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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52415

Chapter 52415 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Diaz, N.L.; Waters, C.H., 2010:
Current strategies in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and a personalized approach to management

Drewitz, I.; Rostock, T.; Hoffmann, B.; Steven, D.; Servatius, H.; Meinertz, T.; Willems, S.; Breithardt, Günter.; Meinertz, T.; Steinbeck, G.; Ravens, U., 2009:
Current strategies in the treatment of atrial fibrillation

Mangano, A.; Mangano, A., 2012:
Current strategies in the treatment of gummy smile using botulinum toxin type A

Oosterlinck, W.; Decaestecker, K., 2013:
Current strategies in the treatment of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Trigo, Jé.Manuel.; Bellmunt, J., 2008:
Current strategies in the treatment of renal-cell cancer: targeted therapies

Fonacier, L.S.; Aquino, M.R.; Mucci, T., 2013:
Current strategies in treating severe contact dermatitis in pediatric patients

Fujak, A.; Forst, R.; Forst, J., 2010:
Current strategies of conservative and operative treatment of the most frequent muscular disorders

Kushner, R.F.; Drover, J.W., 2012:
Current strategies of critical care assessment and therapy of the obese patient (hypocaloric feeding): what are we doing and what do we need to do?

Kaprin, A.D.; Pavlov, A.Iu.; Ivanov, S.A.; Gafanov, R.A., 2011:
Current strategies of intermittent hormone therapy in prostate cancer

Spiegelstein, D.; Ghosh, P.; Sternik, L.; Tager, S.; Shinfeld, A.; Raanani, E., 2007:
Current strategies of mitral valve repair

Hayashida, T.; Jinno, H.; Sakata, M.; Takahashi, M.; Kitagawa, Y., 2010:
Current strategies of primary therapy for breast cancer

Martinelli, N.; Bonifacini, C.; Longo, U.Giuseppe.; Marinozzi, A.; Florio, P.; Khan, W.S.; Denaro, V., 2013:
Current strategies of tissue engineering in talus chondral defects

Alfie, J.; Aparicio, L.S.; Waisman, G.D., 2011:
Current strategies to achieve further cardiac and renal protection through enhanced renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibition

Wu, J.J., 2007:
Current strategies to address the ongoing shortage of academic dermatologists

Arun Babu, T.; Venkatesh, C.; Sharmila, V., 2012:
Current strategies to improve rural healthcare in India: the paradox within

Ma, R.; Tang, T., 2015:
Current strategies to improve the bioactivity of PEEK

Snipelisky, D.; Kusumoto, F., 2013:
Current strategies to minimize the bleeding risk of warfarin

Di Francia, R.; Siesto, R.Stefania.; Valente, D.; Del Buono, A.; Pugliese, S.; Cecere, S.; Cavaliere, C.; Nasti, G.; Facchini, G.; Berretta, M., 2014:
Current strategies to minimize toxicity of oxaliplatin: selection of pharmacogenomic panel tests

Reddy, G.Kesava.; Jain, V.K.; Loprinzi, C., 2008:
Current strategies to minimize treatment-associated hot flashes in patients with breast cancer

Chen, F.; Wang, W.; El-Deiry, W.S., 2010:
Current strategies to target p53 in cancer

Mukherjee, D.; Roffi, M., 2007:
Current strategies with high-dose tirofiban

Santamaria, A.; Cignini, P.; Trapanese, A.; Bonalumi, S., 2011:
Current strategy for detection and diagnosis of hyperglycemic disorders in pregnancy

Matayoshi, T.; Oya, Y., 2012:
Current strategy for management of resistant hypertension

Tsurumachi, T., 2015:
Current strategy for successful periradicular surgery

Yagata, H.; Kajiura, Y.; Yamauchi, H., 2012:
Current strategy for triple-negative breast cancer: appropriate combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy

Asakura, Y., 2011:
Current strategy in PCI for CTO

Kuratani, T.; Sawa, Y., 2010:
Current strategy of endovascular aortic repair for thoracic aortic aneurysms

He, G-Wei., 2008:
Current strategy of repair of tetralogy of Fallot in children and adults: emphasis on a new technique to create a monocusp-patch for reconstruction of the right ventricular outflow tract

Nishimi, M.; Tashiro, T., 2011:
Current strategy of surgical treatment for ischemic heart disease

Kasatkin, D.S., 2014:
Current strategy of treatment of cognitive impairment: potential points of application of drugs used for treatment of cognitive functions

Heidbreder, G.A.; Woolley, B., 1972:
Current street language for various drugs that are abused

Cheong, W-Seok.; Shin, J-Heon.; Chung, S.Mook.; Hwang, C-Sun.; Lee, J-Min.; Lee, J-Ho., 2012:
Current stress induced electrical instability in transparent zinc tin oxide thin-film transistors

Brunner, U.; Scheibel, M., 2014:
Current stuation and new developments in shoulder prosthetics

Li, X-Gang.; Xiao, J-Hui., 2014:
Current studies and prospect of anti-thrombotic effect of Cordyceps fungi

Shi, H.; Xu, Z., 2010:
Current studies and prospective strategies in tissue-engineered trachea

Zhao, Y.; Ishiura, S., 2014:
Current studies in myotonic dystrophy

Ng, C-Teng.; Li, J.J.; Bay, B-Huat.; Yung, L-Yue.Lanry., 2010:
Current studies into the genotoxic effects of nanomaterials

Ryu, H.Kyoung.; Baek, Y-Hyeon.; Park, Y-Cheol.; Seo, B-Kwan., 2014:
Current studies of acupuncture in cancer-induced bone pain animal models

Diamant, M., 2012:
Current studies of diabetic cardiomyopathy and the advancement of our knowledge: time to learn from history, guidelines, ... and other disciplines?

Isaiah, I.Nnana.; Nche, B.Thomas.; Nwagu, I.Georgina.; Nnanna, I.Isaiah., 2012:
Current studies on bacterospermia the leading cause of male infertility: a protégé and potential threat towards mans extinction

Zhu, J-li.; Zheng, Q-xiang.; Li, W-sheng., 2013:
Current studies on induced pluripotent stem cells in retinal degenerative diseases

Lei, C-Feng.; Sun, C-Juan.; Xu, Y., 2008:
Current studies on luxS gene-dependent quorum sensing signal system in oral microbiology

Kuan, T-Shen., 2010:
Current studies on myofascial pain syndrome

Mu, W.; Li, W.; Wang, X.; Zhang, T.; Jiang, B., 2015:
Current studies on sucrose isomerase and biological isomaltulose production using sucrose isomerase

Möhlenkamp, S.; Schmermund, A.; Budde, T.; Erbel, R., 2007:
Current studies on the progression of coronary calcification

Xu, C.; Yu, C.; Li, Y., 2008:
Current studies on therapeutic approaches for ischemia/reperfusion injury in steatotic livers

Guo, Y.; Jia, L-shun., 2011:
Current study and research progress of whiplash injury of cervical vertebrae

Gao, Z-bin.; Wang, Z-sheng.; Wang, Z-qiang., 2009:
Current study on classification of bone deficiency in the revision of total hip replacement

Feng, X-yan.; Feng, S-zhou.; Zheng, Y-zhou., 2012:
Current study on the peripheral blood stem cell mobilization

Fleck, M.P., 2009:
Current subjects on depression

Tabei, S.Z.; Heydari, S.T.; Mehrabani, D.; Shamsina, S.J.; Ahmadi, J.; Firouzi, S.M., 2007:
Current substance use in patients with gastric cancer in Southern Iran

Burnett, M.E.; Wang, S.Q., 2011:
Current sunscreen controversies: a critical review

Pockaj, B.A.; Gray, R.J., 2009:
Current surgery for breast cancer

Karapanos, K.; Nomikos, I.N., 2011:
Current surgical aspects of palliative treatment for unresectable pancreatic cancer

Zigeuner, R.; Pummer, K., 2010:
Current surgical aspects of renal cell carcinoma

Ipaktchi, K.; Kolnik, A.; Messina, M.; Banegas, R.; Livermore, M.; Price, C., 2013:
Current surgical instrument labeling techniques may increase the risk of unintentionally retained foreign objects: a hypothesis

Kono, T., 2010:
Current surgical management of Crohn's disease

Ono, M.; Goerler, H.; Boethig, D.; Westhoff-Bleck, M.; Breymann, T., 2009:
Current surgical management of ascending aortic aneurysm in children and young adults

Lambert, W.Clark.; Wassef, C.; Sharma, D., 2014:
Current surgical management of basal cell carcinoma: a half-way technology?

Tan, S.P.K.; Greene, A.K.; Mulliken, J.B., 2012:
Current surgical management of bilateral cleft lip in North America

Ogilvie, C.M.; Fox, E.J.; Lackman, R.D., 2008:
Current surgical management of bone metastases in the extremities and pelvis

Yasunaga, M.; Kinoshita, H., 2014:
Current surgical management of cancer of the ampulla of Vater

Einstein, M.Heather.; Rice, L.W., 2012:
Current surgical management of endometrial cancer

Petrowsky, H.; Hong, J.C., 2010:
Current surgical management of hilar and intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: the role of resection and orthotopic liver transplantation

Boland, B.; Colquhoun, S.; Menon, V.; Kim, A.; Lo, S.; Nissen, N.N., 2011:
Current surgical management of infected pancreatic necrosis

Kim, Y-Hoon.; Kim, C-Yong., 2012:
Current surgical management of insular gliomas

Rosato, F.E.; Rosato, E.L., 2008:
Current surgical management of intestinal metastases

Velu, P.Palani.; Cao, C.; Yan, T.D., 2013:
Current surgical management of melanoma metastases to the lung

Calvinho, P.; Antunes, M., 2008:
Current surgical management of mitral regurgitation

Schorge, J.O.; Eisenhauer, E.E.; Chi, D.S., 2012:
Current surgical management of ovarian cancer

Kim, C.B.; Ahmed, S.; Hsueh, E.C., 2012:
Current surgical management of pancreatic cancer

Pavlidis, T.E.; Psarras, K.; Symeonidis, N.G.; Pavlidis, E.T.; Sakantamis, A.K., 2011:
Current surgical management of pancreatic endocrine tumor liver metastases

Kusunoki, M.; Inoue, Y., 2007:
Current surgical management of rectal cancer

Perovic, S.V.; Djinovic, R.P., 2011:
Current surgical management of severe peyronie's disease

Grucela, A.; Steinhagen, R.M., 2010:
Current surgical management of ulcerative colitis

Baek, M.; Kim, K.Do., 2013:
Current surgical management of vesicoureteral reflux

Holló, Gábor., 2014:
Current surgical methods for advanced glaucoma

Peretti, G.M.; Pozzi, A.; Ballis, R.; Deponti, D.; Pellacci, F., 2011:
Current surgical options for articular cartilage repair

Di Maio, S.; Rostomily, R.; Sekhar, L.N., 2012 :
Current surgical outcomes for cranial base chordomas: cohort study of 95 patients

Valverde, A.; Goasguen, N.; Houdart, R.; Mosnier, H., 2011:
Current surgical practice has rationales that are ignored by medical guidelines

Katzel, E.B.; Basile, P.; Koltz, P.F.; Marcus, J.R.; Girotto, J.A., 2009:
Current surgical practices in cleft care: cleft palate repair techniques and postoperative care

Sitzman, T.J.; Girotto, J.A.; Marcus, J.R., 2008:
Current surgical practices in cleft care: unilateral cleft lip repair

Mikami, M.; Aoki, Y.; Sakamoto, M.; Shimada, M.; Takeshima, N.; Fujiwara, H.; Matsumoto, T.; Kita, T.; Takizawa, K., 2014:
Current surgical principle for uterine cervical cancer of stages Ia2, Ib1, and IIa1 in Japan: a survey of the Japanese Gynecologic Oncology Group

Touzopoulos, P.; Karanikas, M.; Zarogoulidis, P.; Mitrakas, A.; Porpodis, K.; Katsikogiannis, N.; Zervas, V.; Kouroumichakis, I.; Constantinidis, T.C.; Mikroulis, D.; Tsimogiannis, K.E., 2012:
Current surgical status of thyroid diseases

Paranaíba, Lívia.Maris.Ribeiro.; Almeida, H.de.; Barros, Lízia.Monteiro.de.; Martelli, D.Reis.Barbosa.; Orsi Júnior, J.Dias.; Martelli Júnior, Hílio., 2010:
Current surgical techniques for cleft lip-palate in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Balci, Aın.Eraslan.; Balci, T.Ansal.; Ozyurtan, M.Oğuzhan., 2014:
Current surgical therapy for bronchiectasis: surgical results and predictive factors in 86 patients

Yanagawa, J.; Rusch, V.W., 2012:
Current surgical therapy for stage IIIA (N2) non-small cell lung cancer

Lázár, Görgy.; Besznyák, Ián.; Boross, Gábor.; Farsang, Zán.; Gulyás, Gáv.; Jakab, F.; Maráz, Róbert.; Márkus, Béla.; Tóth, László., 2011:
Current surgical therapy in breast cancer

Kano, N.; Takeshi, A.; Kusanagi, H.; Watarai, Y.; Mike, M.; Yamada, S.; Mishima, O.; Uwafuji, S.; Kitagawa, M.; Watanabe, H.; Kitahama, S.; Matsuda, S.; Endo, S.; Gremillion, D., 2011:
Current surgical training: simultaneous training in open and laparoscopic surgery

Endo, I.; Matsuyama, R.; Mori, R.; Tanaka, K., 2014:
Current surgical treatment and future perspectives for gallbladder cancer

Tsubosa, Y., 2014:
Current surgical treatment and perspectives for esophageal cancer

Ueno, T.; Sakata, R., 2008:
Current surgical treatment for acquired valvular heart disease

Seyama, Y.; Makuuchi, M., 2007:
Current surgical treatment for bile duct cancer

Aimoto, T.; Uchida, E.; Nakamura, Y.; Yamahatsu, K.; Matsushita, A.; Katsuno, A.; Cho, K.; Kawamoto, M., 2012:
Current surgical treatment for chronic pancreatitis

Sakata, J.; Takizawa, K.; Takano, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Minagawa, M.; Wakai, T., 2014:
Current surgical treatment for gallbladder cancer

Faries, M.B.; Ariyan, S., 2011:
Current surgical treatment in melanoma

Nagy, A., 2009:
Current surgical treatment of IBD

Ansari, S.A.; Nachanakian, A.; Biary, N.M., 2003:
Current surgical treatment of Parkinson`s disease

González-Vílchez, F.; Vázquez de Prada, Jé.A.; Nistal, F.; Cobo, M.; Ruisánchez, C.; Casanova, M.; Llano, M.; Gutiérrez, Jé.A., 2008:
Current surgical treatment of calcified aortic stenosis

Morks, A.N.; Klarenbeek, B.R.; Flikweert, E.R.; van der Peet, D.L.; Karsten, T.M.; Eddes, E.H.; Cuesta, M.A.; de Graaf, P.W., 2010:
Current surgical treatment of diverticular disease in The Netherlands

Rönn, K.; Reischl, N.; Gautier, E.; Jacobi, M., 2011:
Current surgical treatment of knee osteoarthritis

Rossi, P.; Rosso, V.; Trucchi, F.; Collo, G.L., 2013:
Current surgical treatment of lumbar instability

Van Schil, P.E.; Hendriks, J.M.; Hertoghs, M.; Lauwers, P.; Choong, C., 2012:
Current surgical treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer

Kawashima, O.; Kakegawa, S.; Nagashima, T.; Ibe, T.; Nakano, T.; Shimizu, K., 2015:
Current surgical treatment of primary chest wall tumor

Molnar, T.F., 2007:
Current surgical treatment of thoracic empyema in adults

Khan, A.S.; Fowler, K.J.; Chapman, W.C., 2015:
Current surgical treatment strategies for hepatocellular carcinoma in North America

Douglas, C., 2008:
Current surveillance and therapeutic options for barrett esophagus

Sng, J.; Quee, D.Koh.Soo.; Yu, L.E.; Gunaratnam, S., 2011:
Current surveillance plan for persons handling nanomaterials in the National University of Singapore

Curvers, W.L.; Festen, H.P.; Hameeteman, W.; Meijer, G.A.; Peters, F.T.M.; siersema, P.D.; Tilanus, H.W.; Bergman, J.J.G.H.M., 2007:
Current surveillance policy for Barrett's oesophagus in the Netherlands

Pantchev, N.; Norden, N.; Lorentzen, L.; Rossi, M.; Rossi, U.; Brand, B.; Dyachenko, V., 2009:
Current surveys on the prevalence and distribution of Dirofilaria spp. in dogs in Germany

Low, V.L.; Chen, C.D.; Lee, H.L.; Lim, P.E.; Leong, C.S.; Sofian-Azirun, M., 2013:
Current susceptibility status of Malaysian Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) against DDT, propoxur, malathion, and permethrin

Muto, M.; Mori, M.; Sato, Y.; Uzawa, A.; Masuda, S.; Uchida, T.; Kuwabara, S., 2015:
Current symptomatology in multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica

Yu, B.; Sun, J., 2009:
Current synthesis of triterpene saponins

Burckhardt, W., 2014:
Current syphilis therapy

Wright, I.; Kapoor, A., 2011:
Current systemic management of metastatic renal cell carcinoma - first line and second line therapy

Palathinkal, D.M.; Sharma, T.R.; Koon, H.B.; Bordeaux, J.S., 2014:
Current systemic therapies for melanoma

Agarwala, S.S., 2009 :
Current systemic therapy for metastatic melanoma

Fors, P., 2009:
Current target values in diabetes not evident for the oldest old. Safety risk with too rigid blood sugar control

Yao, X-L.; Nakagawa, S.; Gao, J-Q., 2012:
Current targeting strategies for adenovirus vectors in cancer gene therapy

Wang, S-Yong., 2013:
Current task of injury control in China

Miterev, G.A., 2012:
Current tasks of public health

Yang, S.; Lin, Z.; Cui, X.; Lian, J.; Zhao, C.; Qu, Y., 2009:
Current taxonomy of anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria--a review

Mahony, J.; van Sinderen, D., 2014:
Current taxonomy of phages infecting lactic acid bacteria

Coria-Avila, G.A.; Cibrian-Llanderal, T.; Díaz-Estrada, V.X.; García, L.I.; Toledo-Cárdenas, R.; Pfaus, J.G.; Manzo, J., 2018:
Brain activation associated to olfactory conditioned same-sex partner preference in male rats

Jandial, S.; Rapley, T.; Foster, H., 2009:
Current teaching of paediatric musculoskeletal medicine within UK medical schools--a need for change

Baer, J.L., 1948:
Current teaching trends in obstetrics

Baud, G., 2014:
Current technic of phlebography; two-year experiment at Saint Anne's Hospital, Toulon

Sato, K., 2007:
Current technical overviews of sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer

Frank Peacock, W.; Soto, K.M., 2011:
Current technique of fluid status assessment

Cheung, Y.M.; Lange, M.M.; Buunen, M.; Lange, J.F., 2012:
Current technique of laparoscopic total mesorectal excision (TME): an international questionnaire among 368 surgeons

Budäus, L.; Isbarn, H.; Schlomm, T.; Heinzer, H.; Haese, A.; Steuber, T.; Salomon, G.; Huland, H.; Graefen, M., 2009:
Current technique of open intrafascial nerve-sparing retropubic prostatectomy

Domènech Torné, F.M., 2010:
Current techniques and procedures in nuclear medicine

Di Rocco, F.; Ben Gbulie, U.; Meyer, P.; Arnaud, E., 2015:
Current techniques and protocols in the surgical management of scaphocephaly in young infants

Bouman, E.; Dortangs, E.; Buhre, W.; Gramke, H.F., 2014:
Current techniques and strategies for anesthesia in patients undergoing peripheral bypass surgery

Balu, N.; Wang, J.; Dong, L.; Baluyot, F.; Chen, H.; Yuan, C., 2010:
Current techniques for MR imaging of atherosclerosis

Planken, R.N.; Tordoir, J.H.M.; Duijm, L.E.M.; de Haan, M.W.; Leiner, T., 2007:
Current techniques for assessment of upper extremity vasculature prior to hemodialysis vascular access creation

Aho, T.F.; Gilling, P.J., 2009 :
Current techniques for laser prostatectomy--PVP and HoLEP

Xiong, L.; Engel, H.; Gazyakan, E.; Rahimi, M.; Hünerbein, M.; Sun, J.; Kneser, U.; Hirche, C., 2014:
Current techniques for lymphatic imaging: State of the art and future perspectives

Cotton, R.T.; Nguyen, N.Thao.T.; Guiteau, J.J.; Goss, J.A., 2015:
Current techniques for pediatric liver transplantation

Cohen, B.L.; Gousse, A.E., 2007:
Current techniques for vesicovaginal fistula repair: surgical pearls to optimize cure rate

Sun, M.R.M.; Smith, M.P.; Kane, R.A., 2009:
Current techniques in imaging of fistula in ano: three-dimensional endoanal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging

Young, N.M.; Tan, T.Q., 2010:
Current techniques in management of postmeningitic deafness in children

Sieswerda-Hoogendoorn, T.; van Rijn, R.R., 2010:
Current techniques in postmortem imaging with specific attention to paediatric applications

Romli, F.; Alitheen, N.Banu.; Hamid, M.; Ismail, R.; Abd Rahman, N-Mohd-Afizan.Nik., 2014:
Current techniques in reprogramming cell potency

Puig-Tintoré, L.M.; Torné, A.; Alonso, I., 2008:
Current techniques in screening for cervical cancer in Spain: updated recommendations

Allard, F.D.; Durairaj, V.D., 2010:
Current techniques in surgical correction of congenital ptosis

Gerard, C.S.; O'Toole, J.E., 2014:
Current techniques in the management of cervical myelopathy and radiculopathy

Poullos, P.D.; Beaulieu, C.F., 2010:
Current techniques in the performance, interpretation, and reporting of CT colonography

Coromina Isern, J.; Esteller Moré, E., 2011:
Current techniques in tonsil surgery

Peacock, W.Frank.; Soto, K.M., 2010:
Current techniques of fluid status assessment

Poon, R.T.P., 2008:
Current techniques of liver transection

Dinh, T.; Snyder, G.; Veves, A., 2010:
Current techniques to detect foot infection in the diabetic patient

Yanagida, T.; Koguchi, T.; Hata, J.; Yabe, M.; Sato, Y.; Akaihata, H.; Kawashima, Y.; Kataoka, M.; Ogawa, S.; Kumagai, S.; Kumagai, K.; Haga, N.; Kushida, N.; Ishibashi, K.; Aikawa, K.; Kojima, Y., 2015:
Current techniques to improve outcomes for early return of urinary continence following robot-assisted radical prostatectomy

Runge, V.M., 2014:
Current technological advances in magnetic resonance with critical impact for clinical diagnosis and therapy

Vellimana, A.K.; Sciubba, D.M.; Noggle, J.C.; Jallo, G.I., 2009:
Current technological advances of bipolar coagulation

Kim, J.Chul.; Ronco, C., 2011:
Current technological approaches for a wearable artificial kidney

Horvatovich, P.L.; Bischoff, R., 2010:
Current technological challenges in biomarker discovery and validation

van der Laan, H.Paul.; Hurkmans, C.W.; Kuten, A.; Westenberg, H.A., 2010:
Current technological clinical practice in breast radiotherapy; results of a survey in EORTC-Radiation Oncology Group affiliated institutions

Tsarenko, S.V.; Gutnikov, A.I.; Davydova, L.A., 2010:
Current technologies and changing the medical paradigm in aortic ruptures (analysis of clinical cases)

Gallardo, E.; Barroso, M.; Queiroz, J.A., 2011:
Current technologies and considerations for drug bioanalysis in oral fluid

Moelans, C.B.; de Weger, R.A.; Van der Wall, E.; van Diest, P.J., 2012:
Current technologies for HER2 testing in breast cancer

Bahng, M-Kyung.; Mukarakate, C.; Robichaud, D.J.; Nimlos, M.R., 2009:
Current technologies for analysis of biomass thermochemical processing: a review

Fedorova, T.A.; Ragimov, A.A.; Bogomazova, I.V.; Rogachevskiĭ, O.V.; Dzhabrailova, D.A., 2008:
Current technologies for blood loss prevention during abdominal hysterectomy

Kordass, B.; Ruge, S.; Ratzmann, A.; Hugger, A., 2013:
Current technologies for functional diagnostics and CAD/CAM

Vinogradova, I.N., 2013:
Current technologies in radiotherapy for non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Gamidov, A.A.; Bol'shunov, A.V., 2008 :
Current technologies of laser surgery of papillary membranes in pseudophakia

Belitskaia, N.V., 2012:
Current technologies of radiodiagnosis for pelvic injuries

Rozhkova, N.I.; Bozhenko, V.K., 2009:
Current technologies of screening for breast cancer

Daemen, J., 2014:
Current technologies: an introduction

Hasegawa, K.; Pomeroy, J.E.; Pera, M.F., 2010:
Current technology for the derivation of pluripotent stem cell lines from human embryos

Capoccia, L.; Mestres, G.; Riambau, V., 2014:
Current technology for the treatment of infection following abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) fixation by endovascular repair (EVAR)

Chang, S.Ky.; Hlaing, W.Wah.; Yang, L.; Chui, C.Kong., 2011:
Current technology in navigation and robotics for liver tumours ablation

Hamvas, A., 2013:
Current technology in the diagnosis of developmentally related lung disorders

Terris, D.J.; Stack, B.C., 2008:
Current technology in thyroid surgery

Zherlov, G.K.; Koshel', A.P.; Zykov, D.V.; Karpovich, A.V.; Zherlova, T.G.; Rudaia, N.S., 2008:
Current technology of surgical treatment of II-III stage esophageal achalasia

Takayama, H.; Yang, J.A.; Naka, Y., 2012:
Current technology: devices available for destination therapy

Hunter, M.D.; Kozlov, M.V.; Itämies, J.; Pulliainen, E.; Bäck, J.; Kyrö, E-Maria.; Niemelä, P., 2015:
Current temporal trends in moth abundance are counter to predicted effects of climate change in an assemblage of subarctic forest moths

Zhukovskiĭ, V.A., 2011:
Current tendencies and approaches to the development of polymer endoprosthesis for hernioplasty

Scotti, M.Tullius.; Cordeiro, M.N.D.S.; Speck-Planche, A., 2014:
Current tendencies in antimicrobial research: medicinal chemistry of antibacterial agents and advances in the use of computational methodologies

Neliubin, P.S.; Galota, E.A.; Timoshin, A.D., 2007:
Current tendencies in surgical treatment of patients with postoperative and recurrent ventral hernias

Kajino, K.; Kitamura, T.; Iwami, T.; Daya, M.; Ong, M.Eng.Hock.; Hiraide, A.; Shimazu, T.; Kishi, M.; Yamayoshi, S., 2013:
Current termination of resuscitation (TOR) guidelines predict neurologically favorable outcome in Japan

Marwaha, N.; Sachdev, S., 2015:
Current testing strategies for hepatitis C virus infection in blood donors and the way forward

McIntosh, R.D.; Brooks, J.L., 2012:
Current tests and trends in single-case neuropsychology

Bittencourt, H.T., 1947:
Current tests for functional exploratory kidney

Rose, J.D.; Rhea, A.M.; Weber, J.; Quiñones-Mateu, M.E., 2009:
Current tests to evaluate HIV-1 coreceptor tropism

Walsh, I.K., 2010:
Current textbooks and anatomy of the prostate--a case for an update

Akel, S.; Regan, D.; Wall, D.; Petz, L.; McCullough, J., 2015:
Current thawing and infusion practice of cryopreserved cord blood: the impact on graft quality, recipient safety, and transplantation outcomes

Cumming, G.S., 2009:
Current themes and recent advances in modelling species occurrences

Scowen, P., 2007:
Current themes for community health care

Superti-Furga, A.; Garavelli, L., 2010:
Current themes in molecular pediatrics: molecular medicine and its applications

Richardson, M., 2010:
Current themes in neuroimaging of epilepsy: brain networks, dynamic phenomena, and clinical relevance

Hart, R., 2012:
Current themes in reproductive medicine

Tremblay, P., 2014:
Current themes in the neurobiology of language: Highlights from the third annual Neurobiology of Language Conference (NLC 2011)

Behar, E.; DiMarco, I.Dobrow.; Hekler, E.B.; Mohlman, J.; Staples, A.M., 2009:
Current theoretical models of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): conceptual review and treatment implications

Elizalde, M.P.; Aparicio, J.L., 1995:
Current theories in the calculation of activity coefficients-II. Specific interaction theories applied to some equilibria studies in solution chemistry

Lo, K.; Mihm, M.; Fay, A., 2009:
Current theories on the pathogenesis of infantile hemangioma

Tsukamoto, T.; Chanthaphavong, R.Savanh.; Pape, H-Christoph., 2010:
Current theories on the pathophysiology of multiple organ failure after trauma

Brett, A.C.; Rosenstock, T.R.; Rego, A.Cristina., 2014:
Current therapeutic advances in patients and experimental models of Huntington's disease

Hernández-Rivera, G.; Aguayo-González, A.; Cano-Castellanos, Rúl.; Loarca-Piña, L.Martín., 2008:
Current therapeutic advances in the treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

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