Section 53
Chapter 52,572

Di-μ-chlorido-μ- (dimethyl sulfide) -bis-{dichlorido[ (dimethyl selenide-κSe) (dimethyl sulfide-κS) (0.65/0.35) ]niobium (III) } (Nb-Nb)

Matsuura, M.; Fujihara, T.; Nagasawa, A.; Ng, S.Weng.

Acta Crystallographica. Section E Structure Reports Online 68(Pt 9): M1166


ISSN/ISBN: 1600-5368
PMID: 22969463
DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812033673
Accession: 052571701

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The dinuclear compound, [Nb(2)Cl(6)(C(2)H(6)S)(1.7)(C(2)H(6)Se)(1.3)], features an Nb(III)=Nb(III) double bond [2.6878 (5) Å]. The mol-ecule lies on a twofold rotation axis that passes through the middle of this bond as well as through the bridging dimethyl sulfide ligand. The Nb(III) ion exists in an octa-hedral coordination environment defined by two terminal and two bridging Cl atoms, and (CH(3))(2)Se/(CH(3))(2)S ligands. The (bridging) ligand lying on the twofold rotation axis is an ordered (CH(3))(2)S ligand, whereas the terminal ones on a general position are a mixture of (CH(3))(2)Se and (CH(3))(2)S ligands in a 0.647 (2):0.353 (2) ratio (the methyl C atoms are also disordered).

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