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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52270

Chapter 52270 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Brown, J.B.; Urata, T.; Tamura, T.; Arai, M.A.; Kawabata, T.; Akutsu, T., 2011:
Compound analysis via graph kernels incorporating chirality

Panagiotopoulos, E.; Athanaselis, E.; Matzaroglou, C.; Kasimatis, G.; Gliatis, J.; Tsolakis, I., 2009:
Compound and acutely ruptured false aneurysm of the brachial artery: a case report

Raval, S., 2013:
Compound and compositions as TGR5 agonists: WO2012082947

Xu, T.; Yang, Z.; Vatta, M.; Rampazzo, A.; Beffagna, G.; Pilichou, K.; Pillichou, K.; Scherer, S.E.; Saffitz, J.; Kravitz, J.; Zareba, W.; Danieli, G.Antonio.; Lorenzon, A.; Nava, A.; Bauce, B.; Thiene, G.; Basso, C.; Calkins, H.; Gear, K.; Marcus, F.; Towbin, J.A., 2010:
Compound and digenic heterozygosity contributes to arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy

Nakajima, T.; Kaneko, Y.; Irie, T.; Takahashi, R.; Kato, T.; Iijima, T.; Iso, T.; Kurabayashi, M., 2012:
Compound and digenic heterozygosity in desmosome genes as a cause of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy in Japanese patients

Rigato, I.; Bauce, B.; Rampazzo, A.; Zorzi, A.; Pilichou, K.; Mazzotti, E.; Migliore, F.; Marra, M.Perazzolo.; Lorenzon, A.; De Bortoli, M.; Calore, M.; Nava, A.; Daliento, L.; Gregori, D.; Iliceto, S.; Thiene, G.; Basso, C.; Corrado, D., 2014:
Compound and digenic heterozygosity predicts lifetime arrhythmic outcome and sudden cardiac death in desmosomal gene-related arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy

Loewenthal, L.J.A., 2014:
Compound and grouped hairs of the human scalp; their possible connection with follicular infections

Christensen, R.O., 1949:
Compound bilateral fracture of mandible with fatal sequelae; report of a case

Card, H.C., 2008:
Compound binomial processes in neural integration

Li, R.; Gao, B.; Huang, X.; Dong, H.; Li, X.; Yue, Q.; Wang, Y.; Li, Q., 2015:
Compound bioflocculant and polyaluminum chloride in kaolin-humic acid coagulation: factors influencing coagulation performance and floc characteristics

Hung, M-Min.; Han, H-Vei.; Hong, C-Yu.; Hong, K-Hsuan.; Yang, T-Ting.; Yu, P.; Wu, Y-Rue.; Yeh, H-Yih.; Huang, H-Cheng., 2014:
Compound biomimetic structures for efficiency enhancement of Ga(0.5)In(0.5)P/GaAs/Ge triple-junction solar cells

Hung, M-Min.; Han, H-Vei.; Hong, C-Yu.; Hong, K-Hsuan.; Yang, T-Ting.; Yu, P.; Wu, Y-Rue.; Yeh, H-Yih.; Huang, H-Cheng., 2014:
Compound biomimetic structures for efficiency enhancement of Ga₀.₅In₀.₅P/GaAs/Ge triple-junction solar cells

Perkins, E.A.; Haley, W.E., 2011:
Compound caregiving: when lifelong caregivers undertake additional caregiving roles

Sigler, R.D., 1978:
Compound catadioptric telescopes with all spherical surfaces

Huang, B-Xing.; Su, H-Chuan.; Sun, F-Kang., 2013:
Compound ciprofloxacin suppository combined with ningbitai and yunnan baiyao for histological prostatitis with PSA elevation

Jjingo, D.; Wang, J.; Conley, A.B.; Lunyak, V.V.; Jordan, I.King., 2014:
Compound cis-regulatory elements with both boundary and enhancer sequences in the human genome

Bologa, C.G.; Oprea, T.I., 2013:
Compound collection preparation for virtual screening

Arnold, M.; Sidler, D.; Moore, S.W., 2011:
Compound colonic intussusception: a reason for failure of pneumatic reduction

Magee, H.N., 2012:
Compound comminuted fracture of the mandible; report of case

Nicholson, J.T., 2016:
Compound comminuted fractures involving the elbow joint; treatment by resection of the fragments

Peterson, R.G., 2012:
Compound completely displaced fracture of the mandible; report of case

Scoble, H.O.; White, S.N., 2015:
Compound complex curves: the authentic geometry of esthetic dentistry

Amies, A.B.P., 2014:
Compound composite odontoma in a child aged four years

Knapp, R.G., 2014:
Compound composite odontoma of the mandible

Sharma, U.; Sharma, R.; Gulati, A.; Yadav, R.; Gauba, K., 2010:
Compound composite odontoma with unusual number of denticles - A rare entity

Glickman, I.; Wuehrmann, A.H., 2014:
Compound composite odontoma; case report and histologic study

Chandra, S.; Bagewadi, A.; Keluskar, V.; Sah, K., 2010:
Compound composite odontome erupting into the oral cavity: A rare entity

Manton, E.L., 1948:
Compound composite odontome of lower canine region

Waldron, C.W.; Peterson, R.G.; Worman, H.G., 2014:
Compound composite odontome of the mandible

Xiao, S.; Qian, S.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Cheng, Y., 2013:
Compound coverage enhancement of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry through the addition of a homemade needle

Lohnas, L.J.; Kahana, M.J., 2014:
Compound cuing in free recall

Yang, R.; Chang, L.; Guo, B-Yan.; Wang, Y-Wei.; Wang, Y-Ling.; Jin, X.; Liu, S-Yun.; Li, Y-Jun., 2014:
Compound danshen dripping pill pretreatment to prevent contrast-induced nephropathy in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention

Wang, J-Jing.; Hua, Y.; Zhou, Q-Feng.; Xie, A-Lan.; Zhu, X-Qiong., 2015:
Compound danshen injection regulated the expression of AQP3 in the human amnion epithelium cells through JNK signal pathway

Teng, Y.; Zhang, M-Qi.; Wang, W.; Liu, L-Tao.; Zhou, L-Ming.; Miao, S-Kun.; Wan, L-Hong., 2015:
Compound danshen tablet ameliorated aβ25-35-induced spatial memory impairment in mice via rescuing imbalance between cytokines and neurotrophins

Chung, W.C.J.; Matthews, T.A.; Tata, B.K.; Tsai, P-S., 2010:
Compound deficiencies in multiple fibroblast growth factor signalling components differentially impact the murine gonadotrophin-releasing hormone system

Li, H.; Martin, A.; David, V.; Quarles, L.Darryl., 2011:
Compound deletion of Fgfr3 and Fgfr4 partially rescues the Hyp mouse phenotype

Axelman, J.; Broman, D.; Näf, C.; Pettersen, H., 1995:
Compound dependence of the relationship log K(ow) and log BCF L : A comparison between chlorobenzenes (CBs) for rainbow trout and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) forDaphnia

Kaplan, A., 2017:
Compound depressed fractures of the skull involving the superior longitudinal sinus

Railton, S.V., 1948:
Compound dislocation of elbow joint without fracture

Krasniqi, A.S.; Hamza, A.R.; Salihu, L.M.; Spahija, G.S.; Bicaj, B.X.; Krasniqi, S.A.; Kurshumliu, F.I.; Gashi-Luci, L.H., 2011:
Compound double ileoileal and ileocecocolic intussusception caused by lipoma of the ileum in an adult patient: A case report

Sharma, R.; Saligouda, P.; Bhat, D.I.; Devi, B.Indira., 2016:
Compound elevated skull fracture mimicking a frontotemporoorbitozygomatic craniotomy flap

Abu Talha, K.; Selvapandian, S.; Asaduzzaman, K.; Selina, F.; Rahman, M.; Riad, M., 2009:
Compound elevated skull fracture with occlusion of the superior sagittal sinus. A case report

Borkar, S.Anil.; Prasad, G.L.; Gupta, D.K.; Sinha, S.; Mahapatra, A.K., 2014:
Compound elevated skull fracture: a clinical series of three patients with a review of the literature

Chen, H-xia.; Chen, Z-peng.; Wang, Q-rong.; Liu, Z-kun.; Ma, Q-long., 2013:
Compound erythromycin sustained release preparation and its in vitro release

Doxiadis, G.G.M.; Heijmans, C.M.C.; Bonhomme, M.; Otting, N.; Crouau-Roy, B.; Bontrop, R.E., 2009:
Compound evolutionary history of the rhesus macaque MHC class I B region revealed by microsatellite analysis and localization of retroviral sequences

Rikhtegar, F.; Pacheco, F.; Wyss, C.; Stok, K.S.; Ge, H.; Choo, R.J.; Ferrari, A.; Poulikakos, D.; Müller, R.; Kurtcuoglu, V., 2013:
Compound ex vivo and in silico method for hemodynamic analysis of stented arteries

Narendra, A.; Alkaladi, A.; Raderschall, Cé.A.; Robson, S.K.A.; Ribi, W.A., 2014:
Compound eye adaptations for diurnal and nocturnal lifestyle in the intertidal ant, Polyrhachis sokolova

Araki, K., 1990:
Compound eye systems for nonunity magnification projection

Meyer-Rochow, V.Benno., 2016:
Compound eyes of insects and crustaceans: Some examples that show there is still a lot of work left to be done

Du, S.; Tao, Y.; Martinez, A.M., 2014:
Compound facial expressions of emotion

Lippi, D.; Di Renzo, G.C.; de' Medici, G.of.Austria., 2013:
Compound fetal presentation, uterine rupture and dreadful outcome: just a historical tale?

Manry, M.T., 1987:
Compound filter using the circular harmonic expansion

Tsai, T-Min.; D'Agostino, L.; Fang, Y-Sheng.; Tien, H., 2008:
Compound flap from the great toe and vascularized joints from the second toe for posttraumatic thumb reconstruction at the level of the proximal metacarpal bone

Powell, H.M., 1948:
Compound formation by molecular imprisonment

Carroll, K.K.; Wright, R.H., 2018:
Compound formation in the system urotropine-acetic acid; Raman spectrum measurements

Carroll, K.K.; Wright, R.H., 2018:
Compound formation in the system urotropine-acetic acid; the phase diagram

Paré, A.; Paré, A., 2007:
Compound fracture of leg, Paré's personal care (MII, 328). 1840

Thoma, K.H.; Smith, H.W., 2012:
Compound fracture of mandible with displacement of the posterior fragment

Trevor, D., 1948:
Compound fracture of the radius and ulna with division of dorsal structures of wrist-joints

Thoma, K.H.; Smith, H.W., 2012:
Compound fracture of the right mandible and subcondylar fracture on the left

Smyth, C.M.; Ranieri, T.A., 2018:
Compound fractures and their management, 1917-1947

Rose, T.F.; Newson, A., 2010:
Compound fractures of the extremities due to gunshot wounds; the early results of treatment in the field aided by penicillin therapy

Buxtom, S.J.D., 2018:
Compound fractures of the leg

Lu, H-kai.; Ren, A-ji.; Sun, X-lu.; Gao, E-jiang.; Yu, Z-yong.; Yan, B., 2011:
Compound graft of porcine small intestinal submucosa with Schwann cells to reconstruct injured cavernous nerves and restore erectile function

Zhang, Y.; Cai, P.; Ruan, H.; Liu, S.; Wang, Y.; Cai, Y., 2009:
Compound grafting of vascularized fibular head and flaps to repair complicated lateral malleolus defects

Mandal, P.K.; Naik, V.; Dev, V.; Chakrabarti, A.; Ray, A., 2018:
Blue fluorescence as a frequency offset reference in the rubidium 5S-5P-5D transition

Binboğa, E.; Türker, K.S., 2013:
Compound group I excitatory input is differentially distributed to human soleus motoneurons

Lukin, K.; Fields, S.; Lopez, D.; Cherrier, M.; Ternyak, K.; Ramírez, J.; Feeney, A.J.; Hagman, J., 2010:
Compound haploinsufficiencies of Ebf1 and Runx1 genes impede B cell lineage progression

Arcara, G.; Marelli, M.; Buodo, G.; Mondini, S., 2014:
Compound headedness in the mental lexicon: an event-related potential study

García Pérez, A.; Coto, E.; Santos, F.; Olea, T.; Caramelo, C., 2008:
Compound heterocygosis for intron 9 + 1 g > T and Leu850pro mutations in the SLC12A3 gene in Gitelman's syndrome

Hodatsu, A.; Konno, T.; Hayashi, K.; Funada, A.; Fujita, T.; Nagata, Y.; Fujino, N.; Kawashiri, M-Aki.; Yamagishi, M., 2015:
Compound heterozygosity deteriorates phenotypes of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with founder MYBPC3 mutation: evidence from patients and zebrafish models

Castoldi, E.; Collins, P.W.; Williamson, P.L.; Bevers, E.M., 2011:
Compound heterozygosity for 2 novel TMEM16F mutations in a patient with Scott syndrome

Nellen, R.G.L.; van Geel, M.; Steijlen, P.M.; van Steensel, M.A.M., 2009:
Compound heterozygosity for ARS component B mutations in a Dutch patient with mal de Meleda

Douzgou, S.; Lehmann, K.; Mingarelli, R.; Mundlos, S.; Dallapiccola, B., 2008:
Compound heterozygosity for GDF5 in Du Pan type chondrodysplasia

Han, Z.J.; Lapuz, C.; Rovenger, J.F.; Dreyfus, P.A.; Vispo, B.G.; Ou, C-Nan.; Luo, H-Yuan.; Chui, D.H.K.; Gallivan, M.V.E., 2012:
Compound heterozygosity for Hb S [β6(A3)Glu→Val] and Hb Kenya (Aγ81Leu-β86Ala) in a Ugandan woman

Venugopal, S.; Shaju, A.; Dhuri, S.; Al-Harthy, T.; Jabal, K.B., 2008:
Compound heterozygosity for Hb S and Hb S-Oman: Case report

Girisha, K.Mohan.; Vahab, S.Abdul.; Dalal, A.B.; Gopinath, P.M.; Satyamoorthy, K., 2010:
Compound heterozygosity for HbD Punjab and polyadenylation signal mutation causes clinically asymptomatic mild hypochromia and microcytosis

Peters, A.; Born, H.; Ettinger, R.; Levonian, P.; Jedele, K.Baldwin., 2009:
Compound heterozygosity for MSH6 mutations in a pediatric lymphoma patient

Zenteno, J.Carlos.; Buentello-Volante, B.; Quiroz-González, M.A.; Quiroz-Reyes, M.A., 2009:
Compound heterozygosity for a novel and a recurrent MFRP gene mutation in a family with the nanophthalmos-retinitis pigmentosa complex

Hoste, C.; Rigutto, S.; Van Vliet, G.; Miot, Fçoise.; De Deken, X., 2010:
Compound heterozygosity for a novel hemizygous missense mutation and a partial deletion affecting the catalytic core of the H2O2-generating enzyme DUOX2 associated with transient congenital hypothyroidism

Kang, T-W.; Oh, S-W.; Kim, M-R.; Lee, J.S.; Kim, S-C., 2008:
Compound heterozygosity for a premature termination codon and missense mutation in the exon 10 of the uroporphyrinogen III cosynthase gene causes a severe phenotype of congenital erythropoietic porphyria

Shang, X.; Rao, Z.; Lou, J.; Li, W.; Xiong, F.; Zhou, H.P.; Xu, X., 2011 :
Compound heterozygosity for a rare small deletion and a common point mutation in the beta-globin gene: report of two Chinese families

Kossover, C.L.; Eckman, J.R.; Young, A.N., 2008:
Compound heterozygosity for hemoglobin C and hemoglobin Korle-Bu

Theodoridou, S.; Vyzantiadis, T.; Theodoridis, T., 2011:
Compound heterozygosity for hemoglobin E-Saskatoon and ß-thalassemia

Akl, P.S.; Kutlar, F.; Patel, N.; Salisbury, C.L.; Lane, P.; Young, A.N., 2009:
Compound heterozygosity for hemoglobin S [beta6(A3)Glu6Val] and hemoglobin Korle-Bu [beta73(E17)Asp73Asn

McLaughlin, H.M.; Sakaguchi, R.; Liu, C.; Igarashi, T.; Pehlivan, D.; Chu, K.; Iyer, R.; Cruz, P.; Cherukuri, P.F.; Hansen, N.F.; Mullikin, J.C.; Biesecker, L.G.; Wilson, T.E.; Ionasescu, V.; Nicholson, G.; Searby, C.; Talbot, K.; Vance, J.M.; Züchner, S.; Szigeti, K.; Lupski, J.R.; Hou, Y-Ming.; Green, E.D.; Antonellis, A., 2010:
Compound heterozygosity for loss-of-function lysyl-tRNA synthetase mutations in a patient with peripheral neuropathy

Solomon, B.D.; Pineda-Alvarez, D.E.; Balog, J.Z.; Hadley, D.; Gropman, A.L.; Nandagopal, R.; Han, J.C.; Hahn, J.S.; Blain, D.; Brooks, B.; Muenke, M., 2010:
Compound heterozygosity for mutations in PAX6 in a patient with complex brain anomaly, neonatal diabetes mellitus, and microophthalmia

Jurcuţ, R.; Pop, I.; Coriu, D.; Grasu, M.; Zilişteanu, D.; Giuşcă, S.; Ginghină, C., 2009:
Compound heterozygosity for the C677T and A1298C mutations of the MTHFR gene in a case of hyperhomocysteinemia with recurrent deep thrombosis at young age

Kollia, P.; Kalamaras, A.; Chassanidis, C.; Samara, M.; Vamvakopoulos, N.K.; Radmilovic, M.; Pavlovic, S.; Papadakis, M.N.; Patrinos, G.P., 2008:
Compound heterozygosity for the Cretan type of non-deletional hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin and beta-thalassemia or Hb Sabine confirms the functional role of the Agamma -158 C>T mutation in gamma-globin gene transcription

Rahner, N.; Höefler, G.; Högenauer, C.; Lackner, C.; Steinke, V.; Sengteller, M.; Friedl, W.; Aretz, S.; Propping, P.; Mangold, E.; Walldorf, C., 2008:
Compound heterozygosity for two MSH6 mutations in a patient with early onset colorectal cancer, vitiligo and systemic lupus erythematosus

Aspesi, A.; Vallero, S.; Rocci, A.; Pavesi, E.; Lanciotti, M.; Ramenghi, U.; Dianzani, I., 2010:
Compound heterozygosity for two new TERT mutations in a patient with aplastic anemia

Xie, F.; Wang, X.; Cooper, D.N.; Lan, F.; Fang, Y.; Cai, X.; Wang, Z.; Wang, H., 2007:
Compound heterozygosity for two novel mutations (1203insG/Y1456X) in the von Willebrand factor gene causing type 3 von Willebrand disease

Hammill, A.M.; Risinger, M.A.; Joiner, C.H.; Keddache, M.; Kalfa, T.A., 2011:
Compound heterozygosity for two novel mutations in the erythrocyte protein 4.2 gene causing spherocytosis in a Caucasian patient

Tarantino, P.; Civitelli, D.; Annesi, F.; De Marco, E.V.; Rocca, F.E.; Pugliese, P.; Nicoletti, G.; Carrideo, S.; Provenzano, G.; Annesi, G.; Quattrone, A., 2008:
Compound heterozygosity in DJ-1 gene non-coding portion related to parkinsonism

Fujii, Y.; Ishikawa, N.; Kobayashi, Y.; Kobayashi, M.; Kato, M., 2015:
Compound heterozygosity in GPR56 with bilateral frontoparietal polymicrogyria

Águila, S.; Martínez-Martínez, I.; Collado, M.; Llamas, P.; Antón, A.I.; Martínez-Redondo, C.; Padilla, Jé.; Miñano, A.; de la Morena-Barrio, Mía.E.; Garcia-Avello, Ángel.; Vicente, V.; Corral, J., 2013:
Compound heterozygosity involving Antithrombin Cambridge II (p.Ala416Ser) in antithrombin deficiency

Anfossi, M.; Vuono, R.; Maletta, R.; Virdee, K.; Mirabelli, M.; Colao, R.; Puccio, G.; Bernardi, L.; Frangipane, F.; Gallo, M.; Geracitano, S.; Tomaino, C.; Curcio, S.Anna.Maria.; Zannino, G.; Lamenza, F.; Duyckaerts, C.; Spillantini, M.Grazia.; Losso, M.Adele.; Bruni, A.C., 2011:
Compound heterozygosity of 2 novel MAPT mutations in frontotemporal dementia

Loewenthal, R.; Rosenberg, N.; Kalt, R.; Dardik, R.; Landau, M.; Yahalom, V.; Avishai, O.; Frenkel, O.; Gazit, E.; Steinberg, D.M.; Lipitz, S.; Salomon, O., 2013:
Compound heterozygosity of HLA-DRB3*01:01 and HLA-DRB4*01:01 as a potential predictor of fetal neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia

Agrawal, M.G.; Bhanushali, A.A.; Dedhia, P.; Jeswani, K.D.; Dayanand, S.; Dasgupta, A.; Das, B.R., 2007:
Compound heterozygosity of Hb D(Iran) (beta(22) Glu-->Gln) and beta(0)-thalassemia (619 bp-deletion) in India

Brunner-Agten, S.; Hergersberg, M.; Herklotz, R.; Hirt, A.; Huber, A.R., 2010:
Compound heterozygosity of Hb Hamilton and de novo mutated HbM Saskatoon

Kalamaras, A.; Chassanidis, C.; Samara, M.; Papadakis, M.N.; Vagena, A.; Aleporou-Marinou, V.; Patrinos, G.P.; Kollia, P., 2008:
Compound heterozygosity of non-deletional hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin and deltabeta-thalassemia

Lee, J.; Ko, K.; Ryu, S.; Lee, J.; Lee, K.; Son, C.; Lee, J., 2007:
Compound heterozygosity of novel missense mutations (Ser45 --> Gly, Cys278 --> Arg) in the lipoprotein lipase gene in a newborn Korean infant

Miyasaka, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Ohshiba, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Sagara, Y.; Yasuda, S.P.; Matsuoka, K.; Shitara, H.; Yonekawa, H.; Kominami, R.; Kikkawa, Y., 2014:
Compound heterozygosity of the functionally null Cdh23(v-ngt) and hypomorphic Cdh23(ahl) alleles leads to early-onset progressive hearing loss in mice

Ritelli, M.; Chiarelli, N.; Quinzani, S.; Dordoni, C.; Venturini, M.; Calzavara-Pinton, P.; Colombi, M., 2013:
Compound heterozygosity of the novel -186C>T mutation in the COL7A1 promoter and the recurrent c.497insA mutation leads to generalized dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

Petersen, M.B.; Grigoriadou, M.; Economides, J.; Kokotas, H., 2012:
Compound heterozygosity of the novel c.292C>T (p.R98W) and the c.35delG GJB2 mutations in postlingual, non-syndromic, sensorineural deafness

Chen, L.Jia.; Lai, T.Y.Y.; Tam, P.O.S.; Chiang, S.W.Y.; Zhang, X.; Lam, S.; Lai, R.Y.K.; Lam, D.S.C.; Pang, C.Pui., 2010:
Compound heterozygosity of two novel truncation mutations in RP1 causing autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa

Camp, A.L.; Roberts, T.J.; Brainerd, E.L., 2018:
Bluegill sunfish use high power outputs from axial muscles to generate powerful suction-feeding strikes

Combi, R.; Ferini-Strambi, L.; Tenchini, M.Luisa., 2008:
Compound heterozygosity with dominance in the Corticotropin Releasing Hormone (CRH) promoter in a case of nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy

Angalena, R.; Aggarwal, S.; Phadke, S.R.; Dalal, A., 2013:
Compound heterozygote condition in beta thalassemia major due to a novel single nucleotide deletion (-T) at codon 69 in association with IVS 1-5 (G>C) mutation

Young, T.K.; Souzeau, E.; Liu, L.; Kearns, L.S.; Burdon, K.P.; Craig, J.E.; Ruddle, J.B., 2013:
Compound heterozygote myocilin mutations in a pedigree with high prevalence of primary open-angle glaucoma

Maruo, Y.; Ozgenc, F.; Mimura, Y.; Ota, Y.; Matsui, K.; Takahashi, H.; Mori, A.; Taga, T.; Takano, T.; Sato, H.; Takeuchi, Y., 2011:
Compound heterozygote of a novel missense mutation (p.K402T) and a double missense mutation (p.[G71R;Y486D]) in type II Crigler-Najjar syndrome

Edwards, R.L.; Griffiths, P.; Bunch, J.; Cooper, H.J., 2014:
Compound heterozygotes and beta-thalassemia: top-down mass spectrometry for detection of hemoglobinopathies

Sakuma, N.; Hibino, T.; Saeki, T.; Nagata, T.; Sato, T.; Okuda, N.; Matsunaga, A.; Sasaki, J., 2015:
Compound heterozygotes for a novel mutation, apo E1 Nagoya (Arg142Ser) and Apo E2 (Arg158Cys), with severe type III hyperlipoproteinemia and familial hypercholesterolemia

Akiyama, M.; Sakai, K.; Sato, T.; McMillan, J.R.; Goto, M.; Sawamura, D.; Shimizu, H., 2007:
Compound heterozygous ABCA12 mutations including a novel nonsense mutation underlie harlequin ichthyosis

Saadi, A.; Borck, G.; Boddaert, N.; Chekkour, M.Chahine.; Imessaoudene, Bïd.; Munnich, A.; Colleaux, L.; Chaouch, M., 2009:
Compound heterozygous ASPM mutations associated with microcephaly and simplified cortical gyration in a consanguineous Algerian family

Stray-Pedersen, A.; Jouanguy, E.; Crequer, A.; Bertuch, A.A.; Brown, B.S.; Jhangiani, S.N.; Muzny, D.M.; Gambin, T.; Sorte, H.; Sasa, G.; Metry, D.; Campbell, J.; Sockrider, M.M.; Dishop, M.K.; Scollard, D.M.; Gibbs, R.A.; Mace, E.M.; Orange, J.S.; Lupski, J.R.; Casanova, J-Laurent.; Noroski, L.M., 2015:
Compound heterozygous CORO1A mutations in siblings with a mucocutaneous-immunodeficiency syndrome of epidermodysplasia verruciformis-HPV, molluscum contagiosum and granulomatous tuberculoid leprosy

Carlsson, Göran.; Elinder, Göran.; Malmgren, H.; Trebinska, A.; Grzybowska, E.; Dahl, N.; Nordenskjöld, M.; Fadeel, B., 2009:
Compound heterozygous HAX1 mutations in a Swedish patient with severe congenital neutropenia and no neurodevelopmental abnormalities

Teawtrakul, N.; Sirijirachai, C.; Chansung, G.; Fucharoen, G., 2010:
Compound heterozygous Hb Tak/Hb E causes secondary erythrocytosis in a Thai family

Yin, J.; Ren, Y.; Lin, Z.; Wang, H.; Zhou, Y.; Yang, Y., 2015:
Compound heterozygous PLEC mutations in a patient of consanguineous parentage with epidermolysis bullosa simplex with muscular dystrophy and diffuse alopecia

Deik, A.; Johannes, B.; Rucker, J.C.; Sánchez, E.; Brodie, S.E.; Deegan, E.; Landy, K.; Kajiwara, Y.; Scelsa, S.; Saunders-Pullman, R.; Paisán-Ruiz, C., 2015:
Compound heterozygous PNPLA6 mutations cause Boucher-Neuhäuser syndrome with late-onset ataxia

Riccetto, A.G.L.; Buzolin, M.; Fernandes, J.F.; Traina, F.; Barjas-de-Castro, M.L.R.; Silva, M.T.N.; Oliveira, J.B.; Vilela, M.M., 2014:
Compound heterozygous RAG2 mutations mimicking hyper IgM syndrome

Benson, D.Woodrow., 2009:
Compound heterozygous SCN5A mutations: does the sum of the parts equal the whole?

Harrison, V.; Connell, L.; Hayesmoore, J.; McParland, J.; Pike, M.G.; Blair, E., 2012:
Compound heterozygous deletion of NRXN1 causing severe developmental delay with early onset epilepsy in two sisters

Tsuchiya, T.; Shibata, M.; Numabe, H.; Jinno, T.; Nakabayashi, K.; Nishimura, G.; Nagai, T.; Ogata, T.; Fukami, M., 2014:
Compound heterozygous deletions in pseudoautosomal region 1 in an infant with mild manifestations of langer mesomelic dysplasia

Al-Thihli, K.; Rudkin, T.; Carson, N.; Poulin, C.; Melançon, S.; Der Kaloustian, V.M., 2008:
Compound heterozygous deletions of PMP22 causing severe Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease of the Dejerine-Sottas disease phenotype

Gupta, A.; Saraf, A.; Dass, J.; Mehta, M.; Radhakrishnan, N.; Saxena, R.; Bhargava, M., 2014:
Compound heterozygous hemoglobin d-punjab/hemoglobin d-iran: a novel hemoglobinopathy

Qiao, S-Kai.; Ren, H-Yun.; Ren, J-Hai.; Guo, X-Nan., 2014:
Compound heterozygous hemophilia A in a female patient and the identification of a novel missense mutation, p.Met1093Ile

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Compound reduces viral cholesterol and inhibits HIV-1

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Compounded 17-hydroxyprogesterone caproate is an inexpensive and safe alternative to the FDA-approved product

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Comprehensive Accident Services

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Blue Infusion

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Comprehensive and full

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