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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52261

Chapter 52261 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nakos, A.; Paikos, D.; Lazaraki, G.; Paganos, A.; Katsos, I., 2011:
Complete rectosigmoid prolapse in a patient with familial adenomatous polyposis

Sankar, W.N., 2014:
Complete redirectional acetabular osteotomies for neurogenic and syndromic hip dysplasia

Kumari, G.Narasimha.Krishna.; Ganesh, M.Ramanujam.; Anitha, R.; Sivasubramanian, A., 2008:
Complete reduction of 2H-pyran-2-one moiety of coumarin and 6-methyl coumarin by Colletotrichum capsici

Lee, J.Hyun., 2015:
Complete reduction with traction of the infraorbital neurovascular bundle in a delayed patient with white-eyed blow-out fracture

Kim, B-Hyuk.; Baek, K-Hwa.; Cho, D-Hyun.; Sung, Y.; Koh, S-Cheol.; Ahn, C-Yong.; Oh, H-Mock.; Kim, H-Sik., 2011:
Complete reductive dechlorination of tetrachloroethene to ethene by anaerobic microbial enrichment culture developed from sediment

Elangovan, S., 2014:
Complete regeneration of peri-implantitis-induced bony defects using guided bone regeneration is unpredictable

Tsubouchi, A.; Enatsu, S.; Kanno, R.; Takeda, T., 2010:
Complete regio- and stereoselective construction of highly substituted silyl enol ethers by three-component coupling

Ruano, Jé.Luis.García.; Marcos, V.; Alemán, Jé., 2009:
Complete regio- and stereoselectivity control in the halohydroxylation of non-activated allenes mediated by a remote sulfinyl group

Andersson, H.; Banchelin, T.Sainte-Luce.; Das, S.; Gustafsson, M.; Olsson, R.; Almqvist, F., 2010:
Complete regioselective addition of grignard reagents to pyrazine N-oxides, toward an efficient enantioselective synthesis of substituted piperazines

Ember, A.; Yousuf, A-Farhat.; Kalmár, K.; Papp, Aás.; Esik, O.; Horváth, O.Péter., 2007:
Complete regression after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced gastric cancer causing peritonitis carcinomatosa--a case report

Camilio, K.André.; Berge, G.; Ravuri, C.Sekhar.; Rekdal, O.; Sveinbjørnsson, B., 2014:
Complete regression and systemic protective immune responses obtained in B16 melanomas after treatment with LTX-315

Moroni, M.; Zanlorenzi, L., 2013:
Complete regression following sorafenib in unresectable, locally advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

Stary, G.; Kohrgruber, N.; Herneth, A.M.; Gaiger, A.; Stingl, G.; Rieger, A., 2008:
Complete regression of HIV-associated multicentric Castleman disease treated with rituximab and thalidomide

Martín, Jé.M.; Monteagudo, C.; Bella, R.; Reig, I.; Jordá, E., 2012:
Complete regression of a melanocytic nevus under intense pulsed light therapy for axillary hair removal in a cosmetic center

D'Antonio, C.; Viterbo, A.; Romiti, A.; Enrici, M.Maurizi.; Lauro, S.; Marchetti, P., 2012:
Complete regression of a non-small cell lung cancer choroidal metastasis with intravitreal bevacizumab

Schartz, Nël.E.C.; Farges, Cécile.; Madelaine, I.; Bruzzoni, H.; Calvo, F.; Hoos, A.; Lebbé, Céleste., 2010:
Complete regression of a previously untreated melanoma brain metastasis with ipilimumab

Cerase, A.; Venturi, C.; Rubenni, E.; Tarantini, B.; Pacini, F., 2008 :
Complete regression of a temporal stem dilated perivascular space following resection of a pituitary nonfunctioning macroadenoma

Barratt, S.; Puthucheary, Z.A.; Plummeridge, M., 2007:
Complete regression of a thymoma to glucocorticoids, commenced for palliation of symptoms

Kohlmeyer, J.; Cron, M.; Landsberg, J.; Bald, T.; Renn, M.; Mikus, S.; Bondong, S.; Wikasari, D.; Gaffal, E.; Hartmann, G.; Tüting, T., 2009:
Complete regression of advanced primary and metastatic mouse melanomas following combination chemoimmunotherapy

Yan, B.; Meng, X.; Wang, X.; Wei, P.; Qin, Z., 2013:
Complete regression of advanced prostate cancer for ten years: A case report and review of the literature

Bagazgoitia, L.; Morais, P.; Carrillo, R.; Jaén, P., 2012:
Complete regression of an atypical fibroxanthoma

Kim, S-Woo.; Kim, M.Jin.; Huh, K.; Oh, J., 2010:
Complete regression of choroidal metastasis secondary to non-small-cell lung cancer with intravitreal bevacizumab and oral erlotinib combination therapy

Ustundag, G.; Kuloglu, Z.; Kirsaçlioğlu, C.Tuna.; Kansu, A.; Erden, E.; Girgin, N., 2009:
Complete regression of cirrhosis after immunosuppressive treatment in autoimmune hepatitis

Okame, M.; Takaya, S.; Sato, H.; Adachi, E.; Ohno, N.; Kikuchi, T.; Koga, M.; Oyaizu, N.; Ota, Y.; Fujii, T.; Iwamoto, A.; Koibuchi, T., 2015:
Complete regression of early-stage gastric diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in an HIV-1-infected patient following Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy

Kostrzewska, M.; Nowak-Gabryel, M.; Gabryel, M., 2011:
Complete regression of eyeball metastasis secondary to non-small-cell lung cancer with Cisplatin and Vinorelbin therapy

Altaner, C.; Altanerova, V.; Cihova, M.; Ondicova, K.; Rychly, B.; Baciak, L.; Mravec, B., 2014:
Complete regression of glioblastoma by mesenchymal stem cells mediated prodrug gene therapy simulating clinical therapeutic scenario

Kubo, S.; Kawasaki, Y.; Yamaoka, N.; Tagawa, M.; Kasahara, N.; Terada, N.; Okamura, H., 2010:
Complete regression of human malignant mesothelioma xenografts following local injection of midkine promoter-driven oncolytic adenovirus

Kheirolomoom, A.; Lai, C-Yen.; Tam, S.M.; Mahakian, L.M.; Ingham, E.S.; Watson, K.D.; Ferrara, K.W., 2014:
Complete regression of local cancer using temperature-sensitive liposomes combined with ultrasound-mediated hyperthermia

Irtan, S.; Chopin-Laly, X.; Ronot, M.; Faivre, S.; Paradis, Vérie.; Belghiti, J., 2011:
Complete regression of locally advanced hepatocellular carcinoma induced by sorafenib allowing curative resection

Piqué-Duran, E.; Palacios-Llopis, S.; Martínez-Martín, MíaSol.; Pérez-Cejudo, J.A., 2011:
Complete regression of melanoma associated with vitiligo

Kim, S.Won.; Kim, S.Jin.; Park, S.Hoon.; Yang, H.Gul.; Kang, M.Cheol.; Choi, Y.Woo.; Kim, S.Muk.; Jeun, S-Soo.; Sung, Y.Chul., 2013:
Complete regression of metastatic renal cell carcinoma by multiple injections of engineered mesenchymal stem cells expressing dodecameric TRAIL and HSV-TK

Suzawa, N.; Yamakado, K.; Takaki, H.; Nakatsuka, A.; Takeda, K., 2011:
Complete regression of multiple painful bone metastases from hepatocellular carcinoma after administration of strontium-89 chloride

Vinicki, J.Pablo.; Cianciulli, Tás.F.; Farace, G.A.; Saccheri, Mía.C.; Lax, J.A.; Kazelian, Lía.R.; Wachs, A., 2013:
Complete regression of myocardial involvement associated with lymphoma following chemotherapy

Patel, S.K.; Tomei, K.L.; Christiano, L.D.; Baisre, A.; Liu, J.K., 2012:
Complete regression of papillary tumor of the pineal region after radiation therapy: case report and review of the literature

Karavelioglu, Y.; Arisoy, A.; Sen, F., 2014:
Complete regression of primary epicardial leiomyosarcoma with single agent doxorubicin in an elderly patient

Emanuel, P.O.; Mannion, M.; Phelps, R.G., 2008:
Complete regression of primary malignant melanoma

Sammut, J.; Ahiaku, E.; Williams, D.T., 2012:
Complete regression of renal tumour following ligation of an accessory renal artery during repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm

Ni, N.; Shields, C.L.; Bianciotto, C.G.; Jabbour, P.M.; Rosenwasser, R.H.; Shields, J.A., 2014:
Complete regression of retinoblastoma following intra-arterial chemotherapy

Garcia, M.Shirakawa.; Ono, Y.; Martinez, S.R.; Chen, S.L.; Goodarzi, H.; Phan, T.; Wehrli, L.N.; Miyamura, Y.; Fung, M.A.; Maverakis, E., 2011:
Complete regression of subcutaneous and cutaneous metastatic melanoma with high-dose intralesional interleukin 2 in combination with topical imiquimod and retinoid cream

Shetty, M.; Joshi, N.; Prasad, D.Krishna.; Sood, S., 2013:
Complete rehabilitation of a patient with occlusal wear: a case report

Ogawa, Y.; Mihara, M.; Souri, M.; Yanagisawa, K.; Hayashi, T.; Kobayashi, N.; Shimizu, H.; Iriuchishima, H.; Ishizaki, T.; Handa, H.; Osaki, T.; Nojima, Y.; Ichinose, A., 2015:
Complete remission achieved by steroid pulse therapy following rituximab treatment in a case with autoimmune haemorrhaphilia due to anti-factor XIII antibodies

Okuno, Y.; Nishimura, N.; Nosaka, K.; Hata, H.; Mitsuya, H., 2014:
Complete remission achieved in a multiple myeloma patient with elevated serum KL-6 level by a combination regimen with bortezomib, cyclophosphamide, and dexamethasone

Staehler, M.; Haseke, N.; Zilinberg, E.; Stadler, T.; Karl, A.; Siebels, M.; Dürr, H-Roland.; Siegert, S.; Jauch, K.W.; Bruns, C.J.; Stief, C.G., 2010:
Complete remission achieved with angiogenic therapy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma including surgical intervention

Chari, A.; Pri-Chen, H.; Jagannath, S., 2014:
Complete remission achieved with single agent CNTO 328, an anti-IL-6 monoclonal antibody, in relapsed and refractory myeloma

Petruskevicius, I.; Bukh, A.; Mertz, H.; Johnsen, H.Erik., 2008:
Complete remission after Rituximab treatment in refractory hairy cell leukemia

Kilickap, S.; Oztoprak, I.; Yucel, B., 2012:
Complete remission after bevacizumab plus temozolomide in a patient with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme

Achilli, C.; Palaia, I.; Perniola, G.; Donato, V.Di.; Marchetti, C.; Benedetti Panici, P., 2012:
Complete remission after neoadjuvant chemotherapy of an advanced vulvar cancer patient: a case report

Hunstig, F.; Hammersen, J.; Kunert, C.; Petersen, I.; Merz, H.; Glaser, A.; Teichgräber, U.; Hochhaus, A.; La Rosée, P., 2013:
Complete remission after treatment with single-agent ofatumumab in a patient with high-risk leukemic mantle-cell lymphoma

Krug, U.; Röllig, C.; Koschmieder, A.; Heinecke, A.; Sauerland, M.Cristina.; Schaich, M.; Thiede, C.; Kramer, M.; Braess, J.; Spiekermann, K.; Haferlach, T.; Haferlach, C.; Koschmieder, S.; Rohde, C.; Serve, H.; Wörmann, B.; Hiddemann, W.; Ehninger, G.; Berdel, W.E.; Büchner, T.; Müller-Tidow, C.; Fuss, H.; Hennesser, D.; Potenberg, J.; Ludwig, W.D.; Schöndube, D.; Späth-Schwalbe, E.; Hesse-Amojo, S.; Mayr, A.; Grüneisen, A.; Boewer, C.; Derwahl, M.; Englisch, H.J.; Rick, O.; Siegert, W.;, 2010:
Complete remission and early death after intensive chemotherapy in patients aged 60 years or older with acute myeloid leukaemia: a web-based application for prediction of outcomes

Sondhi, V.; Arun Kurkure, P.; Jalali, R.; Rangarajan, V.; Sridhar, E.; Medhi, S.; Arora, B., 2012:
Complete remission and long-term survival in a child with relapsed medulloblastoma with extensive osteosclerotic bony metastasis with a novel metronomic chemobiological approach

Fragasso, A.; Mannarella, C.; Ciancio, A.; Calvario, A.; Scarasciulli, M.Luisa., 2008:
Complete remission and virologic response to combined chemoimmunotherapy (R-CVP) followed by rituximab maintenance in HIV-negative, HHV-8 positive patient with multicentric Castleman disease

Yoshinaga, A.; Ichiyanagi, N.; Kamata, S., 2013:
Complete remission by sorafenib for local reccurence of renal cell carcinoma with a tempraly elevation of C-reactive protein: a case report

Okada, K.; Higashiyama, A.; Takahata, M.; Onozawa, M.; Kahata, K.; Ando, S.; Tanaka, J.; Hashino, S.; Imamura, M., 2013:
Complete remission following chemotherapy with low-dose cytosine arabinoside and macrophage colony-stimulating factor/granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in a patient with relapsed acute myeloid leukemia after stem cell transplantation

Pogłód, R.; Kraj, M.; Kruk, B.; Hagedorna-Tronina, R.; Łetowska, M.; Warzocha, K., 2011:
Complete remission following treatment with bortezomib, doxorubicin, dexamethasone and autologous stem cell transplant in patient with immunoglobulin E multiple myeloma

Krause, K.; Feist, E.; Fiene, M.; Kallinich, T.; Maurer, M., 2012:
Complete remission in 3 of 3 anti-IL-6-treated patients with Schnitzler syndrome

Peker, D.; Martinez, A.E.; Schwartz, M.A.; Cusnir, M., 2012:
Complete remission in 4 patients with human herpesvirus 8-associated multicentric Castleman disease using rituximab and liposomal doxorubicin, a novel chemotherapy combination

Rinaldi, C.Roberto.; Camera, A.; Viscardi, G.; Pane, F.; Rotoli, B., 2008:
Complete remission in a case of severe multi-resistant idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura after Helicobacter pylori eradication

Weihrauch, M.R.; Stippel, D.; Fries, J.W.U.; Arnold, D.; Bovenschulte, H.; Coutelle, O.; Hacker, U., 2008:
Complete remission in a colon cancer patient with a large, irresectable liver metastasis after XELOX/cetuximab/bevacizumab treatment

Chan, G.; Pilichowska, M., 2007:
Complete remission in a patient with acute myelogenous leukemia treated with erlotinib for non small-cell lung cancer

Seo, H.Yeon.; Kim, E.Bae.; Kim, J.Won.; Shin, B.Kyoung.; Kim, S.Jin.; Kim, B.Soo., 2009:
Complete remission in a patient with human herpes virus-8 negative multicentric Castleman disease using CHOP chemotherapy

Brammer, J.Edward.; Lulla, P.; Lynch, G.Rush., 2012:
Complete remission in a patient with metastatic mixed adenocarcinoma/extrapulmonary small cell carcinoma of the prostate

Donghi, D.; Dummer, R.; Cozzio, A., 2010:
Complete remission in a patient with multifocal metastatic cutaneous angiosarcoma with a combination of paclitaxel and sorafenib

Hoering, A.; Crowley, J.; Shaughnessy, J.D.; Hollmig, K.; Alsayed, Y.; Szymonifka, J.; Waheed, S.; Nair, B.; van Rhee, F.; Anaissie, E.; Barlogie, B., 2009:
Complete remission in multiple myeloma examined as time-dependent variable in terms of both onset and duration in Total Therapy protocols

Terrier, B.; Aouba, A.; Bienvenu, B.; Bloch-Queyrat, C.; Delair, E.; Mallet, J.; Mahr, A.; Guillevin, L., 2008:
Complete remission in refractory relapsing polychondritis with intravenous immunoglobulins

Alduaij, A.; Butera, J.N.; Treaba, D.; Castillo, J., 2012:
Complete remission in two cases of adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma treated with hyper-CVAD: a case report and review of the literature

Gottardi, M.; Danesin, C.; Canal, F.; Dei Tos, A.Paolo.; Stefani, P.Maria.; Calistri, E.; Salvadori, U.; Gherlinzoni, F., 2008:
Complete remission induced by thalidomide in a case of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma refractory to autologous stem cell transplantation

Chavez, C.; Hoffman, M.A., 2013:
Complete remission of ALK-negative plasma cell granuloma (inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor) of the lung induced by celecoxib: A case report and review of the literature

Hill, B.T.; Tubbs, R.R.; Smith, M.R., 2016:
Complete remission of CD30-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in a patient with post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder and end-stage renal disease treated with single-agent brentuximab vedotin

Ten Oever, J.; Kuijper, P.H.M.; Kuijpers, A.L.A.; Dercksen, M.W.; Vreugdenhil, G., 2010:
Complete remission of MDS RAEB following immunosuppressive treatment in a patient with Sweet's syndrome

Curatolo, P.; Rotunno, R.; Miraglia, E.; Mancini, M.; Calvieri, S.; Giustini, S., 2013:
Complete remission of Merkel cell carcinoma treated with electrochemotherapy and etoposide

Tanaka, T.; Umesaki, N., 2009:
Complete remission of OC-resistant catamenial shoulder joint pain and inguinal pain associated with extraperitoneal endometriosis following personalized GnRH agonist therapy

Maihöfner, C.; Speck, V.; Sperling, W.; Giede-Jeppe, A., 2014:
Complete remission of SUNCT syndrome by intravenous glucocorticoid treatment

Martinelli, S.; Rigolin, G.Matteo.; Leo, G.; Gafà, R.; Lista, E.; Cibien, F.; Sofritti, O.; Daghia, G.; Cavazzini, F.; Cuneo, A., 2015:
Complete remission of Sweet's syndrome after azacytidine treatment for concomitant myelodysplastic syndrome

Maximova, N.; Antonio, P.; Marilena, G.; Rovere, F.; Tamaro, P., 2015:
Complete remission of VZV reactivation treated with valganciclovir in a patient with total lymphocyte depletion and acute kidney injury after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Weiss, L.; Melchardt, T.; Neureiter, D.; Kemmerling, R.; Moshir, S.; Pleyer, L.; Greil, R.; Egle, A., 2011:
Complete remission of Waldenström macroglobulinemia with azacitidine and rituximab

Kogure, T.; Iwasaki, T.; Ueno, Y.; Kanno, N.; Fukushima, K.; Yamagiwa, Y.; Nagasaki, F.; Kakazu, E.; Matsuda, Y.; Kido, O.; Nakagome, Y.; Ninomiya, M.; Shimosegawa, T., 2008:
Complete remission of a case of hepatocellular carcinoma with tumor invasion in inferior vena cava and with pulmonary metastasis successfully treated with repeated arterial infusion chemotherapy

Gerstein, J.; Kofahl-Krause, D.; Frühauf, Jörg.; Bremer, M., 2008:
Complete remission of a lymphoma-associated chylothorax by radiotherapy of the celiac trunk and thoracic duct

Fürstenberger, G.; Schmid, P.; Duquesne, A.; Ammann, M.; Senn, H-Jörg., 2007:
Complete remission of a metastatic neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas with capecitabine (Xeloda) monotherapy

López San Román, A.; Van Domselaar, M.; Rivero, M.; Redondo, C.; Arribas, R.; Rey, A., 2008:
Complete remission of a primary rectal lymphoma on ulcerative colitis, after withdrawal of azathioprine and infliximab

Tsoukalas, N.; Tolia, M.; Lypas, G.; Panopoulos, C.; Barbounis, V.; Koumakis, G.; Efremidis, A., 2013:
Complete remission of a reccurrent mesenteric liposarcoma with rare histological features following the administration of trabectedin

Chandesris, M-Olivia.; Ghez, D.; Besson, C.; Suarez, F.; Delarue, R.; Rubio, M-Thérèse.; Bazarbachi, A.; Varet, B.; Hermine, O., 2009:
Complete remission of a relapsing adult T cell leukaemia following treatment of a secondary acute promyelocytic leukaemia: towards a reappraisal of arsenic trioxide and all-transretinoic acid?

Lin, J.; Zhu, H.; Li, S.; Fan, H.; Lu, X., 2014:
Complete remission of acute promyelocytic leukemia in a very elderly patient after treatment with low dose arsenic trioxide and sequential retinoic acid: a case report

Nakamori, R.; Omoto, Y.; Yamanaka, K.; Habe, K.; Kurokawa, I.; Mizutani, H., 2012:
Complete remission of advanced extramammary Paget's disease treated with docetaxel: a case report

Kim, M.Su.; Jin, Y-Joo.; Lee, J-Woo.; Lee, J-Il.; Kim, Y.Soo.; Lee, S.Young.; Chae, M.Hun., 2013:
Complete remission of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma by sorafenib: A case report

Kolesnik, M.; Gollnick, H.; Bonnekoh, B., 2013:
Complete remission of alopecia areata under treatment of chronic hand eczema with alitretinoin

Orikasa, S.; Kanbe, K.; Minemura, I., 2011:
Complete remission of bulky lung metastases of renal cell carcinoma by low-dose interferon-alpha monotherapy

Schirrmacher, V., 2014:
Complete remission of cancer in late-stage disease by radiation and transfer of allogeneic MHC-matched immune T cells: lessons from GvL studies in animals

Berg, A.T.; Rychlik, K.; Levy, S.R.; Testa, F.M., 2015:
Complete remission of childhood-onset epilepsy: stability and prediction over two decades

Riksen, N.P.; Gehlmann, H.; Brouwer, A.E.; van Deuren, M., 2013:
Complete remission of coronary vasculitis in Churg-Strauss Syndrome by prednisone and cyclophosphamide

Heber, G.; Helbig, D.; Pönitzsch, I.; Wetzig, T.; Harth, W.; Simon, J-Christoph., 2009:
Complete remission of cutaneous and subcutaneous melanoma metastases of the scalp with imiquimod therapy

Haraguchi, K.; Hara, S.; Ubara, Y.; Tanaka, S.; Nukui, I.; Shimura, H.; Ohashi, K.; Kobayashi, T., 2009:
Complete remission of diabetic nephropathy in a type 1 diabetic patient with near-nephrotic range proteinuria and reduced renal function

Liu, S.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, G.; Liu, Y., 2015:
Complete remission of diffuse hepatocellular carcinoma in a young adult after GSP-TACE: a case report

Høeg, R.Tetens.; Skau, A-Marie.; Nørgaard, P.; Hansen, P.Boye., 2011:
Complete remission of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the stomach after eradication of Helicobacter pylori

Kaiser, J.; Kaatz, M.; Elsner, P.; Ziemer, M., 2007:
Complete remission of drug-resistant Pemphigus vegetans treated by extracorporeal photopheresis

Hinz, T.; Ehler, L-Kristin.; Bieber, T.; Schmid-Wendtner, M-H., 2014:
Complete remission of extensive cutaneous metastatic melanoma on the scalp under topical mono-immunotherapy with diphenylcyclopropenone

Baumgaertner, I.; Copie-Bergman, C.; Levy, M.; Haioun, C.; Charachon, A.; Baia, M.; Sobhani, I.; Delchier, J-Charles., 2010:
Complete remission of gastric Burkitt's lymphoma after eradication of Helicobacter pylori

Kohno, H.; Okajima, A.; Tsugane, K.; Takenouchi, Y.; Ogawa, A.; Taguchi, T., 2007:
Complete remission of hepatic metastasis of gastric cancer with CPT-11

Shah, H.H.; Patel, C.; Jhaveri, K.D., 2013:
Complete remission of hepatitis B virus-associated nephrotic syndrome from IgA nephropathy following peginterferon therapy

Yang, Y-Feng.; Xiong, Q-Fang.; Zhao, W.; Zhong, Y-Dan., 2013:
Complete remission of hepatitis B virus-related membranous nephropathy after entecavir monotherapy

Tanabe, K.; Taura, K.; Hatano, E.; Koyama, Y.; Takada, Y.; Uemoto, S., 2013:
Complete remission of hepatocellular carcinoma with multiple lung metastases by oral administration of tegafur/uracil

Kazama, I.; Sasagawa, N.; Nakajima, T., 2012:
Complete remission of human parvovirus b19 associated symptoms by loxoprofen in patients with atopic predispositions

Pavan, M.; Ashwini, K.A.; Ravi, R.; Suratkal, L.H., 2010:
Complete remission of lambda light chain myeloma presenting with acute renal failure following treatment with bortezomib and steroids

Tono, T.; Kim, C.; Takeda, K.; Watanabe, A.; Nakamura, H.; Danno, K.; Kagara, N.; Taniguchi, H.; Kanoh, T.; Kimura, Y.; Onishi, T.; Nakano, Y.; Kagawa, K.; Yamada, Y.; Monden, T.; Imaoka, S., 2012:
Complete remission of liver metastasis from gall bladder carcinoma after stereotactic radiotherapy-a case report

Kobayashi, H.; Tanaka, Y.; Shimmura, H.; Minato, N.; Tanabe, K., 2010:
Complete remission of lung metastasis following adoptive immunotherapy using activated autologous gammadelta T-cells in a patient with renal cell carcinoma

Camous, L.; Melander, C.; Vallet, M.; Squalli, T.; Knebelmann, B.; Noël, L-Hélène.; Fakhouri, F., 2008:
Complete remission of lupus nephritis with rituximab and steroids for induction and rituximab alone for maintenance therapy

Iglesias, P.; Díez, J.J., 2011:
Complete remission of macroprolactinoma after long-term medical therapy with dopamine agonists

Massumoto, C.; de Sousa-Canavez, J.M.; Moreira-Leite, K.R.; Camara-Lopes, L.H., 2010:
Complete remission of mantle-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma with a dendritic cell vaccine

Takano, M.; Kikuchi, Y.; Kita, T.; Goto, T.; Yoshikawa, T.; Kato, M.; Watanabe, A.; Sasaki, N.; Miyamoto, M.; Inoue, H.; Ohbayashi, M., 2010:
Complete remission of metastatic and relapsed uterine cervical cancers using weekly administration of bevacizumab and paclitaxel/carboplatin

Kundranda, M.N.; Muslimani, A.; Daw, H.A.; Spiro, T.P., 2007:
Complete remission of metastatic carcinoma of the prostate with bicalutamide withdrawal

Nishitani, N.; Bito, T.; Ikeda, T.; Tokura, Y.; Nishigori, C., 2010:
Complete remission of metastatic malignant melanoma after surgery in association with development of systemic vitiligo

Müller, F.; Riesenberg, H.; Hirnle, P.; Gehl, H-Björn.; Düwel, P.; Görner, M., 2012:
Complete remission of multiple brain metastases of non-small cell lung cancer induced by gefitinib monotherapy

Sheng, S.; Zheng, J.; Cui, S.; Cui, X.; Qian, Z., 2015:
Complete remission of multiple lung metastases after ablation of hepatocellular carcinoma by transarterial infusion with the p53 gene

Lonial, S., 2007:
Complete remission of multiple myeloma

Szturz, P.; Adam, Zěk.; Vašků, Vír.; Feit, J.; Krejčí, M.; Pour, Lěk.; Hájek, R.; Mayer, Jří., 2013:
Complete remission of multiple myeloma associated scleredema after bortezomib-based treatment

Matsuda, M.; Shiba, S.; Asakawa, M.; Kono, H.; Fujii, H., 2009:
Complete remission of multiple recurrent hepatocellular carcinomas by oral administration of enteric-coated tegafur/uracil in a patient with huge hepatocellular carcinoma extending to the inferior vena cava after hepatic resection: analysis of mRNA expression of fluoropyrimidine metabolism enzymes in the primary tumor

Sumida, K.; Ubara, Y.; Suwabe, T.; Hayami, N.; Hiramatsu, R.; Hasegawa, E.; Yamanouchi, M.; Hoshino, J.; Sawa, N.; Takemoto, F.; Takaichi, K.; Ohashi, K., 2011:
Complete remission of myeloperoxidase-anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated crescentic glomerulonephritis complicated with rheumatoid arthritis using a humanized anti-interleukin 6 receptor antibody

Adam, Z.; Krejcí, M.; Pour, L.; Stepánková, S.; Cermáková, Z.; Voska, L.; Teplan, V.; Krivanová, A.; Hájek, R.; Mayer, J., 2010:
Complete remission of nephrotic syndrome and improvement of renal function in a patient with light chain deposition disease following high dose chemotherapy with transplantation of autologous haematopoietic stem cells. A case study and review of literature

Vega, J.; Santamarina, M.; Méndez, G.P., 2013:
Complete remission of nephrotic syndrome associated with carcinoma of the cervix after treatment of the tumor: report of two cases

Soliman, N.A.; Francis, M.; Heeringa, S.F.; Chernin, G., 2008:
Complete remission of nephrotic syndrome in an infant with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis: is it renin-angiotensin blockade?

Segura Torres, P.; Borrego Utiel, F.J.; Pérez Del Barrio, P.; Ruiz Avila, I., 2007:
Complete remission of nephrotic syndrome with methylprednisolone pulses in an adult with Schönlein-Henoch purpura

Devirgiliis, V.; Panasiti, V.; Curzio, M.; Gobbi, S.; Rossi, M.; Roberti, V.; Calvieri, S., 2008:
Complete remission of nodular basal cell carcinoma after combined treatment with photodynamic therapy and imiquimod 5% cream

Aerni, M.R.; Aubry, M.Christine.; Myers, J.L.; Vassallo, R., 2007:
Complete remission of nodular pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis lesions induced by 2-chlorodeoxyadenosine in a non-smoker

Vega, J.; Guarda, F.Javier.; Goecke, H.; Méndez, G.P., 2010:
Complete remission of non-HIV collapsing glomerulopathy with deflazacort and lisinopril in an adult patient

Bellati, F.; Napoletano, C.; Ruscito, I.; Pastore, M.; Pernice, M.; Antonilli, M.; Nuti, M.; Benedetti Panici, P., 2011:
Complete remission of ovarian cancer induced intractable malignant ascites with intraperitoneal bevacizumab. Immunological observations and a literature review

Martin Hübner, A.; Tenbaum, S.P., 2008:
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Complete resection of the residual left lung 17 years after left pneumonectomy

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Complete resolution of a giant pigment epithelial detachment secondary to exudative age-related macular degeneration after a single intravitreal ranibizumab (lucentis) injection: results documented by optical coherence tomography

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Complete resolution of a recurrent giant pyogenic granuloma on the palm of the hand following single dose of intralesional bleomycin injection

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Complete resolution of a solitary pontine abscess in a patient with dental caries

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Complete resolution of avascular necrosis of the human femoral head treated with adipose tissue-derived stem cells and platelet-rich plasma

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Complete resolution of cerebral air embolism secondary to a transbronchial needle aspiration

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Complete resolution of chronic multiple verruca vulgaris treated with quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine

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Complete resolution of chronic pericardial effusion with an intensive course of inhaled iloprost in an adult patient with unrepaired ventricular septal defect, and life-threatening severe pulmonary arterial hypertension

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Complete resolution of recalcitrant periungual/subungual wart with recovery of normal nail following "prick" method of administration of bleomycin 1%

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Complete resolution of recurrent calciphylaxis with long-term intravenous sodium thiosulfate

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Complete resolution of sickle cell chronic pain with high dose vitamin D therapy: a case report and review of the literature

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Complete retro-portal lamina excision

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Complete sequencing of the recombinant granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (filgrastim) and detection of biotinylation by mass spectrometry

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Complete sesamoid agenesis: a rare cause of first ray metatarsalgia

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Complete set of critical points on the C60H+ potential energy surface

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Complete set of elastic, dielectric, and piezoelectric constants of [011] C poled rhombohedral Pb(In 0.5 Nb 0.5 )O 3 -Pb(Mg 1/3 Nb 2/3 )O 3 -PbTiO 3 :Mn single crystals

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Complete set of invariants of a 4th order tensor: the 12 tasks of HARDI from ternary quartics

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Complete set of material properties of [011](c) poled 0.24Pb(In(1/2)Nb(1/2))O(3)-0.46Pb(Mg(1/3)Nb(2/3))O(3)-0.30PbTiO(3) single crystal

Sun, E.; Cao, W.; Jiang, W.; Han, P., 2011:
Complete set of material properties of single domain 0.24Pb(In(1∕2)Nb(1∕2))O(3)-0.49Pb(Mg(1∕3)Nb(2∕3))O(3)-0.27PbTiO(3) single crystal and the orientation effects

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Complete set of mitochondrial pan-edited mRNAs in Leishmania mexicana amazonensis LV78

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Complete set of operational measures for the characterization of three-qubit entanglement

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Complete set of representations for dissipative chaotic three-dimensional dynamical systems

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Complete set of types of phase transition in generalized heterogeneous k-core percolation

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Complete sets of monosubstituted cyclomaltohexaoses (α-cyclodextrins) as precursors for further synthesis

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Complete sets of monosubstituted γ-cyclodextrins as precursors for further synthesis

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Complete sets of radiating and nonradiating parts of a source and their fields with applications in inverse scattering limited-angle problems

Ardejani, M.S.; Chok, X.Ling.; Foo, C.Jin.; Orner, B.P., 2013:
Complete shift of ferritin oligomerization toward nanocage assembly via engineered protein-protein interactions

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Complete single-shot measurement of arbitrary nanosecond laser pulses in time

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Complete situs inversus in a 13-year old boy

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Complete skin examination is essential in the assessment of dermatology patients: findings from 483 patients

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Complete skin resection of the dorsum of the hand: a prophylactic approach using a dermal regeneration template

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Complete sleep-wake cycle reversal related to ADHD detected by actigraphy

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Complete slippage of capital femoral epiphysis: total hip arthroplasty with custom-made stem

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Complete small bowel obstruction caused by metastasis from primary nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Rubano, J.A.; Quarrier, S.; Demuro, J.P., 2013:
Complete small bowel obstruction resulting from a mushroom bezoar

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Complete small bowel obstruction secondary to internal transomental herniation: report of an unusual 'swiss cheese' omentum

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Complete small-bowel obstruction from a migrated intra-gastric balloon: emergency laparoscopy for retrieval via enterotomy and intra-corporeal repair

Mearns, B., 2014:
Complete smoking ban in hospitals compromises compassionate care

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Complete smoking cessation is beneficial in older and more advanced COPD patients

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Complete soft palate necrosis and velopharyngeal insufficiency resulting from intranasal inhalation of prescription narcotics and cocaine

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Complete soft tissue sarcoma resection is a viable treatment option for select elderly patients

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Complete solid state photoisomerization of bis(dipyrazolylstyrylpyridine)iron(II) to change magnetic properties

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Complete solubilization and purification of recombinant human growth hormone produced in Escherichia coli

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Complete solubilization of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue may improve proteomic studies

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Complete solution of the problem of one-dimensional non-covalent non-cooperative self-assembly in two-component systems

Chen, C., 2014:
Complete solutions of zoom curves of three-component zoom lenses with the second component fixed

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Complete solvation response of coumarin 153 in ionic liquids

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Complete somatostatin-induced insulin suppression combined with heparin loading does not significantly suppress myocardial 18F-FDG uptake in patients with suspected cardiac sarcoidosis

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Complete spatial and temporal locking in phase-mismatched second-harmonic generation

Lloyd, D.T.; O'Keeffe, K.; Hooker, S.M., 2013:
Complete spatial characterization of an optical wavefront using a variable-separation pinhole pair

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Complete spatial summation in the peripheral retina of the human eye

Rodríguez, M.A., 2015:
Complete spectral scaling of time series: towards a classification of 1/f noise

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Complete spectrum of the infinite-U Hubbard ring using group theory

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Complete spinal cord injury and brain dissection protocol for subsequent wholemount in situ hybridization in larval sea lamprey

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Complete spinal cord injury: an indication for spinal cord stimulation?

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Complete spinal cord transection from a stab wound with surgical precision

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Complete spontaneous avascular necrosis of the adult navicula associated with Mee's growth arrest lines of the great and second toenails

Abdulai, A.E., 2013:
Complete spontaneous bone regeneration following partial mandibulectomy

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Complete spontaneous crystalline lens dislocation into the anterior chamber with severe corneal endothelial cell loss

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Complete spontaneous improvement of non-displaced femoral neck fracture without any surgery modality

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Complete spontaneous liver graft disappearance after auxiliary liver transplantation

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Complete spontaneous posterior luxation of capsular bag-intraocular lens-capsular tension ring complex

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Complete spontaneous regression in Merkel cell carcinoma

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Complete spontaneous regression of a total pneumothorax in a patient with chronic obstructive lung disease

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Complete spontaneous regression of an extrahepatic portal vein aneurysm

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Complete spontaneous regression of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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Complete spontaneous regression of congenital epulis in a baby by 8 months of age

Amber, K.T., 2014:
Complete spontaneous regression of merkel cell carcinoma

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Complete spontaneous regression of metastatic merkel cell carcinoma: a case report and review of the literature

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Complete spontaneous regression of non-small cell lung cancer followed by adrenal relapse

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Complete spontaneous regression of primary diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the breast

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Complete spontaneous remission of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the maxillary sinus after concurrent infections

Juković, M.; Kojadinović, Z.; Popovska, B.; Till, V., 2012:
Complete spontaneous resolution of compressive chronic subdural hematoma in a patient with liver failure

Wei, D.; Jingru, Z.; Cungang, F.; Yake, X.; Dongliang, W.; Zhengmao, W.; Xinting, W.; Qingjun, Z., 2015:
Complete spontaneous thrombosis and recanalization of a ruptured posterior cerebral artery aneurysm

Žiegytė, R.; Bernotienė, R.; Bukauskaitė, Dė.; Palinauskas, V.; Iezhova, T.; Valkiūnas, G., 2015:
Complete sporogony of Plasmodium relictum (lineages pSGS1 and pGRW11) in mosquito Culex pipiens pipiens form molestus, with implications to avian malaria epidemiology

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Complete stability in multistable delayed neural networks

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Complete stability of cellular neural networks with unbounded time-varying delays

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Complete stable remission and autoantibody specificity in myasthenia gravis

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Complete state-resolved non-adiabatic dynamics of the O((3)P) + D2 → OD(X(2)Π) + D reaction

Shapiro, A.B., 2015:
Complete steady-state rate equation for DNA ligase and its use for measuring product kinetic parameters of NAD⁺-dependent DNA ligase from Haemophilus influenzae

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Complete stent dislodgement after successful implantation--a rare case

Oku, N.; Matoba, S.; Yamazaki, Y.Momose.; Shimasaki, R.; Miyanaga, S.; Igarashi, Y., 2015:
Complete stereochemistry and preliminary structure-activity relationship of rakicidin A, a hypoxia-selective cytotoxin from Micromonospora sp

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Complete stereocontrol in organocatalytic additions of β-ketosulfoxides to conjugated aldehydes

Evans, N.H.; Carr, R.; Delbianco, M.; Pal, R.; Yufit, D.S.; Parker, D., 2013:
Complete stereocontrol in the synthesis of macrocyclic lanthanide complexes: direct formation of enantiopure systems for circularly polarised luminescence applications

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Complete stereoretention in the rhodium-catalyzed 1,2-addition of chiral secondary and tertiary alkyl potassium trifluoroborate salts to aldehydes

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Complete stereospecific cyclopropanation of alpha,beta-unsaturated amides promoted by Sm/CH2I2

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Complete stereospecific repair of a synthetic dinucleotide spore photoproduct by spore photoproduct lyase

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Complete sternal cleft in an adult: case report

Al-Ebrahim, K.E., 2013:
Complete sternal destruction by tuberculosis

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Complete stone clearance using a modified supine position: initial experience and comparison with prone percutaneous nephrolithotomy

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Complete stress shielding of the Achilles tendon: ultrastructure and level of interleukin-1 and TGF-β

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Complete stricture of the extrahepatic bile ducts; external hepaticostomy followed by spontaneous hepatoduodenal fistula

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Blossoming contusions: identifying factors contributing to the expansion of traumatic intracerebral hemorrhage

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Complete structural characterization of metallacyclic complexes in solution-phase using simultaneously X-ray diffraction and molecular dynamics simulation

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Complete structural elucidation of an oxidized polysialic acid drug intermediate by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Complete structural model of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase from a hybrid approach

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Complete structure of nuclear rDNA of the obligate plant parasite Plasmodiophora brassicae: intraspecific polymorphisms in the exon and group I intron of the large subunit rDNA

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Complete structure of the O-polysaccharide from Shigella dysenteriae type 10

Gotterbarm, T.; Breusch, S.J.; Jung, M.; Streich, N.; Wiltfang, Jörg.; Berardi Vilei, S.; Richter, W.; Nitsche, T., 2015:
Complete subchondral bone defect regeneration with a tricalcium phosphate collagen implant and osteoinductive growth factors: a randomized controlled study in Göttingen minipigs

Ohnuma, T.; Umemoto, N.; Kondo, K.; Numata, T.; Fukamizo, T., 2013:
Complete subsite mapping of a "loopful" GH19 chitinase from rye seeds based on its crystal structure

Hassan, F.Odeh.Abu.; Jabaiti, S.; El tamimi, T., 2010:
Complete subtalar release for older children who had recurrent clubfoot deformity

Martínez, D.; Menéndez, C.; Echemendia, Félix.M.; Pérez, E.R.; Trujillo, L.E.; Sobrino, A.; Ramírez, R.; Quintero, Y.; Hernández, Lázaro., 2014:
Complete sucrose hydrolysis by heat-killed recombinant Pichia pastoris cells entrapped in calcium alginate

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Complete superior vena cava obstruction

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Complete supernumerary leg in association with mesodermal abnormalities - a 16-year follow-up and literature review

Falahatkar, S.; Asli, M.Mohiti.; Emadi, S.Atefeh.; Enshaei, A.; Pourhadi, H.; Allahkhah, A., 2011:
Complete supine percutaneous nephrolithotomy (csPCNL) in patients with and without a history of stone surgery: safety and effectiveness of csPCNL

Falahatkar, S.; Enshaei, A.; Afsharimoghaddam, A.; Emadi, S.Atefeh.; Allahkhah, A.Akbar., 2010:
Complete supine percutaneous nephrolithotomy with lung inflation avoids the need for a supracostal puncture

Falahatkar, S.; Moghaddam, A.Afshari.; Salehi, M.; Nikpour, S.; Esmaili, F.; Khaki, N., 2008:
Complete supine percutaneous nephrolithotripsy comparison with the prone standard technique

Falahatkar, S.; Farzan, A.; Allahkhah, A.; Herfeh, N.Rastjou.; Esmaeili, S., 2015:
Complete supine tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Kiefer, F., 2009:
Complete suppression of craving in alcohol-dependent individuals: is it possible?

Vossen, J.M.; Guiot, H.F.L.; Lankester, A.C.; Vossen, A.C.T.M.; Bredius, R.G.M.; Wolterbeek, R.; Bakker, H.D.J.; Heidt, P.J., 2015:
Complete suppression of the gut microbiome prevents acute graft-versus-host disease following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Makoudi, Y.; Palmino, F.; Arab, M.; Duverger, E.; Chérioux, Fédéric., 2008:
Complete supramolecular self-assembled adlayer on a silicon surface at room temperature

Ehlinger, M.; Moser, T.; Adam, P.; Simon, P.; Bonnomet, F., 2010:
Complete suprapatellar plica presenting like a tumor

Waku, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Matsusaki, M.; Akashi, M., 2010:
Complete surface control of peptide nanospheres with detachable and attachable polymer brush layers

Wu, F.; Han, D.; Hu, X.; Liu, X.; Zi, J., 2009:
Complete surface plasmon-polariton band gap and gap-governed waveguiding, bending and splitting

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Complete surgery for low rectal endometriosis: long-term results of a 100-case prospective study

Kuppuswamy, M.; Kourliouros, A.; Sutherland, G.; Sarsam, M., 2009:
Complete surgical correction for impending paradoxical embolism with pulmonary embolism, tricuspid regurgitation, and atrial flutter

Fracassi, F.; Mandrioli, L.; Shehdula, D.; Diana, A.; Grinwis, G.C.M.; Meij, Börn.P., 2015:
Complete surgical removal of a very enlarged pituitary corticotroph adenoma in a dog

Ghavidel, A.Alizadeh.; Javadpour, H.; Tabatabaei, M.Bagher.; Adambeig, A.; Raeisi, K.; Noohi, F., 2008:
Complete surgical repair of Tetralogy of Fallot in adults, is it ever too late?

Nagarsheth, N.P.; Nicastri, D.G.; Kashani, M.; Fried, K., 2007:
Complete surgical resection of a 40-cm leiomyosarcoma of the large bowel mesentery

Nikfarjam, M.; Kimchi, E.T.; Gusani, N.J.; Staveley-O'Carroll, K.F., 2011:
Complete surgical resection of giant mucinous hepatic cystadenomas

Krüger, O.; Grabner, A.; Adam, C., 2015:
Complete survey of German sewage sludge ash

Azzarone, M.; Fasulo, A.; Leuzzi, C.; Tortorella, G.; Savonitto, S., 2014:
Complete sustained reversal of cyclic ST-segment elevation (coronary cyclic flow variations) by low-dose intravenous nitroglycerin during acute coronary syndrome

Ohmatsu, K.; Tanaka, T.; Ooi, T.; Maruoka, K., 2008:
Complete switch of migratory aptitude in aluminum-catalyzed 1,2-rearrangement of differently alpha,alpha-disubstituted alpha-siloxy aldehydes

Nakayama, K.; Maruoka, K., 2008:
Complete switch of product selectivity in asymmetric direct aldol reaction with two different chiral organocatalysts from a common chiral source

Fernández, A.; Marcén, R.; Galeano, C.; Caldés, S.; Amezquita, Y.; Villafruela, J.; Pascual, J.; Burgos, J.; Rodríguez-Mendiola, N.; Ortuño, J., 2010:
Complete switch to everolimus in long-term kidney transplants: evolution of the renal function

Okada, M.; Lanzatella, C.; Saha, M.C.; Bouton, J.; Wu, R.; Tobias, C.M., 2010:
Complete switchgrass genetic maps reveal subgenome collinearity, preferential pairing and multilocus interactions

Li, R.; Chu, T., 2012:
Complete synchronization of Boolean networks

Li, F.; Lu, X., 2014:
Complete synchronization of temporal Boolean networks

Barrett, C.A.; Singh, A.; Murphy, J.A.; O'Sullivan, C.; Buckley, D.N.; Ryan, K.M., 2011:
Complete synthesis of germanium nanocrystal encrusted carbon colloids in supercritical CO2 and their superhydrophobic properties

Delfino, M.; Gemma, D.; Calcagno, S.; Sardella, G., 2014:
Complete systolic obliteration of the left ventricle due to an apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in a totally asymptomatic patient

Lee, J.; Hamilton, G., 2009:
Complete talar extrusion: a case report

Gritti, F.; Guiochon, G., 2008:
Complete temperature profiles in ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography columns

Schreiber, J.; Bellei, C.; Mangles, S.P.D.; Kamperidis, C.; Kneip, S.; Nagel, S.R.; Palmer, C.A.J.; Rajeev, P.P.; Streeter, M.J.V.; Najmudin, Z., 2011:
Complete temporal characterization of asymmetric pulse compression in a laser wakefield

Li, F.; Park, Y.; Azaña, Jé., 2007:
Complete temporal pulse characterization based on phase reconstruction using optical ultrafast differentiation (PROUD)

Wenz, W.; Bruckner, T.; Akbar, M., 2008:
Complete tendon transfer and inverse Lambrinudi arthrodesis: preliminary results of a new technique for the treatment of paralytic pes calcaneus

Aoyama, T.; Hayakawa, M.; Kinoshita, T.; Nio, M., 2012:
Complete tenth-order QED contribution to the muon g-2

Rachmani, E.; Zachariou, Z.; Snyder, H.; Hadziselimovic, F., 2013:
Complete testis-epididymis nonfusion anomaly: a typical association with cryptorchid testis

Harden, C.L., 2011:
Complete the Following Statement: Industry-Sponsored Antiepileptic Drug Pregnancy Registries Provide Information that is Beneficial to:: PatientsDoctorsThe SponsorAll of the AboveNone of the AboveCannot Respond Due to Risk of COI

Maynard, A., 2010:
Complete the picture

Fleming, P., 2009:
Complete theoretical treatment of the transmittance ratio ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometric stray radiant energy test method

De, S.; Greenwood, A.I.; Rogals, M.J.; Kovrigin, E.L.; Lu, K.Ping.; Nicholson, L.K., 2013:
Complete thermodynamic and kinetic characterization of the isomer-specific interaction between Pin1-WW domain and the amyloid precursor protein cytoplasmic tail phosphorylated at Thr668

Chesnokov, E.N.; Krasnoperov, L.N., 2007:
Complete thermodynamically consistent kinetic model of particle nucleation and growth: numerical study of the applicability of the classical theory of homogeneous nucleation

Diyora, B.; Kukreja, S.; Nayak, N.; Kamble, H.; Sharma, A., 2014:
Complete third nerve palsy: Only presenting sign of extradural hematoma in an awake patient

Rhodes, C.M.; Gregory, J., 2008:
Complete thoracic cage disruption associated with anterior lung herniation

Enomoto, Y.; Watanabe, H.; Nakao, S.; Matsuoka, T., 2011:
Complete thoracic tracheal transection caused by blunt trauma

Mei, J.; Ma, N.; Ding, F.; Chen, Y.; Jiang, Z.; Hu, F.; Xiao, H., 2014:
Complete thoracoscopic ablation of the left atrium via the left chest for treatment of lone atrial fibrillation

Homma, T.; Yamamoto, Y.; Doki, Y.; Senda, K.; Touge, M.; Ojima, T.; Shimada, Y.; Yoshimura, N., 2016:
Complete thoracoscopic diaphragm plication using carbon dioxide insufflation: report of a case

Hu, X.; Lee, H., 2014:
Complete thoracoscopic enucleation of giant leiomyoma of the esophagus: a case report and review of the literature

Cai, R.; Xiong, G.; Cai, K., 2013:
Complete thoracoscopic lobectomy and mediastinal lymph node dissection

Tsubochi, H.; Endo, S.; Nakano, T.; Sohara, Y., 2008:
Complete thoracoscopic lobectomy with systematic nodal dissection via 5 ports for lung cancer

Tanaka, Y.; Uchida, H.; Kawashima, H.; Sato, K.; Takazawa, S.; Masuko, T.; Deie, K.; Iwanaka, T., 2013:
Complete thoracoscopic versus video-assisted thoracoscopic resection of congenital lung lesions

Lenthall, R.; Rodesch, G., 2001:
Complete thrombosis of a giant distal middle cerebral artery aneurysm

Yuce, M.; Davutoglu, V.; Sari, I.; Cakici, M.; Ercan, S., 2010:
Complete thrombus resolution with tirofiban in obstructive mechanical prosthetic mitral valve thrombosis

Lee, I.Jae.; Lim, S.Yoon.; Song, H.Suk.; Park, M.Chul., 2010:
Complete tight fibrous band release and resection in congenital muscular torticollis

Alani, H.A.; Balalaa, N., 2014:
Complete tissue expander coverage by musculo-fascial flaps in immediate breast mound reconstruction after mastectomy

Fokwa, B.P.T.; Hermus, M., 2011:
Complete titanium substitution by boron in a tetragonal prism: exploring the complex boride series Ti(3-x)Ru(5-y)Ir(y)B(2+x) (0 ≤ x ≤ 1 and 1 < y < 3) by experiment and theory

Lazar, E.A.; Mason, J.K.; MacPherson, R.D.; Srolovitz, D.J., 2012:
Complete topology of cells, grains, and bubbles in three-dimensional microstructures

Hunt, A.H.; Price, L.W., 2018:
Complete torsion of a fibroid uterus with its adnexa

Ampollini, L.; Stavroulias, D.; Bilancia, R.; Cattelani, L.; Carbognani, P.; Rusca, M., 2010:
Complete tracheal disruption by motor-saw

Scharf, M.L.; Gallagher, T.C., 2009:
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Complete tracheal ring

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Complete trails of coauthorship network evolution

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Complete transcatheter closure of a patent arterial duct with subsequent haemolysis

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Complete transcriptional profile of an environmental pathogen

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Complete transection of common bile duct after blunt trauma abdomen--a case report

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Complete transection of epicardial pacing lead during pregnancy

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Complete transection of the left main bronchus caused by blunt thoracic trauma in a child treated by bronchoplasty and lung parenchyma preservation

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Complete transection of the pelvi-ureteric junction in an adult

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Complete transfer of chirality in an intramolecular, thermal [2 + 2] cycloaddition of allene-ynes to form non-racemic spirooxindoles

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Complete transfer of perceptual learning across retinal locations enabled by double training

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Complete transglutaminase 2 ablation results in reduced stroke volumes and astrocytes that exhibit increased survival in response to ischemia

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Complete transiliac pelvic osteotomy for patients with developmental dysplasia of the hip without internal fixation

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Complete transition from failing restorations to implant-supported fixed prostheses in a patient with scleroderma

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Complete transitioning to the radial approach for primary percutaneous coronary intervention: a real-world single-center registry of 1808 consecutive patients with acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction

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Complete transmission through a periodically perforated rigid slab

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Complete transmural gastric migration of PTFE mesh after surgery for a recurrent hiatal hernia

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Complete transphyseal reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in the skeletally immature

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Complete transposition of the aorta and a levoposition of the pulmonary artery; clinical, physiological, and pathological findings

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Complete transposition of the aorta and pulmonary artery in a Belgian Blue crossbreed calf: a case report

Complete transposition of the arterial trunks with closed interventricular septum

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Complete transposition of the atrioventricular valves associated with left ventricular apical hypoplasia

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Complete transposition of the great cardiac vessels

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Complete transposition of the great vessels at the base of the heart

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Complete transposition of the great vessels; report of three cases and a review of the literature

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Complete transurethral bladder eversion 3 months after hemipelvectomy

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Complete traumatic anterior dislocation of the lumbosacral joint: a case report

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Complete traumatic backout of the blade of proximal femoral nail antirotation: a case report

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Complete traumatic fracture-dislocation L3-L4 of the lumbar spine

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Complete traumatic hemipelvectomy: Report of a case after 19 years of follow-up

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Complete traumatic laryngo-tracheal separation

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Complete traumatic laryngotracheal disruption--a case report and review

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Complete traumatic rupture of a cross over femoro-femoral bypass graft. First case report

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Complete traumatic unilateral ophthalmoplegia with intact far vision and complete recovery after 2 months-case report

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Complete tribal sampling reveals basal split in Muscidae (Diptera), confirms saprophagy as ancestral feeding mode, and reveals an evolutionary correlation between instar numbers and carnivory

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Complete trisomy 14 mosaicism: first live-born case in Korea

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Complete trisomy 21 vs translocation Down syndrome: a comparison of modes of ascertainment

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Complete trunk severance of a motorcyclist by a traffic sign post at a comparably low collision speed

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Complete tuberculosis treatment for all

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Complete tumor encapsulation on magnetic resonance imaging: a potentially useful imaging biomarker for better survival in solitary large hepatocellular carcinoma

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Complete tylosis formation in a latest Permian conifer stem

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Complete ultrarapid metabolism of flupentixol in 42 year old patient suffering from chronic schizophrenia

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Complete unambiguous optical characterization of double layers consisting of two strongly absorbing thin films by combined reflection and transmission ellipsometry

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Complete unilateral absence of fallopian tube

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Complete unilateral cleft lip and palate operated on by means of the one-stage method - own experience

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Complete unilateral dilation of the vas deferens as a cause of an inguinal mass

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Complete unilateral maxillary sinus opacity in computed tomography

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Complete unilateral ophthalmoplegia due to primary carcinoma of the sphenoid sinus

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Complete unilateral ophthalmoplegia due to primary carcinoma of the sphenoidal sinus; sphenoidal fissure-optic canal syndrome with complete ophthalmoplegia; report of a case

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Complete unilateral vs partial bilateral endoscopic lung volume reduction in patients with bilateral lung emphysema

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Complete unit for use of nasopharyngeal radium applicator

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Complete upper airway obstruction, a misquote too far?

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Complete urethral transection

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Complete urethrovesical disruption following obstructed labor

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Complete urinary tract exenteration for a dialysis patient with urothelial cancer: lower midline and extraperitoneal approach in a supine position

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Complete urogenital nonunion

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Complete urologic examination in infants and children with urinary infection; indications and importance

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Complete uterine inversion after vaginal delivery

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Complete uterine inversion during caesarean section: A case report

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Complete uterine inversion in a patient with endometrial cancer

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Complete uterine inversion: an unusual yet crucial sonographic diagnosis

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Complete uterine prolapse without uterine mucosal eversion in a queen

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Complete uterine ruptures

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Complete vacuum-assisted sternal closure following neonatal cardiac surgery

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Complete vaginal agenesis in a girl with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome type II

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Complete vaginal herniation of the bladder; a case report

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Complete vaginal obstruction with hematometra after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for chronic myeloid leukemia: a case report

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Complete valvular heart apparatus model from 4D cardiac CT

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Complete vascular ring

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Complete vascular ring presenting in adulthood: an unusual management dilemma

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Complete vascular ring with aortic dissection in an octogenarian

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Complete vascular ring: prenatal diagnosis of double aortic arch

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Complete vascular rings

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Complete venous ultrasound in outpatients with suspected pulmonary embolism

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Complete ventricular asystole in a patient with altered mental status

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Complete versus anterior two-thirds corpus callosotomy in children: analysis of outcome

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Complete versus partial distal embolic protection during renal stenting--as good or as worse?

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Complete versus selective axillary lymph node dissection in treatment of early breast carcinoma

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Complete versus supravaginal hysterectomy

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Complete vesico-ureteral reconstruction with ileum in a case of genitourinary tuberculosis

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Complete video-assisted thoracic surgery right upper lobe sleeve resection

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Complete video-assisted thoracoscopic anatomic segmentectomy for pulmonary diseases: the early experiences

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Complete video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for lung cancer in 400 patients

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Complete video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for pulmonary sequestration

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Complete video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery lobectomy and its learning curve. A single center study introducing the technique in The Netherlands

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Complete video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery upper left bronchial sleeve lobectomy

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Complete videoendoscopic harvest and transposition of latissimus dorsi muscle for the treatment of Poland syndrome: a first report

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Complete viral genome sequence and discovery of novel viruses by deep sequencing of small RNAs: a generic method for diagnosis, discovery and sequencing of viruses

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Complete virion assembly with scaffolding proteins altered in the ability to perform a critical conformational switch

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Complete vision-based traffic sign recognition supported by an I2V communication system

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Complete visual recovery after incipient crao due to ocular hypoperfusion in a patient with moyamoya disease

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Complete visual recovery after mycotic aneurysm embolization complicated by cavernous sinus thrombophlebitis

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Complete vs culprit-only revascularization for patients with multivessel disease undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Complete vs. incomplete coronary revascularization: waiting for Godot…

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Complete washout of a colloid cyst on MRI after partial removal by endoscopic approach

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Complete wavefront and polarization control for ultrashort-pulse laser microprocessing

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Complete wetting from polymer mixtures

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Complete wetting near an edge of a rectangular-shaped substrate

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Complete wetting of elastically responsive substrates

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Complete wetting of pits and grooves

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Complete wrist denervation: a retrospective study of 27 cases with a mean follow-up period of 77 months

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Complete ¹H, ¹⁵N, and ¹³C resonance assignments of Bacillus cereus metallo-β-lactamase and its complex with the inhibitor R-thiomandelic acid

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Complete σ* intramolecular aromatic hydroxylation mechanism through O2 activation by a Schiff base macrocyclic dicopper(I) complex

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Complete "in situ" avulsion of the radial artery complicating transradial coronary rotational atherectomy

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Complete, accurate, mammalian phylogenies aid conservation planning, but not much

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Complete, long-standing regression of hepatocellular carcinoma after somatostatin analogue treatment

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Complete, pupil-sparing third nerve palsy in a patient with a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor

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Complete-arch maxillary rehabilitation using a custom-designed and manufactured titanium framework: a clinical report

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Complete-block scheduling for advanced pharmacy practice experiences

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Complete-cases analysis is appropriate for randomised trials with pre-test-post-test designs

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Complete-lactation milk and component yields following a short (35-d) or a conventional (60-d) dry period management strategy in commercial Holstein herds

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Completed egoism and intended altruism boost healthy food choices

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Completed laparoscopic pancreaticoduodenectomy

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Completed local binary count for rotation invariant texture classification

Rassem, T.H.; Khoo, B.Ee., 2015:
Completed local ternary pattern for rotation invariant texture classification

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Completed preparative separation of alkaloids from Cephaltaxus fortunine by step-pH-gradient high-speed counter-current chromatography

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Completed sequences analysis on the Chinese attenuated yellow fever 17D vaccine strain and the WHO standard yellow fever 17D vaccine strain

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Completed suicide after attempted suicide

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Completed suicide and marital status according to the Italian region of origin

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Completed suicide in childhood

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Completed suicide, ideation and attempts in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Completed suicides in the district of timur laut, penang island - a preliminary investigation of 3 years (2007-2009) prospective data

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Completely ES cell-derived mice produced by tetraploid complementation using inner cell mass (ICM) deficient blastocysts

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Completely Healed Dissection of the Aorta with Death from Phlegmonous Colitis

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Completely N1-selective palladium-catalyzed arylation of unsymmetric imidazoles: application to the synthesis of nilotinib

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Completely OH-selective FeCl3-catalyzed Prins cyclization: highly stereoselective synthesis of 4-OH-tetrahydropyrans

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Completely abdominal intersphincteric resection for lower rectal cancer: feasibility and comparison of robot-assisted and open surgery

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Completely anonymous multi-recipient signcryption scheme with public verification

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