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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52160

Chapter 52160 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ries, M., 2003:
Cognitive effects of "older" anticonvulsants in children with epilepsy: a review and critique of the literature

Robles, O.; Zabala, A.; Bombín, I.; Parellada, M.; Moreno, D.; Ruiz-Sancho, A.; Arango, C., 2011:
Cognitive efficacy of quetiapine and olanzapine in early-onset first-episode psychosis

Hilsabeck, R.C.; Anstead, G.M.; Webb, A.L.; Hoyumpa, A.; Ingmundson, P.; Holliday, S.; Zhang, Q.; Casas, A.M.; Jovel, M.; Stern, S.L., 2010:
Cognitive efficiency is associated with endogenous cytokine levels in patients with chronic hepatitis C

Gold, J.M.; Kool, W.; Botvinick, M.M.; Hubzin, L.; August, S.; Waltz, J.A., 2015:
Cognitive effort avoidance and detection in people with schizophrenia

Kitzbichler, M.G.; Henson, R.N.A.; Smith, M.L.; Nathan, P.J.; Bullmore, E.T., 2011:
Cognitive effort drives workspace configuration of human brain functional networks

Dunphy, B.C.; Cantwell, R.; Bourke, S.; Fleming, M.; Smith, B.; Joseph, K.S.; Dunphy, S.L., 2010:
Cognitive elements in clinical decision-making: toward a cognitive model for medical education and understanding clinical reasoning

Raio, C.M.; Orederu, T.A.; Palazzolo, L.; Shurick, A.A.; Phelps, E.A., 2013:
Cognitive emotion regulation fails the stress test

Wolkenstein, L.; Zwick, J.C.; Hautzinger, M.; Joormann, J., 2014:
Cognitive emotion regulation in euthymic bipolar disorder

Duan, S.; Liu, Y.; Xiao, J.; Zhao, S.; Zhu, X., 2012:
Cognitive emotion regulation questionnaire in hypertensive patients

Van Loey, N.E.; Oggel, A.; Goemanne, A-Sofie.; Braem, L.; Vanbrabant, L.; Geenen, R., 2015:
Cognitive emotion regulation strategies and neuroticism in relation to depressive symptoms following burn injury: a longitudinal study with a 2-year follow-up

Wang, Y.; Yi, J.; He, J.; Chen, G.; Li, L.; Yang, Y.; Zhu, X., 2014:
Cognitive emotion regulation strategies as predictors of depressive symptoms in women newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Lei, H.; Zhang, X.; Cai, L.; Wang, Y.; Bai, M.; Zhu, X., 2014:
Cognitive emotion regulation strategies in outpatients with major depressive disorder

O'Driscoll, Cán.; Laing, J.; Mason, O., 2015:
Cognitive emotion regulation strategies, alexithymia and dissociation in schizophrenia, a review and meta-analysis

Ahmed, I.; Banu, H.; Al-Fageer, R.; Al-Suwaidi, R., 2009:
Cognitive emotions: depression and anxiety in medical students and staff

Li, S.; Jiang, X.; Yu, H.; Zhou, X., 2015:
Cognitive empathy modulates the processing of pragmatic constraints during sentence comprehension

Viswanath, B.; Janardhan Reddy, Y.C.; Kumar, K.J.; Kandavel, T.; Chandrashekar, C.R., 2009:
Cognitive endophenotypes in OCD: a study of unaffected siblings of probands with familial OCD

Bora, E.; Yucel, M.; Pantelis, C., 2008:
Cognitive endophenotypes of bipolar disorder: a meta-analysis of neuropsychological deficits in euthymic patients and their first-degree relatives

Ivleva, E.I.; Morris, D.W.; Osuji, J.; Moates, A.F.; Carmody, T.J.; Thaker, G.K.; Cullum, M.; Tamminga, C.A., 2012:
Cognitive endophenotypes of psychosis within dimension and diagnosis

Day, M.; Balci, F.; Wan, H.I.; Fox, G.B.; Rutkowski, J.Lynn.; Feuerstein, G., 2008:
Cognitive endpoints as disease biomarkers: optimizing the congruency of preclinical models to the clinic

Sharp, E.Schoenhofen.; Reynolds, C.A.; Pedersen, N.L.; Gatz, M., 2010:
Cognitive engagement and cognitive aging: is openness protective?

Rotgans, J.I.; Schmidt, H.G., 2011:
Cognitive engagement in the problem-based learning classroom

Uabundit, N.; Wattanathorn, J.; Mucimapura, S.; Ingkaninan, K., 2010:
Cognitive enhancement and neuroprotective effects of Bacopa monnieri in Alzheimer's disease model

Sofuoglu, M., 2010:
Cognitive enhancement as a pharmacotherapy target for stimulant addiction

Sofuoglu, M.; DeVito, E.E.; Waters, A.J.; Carroll, K.M., 2013:
Cognitive enhancement as a treatment for drug addictions

Sunyer, B.; Diao, W-Fei.; Kang, S.Ung.; An, G.; Boddul, S.; Lubec, G., 2009:
Cognitive enhancement by SGS742 in OF1 mice is linked to specific hippocampal protein expression

Husain, M.; Mehta, M.A., 2011:
Cognitive enhancement by drugs in health and disease

Luchtman, D.W.; Song, C., 2013 :
Cognitive enhancement by omega-3 fatty acids from child-hood to old age: findings from animal and clinical studies

Möhler, H., 2012:
Cognitive enhancement by pharmacological and behavioral interventions: the murine Down syndrome model

Emanuel, R.M.; Frellsen, S.L.; Kashima, K.J.; Sanguino, S.M.; Sierles, F.S.; Lazarus, C.J., 2014:
Cognitive enhancement drug use among future physicians: findings from a multi-institutional census of medical students

Elnicki, D.Michael., 2014:
Cognitive enhancement drug use among medical students and concerns about medical student well-being

Piyabhan, P.; Wetchateng, T.; Sireeratawong, S., 2013:
Cognitive enhancement effects of Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) on novel object recognition and NMDA receptor immunodensity in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus of sub-chronic phencyclidine rat model of schizophrenia

Piyabhan, P.; Wetchateng, T., 2013:
Cognitive enhancement effects of Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) on novel object recognition and VGLUT1 density in the prefrontal cortex, striatum, and hippocampus of sub-chronic phencyclidine rat model of schizophrenia

Kudlow, P.A.; Naylor, K.Treurnicht.; Xie, B.; McIntyre, R.S., 2014:
Cognitive enhancement in Canadian medical students

Gaucher, N.; Payot, A.; Racine, E., 2015:
Cognitive enhancement in children and adolescents: is it in their best interests?

Loftis, J.M.; Huckans, M., 2011:
Cognitive enhancement in combination with 'brain repair' may be optimal for the treatment of stimulant addiction

Harvey, P.D.; Bowie, C.R., 2013:
Cognitive enhancement in schizophrenia: pharmacological and cognitive remediation approaches

Wiseman, F.K., 2010:
Cognitive enhancement therapy for a model of Down syndrome

Eack, S.M.; Greenwald, D.P.; Hogarty, S.S.; Bahorik, A.L.; Litschge, M.Y.; Mazefsky, C.A.; Minshew, N.J., 2014:
Cognitive enhancement therapy for adults with autism spectrum disorder: results of an 18-month feasibility study

Eack, S.M.; Greenwald, D.P.; Hogarty, S.S.; Cooley, S.J.; DiBarry, A.Louise.; Montrose, D.M.; Keshavan, M.S., 2010:
Cognitive enhancement therapy for early-course schizophrenia: effects of a two-year randomized controlled trial

Anonymous, 2010:
Cognitive enhancement therapy for schizophrenia. Used early on, this hybrid therapy may improve mental and social functioning

Bisoglio, J.; Michaels, T.I.; Mervis, J.E.; Ashinoff, B.K., 2014:
Cognitive enhancement through action video game training: great expectations require greater evidence

Denner, L.A.; Rodriguez-Rivera, J.; Haidacher, S.J.; Jahrling, J.B.; Carmical, J.Russ.; Hernandez, C.M.; Zhao, Y.; Sadygov, R.G.; Starkey, J.M.; Spratt, H.; Luxon, B.A.; Wood, T.G.; Dineley, K.T., 2013:
Cognitive enhancement with rosiglitazone links the hippocampal PPARγ and ERK MAPK signaling pathways

Goodman, R., 2010:
Cognitive enhancement, cheating, and accomplishment

Proust, Jëlle., 2012:
Cognitive enhancement, human evolution and bioethics

Bostrom, N.; Sandberg, A., 2009:
Cognitive enhancement: methods, ethics, regulatory challenges

Hyman, S.E., 2011:
Cognitive enhancement: promises and perils

Solomon, L.M.; Noll, R.C.; Mordkoff, D.S., 2009:
Cognitive enhancements in human beings

Froestl, W.; Muhs, A.; Pfeifer, A., 2015:
Cognitive enhancers (Nootropics). Part 1: drugs interacting with receptors. Update 2014

Froestl, W.; Pfeifer, A.; Muhs, A., 2015:
Cognitive enhancers (Nootropics). Part 3: drugs interacting with targets other than receptors or enzymes. Disease-modifying drugs. Update 2014

Froestl, W.; Muhs, A.; Pfeifer, A., 2013:
Cognitive enhancers (nootropics). Part 1: drugs interacting with receptors

Froestl, W.; Muhs, A.; Pfeifer, A., 2013:
Cognitive enhancers (nootropics). Part 2: drugs interacting with enzymes

Froestl, W.; Muhs, A.; Pfeifer, A., 2015:
Cognitive enhancers (nootropics). Part 2: drugs interacting with enzymes. Update 2014

Froestl, W.; Pfeifer, A.; Muhs, A., 2013:
Cognitive enhancers (nootropics). Part 3: drugs interacting with targets other than receptors or enzymes. disease-modifying drugs

Victor, M., 2011:
Cognitive enhancers and cosmetic psychiatry: are we ready? A case-report

Wise, J., 2013:
Cognitive enhancers are set to change workplaces

Hofmann, S.G.; Smits, J.A.J.; Asnaani, A.; Gutner, C.A.; Otto, M.W., 2011:
Cognitive enhancers for anxiety disorders

Nic Dhonnchadha, Bíd.Áine.; Kantak, K.M., 2011:
Cognitive enhancers for facilitating drug cue extinction: insights from animal models

Hofmann, S.G.; Fang, A.; Gutner, C.A., 2014:
Cognitive enhancers for the treatment of anxiety disorders

Kantak, K.M.; Hofmann, S.G., 2011:
Cognitive enhancers for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders: clinical and preclinical investigations

Roesler, R.; Schröder, N., 2011:
Cognitive enhancers: focus on modulatory signaling influencing memory consolidation

Frenguelli, B.G., 2013:
Cognitive enhancers: molecules, mechanisms and minds

Sahgal, A., 1992:
Cognitive enhancers: the current status

Nade, V.S.; Kanhere, S.V.; Kawale, L.A.; Yadav, A.V., 2011:
Cognitive enhancing and antioxidant activity of ethyl acetate soluble fraction of the methanol extract of Hibiscus rosa sinensis in scopolamine-induced amnesia

Verster, J.C., 2011:
Cognitive enhancing drugs: a blessing for society?

Weon, J.Bae.; Lee, J.; Eom, M.Rye.; Jung, Y.Sik.; Ma, C.Je., 2017:
Cognitive enhancing effect of the fermented Gumiganghwal-tang on scopolamine-induced memory impairment in mice

Kumar, H.; Kim, B-Wook.; Song, S-Yeol.; Kim, J-Soo.; Kim, I-Su.; Kwon, Y-Sook.; Koppula, S.; Choi, D-Kug., 2013:
Cognitive enhancing effects of alpha asarone in amnesic mice by influencing cholinergic and antioxidant defense mechanisms

Malá, H.; Chen, Y.; Worm, V.Hu.; Kure, J.; Kaae, B.H.; Madsen, U.; Badolo, L.; Pickering, D.S.; Mogensen, J., 2012:
Cognitive enhancing effects of an AMPA receptor positive modulator on place learning in mice

Atcha, Z.; Chen, W-Shin.; Ong, A.B.; Wong, F-Kuan.; Neo, A.; Browne, E.R.; Witherington, J.; Pemberton, D.J., 2010:
Cognitive enhancing effects of ghrelin receptor agonists

Nenov, M.N.; Laezza, F.; Haidacher, S.J.; Zhao, Y.; Sadygov, R.G.; Starkey, J.M.; Spratt, H.; Luxon, B.A.; Dineley, K.T.; Denner, L., 2014:
Cognitive enhancing treatment with a PPARγ agonist normalizes dentate granule cell presynaptic function in Tg2576 APP mice

Clark, F.E.; Davies, S.L.; Madigan, A.W.; Warner, A.J.; Kuczaj, S.A., 2014:
Cognitive enrichment for bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus): evaluation of a novel underwater maze device

Baymann, U.; Langbein, J.; Siebert, K.; Nürnberg, G.; Manteuffel, G.; Mohr, E., 2007:
Cognitive enrichment in farm animals--the impact of social rank and social environment on learning behaviour of dwarf goats

Sonoda, L.Thays.; Fels, M.; Rauterberg, S.; Viazzi, S.; Ismayilova, G.; Oczak, M.; Bahr, C.; Guarino, M.; Vranken, E.; Berckmans, D.; Hartung, Jörg., 2013:
Cognitive enrichment in piglet rearing: an approach to enhance animal welfare and to reduce aggressive behaviour

Meyer, S.; Puppe, B.; Langbein, J., 2011:
Cognitive enrichment in zoo and farm animals--implications for animal behaviour and welfare

Deary, I.J.; Batty, G.David., 2007 :
Cognitive epidemiology

Mattos, L.Bulhões., 2014:
Cognitive ergonomics and production information systems under the gaze of interdisciplinary design or industrial design

Mattos, D.; Mateus, Jé.Roberto.; Merino, E., 2014:
Cognitive ergonomics: the use of mind mapping tool in maintaining productive sector of a Brazilian paper company

Tokuda, Y.; Kishida, N.; Konishi, R.; Koizumi, S., 2012:
Cognitive error as the most frequent contributory factor in cases of medical injury: a study on verdict's judgment among closed claims in Japan

Hurst, J.Willis., 2008:
Cognitive errors (can they be prevented?)

Caudle, D.D.; Senior, A.C.; Wetherell, J.Loebach.; Rhoades, H.M.; Beck, J.G.; Kunik, M.E.; Snow, A.Lynn.; Wilson, N.L.; Stanley, M.A., 2007:
Cognitive errors, symptom severity, and response to cognitive behavior therapy in older adults with generalized anxiety disorder

Laskey, A.L., 2014:
Cognitive errors: thinking clearly when it could be child maltreatment

Wagner, G.Peretti.; MacPherson, S.E.; Parente, M.Alice.M.P.; Trentini, C.M., 2011:
Cognitive estimation abilities in healthy and clinical populations: the use of the Cognitive Estimation Test

Gansler, D.A.; Varvaris, M.; Swenson, L.; Schretlen, D.J., 2015:
Cognitive estimation and its assessment

Barabassy, A.; Beinhoff, U.; Riepe, M.W., 2010:
Cognitive estimation in aged patients with major depressive disorder

Billino, J.; Brand, M.; Roesler, A., 2008:
Cognitive estimation in patients with early subcortical vascular dementia

Silverberg, N.D.; Hanks, R.A.; McKay, C., 2007:
Cognitive estimation in traumatic brain injury

MacAllister, W.S.; Vasserman, M.; Coulehan, K.; Hall, A.F.; Bender, H.Allison., 2016:
Cognitive estimations as a measure of executive dysfunction in childhood epilepsy

Wald, P., 2008:
Cognitive estrangement, science fiction, and medical ethics

Sykora, P., 1990:
Cognitive ethology and applied philosophy

Taillia, H.; Bompaire, F.; Jacob, J.; Noël, G., 2013:
Cognitive evaluation during brain radiotherapy in adults: a simple assessment is possible

Briegel, W.; Schimek, M.; Knapp, D.; Holderbach, R.; Wenzel, P.; Knapp, E-M., 2010:
Cognitive evaluation in children and adolescents with Möbius sequence

Peute, L.W.; de Keizer, N.F.; Jaspers, M.W.M., 2011:
Cognitive evaluation of a physician data query tool for a national ICU registry: comparing two think aloud variants and their application in redesign

Uslu, A.; Erdem, O.; Ergen, M.; Ozdemir, O.; Cuhadaroglu, C.; Demiralp, T., 2013:
Cognitive evaluation of bupropion sustained release in heavy tobacco smokers using event-related potentials

Faria, E.Cristina.; Silva, S.Aparecida.da.; Farias, K.Rian.Alves.de.; Cintra, A., 2016:
Cognitive evaluation of elderly people referenced at the family health strategy in a city in Southern Minas Gerais: municipio del Sur de Minas Gerais

Paleacu, D.; Cohn, D.F.; Rabey, J.M., 2008:
Cognitive evaluation of patients with chronic neurolathyrism

de la Calzada, M.D.; Poca, M.A.; Sahuquillo, J.; Matarín, M.; Mataró, M.; Solana, E., 2010:
Cognitive event-related brain potentials (P300) in patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus. Results of a prospective study

Rektor, I.; Baláz, M.; Bocková, M., 2010:
Cognitive event-related potentials and oscillations in the subthalamic nucleus

Pallanti, S.; Castellini, G.; Chamberlain, S.R.; Quercioli, L.; Zaccara, G.; Fineberg, N.A., 2010:
Cognitive event-related potentials differentiate schizophrenia with obsessive-compulsive disorder (schizo-OCD) from OCD and schizophrenia without OC symptoms

Vanhaudenhuyse, A.; Laureys, S.; Perrin, F., 2007:
Cognitive event-related potentials in comatose and post-comatose states

Olichney, J.M.; Yang, J-Chen.; Taylor, J.; Kutas, M., 2012:
Cognitive event-related potentials: biomarkers of synaptic dysfunction across the stages of Alzheimer's disease

Papaliagkas, V.T.; Kimiskidis, V.K.; Tsolaki, M.N.; Anogianakis, G., 2011:
Cognitive event-related potentials: longitudinal changes in mild cognitive impairment

Roca, P.; Mulas, F.; Presentación-Herrero, M.Jesús.; Ortiz-Sánchez, P.; Idiazábal-Alecha, M.Angeles.; Miranda-Casas, A., 2013:
Cognitive evoked potentials and executive functions in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Colombatti, R.; Ermani, M.; Rampazzo, P.; Manara, R.; Montanaro, M.; Basso, G.; Meneghetti, G.; Sainati, L., 2015 :
Cognitive evoked potentials and neural networks are abnormal in children with sickle cell disease and not related to the degree of anaemia, pain and silent infarcts

Raggi, A.; Plazzi, G.; Pennisi, G.; Tasca, D.; Ferri, R., 2011:
Cognitive evoked potentials in narcolepsy: a review of the literature

Raggi, A.; Ferri, R., 2012:
Cognitive evoked potentials in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: a review of the literature

Tuter, N.V., 2008:
Cognitive evoked potentials in panic disorders

Vázquez-Marrufo, M.; González-Rosa, J.; Vaquero-Casares, E.; Duque, P.; Borges, M.; Izquierdo, G., 2009:
Cognitive evoked potentials in remitting-relapsing and benign forms of multiple sclerosis

Gurtubay, I.G., 2010:
Cognitive evoked potentials. Perspectives for mismatch negativity

Ciecko-Michalska, I.; Wojcik, J.; Wyczesany, M.; Binder, M.; Szewczyk, J.; Senderecka, M.; Dziedzic, T.; Slowik, A.; Mach, T., 2013:
Cognitive evoked response potentials in patients with liver cirrhosis without diagnosis of minimal or overt hepatic encephalopathy. A pilot study

da Costa, Fícia.Azevedo.; Damasceno Bezerra, I.Fonsêca.; de Araujo Silva, D.Lídice.; de Oliveira, R.; da Rocha, V.Maria., 2011:
Cognitive evolution by MMSE in poststroke patients

Vicario, A.; del Sueldo, M.A.; Zilberman, J.M.; Cerezo, G.H., 2011:
Cognitive evolution in hypertensive patients: a six-year follow-up

Vigliano, P.; Margary, G.; Bagnasco, I.; Jarre, L., 2010:
Cognitive evolution of a girl submitted to right hemispherotomy when five years old

Solomon, T.M.; Halkitis, P.N., 2007:
Cognitive executive functioning in relation to HIV medication adherence among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men

Bade, S., 2010:
Cognitive executive functions and work: advancing from job jeopardy to success following a brain aneurysm

Siepel, Fçoise.J.; Brønnick, Kørn.S.; Booij, J.; Ravina, B.M.; Lebedev, A.V.; Pereira, J.B.; Grüner, R.; Aarsland, D., 2015:
Cognitive executive impairment and dopaminergic deficits in de novo Parkinson's disease

Miguélez-Pan, Mónica.; Pousa, E.; Cobo, Jús.; Duño, Ró., 2015:
Cognitive executive performance influences functional outcome in euthymic type I bipolar disorder outpatients

Gates, N.; Valenzuela, M., 2010:
Cognitive exercise and its role in cognitive function in older adults

Shelton, J.Talley.; McDaniel, M.A.; Scullin, M.K.; Cahill, M.J.; Singer, J.S.; Einstein, G.O., 2011:
Cognitive exertion and subsequent intention execution in older adults

Ottolenghi, L.; Romeo, U.; Carpenteri, F.; Fiorentini, S.; Boatta, D.; Vestri, A.Rita.; Barbato, E.; Polimeni, A., 2013:
Cognitive experience of oral cancer among young people of "Sapienza" University of Rome

Zanarini, M.C.; Frankenburg, F.R.; Wedig, M.M.; Fitzmaurice, G.M., 2013:
Cognitive experiences reported by patients with borderline personality disorder and axis II comparison subjects: a 16-year prospective follow-up study

Murinson, B.B.; Agarwal, A.K.; Haythornthwaite, J.A., 2008:
Cognitive expertise, emotional development, and reflective capacity: clinical skills for improved pain care

Vlooswijk, M.C.G.; Jansen, J.F.A.; Reijs, R.P.; de Krom, M.C.T.F.M.; Kooi, M.Eline.; Majoie, H.J.Marian.; Hofman, P.A.M.; Backes, W.H.; Aldenkamp, A.P., 2008:
Cognitive fMRI and neuropsychological assessment in patients with secondarily generalized seizures

Jansen, J.F.A.; Vlooswijk, M.C.G.; de Baets, M.H.; de Krom, M.C.T.F.M.; Rieckmann, P.; Backes, W.H.; Aldenkamp, A.P.; Hofman, P.A.M.; Kooi, M.E.; Majoie, H.J.M.; Nicolay, K.; Reijs, R.P., 2008:
Cognitive fMRI and soluble telencephalin assessment in patients with localization-related epilepsy

Gaillard, Rël.; Hemras, A.; Habert, M-Odile.; Baup, N.; Naccache, L.; Gallarda, T.; Cohen, L.; Olié, J-Pierre., 2007:
Cognitive facilitation and behavioral disinhibition with benzodiazepine: a case report

Johnson, A.J., 2012:
Cognitive facilitation following intentional odor exposure

Yamagishi, T.; Sato, T.; Sato, A.; Imamura, T., 2012:
Cognitive factors affecting free recall, cued recall, and recognition tasks in Alzheimer's disease

Dhalla, S.; Poole, G.; Singer, J.; Patrick, D.M.; Wood, E.; Kerr, T., 2010:
Cognitive factors and willingness to participate in an HIV vaccine trial among HIV-negative injection drug users

Dhalla, S.; Poole, G.; Singer, J.; Patrick, D.M.; Kerr, T., 2012:
Cognitive factors and willingness to participate in an HIV vaccine trial among HIV-positive injection drug users

Klepin, H.D.; Geiger, A.M.; Bandos, H.; Costantino, J.P.; Rapp, S.R.; Sink, K.M.; Lawrence, J.A.; Atkinson, H.H.; Espeland, M.A., 2014:
Cognitive factors associated with adherence to oral antiestrogen therapy: results from the cognition in the study of tamoxifen and raloxifene (Co-STAR) study

Zawadzki, J.Anthony.; Woodward, T.Stephen.; Sokolowski, H.Moriah.; Boon, H.Shirley.; Wong, A.Hung.Choy.; Menon, M., 2012:
Cognitive factors associated with subclinical delusional ideation in the general population

Li, C.; Yang, L.; Kong, J., 2015:
Cognitive factors associated with the willingness for HIV testing among pregnant women in China

Kim, Y-Ku.; Lee, A-Ra.; Hur, J-Won.; Yoon, H-Kyung.; Lee, B-Hee.; Ko, Y-Hoon., 2008:
Cognitive factors for predicting treatment response in schizophrenic patients: one-year follow-up study

Hedner, M.; Larsson, M.; Arnold, N.; Zucco, G.M.; Hummel, T., 2011:
Cognitive factors in odor detection, odor discrimination, and odor identification tasks

Vorontsova, N.; Garety, P.; Freeman, D., 2014:
Cognitive factors maintaining persecutory delusions in psychosis: the contribution of depression

Vits, S.; Cesko, E.; Benson, S.; Rueckert, A.; Hillen, U.; Schadendorf, D.; Schedlowski, M., 2014:
Cognitive factors mediate placebo responses in patients with house dust mite allergy

Oswal, A.; Litvak, V.; Brücke, C.; Huebl, J.; Schneider, G-Helge.; Kühn, A.A.; Brown, P., 2013:
Cognitive factors modulate activity within the human subthalamic nucleus during voluntary movement in Parkinson's disease

Cho, J.; Park, D.; Lee, H.Erin., 2015:
Cognitive factors of using health apps: systematic analysis of relationships among health consciousness, health information orientation, eHealth literacy, and health app use efficacy

Austvoll-Dahlgren, A.; Falk, R.S.; Helseth, Sølvi., 2013:
Cognitive factors predicting intentions to search for health information: an application of the theory of planned behaviour

ChoobMasjedi, S.G.; Hasani, J.; Khorsandi, M.; Ghobadzadeh, M., 2013:
Cognitive factors related to childbirth and their effect on women's delivery preference: a comparison between a private and public hospital in Tehran

Inukai, S.; Ninomiya, K., 2011:
Cognitive factors relating to mammographic breast cancer screening

Kraus, N.; Strait, D.L.; Parbery-Clark, A., 2012:
Cognitive factors shape brain networks for auditory skills: spotlight on auditory working memory

McDonald, S.; Gowland, A.; Randall, R.; Fisher, A.; Osborne-Crowley, K.; Honan, C., 2015:
Cognitive factors underpinning poor expressive communication skills after traumatic brain injury: theory of mind or executive function?

Chioqueta, A.P.; Stiles, T.C., 2007:
Cognitive factors, engagement in sport, and suicide risk

Jansson, A., 2009:
Cognitive failure after surgery--a multidisciplinary challenge

Abbasi, M.; Bagyan, M.Javad.; Dehghan, H., 2014:
Cognitive failure and alexithymia and predicting high-risk behaviors of students with learning disabilities

Vebraite, E.; Morkuniene, V.; Petrikonis, K.; Rastenyte, D.; Kadusevicius, E., 2013:
Cognitive failure evaluation and therapy based on pharmacy practice - utilization of anti-dementia drugs and food supplements in Lithuania

Ostgathe, C.; Gaertner, J.; Voltz, R., 2008:
Cognitive failure in end of life

Saele, K.; Sønnesyn, H.; Svarstad, E.; Aarsland, D., 2009 :
Cognitive failure in terminal kidney disease

Allahyari, T.; Saraji, G.Nasl.; Adl, J.; Hosseini, M.; Iravani, M.; Younesian, M.; Kass, S.J., 2008:
Cognitive failures, driving errors and driving accidents

Holtzer, R.; Shuman, M.; Mahoney, J.R.; Lipton, R.; Verghese, J., 2011:
Cognitive fatigue defined in the context of attention networks

MacMahon, C.; Schücker, L.; Hagemann, N.; Strauss, B., 2015:
Cognitive fatigue effects on physical performance during running

Berard, J.A.; Bowman, M.; Atkins, H.L.; Freedman, M.S.; Walker, L.A.S., 2014:
Cognitive fatigue in individuals with multiple sclerosis undergoing immunoablative therapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Nguyen, C.M.; Yamada, T.H.; Beglinger, L.J.; Cavanaugh, J.E.; Denburg, N.L.; Schultz, S.K., 2013:
Cognitive features 10 or more years after successful breast cancer survival: comparisons across types of cancer interventions

McCarty, C.A.; Vander Stoep, A.; McCauley, E., 2007:
Cognitive features associated with depressive symptoms in adolescence: directionality and specificity

Delaloye, C.; Moy, Gël.; Baudois, S.; de Bilbao, F.; Remund, C.Dubois.; Hofer, Fçoise.; Ragno Paquier, C.; Campos, L.; Weber, K.; Gold, G.; Moussa, A.; Meiler, C.Carmen.; Giannakopoulos, P., 2010:
Cognitive features in euthymic bipolar patients in old age

Rowa, K.; Antony, M.M.; Swinson, R.P., 2008:
Cognitive features of social phobia

Lorenzo, J.; Barton, B.; Arnold, S.S.; North, K.N., 2014:
Cognitive features that distinguish preschool-age children with neurofibromatosis type 1 from their peers: a matched case-control study

Cappelletti, S.; Cotugno, G.; Goffredo, B.M.; Nicolò, R.; Bernabei, S.M.; Caviglia, S.; Di Ciommo, V., 2014:
Cognitive findings and behavior in children and adolescents with phenylketonuria

Johnson, E.J.; McDonald, K.; Caldarella, S.M.; Chung, H-Yun.; Troen, A.M.; Snodderly, D.Max., 2008:
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