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Cyclization and ring-expansion processes involving samarium diiodide promoted reductive formation and subsequent oxidative ring opening of cyclopropanol derivatives

Cyclization and ring-expansion processes involving samarium diiodide promoted reductive formation and subsequent oxidative ring opening of cyclopropanol derivatives

Journal of Organic Chemistry 74(6): 2467-2475

Samarium diiodide promoted reaction of various alpha-bromomethyl cycloalkanones, followed by subsequent treatment with trimethylsilyl chloride, leads to the production of cyclopropyl silyl ethers embedded in bicyclo[m.1.0]alkane frameworks. Treatment of the ethers with oxidative electron-transfer reagents, such as Fe(III), Ce(IV), and Mn(III) salts, generates ring-expanded ketones that convert to cyclic conjugated enones in moderate to good yields. In addition, the reduction-oxidation reaction sequences can be successfully performed in one pot. The regioselectivities of cyclopropane ring opening in the bicyclic substrates depend on the oxidizing agents used. For example, reactions promoted by FeCl3 with pyridine lead to the expected ring-expansion process involving internal-bond cleavage of bicycloalkane and yielding cyclic enones as final products. In contrast, reactions with Ce(NH4)2(NO3)6 or Mn(OAc)3 as oxidizing agents proceed by way of external-bond cleavage to give alpha-iodomethyl cycloalkanones.

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Accession: 052423128

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PMID: 19216503

DOI: 10.1021/jo802749g

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