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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52387

Chapter 52387 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bloch, Fédéric., 2012:
Critical falls: why remaining on the ground after a fall can be dangerous, whatever the fall

Schlinkmann, K.M.; Honegger, A.; Türeci, E.; Robison, K.E.; Lipovšek, Dša.; Plückthun, A., 2012:
Critical features for biosynthesis, stability, and functionality of a G protein-coupled receptor uncovered by all-versus-all mutations

Roether, C.L.; Omlor, L.; Christensen, A.; Giese, M.A., 2009:
Critical features for the perception of emotion from gait

Mulavara, A.P.; Cohen, H.S.; Bloomberg, J.J., 2008:
Critical features of training that facilitate adaptive generalization of over ground locomotion

Freixas, A.; Luque, Bárbara.; Reina, A., 2012:
Critical feminist gerontology: in the back room of research

Pitre, N.Y.; Kushner, K.E.; Raine, K.D.; Hegadoren, K.M., 2014:
Critical feminist narrative inquiry: advancing knowledge through double-hermeneutic narrative analysis

Spillmann, C.M.; Kapur, A.V.; Bentrem, F.W.; Naciri, J.; Ratna, B.R., 2011:
Critical field strength in an electroclinic liquid crystal elastomer

Gershanik, E.F.; Lacson, R.; Khorasani, R., 2013:
Critical finding capture in the impression section of radiology reports

Berlin, L., 2011:
Critical findings

Ishigaki, H.; Sai, S.; Shirai, M.; Hongo, T., 2012:
Critical findings of severe influenza A (H1N1) pneumonia in children

Honig, S.E.; Honig, E.L.; Babiarz, L.B.; Lewin, J.S.; Berlanstein, B.; Yousem, D.M., 2015:
Critical findings: timing of notification in neuroradiology

Forbes, M.K.; Baillie, A.J.; Schniering, C.A., 2015:
Critical flaws in the Female Sexual Function Index and the international index of Erectile Function

Biecker, E.; Hausdörfer, I.; Grünhage, F.; Strunk, H.; Sauerbruch, T., 2011:
Critical flicker frequency as a marker of hepatic encephalopathy in patients before and after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt

Wunsch, E.; Post, Mł.; Gutkowski, K.; Marlicz, W.; Szymanik, B.; Hartleb, M.; Milkiewicz, P., 2011:
Critical flicker frequency fails to disclose brain dysfunction in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis

Sharma, P.; Sharma, B.Chander.; Sarin, S.Kumar., 2010:
Critical flicker frequency for diagnosis and assessment of recovery from minimal hepatic encephalopathy in patients with cirrhosis

Wang, Y.; Shi, X-jiang.; Abuduheilili, X.; Fan, X-tang.; Ma, H-lin.; Feng, J.; Sun, J.; A, L-ya.; He, F-ping., 2014:
Critical flicker frequency for the diagnosis of minimal hepatic encephalopathy

TEUBER, H.L.; BENDER, M.B., 1948:
Critical flicker frequency in defective fields of vision

Romero-Gómez, M., 2007 :
Critical flicker frequency: it is time to break down barriers surrounding minimal hepatic encephalopathy

Varghese, J.; Thiravia, M.A.; Natarajan, B.; Venkataraman, J., 2007:
Critical flicker test: yet another tool for minimal hepatic encephalopathy

Maier, M.; Groneberg, T.; Specht, H.; Lohmann, C.Patrick., 2010:
Critical flicker-fusion frequency in age-related macular degeneration

Kanellopoulos, G.; van der Weele, K., 2013:
Critical flow and clustering in a model of granular transport: the interplay between drift and antidiffusion

Ratynskaia, S.; Regnoli, G.; Rypdal, K.; Klumov, B.; Morfill, G., 2010:
Critical fluctuations and anomalous transport in soft Yukawa-Langevin systems

Davis, J.H.; Ziani, L.; Schmidt, M.L., 2014:
Critical fluctuations in DOPC/DPPC-d62/cholesterol mixtures: 2H magnetic resonance and relaxation

Aburn, M.J.; Holmes, C.A.; Roberts, J.A.; Boonstra, T.W.; Breakspear, M., 2012:
Critical fluctuations in cortical models near instability

Bradde, S.; Caccioli, F.; Dall'Asta, L.; Bianconi, G., 2011:
Critical fluctuations in spatial complex networks

Fournier, J-Baptiste.; Galatola, P., 2007:
Critical fluctuations of tense fluid membrane tubules

Ohta, H.; Sasa, S-Ichi., 2008:
Critical fluctuations of time-dependent magnetization in a random-field Ising model

Wei, C-Hai.; Huang, X.; Ben Aim, R.; Yamamoto, K.; Amy, G., 2011:
Critical flux and chemical cleaning-in-place during the long-term operation of a pilot-scale submerged membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment

Freund, I., 2007:
Critical foliations

Dohm, V., 2011:
Critical free energy and Casimir forces in rectangular geometries

Oruç, I.; Barton, J.J.S., 2011:
Critical frequencies in the perception of letters, faces, and novel shapes: evidence for limited scale invariance for faces

Wu, F.Y., 2010:
Critical frontier of the Potts and percolation models on triangular-type and kagome-type lattices. I. Closed-form expressions

Ding, C.; Fu, Z.; Guo, W.; Wu, F.Y., 2010:
Critical frontier of the Potts and percolation models on triangular-type and kagome-type lattices. II. Numerical analysis

Idris, I.; Biktashev, V.N., 2007:
Critical fronts in initiation of excitation waves

Fujitomo, T.; Daigo, Y.; Matsuda, K.; Ueda, K.; Nakamura, Y., 2012:
Critical function for nuclear envelope protein TMEM209 in human pulmonary carcinogenesis

Blanc, L.; Ciciotte, S.L.; Gwynn, B.; Hildick-Smith, G.J.; Pierce, E.L.; Soltis, K.A.; Cooney, J.D.; Paw, B.H.; Peters, L.L., 2012:
Critical function for the Ras-GTPase activating protein RASA3 in vertebrate erythropoiesis and megakaryopoiesis

Weber, S.; Eckert, D.; Nettersheim, D.; Gillis, A.J.M.; Schäfer, S.; Kuckenberg, P.; Ehlermann, J.; Werling, U.; Biermann, K.; Looijenga, L.H.J.; Schorle, H., 2010:
Critical function of AP-2 gamma/TCFAP2C in mouse embryonic germ cell maintenance

Okada, K.; Miyake, H.; Yamaguchi, K.; Chiba, K.; Maeta, K.; Bilasy, S.E.; Edamatsu, H.; Kataoka, T.; Fujisawa, M., 2014:
Critical function of RA-GEF-2/Rapgef6, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Rap1, in mouse spermatogenesis

Aksoy, M.; Pootakham, W.; Grossman, A.R., 2015:
Critical function of a Chlamydomonas reinhardtii putative polyphosphate polymerase subunit during nutrient deprivation

Tosa, N.; Iwai, A.; Tanaka, T.; Kumagai, T.; Nitta, T.; Chiba, S.; Maeda, M.; Takahama, Y.; Uede, T.; Miyazaki, T., 2010:
Critical function of death-associated protein 3 in T cell receptor-mediated apoptosis induction

Ma, Y.; Gong, Y.; Cheng, Z.; Loganathan, S.; Kao, C.; Sarkaria, J.N.; Abel, T.W.; Wang, J., 2015:
Critical functions of RhoB in support of glioblastoma tumorigenesis

Cavero, S.; Limbo, O.; Russell, P., 2011:
Critical functions of Rpa3/Ssb3 in S-phase DNA damage responses in fission yeast

Hornung, V.; Latz, E., 2010:
Critical functions of priming and lysosomal damage for NLRP3 activation

Stephenson, J., 2014:
Critical gap blights new staffing rules

Henderson, D.K.; Palmore, T.N., 2011:
Critical gaps in knowledge of the epidemiology and pathophysiology of healthcare‐associated infections

Culwell, K.R.; Vekemans, M.; de Silva, U.; Hurwitz, M.; Crane, B.B., 2010:
Critical gaps in universal access to reproductive health: contraception and prevention of unsafe abortion

Danan, H.; Esposito, P., 2014:
Critical gases for critical issues: CO2 technologies for oral drug delivery

Faulk, C.E.; Sandoval, A.; Draughon, M.; Moore, D.; Whitted, T.; Wilford, R., 2011:
Critical gastrointestinal bleeding at an inpatient rehabilitation center: incidence, risk factors, and the role of gastrointestinal prophylaxis

Dahmer, M.K., 2011:
Critical genetic variations in critical illness

Fahy, B.G.; Coursin, D.B., 2008:
Critical glucose control: the devil is in the details

Salinas, N.D.; Paing, M.M.; Tolia, N.H., 2015:
Critical glycosylated residues in exon three of erythrocyte glycophorin A engage Plasmodium falciparum EBA-175 and define receptor specificity

Moodley, J., 2008:
Critical goals to overcome poverty and accelerate human development

Lü, H.; Pope, C.N., 2011:
Critical gravity in four dimensions

Knöfler, M., 2010:
Critical growth factors and signalling pathways controlling human trophoblast invasion

Zhou, D.; Zhang, H., 2014:
Critical growth temperature of aqueous CdTe quantum dots is non-negligible for their application as nanothermometers

Plantinga, A.J.; Helvoigt, T.L.; Walker, K., 2014:
Critical habitat for threatened and endangered species: how should the economic costs be evaluated?

Olivier, J.; Yakoubi, R.; Gras, S.; Van Agt, G.; Delepaul, B., 2014:
Critical haematuria after prostate biopsies with RIVAROXABAN. Case report

Yachoui, R.; Feinstein, D.E., 2014:
Critical hand ischemia caused by true arterial thoracic outlet syndrome

Sypek, S.; Clugston, G.; Phillips, C., 2008:
Critical health infrastructure for refugee resettlement in rural Australia: case study of four rural towns

Postmyr, K.Jystad.; Tegnander, E.; Meberg, A., 2014:
Critical heart defects in newborns overlooked

Meberg, A., 2008:
Critical heart defects--the diagnostic challenge

Dorfman, A.T.; Marino, B.S.; Wernovsky, G.; Tabbutt, S.; Ravishankar, C.; Godinez, R.I.; Priestley, M.; Dodds, K.M.; Rychik, J.; Gruber, P.J.; Gaynor, J.William.; Levy, R.J.; Nicolson, S.C.; Montenegro, L.M.; Spray, T.L.; Dominguez, T.E., 2008:
Critical heart disease in the neonate: presentation and outcome at a tertiary care center

Merabia, S.; Keblinski, P.; Joly, L.; Lewis, L.J.; Barrat, J-Louis., 2009:
Critical heat flux around strongly heated nanoparticles

Bernard, T.; Ashley, C.; Trentacosta, J.; Kapur, V.; Tew, S., 2010:
Critical heat stress evaluation of clothing ensembles with different levels of porosity

Hiebl, B.; Mrowietz, C.; Ploetze, K.; Matschke, K.; Jung, F., 2011:
Critical hematocrit and oxygen partial pressure in the beating heart of pigs

Kuroda, T.; Hoshino, K.; Nosaka, S.; Shiota, Y.; Nakazawa, A.; Takimoto, T., 2015:
Critical hepatic hemangioma in infants: recent nationwide survey in Japan

Rekhi, B.; Navale, P.; Jambhekar, N.A., 2013:
Critical histopathological analysis of 25 dedifferentiated liposarcomas, including uncommon variants, reviewed at a Tertiary Cancer Referral Center

Teughels, W.; Merheb, J.; Quirynen, M., 2009:
Critical horizontal dimensions of interproximal and buccal bone around implants for optimal aesthetic outcomes: a systematic review

Atkin, A.J.; Gorely, T.; Biddle, S.J.H.; Marshall, S.J.; Cameron, N., 2009:
Critical hours: physical activity and sedentary behavior of adolescents after school

Orlov, I.A.; Malovichko, I.A., 2012:
Critical hydrocephalus in children (causative factors, results of treatment)

Cabana, Jérôme.; Holleran, B.; Beaulieu, M-Ève.; Leduc, R.; Escher, E.; Guillemette, Gétan.; Lavigne, P., 2013:
Critical hydrogen bond formation for activation of the angiotensin II type 1 receptor

Limbach, H-Heinrich.; Chan-Huot, M.; Sharif, S.; Tolstoy, P.M.; Shenderovich, I.G.; Denisov, G.S.; Toney, M.D., 2011:
Critical hydrogen bonds and protonation states of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate revealed by NMR

Shukla, P.; Kharwanlang, R.S., 2011:
Critical hysteresis in random-field XY and Heisenberg models

Allport, T.; Read, L.; Nadel, S.; Levin, M., 2008:
Critical illness and amputation in meningococcal septicemia: is life worth saving?

Lapinsky, S.E., 2010:
Critical illness as a result of influenza A/H1N1 infection in pregnancy

Anonymous, 2010:
Critical illness due to 2009 A/H1N1 influenza in pregnant and postpartum women: population based cohort study

Vanwijngaerden, Y-Mee.; Wauters, J.; Langouche, L.; Vander Perre, S.; Liddle, C.; Coulter, S.; Vanderborght, S.; Roskams, T.; Wilmer, A.; Van den Berghe, G.; Mesotten, D., 2012:
Critical illness evokes elevated circulating bile acids related to altered hepatic transporter and nuclear receptor expression

Rice, T.W.; Rubinson, L.; Uyeki, T.M.; Vaughn, F.L.; John, B.B.; Miller, R.R.; Higgs, E.; Randolph, A.G.; Smoot, B.Elizabeth.; Thompson, B.Taylor.; Hough, C.; Neff, M.; Sims, K.; Ungar, A.; Steingrub, J.; Braden, E.; DeSouza, L.; Germain, J.; Tidswell, M.; Kardos, C.; Kelley, D.; Kozikowski, L.; Ouellette, S.; Guntupalli, K.; Bandi, V.; Pope, C.; Ross, C.; Brower, R.; Mendez-Tellez, P.; Oakjones, K.; Sevransky, J.; Workneh, A.; Shanholtz, C.; Holmatova, A.; Netzer, G.; Rock, P.; Sampaio, A.; Tit, 2012:
Critical illness from 2009 pandemic influenza A virus and bacterial coinfection in the United States

Ulate, K.P.; Raj, S.; Rotta, A.T., 2012:
Critical illness hyperglycemia in pediatric cardiac surgery

Steil, G.M.; Agus, M.S.D., 2009:
Critical illness hyperglycemia: is failure of the beta-cell to meet extreme insulin demand indicative of dysfunction?

Kanter, R.K., 2010:
Critical illness in children with comorbidities: increasing but preventable

Jouvet, P.; Hutchison, J.; Pinto, R.; Menon, K.; Rodin, R.; Choong, K.; Kesselman, M.; Veroukis, S.; André Dugas, M.; Santschi, M.; Guerguerian, A-Marie.; Withington, D.; Alsaati, B.; Joffe, A.R.; Drews, T.; Skippen, P.; Rolland, E.; Kumar, A.; Fowler, R.; Hall, R.; Greene, R.; Julien, L.; Wright, D.; Lauzier, Fçois.; Turgeon, A.; Roy, C.; Lellouche, Fçois.; Ferland, M-Claude.; André Dugas, M.; Poirier, G.; Lamontagne, Fçois.; Santschi, M.; Jouvet, P.; Lacroix, J.; Fontaine, A.Marie.; Khwaj, 2011:
Critical illness in children with influenza A/pH1N1 2009 infection in Canada

Baker, T.; Schultz, M.J.; Dünser, M.W., 2011:
Critical illness in developing countries: dying in the dark

Giuliani, E.; Coppi, F.; Bertolotti, V.; Gorlato, G.; Zavatta, M.; Barbieri, A., 2014:
Critical illness in energy metabolism genetic disorder: rhabdomyolysis, acute kidney injury, respiratory arrest

Chant, C.; Wang, A.; Burns, K.E.A.; dos Santos, C.C.; Hwang, S.W.; Friedrich, J.O.; Smith, O.M., 2014:
Critical illness in homeless persons is poorly studied: a systematic review of the literature

Swinebroad, E.Lockwood., 2018:
Borreliosis in Sport Horse Practice

Arendts, G.; Stone, S.F.; Fatovich, D.M.; van Eeden, P.; MacDonald, E.; Brown, S.G.A., 2012:
Critical illness in the emergency department: lessons learnt from the first 12 months of enrolments in the Critical Illness and Shock Study

Langouche, L.; Marques, M.B.; Ingels, C.; Gunst, J.; Derde, S.; Vander Perre, S.; D'Hoore, Aé.; Van den Berghe, G., 2012:
Critical illness induces alternative activation of M2 macrophages in adipose tissue

Marques, M.; Perre, S.; Aertgeerts, A.; Derde, S.; Güiza, F.; Casaer, M.P.; Hermans, G.; Van den Berghe, G.; Langouche, L., 2015:
Critical illness induces nutrient-independent adipogenesis and accumulation of alternatively activated tissue macrophages

Ince, I.; de Wildt, S.N.; Peeters, M.Y.M.; Murry, D.J.; Tibboel, D.; Danhof, M.; Knibbe, C.A.J., 2013:
Critical illness is a major determinant of midazolam clearance in children aged 1 month to 17 years

Marshall, J.C., 2011:
Critical illness is an iatrogenic disorder

Latronico, N.; Tomelleri, G.; Filosto, M., 2013:
Critical illness myopathy

Baum, P.; Bercker, S.; Villmann, T.; Classen, J.; Hermann, W., 2011:
Critical illness myopathy and neuropathy (CRIMYN). Electroneurographic classification

Pattanshetty, R.B.; Gaude, G.S., 2011:
Critical illness myopathy and polyneuropathy - A challenge for physiotherapists in the intensive care units

Koch, S.; Spuler, S.; Deja, M.; Bierbrauer, J.; Dimroth, A.; Behse, F.; Spies, C.D.; Wernecke, K-D.; Weber-Carstens, S., 2011:
Critical illness myopathy is frequent: accompanying neuropathy protracts ICU discharge

Fernández-Lorente, Jé.; Esteban, A.; Salinero, E.; Traba, A.; Prieto, J.; Palencia, E., 2010:
Critical illness myopathy. Neurophysiological and muscular biopsy assessment in 33 patients

Young, G.Bryan., 2008:
Critical illness myopathy: a direct role for endotoxin

Young, G.Bryan., 2008:
Critical illness myopathy: deeper insights

De Jonghe, B.; Lacherade, J-Claude.; Durand, M-Christine.; Sharshar, T., 2008:
Critical illness neuromuscular syndromes

Goodman, B.P.; Boon, A.J., 2008:
Critical illness neuromyopathy

Fan, E.; Zanni, J.M.; Dennison, C.R.; Lepre, S.J.; Needham, D.M., 2009:
Critical illness neuromyopathy and muscle weakness in patients in the intensive care unit

Fan, E., 2012:
Critical illness neuromyopathy and the role of physical therapy and rehabilitation in critically ill patients

Lott, J.P.; Iwashyna, T.J.; Christie, J.D.; Asch, D.A.; Kramer, A.A.; Kahn, J.M., 2009:
Critical illness outcomes in specialty versus general intensive care units

Confer, J.; Wolcott, J.; Hayes, R., 2013:
Critical illness polyneuromyopathy

Doherty, N.; Steen, C.D., 2011:
Critical illness polyneuromyopathy (CIPNM); rehabilitation during critical illness. Therapeutic options in nursing to promote recovery: a review of the literature

Adamovic, T.; Willems, A.; Vanasse, M.; D'Anjou, G.; Robitaille, Y.; Litalien, C.; Gauvin, F., 2009:
Critical illness polyneuromyopathy in a child with severe demyelinating myelitis

Wu, J-Yu.; Wu, S-Gin.; Sun, H-Yun.; Kuo, P-Hung.; Yang, P-Chyr., 2009:
Critical illness polyneuromyopathy in a patient with disseminated cryptococcal infection

Nishikawa, T.; Okamoto, Y.; Tanabe, T.; Kodama, Y.; Shinkoda, Y.; Kawano, Y., 2009:
Critical illness polyneuropathy after Bacillus cereus sepsis in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Kikuchi, E.; Kubota, M.; Kamei, K.; Ito, S., 2010:
Critical illness polyneuropathy after septic peritonitis in a boy with nephrotic syndrome

Grimm, A.; Günther, A.; Witte, O.W.; Axer, H., 2013:
Critical illness polyneuropathy and critical illness myopathy

Wang, X-Ke.; Zhu, J.; Zhang, H-Liang., 2013:
Critical illness polyneuropathy and myopathy are common neuromuscular complications secondary to sepsis

Hirabayashi, K.; Shiohara, M.; Suzuki, T.; Saito, S.; Tanaka, M.; Yanagisawa, R.; Tsuruta, G.; Fukuyama, T.; Hidaka, Y.; Nakazawa, Y.; Shimizu, T.; Sakashita, K.; Koike, K., 2012:
Critical illness polyneuropathy and myopathy caused by Bacillus cereus sepsis in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Li, Y-Mei.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, Y-Fei., 2013:
Critical illness polyneuropathy and myopathy in 2 children

Latronico, N.; Bolton, C.F., 2011:
Critical illness polyneuropathy and myopathy: a major cause of muscle weakness and paralysis

Zhou, C.; Wu, L.; Ni, F.; Ji, W.; Wu, J.; Zhang, H., 2014:
Critical illness polyneuropathy and myopathy: a systematic review

Mullassery, D.; Curran, A.; Losty, P.D., 2008:
Critical illness polyneuropathy following childhood appendicitis

Tan, S.; Chen, J.; Chen, R-qing.; Liu, H.; Guo, Y.; Li, C.; Zhang, M-hui.; Chen, Z-zhou., 2013:
Critical illness polyneuropathy in a patient with Parkinson disease: a case report and review of the literature

Chan, Q.; Ng, K.; Vandervord, J., 2010:
Critical illness polyneuropathy in patients with major burn injuries

Oehmichen, F.; Pohl, M.; Schlosser, R.; Stogowski, D.; Toppel, D.; Mehrholz, J., 2012:
Critical illness polyneuropathy und polymyopathy. How certain is the clinical diagnosis in patients with weaning failure?

Gatti, G.; Grassi, P.; Silvestri, L.; Zingone, B., 2007:
Critical illness polyneuropathy. Regression following cardiac operation

Wang, X-Ke.; Zhang, H-Liang.; Zhu, J., 2013:
Critical illness polyneuropathy/critical illness myopathy and acute motor-sensory axonal neuropathy

Celik, C.; Ucan, H.; Alemdaroglu, E.; Oktay, F., 2012:
Critical illness polyneuropathy: a case report

Charisius, J.; Stiefel, M.; Merkel, N.; Kornhuber, M.; Haase, R.; Kramm, C.Maria., 2009:
Critical illness polyneuropathy: a rare but serious adverse event in pediatric oncology

Zandstra, D.Freark.; Petros, A.J.; Silvestri, L.; van Saene, H.K.F.; Taylor, N., 2012:
Critical illness related pneumonia rather than Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP)

Iverson, E.; Celious, A.; Shehane, E.; Oerke, M.; Warren, V.; Eastman, A.; Kennedy, C.R.; Freeman, B.D., 2014:
Critical illness research involving collection of genomic data: the conundrum posed by low levels of genomic literacy among surrogate decision makers for critically ill patients

Knight, M.; Pierce, M.; Seppelt, I.; Kurinczuk, J.J.; Spark, P.; Brocklehurst, P.; McLintock, C.; Sullivan, E., 2011:
Critical illness with AH1N1v influenza in pregnancy: a comparison of two population-based cohorts

Foster, J., 2009:
Critical illness--a lived reality for patients and their families

Smith, F.Gao.; Sheehy, A.M.; Vincent, J-Louis.; Coursin, D.B., 2012:
Critical illness-induced dysglycaemia: diabetes and beyond

Marik, P.E., 2009:
Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency

Yang, Y.; Liu, L.; Jiang, D.; Wang, J.; Ye, Z.; Ye, J.; Chao, J.; Zhao, M.; Ao, D.; Qiu, H., 2014:
Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency after multiple traumas: a multicenter, prospective cohort study

Annane, D.; Meduri, G.Umberto.; Marik, P., 2008:
Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency and community-acquired pneumonia: back to the future!

Peyton, J.L.; Burkitt, J.M., 2009:
Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency in a dog with septic shock

Gibbison, B.; Lightman, S.L., 2014:
Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency in cardiogenic shock

Levy-Shraga, Y.; Pinhas-Hamiel, O., 2014:
Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency in children

Tsai, M-Hung.; Huang, H-Chun.; Peng, Y-Shing.; Chen, Y-Chang.; Tian, Y-Chung.; Yang, C-Wei.; Lien, J-Min.; Fang, J-Tseng.; Wu, C-Shyong.; Lee, F-Yauh., 2015:
Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency in cirrhotic patients with acute gastroesophageal variceal bleeding: risk factors and association with outcome*

Triantos, C.K.; Marzigie, M.; Fede, G.; Michalaki, M.; Giannakopoulou, D.; Thomopoulos, K.; Garcovich, M.; Kalafateli, M.; Chronis, A.; Kyriazopoulou, V.; Jelastopoulou, E.; Nikolopoulou, V.; O'Beirne, J.; Burroughs, A.K., 2011:
Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency in patients with cirrhosis and variceal bleeding

Peng, Y-Shing.; Wu, C-Shyong.; Chen, Y-Chang.; Lien, J-Min.; Tian, Y-Chung.; Fang, J-Tseng.; Yang, C.; Chu, Y-Yi.; Hung, C-Fu.; Yang, C-Wei.; Chen, P-Chi.; Tsai, M-Hung., 2010:
Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency in patients with severe acute biliary pancreatitis: a prospective cohort study

Flammiger, A.; Fiedler, W.; Bacher, U.; Bokemeyer, C.; Schneider, M.; Binder, M., 2012:
Critical imbalance of TNF-α and soluble TNF receptor 1 in a patient with macrophage activation syndrome: potential implications for diagnostics and treatment

Pöntynen, N.; Strengell, M.; Sillanpää, N.; Saharinen, J.; Ulmanen, I.; Julkunen, I.; Peltonen, L., 2008:
Critical immunological pathways are downregulated in APECED patient dendritic cells

Majumdar, S.R.; McAlister, F.A.; Johnson, J.A.; Weir, D.L.; Bellerose, D.; Hanley, D.A.; Russell, A.S.; Rowe, B.H., 2016:
Critical impact of patient knowledge and bone density testing on starting osteoporosis treatment after fragility fracture: secondary analyses from two controlled trials

Richardson-Lobbedez, M.; Ennezat, P.Vladimir.; Maréchaux, S., 2009:
Critical impact of pressure recovery on assessment of aortic valve stenosis

Peters, L.J.; O'Sullivan, B.; Giralt, J.; Fitzgerald, T.J.; Trotti, A.; Bernier, J.; Bourhis, J.; Yuen, K.; Fisher, R.; Rischin, D., 2010:
Critical impact of radiotherapy protocol compliance and quality in the treatment of advanced head and neck cancer: results from TROG 02.02

Steinbach, W.J., 2011:
Critical importance of antifungal dosing in children

Braun, B.; Brooks, G.A., 2007:
Critical importance of controlling energy status to understand the effects of "exercise" on metabolism

Forsyth, K.D., 2009:
Critical importance of effective supervision in postgraduate medical education

Denis, B.; Guiguet, M.; de Castro, N.; Mechaï, Fédéric.; Revest, M.; Mahamat, A.; Gregoire, G.Melica.; Lortholary, O.; Costagliola, D., 2015:
Critical importance of long-term adherence to care in HIV infected patients in the cART era: new insights from Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia cases over 2004-2011 in the FHDH-ANRS CO4 cohort

Liang, H.Po.Helena.; Hogg, P.J., 2008:
Critical importance of the cell system when studying tissue factor de-encryption

Hashimoto, M.; Morales, J.; Fukai, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Takamiya, S.; Tsubouchi, A.; Inoue, S.; Inoue, M.; Kita, K.; Harada, S.; Tanaka, A.; Aoki, T.; Nara, T., 2012:
Critical importance of the de novo pyrimidine biosynthesis pathway for Trypanosoma cruzi growth in the mammalian host cell cytoplasm

Inoue, M.; Lee, N.; Miyazaki, K.; Usuki, T.; Matsuoka, S.; Hirama, M., 2008:
Critical importance of the nine-membered F ring of ciguatoxin for potent bioactivity: total synthesis and biological evaluation of F-ring-modified analogues

Brunelli, E.; Garattini, S.; Borghetti, F.; Barbieri, P.G., 2013:
Critical in demolition and removal of asbestos cement materials

Mishra, A.; Logothetis, N.K.; Parker, D., 2011:
Critical in vitro evaluation of responsive MRI contrast agents for calcium and zinc

Hioki, H.; Kumazaki, S.; Izawa, A., 2013:
Critical in-stent restenosis following fracture of biolimus-eluting stent: a report of 2 cases

Hartnack, S.; Bettschart-Wolfensberger, R.; Driessen, B.; Pang, D.; Wohlfender, F., 2014:
Critical incidence reporting systems - an option in equine anaesthesia? Results from a panel meeting

Anwar, F.; Shoaib, R.Farhat., 2009:
Critical incident identification in common orthopaedic injury

Turkistani, A.; El-Dawlatly, A.A.; Delvi, B.; Alotaibi, W.; Abdulghani, B., 2009:
Critical incident monitoring in a teaching hospital--the third report 2003-2008

Choy, C.Yin., 2008:
Critical incident monitoring in anaesthesia

Frey, B.; Schwappach, D., 2013:
Critical incident monitoring in paediatric and adult critical care: from reporting to improved patient outcomes?

Bolsin, S.N.; Colson, M.; Patrick, A.; Creati, B.; Bent, P., 2010:
Critical incident reporting and learning

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Critical incident reporting in anaesthesia: a prospective internal audit

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Critical path network. Case manager coordinates care for injured workers

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Critical path network. Disease management plan helps unfunded patients

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Critical path network. Get creative in dealing with long-stay patients

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Critical path network. Hospitalwide throughput initiative lowers diversion by 71%. ED CMs, admissions nurse speed process

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Critical path network. LOS initiative emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration

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Critical path network. LOS project drops ED stay for low-risk chest pain patients

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Critical path network. No increase in appeals reported with new IM rules. Proactive discharge planning good prevention

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Critical path network. Poster alerts patients to their discharge responsibilities

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Critical relationships between endocrine and neuropsychiatric disorders

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Critical relevance of early calcineurin-inhibitor exposure for long-term renal function after liver transplantation: response to letter by Rodríguez-Perálvarez et al

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Critical remarks on the proposed "extended retrosigmoid approach"

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Critical requirements for health-system pharmacy practice models that achieve optimal use of medicines

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Critical role for CX₃CR1⁺ mononuclear phagocytes in intestinal homeostasis

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