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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52199

Chapter 52199 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shircore, R.; Shaw, S., 2013:
Commissioning for values is as important as commissioning for outcomes

Gainsbury, S., 2011:
Commissioning funds siphoned off for basics

Berry, S.Jones., 2013:
Commissioning groups 'respect what nurses bring to the table'

Davies, N.; Charles, S-Ann.; Handscomb, K., 2013:
Commissioning health care for offenders

O'Flynn, N.; Potter, J., 2012:
Commissioning health care in England: an evolving story

Porter, A.; Mays, N.; Shaw, S.E.; Rosen, R.; Smith, J., 2013:
Commissioning healthcare for people with long term conditions: the persistence of relational contracting in England's NHS quasi-market

English, P.M.B., 2010:
Commissioning in English NHS. The market delusion

Peedell, C., 2010:
Commissioning in English NHS. Time to debate neoliberalism

Paton, C., 2010:
Commissioning in the english NHS

Sawbridge, Y., 2010:
Commissioning in the new NHS: how to get involved and influence service development

Moore, A., 2013:
Commissioning information: Hard evidence

Anonymous, 2013:
Commissioning information: case studies: Right turns

Kenneday, M., 2011:
Commissioning is key to return on investment

Alaei, P.; Spezi, E., 2013:
Commissioning kilovoltage cone-beam CT beams in a radiation therapy treatment planning system

Jewell, D., 2012:
Commissioning maternity care: little room for manoeuvre?

Beyer, G.P., 2013:
Commissioning measurements for photon beam data on three TrueBeam linear accelerators, and comparison with Trilogy and Clinac 2100 linear accelerators

Crump, H., 2008:
Commissioning network plans to beat NICE to drug appraisals

Okamoto, H.; Fujita, Y.; Sakama, K.; Saitoh, H.; Kanai, T.; Itami, J.; Kohno, T., 2015:
Commissioning of 6 MV medical linac for dynamic MLC-based IMRT on Monte Carlo code GEANT4

McMahon, R.; Zhuang, T.; Steffey, B.A.; Song, H.; Craciunescu, O.I., 2012:
Commissioning of Varian ring & tandem HDR applicators: reproducibility and interobserver variability of dwell position offsets

Brandt, J-M.; Charron, K.D.J.; Zhao, L.; MacDonald, S.J.; Medley, J.B., 2011:
Commissioning of a displacement-controlled knee wear simulator and exploration of some issues related to the lubricant

Fischer, M.; Todorovic, M.; Drud, E.; Cremers, F., 2010:
Commissioning of a double-focused micro multileaf collimator (muMLC)

Taylor, J.C.; Hillel, P.G.; Himsworth, J.M., 2015:
Commissioning of a new SeHCAT detector and comparison with an uncollimated gamma camera

Rodriguez, M.; Zhou, H.; Keall, P.; Graves, E., 2009:
Commissioning of a novel microCT/RT system for small animal conformal radiotherapy

Fattori, G.; Saito, N.; Seregni, M.; Kaderka, R.; Pella, A.; Constantinescu, A.; Riboldi, M.; Steidl, P.; Cerveri, P.; Bert, C.; Durante, M.; Baroni, G., 2015:
Commissioning of an integrated platform for time-resolved treatment delivery in scanned ion beam therapy by means of optical motion monitoring

Tobias, B.; Domier, C.W.; Liang, T.; Kong, X.; Yu, L.; Yun, G.S.; Park, H.K.; Classen, I.G.J.; Boom, J.E.; Donné, A.J.H.; Munsat, T.; Nazikian, R.; Van Zeeland, M.; Boivin, R.L.; Luhmann, N.C., 2010:
Commissioning of electron cyclotron emission imaging instrument on the DIII-D tokamak and first data

Deichuli, P.; Davydenko, V.; Belov, V.; Gorbovsky, A.; Dranichnikov, A.; Ivanov, A.; Sorokin, A.; Mishagin, V.; Abdrashitov, A.; Kolmogorov, V.; Kondakov, A., 2012:
Commissioning of heating neutral beams for COMPASS-D tokamak

Peng, S.; Chen, J.; Ren, H.; Zhao, J.; Xu, Y.; Zhang, T.; Zhang, A.; Xia, W.; Gao, S.; Wang, Z.; Luo, Y.; Guo, Z.; Chen, J'er., 2014:
Commissioning of helium injector for coupled radio frequency quadrupole and separated function radio frequency quadrupole accelerator

Burmeister, J.; Spink, R.; Liang, L.; Bossenberger, T.; Halford, R.; Brandon, J.; Delauter, J.; Snyder, M., 2013:
Commissioning of intensity modulated neutron radiotherapy (IMNRT)

Mardirossian, G.; Urie, M.; Fitzgerald, T.J.; Mayr, N.; Montebello, J.; Lo, Y-Chynan., 2003:
Commissioning of mini-multi-leaf-collimator (MMLC) for stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy

Oguchi, H.; Obata, Y., 2009:
Commissioning of modulator-based IMRT with XiO treatment planning system

Kinhikar, R.A.; Sharma, S.; Upreti, R.; Tambe, C.M.; Deshpande, D.D.; Shrivastava, S.K.; Dinshaw, K.A., 2007:
Commissioning of motorized wedge for the first equinox-80 telecobalt unit and implementation in the Eclipse 3D treatment planning system

Zheng, Y.; Ramirez, E.; Mascia, A.; Ding, X.; Okoth, B.; Zeidan, O.; Hsi, W.; Harris, B.; Schreuder, A.N.; Keole, S., 2011:
Commissioning of output factors for uniform scanning proton beams

Hrbacek, J.; Lang, S.; Klöck, S., 2011:
Commissioning of photon beams of a flattening filter-free linear accelerator and the accuracy of beam modeling using an anisotropic analytical algorithm

Glide-Hurst, C.; Bellon, M.; Foster, R.; Altunbas, C.; Speiser, M.; Altman, M.; Westerly, D.; Wen, N.; Zhao, B.; Miften, M.; Chetty, I.J.; Solberg, T., 2013:
Commissioning of the Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator: a multi-institutional study

Gillin, M.T.; Sahoo, N.; Bues, M.; Ciangaru, G.; Sawakuchi, G.; Poenisch, F.; Arjomandy, B.; Martin, C.; Titt, U.; Suzuki, K.; Smith, A.R.; Zhu, X.Ronald., 2010:
Commissioning of the discrete spot scanning proton beam delivery system at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Proton Therapy Center, Houston

Kronberger, M.; Küchler, D.; Lettry, J.; Midttun, Ø.; O'Neil, M.; Paoluzzi, M.; Scrivens, R., 2010:
Commissioning of the new H- source for Linac4

Bedford, J.L.; Warrington, A.P., 2009:
Commissioning of volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT)

Dobler, B.; Groeger, C.; Treutwein, M.; Alvarez-Moret, J.; Goetzfried, T.; Weidner, K.; Haertl, P.; Koelbl, O., 2011:
Commissioning of volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) in a dual-vendor environment

Mackie, P.; Morling, J., 2009:
Commissioning prison health: opportunities and challenges for creating a new prison public health system in Scotland

Yiannoullou, S., 2009:
Commissioning process is hindering user involvement

Sampson, F.; O'Cathain, A.; Strong, M.; Pickin, M.; Esmonde, L., 2012:
Commissioning processes in primary care trusts: a repeated cross-sectional survey of health care commissioners in England

Wade, E., 2011:
Commissioning reform in the NHS: will he who pays the piper ever really call the tune?

McLellan, A., 2012:
Commissioning reforms. CCG support vision will calm anger but spark controversy

Ham, C.; Imison, C.; Ashton, R., 2011:
Commissioning regulation. Should GPs make or buy?

Nelson, C.L.; Mason, B.E.; Robinson, R.C.; Kisling, K.D.; Kirsner, S.M., 2015:
Commissioning results of an automated treatment planning verification system

Williams, D., 2012:
Commissioning support services face heavy regulation

Thiel, V., 2014:
Commissioning support units. The need to know your CSUs PDQ

Felton, D., 2014:
Commissioning support. CSUs seek a higher standard

Moore, A., 2014:
Commissioning support. The future will be integrated

Thomas, S., 2013:
Commissioning support: A meeting of expert minds

Anonymous, 2012:
Commissioning support: case studies. Class act

Taylor, J., 2012:
Commissioning support: supporting chance

Bielby, R., 2009:
Commissioning the ideal perioperative suite: is going it alone your best option?

Mooney, H., 2007:
Commissioning's stakeholders design their world-class future

Dixon, M., 2007:
Commissioning. A potent remedy

Cooke, A., 2014:
Commissioning. A prescription for medicine management

Baker, S., 2013:
Commissioning. Accountability's new chapter

Hopley, P.; Horrocks, J.; Burton, C.; Lyons, C., 2007:
Commissioning. Become the third man's best friend

Cowper, A., 2009:
Commissioning. Broad sweep

Smith, D., 2014:
Commissioning. CCG journey so far

McLellan, A., 2013:
Commissioning. CCG leaders face old fears with a new enthusiasm for change

West, D., 2013:
Commissioning. CCGs fear damage of weak support

O'Hanlon, C., 2013:
Commissioning. Cancer care: a survivor's guide

McLellan, A., 2011:
Commissioning. Chaos threatens the NHS empire but GP senates can bring order

Hobday, M.; McDonald, K., 2014:
Commissioning. Come together to put cancer care on the right path

Gainsbury, S.; West, D., 2011:
Commissioning. DH figures show pathfinder GPs are set to bust budgets

McGough, R.; Dunbar-Rees, R., 2014:
Commissioning. Everyone's a winner

Rooke, J., 2013:
Commissioning. Finding the way forward

Jones, A., 2007:
Commissioning. Four pillars for the future

McLellan, A., 2011:
Commissioning. GPs and government battle for custody of white paper reforms

Haq, L., 2011:
Commissioning. GPs must cross the skills gap

Baker, S., 2013:
Commissioning. Giving patients a brighter future

Riddell, S., 2013:
Commissioning. How CCGs can learn to innovate

Smith, P., 2013:
Commissioning. How to play the weighting game

Smith, D., 2013:
Commissioning. Joined up thinking

Smith, D., 2014:
Commissioning. Just the pill to make the better care fund work

Saul, C.; McGlaughlin, A., 2011:
Commissioning. Keep up the world class commitment

Whitfiield, L., 2007:
Commissioning. Line up to deliver

Radford, S.; Moore, A.; Fonagy, P.; Ilves, P.; Strathdee, G.; Monks, G., 2014:
Commissioning. London CCGs map out the future of mental health care

West, D., 2012:
Commissioning. Medics and managers combine to lead CCGs

Hayes, M., 2013:
Commissioning. Minding the gap is key to change

Freeman, H., 2013:
Commissioning. New dogs, new tricks

West, D.; Lewis, S.; Williams, D., 2011:
Commissioning. No deadline set for transferring powers and budgets. Fears raised of two-tier system

Moore, A., 2013:
Commissioning. Now for the hard bit

Santry, C., 2011:
Commissioning. PCT talent to be assigned to consortia

West, D., 2010:
Commissioning. PCTs make a good shot at prioritisation

McLellan, A., 2011:
Commissioning. Primary care trusts are dead. Long live the PCT cluster?

Williams, D.; West, D., 2012:
Commissioning. Procurement concerns slow CCG choice

Johnson, M., 2011:
Commissioning. Ready to lay down the law?

Oliver, R., 2014:
Commissioning. Sheffield shows foresight with new eyecare model

Martin-Long, V., 2012:
Commissioning. Sit down and start saving

Edwards, N.; Naylor, C., 2013:
Commissioning. Still as many questions as answers about CCGs

Gerada, C., 2013:
Commissioning. The community commitment

McLellan, A., 2010:
Commissioning. The dangers of putting GPs in charge outweigh the rewards

Britnell, M., 2007:
Commissioning. The grand plan for the NHS to lead the world

Felton, D.; Farenden, J., 2014:
Commissioning. The road to radical change need not be rocky

Black, D., 2013:
Commissioning. The shape of things to come

Carlisle, D., 2008:
Commissioning. The world is not enough

Rooke, J., 2012:
Commissioning. Time to believe in local freedom

Smith, D., 2013:
Commissioning. To authorisation and beyond

James, P.; Briddon, S., 2007:
Commissioning. Training for the times

Taylor, J., 2010:
Commissioning. Ways to buy in to the lung cancer strategy

Young, L., 2011:
Commissioning. We're all in this thing together

Anonymous, 2011:
Commissioning. What does good care look like?

Stout, D., 2010:
Commissioning. World class values are a legacy the long haul

Peel, G.; McGough, R., 2013:
Commissioning: 100 days of incertitude

Clayton, C., 2012:
Commissioning: A problem shared

Belfield, G., 2012:
Commissioning: An opportunity to make our money work harder

Ali, S.; Ward, C., 2012:
Commissioning: Different strokes for different folks

McLellan, A., 2013:
Commissioning: GP and giving manager partnership CCGs robustness to lead

Harwood, D., 2012:
Commissioning: How to make modern dementia services

Richardson, B.; Manson, N.; Hill, S., 2011:
Commissioning: Part Two of Two. Sizing up the issues of financial security

Hill, S.; Richardson, B.; Manson, N., 2011:
Commissioning: Part one of two. The four challenges facing consortia

Williams, D., 2012:
Commissioning: Plans launched to integrate health and social care data

Weaks, L., 2012:
Commissioning: Spelling out the value in voluntary

Hayden, J.; Troke, B., 2012:
Commissioning: Time to come out of the closet

Pritchard-Jones, K., 2013:
Commissioning: aiming for a gold standard of care

Hunts, J., 2013:
Commissioning: case studies 'the best tech in the NHS.'

Fisher, J., 2013:
Commissioning: growing public engagement

Trueland, J., 2013:
Commissioning: it's time for your screen test

Shepherd, S., 2010:
Commissioning: part 1 of 2. Ideal decisions for well defined areas

Shepherd, S., 2010:
Commissioning: part 2 of 2. The cost of poor quality and how to put it right

Gill, J.; Johal, K.; Hogarth, M., 2012:
Commissioning: past, present and future

Beasley, N.; Cripps, J.; Swift, S., 2013:
Commissioning: show me the way to consistent clinical care

Ingram, S.; Bedi, S.; Choudhury, I.; Christodoulou, K.; Wilson, A., 2013:
Commissioning: tactics for delivering a lifesaving message

Anonymous, 1945:
Commissions In The Medical Department, Regular Army

Devlin, K.N.; Giovannetti, T.; Kessler, R.K.; Fanning, M.J., 2015:
Commissions and omissions are dissociable aspects of everyday action impairment in schizophrenia

Colton, C.; Faunce, T., 2014:
Commissions of audit in Australia: health system privatisation directives and civil conscription protections

Vieira, A.A.; De Luca, L.A.; Colombari, E.; Colombari, D.S.A.; Menani, Jé.V., 2012:
Commissural NTS lesions enhance the pressor response to central cholinergic and adrenergic activation

Ushijima, T.; Kikuchi, Y.; Takata, M.; Yamamoto, Y.; Kawachi, K.; Watanabe, G., 2009:
Commissural autologous pericardial patch repair: a novel technique for active mitral valve endocarditis involving the mitral annulus

Lapenna, E.; De Bonis, M.; Sorrentino, F.; La Canna, G.; Grimaldi, A.; Torracca, L.; Maisano, F.; Alfieri, O., 2008:
Commissural closure for the treatment of commissural mitral valve prolapse or flail

Ohira, S.; Doi, K.; Okawa, K.; Yaku, H., 2017:
Commissural detachment and Valsalva sinus dilatation after implantation of Prima Plus stentless valve with full root technique

Urbanski, P., 2010:
Commissural fenestrations are not contraindication for aortic valve and root repair

Smith, T.; Tekes, A.; Boltshauser, E.; Huisman, T.A.G.M., 2008:
Commissural malformations: beyond the corpus callosum

Viswanathan, A.; Burton, A.W.; Rekito, A.; McCutcheon, I.E., 2011:
Commissural myelotomy in the treatment of intractable visceral pain: technique and outcomes

Doucet, J.R.; Lenihan, N.M.; May, B.J., 2009:
Commissural neurons in the rat ventral cochlear nucleus

Kareti, K.; Storey, J.; Mahenthiran, J., 2015:
Commissural prolapse of the mitral valve identified on 3-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography

Yamasaki, M.; Watanabe, S.; Abe, K.; Kawazoe, K., 2015:
Commissure avulsion of the aortic valve caused by purulent pericarditis: report of a case

van den Brink, D.M.; Banerji, O.; Tear, G., 2013:
Commissureless regulation of axon outgrowth across the midline is independent of Rab function

Franco, D.; Franco, T.; da Silva Freitas, R.; Alonso, N., 2007:
Commissuroplasty for macrostomia

Kim, J.Hun.; Kim, K.Hwa.; Choi, J.Bum.; Kuh, J.Hong., 2014:
Commissuroplasty for the anterior commissure defect caused by tricuspid valve endocarditis using patch closure and modified placement of a rigid ring

Wilson, G.J.; Gillett, A., 2010:
Commissurotomy for improving access to the oral cavity of the wombat

Wilson, G., 2013:
Commissurotomy for oral access and tooth extraction in a dwarf miniature pony

Whiteley, J.A.; Napolitano, M.A.; Lewis, B.A.; Williams, D.M.; Albrecht, A.; Neighbors, C.J.; Sciamanna, C.N.; Marcus, B.H., 2007:
Commit to Quit in the YMCAs: translating an evidence-based quit smoking program for women into a community setting

Evans, C., 2009:
Commit to continuous learning. Executive and organizational development require advancing knowledge

Hare, D., 1995:
Commit to publish

Apple-Johnson, C.M., 2013:
Commit to yourself

Benasayag, M., 2014:
Commitment (interview by Patrick Touzet)

Myers, G., 1933:
Commitment Laws in California and Elsewhere

Reczek, C.; Elliott, S.; Umberson, D., 2009:
Commitment Without Marriage: Union Formation Among Long-Term Same-Sex Couples

Maheshwari, S.; Bhat, R.; Saha, S., 2008:
Commitment among state health officials & its implications for health sector reform: lessons from Gujarat

Payne, C.; Welton, H., 2010:
Commitment and action build loyalty and effectiveness

Sheikh, M., 2012:
Commitment and action to boost health workforce

Kuang, T.; Li, M.; Kang, L.; Tang, P-sung., 2011:
Commitment and dedication of a Chinese plant physiologist

Concha, M.; Miranda, J.C.; Vergara, Gón.; Ibarra, H., 2013:
Commitment and development of competences in clinical research in residency training programs in Chile

Litvin, J.; Montgomery, M.; Gonzalez-Sanchez, A.; Bisaha, J.G.; Bader, D., 1992:
Commitment and differentiation of cardiac myocytes

Locey, M.L.; Rachlin, H., 2013:
Commitment and self-control in a prisoner's dilemma game

Guéguen, N., 2015:
Commitment and the responsive bystander: a field evaluation with a less problematic request

White, J.S.; Dow, W.H.; Rungruanghiranya, S., 2014:
Commitment contracts and team incentives: a randomized controlled trial for smoking cessation in Thailand

Halpern, S.D.; Asch, D.A.; Volpp, K.G., 2012:
Commitment contracts as a way to health

Blondon, K., 2014:
Commitment devices to improve unhealthy behaviors

Rogers, T.; Milkman, K.L.; Volpp, K.G., 2014:
Commitment devices: using initiatives to change behavior

Silva, Jé.Antônio.Cordero.da.; Yamaki, V.Nagai.; Oliveira, Jão.Paulo.Santiago.de.; Teixeira, R.Kleber.Costa.; Santos, F.Augusto.Folha.; Hosoume, V.Seiji.Nascimento., 2014:
Commitment in the completion of the medical death certification. Evaluation in Belém, Pará, Brazil in 2010

Murray, S.L.; Holmes, J.G.; Aloni, M.; Pinkus, R.T.; Derrick, J.L.; Leder, S., 2009:
Commitment insurance: compensating for the autonomy costs of interdependence in close relationships

O'Connor, S., 2014:
Commitment is essential every day

Short, L., 2014:
Commitment is vital to drive change

Smith, C.; Huey, S.J.; McDaniel, D.D., 2016:
Commitment language and homework completion in a behavioral employment program for gang-affiliated youth

Endo, R.; Saito, T.; Asada, A.; Kawahara, H.; Ohshima, T.; Hisanaga, S-ichi., 2009:
Commitment of 1-methyl-4-phenylpyrinidinium ion-induced neuronal cell death by proteasome-mediated degradation of p35 cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator

Rupert, J.; Jehn, K.A.; van Engen, M.L.; de Reuver, Rée.S.M., 2010:
Commitment of Cultural Minorities in Organizations: Effects of Leadership and Pressure to Conform

Tamayo, T.; Grajales, L.; García, Jús., 2012:
Commitment of Satellite Cells Expressing the Calcium Channel α2δ1 Subunit to the Muscle Lineage

Wang, B.; Pu, Q.; De, R.; Patel, K.; Christ, B.; Wilting, Jörg.; Huang, R., 2010:
Commitment of chondrogenic precursors of the avian scapula takes place after epithelial-mesenchymal transition of the dermomyotome

Simons, K.; Bonifas, R.; Gammonley, D., 2011:
Commitment of licensed social workers to aging practice

Clairambault, J., 2012:
Commitment of mathematicians in medicine: a personal experience, and generalisations

Monteiro, M.C.; Wdziekonski, B.; Villageois, P.; Vernochet, C.; Iehle, C.; Billon, N.; Dani, C., 2008:
Commitment of mouse embryonic stem cells to the adipocyte lineage requires retinoic acid receptor beta and active GSK3

Ochiya, T.; Yamamoto, Y.; Banas, A., 2010:
Commitment of stem cells into functional hepatocytes

Barnett, C.J.; Priselac, T.M., 2009:
Commitment of the entire organization. Interview by Laurie Lewis

Overholser, W.; Weihofen, H., 2015:
Commitment of the mentally ill

Marta, E.; Cristini, F., 2012:
Commitment or disaffection? Framing the forms, meanings, and predictors of youth civic engagement in Italy

Grazier, K.L., 2008:
Commitment seems to be the underlying component in any undertaking--big or small, personal or professional

Aharonovich, E.; Stohl, M.; Ellis, J.; Amrhein, P.; Hasin, D., 2014:
Commitment strength, alcohol dependence and HealthCall participation: effects on drinking reduction in HIV patients

Maggio, P.M.; Brundage, S.I.; Hernandez-Boussard, T.; Spain, D.A., 2009:
Commitment to COT verification improves patient outcomes and financial performance

Kashdan, T.B.; McKnight, P.E., 2014:
Commitment to a purpose in life: an antidote to the suffering by individuals with social anxiety disorder

McCormack, R.P.; Williams, A.R.; Goldfrank, L.R.; Caplan, A.L.; Ross, S.; Rotrosen, J., 2013:
Commitment to assessment and treatment: comprehensive care for patients gravely disabled by alcohol use disorders

DeAngelis, C.D., 2009:
Commitment to care for the community

Borhani, F.; Hosseini, S.H.; Abbaszadeh, A., 2014:
Commitment to care: a qualitative study of intensive care nurses' perspectives of end-of-life care in an Islamic context

Evans, J.A.; Mazmanian, P.E.; Dow, A.W.; Lockeman, K.S.; Yanchick, V.A., 2016:
Commitment to change and assessment of confidence: tools to inform the design and evaluation of interprofessional education

Trowbridge, E.; Hildebrand, C.; Vogelman, B., 2009:
Commitment to change in graduate medical education

Coman, D.; Alessandri, M.; Gutierrez, A.; Novotny, S.; Boyd, B.; Hume, K.; Sperry, L.; Odom, S., 2013:
Commitment to classroom model philosophy and burnout symptoms among high fidelity teachers implementing preschool programs for children with autism spectrum disorders

Lindahl, M.Larsson.; Ojehagen, A.; Berglund, M., 2011:
Commitment to coercive care in relation to substance abuse reports to the social services. A 2-year follow-up

Thompson, D.R.; Clark, A.M., 2015:
Commitment to collaboration: rhetorical or real?

Sulemana, A.; Paget, T.A.; Jarroll, E.L., 2014:
Commitment to cyst formation in Giardia

O'Connor, M., 2010:
Commitment to end of life care

Anonymous, 2011:
Commitment to excellence. Meet the recipients of the 2010 National EMS Awards

Kelly, C.W., 2008:
Commitment to health theory

Kelly, C.W., 2014:
Commitment to health theory: a graphic model

Kelly, C.W., 2011:
Commitment to health: a predictor of dietary change

Svenningsen, S.Lo.; Semsey, S., 2014:
Commitment to lysogeny is preceded by a prolonged period of sensitivity to the late lytic regulator Q in bacteriophage λ

Bjork, C.; Manthey, M., 2008:
Commitment to my Co-Workers: a brief history

Chatterjee, S.; Elinson, R.P., 2014:
Commitment to nutritional endoderm in Eleutherodactylus coqui involves altered nodal signaling and global transcriptional repression

Sully, P., 2008:
Commitment to partnership: interdisciplinary initiatives in developing expert practice in the care of survivors of violence

Anonymous, 2001 :
Commitment to patient confidentiality

Shershneva, M.B.; Wang, M-fen.; Lindeman, G.C.; Savoy, J.N.; Olson, C.A., 2011:
Commitment to practice change: an evaluator's perspective

Churchill, R.J., 2010:
Commitment to quality guarantees a future that gets better and better

Mahoney, J., 2011:
Commitment to reality: services for early intervention in psychosis in England

Oliveira, M.Leide.W.; Grossi, M.Aparecida.F.; Oliveira, C.F.; Sena, São.A.; Daxbacher, E.; Penna, G.O., 2011:
Commitment to reducing disability: the Brazilian experience

Wolfle, D., 1966:
Commitment to science

Lenhoff, A., 2013:
Commitment to service: lab of the year 2013

Williams, L., 2013:
Commitment to sport and exercise: re-examining the literature for a practical and parsimonious model

Weiss, W.M.; Halupnik, D., 2013:
Commitment to strength and conditioning: a sport commitment model perspective

Cohen, D., 2012:
Commitment to tackling alcohol misuse is missing from UN summit declaration, experts say

Fitzpatrick, J.J., 2012:
Commitment to the Society for Education and Research in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Pickersgill, F., 2012:
Commitment to the cause

Anonymous, 2011:
Commitment to the improvement of supplying hip prostheses

Galli, C.; Fu, Q.; Wang, W.; Olsen, B.R.; Manolagas, S.C.; Jilka, R.L.; O'Brien, C.A., 2009:
Commitment to the osteoblast lineage is not required for RANKL gene expression

Barnes, M.J.; Krebs, P.; Harris, N.; Eidenschenk, C.; Gonzalez-Quintial, R.; Arnold, C.N.; Crozat, K.; Sovath, S.; Moresco, E.Marie.; Theofilopoulos, A.N.; Beutler, B.; Hoebe, K., 2009:
Commitment to the regulatory T cell lineage requires CARMA1 in the thymus but not in the periphery

Jones, T.T., 2010:
Commitment to treatment for syphilis by the premature administration of pencillin

Moltu, C.; Binder, P-Einar.; Nielsen, G.Høstmark., 2010:
Commitment under pressure: experienced therapists' inner work during difficult therapeutic impasses

Shelton, J.; Linder, J.D.; Rivera-Alsina, M.E.; Tarnasky, P.R., 2008:
Commitment, confirmation, and clearance: new techniques for nonradiation ERCP during pregnancy (with videos)

Touzet, P.; Rivallan, A., 2014:
Commitment, dignity, knowledge and others

Garcia-Mas, A.; Palou, P.; Gili, M.; Ponseti, X.; Borras, P.A.; Vidal, J.; Cruz, J.; Torregrosa, M.; Villamarín, F.; Sousa, C., 2010:
Commitment, enjoyment and motivation in young soccer competitive players

Cardigni, G., 2012 :
Commitment, will and respect for the values to enter a new century of the Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría

Stanley, S.M.; Rhoades, G.K.; Whitton, S.W., 2011:
Commitment: Functions, Formation, and the Securing of Romantic Attachment

Van Gorder, C., 2010:
Commitments for change. Leaders must focus on excellence, developing others in dynamic times

Filho, I.Jorge., 2011:
Commitments of medicine: reflections on the prayer of Maimonides

Haines, W.H.; Hoffman, H.R.; Esser, R.A., 1948:
Commitments under the criminal sexual psychopath law in the Criminal Court of Cook County, Illinois

Martin, S.J.; Bassi, S.; Dunbar-Rees, R., 2012:
Commitments, norms and custard creams - a social influence approach to reducing did not attends (DNAs)

Anonymous, 1963:
Committal of Unrepresented Offenders

Anonymous, 1846:
Committal of a Quack Doctor for Manslughter, at Hull

Anonymous, 1842:
Committal of an Assistant for Neglect in Midwifery Practice: The Stockport Board of Health

Anonymous, 2008:
Committe identifies significant trends in review of conduct decisions

El-Behi, M.; Dai, H.; Magalhaes, J.G.; Hwang, D.; Zhang, G-Xian.; Rostami, A.; Ciric, B., 2014:
Committed Tc17 cells are phenotypically and functionally resistant to the effects of IL-27

Whitton, S.W.; Weitbrecht, E.M.; Kuryluk, A.D.; Bruner, M.R., 2015:
Committed dating relationships and mental health among college students

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Committed differentiation of hair follicle bulge cells into sebocytes: an in vitro study

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Committed differentiation of transplanted bone derived mesenchymal stem cells and their potential to amend damaged liver functions: in vivo experiment with mice

Becker, J.C.; Tausch, N.; Spears, R.; Christ, O., 2011:
Committed dis(s)idents: participation in radical collective action fosters disidentification with the broader in-group but enhances political identification

Scheibel, V.; Appoloni, C.R., 2014:
Committed effective dose determination in southern Brazilian cereal flours

Stroobandt, R.X.; Barold, S.Serge., 2012:
Committed function for the first delivered shock of an uncommitted implantable cardioverter-defibrillator

O'Connor, T.; Lennox, S., 2014:
Committed leader in midwifery revolution

Dahlin, J.S.; Heyman, B.; Hallgren, J., 2014:
Committed mast cell progenitors in mouse blood differ in maturity between Th1 and Th2 strains

Cappariello, A.; Berardi, A.Concetta.; Peruzzi, B.; Del Fattore, A.; Ugazio, A.; Bottazzo, G.Franco.; Teti, A., 2010:
Committed osteoclast precursors colonize the bone and improve the phenotype of a mouse model of autosomal recessive osteopetrosis

Peonim, V.; Sujirachato, K.; Srisont, S.; Udnoon, J.; Worasuwannarak, W., 2015:
Committed suicide: forensic autopsy analysis at Ramathibodi Hospital during year 2001-2010

Paller, M.S., 2010:
Committed to cardiovascular disease research

Anonymous, 2014:
Committed to competence. Feedback about FEEDBACK

Anonymous, 2013:
Committed to competence. Nursing Practice Standard (NPS) 1.8: the most misunderstood indicator

Anonymous, 2011:
Committed to competence: developing your 2011 learning plan

Lee, J., 2012:
Committed to fight. International effort targets neglected tropical diseases

Albright, B., 2009:
Committed to helping others

Hawthorne, D.; Goozner, M., 2014:
Committed to publicly reporting both the good and the bad

Barba, L., 2012:
Committed to quality improvement. Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare's Award-winning quality improvement initiatives bring departments together to eliminate risks

Clapp, R., 2010:
Committed to social justice and research with the people: an interview with Professor Richard Clapp by Ema Rodrigues and Madeleine Kangsen Scammell

Shepherd, J.L.; O'Caña, F., 2014:
Committed to the community: the Atlas HIV Prevention Program

Leidel, J., 2009:
Committed to the health of the population--the public health service

Sato, M.; Atogami, F.; Nakamura, Y.; Kusaka, Y.; Yoshizawa, T., 2016:
Committed to working for the community: experiences of a public health nurse in a remote area during the Great East Japan Earthquake

Anonymous, 1960:
Committee Assesses Dangers That Accompany Government Support of University Research

Crawford, M., 1987:
Committee Cuts NSF, NASA Funds

Wigglesworth, E.; Phillips, J.C.; Barbour, T., 1922:
Committee for the Protection of Animal Experimentation

Anonymous, 1997:
Committee For The Study Of Ethical Aspects Of Human Reproduction: Ethical Aspects In The Management Of The Declaration Of Inuyama

Anonymous, 1997:
Committee For The Study Of Ethical Aspects Of Human Reproduction: Guidelines Regarding Informed Consent

Anonymous, 1997:
Committee For The Study Of Ethical Aspects Of Human Reproduction: Violence Against Women

Crawford, M., 1985:
Committee Hits DOE on Project Write-offs

Karmali, K.N.; Lloyd-Jones, D.M.; van der Leeuw, J.; Goff, D.C.; Yusuf, S.; Zanchetti, A.; Glasziou, P.; Jackson, R.; Woodward, M.; Rodgers, A.; Neal, B.C.; Berge, E.; Teo, K.; Davis, B.R.; Chalmers, J.; Pepine, C.; Rahimi, K.; Sundström, J., 2018:
Blood pressure-lowering treatment strategies based on cardiovascular risk versus blood pressure: A meta-analysis of individual participant data

Cross, C.R., 1918:
Committee of one Hundred: Funds for Research in Astronomy

Mistry, E.A.; Mayer, S.A.; Khatri, P., 2018:
Blood Pressure Management after Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Survey of the StrokeNet Sites

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Committee On Affiliated Associations and Regional Branches: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1968

Boyden, E.A.; Clark, S.L.; Danforth, C.H.; Greulich, W.W.; Corner, G.W., 1942:
Committee on Anatomical Nomenclature

Anonymous, 1943:
Committee On Applied Mathematical Statistics Of The National Research Council

Anonymous, 1910:
Committee On Arrangements

White, W.C., 1931:
Committee On Drug Addiction Of The National Research Council

Anonymous, 1942:
Committee On Economic Trends Of The Industrial Research Institute

Curtis, W.C., 1931:
Committee On Effects Of Radiation Upon Organisms Of The National Research Council

Anonymous, 1940:
Committee On Food And Nutrition Of The National Research Council

Anonymous, 1921:
Committee On Glass-Workers' Cataract

Anonymous, 1936:
Committee On Health And Comfort Conditions In Housing

N.E.L., 1923:
Committee On Luminescence

Anonymous, 1938:
Committee On Mental Health

Anonymous, 1921:
Committee On Post-Graduate Medical Education In London

Anonymous, 1943:
Committee On Sanitary Engineering Of The National Research Council

Anonymous, 1918:
Committee On Scientific Program

Norton, J.F., 1927:
Committee on Standard Methods

Anonymous, 1921:
Committee On The Causes And Prevention Of Blindness

Owen, P.S., 1945:
Committee On The Growth Of The National Research Council

Anonymous, 1942:
Committee On The Location Of New And Rare Instruments

Anonymous, 1903:
Committee On The Purity Of Chemicals

Anonymous, 1903:
Committee On Tuberculosis

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No 544: Over-the-counter access to oral contraceptives

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee Opinion No. 455: Magnesium sulfate before anticipated preterm birth for neuroprotection

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee Opinion No. 456: Forming a just health care system

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee Opinion No. 477: the role of the obstetrician-gynecologist in the early detection of epithelial ovarian cancer

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee Opinion No. 478: Family history as a risk assessment tool

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee Opinion No. 479: Methamphetamine abuse in women of reproductive age

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee Opinion No. 480: Empathy in women's health care

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee Opinion No. 481: Newborn screening

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee Opinion No. 482: Colonoscopy and colorectal cancer screening strategies

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No. 545: Noninvasive prenatal testing for fetal aneuploidy

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No. 547: Health care for women in the military and women veterans

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No. 568: elder abuse and women's health

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No. 569: oral health care during pregnancy and through the lifespan

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No. 570: breastfeeding in underserved women: increasing initiation and continuation of breastfeeding

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No. 571: Solutions for surgical preparation of the vagina

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No. 572: Reproductive health care for adolescents with human immunodeficiency virus

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No. 573: Magnesium sulfate use in obstetrics

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No. 574: Marriage equality for same-sex couples

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee Opinion No. 581: the use of chromosomal microarray analysis in prenatal diagnosis

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee Opinion No. 582: addressing health risks of noncoital sexual activity

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee Opinion No. 601: Tamoxifen and uterine cancer

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee Opinion No. 602: Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate and bone effects

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee Opinion No. 603: Evaluation of uncomplicated stress urinary incontinence in women before surgical treatment

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee Opinion No. 604: OnabotulinumtoxinA and the bladder

Anonymous, 2015:
Committee Opinion No. 614: Management of pregnant women with presumptive exposure to Listeria monocytogenes

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No.543: Timing of umbilical cord clamping after birth

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee Opinion No.546: Tracking and reminder systems

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee Opinion No.580: von Willebrand disease in women

Anonymous, 2012 :
Committee Opinion no. 512: health care for transgender individuals

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee Opinion no. 513: vaginal placement of synthetic mesh for pelvic organ prolapse

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee Opinion no. 514: emergent therapy for acute-onset, severe hypertension with preeclampsia or eclampsia

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Committee Region south leaves

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Committee Reports

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Committee Reports: Committee on Public Policy and Legislation: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1967

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Committee Reports: Committee on Resolutions: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1966

Mitka, M., 2012:
Committee calls for framework to assess the safety of nanotechnology materials

Bhaumik, S., 2013:
Committee condemns Indian government for failing to withdraw 33 drugs that lack evidence

Buchalter, M., 2010:
Committee for Ethical Issues in Medicine

Broich, K.; Abadie, E.; Salmonson, T.; van Zwieten-Boot, B.; Moulon, I.; Palmi, V., 2009:
Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) assessment on efficacy of antidepressants

Capuano, A., 2011:
Committee for Permanent Development of the Wellbeing of Caregivers

Hayashi, T., 1965:
Committee for Professional Opportunity

Callaway, D.W.; Smith, R.; Shapiro, G.; McKay, S., 2016:
Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) Update: Summer 2014

Anonymous, 1946:
Committee for a National Science Foundation

Sasser, W.F., 2007:
Committee keeps College fiscally prepared for the future

Anonymous, 1846:
Committee of Associated Surgeons

Anonymous, 1963:
Committee of Management

Anonymous, 1848:
Committee of Poor-Law Medical Officers: Deputation to Sir G. Grey

Anonymous, 1975:
Committee of inquiry into the regulation of the medical profession-s.R.m

Hiscock, I.V., 1954:
Committee on Administrative Practice

Winslow, C.E.; Emerson, H.; Dublin, L.I.; Bishop, E.L.; Calver, H.N.; Curtis, F.G.; Davis, M.M.; Draper, W.F.; Freeman, A.W.; Jones, C.H.; Lummis, G.D.; Palmer, G.T.; Rankin, W.S.; Roberts, J.L.; Ruhland, G.C.; Vaughan, H.F., 1928:
Committee on Administrative Practice : Report of the Committee

Hiscock, I.V., 1955:
Committee on Administrative Practice. Report of the Chairman to the Governing Council

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Committee on Affiliated Associations and Regional Branches: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1963-1964

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Committee on Affiliated Associations and Regional Branches: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1964-1965

Merrill, M.H., 1958:
Committee on Affiliated Societies and Regional Branches-Report of the Chairman to the Governing Council, 1957

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Committee on Affiliated Societies and Regional Branches: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1962-1963

Anonymous, 1936:
Committee on Coroners

McGinnies, W.G., 1964:
Committee on Desert and Arid Zones Research

Andrews, J.M., 1954:
Committee on Eligibility

Mattison, B.F., 1958:
Committee on Evaluation and Standards

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Committee on Evaluation and Standards: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1968

Keyes, E.L., 1933:
Committee on Fellowship

Anonymous, 1945:
Committee on Hospitals, Dispensaries and Clinics

Jewett, J.F., 2011:
Committee on Maternal Welfare: lupus erythematosus with terminal convulsions

McCulloch, W.S.; Carnap, R.; Brunswik, E.; Bishop, G.H.; Meyers, R.; VON Bonin, G.; Menger, K.; Szent-Gyorgyi, A., 1956:
Committee on Mathematical Biology

Anonymous, 1945:
Committee on Medical Economics

Anonymous, 1930:
Committee on Medical Education

Anonymous, 1929:
Committee on Medical Education: Second Annual Graduate Fortnight

Anonymous, 1910:
Committee on Medical Legislation

Anonymous, 1943:
Committee on Medicine and The Changing Order

Cameron, T.W., 1942:
Committee on Parasitic Diseases Report: Of the United States Live Stock Sanitary Association

Anonymous, 1945:
Committee on Participation of the Medical Profession in the War Effort

Anonymous, 1945:
Committee on Postgraduate Activities

Anonymous, 1933:
Committee on Professional Education

Reader, G.G.; Trussell, R.E.; Whayne, T.F.; Mattison, B.F.; Boatman, R.H.; Galagan, D.J.; Hyde, H.V.; Kiker, J.E.; Mayes, W.F.; Murphy, M.I.; Parran, T.; Smith, C.E., 1964:
Committee on Professional Education: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1962-1963

Anonymous, 1929:
Committee on Professional Standards

Klassen, C.W., 1960:
Committee on Public Policy and Legislation

Klassen, C.W., 1958:
Committee on Public Policy and Legislation-Report of the Chairman to the Governing Council, 1957

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Committee on Public Policy and Legislation: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1963-1964

Anonymous, 2009:
Committee on Publication Ethics flow charts on suspected publication misconduct

Dublin, T.D., 1960:
Committee on Research Policy

Densen, P.M.; Mattison, B.F.; Chanlett, E.T.; Eller, C.H.; Hardy, A.V.; Hochbaum, G.M.; Puffer, R.R., 1964:
Committee on Research Policy: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1962-1963

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Committee on Research Policy: REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN, 1963-1964

Hammon, W.M., 1954:
Committee on Research and Standards

Anonymous, 1935:
Committee on Research and Standards Meeting

Anonymous, 1945:
Committee on Scientific Work

Beebe, W.L., 1909:
Committee on Standard Methods for the Bacterial Diagnosis of Glanders

Neimanis, I.; Gaebel, K.; Dickson, R.C.; Levy, R.; Goebel, C.; Zizzo, A.J.; Woods, A.; Corsini, J., 2015:
Committee on Utilization, Review, and Education common referral form

Anonymous, 1926:
Committee on Vaccination: (Ministry of Health)

Grosse, A.B., 1909:
Committee on Venereal Diseases

Grant, W.F.; Swain, T., 1971:
Committee on chemotaxonomy

Kruskal, W.H., 1978:
Committee on national statistics

Napolitano, L.M., 2008:
Committee on perioperative care: update

Reader, G.G.; Robeson, K.A.; Whayne, T.F.; Mattison, B.F.; Boatman, R.H.; Galagan, D.J.; Hume, J.C.; van Zile Hyde, H.; Kiker, J.E.; le Riche, W.H.; Mayes, W.F.; Smith, C.E., 1966:
Committee on professional education: report of the chairman, 1965

Teague, R.E.; Mattison, B.F.; Cherasky, M.; Eliot, M.M.; Pelton, W.J.; Sheahan, M.W.; Thompson, M.H., 1966:
Committee on public policy and legislation: report to the governing council, 1964-1965

Singh, J., 2011:
Committee on publication ethics

Densen, P.M.; Mattison, B.F.; Chanlett, E.T.; Hochbaum, G.M.; Irons, J.V.; Puffer, R.R.; Taubenhaus, L.J., 1966:
Committee on research policy: report of the chairman, 1964-1965

Bowers, R., 1973:
Committee on science and public policy

Anonymous, 1933:
Committee on the Cost of Medical Care: An Open Season in No Man's Land

Anonymous, 1977:

Anonymous, 1974:
Committee on the e.e.C

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion No. 531: improving medication safety

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion No. 532: compounded bioidentical menopausal hormone therapy

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion No. 533: lead screening during pregnancy and lactation

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion No. 534: well-woman visit

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion No. 535: reproductive health care for incarcerated women and adolescent females

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee opinion No. 576: health care for homeless women

Anonymous, 2015:
Committee opinion no 609: colorectal cancer screening strategies

Anonymous, 2015:
Committee opinion no 610: chronic antithrombotic therapy and gynecologic surgery

Anonymous, 2015:
Committee opinion no 611: method for estimating due date

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee opinion no. 453: Screening for depression during and after pregnancy

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee opinion no. 454: Healthcare for homeless women

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee opinion no. 459: the obstetric-gynecologic hospitalist

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee opinion no. 460: the initial reproductive health visit

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee opinion no. 464: patient safety in the surgical environment

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee opinion no. 465: antimicrobial prophylaxis for cesarean delivery: timing of administration

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee opinion no. 466: ethical considerations for performing gynecologic surgery in low-resource settings abroad

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee opinion no. 467: human papillomavirus vaccination

Anonymous, 2010 :
Committee opinion no. 471: Smoking cessation during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2010:
Committee opinion no. 472: Patient safety and the electronic health record

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee opinion no. 496: At-risk drinking and alcohol dependence: obstetric and gynecologic implications

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee opinion no. 497: Coping with the stress of medical professional liability litigation

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee opinion no. 498: Adult manifestations of childhood sexual abuse

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee opinion no. 499: Sexual assault

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee opinion no. 500: Professional responsibilities in obstetric-gynecologic medical education and training

Anonymous, 2011:
Committee opinion no. 501: Maternal-fetal intervention and fetal care centers

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion no. 502: primary ovarian insufficiency in the adolescent

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion no. 504: Screening and diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion no. 505: understanding and using the U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria For Contraceptive Use, 2010

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion no. 506: expedited partner therapy in the management of gonorrhea and chlamydia by obstetrician-gynecologists

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion no. 507: human trafficking

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion no. 515: Health care for urban American Indian and Alaska Native women

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion no. 516: Health care systems for underserved women

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion no. 522: incidentally detected short cervical length

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion no. 529: placenta accreta

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion no. 530: access to postpartum sterilization

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee opinion no. 537: reprocessed single-use devices

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee opinion no. 538: nonmedical use of prescription drugs

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee opinion no. 539: adolescents and long-acting reversible contraception: implants and intrauterine devices

Anonymous, 2013 :
Committee opinion no. 555: hospital disaster preparedness for obstetricians and facilities providing maternity care

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee opinion no. 567: professional liability and gynecology-only practice

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion no. 588: human papillomavirus vaccination

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion no. 590: preparing for clinical emergencies in obstetrics and gynecology

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion no. 591: challenges for overweight and obese women

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion no. 605: primary ovarian insufficiency in adolescents and young women

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion no. 606: Options for prevention and management of heavy menstrual bleeding in adolescent patients undergoing cancer treatment

Anonymous, 2014:
Committee opinion no. 607: Gynecologic concerns in children and adolescents with cancer

Anonymous, 2015:
Committee opinion no. 608: influenza vaccination during pregnancy

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee opinion no.564: ethical issues with vaccination for the obstetrician-gynecologist

Anonymous, 2012:
Committee opinion number 503: tobacco use and women's health

Anonymous, 2015:
Committee opinion: evaluation of uncomplicated stress urinary incontinence in women before surgical treatment

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee opinion: no. 562: müllerian agenesis: diagnosis, management, and treatment

Anonymous, 2013:
Committee opinion: no. 563: ethical issues in pandemic influenza planning concerning pregnant women

Anonymous, 2015:
Committee opinion: onabotulinumtoxinA and the bladder

Pfeifer, S.; Fritz, M.; Dale, R.; Adamson, G..David.; Barnhart, K.; Catherino, W.; Cedars, M.; Collins, J.; Davis, O.; Thomas, M.; Racowsky, C.; Widra, E.; Licht, M.; Gracia, C.; Rebar, R.; Barbera, A.La., 2012:
Committee opinion: role of tubal surgery in the era of assisted reproductive technology

McBride, D., 2011:
Committee releases new guidelines on the use of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents

Therrell, B.L.; Hannon, W.Harry.; Bailey, D.B.; Goldman, E.B.; Monaco, J.; Norgaard-Pedersen, B.; Terry, S.F.; Johnson, A.; Howell, R.Rodney., 2011:
Committee report: Considerations and recommendations for national guidance regarding the retention and use of residual dried blood spot specimens after newborn screening

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Keil, A.; Debener, S.; Gratton, G.; Junghöfer, M.; Kappenman, E.S.; Luck, S.J.; Luu, P.; Miller, G.A.; Yee, C.M., 2015:
Committee report: publication guidelines and recommendations for studies using electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography

Kmietowicz, Z., 2008:
Committee warns of risk of private computed tomography

Golland, J., 2014:
Committee'd to excellence

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Committee's role is to review job descriptions

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Blood pressure management and progression of chronic kidney disease in a canine remnant kidney model

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Committees On Admission

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Committees Should Include Informatics; P&T Should Publish More about It

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Committees for Ethics in Research involving human subjects

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Committees for multicenter clinical trials

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Committees form base for health system: don't send a boy on a man's errand

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Committees of Scholars Support Candidates: Scientists Joining

Anonymous, 2014:
Committees of the 18(th) Scientific Meeting of the Chinese Diabetes Society

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Committeeville and drug users as social change agents

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Committing Canadian sociology: developing a Canadian sociology and a sociology of Canada

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Committing memory errors with high confidence: older adults do but children don't

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Committing to a hairy fate: epigenetic regulation of hair follicle stem cells

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Committing to a new approach to policymaking

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Committing to change. Enabling accountable care

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Committing to excellence. Using standard criteria to assess board member and chair performance leads to better governance

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Committing to our workforce

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Committing to patient-centred medical education

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Committing to the future

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Commodification and privacy: a Lockean perspective

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Commodification of health care services for development: the case of Colombia

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Commodified care

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Commodifying migration: excluding migrants in Europe's emerging social model

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Commodities and cognition

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Commodities for better health in Africa--time to invest locally

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Commoditization and oppression: a systems approach to understanding the economic dynamics of modes of oppression

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Commoditization in radiology: threat or opportunity?

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Commoditization of PACS and the opportunity for disruptive innovation

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Commoditization of the international teleradiology market

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Commodity chemicals derived from glycerol, an important biorefinery feedstock

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Commodity durability, trader specialization, and market performance

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Commodity or profession?

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Commodity prices push European policies

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Common ("classical") and covered cloacal exstrophy: a histopathological study and a reconstruction of the pathogenesis

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Common (mis)beliefs about memory: a replication and comparison of telephone and Mechanical Turk survey methods

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Common 894G>T single nucleotide polymorphism in the gene coding for endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) and risk of congenital heart defects

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Common AIDS-associated opportunistic infections

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Common African cooking processes do not affect the aflatoxin binding efficacy of refined calcium montmorillonite clay

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Common Aims of Culture and Research in the University

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Common Alzheimer's Disease Research Ontology: National Institute on Aging and Alzheimer's Association collaborative project

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Common Aorto-Pulmonary Trunk: a Rare Congenital Defect

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Common Bayesian models for common cognitive issues

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Common Bile Duct Obstruction: Importance of Surgical Decompression

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Common Bile Duct: Its Reconstruction by Transplantation of Biliary Fistula

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Common CX3CR1 alleles are associated with a reduced risk of headaches

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Common Cause in the Functional Insanities

Anonymous, 1928:
Common Causes Of Allergic Disease

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Common Causes of Discharge from the Ears, and its Treatment

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Common Causes of Error in Examination of the Chest

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Common Chromosomal Fragile Site Gene WWOX in Metabolic Disorders and Tumors

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Common Colds as a Possible Source of Contagion for Lobar Pneumonia

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Common Complications of Hysterectomy

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Common Conditions Encountered in Race Horses

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Common Conditions of the Neck of the Female Bladder and Urethra

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Common Criteria related security design patterns--validation on the intelligent sensor example designed for mine environment

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Common DNA variants predict tall stature in Europeans

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Common Danish standards in prescribing medication for children and adolescents with ADHD

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Common Deformities of the Foot

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Common Dermatoses - Some Unusual Manifestations

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Common Diagnostic Challenges in the Histopathologic Diagnosis of Neuroendocrine Lung Tumors: A Case Report

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Common Digestive and Liver Diseases among 5880 Patients Admitted to Shariati Hospital,Tehran,Iran during 2000-2009

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Common Diseases of Laboratory Animals in Canada

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Common Diseases of Rectum and Anal Canal

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Common Drug Review recommendations: an evidence base for expectations?

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Common Duct Lesions: Their Surgical Management

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Common Duct Obstruction with Lipiodol Studies of Cholangiectasis and the Effects of Prolonged Drainage

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Common Duct Stone

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Common EIF4E variants modulate risk for autism spectrum disorders in the high-functioning range

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Common ENT disorders in pediatrics

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Common Errors in Certifying the Cause of Death on the Medical Certificate

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Common Errors in Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac Diseases

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Common Errors in Diagnosis of Syphilis of Skin and Mucous Membranes

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Common Errors of General Practitioners in Dealing with Cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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Common European birds are declining rapidly while less abundant species' numbers are rising

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Common Factor Mechanisms in Clinical Practice and Their Relationship with Outcome

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Common Factors Influencing Surgical Mortality

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Common Foot Ailments

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Common Fund programs: what are they and are you eligible for funding?

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Common GI Drug Interactions in the Elderly

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Common GSAP promoter variant contributes to Alzheimer's disease liability

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Common Gastric Disorders Among School Children

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Common Gastrointestinal Symptoms: dyspepsia and Helicobacter pylori

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Common Genetic Conditions of Ischemic Stroke to Keep in Mind

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Common Health Risks, Required Precautions of Travelers and their Customs Towards the Use of Travel Medicine Services

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Common IL-31 gene haplotype associated with non-atopic eczema is not implicated in epidermolysis bullosa pruriginosa

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Common Infections of Wounds: Tetanus and Gas Gangrene

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Common Inflammatory Affections of the Skin of the Outer Ear

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Common Interest Problems of State Directors of Public Health Nursing

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Anonymous, 1975:
Common Market medicine

Anonymous, 1985:
Common Market's general practice directive

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Common Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP-8, -9, -25, and -26) Cannot Explain Dentigerous Cyst Expansion

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Common Mediterranean fever gene mutations in the Azeri Turkish population of Iran

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Common Mental Disorders at the Time of Deportation: A Survey at the Mexico-United States Border

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Common Mistakes in Ophthalmic Practice

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Common Mistakes in the Teaching of Physical Training

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Common Mistakes in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Abscess

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Common Numerals

Miller, D., 1936:
Common Obstetrical Injuries and their Sequelae

Anonymous, 2014:
Common Occurrence of Ceftriaxone-Resistant, Methicillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus at a Community Teaching Hospital

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Common PTP4A1-PHF3-EYS variants are specific for alcohol dependence

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Common Parasites Encountered on Meat Inspection

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Common Parasitic Dermatoses in Southern California

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Common Pediatric Urological Disorders: Clinical and radiological evaluation

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Common Phenotype in Patients with Both Food and Substance Dependence: Case Reports

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Common Pitfalls in Exposure and Response Prevention (EX/RP) for OCD

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Common Plant Names

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Common Polymorphisms in the GSK3β Gene May Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer Disease: A Meta-Analysis

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Common Post-fitting Complications in Tooth-supported Fixed-Fixed Design Metal-Ceramic Fixed Dental Prostheses

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Common Practices in Infant Feeding

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Common Prairie feeds with different soluble and insoluble fractions used for CPM diet formulation in dairy cattle: impact of carbohydrate-protein matrix structure on protein and other primary nutrient digestion

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Common Prediction Equations Overestimate Measured Resting Metabolic Rate in Young Hispanic Women

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Common QTL affect the rate of tomato seed germination under different stress and nonstress conditions

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Common Rectal Conditions

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Common SPINK-1 mutations do not predispose to the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

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Common Sense

Anonymous, 1926:
Common Sense And Urinary Lithiasis

Anonymous, 1933:
Common Sense In Health Propaganda

Anonymous, 1956:
Common Sense in Juvenile Delinquency

Mackey, L.G., 1926:
Common Sense in Medicine

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Common Skin Cancers: How to diagnose and treat them

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Common Spatial Pattern Patches: online evaluation on BCI-naive users

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Common Surgical Errors

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Common blood pressure drugs can trigger rare allergic reaction. Taking an ACE inhibitor? Tell your doctor if you notice and swelling of your lips or tongue

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Common blood thinners: what are the differences?

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Common buffers and stock solutions

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Common buffers, media, and stock solutions

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