Section 53
Chapter 52,209

Comparative acaricidal efficacy of the topically applied combinations fipronil/ (S) -methoprene, permethrin/imidacloprid and metaflumizone/ amitraz against Dermacentor reticulatus, the European dog tick (ornate dog tick, Fabricius, 1794) in dogs

Tielemans, E.; Manavella, C.; Pollmeier, M.; Chester, T.; Murphy, M.; Gale, B.

Parasite 17(4): 343-348


ISSN/ISBN: 1252-607X
PMID: 21275241
DOI: 10.1051/parasite/2010174343
Accession: 052208019

The acaricidal efficacy against Dermacentor reticulatus in dogs of the commercial topical combinations fipronil/(S)-methoprene (FRONTLINE Combo spot-on dog), imidacloprid/permethrin (Advantix) and metaflumizone/amitraz (ProMeris Duo) was evaluated and compared. Three treatment groups and one untreated control group of six adult Beagle dogs each were randomly formed. Each treatment was administered topically once on Day-0, according to the recommended label dose and instructions for use. All dogs were infested weekly with approximately 50 adult unfed D. reticulatus over a period of seven weeks. Ticks were removed and counted approximately 48 hours after each infestation. The percent reduction in numbers of ticks for fipronil/(S)-methoprene was > or = 97% compared to untreated controls for all seven weekly infestations. The percent reductions for imidacloprid/permethrin and metaflumizone/amitraz were satisfactory initially but fell and stayed below 90 % after three weeks. From the third week onwards, fipronil/(S)-methoprene treated dogs had significantly fewer ticks than imidacloprid/permethrin or metaflumizone/amitraz treated dogs (p < 0.05).

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