eichler, I., 2007:
Clinical pharmacology study of Bramitob, a tobramycin solution for nebulization, in comparison with Tobi

Gotoh, M.; Okubo, K.; Okuda, M.; Hamada, C., 2011:
Clinical pharmacology study of the corticosteroid nasal spray dexamethasone cipecilate (NS-126): examination of the durability of efficacy in the nasal induction test

Graham-Brown, R., 2011:
Clinical pharmacology supplement: introduction

Kshirsagar, N.A.; Bachhav, S.S.; Kulkarni, L.A.; Vijaykumar, 2014:
Clinical pharmacology training in India: Status and need

Goren, T.; Adar, L.; Sasson, N.; Weiss, Y.M., 2011:
Clinical pharmacology tyramine challenge study to determine the selectivity of the monoamine oxidase type B (MAO-B) inhibitor rasagiline

de Koning, P.; Keirns, J., 2010 :
Clinical pharmacology, biomarkers and personalized medicine: education please

Bentué-Ferrer, Dèle.; Arvieux, Cédric.; Tribut, O.; Ruffault, A.; Bellissant, E., 2010:
Clinical pharmacology, efficacy and safety of atazanavir: a review

Pasternak, J.J.; Williamson, E.E., 2012:
Clinical pharmacology, uses, and adverse reactions of iodinated contrast agents: a primer for the non-radiologist

Aronson, J.K.; Cohen, A.; Lewis, L.D., 2008:
Clinical pharmacology--providing tools and expertise for translational medicine

Kshirsagar, N.; Kumar, V., 2011:
Clinical pharmacology: Prospects and development in India

Somogyi, A.; Loke, Y.K.; Ferro, A.; Lewis, L.D.; Cohen, A.F.; Ritter, J.M., 2011:
Clinical pharmacology: a declaration of intent

Waldman, S.A.; Kraft, W.K.; Nelson, T.J.; Terzic, A., 2010:
Clinical pharmacology: a paradigm for individualized medicine

Möllmann, H.; Nef, H.M.; Hamm, C.W., 2010:
Clinical pharmacology: antiplatelet therapy during surgery

Lasagna, L., 1966:
Clinical pharmacology: present status and future development

Fava, G.A.; Staccini, L.; Delle Chiaie, R.; Belaise, C.; Tomba, E., 2016:
Clinical pharmacopsychology

Mulè, M.; Scarabelli, M.; Capodanno, D.; Ussia, G.P.; Tamburino, C., 2012 :
Clinical pharmacotherapy and drug development for pulmonary arterial hypertension

Ahmed, S.Imran.; Hasan, S.Shahzad.; Hassali, M.Azmi., 2012:
Clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care: a need to homogenize the concepts

Guédat, M-Gabrielle.; Gouraud, A.; Ramiah, T.; Demazière, J.; Delanoy, B.; Vial, T.; Leboucher, G.; Charpiat, B., 2013:
Clinical pharmacy and pharmacovigilance over a period of nine years in hospital

Jarfaut, A.; Nivoix, Y.; Vigouroux, D.; Kehrli, P.; Gaudias, J.; Kempf, J-F.; Levêque, D.; Gourieux, B., 2015:
Clinical pharmacy and surgery: Review

Pastakia, S.D.; Vincent, W.R.; Manji, I.; Kamau, E.; Schellhase, E.M., 2011:
Clinical pharmacy consultations provided by American and Kenyan pharmacy students during an acute care advanced pharmacy practice experience

Ryan, M.; Shao, H.; Yang, L.; Nie, X-Yan.; Zhai, S-Di.; Shi, L-Wen.; Lubawy, W.C., 2009:
Clinical pharmacy education in China

Larochelle, J.M.; Ghaly, M.; Creel, A.M., 2012:
Clinical pharmacy faculty interventions in a pediatric intensive care unit: an eight-month review

Marquardsen, A., 2013:
Clinical pharmacy frees up time for diagnosis and treatment

Bauters, T.G.M.; Devulder, J.; Robays, H., 2008:
Clinical pharmacy in a multidisciplinar team for chronic pain in adults

Matsuba, K., 2009:
Clinical pharmacy practice education in master's course of Meijo University in affiliation with medical school

Stemer, G.; Lemmens-Gruber, R., 2010:
Clinical pharmacy services and solid organ transplantation: a literature review

Campbell, G.; Auyeung, V.; McRobbie, D., 2014:
Clinical pharmacy services in a London hospital, have they changed?

Hill, R.Renee., 2007:
Clinical pharmacy services in a home-based palliative care program

Allameh, Z.; Mehrpooya, M.; Baniasadi, S.; Fahimi, F., 2013:
Clinical pharmacy services in an Iranian teaching hospital: Type, severity, resolution, and accuracy

Dashti-Khavidaki, S.; Khalili, H.; Hamishekar, H.; Shahverdi, S., 2010:
Clinical pharmacy services in an Iranian teaching hospital: a descriptive study

Milfred-Laforest, S.K.; Chow, S.L.; Didomenico, R.J.; Dracup, K.; Ensor, C.R.; Gattis-Stough, W.; Heywood, J.Thomas.; Lindenfeld, J.; Page, R.L.; Patterson, J.Herbert.; Vardeny, O.; Massie, B.M., 2013:
Clinical pharmacy services in heart failure: an opinion paper from the Heart Failure Society of America and American College of Clinical Pharmacy Cardiology Practice and Research Network

Petrie, J.L.; Segal, A.R., 2010:
Clinical pharmacy services provided to asthma patients in a school-based clinic

Harris, I.M.; Phillips, B.; Boyce, E.; Griesbach, S.; Hope, C.; Sanoski, C.; Sokos, D.; Wargo, K., 2015:
Clinical pharmacy should adopt a consistent process of direct patient care

Youmans, S.; Ngassapa, O.; Chambuso, M., 2013:
Clinical pharmacy to meet the health needs of Tanzanians: education reform through partnership across continents (2008-2011)

Stuchbery, P.; Kong, D.C.M.; DeSantis, G.N.; Lo, S.Kai., 2010:
Clinical pharmacy workload in medical and surgical patients: effect of patient partition, disease complexity and major disease category

Khdour, M.R.; Kidney, J.C.; Smyth, B.M.; McElnay, J.C., 2010:
Clinical pharmacy-led disease and medicine management programme for patients with COPD

Wilson, C.C.; Newman, M.J.; Livingston, B.D.; MaWhinney, S.; Forster, J.E.; Scott, J.; Schooley, R.T.; Benson, C.A., 2008:
Clinical phase 1 testing of the safety and immunogenicity of an epitope-based DNA vaccine in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected subjects receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy

Peters, G.J.; Clavel, M.; Noordhuis, P.; Geyssen, G.J.; Laan, A.C.; Guastalla, J.; Edzes, H.T.; Vermorken, J.B., 2007:
Clinical phase I and pharmacology study of gemcitabine (2', 2'-difluorodeoxycytidine) administered in a two-weekly schedule

Okamoto, I.; Arao, T.; Miyazaki, M.; Satoh, T.; Okamoto, K.; Tsunoda, T.; Nishio, K.; Nakagawa, K., 2013:
Clinical phase I study of elpamotide, a peptide vaccine for vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2, in patients with advanced solid tumors

Ueyama, Y.; Okafuji, M.; Harada, K.; Mano, T.; Mihara, M.; Uchida, K.; Horinaga, D.; Wada, N., 2009:
Clinical phase I trial of S-1 in the combination with DOC using super-selective intra-arterial infusion with oral cancer

Roeder, F.; Timke, C.; Saleh-Ebrahimi, L.; Schneider, L.; Hackert, T.; Hartwig, W.; Kopp-Schneider, A.; Hensley, F.W.; Buechler, M.W.; Debus, J.; Huber, P.E.; Werner, J., 2012:
Clinical phase I/II trial to investigate neoadjuvant intensity-modulated short term radiation therapy (5 × 5 Gy) and intraoperative radiation therapy (15 Gy) in patients with primarily resectable pancreatic cancer - NEOPANC

Roeder, F.; Ulrich, A.; Habl, G.; Uhl, M.; Saleh-Ebrahimi, L.; Huber, P.E.; Schulz-Ertner, D.; Nikoghosyan, A.V.; Alldinger, I.; Krempien, R.; Mechtersheimer, G.; Hensley, F.W.; Debus, J.; Bischof, M., 2015:
Clinical phase I/II trial to investigate preoperative dose-escalated intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) in patients with retroperitoneal soft tissue sarcoma: interim analysis

Hilgers, F.J.M.; Ackerstaff, A.H.; van Rossum, M.; Jacobi, I.; Balm, A.J.M.; Tan, I.Bing.; van den Brekel, M.W.M., 2010:
Clinical phase I/feasibility study of the next generation indwelling Provox voice prosthesis (Provox Vega)

Grados, M.A.; Mathews, C.A., 2010:
Clinical phenomenology and phenotype variability in Tourette syndrome

Dorrepaal, E.; Thomaes, K.; Smit, J.H.; Hoogendoorn, A.; Veltman, D.J.; van Balkom, A.J.L.M.; Draijer, N., 2012:
Clinical phenomenology of childhood abuse-related complex PTSD in a population of female patients: patterns of personality disturbance

Colosimo, C.; Berardelli, A., 2012:
Clinical phenomenology of dystonia

Hosoki, K.; Ohta, T.; Natsume, J.; Imai, S.; Okumura, A.; Matsui, T.; Harada, N.; Bacino, C.A.; Scaglia, F.; Jones, J.Y.; Niikawa, N.; Saitoh, S., 2012:
Clinical phenotype and candidate genes for the 5q31.3 microdeletion syndrome

Bauce, B.; Rampazzo, A.; Basso, C.; Mazzotti, E.; Rigato, I.; Steriotis, A.; Beffagna, G.; Lorenzon, A.; De Bortoli, M.; Pilichou, K.; Marra, M.Perazzolo.; Corbetti, F.; Daliento, L.; Iliceto, S.; Corrado, D.; Thiene, G.; Nava, A., 2012:
Clinical phenotype and diagnosis of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy in pediatric patients carrying desmosomal gene mutations

Wang, Y-qiong.; Cui, Y-xia.; Feng, J., 2014:
Clinical phenotype and gene diagnostic analysis of Omenn syndrome

Delaporta, P.; Sofocleous, C.; Stiakaki, E.; Polychronopoulou, S.; Economou, M.; Kossiva, L.; Kostaridou, S.; Kattamis, A., 2015:
Clinical phenotype and genetic analysis of RPS19, RPL5, and RPL11 genes in Greek patients with Diamond Blackfan Anemia

Sermet-Gaudelus, I.; Girodon, E.; Sands, D.; Stremmler, N.; Vavrova, V.; Deneuville, E.; Reix, P.; Bui, Séphanie.; Huet, Fédéric.; Lebourgeois, M.; Munck, A.; Iron, A.; Skalicka, V.; Bienvenu, T.; Roussel, D.; Lenoir, Gérard.; Bellon, G.; Sarles, J.; Macek, M.; Roussey, M.; Fajac, I.; Edelman, A., 2010:
Clinical phenotype and genotype of children with borderline sweat test and abnormal nasal epithelial chloride transport

van Mullem, A.; van Heerebeek, R.; Chrysis, D.; Visser, E.; Medici, M.; Andrikoula, M.; Tsatsoulis, A.; Peeters, R.; Visser, T.J., 2012:
Clinical phenotype and mutant TRα1

Choi, J-H.; Jin, H-Y.; Lee, B.H.; Ko, J.M.; Lee, J-J.; Kim, G-H.; Jung, C-W.; Lee, J.; Yoo, H-W., 2012:
Clinical phenotype and mutation spectrum of the CYP21A2 gene in patients with steroid 21-hydroxylase deficiency

Ory-Magne, F.; Brefel-Courbon, C.; Payoux, P.; Debruxelles, S.; Sibon, I.; Goizet, C.; Labauge, P.; Menegon, P.; Uro-Coste, E.; Ghetti, B.; Delisle, M.Bernadetle.; Vidal, R.; Rascol, O., 2010:
Clinical phenotype and neuroimaging findings in a French family with hereditary ferritinopathy (FTL498-499InsTC)

Kodaganur, S.G.; Tontanahal, S.J.; Sarda, A.; Shah, M.H.; Bhat, V.; Kumar, A., 2013:
Clinical phenotype and the lack of mutations in the CHRNG, CHRND, and CHRNA1 genes in two Indian families with Escobar syndrome

Compagno, M.; Rekvig, O.P.; Bengtsson, A.A.; Sturfelt, G.; Heegaard, N.H.H.; Jönsen, A.; Jacobsen, R.Sleimann.; Eilertsen, G.Ø.; Fenton, C.G.; Truedsson, L.; Nossent, J.C.; Jacobsen, Søren., 2014:
Clinical phenotype associations with various types of anti-dsDNA antibodies in patients with recent onset of rheumatic symptoms. Results from a multicentre observational study

Barone, R.; Sturiale, L.; Sofia, V.; Ignoto, A.; Fiumara, A.; Sorge, G.; Garozzo, D.; Zappia, M., 2008:
Clinical phenotype correlates to glycoprotein phenotype in a sib pair with CDG-Ia

Bragadottir, G.; Birgisdottir, E.R.; Gudmundsdottir, B.R.; Hilmarsdottir, B.; Vidarsson, B.; Magnusson, M.K.; Larsen, O.Halfdan.; Sorensen, B.; Ingerslev, J.; Onundarson, P.T., 2015:
Clinical phenotype in heterozygote and biallelic Bernard-Soulier syndrome--a case control study

Suto, K.; Hosono, K.; Takahashi, M.; Hirami, Y.; Arai, Y.; Nagase, Y.; Ueno, S.; Terasaki, H.; Minoshima, S.; Kondo, M.; Hotta, Y., 2014:
Clinical phenotype in ten unrelated Japanese patients with mutations in the EYS gene

Zhou, X.; Li, Y.; Peng, Y.; Hu, J.; Zhang, R.; He, L.; Wang, Y.; Jiang, L.; Yan, S.; Li, P.; Xie, Q.; Liu, B., 2015:
Clinical phenotype network: the underlying mechanism for personalized diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine

Wu, Y-Ying.; Cheng, I.Han-Juo.; Lee, C-Cheng.; Chiu, M-Jang.; Lee, M-Jen.; Chen, T-Fu.; Hsu, J-Lung., 2012:
Clinical phenotype of G206D mutation in the presenilin 1 gene in pathologically confirmed familial Alzheimer's disease

van Mullem, A.A.; Chrysis, D.; Eythimiadou, A.; Chroni, E.; Tsatsoulis, A.; de Rijke, Y.B.; Visser, W.Edward.; Visser, T.J.; Peeters, R.P., 2013:
Clinical phenotype of a new type of thyroid hormone resistance caused by a mutation of the TRα1 receptor: consequences of LT4 treatment

Blanco Sánchez, T.; Duat Rodríguez, A.; Cantarín Extremera, V.; Lapunzina, P.; Palomares Bralo, M.; Nevado Blanco, J., 2017:
Clinical phenotype of a patient with FOXP1 deletion

Hong, D.; Bi, H.; Yao, S.; Wang, Z.; Yuan, Y., 2010:
Clinical phenotype of autosomal dominant progressive external ophthalmoplegia in a family with a novel mutation in the C10orf2 gene

McElroy, S.L.; Crow, S.; Biernacka, J.M.; Winham, S.; Geske, J.; Cuellar Barboza, A.B.; Prieto, M.L.; Chauhan, M.; Seymour, L.R.; Mori, N.; Frye, M.A., 2014:
Clinical phenotype of bipolar disorder with comorbid binge eating disorder

Comer, D.M.; Ennis, M.; McDowell, C.; Beattie, D.; Rendall, J.; Hall, V.; Elborn, J.S., 2010:
Clinical phenotype of cystic fibrosis patients with the G551D mutation

Sayed, N.; Culver, C.; Dams-O'Connor, K.; Hammond, F.; Diaz-Arrastia, R., 2014:
Clinical phenotype of dementia after traumatic brain injury

Wolfe, G.I.; Oh, S.J., 2008:
Clinical phenotype of muscle-specific tyrosine kinase-antibody-positive myasthenia gravis

Stork, A.C.J.; van der Pol, W-Ludo.; Franssen, H.; Jacobs, B.C.; Notermans, N.C., 2015:
Clinical phenotype of patients with neuropathy associated with monoclonal gammopathy: a comparative study and a review of the literature

Nguyen, D.Q.; Hosseini, M.; Billingsley, G.; Héon, E.; Churchill, A.J., 2011:
Clinical phenotype of posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy in a family with a novel ZEB1 mutation

Boralevi, F.; Diallo, A.; Miquel, J.; Guerin-Moreau, M.; Bessis, D.; Chiavérini, C.; Plantin, P.; Hubiche, T.; Maruani, A.; Lassalle, M.; Boursault, L.; Ezzedine, K., 2014:
Clinical phenotype of scabies by age

Arnoldi, A.; Crimella, C.; Tenderini, E.; Martinuzzi, A.; D'Angelo, M.G.; Musumeci, O.; Toscano, A.; Scarlato, M.; Fantin, M.; Bresolin, N.; Bassi, M.T., 2012:
Clinical phenotype variability in patients with hereditary spastic paraplegia type 5 associated with CYP7B1 mutations

Masino, A.J.; Dechene, E.T.; Dulik, M.C.; Wilkens, A.; Spinner, N.B.; Krantz, I.D.; Pennington, J.W.; Robinson, P.N.; White, P.S., 2014:
Clinical phenotype-based gene prioritization: an initial study using semantic similarity and the human phenotype ontology

Faria, C.Silvério.; Li, Q.; Guo, H.; Uitto, J.; Takeno, S.Satomi.; de Arruda Cardoso Smith, M.; Freire-Maia, D.Villalba., 2014:
Clinical phenotypes and ABCC6 gene mutations in Brazilian families with pseudoxanthoma elasticum

Talman, P.; Forbes, A.; Mathers, S., 2008:
Clinical phenotypes and natural progression for motor neuron disease: analysis from an Australian database

Hervier, B.; Benveniste, O., 2015:
Clinical phenotypes and prognosis of antisynthetase syndrome

Floris, G.; Borghero, G.; Cannas, A.; Di Stefano, F.; Murru, M.R.; Corongiu, D.; Cuccu, S.; Tranquilli, S.; Cherchi, M.V.; Serra, A.; Loi, G.; Marrosu, M.G.; Chiò, A.; Marrosu, F., 2015:
Clinical phenotypes and radiological findings in frontotemporal dementia related to TARDBP mutations

Domínguez, O.; Giner, M.T.; Alsina, L.; Martín, M.A.; Lozano, J.; Plaza, A.M., 2012:
Clinical phenotypes associated with selective IgA deficiency: a review of 330 cases and a proposed follow-up protocol

Hanspal, I.; McNinch, A.; Richards, A.; Snead, M., 2013:
Clinical phenotypes associated with type II collagen mutations

Piguet, O.; Halliday, G.M.; Reid, W.G.J.; Casey, B.; Carman, R.; Huang, Y.; Xuereb, J.H.; Hodges, J.R.; Kril, J.J., 2011:
Clinical phenotypes in autopsy-confirmed Pick disease

Silva, R.O., 2013:
Clinical phenotypes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Pereira, C.A.C.; Dornfeld, M.C.; Baughman, R.; Judson, M.A., 2015:
Clinical phenotypes in sarcoidosis

Sobradillo, P.; García-Aymerich, J.; Agustí, Àlvar., 2011:
Clinical phenotypes of COPD

Miravitlles, M.; Calle, M.; Soler-Cataluña, J.José., 2012:
Clinical phenotypes of COPD: identification, definition and implications for guidelines

Han, G.; Wang, O.; Nie, M.; Zhu, Y.; Meng, X.; Hu, Y.; Liu, H.; Xing, X., 2013:
Clinical phenotypes of Chinese primary hyperparathyroidism patients are associated with the calcium-sensing receptor gene R990G polymorphism

Piras, B.; Ferrarotti, I.; Lara, B.; Martinez, M.Teresa.; Bustamante, A.; Ottaviani, S.; Pirina, P.; Luisetti, M.; Miravitlles, M., 2014:
Clinical phenotypes of Italian and Spanish patients with α1-antitrypsin deficiency

Buiting, K.; Di Donato, N.; Beygo, J.; Bens, S.; von der Hagen, M.; Hackmann, K.; Horsthemke, B., 2014:
Clinical phenotypes of MAGEL2 mutations and deletions

Basuta, K.; Narcisa, V.; Chavez, A.; Kumar, M.; Gane, L.; Hagerman, R.; Tassone, F., 2011:
Clinical phenotypes of a juvenile sibling pair carrying the fragile X premutation

Millar, S.; Carson, D., 2014:
Clinical phenotypes of autoimmune polyendocrinopathycandidiasis-ectodermal dystrophy seen in the Northern Ireland paediatric population over the last 30 years

Zhang, T.; Armstrong, A.J., 2015:
Clinical phenotypes of castration-resistant prostate cancer

Tamminga, C.A.; Ivleva, E.I.; Keshavan, M.S.; Pearlson, G.D.; Clementz, B.A.; Witte, B.; Morris, D.W.; Bishop, J.; Thaker, G.K.; Sweeney, J.A., 2013:
Clinical phenotypes of psychosis in the Bipolar-Schizophrenia Network on Intermediate Phenotypes (B-SNIP)

Alves, R.de.Souza.Araújo.; Vianna, Fávia.de.Almeida.Filardo.; Pereira, C.Alberto.de.Castro., 2008:
Clinical phenotypes of severe asthma

Gomez-Ibañez, A.; Gasca-Salas, C.; Urrestarazu, E.; Viteri, C., 2013:
Clinical phenotypes within non-surgical patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy caused by hippocampal sclerosis based on response to antiepileptic drugs

Shoskes, D.A.; Nickel, J.Curtis.; Dolinga, R.; Prots, D., 2009:
Clinical phenotyping of patients with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome and correlation with symptom severity

Kartha, G.K.; Kerr, H.; Shoskes, D.A., 2014:
Clinical phenotyping of urologic pain patients

Nickel, J.Curtis.; Shoskes, D.; Irvine-Bird, K., 2010:
Clinical phenotyping of women with interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome: a key to classification and potentially improved management

Solanky, D.; Krishnamoorthi, R.; Crews, N.; Johnson, M.; Wang, K.; Wolfsen, H.; Fleischer, D.; Ramirez, F.C.; Katzka, D.; Buttar, N.; Iyer, P.G., 2018:
Barrett Esophagus Length, Nodularity, and Low-grade Dysplasia are Predictive of Progression to Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

Konomi, U.; Yoshida, T.; Ito, H.; Shimizu, A.; Shimizu, S.; Okamoto, I.; Suzuki, M., 2009:
Clinical photodynamic diagnosis and therapy efficiency in oropharyngeal cancer

Allison, R.R.; Cuenca, R.E.; Downie, G.H.; Camnitz, P.; Brodish, B.; Sibata, C.H., 2005:
Clinical photodynamic therapy of head and neck cancers-A review of applications and outcomes

Huon, L-Kiong.; Huang, S-Hung.; Wang, P-Chun.; Chen, L-Ching., 2009:
Clinical photograph. Laryngopharyngeal tuberculosis masquerading as chronic laryngopharyngitis

Marom, T.; Goldfarb, A.; Vaknine, H.; Kravtsov, V.; Roth, Y., 2009:
Clinical photograph. Sinonasal extramedullary plasmacytoma

Oderda, G.; Dell'Olio, D.; Ansaldi, N., 1988:
Barrett's esophagus

Sato, K.; Umeno, H., 2009:
Clinical photographs. Fish bone-induced sialolith

Baek, B-Joon.; Lee, J-Yong.; Bae, C-Hee.; Kang, E-Gu.; Cho, H-Deuk., 2009:
Clinical photographs. Pleomorphic adenoma of the nasal vestibule

Sandler, J.; Gutierrez, R.J.; Murray, A., 2013:
Clinical photographs: the gold standard, an update

Jakowenko, J., 2009:
Clinical photography

Olaitan, P.Babatunde.; Oseni, G.Oladiran., 2012:
Clinical photography among African cleft caregivers

Berle, I., 2008:
Clinical photography and patient rights: the need for orthopraxy

Hagan, K.F., 2009:
Clinical photography for the plastic surgery practice--the basics

Ashique, K.; Kaliyadan, F., 2011:
Clinical photography for trichology practice: tips and tricks

Kunde, L.; McMeniman, E.; Parker, M., 2014:
Clinical photography in dermatology: ethical and medico-legal considerations in the age of digital and smartphone technology

Witmer, W.K.; Lebovitz, P.J., 2013:
Clinical photography in the dermatology practice

Anonymous, 2007 :
Clinical photography in wound management

Schabel, B.J.; Baccetti, T.; Franchi, L.; McNamara, J.A., 2010:
Clinical photography vs digital video clips for the assessment of smile esthetics

Haddon, C., 2010:
Clinical photography: science or art?

Kovacic, P.; Somanathan, R., 2010:
Clinical physiology and mechanism of dizocilpine (MK-801): electron transfer, radicals, redox metabolites and bioactivity

Galmarini, A.R., 2014:
Clinical physiology of anesthesia

Painter, E., 1948:
Clinical physiology of dogs injected with plutonium

Wakerlin, G.E., 2011:
Clinical physiology of infectious diseases of the liver

Hoffman, W.S., 1949:
Clinical physiology of protein deficiency

O'day, K., 1947:
Clinical physiology of the cerebellum

Arheden, Håkan., 2010:
Clinical physiology: a successful academic and clinical discipline is threatened in Sweden

Bampton, J.; Vargas, J.; Wu, R.; Potts, S.; Lance, A.; Scrivener, K.; Ada, L.; Dean, C.M., 2013:
Clinical physiotherapists had both positive and negative perceptions about delivering two different interventions in a clinical trial: a mixed methods study

Koretskaia, N.M.; Lesunova, I.V., 2012:
Clinical picture and diagnosis of cancer of lung in persons of elderly and senile age with residual tubercular changes

Jezussek, D.; Hönle, W.; Fabijani, R.; Schuh, A., 2007:
Clinical picture and diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis

Jezussek, D.; Hönle, W.; Schuh, A., 2008:
Clinical picture and diagnostics of upper ankle joint osteoarthritis

Malaque, C.M.S.; Santoro, M.L.; Cardoso, Jão.Luiz.C.; Conde, M.R.; Novaes, C.T.G.; Risk, Jé.Y.; França, F.O.S.; de Medeiros, C.R.; Fan, H.W., 2012:
Clinical picture and laboratorial evaluation in human loxoscelism

Kawai, Y.; Inoue, N.; Onishi, K., 2013:
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Clinical practice guideline series update

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Clinical practice guideline series update

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