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Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for estimation of Cefotaxime sodium in marketed formulations

Lalitha, N.; Pai, P.S.

Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacy 1(1): 26-28


ISSN/ISBN: 0976-0105
PMID: 25206249
Accession: 052547711

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A RP-HPLC assay method has been developed and validated for cefotaxime. An isocratic RP-HPLC was developed on a SS Wakosil II- C8 column (250 mm ˜4.6 mm i.d., 5 μm) utilizing a mobile phase of ammonium acetate buffer (pH 6.8) and acetonitrile (85:15 v/v) with UV detection at wavelength 252 nm at the flow rate 0 .8 ml/min. The proposed method was validated for sensitivity, selectivity, linearity, accuracy, precision, ruggedness, robustness and solution stability. The response of the drug was linear in the concentration range of 10-70 μg/ml. Limit of detection and Limit of quantification was found to be 0.3 μg/ml and 0.6 μg/ml respectively. The % recovery ranged within 97-102 %. Method, system, interday and intraday precision was found to be within the limits of acceptance criteria. Method was found to be rugged when analysis was carried out by different analyst. The method was found to be sensitive and efficient with 2216 theoretical plates, 0.1128 mm HETP and tailing factor 1. The method was suitable for the quality control of cefotaxime in injection formulations.

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