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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52598

Chapter 52598 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

D'Alessandro, Mía.Eugenia.; Chicco, A.; Lombardo, Y.B., 2008:
Dietary fish oil reverses lipotoxicity, altered glucose metabolism, and nPKCepsilon translocation in the heart of dyslipemic insulin-resistant rats

Mateos, H.T.; Lewandowski, P.A.; Su, X.Q., 2011:
Dietary fish oil supplements increase tissue n-3 fatty acid composition and expression of delta-6 desaturase and elongase-2 in Jade Tiger hybrid abalone

Bjornsson, S.; Hardardottir, I.; Gunnarsson, E.; Haraldsson, A., 1997:
Dietary fish-oil supplementation increases survival in mice following Klebsiella pneumoniae infection.

Yang, Y.Jung.; Kim, Y.Jin.; Yang, Y.Kyoung.; Kim, J.Yeon.; Kwon, O., 2012:
Dietary flavan-3-ols intake and metabolic syndrome risk in Korean adults

Horn, P.; Amabile, N.; Angeli, F.S.; Sansone, R.; Stegemann, B.; Kelm, M.; Springer, M.L.; Yeghiazarians, Y.; Schroeter, H.; Heiss, C., 2014:
Dietary flavanol intervention lowers the levels of endothelial microparticles in coronary artery disease patients

Ramos, S.; Rodríguez-Ramiro, I.; Martín, Mía.Angeles.; Goya, L.; Bravo, L., 2012:
Dietary flavanols exert different effects on antioxidant defenses and apoptosis/proliferation in Caco-2 and SW480 colon cancer cells

Milenkovic, D.; Vanden Berghe, W.; Boby, Céline.; Leroux, C.; Declerck, K.; Szarc vel Szic, K.; Heyninck, K.; Laukens, K.; Bizet, M.; Defrance, M.; Dedeurwaerder, S.; Calonne, E.; Fuks, F.; Haegeman, G.; Haenen, G.R.M.M.; Bast, A.; Weseler, A.R., 2015:
Dietary flavanols modulate the transcription of genes associated with cardiovascular pathology without changes in their DNA methylation state

Li, F.; Ye, L.; Lin, S-mei.; Leung, L.K., 2011:
Dietary flavones and flavonones display differential effects on aromatase (CYP19) transcription in the breast cancer cells MCF-7

Zamora-Ros, R.; Jiménez, C.; Cleries, Rón.; Agudo, A.; Sánchez, Mía-José.; Sánchez-Cantalejo, E.; Molina-Montes, E.; Navarro, C.; Chirlaque, Mía-Dolores.; María Huerta, Jé.; Amiano, P.; Redondo, M.Luisa.; Barricarte, A.; González, C.A., 2013:
Dietary flavonoid and lignan intake and mortality in a Spanish cohort

Wang, Y.; Stevens, V.L.; Shah, R.; Peterson, J.J.; Dwyer, J.T.; Gapstur, S.M.; McCullough, M.L., 2014:
Dietary flavonoid and proanthocyanidin intakes and prostate cancer risk in a prospective cohort of US men

Jun, J-Bum.; Na, Y-In.; Kim, T-Hwan.; Yoo, D-Hyun., 2011:
Dietary flavonoid apigenin inhibits endothelin-1-induced contraction of collagen gel

Yamagata, K.; Miyashita, A.; Matsufuji, H.; Chino, M., 2010:
Dietary flavonoid apigenin inhibits high glucose and tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced adhesion molecule expression in human endothelial cells

Salmela, A-Leena.; Pouwels, J.; Varis, A.; Kukkonen, A.M.; Toivonen, P.; Halonen, P.K.; Perälä, M.; Kallioniemi, O.; Gorbsky, G.J.; Kallio, M.J., 2009:
Dietary flavonoid fisetin induces a forced exit from mitosis by targeting the mitotic spindle checkpoint

Yang, P-Ming.; Tseng, H-Hsing.; Peng, C-Wen.; Chen, W-Shu.; Chiu, S-Jun., 2012:
Dietary flavonoid fisetin targets caspase-3-deficient human breast cancer MCF-7 cells by induction of caspase-7-associated apoptosis and inhibition of autophagy

Adhami, V.Mustafa.; Syed, D.Nadeem.; Khan, N.; Mukhtar, H., 2013:
Dietary flavonoid fisetin: a novel dual inhibitor of PI3K/Akt and mTOR for prostate cancer management

Jin, H.; Leng, Q.; Li, C., 2012 :
Dietary flavonoid for preventing colorectal neoplasms

Esmaillzadeh, A.; Azadbakht, L., 2008:
Dietary flavonoid intake and cardiovascular mortality

Kocic, B.; Kitic, D.; Brankovic, S., 2013:
Dietary flavonoid intake and colorectal cancer risk: evidence from human population studies

Vermeulen, E.; Zamora-Ros, R.; Duell, E.J.; Luján-Barroso, L.; Boeing, H.; Aleksandrova, K.; Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.Bas.; Scalbert, A.; Romieu, I.; Fedirko, V.; Touillaud, M.; Fagherazzi, G.; Perquier, F.; Molina-Montes, E.; Chirlaque, M-Dolores.; Vicente Argüelles, M.; Amiano, P.; Barricarte, A.; Pala, V.; Mattiello, A.; Saieva, C.; Tumino, R.; Ricceri, F.; Trichopoulou, A.; Vasilopoulou, E.; Ziara, G.; Crowe, F.L.; Khaw, K-Thee.; Wareham, N.J.; Lukanova, A.; Grote, V.A.; Tjønneland, A.; Halkj, 2013:
Dietary flavonoid intake and esophageal cancer risk in the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition cohort

Cui, Y.; Morgenstern, H.; Greenland, S.; Tashkin, D.P.; Mao, J.T.; Cai, L.; Cozen, W.; Mack, T.M.; Lu, Q-Yi.; Zhang, Z-Feng., 2008:
Dietary flavonoid intake and lung cancer--a population-based case-control study

Woo, H.Dong.; Kim, J., 2013:
Dietary flavonoid intake and risk of stomach and colorectal cancer

Woo, H.Dong.; Kim, J., 2014:
Dietary flavonoid intake and smoking-related cancer risk: a meta-analysis

Xiao, Q.; Park, Y.; Hollenbeck, A.R.; Kitahara, C.M., 2016:
Dietary flavonoid intake and thyroid cancer risk in the NIH-AARP diet and health study

Samieri, Cécilia.; Sun, Q.; Townsend, M.K.; Rimm, E.B.; Grodstein, F., 2015:
Dietary flavonoid intake at midlife and healthy aging in women

Geybels, M.S.; Verhage, B.A.J.; Arts, I.C.W.; van Schooten, F.J.; Goldbohm, R.Alexandra.; van den Brandt, P.A., 2013:
Dietary flavonoid intake, black tea consumption, and risk of overall and advanced stage prostate cancer

Wang, H-Kai.; Yeh, C-Hao.; Iwamoto, T.; Satsu, H.; Shimizu, M.; Totsuka, M., 2012:
Dietary flavonoid naringenin induces regulatory T cells via an aryl hydrocarbon receptor mediated pathway

Khoo, N.K.H.; White, C.Roger.; Pozzo-Miller, L.; Zhou, F.; Constance, C.; Inoue, T.; Patel, R.P.; Parks, D.A., 2010:
Dietary flavonoid quercetin stimulates vasorelaxation in aortic vessels

Zamora-Ros, R.; Fedirko, V.; Trichopoulou, A.; González, C.A.; Bamia, C.; Trepo, E.; Nöthlings, U.; Duarte-Salles, T.; Serafini, M.; Bredsdorff, L.; Overvad, K.; Tjønneland, A.; Halkjaer, J.; Fagherazzi, G.; Perquier, F.; Boutron-Ruault, M-Christine.; Katzke, V.; Lukanova, A.; Floegel, A.; Boeing, H.; Lagiou, P.; Trichopoulos, D.; Saieva, C.; Agnoli, C.; Mattiello, A.; Tumino, R.; Sacerdote, C.; Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.Bas.; Peeters, P.H.M.; Weiderpass, E.; Engeset, D.; Skeie, G.; Argüelles, M., 2014:
Dietary flavonoid, lignan and antioxidant capacity and risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition study

Yao, R.; Yasuoka, A.; Kamei, A.; Kitagawa, Y.; Tateishi, N.; Tsuruoka, N.; Kiso, Y.; Sueyoshi, T.; Negishi, M.; Misaka, T.; Abe, K., 2010:
Dietary flavonoids activate the constitutive androstane receptor (CAR)

Lundberg, J.O., 2009:
Dietary flavonoids and circulating concentrations of nitrate, nitrite, and S-nitrosothiols

Woo, H.Dong.; Lee, J.; Choi, I.Ju.; Kim, C.Gyoo.; Lee, J.Yeul.; Kwon, O.; Kim, J., 2015:
Dietary flavonoids and gastric cancer risk in a Korean population

Stoclet, J-C.; Schini-Kerth, V., 2011:
Dietary flavonoids and human health

Cassidy, Aín.; Rimm, E.B.; O'Reilly, E.J.; Logroscino, G.; Kay, C.; Chiuve, S.E.; Rexrode, K.M., 2012:
Dietary flavonoids and risk of stroke in women

van Dam, R.M.; Naidoo, N.; Landberg, R., 2013:
Dietary flavonoids and the development of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: review of recent findings

Leonardo, C.C.; Doré, S., 2011:
Dietary flavonoids are neuroprotective through Nrf2-coordinated induction of endogenous cytoprotective proteins

Terao, J., 2009:
Dietary flavonoids as antioxidants

Yao, H.; Xu, W.; Shi, X.; Zhang, Z., 2011:
Dietary flavonoids as cancer prevention agents

Nishiumi, S.; Miyamoto, S.; Kawabata, K.; Ohnishi, K.; Mukai, R.; Murakami, A.; Ashida, H.; Terao, J., 2011:
Dietary flavonoids as cancer-preventive and therapeutic biofactors

Wall, C.; Lim, R.; Poljak, M.; Lappas, M., 2014:
Dietary flavonoids as therapeutics for preterm birth: luteolin and kaempferol suppress inflammation in human gestational tissues in vitro

Hirata, F.; Harada, T.; Corcoran, G.B.; Hirata, A., 2014:
Dietary flavonoids bind to mono-ubiquitinated annexin A1 in nuclei, and inhibit chemical induced mutagenesis

Jin, H.; Xu, Z.; Cui, K.; Zhang, T.; Lu, W.; Huang, J., 2015:
Dietary flavonoids fisetin and myricetin: dual inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum falcipain-2 and plasmepsin II

Andrews, L., 2015:
Dietary flavonoids for the prevention of colorectal cancer

Espley, R.V.; Butts, C.A.; Laing, W.A.; Martell, S.; Smith, H.; McGhie, T.K.; Zhang, J.; Paturi, G.; Hedderley, D.; Bovy, A.; Schouten, H.J.; Putterill, J.; Allan, A.C.; Hellens, R.P., 2014:
Dietary flavonoids from modified apple reduce inflammation markers and modulate gut microbiota in mice

Androutsopoulos, V.P.; Papakyriakou, A.; Vourloumis, D.; Tsatsakis, A.M.; Spandidos, D.A., 2010:
Dietary flavonoids in cancer therapy and prevention: substrates and inhibitors of cytochrome P450 CYP1 enzymes

Toufektsian, M-Claire.; Salen, P.; Laporte, Fçois.; Tonelli, C.; de Lorgeril, M., 2011:
Dietary flavonoids increase plasma very long-chain (n-3) fatty acids in rats

Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn-Khosrovani, S.; Janssen, J.; Maas, L.M.; Godschalk, R.W.L.; Nijhuis, J.G.; van Schooten, F.J., 2007:
Dietary flavonoids induce MLL translocations in primary human CD34+ cells

Wang, H-Jaan.; Pao, L-Heng.; Hsiong, C-Huei.; Shih, T-Yuan.; Lee, M-Shyuan.; Hu, O.Yoa-Pu., 2014:
Dietary flavonoids modulate CYP2C to improve drug oral bioavailability and their qualitative/quantitative structure-activity relationship

Szliszka, E.; Czuba, Z.P.; Jernas, K.; Król, W., 2008:
Dietary flavonoids sensitize HeLa cells to tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)

Marzocchella, L.; Fantini, M.; Benvenuto, M.; Masuelli, L.; Tresoldi, I.; Modesti, A.; Bei, R., 2012:
Dietary flavonoids: molecular mechanisms of action as anti- inflammatory agents

Zhang, Y.; Li, Y.; Cao, C.; Cao, J.; Chen, W.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, C.; Wang, J.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, X., 2011:
Dietary flavonol and flavone intakes and their major food sources in Chinese adults

Fu, Z.; Yuskavage, J.; Liu, D., 2014:
Dietary flavonol epicatechin prevents the onset of type 1 diabetes in nonobese diabetic mice

Simons, C.C.J.M.; Hughes, L.A.E.; Arts, I.C.W.; Goldbohm, R.Alexandra.; van den Brandt, P.A.; Weijenberg, M.P., 2009:
Dietary flavonol, flavone and catechin intake and risk of colorectal cancer in the Netherlands Cohort Study

Combet, E.; Lean, M.E.J.; Boyle, J.G.; Crozier, A.; Davidson, D.Fraser., 2011:
Dietary flavonols contribute to false-positive elevation of homovanillic acid, a marker of catecholamine-secreting tumors

Zarepoor, L.; Lu, J.T.; Zhang, C.; Wu, W.; Lepp, D.; Robinson, L.; Wanasundara, J.; Cui, S.; Villeneuve, Sébastien.; Fofana, B.; Tsao, R.; Wood, G.A.; Power, K.A., 2014:
Dietary flaxseed intake exacerbates acute colonic mucosal injury and inflammation induced by dextran sodium sulfate

Saggar, J.Kaur.; Chen, J.; Corey, P.; Thompson, L.U., 2010:
Dietary flaxseed lignan or oil combined with tamoxifen treatment affects MCF-7 tumor growth through estrogen receptor- and growth factor-signaling pathways

Christofidou-Solomidou, M.; Pietrofesa, R.; Arguiri, E.; McAlexander, M.A.; Witwer, K.W., 2015:
Dietary flaxseed modulates the miRNA profile in irradiated and non-irradiated murine lungs: a novel mechanism of tissue radioprotection by flaxseed

Baranowski, M.; Enns, J.; Blewett, H.; Yakandawala, U.; Zahradka, P.; Taylor, C.G., 2012:
Dietary flaxseed oil reduces adipocyte size, adipose monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 levels and T-cell infiltration in obese, insulin-resistant rats

Rizwan, S.; Naqshbandi, A.; Khan, F., 2013:
Dietary flaxseed oil supplementation mitigates the effect of lead on the enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism, brush border membrane, and oxidative stress in rat kidney tissues

Lee, J.C.; Krochak, R.; Blouin, A.; Kanterakis, S.; Chatterjee, S.; Arguiri, E.; Vachani, A.; Solomides, C.C.; Cengel, K.A.; Christofidou-Solomidou, M., 2008:
Dietary flaxseed prevents radiation-induced oxidative lung damage, inflammation and fibrosis in a mouse model of thoracic radiation injury

Mason, J.K.; Fu, M-Hua.; Chen, J.; Yu, Z.; Thompson, L.U., 2013:
Dietary flaxseed-trastuzumab interactive effects on the growth of HER2-overexpressing human breast tumors (BT-474)

Hwang, J-Ho.; Rha, S-Ju.; Cho, J-Kwon.; Kim, S-Jae., 2014:
Dietary flounder skin improves growth performance, body composition, and stress recovery in the juvenile black rockfish (Sebastes schlegeli)

Rodrigues, M.H.C.; Leite, A.L.; Arana, A.; Villena, R.S.; Forte, F.D.S.; Sampaio, F.C.; Buzalaf, M.A.R., 2009:
Dietary fluoride intake by children receiving different sources of systemic fluoride

Cressey, P., 2011:
Dietary fluoride intake for fully formula-fed infants in New Zealand: impact of formula and water fluoride

Carleton, S.M.; Whitford, G.M.; Phillips, C.L., 2010:
Dietary fluoride restriction does not alter femoral biomechanical strength in col1a2-deficient (oim) mice with type I collagen glomerulopathy

Keszei, Aás.P.; Verhage, B.A.J.; Heinen, M.M.; Goldbohm, R.A.; van den Brandt, P.A., 2009:
Dietary folate and folate vitamers and the risk of pancreatic cancer in the Netherlands cohort study

Dixon, S.C.; Ibiebele, T.I.; Protani, M.M.; Beesley, J.; deFazio, A.; Crandon, A.J.; Gard, G.B.; Rome, R.M.; Webb, P.M.; Nagle, C.M., 2014:
Dietary folate and related micronutrients, folate-metabolising genes, and ovarian cancer survival

Gaskins, A.J.; Afeiche, M.C.; Wright, D.L.; Toth, T.L.; Williams, P.L.; Gillman, M.W.; Hauser, R.; Chavarro, J.E., 2015:
Dietary folate and reproductive success among women undergoing assisted reproduction

Bunchasak, C.; Kachana, S., 2010:
Dietary folate and vitamin B12 supplementation and consequent vitamin deposition in chicken eggs

Balbuena, L.; Casson, A.G., 2010:
Dietary folate and vitamin B6 are not associated with p53 mutations in esophageal adenocarcinoma

Cui, R.; Iso, H.; Date, C.; Kikuchi, S.; Tamakoshi, A., 2010:
Dietary folate and vitamin b6 and B12 intake in relation to mortality from cardiovascular diseases: Japan collaborative cohort study

Long, C.; He, J.; Liu, X.; Chen, X.; Gao, R.; Wang, Y.; Ding, Y., 2013:
Dietary folate deficiency in pseudopregnant mice has no effect on homeobox A10 promoter methylation or expression

Agodi, A.; Barchitta, M.; Valenti, G.; Quattrocchi, A.; Marchese, A.Elisa.; Oliveri Conti, G.; Fallico, R.; Sciacca, S.; Ferrante, M., 2014:
Dietary folate intake and blood biomarkers reveal high-risk groups in a Mediterranean population of healthy women of childbearing potential

Aune, D.; Deneo-Pellegrini, H.; Ronco, A.L.; Boffetta, P.; Acosta, G.; Mendilaharsu, M.; De Stefani, E., 2011:
Dietary folate intake and the risk of 11 types of cancer: a case-control study in Uruguay

Meng, Q.; Zhang, L.; Liu, J.; Li, Z.; Jin, L.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, L.; Ren, A., 2015:
Dietary folate intake levels in rural women immediately before pregnancy in Northern China

Matsuzaki, M.; Haruna, M.; Ota, E.; Sasaki, S.; Nagai, Y.; Murashima, S., 2008:
Dietary folate intake, use of folate supplements, lifestyle factors, and serum folate levels among pregnant women in Tokyo, Japan

Kondo, A.; Asada, Y.; Shibata, K.; Kihira, M.; Ninomiya, K.; Suzuki, M.; Oguchi, H.; Hayashi, Y.; Narita, O.; Watanabe, J.; Shimosuka, Y., 2011:
Dietary folate intakes and effects of folic acid supplementation on folate concentrations among Japanese pregnant women

Al-Numair, K.S.; Waly, M.I.; Ali, A.; Essa, M.M.; Farhat, M.F.; Alsaif, M.A., 2011:
Dietary folate protects against azoxymethane-induced aberrant crypt foci development and oxidative stress in rat colon

Schernhammer, E.S.; Giovannucci, E.; Kawasaki, T.; Rosner, B.; Fuchs, C.S.; Ogino, S., 2010:
Dietary folate, alcohol and B vitamins in relation to LINE-1 hypomethylation in colon cancer

Murakami, K.; Miyake, Y.; Sasaki, S.; Tanaka, K.; Arakawa, M., 2010:
Dietary folate, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, and vitamin B-12 and depressive symptoms in early adolescence: the Ryukyus Child Health Study

Nelson, C.; Wengreen, H.J.; Munger, R.G.; Corcoran, C.D., 2010:
Dietary folate, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-6 and incident Alzheimer's disease: the cache county memory, health and aging study

Zhang, C-Xia.; Ho, S.C.; Chen, Y-Ming.; Lin, F-Yu.; Fu, J-Hua.; Cheng, S-Zhen., 2011:
Dietary folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and methionine intake and the risk of breast cancer by oestrogen and progesterone receptor status

Partearroyo, T.; Pérez-Miguelsanz, J.; Úbeda, N.; Valencia-Benítez, Mía.; Alonso-Aperte, E.; Varela-Moreiras, G., 2013:
Dietary folic acid intake differentially affects methionine metabolism markers and hippocampus morphology in aged rats

Ubeda, N.; Basagoiti, M.; Alonso-Aperte, E.; Varela-Moreiras, G., 2007:
Dietary food habits, nutritional status and lifestyle in menopausal women in Spain

Anonymous, 1890:
Dietary for the Nervous System

Bermingham, E.N.; Young, W.; Kittelmann, S.; Kerr, K.R.; Swanson, K.S.; Roy, N.C.; Thomas, D.G., 2013 :
Dietary format alters fecal bacterial populations in the domestic cat (Felis catus)

Mohapatra, P.Raghab.; Hota, D., 2013:
Dietary fortification of aspirin: a novel modality for cancer prevention

Zolotarev, V.A., 2015:
Dietary free amino acids and the gastric phase of digestion

Hansen, G.H.; Rasmussen, K.; Niels-Christiansen, L-Lotte.; Danielsen, E.Michael., 2011:
Dietary free fatty acids form alkaline phosphatase-enriched microdomains in the intestinal brush border membrane

Somekawa, S.; Hayashi, N.; Niijima, A.; Uneyama, H.; Torii, K., 2012:
Dietary free glutamate prevents diarrhoea during intra-gastric tube feeding in a rat model

Rodrigues, H.Gomes.; Vinolo, M.Aurélio.Ramirez.; Magdalon, J.; Fujiwara, H.; Cavalcanti, D.M.H.; Farsky, S.H.P.; Calder, P.C.; Hatanaka, E.; Curi, R., 2010:
Dietary free oleic and linoleic acid enhances neutrophil function and modulates the inflammatory response in rats

Aiyer, H.S.; Li, Y.; Liu, Q.Hong.; Reuter, N.; Martin, R.C.G., 2011:
Dietary freeze-dried black raspberry's effect on cellular antioxidant status during reflux-induced esophagitis in rats

Shinoki, A.; Hara, H., 2011:
Dietary fructo-oligosaccharides improve insulin sensitivity along with the suppression of adipocytokine secretion from mesenteric fat cells in rats

Sabater-Molina, M.; Larqué, E.; Torrella, F.; Zamora, S., 2010:
Dietary fructooligosaccharides and potential benefits on health

Cummings, B.P.; Stanhope, K.L.; Graham, J.L.; Evans, J.L.; Baskin, D.G.; Griffen, S.C.; Havel, P.J., 2010:
Dietary fructose accelerates the development of diabetes in UCD-T2DM rats: amelioration by the antioxidant, alpha-lipoic acid

Weir, M.R., 2010:
Dietary fructose and elevated levels of blood pressure

Schaefer, E.J.; Gleason, J.A.; Dansinger, M.L., 2009:
Dietary fructose and glucose differentially affect lipid and glucose homeostasis

Madero, M.; Perez-Pozo, S.E.; Jalal, D.; Johnson, R.J.; Sánchez-Lozada, L.G., 2011:
Dietary fructose and hypertension

Spruss, A.; Bergheim, I., 2009:
Dietary fructose and intestinal barrier: potential risk factor in the pathogenesis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Bantle, J.P., 2009:
Dietary fructose and metabolic syndrome and diabetes

Nakayama, T.; Kosugi, T.; Gersch, M.; Connor, T.; Sanchez-Lozada, L.Gabriela.; Lanaspa, M.A.; Roncal, C.; Perez-Pozo, S.E.; Johnson, R.J.; Nakagawa, T., 2010:
Dietary fructose causes tubulointerstitial injury in the normal rat kidney

Vos, M.B.; Kimmons, J.E.; Gillespie, C.; Welsh, J.; Blanck, H.Michels., 2008:
Dietary fructose consumption among US children and adults: the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Kumamoto, R.; Uto, H.; Oda, K.; Ibusuki, R.; Tanoue, S.; Arima, S.; Mawatari, S.; Kumagai, K.; Numata, M.; Tamai, T.; Moriuchi, A.; Fujita, H.; Oketani, M.; Ido, A.; Tsubouchi, H., 2014:
Dietary fructose enhances the incidence of precancerous hepatocytes induced by administration of diethylnitrosamine in rat

Pickens, M.K.; Ogata, H.; Soon, R.K.; Grenert, J.P.; Maher, J.J., 2010:
Dietary fructose exacerbates hepatocellular injury when incorporated into a methionine-choline-deficient diet

Masterjohn, C.; Park, Y.; Lee, J.; Noh, S.K.; Koo, S.I.; Bruno, R.S., 2014:
Dietary fructose feeding increases adipose methylglyoxal accumulation in rats in association with low expression and activity of glyoxalase-2

Douard, V.; Suzuki, T.; Sabbagh, Y.; Lee, J.; Shapses, S.; Lin, S.; Ferraris, R.P., 2012:
Dietary fructose inhibits lactation-induced adaptations in rat 1,25-(OH)₂D₃ synthesis and calcium transport

Tyson, G.L.; Richardson, P.A.; White, D.L.; Kuzniarek, J.; Ramsey, D.J.; Tavakoli-Tabasi, S.; El-Serag, H.B., 2013:
Dietary fructose intake and severity of liver disease in hepatitis C virus-infected patients

Tsampalieros, A.; Beauchamp, J.; Boland, M.; Mack, D.R., 2008:
Dietary fructose intolerance in children and adolescents

Fedewa, A.; Rao, S.S.C., 2014:
Dietary fructose intolerance, fructan intolerance and FODMAPs

Jin, R.; Welsh, J.A.; Le, N-Anh.; Holzberg, J.; Sharma, P.; Martin, D.R.; Vos, M.B., 2015:
Dietary fructose reduction improves markers of cardiovascular disease risk in Hispanic-American adolescents with NAFLD

Sartorelli, D.S.; Franco, L.J.; Gimeno, S.G.A.; Ferreira, S.R.G.; Cardoso, M.A.; Hirai, A.; Harima, H.; Iunes, M.; Kikuchi, Mário.; Osiro, K.; Ferreira, S.R.G.; Gimeno, S.G.A.; Wakisaka, K.; Franco, Lércio.J.; Cardoso, M.Augusto.; Tomita, N.; de Barros, N.; Moisés, R.C.S.; Matsumura, L.; Chaim, R.; D'Almeida, V.; Damião, R.; Sartorelli, D.Saes., 2008:
Dietary fructose, fruits, fruit juices and glucose tolerance status in Japanese-Brazilians

Soleimani, M., 2011:
Dietary fructose, salt absorption and hypertension in metabolic syndrome: towards a new paradigm

Kovačević, S.; Nestorov, J.; Matić, G.; Elaković, I. , 2015:
Dietary fructose-related adiposity and glucocorticoid receptor function in visceral adipose tissue of female rats

Zuo, T.; Li, X.; Chang, Y.; Duan, G.; Yu, L.; Zheng, R.; Xue, C.; Tang, Q., 2016:
Dietary fucoidan of Acaudina molpadioides and its enzymatically degraded fragments could prevent intestinal mucositis induced by chemotherapy in mice

Wu, M-Ting.; Chou, H-Nong.; Huang, C-jang., 2014:
Dietary fucoxanthin increases metabolic rate and upregulated mRNA expressions of the PGC-1alpha network, mitochondrial biogenesis and fusion genes in white adipose tissues of mice

Burger, H-M.; Lombard, M.J.; Shephard, G.S.; Rheeder, J.R.; van der Westhuizen, L.; Gelderblom, W.C.A., 2010:
Dietary fumonisin exposure in a rural population of South Africa

Hoseinifar, S.Hossein.; Khalili, M.; Rostami, H.Khoshbavar.; Esteban, M.Ángeles., 2014:
Dietary galactooligosaccharide affects intestinal microbiota, stress resistance, and performance of Caspian roach (Rutilus rutilus) fry

dos Santos, Eânia.Freitas.; Tsuboi, K.Hitomi.; Araújo, M.Rachel.; Andreollo, N.Adami.; Miyasaka, C.Kenji., 2011:
Dietary galactooligosaccharides increase calcium absorption in normal and gastrectomized rats

Filipiak, K.; Hidalgo, M.; Silvan, J.Manuel.; Fabre, B.; Carbajo, R.J.; Pineda-Lucena, A.; Ramos, A.; de Pascual-Teresa, B.; de Pascual-Teresa, S., 2014:
Dietary gallic acid and anthocyanin cytotoxicity on human fibrosarcoma HT1080 cells. A study on the mode of action

Tujioka, K.; Ohsumi, M.; Horie, K.; Kim, M.; Hayase, K.; Yokogoshi, H., 2009:
Dietary gamma-aminobutyric acid affects the brain protein synthesis rate in ovariectomized female rats

Park, E.Joong.; Suh, M.; Thomson, B.; Ma, D.W.L.; Ramanujam, K.; Thomson, A.B.R.; Clandinin, M.Tom., 2007:
Dietary ganglioside inhibits acute inflammatory signals in intestinal mucosa and blood induced by systemic inflammation of Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide

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