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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52455

Chapter 52455 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shipilevsky, B.M., 2009:
Death of an A -particle island in the B -particle sea: propagation and evolution of the reaction front A+B<-->C

Pape, E.; Roman, E.; Scala-Bertola, J.; Thivilier, C.; Javot, L.; Saint-Marcoux, F.; Jouzeau, J.Yves.; Gambier, N., 2015:
Death of an alcohol-dependent patient following intentional drug intoxication: implication of baclofen?

Luauté, J-Pierre.; Lempérière, Térèse.; Arnaud, P.; Marc��, L-Victor., 2015:
Death of an alienist: Louis-Victor Marcé's final year

Nocera, A., 2013:
Death of an infant after contacting a telephone triage call centre: is telephone triage really safe?

Holla, M.; Ijland, M.M.; van der Vliet, A.M.; Edwards, M.; Verlaat, C.W.M., 2009:
Death of an infant following 'craniosacral' manipulation of the neck and spine

Inward, D.; Beccaloni, G.; Eggleton, P., 2007:
Death of an order: a comprehensive molecular phylogenetic study confirms that termites are eusocial cockroaches

Stout, L.R., 2018:
Breaking Free From Traditional Models. Some systems are embracing new governance paradigms

Wu, M-Mei.; Fan, D-Gang.; Tadmori, I.; Yang, H.; Furman, M.; Jiao, X-Ying.; Young, W.; Sun, D.; You, S-Wei., 2010:
Death of axotomized retinal ganglion cells delayed after intraoptic nerve transplantation of olfactory ensheathing cells in adult rats

Chaudhuri, M., 2013:
Death of baby with anencephaly after mother was refused an abortion sparks controversy in India

Baskin, J.M., 2011:
Death of bamboo triggers regeneration of overstory tree in a southern beech forest

John, T.Jacob., 2008:
Death of children after measles vaccination

Maly, B.; Maly, B.; Skalnik, F., 2014:
Death of distinguished fighters of tuberculosis

Mireille, L.; Anna, S.; Marie-Christine, C.; Valerie, M.; Bruno, H.; Jerome, E., 2009:
Death of effector memory T cells characterizes AIDS

Moreau, P., 2012:
Death of frontline allo-SCT in myeloma

Boggi, U.; Amorese, G.; Focosi, D., 2011:
Death of healthy volunteers and professionals on duty for cadaveric graft shipment

Wolf, J., 2012:
Death of hospital patients. Transforming professional practice and anthropological challenges

Gupta, S., 2005:
Death of lymphocytes: A clue to immune deficiency in human aging

Gupta, S.; Gupta, A.A., 2007:
Death of memory T-cell subsets in humans: changes during aging

Stone, J., 1991:
Death of mozart

Uzdenskiĭ, A.B.; Kolosov, M.S.; Lobanov, A.V., 2007:
Death of neurons and glial cells, induced by a photodynamic injury: signaling processes and neurone-glial interactions

Akimova, O.A.; Lopina, O.D.; Rubtsov, A.M.; Gekle, M.; Tremblay, J.; Hamet, P.; Orlov, S.N., 2010:
Death of ouabain-treated renal epithelial cells: evidence for p38 MAPK-mediated Na (i) (+) /K (i) (+) -independent signaling

Miró, O.; Alonso, J.R.; Coll-Vinent, B., 2008:
Death of patients in the acute hospital: die as hospitalized patient or in the Emergency Department?

Vojtísek, T., 2009:
Death of pedestrians after trafic accidents with motor cars

Mohlin, C.; Johansson, K., 2012:
Death of photoreceptors in organotypic retinal explant cultures: implication of rhodopsin accumulation and endoplasmic reticulum stress

Davey Smith, G.; Hyppönen, E.; Moldovan, M.; Power, C., 2015:
Death of siblings in childhood and subsequent mortality: prospective observational study

Coombes, R., 2012:
Death of teenager from a drug error a decade ago has made UK a leader in safety

Wade, N., 1977:
Death of the B-1: The Events Behind Carter's Decision

Williamson, H., 1912:
Death of the Child due to Rupture of Umbilical Vessels during Labour

Anonymous, 1892:
Death of the Duke of Clarence

Gresock, M.G.; Savenkova, M.I.; Larsen, R.A.; Ollis, A.A.; Postle, K., 2011:
Death of the TonB Shuttle Hypothesis

Kiefer, B., 2011:
Death of the Web and providing care networks

D'Antonio, T., 2012:
Death of the buggy whip salesman..

Lee, J., 2014:
Death of the device salesman? Hospitals train staff to take over OR role of helping surgeons

Bossingham, D.; Morrell, J., 2009:
Death of the first white resident of North Queensland

Smith, D.Roy., 2013:
Death of the genome paper

Anonymous, 1990:
Death of the nile delta?

Niedermeyer, M., 2013:
Death of the patient - when the end is in sight

Tinn, C.A., 1948:
Death of the pulp in a sound lower premolar

Werkö, L., 2007:
Death of the quinidine durules--their rise and fall

Edwards, R., 2011:
Death of the service user: towards wellbeing and social inclusion

Iheanacho, I., 2011:
Death of the silent witness: patients' reporting of adverse drug reactions

Guerra, A., 2010:
Death of the solo practice

de Carvalho, M.R.; Ebach, M.C., 2010:
Death of the specialist, rise of the machinist

Stokstad, E., 2014:
Death of the stars

Chwiłkowska, A.; Kulbacka, J.; Saczko, J., 2011:
Death of tumor cells. Photodynamic reaction in apoptosis induction in cancer cells

Rein, J.L.; Etra, A.M.; Patel, J.J.; Stein, J.L.; Rivers, A.L.; Gershengorn, H.B.; Awerbuch, E.; Kreiswirth, B.N.; Koshy, S.C., 2015:
Death of woman with peripartum influenza B virus infection and necrotizing pneumonia

Manwaring, W.H., 1939:
Death of "Dr. O. Uplavici."

Haughton, S., 1872:
Death of "Master Magrath."

Guddat, S.Sabrina.; Tsokos, M., 2007:
Death on a sauna stove

Hinde, A.; Edgar, M., 2010:
Death on a strange isle: the mortality of the stone workers of Purbeck in the nineteenth century

Wiesenthal, A., 2010:
Death on call

Eastridge, B.J.; Mabry, R.L.; Seguin, P.; Cantrell, J.; Tops, T.; Uribe, P.; Mallett, O.; Zubko, T.; Oetjen-Gerdes, L.; Rasmussen, T.E.; Butler, F.K.; Kotwal, R.S.; Kotwal, R.S.; Holcomb, J.B.; Wade, C.; Champion, H.; Lawnick, M.; Moores, L.; Blackbourne, L.H., 2013:
Death on the battlefield (2001-2011): implications for the future of combat casualty care

Henry, E.A.; Bartholow, B.D.; Arndt, J., 2010:
Death on the brain: effects of mortality salience on the neural correlates of ingroup and outgroup categorization

Egnoto, M.J.; Sirianni, J.M.; Ortega, C.R.; Stefanone, M., 2015:
Death on the digital landscape: a preliminary investigation into the grief process and motivations behind participation in the online memoriam

Cantrell, F.Lee.; Nordt, S.; McIntyre, I.; Schneir, A., 2010:
Death on the doorstep of a border community - intentional self-poisoning with veterinary pentobarbital

Wolff-Maras, R.; Klintschar, M., 2014:
Death on the operating table and death in the early post-operative period : recommendations of forensic pathologists

Heddy, W.R.H., 1948:
Death on the roads; an analysis of 200 fatal traffic accidents

Wall, S.P.; Goldfrank, L.R., 2012:
Death on the waiting list: a failure in public health

Dozier, K.C.; Yeung, L.Y.; Miranda, M.A.; Miraflor, E.J.; Strumwasser, A.M.; Victorino, G.P., 2013:
Death or dialysis? The risk of dialysis-dependent chronic renal failure after trauma nephrectomy

Anonymous, 1977:
Death or injury on duty: compensation of consultants

Stark, A.R.; Carlo, W.A.; Vohr, B.R.; Papile, L.Ann.; Saha, S.; Bauer, C.R.; Oh, W.; Shankaran, S.; Tyson, J.E.; Wright, L.L.; Poole, W.Kenneth.; Das, A.; Stoll, B.J.; Fanaroff, A.A.; Korones, S.B.; Ehrenkranz, R.A.; Stevenson, D.K.; Peralta-Carcelen, M.; Wilson-Costello, D.E.; Bada, H.S.; Heyne, R.J.; Johnson, Y.R.; Lee, K.Gronsman.; Steichen, J.J.; Stark, A.R.; Carlo, W.A.; Vohr, B.R.; Papile, L.Ann.; Saha, S.; Bauer, C.R.; Oh, W.; Shankaran, S.; Tyson, J.E.; Wright, L.L.; Poole, W..Kenneth.;, 2014:
Death or neurodevelopmental impairment at 18 to 22 months corrected age in a randomized trial of early dexamethasone to prevent death or chronic lung disease in extremely low birth weight infants

Coté, C.J.; Posner, K.L.; Domino, K.B., 2014:
Death or neurologic injury after tonsillectomy in children with a focus on obstructive sleep apnea: houston, we have a problem!

Baugh, C.W.; Kosowsky, J.M.; Morrow, D.A.; Sonis, J.D.; Gold, A.G.; Ronan, C.E.; Pallin, D.J., 2014:
Death or revascularization among nonadmitted ED patients with low-positive vs negative troponin T results

Hall, G.F.; Saman, S., 2013:
Death or secretion? The demise of a plausible assumption about CSF-tau in Alzheimer Disease?

Miller, D., 2011:
Death or taxes. Legislators have no easy choices as extra federal Medicaid funding comes to an end

Porter, W.G., 2007:
Death or taxes?

Vierra, M., 2012:
Death panels

Herbert, M.Kennan., 2012:
Death part three (it never ends)

Kessel, D., 2006:
Death pathways associated with photodynamic therapy

Gronski, M.A.; Weinem, M., 2007:
Death pathways in T cell homeostasis and their role in autoimmune diabetes

Overmeyer, J.H.; Maltese, W.A., 2011:
Death pathways triggered by activated Ras in cancer cells

Eze, K.C.; Ugochukwu, O.M.; Nzegwu, M.A., 2011:
Death patterns among Nigerian leaders

Chowell, G.; Simonsen, L.; Flores, J.; Miller, M.A.; Viboud, Cécile., 2015:
Death patterns during the 1918 influenza pandemic in Chile

Bhan, A., 2010:
Death penalty to Kasab: time to revisit the role of health professionals in capital punishment in India

Von Drehle, D., 2008:
Death penalty walking

Chan, C.K.L.; Yau, M.K., 2010:
Death preparation among the ethnic Chinese well-elderly in Singapore: an exploratory study

Chan, T.H.Y.; Chan, F.M.Y.; Tin, A.F.; Chow, A.Y.M.; Chan, C.L.W., 2007:
Death preparation and anxiety: a survey in Hong Kong

McLeod-Sordjan, R., 2014:
Death preparedness: a concept analysis

Woltering, E.J., 2010 :
Death proteases: alive and kicking

Cunha, D.A.; Igoillo-Esteve, M.; Gurzov, E.N.; Germano, C.M.; Naamane, N.; Marhfour, I.; Fukaya, M.; Vanderwinden, J-Marie.; Gysemans, C.; Mathieu, C.; Marselli, L.; Marchetti, P.; Harding, H.P.; Ron, D.; Eizirik, Décio.L.; Cnop, M., 2013:
Death protein 5 and p53-upregulated modulator of apoptosis mediate the endoplasmic reticulum stress-mitochondrial dialog triggering lipotoxic rodent and human β-cell apoptosis

Butler, B., 2007:
Death qualification and prejudice: the effect of implicit racism, sexism, and homophobia on capital defendants' right to due process

Kittisupamongkol, W., 2009:
Death railway and Weary-Dunlop Boonpong Fellowship Program

Quiroga, E.Fernando., 2014:
Death rate by malnutrition in children under the age of five, Colombia

Wise, J., 2013:
Death rate from hip replacement almost halved in eight years

Kmietowicz, Z., 2013:
Death rate from ovarian cancer in England has fallen by a fifth since 2001

Kaye, W., 2013:
Death rate funding proposal

Bergman, R.A.M., 1948:
Death rate in a Japanese concentration camp as a criterion of age

Martens, D.E.; Nollen, E.A.; Hardeveld, M.; Velden-de Groot, C.A.; Gooijer, C.D.; Beuvery, E.C.; Tramper, J., 1997:
Death rate in a small air-lift loop reactor of vero cells grown on solid microcarriers and in macroporous microcarriers

Gadsby, R.; Barker, P.; Sinclair, A., 2012:
Death rate of residents with diabetes in nursing homes

Lubell, J., 2007:
Death rates decline: study. Source says pressure from payers may be working

Anonymous, 2008:
Death rates fall for 8 of 10 top causes; Alzheimer's up to no. 6

McCarthy, M., 2014:
Death rates fell significantly after Massachusetts implemented 2006 health reform

Goldacre, M.J.; Duncan, M.E., 2013:
Death rates for acquired hypothyroidism and thyrotoxicosis in English populations (1979-2010): comparison of underlying cause and all certified causes

Goldacre, M.J.; Duncan, M.E.; Griffith, M., 2012:
Death rates for asthma in English populations 1979-2007: comparison of underlying cause and all certified causes

Reilley, B.; Bloss, E.; Byrd, K.K.; Iralu, J.; Neel, L.; Cheek, J., 2014:
Death rates from human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis among American Indians/Alaska Natives in the United States, 1990-2009

Torjesen, I., 2011:
Death rates from lung cancer surgery have almost halved over 10 years

Lodwick, R.K.; Sabin, C.A.; Porter, K.; Ledergerber, B.; van Sighem, A.; Cozzi-Lepri, A.; Khaykin, P.; Mocroft, A.; Jacobson, L.; De Wit, S.; Obel, N.; Castagna, A.; Wasmuth, J-Christian.; Gill, J.; Klein, M.B.; Gange, S.; Riera, M.; Mussini, C.; Gutiérrez, Félix.; Touloumi, G.; Carrieri, P.; Guest, J.L.; Brockmeyer, N.H.; Phillips, A.N.; Antoniadou, A.; Gargalianos-Kakolyris, P.; Katsarou, O.; Kordossis, T.; Lazanas, M.; Panos, G.; Paparizos, V.; Paraskevis, D.; Petrikkos, G.; Sambatakou, H.;, 2010:
Death rates in HIV-positive antiretroviral-naive patients with CD4 count greater than 350 cells per microL in Europe and North America: a pooled cohort observational study

Barczykowski, A.L.; Foss, A.H.; Duffner, P.K.; Yan, L.; Carter, R.L., 2013:
Death rates in the U.S. due to Krabbe disease and related leukodystrophy and lysosomal storage diseases

Bickel, K.; Arnold, R.M., 2008:
Death rattle and oral secretions--second edition #109

Campbell, M.L.; Yarandi, H.N., 2014:
Death rattle is not associated with patient respiratory distress: is pharmacologic treatment indicated?

Mercadamte, S., 2014:
Death rattle: critical review and research agenda

Wee, B.; Coleman, P.; Hillier, R.; Holgate, S., 2008:
Death rattle: its impact on staff and volunteers in palliative care

Dick, T., 2011:
Death ray: hydroxyl generators kill microbes & snuff odors

Rai, R.; Sharma, K.L.; Sharma, S.; Misra, S.; Kumar, A.; Mittal, B., 2014:
Death receptor (DR4) haplotypes are associated with increased susceptibility of gallbladder carcinoma in north Indian population

Buchan, S.L.; Taraban, V.Y.; Slebioda, T.J.; James, S.; Cunningham, A.F.; Al-Shamkhani, A., 2012:
Death receptor 3 is essential for generating optimal protective CD4⁺ T-cell immunity against Salmonella

Xu, L-Xia.; Grimaldo, S.; Qi, J-Wei.; Yang, G-Li.; Qin, T-Ting.; Xiao, H-Yuan.; Xiang, R.; Xiao, Z.; Li, L-Yuan.; Zhang, Z-Song., 2015:
Death receptor 3 mediates TNFSF15- and TNFα-induced endothelial cell apoptosis

Xiao, W.; Ishdorj, G.; Sun, J.; Johnston, J.B.; Gibson, S.B., 2011:
Death receptor 4 is preferentially recruited to lipid rafts in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells contributing to tumor necrosis related apoptosis inducing ligand-induced synergistic apoptotic responses

Szafran, A.Adams.; Folks, K.; Warram, J.; Chanda, D.; Wang, D.; Zinn, K.R., 2009:
Death receptor 5 agonist TRA8 in combination with the bisphosphonate zoledronic acid attenuated the growth of breast cancer metastasis

Xiang, H.; Reyes, A.E.; Eppler, S.; Kelley, S.; Damico-Beyer, L.A., 2013:
Death receptor 5 agonistic antibody PRO95780: preclinical pharmacokinetics and concentration-effect relationship support clinical dose and regimen selection

Hernandez-Cueto, A.; Hernandez-Cueto, D.; Antonio-Andres, G.; Mendoza-Marin, M.; Jimenez-Gutierrez, C.; Sandoval-Mejia, A.Lilia.; Mora-Campos, R.; Gonzalez-Bonilla, C.; Vega, M.I.; Bonavida, B.; Huerta-Yepez, S., 2015:
Death receptor 5 expression is inversely correlated with prostate cancer progression

Akazawa, Y.; Mott, J.L.; Bronk, S.F.; Werneburg, N.W.; Kahraman, A.; Guicciardi, M.Eugenia.; Meng, X.Wei.; Kohno, S.; Shah, V.H.; Kaufmann, S.H.; McNiven, M.A.; Gores, G.J., 2009:
Death receptor 5 internalization is required for lysosomal permeabilization by TRAIL in malignant liver cell lines

Ohtsuki, T.; Kikuchi, H.; Koyano, T.; Kowithayakorn, T.; Sakai, T.; Ishibashi, M., 2009:
Death receptor 5 promoter-enhancing compounds isolated from Catimbium speciosum and their enhancement effect on TRAIL-induced apoptosis

Cazanave, S.C.; Mott, J.L.; Bronk, S.F.; Werneburg, N.W.; Fingas, C.D.; Meng, X.Wei.; Finnberg, N.; El-Deiry, W.S.; Kaufmann, S.H.; Gores, G.J., 2011:
Death receptor 5 signaling promotes hepatocyte lipoapoptosis

Lan, Y-Hsuan.; Wu, Y-Chang.; Wu, K-Wei.; Chung, J-Gung.; Lu, C-Cheng.; Chen, Y-Liang.; Wu, T-Shung.; Yang, J-Sing., 2011:
Death receptor 5-mediated TNFR family signaling pathways modulate γ-humulene-induced apoptosis in human colorectal cancer HT29 cells

Min, Y.; Shi, J.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, S.; Liu, Y.; Zheng, D., 2009:
Death receptor 5-recruited raft components contributes to the sensitivity of Jurkat leukemia cell lines to TRAIL-induced cell death

Li, J.; Yang, P.; Wu, Q.; Li, H.; Ding, Y.; Hsu, H-Chen.; Spalding, D.M.; Mountz, J.D., 2014:
Death receptor 5-targeted depletion of interleukin-23-producing macrophages, Th17, and Th1/17 associated with defective tyrosine phosphatase in mice and patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Zeng, L.; Li, T.; Xu, D.C.; Liu, J.; Mao, G.; Cui, M-Zhen.; Fu, X.; Xu, X., 2012:
Death receptor 6 induces apoptosis not through type I or type II pathways, but via a unique mitochondria-dependent pathway by interacting with Bax protein

Kai, K.; Nasu, K.; Kawano, Y.; Aoyagi, Y.; Tsukamoto, Y.; Hijiya, N.; Abe, W.; Okamoto, M.; Moriyama, M.; Narahara, H., 2014:
Death receptor 6 is epigenetically silenced by histone deacetylation in endometriosis and promotes the pathogenesis of endometriosis

Marik, S.A.; Olsen, O.; Tessier-Lavigne, M.; Gilbert, C.D., 2013:
Death receptor 6 regulates adult experience-dependent cortical plasticity

Reich, A.; Spering, C.; Schulz, Jörg.B., 2008:
Death receptor Fas (CD95) signaling in the central nervous system: tuning neuroplasticity?

Holland, P.M., 2015:
Death receptor agonist therapies for cancer, which is the right TRAIL?

Wiezorek, J.; Holland, P.; Graves, J., 2010:
Death receptor agonists as a targeted therapy for cancer

Nebbioso, A.; Pereira, R.; Khanwalkar, H.; Matarese, F.; García-Rodríguez, Jé.; Miceli, M.; Logie, C.; Kedinger, V.; Ferrara, F.; Stunnenberg, H.G.; de Lera, A.R.; Gronemeyer, H.; Altucci, L., 2012:
Death receptor pathway activation and increase of ROS production by the triple epigenetic inhibitor UVI5008

Luce, A.; Courtin, Aélie.; Levalois, Céline.; Altmeyer-Morel, S.; Romeo, P-Henri.; Chevillard, S.; Lebeau, Jérôme., 2009:
Death receptor pathways mediate targeted and non-targeted effects of ionizing radiations in breast cancer cells

Mendoza, F.José.; Ishdorj, G.; Hu, X.; Gibson, S.B., 2008:
Death receptor-4 (DR4) expression is regulated by transcription factor NF-kappaB in response to etoposide treatment

Chhabra, A.; Mukherji, B., 2013:
Death receptor-independent activation-induced cell death in human melanoma antigen-specific MHC class I-restricted TCR-engineered CD4 T cells

Solier, Séphanie.; Sordet, O.; Kohn, K.W.; Pommier, Y., 2009:
Death receptor-induced activation of the Chk2- and histone H2AX-associated DNA damage response pathways

Clarke, P.; Leser, J.Smith.; Quick, E.D.; Dionne, K.R.; Beckham, J.David.; Tyler, K.L., 2014:
Death receptor-mediated apoptotic signaling is activated in the brain following infection with West Nile virus in the absence of a peripheral immune response

Park, K-Jin.; Lee, C-Han.; Kim, A.; Jeong, K.Jun.; Kim, C-Ho.; Kim, Y-Sung., 2012:
Death receptors 4 and 5 activate Nox1 NADPH oxidase through riboflavin kinase to induce reactive oxygen species-mediated apoptotic cell death

Contassot, E.; Gaide, O.; French, L.E., 2007:
Death receptors and apoptosis

Parsons, M.J.; Green, D.R., 2011:
Death receptors and mitochondria: life depends on the liver

Kavurma, M.M.; Tan, N.Y.; Bennett, M.R., 2008:
Death receptors and their ligands in atherosclerosis

Mahmood, Z.; Shukla, Y., 2010:
Death receptors: targets for cancer therapy

Anonymous, 2007:
Death registrations in England and Wales, 2006: area of residence

Anonymous, 2008:
Death registrations in England and Wales, 2007, causes

Hill, C., 2009:
Death registrations in England and Wales, 2008, causes

Hoffmeister, K.M., 2012:
Death regulates platelet birth and life

Millington, E., 2014:
Death related to Ibuprofen, valdecoxib, and medical errors: case report and medicolegal issues

De-Giorgio, F.; Di-Giannantonio, P.; Vetrugno, G.; Arena, V., 2012:
Death related to aortic coarctation in a young female during sexual intercourse

Tawadros, A.M.; Prahlow, J.A., 2008:
Death related to nasal surgery: case report with review of therapy-related deaths

Shigematsu, N.; Kitamura, N.; Saikawa, Y.; Ikeda, E.; Fukada, J-ichi.; Kunieda, E.; Kitagawa, Y.; Fukuda, K.; Okada, Y.; Kubo, A., 2008:
Death related to pleural and pericardial effusions following chemoradiotherapy in a patient with advanced cancers of the esophagus and stomach

Anonymous, 2004:
Death related to restraint

Williams, L., 2013:
Death removed from daily reality

Suzuki, H.; Shigeta, A.; Fukunaga, T., 2015:
Death resulting from a mesenteric hemorrhage due to acute myeloid leukemia: an autopsy case

Becker de Moura, H.; Ribeiro-Silva, A., 2007:
Death resulting from fournier gangrene secondary to thrombosis of very large hemorrhoids: report of a case

Iltis, A.Smith.; Cherry, M.J., 2010:
Death revisited: rethinking death and the dead donor rule

Pezzini, F., 2008:
Death rituals: the southern Italy "secondary burials" in modern age

Wansink, B.; Kniffin, K.M.; Shimizu, M., 2013:
Death row nutrition. Curious conclusions of last meals

Dyer, C., 2011:
Death row prisoners sue FDA for allowing unapproved execution drug to be imported

Byard, R.W., 2013:
Death scene evaluation in hoarding disorders--Diogenes syndrome

d'Aloja, E.; Grimaldi, L.; Cascini, F.; De Mercurio, D.; De-Giorgio, F., 2011:
Death secondary to a donkey's bites

Moszynski, P., 2014:
Death sentence against Sudanese doctor sparks widespread protest

Poling, D.A.; Hupp, J.M., 2008:
Death sentences: a content analysis of children's death literature

Abernethy, A.P.; Kassner, C.T.; Whitten, E.; Bull, J.; Taylor, D.H., 2011:
Death service ratio: a measure of hospice utilization and cost impact

Guan, Y-Qing.; Li, Z.; Liu, J-Ming., 2011:
Death signal transduction induced by co-immobilized TNF-α plus IFN-γ and the development of polymeric anti-cancer drugs

Tone, Y.; Kawahara, M.; Kawaguchi, D.; Ueda, H.; Nagamune, T., 2013:
Death signalobody: inducing conditional cell death in response to a specific antigen

Pauly, M.V.; Mitchell, O.S.; Zeng, Y., 2008:
Death spiral or euthanasia? The demise of generous group health insurance coverage

Souza, D.S.; Spencer, D.M.; Salles, T.S.I.; Salomão, M.A.; Payen, E.; Beuzard, Y.; Carvalho, H.F.; Costa, F.F.; Saad, S.T.Olalla., 2011:
Death switch for gene therapy: application to erythropoietin transgene expression

Skulason, B.; Hauksdottir, A.; Ahcic, K.; Helgason, A.R., 2014:
Death talk: gender differences in talking about one's own impending death

Fareed, F.N.; Chan, G.; Hoffman, R.S., 2007:
Death temporally related to the use of a Beta adrenergic receptor antagonist in cocaine associated myocardial infarction

Baddeley, J.L.; Williams, J.L.; Rynearson, T.; Correa, F.; Saindon, C.; Rheingold, A.A., 2015:
Death thoughts and images in treatment-seekers after violent loss

Burton, A. , 2007:
Death threats for discrepancies over treatment data

Davis, N.J.; Wylie-Rosett, J., 2008:
Death to carbohydrate counting?

Field, J.M., 2013:
Death to discharge--devil in the details--or not?

Field, J.M., 2014:
Death to discharge--intended consequences

LaDuke, S., 2008:
Death to nursing care plans!

Wheeler, D.S., 2010:
Death to sepsis: targeting apoptosis pathways in sepsis

Baumann, M.H., 2010:
Death to the garden hose?

Pogue, D., 2013:
Death to the upgrade

Schmaltz, R.M.; Enström, R., 2014:
Death to weak PowerPoint: strategies to create effective visual presentations

Moszynski, P., 2011:
Death toll climbs and healthcare needs escalate in Japan

Robine, J-Marie.; Cheung, S.Lan.K.; Le Roy, S.; Van Oyen, H.; Griffiths, C.; Michel, J-Pierre.; Herrmann, Fçois.Richard., 2008:
Death toll exceeded 70,000 in Europe during the summer of 2003

Gulland, A. , 2012:
Death toll from malaria is double the WHO estimate, study finds

Cené, C.Wiley.; Cooper, L.A., 2008:
Death toll from uncontrolled blood pressure in ethnic populations: universal access and quality improvement may not be enough

Anonymous, 1895:
Death under Anaesthetics

Bishop, H.F., 1948:
Death under anesthesia during right pneumonectomy

Slaughter, V.; Griffiths, M., 2007:
Death understanding and fear of death in young children

Renault, T.T.; Chipuk, J.E., 2015:
Death upon a kiss: mitochondrial outer membrane composition and organelle communication govern sensitivity to BAK/BAX-dependent apoptosis

Harris, K.G.; Coyne, C.B., 2015:
Death waits for no man--does it wait for a virus? How enteroviruses induce and control cell death

Daub, M.; Waldherr, S.; Allgöwer, F.; Scheurich, P.; Schneider, G., 2012:
Death wins against life in a spatially extended model of the caspase-3/8 feedback loop

Gascho, J., 2014:
Death wish of a cardiac transplant patient

Gadit, A.A.Muhammad., 2007:
Death wish or suicidal ideation: implications for management

Dick, T., 2011:
Death wish. Is your conversation someone's last chance?

Zoja, R.; Battistini, A.; Gentile, G., 2009:
Death with complete decapitation: report of four suicides by train

Medina Morales, D., 2015:
Death with dignity - dignity life. A debate

Byk, C., 2008:
Death with dignity and euthanasia: comparative European approaches

Drick, C.Ann.; Keegan, L., 2012:
Death with dignity: a holistic approach

Getter, A., 2014:
Death with dignity: an individual's choice

Sadler, K., 2012:
Death with dignity: how to react to a patient request

Salladay, S.A., 2010:
Death with dignity?

Sood, P.; Zhu, Y.R.; Cohen, E.P., 2011:
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Deaths of Fellows

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Breaking Kuhn's paradigm in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

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Deaths reported from the accidental intrathecal administration of bortezomib

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Deaths under Anaesthetics

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Deaths under Anaesthetics, with Special Relation to their Pathology

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Deaths under Anaesthetics: Chloroform and Ether

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Deaths under Anaesthetics: Inversion in Chloroform Accidents

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Deaths under Anaesthetics: The Administration of Safe Anaesthetics

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Deaths under Anaesthetics: The Increase in the Number of Fatal Accidents under Anaesthetics

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Deaths under Anaesthetics: Treatment of Chloroform Syncope

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Deaths under Chloroform

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Deaths under nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia not always caused by the anesthetic

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Deaths while on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, 1990-2011

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Deaugmentation reduction mammaplasty

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Deauthorization: the insidious new payer trick

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Deb Olson, DNP, MPH, RN, COHN-S, FAAOHN. Interview by Eileen Lukes

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Deb's Last Column, But Not Her Last Laugh

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Debacle, disruptions, demagogues

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Debaryomyces psychrosporus sp. nov., a yeast species from a Venezuelan cave

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Debatable Aspects of the Surgery of Gastro-Duodenal Ulceration

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Debatable aspects of diagnostics and differential diagnostics of irritated bowel syndrome

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Debatable aspects of heart failure problem

Hakimi, R., 2009:
Debatable borreliosis diagnosis. Patients stuck with the costs

Hardacre, G.D., 2007:
Debatable perspective

Bensman, V.M.; Triandafilov, K.G., 2009:
Debatable questions in diabetic foot syndrome classification

Marshall, E., 1980:
Debate Continues on the Bomb That Wasn't

Anonymous, 2005:
Debate Over CPOE Continues

Norman, C., 1987:
Debate Over SDI Enters New Phase: A clash over goals, strategies, and schedule is expected to dominate congressional discussions; funding restrictions are already refocusing the effort

Holden, C., 1988:
Debate Warming Up on Legal Migration Policy: If domestic fertility levels remain low, immigrants--mainly Asians and Hispanics--will have an ever growing impact on the nation's culture and economy

Valle, L., 2012:
Debate about TGFBR1 and the susceptibility to colorectal cancer

Bourgier, C.; Heymann, S.; Verstraet, R.; Biron, B.; Marsiglia, H., 2011:
Debate about breast cancer: "Cons: Intraoperative radiotherapy"

Avorn, J., 2009:
Debate about funding comparative-effectiveness research

Shirley, P.J., 2008:
Debate about non-heart beating organ donation

Lelièvre, N., 2009:
Debate about the aged, which obligations?

Colding-Jørgensen, E., 2007:
Debate about the indication for neurophysiologic examination in upper extremity pain

Hodge, S., 2012:
Debate about the purposes of education

Van den Broeck, J.; Chhagan, M.; Kauchali, S., 2011:
Debate about the single etiognostic study

Ricordel, Jëlle., 2011:
Debate about the theriac in Arabic treatises

Sergent, F.; Schaal, J-P., 2009:
Debate against: hysterectomy for cervical cancer

Anonymous, 2008:
Debate among researchers over mammography screening and the potential effect of that debate on screening in the United States

Wilson, K., 2008:
Debate and cancer

Ridde, Véry.; Blanchet, K., 2010:
Debate and challenges on the topic of free medical care in Africa: "Back to the Future"?

Evans, W.G., 2013:
Debate and controversy

Cuboni, G.G., 2008:
Debate and dialogue, on the matter of education and training in public health

Comeau, P., 2007:
Debate begins over public funding for HPV vaccine

Choukroun, G., 2010:
Debate concerning the optimal blockage of the renin-angiotensin system

Friedrich, M.J., 2011:
Debate continues on use of PSA testing for early detection of prostate cancer

Kuehn, B.M., 2008:
Debate continues over the safety of cold and cough medicines for children

Üstündağ, Yücel.; Boyvat, F., 2012:
Debate continues over which method we should prefer for the preoperative biliary decompression in cases with hilar cholangiocarcinoma

Rasmussen, C., 2009:
Debate contribution, spinal surgery and economic conflict of interest

Delpech, Y.; Bricou, A.; Lousquy, R.; Barranger, E., 2009:
Debate for: hysterectomy in locally advanced cervical cancer

Weir, M.R., 2013:
Debate from the 2012 ASH Annual Scientific Sessions: should blood pressure be reduced in hemodialysis patients? Con position

Agarwal, R.L., 2013:
Debate from the 2012 ASH Annual Scientific Sessions: should blood pressure be reduced in hemodialysis patients? Pro position

Rosenberg, J., 2009:
Debate in Ugeskrift for Laeger

Samani, R.Omani.; Moalem, M.Reza.Rezania.; Merghati, S.Taha.; Alizadeh, L., 2009:
Debate in embryo donation: embryo donation or both-gamete donation?

Romanos, G.E.; Yukna, R.A.; Serio, F.G., 2015:
Debate lingers over role of lasers in periodontal therapy

Humphreys, J., 1938:
Debate on Abortion

Fortin, M.; Boyd, C.M., 2007:
Debate on DEBATE

Osborne, K., 2015:
Debate on English devolution could have repercussions on health policy

Brower, A., 2007:
Debate on Follow-on Biologics Intensifies After Release of Report

de Vendômois, Jël.Spiroux.; Cellier, D.; Vélot, C.; Clair, E.; Mesnage, R.; Séralini, G-Eric., 2011:
Debate on GMOs health risks after statistical findings in regulatory tests

Haase, N.; Müller, R.; Perner, A., 2015:
Debate on HES safety is important, but must be based on facts

Anonymous, 1950:
Debate on Health Estimates

Fox, J.L., 1983:
Debate on Learning Theory Is Shifting: Though many psychologists and ethologists now agree on using a mechanistic approach, some linguists doubt its adequacy

Chung, S.J.; Ling, M.L.; Seto, W.H.; Ang, B.S.; Tambyah, P.A., 2015:
Debate on MERS-CoV respiratory precautions: surgical mask or N95 respirators?

Eden, T.W., 1935:
Debate on Maternal Mortality

Paterson, H.J., 1939:
Debate on a State Medical Service

Hao, X-Zhong., 2007:
Debate on abolishment and preservation of traditional Chinese medicine during the Republican Period

Dyer, C., 2008:
Debate on abortion is deferred until autumn

Bifulco, M., 2015:
Debate on adverse effects of statins

Potts, S.G., 2012:
Debate on altruistic kidney donation was too simplistic

Tilney, N.L.; Chapman, J.R.; Delmonico, F.L., 2010:
Debate on financial incentives is off the mark of national and international realities

Parekh, R., 2008:
Debate on industry influence on OH organizations/T.K. Joshi's tantrums!

Tugwell, P.; Knottnerus, J.Andre.; Wells, G.; Idzerda, L., 2010:
Debate on measures of outcome

Hatipoglu, Nık.Kemal.; Bodakci, M.Nuri.; Penbegül, N.; Bozkurt, Yşar.; Sancaktutar, A.Ali.; Atar, M.; Söylemez, H., 2014:
Debate on monoplanar percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Cherenson, R.B., 2011:
Debate on nonveterinarians performing veterinary procedures

Donini, L.M., 2014:
Debate on obesity medicine

Memiş, T., 2008:
Debate on patentability of biotechnological studies in Turkey

Bloom, M., 1985:
Debate on primary prevention: A paradigmatic response

Watts, G., 2010:
Debate on sale of donor organs shows equal division of opinion

Hillingsø, J.G.; Svendsen, L.Bo.; Schulze, S., 2008:
Debate on specialist education--again. The Danish Surgical Society

Gray, J., 2009 :
Debate on spirituality needed

Anonymous, 1948:
Debate on the Act

Jargin, S.V., 2012:
Debate on the Chernobyl disaster: on the causes of Chernobyl overestimation

Yablokov, A., 2012:
Debate on the Chernobyl disaster: response to Dr. Sergei V. Jargin

Anonymous, 1953:
Debate on the Guillebaud Committee

Liu, Y-zhi., 2014:
Debate on the advantages and disadvantages of multifocal and monofocal intraocular lens

Walsh, J., 1979:
Debate on the future of weapons labs widens

Ayer-de-Oliveira, R.; Oselka, G., 2010:
Debate on the paper by Feitosa et al

Garnelo, L., 2010:
Debate on the paper by Feitosa et al. Bioethics and indigenous worlds: where do we situate ourselves?

Lorenzo, Cáudio., 2010:
Debate on the paper by Feitosa et al. Is an interethnic ethic possible? Reflections on indigenous infanticide

Segato, R.Laura., 2010:
Debate on the paper by Feitosa et al. Leaving behind cultural relativism to endorse historical pluralism

Schramm, F.Roland., 2010:
Debate on the paper by Feitosa et al. The morality of infanticide at the crossroads between moral pluralism and human rights culture

Morel, C.Medicis., 2015:
Debate on the paper by Guimarães

Pinheiro, L., 2011:
Debate on the paper by Maio et al

Portela, M.Crisóstomo.; Vasconcellos, M.Teixeira.Leite.de., 2010:
Debate on the paper by Narvai et al

Cohn, Aélia., 2014:
Debate on the paper by Paim

Xiao, H-ping., 2014:
Debate on the prophylactic application of hepatoprotectants during anti-tuberculosis treatment

Rogol, A.D.; Wit, J.M., 2007:
Debate on the use of growth hormone in the treatment of children with idiopathic short stature (ISS) (Pro and Con)

Khalili, M.Reza.; Hosseini, H., 2008:
Debate on the various anti-vascular endothelial growth factor drugs

Park, M., 2007:
Debate over foie grass continues

Holt, E., 2010:
Debate over health effects of Chernobyl re-ignited

McNeil, C., 2007:
Debate over institutional review boards continues as alternative options emerge

Renner, R., 2007:
Debate over lead in air

Subhan, A., 2010:
Debate over life support equipment list moves to different direction

Kawasuji, M., 2011:
Debate over patient-centered care: percutaneous coronary intervention or coronary artery bypass grafting?

Essenhigh, R.H., 1973:
Debate over pollution

Bankhead, C., 2007:
Debate over sentinel node biopsy continues

Spevick, J., 2003:
Debate over the 80-hour work week

Simon, A., 2009:
Debate over the patient's right to self-determination in Germany

Polansky, J.; Glantz, S., 2013:
Debate over tobacco and film ratings should be evidence-based

Fromantin, I.; Grappin, A., 2008:
Debate over wound care kits

Sun, B.; Deng, J., 2009:
Debate personification of property of peaceful property of drug in cooperation of prescription of traditional Chinese medicine

Koklanaris, N.; MacKenzie, A.P.; Fino, M.Elizabeth.; Arslan, A.A.; Seubert, D.E., 2008:
Debate preparation/participation: an active, effective learning tool

Garg, A.; Guez, G., 2011:
Debate rages over antibiotic prophylaxis in patients with total joint replacements

Keogh, K., 2015:
Debate rages over how to improve the quality of care for older people

Anonymous, 2008:
Debate renews over timing of death

Smith, R.J., 1982:
Debate stirred by new love canal report

Jones, J.Redfern., 2013:
Debate, discuss, develop

O'Leary, J.G., 2016:
Debate--A bridge too far: Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease will not exhaust the donor pool

Kirkman, M.Anthony., 2011:
Debate--does a reversible penumbra exist in intracerebral haemorrhage?

Heimbach, J., 2016:
Debate: A bridge too far--liver transplantation for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis will overwhelm the organ supply

Ullah, C.; Marriage, H.; Loveridge, L.; Henn, N.; Griffiths, D.; Langton, A.; Torres, B.; Logan, M.; Robinson, A.; Baggaley, C.; Williams, L.; Smith, A.; Downie, P.J.; Moore, C.; Meidlinger, D.Karina.; Eate, L.; Morris, J.; Wells, N.; Fitzgerald, G.Louise.; Hodgkinson, C.; Nicholson, D., 2014:
Debate: A uniform issue

Rao, P.S.; Jindal, R.M.; Elster, E.A.; Salifu, M.O., 2011 :
Debate: CON Position. Formal assessment of donor kidney function should be mandatory

Agarwal, R., 2011:
Debate: CON Position. People with chronic kidney disease should have a blood pressure lower than 130/80 mm Hg

Locatelli, F.; Del Vecchio, L., 2010:
Debate: CON Position. Should hemoglobin targets for anemic patients with chronic kidney disease be changed?

Glassock, R.J., 2010:
Debate: CON position. Should microalbuminuria ever be considered as a renal endpoint in any clinical trial?

Paton, M.B.; Large, M.M.; Ryan, C.J., 2014:
Debate: Clinical risk categorisation is valuable in the prevention of suicide and severe violence--no

O'Connor, N.; Allan, J.; Scott, C., 2014:
Debate: Clinical risk categorization is valuable in the prevention of suicide and severe violence? Yes

Delgado-Escueta, A.V.; Bourgeois, B.F.D., 2009:
Debate: Does genetic information in humans help us treat patients? PRO--genetic information in humans helps us treat patients. CON--genetic information does not help at all

Boylan, M.; Kates, D.B.; Lindsey, R.W.; Gugala, Z., 2014:
Debate: Gun control in the United States

Kingston, L.N.; Cohen, E.F.; Morley, C.P., 2010:
Debate: Limitations on universality: the "right to health" and the necessity of legal nationality

Nelson, J.B., 2007:
Debate: Open radical prostatectomy vs. laparoscopic vs. robotic

Tan, J.C.; Busque, Séphan.; Ho, B.; Myers, B.D., 2011:
Debate: PRO Position. Formal assessment of donor kidney function should be mandatory

Toto, R.D., 2011:
Debate: PRO Position. People with chronic kidney disease should have a blood pressure lower than 130/80 mm Hg

Singh, A.K., 2010:
Debate: PRO Position. Should hemoglobin targets for anemic patients with chronic kidney disease be changed?

Lambers Heerspink, H.J.; de Zeeuw, D., 2010:
Debate: PRO position. Should microalbuminuria ever be considered as a renal endpoint in any clinical trial?

Dubois, J-B.; Lemanski, C.; Gutowski, M.; Rouanet, P.; Saint-Aubert, B.; Azria, D., 2011:
Debate: Pro intraoperative radiation therapy in breast cancer

Pawlik, T.M., 2009:
Debate: Resection for early hepatocellular carcinoma

Cole, A.J.; Wiebe, S., 2009:
Debate: Should antiepileptic drugs be stopped after successful epilepsy surgery?

Gidal, B.E.; Tomson, Törn., 2009:
Debate: Substitution of generic drugs in epilepsy: is there cause for concern?

Colleoni, M.; Anders, C.K., 2014:
Debate: The biology of breast cancer in young women is unique

Greenough, C.G.; Nachemson, A.L.; Jayson, M.I., 1997:
Debate: This Society believes that in the last 25 years of back pain research we have failed to see the wood for the trees - Chaired by C.G. Greenough

Fisher, R.S.; Leppik, I., 2009:
Debate: When does a seizure imply epilepsy?

Brunkwall, J.; Lübke, T.; Power, A.H.; Forbes, T.L., 2013:
Debate: Whether level I evidence comparing thoracic endovascular repair and medical management is necessary for uncomplicated type B aortic dissections

Darby, M., 2008:
Debate: a teaching-learning strategy for developing competence in communication and critical thinking

Fillmore, K.Middleton.; Stockwell, T.; Chikritzhs, T.; Bostrom, A.; Kerr, W.C., 2008:
Debate: alcohol and coronary heart disease

Hamilton, B.; Levine, B.D.; Thompson, P.D.; Whyte, G.P.; Wilson, M.G., 2013:
Debate: challenges in sports cardiology; US versus European approaches

Cox, H.; Husby, S., 2008:
Debate: current challenges in the management of food allergies

Lenhart, D.K.; Zalis, M.E., 2010:
Debate: diminutive polyps noted at CT colonography need not be reported

Slovis, C.M.; Fowler, R.L., 2009:
Debate: direct cath lab activation by paramedics

Porter, M.; Peddie, V.; Bhattacharya, S., 2007:
Debate: do upper age limits need to be imposed on women receiving assisted reproduction treatment?

Lieberman, D., 2010:
Debate: small (6-9 mm) and diminutive (1-5 mm) polyps noted on CTC: how should they be managed?

Smith, I.E., 2010:
Debate: tailored targeted therapy for all--a realistic and worthwhile objective? Introduction to Session 2

Stock, G.; Callahan, D., 2007:
Debate: the effects of life extension

Thompson, M.; Holt, P.; Loftus, I.; Forbes, T.L., 2011:
Debate: whether abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery should be centralized at higher-volume centers

Forbes, T.L.; Ricco, J-B., 2013:
Debate whether fenestrated endografts should be limited to a small number of specialized centers

Whiteley, M.S.; O'Donnell, T.F., 2014:
Debate: whether venous perforator surgery reduces recurrences

Vallabhaneni, R.; Farber, M.A.; Schneider, F.; Ricco, J-Baptiste., 2014:
Debate: whether young, good-risk patients should be treated with endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair

Crutcher, K.A.; Gendelman, H.E.; Kipnis, J.; Perez-Polo, J.Regino.; Perry, V.H.; Popovich, P.G.; Weaver, L.C., 2007:
Debate: "is increasing neuroinflammation beneficial for neural repair?"

Kozhevnikov, P.V., 2018:
Debated problems of the roentgen therapy of mycosis of the scalp

Kirby, D.R., 1977:
Debater's Views Questioned

Burkhardt, S.; La Harpe, R., 2013:
Debates about assisted suicide in Switzerland

Bryder, L., 2008:
Debates about cervical screening: an historical overview

Anonymous, 2008:
Debates and comments

Schmidt, C., 2014:
Debates emerge over active surveillance in testicular cancer

Anonymous, 1982:
Debates in brief

Sánchez García, M., 2010:
Debates in intensive medicine: Pro: selective decontamination

Neufeld, N.H.; Sharma, B.; McGirr, A., 2014:
Debates in medicine: global representation in medical discourse

Razzell, P., 2012:
Debates in population history. Living same-name siblings in England, 1439-1851

Segerstråle, U., 1987:
Debates involving science: scientific controversies

Lee, B-In., 2013:
Debates on colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection - traction for effective dissection: gravity is enough

Donnelly, S., 2012:
Debates on euthanasia

Donnelly, Séad., 2013:
Debates on euthanasia: the soul of medicine is on trial

Saucier, J-François., 2008:
Debates on joint custody

Alarcón, R.D.; Sarabia, S., 2012:
Debates on the narcissism conundrum: trait, domain, dimension, type, or disorder?

Churchill, F.B., 1978:
Debates on the origin of life

Malleier, E.; Weiss, H.; Fuerst, I.; Leipen, J., 2009:
Debates on the "Jewish nurse" within the Jewish communities in Austro-Hungary around 1900

Cyr, F., 2008:
Debates over child custody: on the position which has more nuances in the best interests of the child

Tillie-Leblond, I.; Housset, B., 2010:
Debates surrounding COPD

Galletly, C., 2013:
Debates, disputes, discussions and deliberations

Pickersgill, M.D., 2015:
Debating DSM-5: diagnosis and the sociology of critique

Pelayo, F., 2010:
Debating Darwin in Spain: anti-Darwinian evolutionary theories and modern synthesis

Folayan, M.Oluwatoyin.; Peterson, K.; Haire, B.; Brown, B.; Audu, K.; Makanjuola, O.; Pelemo, B.; Marsh, V., 2017:
Debating Ethics in HIV Research: Gaps between Policy and Practice in Nigeria

Kamimoto, K.; Morris, S.A., 2018:
Breaking New Ground in the Landscape of Single-Cell Analysis

Hickey, M.L., 2011:
Debating assessment of driving fitness

Fortier, S., 2009:
Debating circumcision

Burke, W.; Laberge, A-M.; Press, N., 2010:
Debating clinical utility

Purvis, T.E., 2012:
Debating death: religion, politics, and the Oregon Death With Dignity Act

Rock, J.B.; Washington, M.Kay.; Adsay, N.Volkan.; Greenson, J.K.; Montgomery, E.A.; Robert, M.E.; Yantiss, R.K.; Lehman, A.M.; Frankel, W.L., 2014:
Debating deposits: an interobserver variability study of lymph nodes and pericolonic tumor deposits in colonic adenocarcinoma

Shakespeare, T., 2007:
Debating disability

Madarász, J., 2010:
Debating disease: the risk factor concept in political economic and scientific consideration, 1968 to 1986

Covinsky, K.E., 2013:
Debating effect sizes

Way, C.; Townley, M., 2007:
Debating for change

Scott, J.Schulte., 2009:
Debating health care at long last

DeGrazia, D., 2008:
Debating health care reform

Reese, I., 2015:
Debating histamine intolerance: are adverse reactions to histamine-containing foods fact or fiction?

Wilson, C., 2009:
Debating international workforce issues

Lovell, A.M., 2011:
Debating life after disaster: charity hospital babies and bioscientific futures in post-Katrina New Orleans

Brinker, N., 2010:
Debating mammograms

Hemingway, S.; Snowden, A., 2013:
Debating mental health nurses' role in medicines management

Chu, H-Ran.; Yang, J.; Liu, G., 2010:
Debating on the formulation of standardized manipulation of acupuncture and moxibustion, Part I: Moxibustion

Happell, B., 2008:
Debating or doing: mutally exclusive or complimentary companions?

Smoyak, S.A., 2008:
Debating or doing: mutually exclusive or complimentary companions?

McClain, C., 2010:
Debating restrictions on embryonic stem cell research

Das, S., 2013 :
Debating scientific medicine: homoeopathy and allopathy in late nineteenth-century medical print in Bengal

Wang, S-xin.; Wang, Z-hao., 2009:
Debating some issues on the application of auricular point

Chen, Y-Nan.; Guo, C-Qing.; Liu, Q-Guo., 2009:
Debating some issues on the formulation and application of standardized manipulations of acupuncture and moxibustion-part 6: acupoint injection

Li, G-lan.; Guo, Y.; Chen, Z-lin.; Li, G-hua., 2009:
Debating some issues on the national standard Standardized Manipulation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, part 3: Auricular Acupuncture

Roberts, D., 2012:
Debating the cause of health disparities -- implications for bioethics and racial equality

Borry, P.; Henneman, L., 2013:
Debating the clinical utility of direct-to-consumer genetic testing for addiction susceptibility

Miller, M.R.; Pedersen, O.F.; Pellegrino, R.; Brusasco, V., 2010:
Debating the definition of airflow obstruction: time to move on?

Boenink, M., 2012:
Debating the desirability of new biomedical technologies: lessons from the introduction of breast cancer screening in the Netherlands

Ott, S.M., 2013:
Debating the duration of bisphosphonate therapy

Anonymous, 2008:
Debating the ethics of transplanting bad guys

Hilton, J.; Tovey, D., 2016:
Debating the evidence for deworming programmes

Dodd, S., 2012:
Debating the evidence: oral contraceptives containing drospirenone and risk of blood clots

Conis, E.; Jukes, T.; Wurster, C., 2010:
Debating the health effects of DDT: Thomas Jukes, Charles Wurster, and the fate of an environmental pollutant

Phillips, T., 2011:
Debating the legitimacy of a contested environmental illness: a case study of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS)

Martinez-Ramos, D.; Escrig-Sos, J.; Alcalde-Sanchez, M.; Hoashi, J.S.; Salvador-Sanchis, J.Luis., 2010:
Debating the mathematical model to validate the sentinel lymph biopsy techniques in breast cancer patients. The danger of bias and its practical implications

Sulmasy, D.; Moy, B., 2015:
Debating the oncologist's role in defining the value of cancer care: our duty is to our patients

Jagsi, R., 2015:
Debating the oncologist's role in defining the value of cancer care: we have a duty to society

Lorenzon, L.; Castaldo, P.; Bartolazzi, A.; Rossi Del Monte, S.; Camboni, A.; Pilozzi, E.; Salvi, P.Federico.; Salvi, P.; Ziparo, V., 2013:
Debating the presentation, morphology, origin, and prognosis of a combined hepatocellular-cholangiocarcinoma

Rosser, J.Barkley., 2008:
Debating the role of econophysics

Moran, M., 2014:
Debating the scope of a health research and development convention

Goodman, B., 1993:
Debating the use of transgenic predators

Cameron, S.; Rutherford, I.; Mountain, K., 2012:
Debating the use of work-based learning and interprofessional education in promoting collaborative practice in primary care: a discussion paper

Hanley, E.N.; Herkowitz, H.N.; Kirkpatrick, J.S.; Wang, J.C.; Chen, M.N.; Kang, J.D., 2010:
Debating the value of spine surgery

Havill, G., 2014:
Debating voluntary euthanasia

Kienzler, H., 2008:
Debating war-trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in an interdisciplinary arena

Brand, E.S.; Ky, P.; Christo, P.J.; Standaert, C.J.; Akuthota, V., 2010:
Debating "interventions" for chronic axial low back pain

Askin, D.Fraser.; Askin, D.Fraser., 2009:
Debbie Fraser Askin: a pioneer in neonatal nursing

Dyer, C., 2009:
Debbie Purdy fails to win protection for her husband to help her die

Dyer, C., 2009:
Debbie Purdy lodges appeal with House of Lords to prevent husband's prosecution in assisted suicide case

Barrington, C.; Kerrigan, D., 2014:
Debe cuidarse en la calle: normative influences on condom use among the steady male partners of female sex workers in the Dominican Republic

Svenson, O.; Eriksson, G.; Mertz, C.K., 2014:
Debiasing overoptimistic beliefs about braking capacity

Woloschuk, W.; Wright, B.; McLaughlin, K., 2012:
Debiasing the hidden curriculum: academic equality among medical specialties

Hafenbrack, A.C.; Kinias, Z.; Barsade, S.G., 2015:
Debiasing the mind through meditation: mindfulness and the sunk-cost bias

Confino-Cohen, R.; Melamed, S.; Goldberg, A., 2009:
Debilitating beliefs and emotional distress in patients given immunotherapy for insect sting allergy: a prospective study

Werling, S.; Müller, M.; Eckardt, A.J., 2014:
Debilitating bone pain in a patient with celiac disease

Telakis, E.; Tsironi, E.; Papatheodorou, K.; Nikolakis, D., 2014:
Debilitating chronic diarrhea caused by generalized gastrointestinal cytomegalovirus infection in an immunocompetent adult

Masters, N.; Niphuis, H.; Verschoor, E.; Breuer, J.; Quinlivan, M.; Wawrzynczyk, T.; Stidworthy, M., 2011:
Debilitating clinical disease in a wild-born captive western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) co-infected with varicella zoster virus (VZV) and simian T-lymphotropic virus (STLV)

Bloem, B.R.; Kalf, J.G.; van de Kerkhof, P.C.M.; Zwarts, M.J., 2009:
Debilitating consequences of drooling

Dion, M.; Cristea, O.; Langford, S.; Luke, P.P.W.; Sener, A., 2013:
Debilitating lower urinary tract symptoms in the post-renal transplant population can be predicted pretransplantation

Faria, M.; Hotchkiss, J.H.; Hajek, A.E.; Wraight, S.P., 2011:
Debilitation in conidia of the entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae and implication with respect to viability determinations and mycopesticide quality assessments

Alvarez-Pérez, P.; Rubio-Nazábal, E., 2015:
Debility after a skin rash in a 66 year-old male

Salehi, M.; Clemens, F.; Otal, E.H.; Ferri, D.; Graule, T.; Grobéty, B., 2013:
Debinding mechanisms in thermoplastic processing of a Ba(0.5)Sr(0.5)Co(0.8)Fe(0.2)O(3-δ)- stearic acid-polystyrene mixture

Coelmont, L.; Kaptein, S.; Paeshuyse, J.; Vliegen, I.; Dumont, J-Maurice.; Vuagniaux, Gégoire.; Neyts, J., 2009:
Debio 025, a cyclophilin binding molecule, is highly efficient in clearing hepatitis C virus (HCV) replicon-containing cells when used alone or in combination with specifically targeted antiviral therapy for HCV (STAT-C) inhibitors

King, C.L.; Ramachandran, S.; Chaney, S.G.; Collins, L.; Swenberg, J.A.; DeKrafft, K.E.; Lin, W.; Cicurel, L.; Barbier, M., 2012:
Debio 0507 primarily forms diaminocyclohexane-Pt-d(GpG) and -d(ApG) DNA adducts in HCT116 cells

Stenderup, K.; Rosada, C.; Gavillet, B.; Vuagniaux, Gégoire.; Dam, T.Norman., 2015:
Debio 0932, a new oral Hsp90 inhibitor, alleviates psoriasis in a xenograft transplantation model

Daelemans, D.; Dumont, J-Maurice.; Rosenwirth, B.; De Clercq, E.; Pannecouque, C., 2010:
Debio-025 inhibits HIV-1 by interfering with an early event in the replication cycle

Wissing, E.R.; Millay, D.P.; Vuagniaux, Gégoire.; Molkentin, J.D., 2011:
Debio-025 is more effective than prednisone in reducing muscular pathology in mdx mice

Khubulava, G.G.; Sazonov, A.B.; Agaev, F.F.; Kitachev, K.V.; Kozlov, K.L., 2011 :
Debitometry in outcome forecasting of lower limb artery reconstructions in elderly and senile patients

Tchorbanov, B.; Marinova, M.; Grozeva, L., 2011:
Debittering of Protein Hydrolysates by Lactobacillus LBL-4 Aminopeptidase

Marshall, D.T., 1892:
Deblooming Mineral Oils

Roitner, H.; Haltmeier, M.; Nuster, R.; O'Leary, D.P.; Berer, T.; Paltauf, G.; Grün, H.; Burgholzer, P., 2014:
Deblurring algorithms accounting for the finite detector size in photoacoustic tomography

Parry, R.; Galhena, A.S.; Fernandez, F.M.; Wang, M.D., 2010:
Deblurring molecular images using desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Park, W.; Madden, D.R.; Rockmore, D.N.; Chirikjian, G.S., 2010:
Deblurring of Class-Averaged Images in Single-Particle Electron Microscopy

Joseph, E.; Pavlidis, T., 1993:
Deblurring of bilevel waveforms

Bar, L.; Brook, A.; Sochen, N.; Kiryati, N., 2007:
Deblurring of color images corrupted by impulsive noise

Takeda, H.; Farsiu, S.; Milanfar, P., 2008:
Deblurring using regularized locally adaptive kernel regression

Elekdag-Turk, S.; Isci, D.; Ozkalayci, N.; Turk, T., 2009:
Debonding characteristics of a polymer mesh base ceramic bracket bonded with two different conditioning methods

Nase, J.; Ramos, O.; Creton, C.; Lindner, A., 2014:
Debonding energy of PDMS: A new analysis of a classic adhesion scenario

Cooke, M.E.; Sherriff, M., 2011:
Debonding force and deformation of two multi-stranded lingual retainer wires bonded to incisor enamel: an in vitro study

Sung, J-Won.; Kwon, T-Yub.; Kyung, H-Moon., 2013:
Debonding forces of three different customized bases of a lingual bracket system

Davis, C.S.; Lemoine, F.; Darnige, T.; Martina, D.; Creton, C.; Lindner, A., 2014:
Debonding mechanisms of soft materials at short contact times

Oztoprak, M.Oguz.; Nalbantgil, D.; Erdem, Aşe.Sine.; Tozlu, M.; Arun, Tülin., 2010:
Debonding of ceramic brackets by a new scanning laser method

Łapaj, Łukasz.; Markuszewski, J.; Rybak, T.; Wierusz-Kozłowska, Młgorzata., 2013:
Debonding of porous coating of a threaded acetabular component: retrieval analysis

Delport, H.P.; Van Backle, B.; De Schepper, J., 2011:
Debonding of the acetabular porous coating in hip resurfacing arthroplasty. A case report

Jacobs, M.A.; Bhargava, T.; Lathroum, J.M.; Hungerford, M.W., 2009:
Debonding of the acetabular porous coating in hip resurfacing arthroplasty. A report of two cases

Ray, R.; Goudie, E.B.; Gaston, P., 2012:
Debonding of the acetabular porous coating of a hip resurfacing arthroplasty: a case report

Nakano, T.; Ozimek, L.; Betti, M., 2012:
Deboning broiler chicken legs and wings by dislocation of articular cartilage followed by stripping periosteum

Ehlers, D.Anne.; Ehlers, D.Anne., 2012:
Deborah Anne Ehlers, RN, MSN

Anonymous, 2007:
Deborah C. Peel, MD: strengthen health information privacy

Hancock-Howard, R.L., 2012:
Deborah Marshall, PhD: An Advocate for Patient-Centered Research

Willans, C.E.; Kilner, C.A.; Fox, M.A., 2010:
Deboronation and deprotonation of ortho-carborane with N-heterocyclic carbenes

Korneli, C.; Bolten, C.Josef.; Godard, T.; Franco-Lara, E.; Wittmann, C., 2012:
Debottlenecking recombinant protein production in Bacillus megaterium under large-scale conditions--targeted precursor feeding designed from metabolomics

Celińska, E., 2010:
Debottlenecking the 1,3-propanediol pathway by metabolic engineering

Kottler, B.; Lampin-Saint-Amaux, Aélie.; Comas, D.; Preat, T.; Goguel, Vérie., 2012:
Debra, a protein mediating lysosomal degradation, is required for long-term memory in Drosophila

Li, Z.; Guo, Y.; Han, L.; Zhang, Y.; Shi, L.; Huang, X.; Lin, X., 2014:
Debra-mediated Ci degradation controls tissue homeostasis in Drosophila adult midgut

Zeng, F.; Ma, F.; Gao, Q.; Yu, S.; Kong, F.; Zhu, S., 2015:
Debranching and temperature-cycled crystallization of waxy rice starch and their digestibility

Bugajski, Pł.; Greberski, K.; Angerer, D.; Jarząbek, Rław.; Jedliński, I.; Greberska, W.; Kalawski, R., 2013:
Debranching of aortic arch as part of a complex cardiac surgery

Selig, M.J.; Thygesen, L.G.; Felby, C.; Master, E.R., 2015:
Debranching of soluble wheat arabinoxylan dramatically enhances recalcitrant binding to cellulose

Geroulakos, G.; Zambas, N., 2010:
Debranching of the aorta produces thrombosis of the false lumen in selected cases of chronic type A aortic dissection

Ugur, M.; Pochettino, A.; Narayanan, M.Anantha.; Schaff, H.V., 2014:
Debranching of the arch in aortic aneurysms

Goksel, O.Selcuk.; Guven, K.; Karatepe, C.; Gok, E.; Acunas, B.; Cinar, B.; Alpagut, U., 2015:
Debranching solutions in endografting for complex thoracic aortic dissections

Lan, X.; Xu, J.; Liu, X.; Ge, B., 2012:
Debridement and allograft with internal fixation via combined anterior and posterior approach for treatment of lumbosacral tuberculosis

Lan, X.; Liu, X-Mei.; Ge, B-Feng., 2012:
Debridement and bone grafting with internal fixation via anterior approach for treatment of cervicothoracic tuberculosis

Lan, X.; Xu, J-zhong.; Liu, X-mei.; Ge, B-feng., 2012:
Debridement and bone grafting with internal fixation via the anterior approach for treatment of cervicothoracic tuberculosis

Rodriguez, J.Ruben.; Razo, A.Oswaldo.; Targarona, J.; Thayer, S.P.; Rattner, D.W.; Warshaw, A.L.; Fernández-del Castillo, C., 2008:
Debridement and closed packing for sterile or infected necrotizing pancreatitis: insights into indications and outcomes in 167 patients

Hu, G-Huang.; Sun, W-Jia.; Duan, L., 2008:
Debridement and drainage of infected necrosis for severe acute pancreatitis via lumbo-retroperitoneal route

Fischer, A.; Schrag, H-Juergen.; Keck, T.; Hopt, U.T.; Utzolino, S., 2008:
Debridement and drainage of walled-off pancreatic necrosis by a novel laparoendoscopic rendezvous maneuver: experience with 6 cases

Brase, A.; Ringel, F.; Stüer, C.; Meyer, B.; Stoffel, M., 2011:
Debridement and fusion with polyetheretherketone implants in purulent spondylodiscitis: a clinical experience with nine patients

Kingsley, A.; Lewis, T.; White, R., 2011:
Debridement and wound biofilms

Crowley, D.J.; Kanakaris, N.K.; Giannoudis, P.V., 2007:
Debridement and wound closure of open fractures: the impact of the time factor on infection rates

Rhee, Y.Girl.; Cho, N.Su.; Lim, C.Teak.; Yi, J.Woong., 2011:
Debridement arthroplasty for post-traumatic stiff elbow: intraoperative factors affecting the clinical results of surgical treatment

Cubukcu, C.E.; Sevinir, B., 2007:
Debridement could be a solution to promote healing of established oral mucositis in children

Smith, F.; Dryburgh, N.; Donaldson, J.; Mitchell, M., 2011:
Debridement for surgical wounds

Smith, F.; Dryburgh, N.; Donaldson, J.; Mitchell, M., 2014:
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