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Coordination polymers: what has been achieved in going from innocent 4,4'-bipyridine to bis-pyridyl ligands having a non-innocent backbone?

Coordination polymers: what has been achieved in going from innocent 4,4'-bipyridine to bis-pyridyl ligands having a non-innocent backbone?

Chemical Society Reviews 41(8): 3039-3060

The last two decades have witnessed the research activities in the area of coordination polymers (CPs), which are structurally diverse and functionally intriguing materials. In this endeavor, the most exploited ligand has been a structurally rigid N-donor compound having an innocent backbone (incapable of forming hydrogen bond) namely 4,4'-bipyridine. Much has been achieved by exploiting this wonder ligand in the area of CPs. However, the positional isomers such as 3,3'-bipyridine or 4,3'-bipyridine (which understandably induce diverse ligating topology as compared to their more symmetrical 4,4' counterpart) were not exploited in much detail presumably because of the difficulty in their synthetic accessibility. To get access to such N-donor ditopic ligands having diverse ligating topology, much efforts have been focused in the last decade or so to design such positional isomers of 4,4'-bipyridine having a non-innocent backbone (capable of forming hydrogen bond). The principal focus of such studies is to decipher the effect of diverse ligating topology and the non-innocent backbone of the ligands on the overall supramolecular structures and functions of the resultant CPs. This tutorial review aims at highlighting some of the developments of such structurally diverse and functionally intriguing CPs derived from N-donor ditopic ligands having a non-innocent backbone.

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Accession: 052343455

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PMID: 22222840

DOI: 10.1039/c2cs15251g

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