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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52189

Chapter 52189 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Webster, N.R., 2018:
Best arrive on time

Pinzur, M.S., 2018:
Best Available Evidence

Brignardello-Petersen, R., 2018:
Best available evidence comparing impression materials and techniques for fabricating complete and removable partial dentures is inconclusive

Sağlam, İsmail.K.; Baumsteiger, J.; Smith, M.J.; Linares-Casenave, J.; Nichols, A.L.; O'Rourke, S.M.; Miller, M.R., 2018:
Best available science still supports an ancient common origin of Devils Hole and Devils Hole pupfish

Dodds Ashley, E.; Davis, S.L.; Heil, E.L.; LaPlante, K.L.; Chahine, E.B.; Bosso, J.A., 2018:
Best Care for Patients Achieved Through Multidisciplinary Stewardship

Ayoub, M.S.; Tarkin, I.S., 2018:
Best care paradigm to optimize functionality after extra-articular distal humeral fractures in the young patient

Kim, D.Hyun.; Lee, J.Jin.; You, S.Joshua.Hyun., 2018:
Best core stabilization exercise to facilitate subcortical neuroplasticity: A functional MRI neuroimaging study

Lee, N.G.; You, J.Sung.H.; Yi, C.H.; Jeon, H.S.; Choi, B.S.; Lee, D.R.; Park, J.M.; Lee, T.H.; Ryu, I.T.; Yoon, H.S., 2018:
Best Core Stabilization for Anticipatory Postural Adjustment and Falls in Hemiparetic Stroke

Seo, D.Gi.; Weiss, D.J., 2015:
Best Design for Multidimensional Computerized Adaptive Testing With the Bifactor Model

Phillips, M., 2018:
Best food reference material challenge

Messer, L.H.; Johnson, R.; Driscoll, K.A.; Jones, J., 2017:
Best friend or spy: a qualitative meta-synthesis on the impact of continuous glucose monitoring on life with Type 1 diabetes

Poncio, S.; Montoya, P.; Cancino, J.; Nava, D.E., 2018:
Best Host Age of Anastrepha obliqua (Diptera: Tephritidae) for Multiplication of Four Native Parasitoids from the Americas

Peng, Y.; Fan, M.; Wang, Q.; Lan, W.; Long, Y., 2018:
Best hyperspectral indices for assessing leaf chlorophyll content in a degraded temperate vegetation

Stephens, M.B., 2018:
Be Still My Beating Heart: Cardiovascular Disease in the United States

Kresge, K.Jill., 2018:
Best in Class

Lea, E.J.; Goldberg, L.R.; Price, A.D.; Tierney, L.T.; McInerney, F.J., 2018:
Best intentions or best practice? A case study of the nutritional needs and outcomes of a person with dementia living in a residential aged care home

Lantos, J.D., 2018:
Best Interest, Harm, God's Will, Parental Discretion, or Utility

Griffith, R., 2018:
Best interest meetings

Hyslop, B., 2018:
Best Interests and Non-consensual Research

Jacobs, A.J., 2018:
Best Interests or Harm to Reverse Parental Decisions: Each in Its Own Domain

Lazcano-Lara, J.C.; Ackerman, J.D., 2018:
Best in the company of nearby males: female success in the threatened cycad, Zamia portoricensis

Puślecki, M.; Ligowski, M.; Dąbrowski, M.; Stefaniak, S.; Ładzińska, Młgorzata.; Ładziński, P.; Pawlak, A.; Zieliński, M.; Dąbrowska, A.; Artyńska, A.; Gezela, M.; Sobczyński, Pł.; Szarpak, Łukasz.; Perek, Błomiej.; Jemielity, M., 2018:
BEST Life-"Bringing ECMO Simulation To Life"-How Medical Simulation Improved a Regional ECMO Program

Boysen, A.K.; Heal, K.R.; Carlson, L.T.; Ingalls, A.E., 2017:
Best-Matched Internal Standard Normalization in Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Applied to Environmental Samples

Paraskevas, K.I.; Veith, F.J.; Ricco, J-Baptiste., 2018:
Best medical treatment alone may not be adequate for all patients with asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis

Piffaretti, G.; Lomazzi, C.; Benedetto, F.; Pipitò, N.; Castelli, P.; Trimarchi, S.; Dorigo, W.; Tozzi, M., 2018:
Best Medical Treatment and Selective Stent-GraftRepair for Acute Type B Aortic Intramural Hematoma

Reen, G.K.; Silber, E.; Langdon, D.W., 2018:
Best Methods of Communicating Clinical Trial Data to Improve Understanding of Treatments for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Sadek, Z.; Salami, A.; Joumaa, W.H.; Awada, C.; Ahmaidi, S.; Ramadan, W., 2018:
Best mode of inspiratory muscle training in heart failure patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Anonymous, 2018:
Best of JNSPG 2017

Bostantzoglou, C.; Kontogianni, C.; Iliopoulou, M.; Gaga, M., 2017:
Best of lung cancer session presented during ERS 2017 Chinese language day: lung cancer screening

Polverino, F., 2017:
Best of Milan 2017-repair of the emphysematous lung: mesenchymal stromal cell and matrix

Weidmann, A.G., 2018:
Best of Spotlights 2017

Harnik, E.; Harper, V., 2018:
Best of the other journals

Barrand, K.R., 2018:
Best opioid choice for canine ovariohysterectomy still uncertain

McKown, A.C.; Semler, M.W.; Rice, T.W., 2018:
Best PEEP trials are dependent on tidal volume

Dembek, Z.F.; Chekol, T.; Wu, A., 2018:
Best practice assessment of disease modelling for infectious disease outbreaks

Patani, N.; MacAskill, F.; Eshelby, S.; Omar, A.; Kaura, A.; Contractor, K.; Thiruchelvam, P.; Curtis, S.; Main, J.; Cunningham, D.; Hogben, K.; Al-Mufti, R.; Hadjiminas, D.J.; Leff, D.R., 2018:
Best-practice care pathway for improving management of mastitis and breast abscess

Griffin, P.C.; Khadake, J.; LeMay, K.S.; Lewis, S.E.; Orchard, S.; Pask, A.; Pope, B.; Roessner, U.; Russell, K.; Seemann, T.; Treloar, A.; Tyagi, S.; Christiansen, J.H.; Dayalan, S.; Gladman, S.; Hangartner, S.B.; Hayden, H.L.; Ho, W.W.H.; Keeble-Gagnère, G.; Korhonen, P.K.; Neish, P.; Prestes, P.R.; Richardson, M.F.; Watson-Haigh, N.S.; Wyres, K.L.; Young, N.D.; Schneider, M.Victoria., 2018 :
Best practice data life cycle approaches for the life sciences

Byrd, C.T.; Donaher, J., 2018:
Best Practice for Developmental Stuttering: Balancing Evidence and Expertise

Sandoughi, M.; Fazeli, S.Amirhossein.; Naseri-Ramroudi, F.; Barzkar, F., 2018:
Best Practice for Prolonged Fever in Primary Care Setting: Close Follow-Up or Empiric Antibiotic Therapy?

Rello, J.; Rubulotta, F., 2018:
Best practice for sepsis

King, T.; Jagger, J.; Wood, J.; Woodrow, C.; Snowden, A.; Haines, S.; Crosbie, C.; Houdyk, K., 2018:
Best Practice for the Administration of Daratumumab in Multiple Myeloma: Australian Myeloma Nurse Expert Opinion

Zammit, L.; Bauer, D., 2004:
Best Practice for the Design of Forms

Jennings, H.; Slade, M.; Bates, P.; Munday, E.; Toney, R., 2018:
Best practice framework for Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in collaborative data analysis of qualitative mental health research: methodology development and refinement

Anonymous, 2017:
Best practice in care for preterm infants

Docherty, A.B.; Turgeon, A.F.; Walsh, T.S., 2018:
Best practice in critical care: anaemia in acute and critical illness

Macey, M.R.; Owen, R.C.; Ross, S.S.; Coward, R.Matthew., 2018:
Best practice in the diagnosis and treatment of varicocele in children and adolescents

Gacci, M.; Sebastianelli, A.; Spatafora, P.; Corona, G.; Serni, S.; De Ridder, D.; Gravas, S.; Abrams, P., 2018:
Best practice in the management of storage symptoms in male lower urinary tract symptoms: a review of the evidence base

Baillie, J., 2018:
Best practice not being sufficiently replicated

Martin, E.K.; Beckmann, M.M.; Barnsbee, L.N.; Halton, K.A.; Merollini, K.; Graves, N., 2018:
Best practice perioperative strategies and surgical techniques for preventing caesarean section surgical site infections: a systematic review of reviews and meta-analyses

King, M.R.; Jagannathan, N., 2018:
Best practice recommendations for difficult airway management in children-is it time for an update?

Byrd-Williams, C.; Dooley, E.E.; Sharma, S.V.; Chuang, R-Jye.; Butte, N.; Hoelscher, D.M., 2018:
Best Practices and Barriers to Obesity Prevention in Head Start: Differences Between Director and Teacher Perceptions

Haynes-Maslow, L.; Osborne, I.; Jilcott Pitts, S.B., 2018:
Best Practices and Innovative Solutions to Overcome Barriers to Delivering Policy, Systems and Environmental Changes in Rural Communities

Tenenbaum, J.D.; Blach, C., 2018:
Best practices and lessons learned from reuse of 4 patient-derived metabolomics datasets in Alzheimer's disease

Knowlton, E.Katherine.; Sternlieb, J.L.; Freedy, J.R., 2017:
Best practices and new directions

Bogardus, M.Ann., 2018:
Best Practices and Self-Care to Support Women in Living Well with Human Immunodeficiency Virus/AIDS

Nims, R.W.; Reid, Y., 2017:
Best practices for authenticating cell lines

Beauchemin, L.; Newman, D.K.; Le Danseur, M.; Jackson, A.; Ritmiller, M., 2018:
Best practices for clean intermittent catheterization

McElfish, P.Anna.; Ayers, B.L.; Purvis, R.S.; Long, C.R.; Sinclair, K'imi.; Esquivel, M.; Steelman, S.C., 2018:
Best practices for community-engaged participatory research with Pacific Islander communities in the USA and USAPI: protocol for a scoping review

Nims, R.W.; Price, P.J., 2017:
Best practices for detecting and mitigating the risk of cell culture contaminants

Boateng, G.O.; Neilands, T.B.; Frongillo, E.A.; Melgar-Quiñonez, H.R.; Young, S.L., 2018:
Best Practices for Developing and Validating Scales for Health, Social, and Behavioral Research: A Primer

Daston, G.; Piersma, A.; Attias, L.; Beekhuijzen, M.; Chen, C.; Foreman, J.; Hallmark, N.; Leconte, I., 2018:
Best practices for developmental toxicity assessment for classification and labeling

Jilcott Pitts, S.; Schwartz, B.; Graham, J.; Warnock, A.Lowry.; Mojica, A.; Marziale, E.; Harris, D., 2018:
Best Practices for Financial Sustainability of Healthy Food Service Guidelines in Hospital Cafeterias

Polinski, N.K.; Volpicelli-Daley, L.A.; Sortwell, C.E.; Luk, K.C.; Cremades, N.; Gottler, L.M.; Froula, J.; Duffy, M.F.; Lee, V.M.Y.; Martinez, T.N.; Dave, K.D., 2018:
Best Practices for Generating and Using Alpha-Synuclein Pre-Formed Fibrils to Model Parkinson's Disease in Rodents

Yin, H.Shonna.; Vuong, C.; Parker, R.M.; Sanders, L.M.; Mendelsohn, A.L.; Dreyer, B.P.; Velazquez, J.J.; Wolf, M.S., 2018:
Identifying and Advancing Best Practices for the Labeling and Dosing of Pediatric Liquid Medications: Progress and Challenges

McGrath, T.A.; Bossuyt, P.M.; Cronin, P.; Salameh, J-Paul.; Kraaijpoel, Némie.; Schieda, N.; McInnes, M.D.F., 2018:
Best practices for MRI systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Islam, N.; Patel, S., 2018:
Best Practices for Partnering with Ethnic Minority-Serving Religious Organizations on Health Promotion and Prevention

Anonymous, 2018:
Best Practices for Patient Matching at Patient Registration

Pinchera, B.; DelloIacono, D.; Lawless, C.A., 2018:
Best Practices for Patient Self-Management: Implications for Nurse Educators, Patient Educators, and Program Developers

Holmberg, J.A.; Uzl, N., 2018:
Best practices for reducing unnecessary preoperative blood orders and associated costs

Handley, N.R.; Schuchter, L.M.; Bekelman, J.E., 2018:
Best Practices for Reducing Unplanned Acute Care for Patients With Cancer

Anonymous, 2018:
Best Practices for State Societies: Working With Community and Academic Oncologists

Simione, F.; Sharp, T., 2017:
Best practices for storing and shipping cryopreserved cells

Eastwick, P.W.; Finkel, E.J.; Simpson, J.A., 2018:
Best Practices for Testing the Predictive Validity of Ideal Partner Preference-Matching

Mullen, R.J.; Duhig, J.; Russell, A.; Scarazzini, L.; Lievano, F.; Wolf, M.S., 2018:
Best-practices for the design and development of prescription medication information: A systematic review

Chedid, R.A.; Phillips, K.P., 2018:
Best Practices for the Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Prenatal Health Programs

Brenna, J.Thomas.; Plourde, Mélanie.; Stark, K.D.; Jones, P.J.; Lin, Y-Hong., 2018:
Best practices for the design, laboratory analysis, and reporting of trials involving fatty acids

Terrill, A.L.; Schwartz, J.K.; Belagaje, S.R., 2018:
Best Practices for The Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Team: A Review of Mental Health Issues in Mild Stroke Survivors

Slavc, I.; Cohen-Pfeffer, J.L.; Gururangan, S.; Krauser, J.; Lim, D.A.; Maldaun, M.; Schwering, C.; Shaywitz, A.J.; Westphal, M., 2018:
Best practices for the use of intracerebroventricular drug delivery devices

Hayes, K.Drummond.; Hayes, D.Drummond., 2018:
Best practices for unclogging feeding tubes in adults

Taillie, L.Smith.; Grummon, A.H.; Fleischhacker, S.; Grigsby-Toussaint, D.S.; Leone, L.; Caspi, C.Eicher., 2017:
Best practices for using natural experiments to evaluate retail food and beverage policies and interventions

Goodman, B.E.; Barker, M.K.; Cooke, J.E., 2018:
Best practices in active and student-centered learning in physiology classes

Neiterman, E.; Bourgeault, I.; Peters, J.; Esses, V.; Dever, E.; Gropper, R.; Nielsen, C.; Kelland, J.; Sattler, P., 2018:
Best Practices in Bridging Education: Multiple Case Study Evaluation of Postsecondary Bridging Programs for Internationally Educated Health Professionals

Swanson, T.; Tran, T.D.; Ellingson, L.; O'Connor, M.K.; Rhodes, D.J.; Hunt, K.N.; Conners, A.L.; Hruska, C.B., 2018:
Best Practices in Molecular Breast Imaging: a Guide for Technologists

Malacarne, D.R.; Boyd, L.R.; Long, Y.; Blank, S.V., 2018:
"Best practices in risk reducing bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy: the influence of surgical specialty"

Friedberg, R.D., 2018:
Best practices in supervising cognitive behavioral therapy with youth

Lewis Ii, J.S., 2017:
Best Practices in the Management of Infectious Complications for Patients With Cancer

Anonymous, 2016:
Best Practices, Investments Needed to Communicate Effectively with LEP Patients

Pattee, G.L.; Plowman, E.K.; Brooks, B.R.; Berry, J.D.; Atassi, N.; Chapin, J.L.; Garand, K.; Yunusova, Y.; Mcilduff, C.E.; Young, E.; Costello, J.M.; Macklin, E.A.; Locatelli, E.R.; Silani, V.; Heitzman, D.; Wymer, J.; Goutman, S.A.; Gelinas, D.F.; Smith, R.; Perry, B.; Nalipinski, P.; Stipancic, K.; O'Brien, M.; Sullivan, S.L.; Green, J., 2017:
Best practices protocol for the evaluation of bulbar dysfunction: summary recommendations from the NEALS bulbar subcommittee symposium

Froh, E.B.; Vanderpool, J.; Spatz, D.L., 2018:
Best Practices to Limit Contamination of Donor Milk in a Milk Bank

Keefer, L.; Palsson, O.S.; Pandolfino, J.E., 2018:
Best Practice Update: Incorporating Psychogastroenterology Into Management of Digestive Disorders

Beale, I., 2017:
Best practice vendor risk management in today's interconnected world

Nuzzi, R.; Arnoffi, P.; Tridico, F., 2018:
Best Prophylactic Strategy in Groups at Risk of Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome Development: Comparison Between Atropine Instillation and Adrenaline Intracameral Injection

García-Garrigós, E.; Arenas-Jiménez, J.José.; Sánchez-Payá, Jé., 2018:
Best Protocol for Combined Contrast-Enhanced Thoracic and Abdominal CT for Lung Cancer: A Single-Institution Randomized Crossover Clinical Trial

Morita, A.A.; Bisca, G.W.; Machado, F.V.C.; Hernandes, N.A.; Pitta, F.; Probst, V.S., 2018:
Best Protocol for the Sit-to-Stand Test in Subjects With COPD

Miller, M.S., 2018:
Best Save for Retirement

Douven, I.; Mirabile, P., 2018:
Best, second-best, and good-enough explanations: How they matter to reasoning

Micsonai, Aás.; Wien, F.; Bulyáki, Éva.; Kun, J.; Moussong, Éva.; Lee, Y-Ho.; Goto, Y.; Réfrégiers, M.; Kardos, József., 2018:
BeStSel: a web server for accurate protein secondary structure prediction and fold recognition from the circular dichroism spectra

Graham, L.A.; Ngwa, J.; Ntekim, O.; Ogunlana, O.; Wolday, S.; Johnson, S.; Johnson, M.; Castor, C.; Fungwe, T.V.; Obisesan, T.O., 2018:
Best strategies to recruit and enroll elderly Blacks into clinical and biomedical research

Ferrara, G.; Luppi, F.; Birring, S.S.; Cerri, S.; Caminati, A.; Sköld, M.; Kreuter, M., 2018:
Best supportive care for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: current gaps and future directions

Yamashita, T.; Sakamoto, T.; Terasaki, H.; Iwasaki, M.; Ogushi, Y.; Okamoto, F.; Takeuchi, M.; Yasukawa, T.; Takamura, Y.; Ogata, N.; Nakamura, Y.; Yamashita, T.; Otsuka, H.; Kinoshita, T.; Mitamura, Y.; Okamoto, Y.; Moriya, Y.; Kanda, K.; Sugitani, K.; Matsumura, T.; Maruoka, S.; Gomi, F.; Ishikawa, H., 2018:
Best surgical technique and outcomes for large macular holes: retrospective multicentre study in Japan

Cancino, J.; Gálvez, C.; López, A.; Escalante, U.; Montoya, P., 2018:
Best Timing to Determine Field Parasitism by Released Diachasmimorpha longicaudata (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) Against Anastrepha (Diptera: Tephritidae) Pest Populations

Fraldi, M.; Spadaccio, C.; Acar, C.; Nappi, F., 2018:
Best to Clarify to Avoid Misunderstandings in the Biomechanics of Ross Operation: Parentheses Matter

Danis, M.; Doernberg, S.; Memoli, M.; Millum, J., 2018:
Best to Exclude but Pay

Cho, K.Im.; Sakuma, I.; Sohn, I.Suk.; Hayashi, T.; Shimada, K.; Koh, K.Kon., 2018:
Best Treatment Strategies With Statins to Maximize the Cardiometabolic Benefits

Steil, G.M., 2018:
Best Use of Models to Advance the Artificial Pancreas

Slattengren, A.H.; Nissly, T.; Blustin, J.; Bader, A.; Westfall, E., 2017:
Best uses of osteopathic manipulation

Spiess, P.E., 2018:
Best videos of the year in 2017

Mori, T.; Tsuge, T., 2018:
Best-worst scaling survey of preferences regarding the adverse effects of tobacco use in China

Camelo Castillo, W.; Ross, M.; Tariq, S.; dosReis, S., 2018:
Best-Worst Scaling to Prioritize Outcomes Meaningful to Caregivers of Youth with Mental Health Multimorbidities: A Pilot Study

Almeida, H.Caroline.Carneiro.de.; Candido, L.Korki.de.; Harrison, D.; Bueno, M., 2018:
Be Sweet to Babies: evaluation of an instructional video on neonatal pain management by nurses

Reynard, C.; Howard, L., 2018:
Bet 1: A slower rate of initial N-acetylcysteine infusion in the treatment of acute paracetamol overdose to reduce adverse reactions

Bertram-Ralph, E.; Horner, D., 2018:
Bet 1: Can induced hypertension improve outcome following acute traumatic spinal cord injury?

Beatty, E.; Archambault, P., 2018:
BET 1: Can Salter-Harris type I fractures be diagnosed by ultrasound?

LeBlanc, P-Alexandre.; Nadeau, A., 2018:
BET 1: Continuous flow insufflation of oxygen in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Smith, E.; Kumar, V., 2018:
BET 1: Does a normal D-dimer rule out cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST)?

Coss, C.; Singh, M.; Jones, J., 2018:
BET 1: Intravenous tranexamic acid for the treatment of post-partum haemorrhage

Badour, J.; Singh, M.; Jones, J., 2018:
BET 1: Is routine irrigation of a cutaneous abscess necessary?

Alghamdi, A.; Body, R., 2018:
BET 1: Prehospital cardiac troponin testing to 'rule out' acute coronary syndromes using point of care assays

Dunlop, L.; Hall, D., 2018:
BET 2: Antiemetic use in paediatric sedation with ketamine

Jane, J.; Lo, R.; Graham, C.A., 2018:
BET 2: Blood biomarkers as an alternative to imaging in diagnosing acute ischaemic stroke

Sheikh, M.; Horner, D., 2018:
Bet 2: Does intravenous vitamin C improve mortality in patients with severe sepsis?

Butterfield, M.; Wilson, J., 2018:
Bet 2: Estimating CD4+ counts from the absolute lymphocyte count in the ED

Ferguson, C.; Lewin, J., 2018:
BET 2: Is early chemical thromboprophylaxis safe in patients with blunt trauma solid organ injury (SOI) undergoing non-operative management (NOM)?

Stone, K.; Tackley, E.; Weir, S., 2018:
BET 2: NSAIs and chickenpox

Ridgway, A.; Hulme, P., 2018:
BET 2: Twist score in cases of suspected paediatric testicular torsion

Boswel, L.; Hulme, P., 2018:
BET 2: Utility of the speed bump sign in diagnosis of acute appendicitis

Pallet, N.; Belleville-Rolland, T.; Savalle, A.; Lejeune, M.; Mauge, L.; Bertil, S.; Loriot, M-Anne.; Gaussem, P., 2018:
Beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase 2 c.909C>T gene variant is predictive of on-clopidogrel platelet reactivity

Fowler, E.D.; Drinkhill, M.J.; Norman, R.; Pervolaraki, E.; Stones, R.; Steer, E.; Benoist, D.; Steele, D.S.; Calaghan, S.C.; White, E., 2018:
Beta1-adrenoceptor antagonist, metoprolol attenuates cardiac myocyte Ca 2+ handling dysfunction in rats with pulmonary artery hypertension

Clausen, L.; Cossins, J.; Beeson, D., 2018:
Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor Agonists Enhance AChR Clustering in C2C12 Myotubes: Implications for Therapy of Myasthenic Disorders

Dugger, K.J.; Chrisman, T.; Sayner, S.L.; Chastain, P.; Watson, K.; Estes, R., 2018:
Beta-2 adrenergic receptors increase TREG cell suppression in an OVA-induced allergic asthma mouse model when mice are moderate aerobically exercised

Zhang, C.; Li, F.; Long, T.; Li, F.; Peng, L.; Xia, K.; Jing, R.; Xie, Q.; Yang, T., 2018:
Beta 2-Microglobulin and the Severity of Coronary Stenosis in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome

Roumelioti, M-Eleni.; Trietley, G.; Nolin, T.D.; Ng, Y-Harn.; Xu, Z.; Alaini, A.; Figueroa, R.; Unruh, M.L.; Argyropoulos, C.P., 2017:
Beta-2 microglobulin clearance in high-flux dialysis and convective dialysis modalities: a meta-analysis of published studies

Riega-Torres, J.; Delgado-García, G.; Salas-Alanís, J.César.; Skinner-Taylor, C.; Pérez-Barbosa, L.; Garza-Elizondo, M.; Sánchez-Domínguez, C.Nohemí.; Ceceñas-Falcón, L.Ángel.; Mohamed-Noriega, K.; Mohamed-Hamsho, Jús.; Vega-Morales, D., 2018:
Beta-2 Microglobulin in Whole Unstimulated Saliva Can Effectively Distinguish Between Sjögren's Syndrome and Non-Autoimmune Sicca Symptoms

O'Cearbhaill, R.M.; Kavanagh, E.C., 2018:
Beta-2 Transferrin and IR

Zervos, T.M.; Macki, M.; Cook, B.; Schultz, L.R.; Rock, J.P.; Craig, J.R., 2018:
Beta-2 transferrin is detectable for 14 days whether refrigerated or stored at room temperature

Chong, W.; Fantl, J.Andrew.; Donovan, M.; Ascher-Walsh, C., 2018:
Beta-3 adrenoceptor expression in the uterosacral ligament in the postmenopausal women with pelvic organ prolapse

Mossa, A.; Velasquez Flores, M.; Nguyen, H.; Cammisotto, P.G.; Campeau, L., 2018:
Beta-3 Adrenoceptor Signaling Pathways in Urothelial and Smooth Muscle Cells in the Presence of Succinate

Frishman, W.H., 1988 :
Beta-adrenergic blockers

McFadden, E.R., 1986:
Beta-adrenergic bronchodilators

Fink, A.E.; LeDoux, J.E., 2018:
β-Adrenergic enhancement of neuronal excitability in the lateral amygdala is developmentally gated

Zhao, Y.; Li, W., 2018:
Beta-adrenergic signaling on neuroendocrine differentiation, angiogenesis, and metastasis in prostate cancer progression

Luger, S.; Schwebler, A.; Vutukuri, R.; Bouzas, N.Ferreiros.; Labocha, S.; Schreiber, Y.; Brunkhorst, R.; Steinmetz, H.; Pfeilschifter, J.; Pfeilschifter, W., 2018:
Beta adrenoceptor blockade ameliorates impaired glucose tolerance and alterations of the cerebral ceramide metabolism in an experimental model of ischemic stroke

Miyamoto, D.; Dias, A.B.T.; Aoki, V.; Burnier, M.N., 2018:
Beta-adrenoceptor expression in pemphigus foliaceus

Bailey, C.H.; Signorile, J.F.; Perry, A.C.; Jacobs, K.A.; Myers, N.D., 2018:
Beta-Alanine Does Not Enhance the Effects of Resistance Training in Older Adults

Santana, J.O.; de Freitas, M.C.; Dos Santos, D.M.; Rossi, Fício.E.; Lira, F.S.; Rosa-Neto, Jé.C.; Caperuto, E.C., 2018:
Beta-Alanine Supplementation Improved 10-km Running Time Trial in Physically Active Adults

Bassinello, D.; de Salles Painelli, V.; Dolan, E.; Lixandrão, M.; Cajueiro, M.; de Capitani, M.; Saunders, B.; Sale, C.; Artioli, G.G.; Gualano, B.; Roschel, H., 2018:
Beta-alanine supplementation improves isometric, but not isotonic or isokinetic strength endurance in recreationally strength-trained young men

McDonough, I.M., 2018:
Beta-amyloid and Cortical Thickness Reveal Racial Disparities in Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease

Cruz-Muñoz, M.E.; Fuentes-Pananá, E.M., 2018:
Beta and Gamma Human Herpesviruses: Agonistic and Antagonistic Interactions with the Host Immune System

Rebollo, B.; Perez-Zabalza, M.; Ruiz-Mejias, M.; Perez-Mendez, L.; Sanchez-Vives, M.V., 2018:
Beta and Gamma Oscillations in Prefrontal Cortex During NMDA Hypofunction: An In Vitro Model of Schizophrenia Features

Yang, S.; Fang, Z., 2018:
Beta approximation of ratio distribution and its application to next generation sequencing read counts

Niu, S.; Li, H.; Chen, W.; Zhao, J.; Gao, L.; Bo, T., 2018:
Beta-Arrestin 1 Mediates Liver Thyrotropin Regulation of Cholesterol Conversion Metabolism via the Akt-Dependent Pathway

Chung, J.Woo.; Burciu, R.G.; Ofori, E.; Coombes, S.A.; Christou, E.A.; Okun, M.S.; Hess, C.W.; Vaillancourt, D.E., 2018:
Beta-band oscillations in the supplementary motor cortex are modulated by levodopa and associated with functional activity in the basal ganglia

N Nyaga, V.; Arbyn, M.; Aerts, M., 2018:
Beta-binomial analysis of variance model for network meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy data

Sleight, P., 1982:
Beta-blockade in acute myocardial infarction

Hauser, T.U.; Moutoussis, M.; Purg, N.; Dayan, P.; Dolan, R.J., 2018:
Beta-Blocker Propranolol Modulates Decision Urgency During Sequential Information Gathering

Pedretti, R.F.E., 2018:
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BET bromodomain inhibitors show anti-papillomavirus activity in vitro and block CRPV wart growth in vivo

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BET bromodomain proteins regulate enhancer function during adipogenesis

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Betel and tobacco chewing habit and its relation to risk factors for periodontal disease

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Betel chewing among bus drivers in Jaffna district

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Betel nut chewing and the risk of chronic kidney disease: evidence from a meta-analysis

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Betel Quid Chewing, Personality and Mood: Betel Quid Chewing Associated with Low Extraversion and Negative Mood

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Betel Quid Dependency and Associated Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Environmental Factors among Adolescents: A School-Based Cross-Sectional Survey

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Beter uderstanding of the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia in the era of multidrug-resistant bacteria

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BET Family Protein BRD4: An Emerging Actor in NFκB Signaling in Inflammation and Cancer

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Bethanechol: Is it still being prescribed for bladder dysfunction in women?

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Be the Master of Your Future: An Investment in You

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Bethesda Classification and Cytohistological Correlation of Thyroid Nodules in a Brazilian Thyroid Disease Center

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Bethesda thyroid categories and family history of thyroid disease

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Beth-Israel Hemoglobin: An Uncommon Cause of Cyanosis in a 9-year-old Boy

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Bethlem and Insanity

Anonymous, 2018:
Bethlem Hospital-Dr. Wright

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Bethlem myopathy in a Portuguese patient - case report

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Be tick aware: when and where to check cats and dogs for ticks

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BET'ing on Dual JAK/BET Inhibition as a Therapeutic Strategy for Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

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BET-inhibition by JQ1 alleviates streptozotocin-induced diabetic cardiomyopathy

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BET-inhibition by JQ1 promotes proliferation and self-renewal capacity of hematopoietic stem cells

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BET inhibition in advanced cutaneous T cell lymphoma is synergistically potentiated by BCL2 inhibition or HDAC inhibition

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BET Inhibition-Induced GSK3β Feedback Enhances Lymphoma Vulnerability to PI3K Inhibitors

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BET inhibition is an effective approach against KRAS-driven PDAC and NSCLC

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BET Inhibition Suppresses S100A8 and S100A9 Expression in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells and Synergises with Daunorubicin in Causing Cell Death

Catarinella, G.; Latella, L., 2018:
Bet on autophagy in the race against muscular dystrophies

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BET Proteins as Targets for Anticancer Treatment

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BET Proteins Exhibit Transcriptional and Functional Opposition in the Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition

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BET proteins in abnormal metabolism, inflammation, and the breast cancer microenvironment

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Betrayal in Nursing: Recognizing the Need for Authentic and Trusting Relationships

Yancey, N.Russell., 2018:
Betrayal in Teaching-Learning: A Sword in the Heart

Anonymous, 2018:
Betrayal Not Compromise

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Betrayal of the Body: Group Approaches to Hypo-Sexuality for Adult Female Sufferers of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Betrayal Trauma and Barriers to Forming New Intimate Relationships Among Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

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Betrixaban (Bevyxxa): A Direct-Acting Oral Anticoagulant Factor Xa Inhibitor

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Betrixaban: A New Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor for Extended Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in High-Risk Hospitalized Patients

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Betrixaban: A Novel Factor Xa Inhibitor for the Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Acutely Ill Medical Patients

Beyer-Westendorf, J.; Verhamme, P.; Bauersachs, R., 2018:
Betrixaban for prevention of venous thromboembolism in acute medically ill patients

Anonymous, 2018:
Betrixaban (Bevyxxa) for VTE prophylaxis in acute medical illness

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Betrixaban: Impact on Routine and Specific Coagulation Assays-A Practical Laboratory Guide

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Be True to Our Schools-Models of Care in College Mental Health

Marcadis, A.R.; Spencer, T.; Sleeman, D.; Velazquez, O.C.; Lew, J.I., 2018:
Better ABSITE performance with increased operative case load during surgical residency

Badshah, S.Lal.; Ullah, A.; Al-Showiman, S.S.; Mabkhot, Y.Nasser., 2018:
Better agonist for the opioid receptors

Wu, S-Hwar.; Shyu, L-Jen.; Li, C-Hsing.; Yu, C-Hung.; Chen, H-Chi.; Kor, C-Teng.; Wang, C-Hsien.; Lin, K-Huang., 2018:
Better airway resistance reduction profile in intubated COPD patients by personalized bronchodilator dosing: A pilot randomized control trial

Cartlidge, E., 2018:
Better atomic clocks herald new era of timekeeping

Shah, S., 2018:
Better bioinformatics will help labs manage genetic testing

Souza, W.N.; Aparicio-Ugarriza, R.; Bibiloni, M.M.; Palacios, G.; Aguilar, I.; Tur, J.A.; González-Gross, M., 2018 :
Better Body Composition and Lipid Profile Can Be Associated with Vitamin D Status in Spanish Elderly? The PHYSMED Study

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Better candy for the false lumen

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Better Care and Better Value for Canadians: A Review of RCT Studies of Nurse Interventions

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Better care, fewer suicides?

Mather, C.; Mate, K., 2018:
Better Care for Complex Needs. Priorities for the field emphasize experimentation and collaboration

Podschus, J., 2018:
Better Care Possible

Bestetti, A.; Cuko, B.; Gasparini, M.; De Servi, S., 2018:
Better characterization of dipyridamole-induced myocardial stunning by systolic wall thickening. A gated perfusion SPECT study

Schmitt, A.; Nguyen, L.; Zorza, Gégoire.; Ferré, P.; Pétain, Aélie., 2018:
Better characterization of vinflunine pharmacokinetics variability and exposure/toxicity relationship to improve its use: Analyses from 18 trials

Han, S-Beom.; Kyung, H-Soo.; Seo, I-Wook.; Shin, Y-Soo., 2018:
Better clinical outcomes after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty when comparing with high tibial osteotomy

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Better clinical outcome with direct oral anticoagulants in hospitalized heart failure patients with atrial fibrillation

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Better Cognitive Performance Is Associated With the Combination of High Trait Mindfulness and Low Trait Anxiety

Slomski, A., 2018:
Better Communication Can Improve HPV Vaccine Rates

Krzemieniecki, K.; Zygulska, A.L.; Kucharz, J.; Stokłosa, 2018:
Better compliance with the guidelines on hand-foot syndrome in patients treated with capecitabine in colorectal and breast cancer as a result of nursing education

Linder, F.; Holmberg, L.; Eklöf, H.; Björck, M.; Juhlin, C.; Mani, K., 2018:
Better compliance with triage criteria in trauma would reduced costs with maintained patient safety

Essue, B.M.; Milinkovic, D.; Birch, S., 2018:
Better data to drive more effective care for people with latent tuberculosis infection in Canada

Dallow, N.; Best, N.; Montague, T.H., 2018:
Better decision making in drug development through adoption of formal prior elicitation

Liu, Y.; Shen, J.; Wang, W.; Sun, H.; Shao, L., 2018:
Better Dense Trajectories by Motion in Videos

Kiuchi, K., 2018:
Better detection of Demodex mites by Löffler's alkaline methylene blue staining in patients with blepharitis

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Better diagnostic accuracy of neuropathy in obesity: A new challenge for neurologists

Emond, J.A.; Karagas, M.R.; Baker, E.R.; Gilbert-Diamond, D., 2018:
Better Diet Quality during Pregnancy Is Associated with a Reduced Likelihood of an Infant Born Small for Gestational Age: An Analysis of the Prospective New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study

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Better-quality diet is associated with lower odds of severe periodontitis in US Hispanics/Latinos

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Better diet quality relates to larger brain tissue volumes: The Rotterdam Study

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Better Diffusion Segmentation in Acute Ischemic Stroke Through Automatic Tree Learning Anomaly Segmentation

Hu, H.; Dietz, M.; Williges, B.; Ewert, S.D., 2018:
Better-ear glimpsing with symmetrically-placed interferers in bilateral cochlear implant users

Hafner, Z., 2018:
Better for Patients, or Better for Business-Do We Really Have To Choose?

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Better governance, better access: practising responsible data sharing in the METADAC governance infrastructure

de Iongh, A.; Erdmann, S., 2018:
Better healthcare must mean better for patients and carers

Howard, S., 2018:
Better health for sex workers: which legal model causes least harm?

Anonymous, 2018:
Better Health Information

Brückner, C., 2018:
Better Hearing is Better Seeing: Molecular Photoacoustic Contrast Agents

Gallien, S.; Andraud, M.; Moro, Aélique.; Lediguerher, Gérald.; Morin, Nège.; Gauger, P.C.; Bigault, L.; Paboeuf, Fédéric.; Berri, M.; Rose, N.; Grasland, Béatrice., 2018:
Better horizontal transmission of a US non-InDel strain compared with a French InDel strain of porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus

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Better ILP models for haplotype assembly

Spreng, R.Nathan.; Madore, K.P.; Schacter, D.L., 2018:
Better imagined: Neural correlates of the episodic simulation boost to prospective memory performance

Rimmer, A., 2018:
Better information is needed on scale of winter pressure, experts say

Van der Heijde, C.M.; Collard, P.R.; Vonk, P.; Meijman, F.J., 2018:
Better informed is better decided: Addressing the risks of delaying childbearing for female higher educational students

Yates, M.; Galloway, J.; Bukhari, M., 2018:
Better is possible

Ravindra, K.; Smith, K.R., 2018:
Better kitchens and toilets: both needed for better health

Costanzo, M.Rosa.; Kazory, A., 2018:
Better late than never: the true results of CARRESS-HF

Reed, K.; Upjohn, M.M., 2018:
Better Lives for Dogs: Incorporating Human Behaviour Change Into a Theory of Change to Improve Canine Welfare Worldwide

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Better living through chemistry: Addressing emerging antibiotic resistance

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Better Measurement for Performance Improvement in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: The Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI) Experience of Conceptual Framework Development and Indicator Selection

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“Better Not to Know?”: Justifiable Limits on the Right to Information in the Realm of DTC Genetic Testing. An Analysis of the European and Spanish Legal Framework

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Better Off Alone: Daily Solitude Is Associated With Lower Negative Affect in More Conflictual Social Networks

von Stumm, S., 2017:
Better Open Than Intellectual: The Benefits of Investment Personality Traits for Learning

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Better outcome from arthroscopic partial meniscectomy than skin incisions only? A sham-controlled randomised trial in patients aged 35-55 years with knee pain and an MRI-verified meniscal tear

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Better outcomes of modified myeloablative conditioning without antithymocyte globulin versus myeloablative conditioning in cord blood transplantation for hematological malignancies: A retrospective (development) and a prospective (validation) study

Hawkes, N., 2018:
Better patient flow in cardiac and thoracic surgery could save £45m a year in England

Poelstra, R.; Selles, R.W.; Slijper, H.P.; van der Oest, M.J.W.; Feitz, R.; Hovius, S.E.R.; Porsius, J.T., 2018:
Better patients' treatment experiences are associated with better postoperative results in Dupuytren's disease

Cunha-Bezerra, P.; Vieira, R.; Amaral, F.; Cartaxo, H.; Lima, Túlio.; Montarroyos, U.; Bandeira, F., 2018:
Better performance of four-dimension computed tomography as a localization procedure in normocalcemic primary hyperparathyroidism

Guida, K., 2018:
Better prepared for 'extreme events'

Swindlehurst, D., 2018:
Better protecting staff working alone

Zötterman, J.; Steinvall, I.; Elmasry, M., 2018:
Better Protection of Glass-Fronted Stoves Is Needed in Sweden Because of the Increase in the Number of Contact Burns Among Small Children

Ward, M.M.; Tan, S., 2018:
Better Quantification of Syndesmophyte Growth in Axial Spondyloarthritis

Basut, F.; Keşkek, Şakir.Özgür.; Gülek, B., 2018:
Better Renal Resistive Index Profile in Subjects with Beta Thalassemia Minor

Walter, J.R.; Jacob, S.L.; Xu, S., 2017:
Better Reporting Needed for Cosmetics and Women's Health

Ji, G.; Han, A.; Hao, X.; Li, N.; Xu, R.; Wang, F., 2018:
Better rotational control but similar outcomes with the outside-in versus the transtibial drilling technique for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review of comparative trials

Daniels, J.; Osborn, M.; Davis, C., 2018:
Better safe than sorry? Frequent attendance in a hospital emergency department: an exploratory study

Strauss, R.H., 1992:
Better Screening Without Higher Costs

Nacif, L.S.; Pinheiro, R.S.; Rocha-Santos, V.; Barbosa, V.M.; de Moura Dias, A.P.; Martino, R.B.; Macedo, R.A.; Ducatti, L.; Haddad, L.; Galvão, F.; Andraus, W.; Carneiro D' Albuquerque, L., 2018:
Better Selection Criteria With Prognostic Factors for Liver Transplantation

Hovet, C., 2018:
Better serve your populations: Cast a wide net for data to get comprehensive population health insights

Heringa, M.; van der Heide, A.; Floor-Schreudering, A.; De Smet, P.A.G.M.; Bouvy, M.L., 2018:
Better specification of triggers to reduce the number of drug interaction alerts in primary care

Nair, D., 2018:
Better Stories

Ahn, S.Hyeon.; Lee, E.Jung.; Kim, J.Won.; Baek, K.Ha.; Cho, H-Ju.; Yoon, J-Heon.; Kim, C-Hoon., 2018:
Better surgical outcome by image-guided navigation system in endoscopic removal of sinonasal inverted papilloma

Anonymous, 2018:
Better Teaching in the Schools

Hueb, W., 2018 :
Better Technology, More Spending, Worse Outcomes

Byrne, A.L.; Fox, G.J.; Marais, B.J., 2018:
Better than a pound of cure: preventing the development of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

de Las Heras, D.; Schmidt, M., 2018:
Better Than Counting: Density Profiles from Force Sampling

Chnafa, C.; Brina, O.; Pereira, V.M.; Steinman, D.A., 2017:
Better Than Nothing: A Rational Approach for Minimizing the Impact of Outflow Strategy on Cerebrovascular Simulations

Shalom, S.; Zaidel, A., 2018:
Better than Optimal

Travers, M.J.; Bagg, M.K.; Gibson, W.; O'Sullivan, K.; Palsson, T.Skuli., 2018:
Better than what? Comparisons in low back pain clinical trials

Kimmelman, J., 2018:
Better to be in The Placebo Arm for Trials of Neurological Therapies?

Li, D.; Liu, C., 2018:
Better Together: A Hybrid Amyloid Signals Necroptosis

Herbert, J.Leslie.; Bromfield, L., 2018:
Better Together? A Review of Evidence for Multi-Disciplinary Teams Responding to Physical and Sexual Child Abuse

Yih, J.; Uusberg, A.; Taxer, J.L.; Gross, J.J., 2018:
Better together: a unified perspective on appraisal and emotion regulation

Niederhauser, V.; Barnes, L.; Chyka, D.; Gaylord, N.; Mefford, L.; Miller, L.; Mixer, S.J., 2018 :
Better Together: A Win-Win Pediatric Academic Partnership

Meyer, M.A.; DeNardo, D.G., 2018:
Better Together: B7S1 Checkpoint Blockade Synergizes with anti-PD1

Bested, S.R.; de Grosbois, J.; Tremblay, L., 2017:
Better together: Contrasting the hypotheses explaining the one-target advantage

Barger, B.; Rice, C.; Wolf, R.; Roach, A., 2018:
Better together: Developmental screening and monitoring best identify children who need early intervention

Savarese, F.; Kraut, N., 2018:
BETter together: exploiting BRD4-functions in transcription to inform rational combinations

Mautner, A.; Mayer, F.; Hervy, M.; Lee, K-Yang.; Bismarck, A., 2017:
Better together: synergy in nanocellulose blends

Meseguer, M.; Hickman, C.; Pellicer, A., 2018:
Better together than alone: the cumulus benefits

May, M.T., 2018:
Better to know: the importance of early HIV diagnosis

Uguz, F., 2017:
Better Tolerance of Citalopram in a Breastfed Infant Who Could Not Tolerate Sertraline and Paroxetine

Anonymous, 2018:
Better Training for Matrons

Liang, L.R., 2018:
Better understanding and application of real-world research

Quigley, E.M.M.; Horn, J.; Kissous-Hunt, M.; Crozier, R.A.; Harris, L.A., 2018:
Better Understanding and Recognition of the Disconnects, Experiences, and Needs of Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation (BURDEN IBS-C) Study: Results of an Online Questionnaire

Gur, M.; Hakim, F.; Bentur, L., 2018:
Better understanding of childhood asthma, towards primary prevention - are we there yet? Consideration of pertinent literature

Misra, D.Prasanna.; Ravindran, V.; Wakhlu, A.; Sharma, A.; Agarwal, V.; Negi, V.Singh., 2017:
Better understanding of publishing practices and indexing of target journals is essential

Vainiomäki, S.; Aalto, A-Mari.; Lääveri, T.; Sinervo, T.; Elovainio, M.; Mäntyselkä, P.; Hyppönen, H., 2018:
Better Usability and Technical Stability Could Lead to Better Work-Related Well-Being among Physicians

Millington, S.J.; Koenig, S., 2018:
Better With Ultrasound: Announcing a New "How-to" Ultrasound Series

Millington, S.J.; Silva Restrepo, M.; Koenig, S., 2018:
Better With Ultrasound: Lumbar Puncture

Millington, S.J.; Koenig, S., 2018:
Better With Ultrasound: Paracentesis

Lopez-Gonzalez, H.; Griffiths, M.D., 2018:
Betting, Forex Trading, and Fantasy Gaming Sponsorships-a Responsible Marketing Inquiry into the 'Gamblification' of English Football

Godinho, A.; Kushnir, V.; Hodgins, D.C.; Hendershot, C.S.; Cunningham, J.A., 2018:
Betting on Life: Associations Between Significant Life Events and Gambling Trajectories Among Gamblers with the Intent to Quit

Chatterjee, N.; Bohmann, D., 2018:
BET-ting on Nrf2: How Nrf2 Signaling can Influence the Therapeutic Activities of BET Protein Inhibitors

Teramoto, T.; Kamiya, T.; Sakurai, T.; Kanaya, F., 2018:
Betti number ratios as quantitative indices for bone morphometry in three dimensions

Marbury, D., 2018:
Betty Ford Center: West Los Angeles, California

Vorobyova, O.; Deryabina, O.; Malygina, D.; Plotnikova, N.; Solovyeva, A.; Belyaeva, K.; Melnikova, N., 2018:
Betulin-3,28-diphosphate as a Component of Combination Cytostatic Drugs for the Treatment of Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma In Vitro and In Vivo Experiments

Melnikova, N.B.; Malygina, D.S.; Klabukova, I.N.; Belov, D.V.; Vasin, V.A.; Petrov, P.S.; Knyazev, A.V.; Markin, A.V., 2018:
Betulin-3,28-diphosphate. Physico-Chemical Properties and In Vitro Biological Activity Experiments

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Betulin-Constituted Multiblock Amphiphiles for Broad-Spectrum Protein Resistance

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Betulinic acid alleviates dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis and visceral pain in mice

Wang, D.; Chen, T.; Liu, F., 2018:
Betulinic acid alleviates myocardial hypoxia/reoxygenation injury via inducing Nrf2/HO-1 and inhibiting p38 and JNK pathways

Kaundal, M.; Zameer, S.; Najmi, A.Kalam.; Parvez, S.; Akhtar, M., 2018:
Betulinic acid, a natural PDE inhibitor restores hippocampal cAMP/cGMP and BDNF, improve cerebral blood flow and recover memory deficits in permanent BCCAO induced vascular dementia in rats

Kumar, P.; Bhadauria, A.S.; Singh, A.K.; Saha, S., 2018:
Betulinic acid as apoptosis activator: Molecular mechanisms, mathematical modeling and chemical modifications

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Between Action and Inaction: The Space for Analytic Intimacy

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Between science and industry-applied yeast research

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Between SET and ASP: balancing the scales of student evaluation of teaching (SET) and teachers' assessments of student performance (ASP) for medical school education in psychiatry

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Between Sir Henry Burdett, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., and the Secretary of the National Anti-Vivisection Hospital, Battersea General Hospital (MR. G. W. F. Robbins)

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Between Social and Biological Heredity: Cope and Baldwin on Evolution, Inheritance, and Mind

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Between the Rock and Hard Place: The Evaluation of a Patient With a History of Cancer for Solid Organ Transplantation

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Between the sheets - or how to keep babies warm

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Between the Tank and the Coil: Assessing How Metals End Up in E-Cigarette Liquid and Vapor

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Bevacizumab Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) with Accelerated Blood Clearance Using the Avidin Chase

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Beware, cardiovascular surgeons! Dangerous plaque has been sighted in your operative field

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Beware--danger ahead for prosthodontics

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Beware: Medicare Is Enforcing the Use of Modifiers for "Always Therapy" Services

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Beware of air

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Beware of back pain

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Beware of beta! A case of salbutamol-induced lactic acidosis in severe asthma

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Beware of broad-spectrum generalizations: ceftazidime-avibactam compared to meropenem for the treatment of gram-negative pneumonia

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Beware of External Validation! - A Comparative Study of Several Validation Techniques used in QSAR Modelling

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Beware of Limb Lead Reversal

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Beware of memes in the interpretation of your results - lessons from gene-disrupted mice in fertilization research

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Beware of Multiphase CTA Interpretation

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Beware of Phenytoin Self-Harm In Children

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Beware of Unbalanced Shoes

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Beware silent waning of shark protection

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Beware the Batch Signature

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Beware the bright basilar artery: an early and specific CT sign of acute basilar artery thrombosis

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Beware the Danger Lurking Under the Shroud of Alcohol

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Beware the hallucal interphalangeal joint sesamoid in first metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis

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Beware the medicalisation of loneliness

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Beware the middle-aged migraine: internal carotid artery dissection mimicking migraine in the emergency department

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Beware the syndromic spine

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Beware when danger on the road has passed. The state of relief impairs a driver's ability to avoid accidents

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"Be Well, Do Good Work, and Keep in Touch." House of Delegates Meeting, September 24, 2016

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Beyond Ability to Pay: Procedural Justice and Offender Compliance With Restitution Orders

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Beyond Abstinence: Changes in Indices of Quality of Life with Time in Recovery in a Nationally Representative Sample of U.S. Adults

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Beyond Access and Exposure: Implications of Sneaky Media Use for Preschoolers' Sleep Behavior

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Beyond Activity Based Funding. An experiment in Denmark

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Beyond ADHD: Overcoming the label and thriving

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Beyond Admission: Enrollment Management

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Beyond aesthetic consequences: congestive hepatopathy caused by pectus excavatum

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Beyond Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation: Horizontal Gene Transfer from Bacteria to Eukaryotes

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Beyond Antibodies: B Cells and the OPG/RANK-RANKL Pathway in Health, Non-HIV Disease and HIV-Induced Bone Loss

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Beyond antibody engineering: directed evolution of alternative binding scaffolds and enzymes using yeast surface display

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Beyond APECED: An update on the role of the autoimmune regulator gene (AIRE) in physiology and disease

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Beyond a politics of recrimination: Scandal, ethics and the rehabilitation of violence

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Beyond ATLS: Demystifying the Expert Resuscitationist

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Beyond Autism: Introducing the Dialectical Misattunement Hypothesis and a Bayesian Account of Intersubjectivity

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Beyond availability and affordability: how access to medicines affects non-communicable disease outcomes

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Beyond Bacteria: Bacteriophage-Eukaryotic Host Interactions Reveal Emerging Paradigms of Health and Disease

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Beyond barriers and facilitators: the central role of practical knowledge and informal networks in implementing infection prevention interventions

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Beyond basic resuscitation: What are the next steps to improve the outcomes of resuscitation at birth when resources are limited?

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Beyond behaviour: changing foods as well as changing people

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Beyond belief: The probability-based notion of surprise in children

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Beyond BFHI: The Spatz 10-Step and Breastfeeding Resource Nurse Model to Improve Human Milk and Breastfeeding Outcomes

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Improving pharmacological treatment in brain and mental health disorders: the need for gender and sex analyses

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Beyond bilingualism: multilingual experience correlates with caudate volume

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Beyond binary retention in HIV care: predictors of the dynamic processes of patient engagement, disengagement, and re-entry into care in a US clinical cohort

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Beyond BI-RADS Density: A Call for Quantification in the Breast Imaging Clinic

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Beyond Bitcoin: potential applications of blockchain technology in dermatology

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Beyond bleeps and alarms: live music by the bedside in the ICU

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Beyond body size: consistent decrease of traits within orthopteran assemblages with elevation

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Beyond Born-Rytov limit for super-resolution optical diffraction tomography

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Beyond Brainstorming: Exploring Convergence in Teams

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Beyond BRCA: A Case Series Examining the Advent of Multigene Panel Testing

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Beyond Brooding on Oncometabolic Havoc in IDH-Mutant Gliomas and AML: Current and Future Therapeutic Strategies

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Beyond burial: lateral exchange is a significant atmospheric carbon sink in mangrove forests

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Beyond Burnout

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Beyond Burnout - Redesigning Care to Restore Meaning and Sanity for Physicians

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Beyond bus fare: deconstructing prenatal care travel among low-income urban mothers through a mix methods GIS study

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Beyond bystanders: Myeloid cells in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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Beyond Calming of the Storm: Long-Term Outcomes in Scar-Related Ventricular Tachycardia

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Beyond cardiac surgery: the expanded education of a false god

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Beyond cardiomyocyte loss: Role of Notch in cardiac aging

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Beyond catharsis: the nuanced emotion of patient storytellers in an educational role

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Beyond Channel Activity: Protein-Protein Interactions Involving Viroporins

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Beyond 'charting outcomes' in the radiation oncology match: analysis of self-reported applicant data

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Beyond checkpoint inhibition - Immunotherapeutical strategies in combination with radiation

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Beyond Chemical Triggers: Evidence for Sound-Evoked Physiological Reactions in Plants

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Beyond chemotherapy for advanced disease-the role of EGFR and PD-1 inhibitors

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Beyond China's drug century: Yunnan's first therapeutic community and narratives of drug treatment and mental health care

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Beyond cholesterol homeostasis: A novel role for PDZK1 in macrophage apoptosis and atherosclerosis

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Beyond Circles of Support: "Fearless"-An Open Peer-to-Peer Mutual Support Group for Sex Offense Registrants and Their Family Members

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Beyond citizen science: Multigenerational education and mentoring in environmental monitoring-A case study

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Beyond classic ecological assessment: The use of functional indices to indicate fish assemblages sensitivity to human disturbance in estuaries

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Beyond classic risk adjustment: Socioeconomic status and hospital performance in urologic oncology surgery

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Beyond Clinical Complexity: Nonmedical Barriers to Nursing Home Care for Rural Residents

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Beyond clinical trials: Cross-sectional associations of combination antiretroviral therapy with reports of multiple symptoms and non-adherence among adolescents in South Africa

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Beyond Cognition: Experts' Views on Affective-Motivational Research Dispositions in the Social Sciences

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Beyond colonic neoplasia

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Beyond comanaged inpatient care to community integration: Factors leading to surgical delay in hip fractures and their associated outcomes

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Beyond communication: Episodic memory is key to the self in time

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Beyond Competence: Perspectives From Two Centuries

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Beyond competencies - describing work ready plus graduates for the New Zealand medical imaging workforce

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Beyond competency-based continuing professional development

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Beyond Competitive Inhibition: Regulation of ABC Transporters by Kinases and Protein-Protein Interactions as Potential Mechanisms of Drug-Drug Interactions

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Beyond Compliance Checking: A Situated Approach to Visual Research Ethics

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Beyond ConCA: Rethinking causality and construction accidents

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Beyond Consent: Building Trusting Relationships With Diverse Populations in Precision Medicine Research

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Beyond Conventional Medicine - a Look at Blueberry, a Cancer-Fighting Superfruit

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Beyond Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Governance of Synthetic Biology

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Beyond country-specific incidence and mortality: the global burden of melanoma

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Beyond coverage: improving the quality of antenatal care delivery through integrated mentorship and quality improvement at health centers in rural Rwanda

D'Eon, M., 2018:
Beyond critical and courageous thinking: let's make medical education better

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Beyond Crystal Engineering: Significant Enhancement of C 2 H 2 /CO 2 Separation by Constructing Composite Material

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Beyond cure: patient reported outcomes of hepatitis C treatment among people who inject drugs in Australia

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Beyond cut-off values for hypertension… individualize interventions

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Beyond Cut-points: Accelerometer Metrics that Capture the Physical Activity Profile

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Beyond cysteine: recent developments in the area of targeted covalent inhibition

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Beyond decreased ovarian reserve: considering reproductive comorbidities in female cancer survivors

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Beyond Defense: Multiple Functions of Benzoxazinoids in Maize Metabolism

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Beyond deficit and harm reduction: Incorporating the spectrum of wellness as an interpretive framework for cannabis consumption

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Beyond degree and betweenness centrality: Alternative topological measures to predict viral targets

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Beyond Deubiquitylation: USP30-Mediated Regulation of Mitochondrial Homeostasis

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Beyond Disaster Preparedness: Building a Resilience-Oriented Workforce for the Future

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Beyond Disease: Happiness, Goals, and Meanings among Persons with Multiple Sclerosis and Their Caregivers

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Beyond Disease Severity: The Impact of Obesity on Influenza A Virus Shedding

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Beyond Dr. Google: the evidence on consumer-facing digital tools for diagnosis

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Beyond Early Infant Diagnosis: Changing the Approach to HIV-Exposed Infants

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Beyond East vs. West: social class, region, and religion as forms of culture

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Beyond Eduation Regurgitation The secret recipe for 100% competence (and first-time exam pass rates) revealed

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Beyond Emergence: Understanding postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction (POCD)

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Beyond Enumeration: Functional and Computational Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells to Investigate Cancer Metastasis

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Beyond Epilepsy: How Can Quantitative Electroencephalography Improve Conventional Electroencephalography Findings? A Systematic Review of Comparative EEG Studies

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Beyond essentialism: Cultural differences in emotions revisited

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Beyond Expert Opinion: Progress in the Development of Evidence-Based Screening Guidelines for Survivors of Childhood Cancer

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Beyond Extinction: Prolonged Conditioning and Repeated Threat Exposure Abolish Contextual Renewal of Fear-Potentiated Startle Discrimination but Leave Expectancy Ratings Intact

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Beyond "Facebook Addiction": The Role of Cognitive-Related Factors and Psychiatric Distress in Social Networking Site Addiction

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Beyond factor analysis: Multidimensionality and the Parkinson's Disease Sleep Scale-Revised

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Beyond fall risk assessment: A case-control study in an Urban Medical Center

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Beyond Fetal Aneuploidy: A Call For A Contemporary Canadian Approach To Prenatal Screening

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Beyond fitness tracking: The use of consumer-grade wearable data from normal volunteers in cardiovascular and lipidomics research

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Beyond Fluorescent Proteins: Hybrid and Bioluminescent Indicators for Imaging Neural Activities

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Beyond "formative": assessments to enrich student learning

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Beyond fossil fuel-driven nitrogen transformations

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Beyond fractional anisotropy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: the value of mean, axial, and radial diffusivity and its correlation with electrophysiological conductivity changes

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Beyond Friedel and Crafts: Directed Alkylation of C-H Bonds in Arenes

Evano, G.; Theunissen, Cédric., 2018:
Beyond Friedel and Crafts: Innate Alkylation of C-H Bonds in Arenes

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Beyond Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy: External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Mid-infrared Transmission Spectroscopy of Proteins in the Amide I and Amide II Region

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Beyond Fullerenes: Indacenodithiophene-Based Organic Charge-Transport Layer toward Upscaling of Low-Cost Perovskite Solar Cells

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Beyond Functional Connectivity: Investigating Networks of Multivariate Representations

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Beyond geminal diesters: increasing the scope of metal-mediated vinylcyclopropane annulations while decreasing pre-activation

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Beyond Gene Panels: Whole Exome Sequencing for Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease

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Beyond genes: A systematic review of environmental risk factors in specific reading disorder

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Beyond Gene Transfection with Methacrylate-Based Polyplexes-The Influence of the Amino Substitution Pattern

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Beyond genome-wide association studies: identifying variants using -omics approaches

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Beyond genome-wide significance: integrative approaches to the interpretation and extension of GWAS findings for alcohol use disorder

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Beyond Genomic Prediction: Combining Different Types of omics Data Can Improve Prediction of Hybrid Performance in Maize

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Beyond genomics: understanding exposotypes through metabolomics

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Beyond good and evil: A putative continuum-sorting hypothesis for the functional role of proBDNF/BDNF-propeptide/mBDNF in antidepressant treatment

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Beyond Gross Total and Subtotal: Does Volumetric Resection Matter in Nonfunctioning Pituitary Macroadenomas?

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Beyond handedness: assessing younger adults and older people lateral preference in six laterality dimensions

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Beyond hands-on and hands-off: supervisory approaches and entrustment on the inpatient ward

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Beyond harm's reach? Submersion of river turtle nesting areas and implications for restoration actions after Amazon hydropower development

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Beyond HbA1c: Comparing Glycemic Variability and Glycemic Indices in Predicting Hypoglycemia in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

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Beyond 'health and safety' - the challenges facing students asked to work outside of their comfort, qualification level or expertise on medical elective placement

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Beyond health care: the other determinants of health

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Beyond health care: Volunteer work, social participation, and late-life general cognitive status in Taiwan

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Beyond health messaging: a behavioural economics approach to increasing self-selected distance during an acute bout of cycling

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Beyond Hemoglobin: Screening for Malaria Host Factors

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Beyond heritability: improving discoverability in imaging genetics

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Beyond High-Fidelity Simulation: Emerging Technologies in Leadership Development

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Beyond Hippocrates: ethics in palliative care

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Beyond Histones: New Substrate Proteins of Lysine Deacetylases in Arabidopsis Nuclei

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Beyond Homophobia: How Do Jamaican Men Who Have Sex with Men Build Communities, Affirm Identity, and Mitigate Homophobia?

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Beyond Host Defense: Emerging Functions of the Immune System in Regulating Complex Tissue Physiology

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Beyond HRV: attractor reconstruction using the entire cardiovascular waveform data for novel feature extraction

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Beyond Hydrofunctionalisation: A Well-Defined Calcium Compound Catalysed Mild and Efficient Carbonyl Cyanosilylation

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Beyond Hyperglycemia, Evidence for Retinal Neurodegeneration in Metabolic Syndrome

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Beyond Hypertension and Cardio-Renal Syndrome: The Need to Acknowledge and Incorporate Renal Disease in Cardiac Electrophysiology Trials

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Beyond hypertension: integrated cardiovascular care as a path to comprehensive primary care

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Beyond ICOM8: perspectives on advances in mycorrhizal research from 2015 to 2017

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Beyond identification of GCA-related thoracic aortitis

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Beyond EGFR and ALK : targeting rare mutations in advanced non-small cell lung cancer

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Beyond #ILookLikeASurgeon

Elmer, J.; Rittenberger, J.C., 2018:
Beyond induced sedation: BIS for post-arrest monitoring

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Beyond Infanticide: How Psychological Accounts of Persons Can Justify Harming Infants

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Beyond Informed Consent: Talking to Patients About Therapeutic Action

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Beyond insects: current status and achievements of RNA interference in mite pests and future perspectives

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Beyond intent: exploring the association of contraceptive choice with questions about Pregnancy Attitudes, Timing and How important is pregnancy prevention (PATH) questions

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Beyond intention-to-treat: The effect of brief counseling for tobacco cessation in secondary analyses of a cluster randomized controlled trial in Swedish dental clinics

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Beyond interleukin-6 in right ventricular function: Evidence for another biomarker

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Beyond Intracellular Signaling: The Ins and Outs of Second Messengers Microdomains

Falony, G., 2018:
Beyond Oxalobacter : the gut microbiota and kidney stone formation

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Beyond Irritable Bowel Syndrome: The Efficacy of the Low Fodmap Diet for Improving Symptoms in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Celiac Disease

Bronin, A.; Phelps, R.; Sidbury, R., 2018:
Beyond JAAD April 2018: Articles of interest to dermatologists from the nondermatologic literature

Bronin, A.; Phelps, R.; Sidbury, R., 2018:
Beyond JAAD July 2018: Articles of interest to dermatologists from the nondermatologic literature

Bronin, A.; Phelps, R.; Sidbury, R., 2018:
Beyond JAAD October 2018: Articles of interest to dermatologists from the nondermatologic literature

Harrington, P.M.; Harrison, C.N., 2018:
Beyond JAK-2: potential targets for myeloproliferative neoplasm therapy

Burns, J.; Persaud-Sharma, D.; Green, D., 2018:
Beyond JNC 8: implications for evaluation and management of hypertension in underserved populations

Wang, H.; Wang, L., 2018:
Beyond Joints: Learning Representations From Primitive Geometries for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition and Detection

Deuze, M.; Witschge, T., 2018:
Beyond journalism: Theorizing the transformation of journalism

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Beyond "Just Saying No": A Preliminary Evaluation of Strategies College Students Use to Refuse Sexual Activity

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Beyond just the operating room: characterizing the complete caseload of a tertiary acute care surgery service

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Beyond KCH selection and options in acute liver failure

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Beyond Kras: MYC Rules in Pancreatic Cancer

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Beyond Large Vessel Occlusion Strokes: Distal Occlusion Thrombectomy

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Beyond LDL: What Role for PCSK9 in Triglyceride-Rich Lipoprotein Metabolism?

Torres, D.; Parrinello, G.; Pinto, A., 2018:
Beyond left ventricular ejection fraction there is a right heart that pumps

Lo, B., 2018:
Beyond Legalization - Dilemmas Physicians Confront Regarding Aid in Dying

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Beyond Leisure: The Role of Alcohol in the Lives of Nigerian University Students

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Beyond Lesion Volumes: Network-based Approach for the Investigation of Neurocognitive Deficits in Patients with Chronic Subcortical Strokes

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Beyond lifestyle interventions: exploring the potential of anti-obesity medications in the UK

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Beyond longevity: novel roles of Sirtuin-3 in thrombosis

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Beyond Low-Rank Representations: Orthogonal clustering basis reconstruction with optimized graph structure for multi-view spectral clustering

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Beyond LTP: increasing the safety factor for spike initiation

Efferth, T., 2018:
Beyond malaria: The inhibition of viruses by artemisinin-type compounds

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Beyond Markov: Accounting for independence violations in causal reasoning

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Beyond Mars and Venus: The role of gender essentialism in support for gender inequality and backlash

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Beyond maximum grade: modernising the assessment and reporting of adverse events in haematological malignancies

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Beyond mean modelling: Bias due to misspecification of dispersion in Poisson-inverse Gaussian regression

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Beyond medical expulsive therapy: evolution to supported stone passage for ureteric stones

Roborgh, S.E., 2018:
Beyond medical humanitarianism - Politics and humanitarianism in the figure of the Mīdānī physician

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Beyond menstrual hygiene: addressing vaginal bleeding throughout the life course in low and middle-income countries

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Beyond Mental Health Crisis Stabilization in Emergency Departments and Acute Care Hospitals

Mao, L.; Buchanan, A.; Wong, H.Tze.Hoo.; Persson, A., 2018:
Beyond mere pill taking: SMS reminders for HIV treatment adherence delivered to mobile phones of clients in a community support network in Australia

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Beyond Metrics? The Role of Hydrologic Baseline Archetypes in Environmental Water Management

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Beyond microsatellite testing: assessment of tumor mutational burden identifies subsets of colorectal cancer who may respond to immune checkpoint inhibition

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Beyond migration-Chemokines in lymphocyte priming, differentiation, and modulating effector functions

Feeny, S.; Posso, A.; McDonald, L.; Chuyen, T.Thi.Kim.; Tung, S.Thanh., 2018:
Beyond monetary benefits of restoring sight in Vietnam: Evaluating well-being gains from cataract surgery

Diener, E.; Seligman, M.E.P., 2018:
Beyond Money: Progress on an Economy of Well-Being

Soloviev, I.I.; Klenov, N.V.; Bakurskiy, S.V.; Kupriyanov, M.Yu.; Gudkov, A.L.; Sidorenko, A.S., 2018:
Beyond Moore's technologies: operation principles of a superconductor alternative

Zhang, T.T., 2018:
Beyond moral education: the modern transformation of traditional medical charity

Anugwom, E.Edlyne.; Anugwom, K., 2018:
Beyond Morality: Assessment of the Capacity of Faith-based Organizations (FBOS) in Responding to the HIV/AIDS Challenge in Southeastern Nigeria

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Beyond motor neurons: expanding the clinical spectrum in Kennedy's disease

Phoenix, C.; Bell, S.L., 2018:
Beyond "Move More": Feeling the Rhythms of physical activity in mid and later-life

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Beyond muscle: the effects of creatine supplementation on brain creatine, cognitive processing, and traumatic brain injury

López-Delgado, D.; Cuenca-Barrales, C.; Ruiz-Villaverde, R., 2018:
Beyond mycosis and warts on feet…

Takeuchi, T.; Sunayama, H., 2018:
Beyond natural antibodies - a new generation of synthetic antibodies created by post-imprinting modification of molecularly imprinted polymers

Hair, A.B.; Rechtman, D.J.; Lee, M.L.; Niklas, V., 2018:
Beyond Necrotizing Enterocolitis: Other Clinical Advantages of an Exclusive Human Milk Diet

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Beyond neonatal imitation: Aerodigestive stereotypies, speech development, and social interaction in the extended perinatal period

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Beyond neutrality: disentangling the effects of species sorting and spurious correlations in community analysis

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Beyond new vaccine introduction: the uptake of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in the African Region

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Beyond nitrogen metabolism: nitric oxide, cyclic-di-GMP and bacterial biofilms

Fardet, A.; Lakhssassi, Sé.; Briffaz, Aélien., 2017:
Beyond nutrient-based food indices: a data mining approach to search for a quantitative holistic index reflecting the degree of food processing and including physicochemical properties

Badlam, J.B.; Austin, E.D., 2018:
Beyond oestrogens: towards a broader evaluation of the hormone profile in pulmonary arterial hypertension

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Beyond One Hundred: A Cohort Analysis of Italian Centenarians and Semi-supercentenarians

Debes, J.D.; Singh, D., 2018:
Beyond one virus: vaccination against hepatitis B after hepatitis C treatment

Cho, H.Lin.; Miller, D.Gibbes.; Grady, C., 2018:
Beyond Open Communication: A Call for Partnership Between Clinical Ethics and Research Ethics Committees

Luttrell, C.; Sills, E.; Aryani, R.; Ekaputri, A.Desita.; Evinke, M.Febe., 2018:
Beyond opportunity costs: who bears the implementation costs of reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation?

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Beyond optical rotation: what's left is not always right in total synthesis

Brañas, Fátima.; Ruiz-Pinto, A.; Fernández, E.; Del Cerro, A.; de Dios, R.; Fuentetaja, L.; Cebrián, L.; Larrainzar-Garijo, R., 2018:
Beyond orthogeriatric co-management model: benefits of implementing a process management system for hip fracture

Su, A.; Lief, L.; Berlin, D.; Cooper, Z.; Ouyang, D.; Holmes, J.; Maciejewski, R.; Maciejewski, P.K.; Prigerson, H.G., 2018:
Beyond Pain: Nurses' Assessment of Patient Suffering, Dignity, and Dying in the Intensive Care Unit

Ghosh, S.; O'Connor, T.J., 2018:
Beyond Paralogs: The Multiple Layers of Redundancy in Bacterial Pathogenesis

Higgins, G.S.; Boulton, S.J., 2018:
Beyond PARP-POLθ as an anticancer target

Montenegro, C.R., 2018:
Beyond Participation: Politics, Incommensurability and the Emergence of Mental Health Service Users' Activism in Chile

Wilcox, C.R.; Jones, C.E., 2018:
Beyond Passive Immunity: Is There Priming of the Fetal Immune System Following Vaccination in Pregnancy and What Are the Potential Clinical Implications?

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Beyond pathways: genetic dissection of tocopherol content in maize kernels by combining linkage and association analyses

Doebel, S.; Michaelson, L.E.; Munakata, Y., 2018:
Beyond personal control: The role of developing self-control abilities in the behavioral constellation of deprivation

Møldrup, C., 2009:
Beyond personalized medicine

Pryor, J.C., 2018:
Beyond "Pharyngocise" for Patients With Head and Neck Cancer: Does One Size Fit All?

Wong, A.; Ahlquist, G.; Black, C., 2018:
Beyond pilots: Building scalable, sustainable healthcare bundles

Berenbaum, S.A., 2018:
Beyond Pink and Blue: The Complexity of Early Androgen Effects on Gender Development

Hayes, W.; Allinovi, M., 2018:
Beyond playing games: nephrologist vs machine in pediatric dialysis prescribing

Lehrer, N.; Sneegas, G., 2018:
Beyond polarization: using Q methodology to explore stakeholders' views on pesticide use, and related risks for agricultural workers, in Washington State's tree fruit industry

Earles, J.Mason.; Theroux-Rancourt, G.; Roddy, A.B.; Gilbert, M.E.; McElrone, A.J.; Brodersen, C.R., 2018:
Beyond Porosity: 3D Leaf Intercellular Airspace Traits That Impact Mesophyll Conductance

Manczak, E.M.; Ham, P.J.; Sinard, R.N.; Chen, E., 2018:
Beyond positive or negative: variability in daily parent-adolescent interaction quality is associated with adolescent emotion dysregulation

Bellazzini, B.; Riva, F.; Serra, J.; Sgarlata, F., 2018 :
Beyond Positivity Bounds and the Fate of Massive Gravity

Jerven, M., 2018:
Beyond precision: embracing the politics of global health numbers

Siberry, G.K., 2017:
Beyond Prevention of Vertical HIV Transmission - Improving Outcomes of HIV-Uninfected Infants Born to Mothers with HIV Infection

Salvatore, L.; Lombardo, F.; Tortora, G., 2018:
Beyond Primary Tumor Location and RAS/BRAF Mutational Status as Prognostic Factor in Stage III Colon Cancer

Ventura, M.; Coeli, Cáudia.Medina., 2018:
Beyond privacy: the right to health information, personal data protection, and governance

Anderson, N.Elizabeth.; Gott, M.; Slark, J., 2018:
Beyond prognostication: ambulance personnel's lived experiences of cardiac arrest decision-making

Székely, Tás.; Balázsi, Gábor., 2018:
Beyond Promoters: How Genes Tweak Their Own Expression

Ghazaei, C.; Line El Helou, M., 2018:
Beyond proteostasis: Roles of type I chaperonins in bacterial pathogenesis

Brooks, D.; Olver, I.N.; Esterman, A.J., 2018:
Beyond PSA testing for prostate cancer

Aldaas, O.M.; Padwal, J.; Hsu, J.C., 2018:
Beyond Pulmonary Vein Isolation During Catheter Ablation in Atrial Fibrillation and Systolic Dysfunction

Frankel, D.S.; Dixit, S., 2018 :
Beyond Pulmonary Vein Isolation for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation: Don't Just Do Something, Stand There

Hussen, S.A.; Chakraborty, R.; Camacho-Gonzalez, A.; Njiemoun, B.; Grossniklaus, E.; Goodstein, E.; Stephenson, R.; Del Rio, C., 2018:
Beyond "purposeful and planned": varied trajectories of healthcare transition from pediatric to adult-oriented care among youth living with HIV

Wagner, D.J.; Durbin, J.; Barnsley, J.; Ivers, N.M., 2018:
Beyond quality improvement: exploring why primary care teams engage in a voluntary audit and feedback program

Rademakers, J.; Heijmans, M., 2018:
Beyond Reading and Understanding: Health Literacy as the Capacity to Act

Morris, M.S.; Hawn, M.T., 2018:
Beyond readmission: improving patient-centered care

Deng, H.; Coyle-Shapiro, J.; Yang, Q., 2017:
Beyond reciprocity: A conservation of resources view on the effects of psychological contract violation on third parties

Wurst, T.; Terry, S.F., 2018:
Beyond Recommendation: Requiring Returning Findings to Research Participants

Collins, B.M.; Das, A.J.; Battles, J.J.; Fry, D.L.; Krasnow, K.D.; Stephens, S.L., 2017:
Beyond reducing fire hazard: fuel treatment impacts on overstory tree survival

Zhang, S.; Li, X.; Wang, H-Yun.; Steven Zheng, X.F., 2018:
Beyond regulation of pol III: Role of MAF1 in growth, metabolism, aging and cancer

Milleret, C.; Bui Quoc, E., 2018:
Beyond Rehabilitation of Acuity, Ocular Alignment, and Binocularity in Infantile Strabismus

Křivan, V.; Galanthay, T.E.; Cressman, R., 2018:
Beyond replicator dynamics: From frequency to density dependent models of evolutionary games

Klingler, C.; Barrett, D.H.; Ondrusek, N.; Johnson, B.R.; Saxena, A.; Reis, A.A., 2018:
Beyond Research Ethics: Novel Approaches of 3 Major Public Health Institutions to Provide Ethics Input on Public Health Practice Activities

Merrick, M.T.; Henly, M.; Turner, H.A.; David-Ferdon, C.; Hamby, S.; Kacha-Ochana, A.; Simon, T.R.; Finkelhor, D., 2018:
Beyond residential mobility: A broader conceptualization of instability and its impact on victimization risk among children

Sachs, N.M.; Miller, J., 2018:
Beyond Responsivity: Client Service Engagement in a Reentry Demonstration Program

Ramos, M.; Fernández, C.E.; Williams, L., 2018:
Beyond restorative dentistry: preventive and interim care for underserved populations

Ji, Z.; Chen, Q.; Niu, S.; Leng, T.; Rubin, D.L., 2018:
Beyond Retinal Layers: A Deep Voting Model for Automated Geographic Atrophy Segmentation in SD-OCT Images

Detienne, G.; De Haes, W.; Mergan, L.; Edwards, S.L.; Temmerman, L.; Van Bael, S., 2018:
Beyond ROS clearance: Peroxiredoxins in stress signaling and aging

Shim, J.Y.; Madrigal, J.M.; Aparicio, J.; Patel, A., 2018:
Beyond Routine Abortion Practice: Identifying Adolescents and Young Adults at Risk for Anemia

Lion, Sébastien.; Metz, J.A.J., 2018:
Beyond R 0 Maximisation: On Pathogen Evolution and Environmental Dimensions

Kahane, G.; Everett, J.A.C.; Earp, B.D.; Caviola, L.; Faber, N.S.; Crockett, M.J.; Savulescu, J., 2017:
Beyond sacrificial harm: A two-dimensional model of utilitarian psychology

Anonymous, 2018:
"Beyond sacrificial harm: A two-dimensional model of utilitarian psychology": Correction

Hayward, J.; Chitty, L.S., 2018:
Beyond screening for chromosomal abnormalities: Advances in non-invasive diagnosis of single gene disorders and fetal exome sequencing

Arnold, D.; Prager, G.W.; Quintela, A.; Stein, A.; Moreno Vera, S.; Mounedji, N.; Taieb, J., 2018:
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