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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 52600

Chapter 52600 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Benitez, A.; Yates, T.J.; Shamaldevi, N.; Bowen, T.; Lokeshwar, V.B., 2013:
Dietary supplement hymecromone and sorafenib: a novel combination for the control of renal cell carcinoma

Bloomer, R.J.; Fisher-Wellman, K.H.; Hammond, K.G.; Schilling, B.K.; Weber, A.A.; Cole, B.J., 2009:
Dietary supplement increases plasma norepinephrine, lipolysis, and metabolic rate in resistance trained men

Chuang, C-Hua.; Yang, S-Huey.; Chang, P-Jen.; Chen, P-Chung.; Chen, Y.Chun., 2012:
Dietary supplement intake by 6-month-old Taiwanese infants

de Silva, A.; Samarasinghe, Y.; Senanayake, D.; Lanerolle, P., 2010:
Dietary supplement intake in national-level Sri Lankan athletes

Donaldson, M.; Touger-Decker, R., 2014:
Dietary supplement interactions with medications used commonly in dentistry

Villafranco, J.E.; Bond, K., 2009:
Dietary supplement labeling and advertising claims: are clinical studies on the full product required?

Phillips, M.M.; Rimmer, C.A.; Wood, L.J.; Lippa, K.A.; Sharpless, K.E.; Duewer, D.L.; Sander, L.C.; Betz, J.M., 2011:
Dietary supplement laboratory quality assurance program: the first five exercises

Kuehn, B.M., 2013:
Dietary supplement linked to cases of acute hepatitis

Ulvik, R.J.; Møller, R.; Hervig, T., 2013:
Dietary supplement of iron for iron deficiency

Garcia-Cazarin, M.L.; Wambogo, E.A.; Regan, K.S.; Davis, C.D., 2014:
Dietary supplement research portfolio at the NIH, 2009-2011

Anonymous, 2014:
Dietary supplement safety. You've heard all the warnings about dietary supplements. Here are a few that men should use with caution or avoid

Salgado, Jé.Vítor.Vieira.; Lollo, P.Christiano.Barboza.; Amaya-Farfan, J.; Chacon-Mikahil, M.PatríciaTraina., 2014:
Dietary supplement usage and motivation in Brazilian road runners

Bardia, A.; Greeno, E.; Bauer, B.A., 2007:
Dietary supplement usage by patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy: does prognosis or cancer symptoms predict usage?

Wiens, K.; Erdman, K.Anne.; Stadnyk, M.; Parnell, J.A., 2015:
Dietary supplement usage, motivation, and education in young, Canadian athletes

Gahche, J.; Bailey, R.; Burt, V.; Hughes, J.; Yetley, E.; Dwyer, J.; Picciano, M.Frances.; McDowell, M.; Sempos, C., 2011:
Dietary supplement use among U.S. adults has increased since NHANES III (1988-1994)

Murphy, M.S.; Wertheimer, A.I.; Mackowiak, E.D., 2007:
Dietary supplement use among academic pharmacists

Six, J.; Richter, A.; Rabenberg, M.; Hintzpeter, B.; Vohmann, C.; Stahl, A.; Heseker, H.; Mensink, G.B.M., 2008:
Dietary supplement use among adolescents in Germany. Results of EsKiMo

Miller, P.; Demark-Wahnefried, W.; Snyder, D.Clutter.; Sloane, R.; Morey, M.C.; Cohen, H.; Kranz, S.; Mitchell, D.C.; Hartman, T.J., 2008:
Dietary supplement use among elderly, long-term cancer survivors

Braun, H.; Koehler, K.; Geyer, H.; Kleiner, J.; Mester, J.; Schanzer, W., 2009:
Dietary supplement use among elite young German athletes

Luc, L.; Baumgart, C.; Weiss, E.; Georger, L.; Ambrosone, C.B.; Zirpoli, G.; McCann, S.E., 2015:
Dietary supplement use among participants of a databank and biorepository at a comprehensive cancer centre

Lee, V.; Goyal, A.; Hsu, C.C.; Jacobson, J.S.; Rodriguez, R.D.; Siegel, A.B., 2015:
Dietary supplement use among patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Heine-Bröring, R.C.; Winkels, R.M.; Renkema, J.M.S.; Kragt, L.; van Orten-Luiten, A-Claire.B.; Tigchelaar, E.F.; Chan, D.S.M.; Norat, T.; Kampman, E., 2015:
Dietary supplement use and colorectal cancer risk: a systematic review and meta-analyses of prospective cohort studies

Roy, A.; Evers, S.E.; Campbell, M.K., 2012:
Dietary supplement use and iron, zinc and folate intake in pregnant women in London, Ontario

Boucher, B.J., 2008:
Dietary supplement use and mortality in a cohort of Swedish men--comments by Boucher

Hendricks, K.M.; Sansavero, M.; Houser, R.F.; Tang, A.M.; Wanke, C.A., 2007:
Dietary supplement use and nutrient intake in HIV-infected persons

Neuhouser, M.L.; Barnett, M.J.; Kristal, A.R.; Ambrosone, C.B.; King, I.B.; Thornquist, M.; Goodman, G.G., 2009:
Dietary supplement use and prostate cancer risk in the Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial

Pfeiffer, C.M.; Sternberg, M.R.; Schleicher, R.L.; Rybak, M.E., 2013:
Dietary supplement use and smoking are important correlates of biomarkers of water-soluble vitamin status after adjusting for sociodemographic and lifestyle variables in a representative sample of U.S. adults

Liu, F.; Zeng, G.; He, J.; Gao, X.; Shen, H.; Yu, L.; Pang, X.; Yu, D., 2013:
Dietary supplement use and the related factors among infants and young children in Chengdu

Ock, S-Myeong.; Hwang, S-Sik.; Lee, J-Seop.; Song, C-Hee.; Ock, C-Myung., 2010:
Dietary supplement use by South Korean adults: Data from the national complementary and alternative medicine use survey (NCAMUS) in 2006

Alves, Césio.; Lima, R.Villas.Boas., 2010:
Dietary supplement use by adolescents

Evans, M.Willard.; Ndetan, H.; Perko, M.; Williams, R.; Walker, C., 2012:
Dietary supplement use by children and adolescents in the United States to enhance sport performance: results of the National Health Interview Survey

Mikuls, T.R.; Oʼdell, J.R.; Moore, G.F.; Palmer, W., 1999:
Dietary supplement use by rheumatology and internal medicine clinic patients results of a survey questionnaire

Dellava, J.E.; Von Holle, A.; Torgersen, L.; Reichborn-Kjennerud, T.; Haugen, M.; Meltzer, H.M.; Bulik, C.M., 2011:
Dietary supplement use immediately before and during pregnancy in Norwegian women with eating disorders

He, Y.; Yang, Z.; Xu, J.; Sha, Y., 2008:
Dietary supplement use in Beijing

Tankanow, R.M.; Dwyer, K.A.; Streetman, D-Ann., 2004:
Dietary supplement use in a pediatric inpatient population

Miller, P.E.; Vasey, J.J.; Short, P.F.; Hartman, T.J., 2009:
Dietary supplement use in adult cancer survivors

Hardy, M.L., 2008:
Dietary supplement use in cancer care: help or harm

Bailey, R.L.; Gahche, J.J.; Lentino, C.V.; Dwyer, J.T.; Engel, J.S.; Thomas, P.R.; Betz, J.M.; Sempos, C.T.; Picciano, M.Frances., 2011:
Dietary supplement use in the United States, 2003-2006

Raniga, A.; Elder, M.J., 2009:
Dietary supplement use in the prevention of age-related macular degeneration progression

Kennedy, E.T.; Luo, H.; Houser, R.F., 2013:
Dietary supplement use pattern of U.S. adult population in the 2007-2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

Westerlund, A.; Steineck, G.; Bälter, K.; Stattin, P.; Grönberg, H.; Hedelin, M., 2011:
Dietary supplement use patterns in men with prostate cancer: the Cancer Prostate Sweden study

Zhang, Z-jin.; Tong, Y.; Zou, J.; Chen, P-jie.; Yu, D-hai., 2009:
Dietary supplement with a combination of Rhodiola crenulata and Ginkgo biloba enhances the endurance performance in healthy volunteers

Pan, H-Chuan.; Cheng, F-Chou.; Chen, C-Jung.; Lai, S-Zhen.; Liu, M-Jung.; Chang, M-Hong.; Wang, Y-Chih.; Yang, D-Yu.; Ho, S-Peng., 2009:
Dietary supplement with fermented soybeans, natto, improved the neurobehavioral deficits after sciatic nerve injury in rats

Klontz, K.C.; Acheson, D.W., 2007:
Dietary supplement-induced vitamin D intoxication

Tsai, C-Ching.; Hsieh, M-Hsiung.; Li, A-Hsien.; Chen, P-Ling.; Jeng, C., 2014:
Dietary supplementation and engaging in physical activity as predictors of coronary artery disease among middle-aged women

Hirayama, F.; Lee, A.H.; Binns, C.W.; Taniguchi, H., 2009:
Dietary supplementation by Japanese patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Liang, W.; Lee, A.H.; Binns, C.W., 2009:
Dietary supplementation by older adults in southern China: a hospital outpatient clinic study

Bruckert, E.; Masana, L.; Chapman, M.J.; Descamps, O.; Bosi, E.; Allaert, F.A., 2015:
Dietary supplementation contributes to lifestyle improvement in hypercholesterolemic patients in real-life contexts

Heikkinen, A.; Alaranta, A.; Helenius, I.; Vasankari, T., 2011:
Dietary supplementation habits and perceptions of supplement use among elite Finnish athletes

Sacco, R.; Sivozhelezov, V.; Pellegrini, L.; Giacomelli, L.; Longo, V., 2015:
Dietary supplementation in cancer patients: a personal view of current status and future perspectives

Madden, M.M.; Cook, G.Elliott., 2014:
Dietary supplementation in children and adolescents: supplementing with the "correct" amount

Barua, A.; Bradaric, M.J.; Bitterman, P.; Abramowicz, J.S.; Sharma, S.; Basu, S.; Lopez, H.; Bahr, J.M., 2014:
Dietary supplementation of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera, Dunal) enhances NK cell function in ovarian tumors in the laying hen model of spontaneous ovarian cancer

Zhang, Q.; Yu, H.; Tong, T.; Tong, W.; Dong, L.; Xu, M.; Wang, Z., 2014:
Dietary supplementation of Bacillus subtilis and fructooligosaccharide enhance the growth, non-specific immunity of juvenile ovate pompano, Trachinotus ovatus and its disease resistance against Vibrio vulnificus

Abbaspour, B.; Davood, S.S.; Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh, A., 2015:
Dietary supplementation of Gracilariopsis persica is associated with some quality related sera and egg yolk parameters in laying quails

Nall, J.L.; Wu, G.; Kim, K.Hoon.; Choi, C.Weon.; Smith, S.B., 2009:
Dietary supplementation of L-arginine and conjugated linoleic acid reduces retroperitoneal fat mass and increases lean body mass in rats

Huang, J-Bin.; Wu, Y-Chi.; Chi, S-Chi., 2015:
Dietary supplementation of Pediococcus pentosaceus enhances innate immunity, physiological health and resistance to Vibrio anguillarum in orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides)

Hasheimi, S.R.; Zulkifli, I.; Somchit, M.N.; Zunita, Z.; Loh, T.C.; Soleimani, A.F.; Tang, S.C., 2014:
Dietary supplementation of Zingiber officinale and Zingiber zerumbet to heat-stressed broiler chickens and its effect on heat shock protein 70 expression, blood parameters and body temperature

Rosillo, M.Angeles.; Sánchez-Hidalgo, M.; Cárdeno, A.; Aparicio-Soto, M.; Sánchez-Fidalgo, S.; Villegas, I.; de la Lastra, C.Alarcón., 2012:
Dietary supplementation of an ellagic acid-enriched pomegranate extract attenuates chronic colonic inflammation in rats

Wirleitner, B.; Vanderzwalmen, P.; Stecher, A.; Spitzer, D.; Schuff, M.; Schwerda, D.; Bach, M.; Schechinger, B.; Herbert Zech, N., 2013:
Dietary supplementation of antioxidants improves semen quality of IVF patients in terms of motility, sperm count, and nuclear vacuolization

Tateishi, N.; Kakutani, S.; Kawashima, H.; Shibata, H.; Morita, I., 2014:
Dietary supplementation of arachidonic acid increases arachidonic acid and lipoxin A₄ contents in colon, but does not affect severity or prostaglandin E₂ content in murine colitis model

Pi, D.; Liu, Y.; Shi, H.; Li, S.; Odle, J.; Lin, X.; Zhu, H.; Chen, F.; Hou, Y.; Leng, W., 2015 :
Dietary supplementation of aspartate enhances intestinal integrity and energy status in weanling piglets after lipopolysaccharide challenge

Wang, Y.; Cheng, M.; Zhang, B.; Nie, F.; Jiang, H., 2013:
Dietary supplementation of blueberry juice enhances hepatic expression of metallothionein and attenuates liver fibrosis in rats

Liao, S.F.; Monegue, J.S.; Lindemann, M.D.; Cromwell, G.L.; Matthews, J.C., 2012:
Dietary supplementation of boron differentially alters expression of borate transporter (NaBCl) mRNA by jejunum and kidney of growing pigs

Laraichi, S.; Parra, P.; Zamanillo, Río.; El Amarti, A.; Palou, A.; Serra, F., 2014:
Dietary supplementation of calcium may counteract obesity in mice mediated by changes in plasma fatty acids

Kim, H.; Bartley, G.E.; Arvik, T.; Lipson, R.; Nah, S-Yeol.; Seo, K.; Yokoyama, W., 2014:
Dietary supplementation of chardonnay grape seed flour reduces plasma cholesterol concentration, hepatic steatosis, and abdominal fat content in high-fat diet-induced obese hamsters

Li, X.; Luo, J.; Anandh Babu, P.Velayutham.; Zhang, W.; Gilbert, E.; Cline, M.; McMillan, R.; Hulver, M.; Alkhalidy, H.; Zhen, W.; Zhang, H.; Liu, D., 2015:
Dietary supplementation of chinese ginseng prevents obesity and metabolic syndrome in high-fat diet-fed mice

Emeka, P.Madu.; Badger-Emeka, L.Ineta.; Eneh, C.Maryann.; Khan, T.Mahmood., 2014:
Dietary supplementation of chloroquine with nigella sativa seed and oil extracts in the treatment of malaria induced in mice with plasmodium berghei

Hammett, S.T.; Wall, M.B.; Edwards, T.C.; Smith, A.T., 2010:
Dietary supplementation of creatine monohydrate reduces the human fMRI BOLD signal

Chen, J.; Woodbury, M.R.; Alcorn, J.; Honaramooz, A., 2012:
Dietary supplementation of female rats with elk velvet antler improves physical and neurological development of offspring

Soleimani, N.; Hoseinifar, S.Hossein.; Merrifield, D.L.; Barati, M.; Abadi, Z.Hassan., 2012:
Dietary supplementation of fructooligosaccharide (FOS) improves the innate immune response, stress resistance, digestive enzyme activities and growth performance of Caspian roach (Rutilus rutilus) fry

Kawamura, A.; Ooyama, K.; Kojima, K.; Kachi, H.; Abe, T.; Amano, K.; Aoyama, T., 2012:
Dietary supplementation of gamma-linolenic acid improves skin parameters in subjects with dry skin and mild atopic dermatitis

Hogan, S.; Canning, C.; Sun, S.; Sun, X.; Kadouh, H.; Zhou, K., 2011:
Dietary supplementation of grape skin extract improves glycemia and inflammation in diet-induced obese mice fed a Western high fat diet

Erdman, K.Anne.; Fung, T.S.; Doyle-Baker, P.K.; Verhoef, M.J.; Reimer, R.A., 2007:
Dietary supplementation of high-performance Canadian athletes by age and gender

Kim, J.; Lee, N.; Lee, J.; Jung, S-Sook.; Kang, S-Ki.; Yoon, J-Dae., 2013:
Dietary supplementation of high-performance Korean and Japanese judoists

Grimstad, T.; Bjørndal, B.; Cacabelos, D.; Aasprong, O.Gunnar.; Janssen, E.A.M.; Omdal, R.; Svardal, Aørn.; Hausken, T.; Bohov, P.; Portero-Otin, M.; Pamplona, R.; Berge, R.K., 2012:
Dietary supplementation of krill oil attenuates inflammation and oxidative stress in experimental ulcerative colitis in rats

Reynoso-Camacho, R.; González-Jasso, E.; Ferriz-Martínez, R.; Villalón-Corona, B.; Loarca-Piña, G.F.; Salgado, L.M.; Ramos-Gomez, M., 2011:
Dietary supplementation of lutein reduces colon carcinogenesis in DMH-treated rats by modulating K-ras, PKB, and β-catenin proteins

Sang, H.Minh.; Ky, L.Trung.; Fotedar, R., 2009:
Dietary supplementation of mannan oligosaccharide improves the immune responses and survival of marron, Cherax tenuimanus (Smith, 1912) when challenged with different stressors

Gómez-Verduzco, G.; Cortes-Cuevas, A.; López-Coello, C.; Avila-González, E.; Nava, G.M., 2009:
Dietary supplementation of mannan-oligosaccharide enhances neonatal immune responses in chickens during natural exposure to Eimeria spp

Sharma, R.; Kapila, R.; Kapasiya, M.; Saliganti, V.; Dass, G.; Kapila, S., 2015:
Dietary supplementation of milk fermented with probiotic Lactobacillus fermentum enhances systemic immune response and antioxidant capacity in aging mice

Lohner, S.; Marosvölgyi, Tás.; Burus, Ián.; Schmidt, János.; Molnár, Dénes.; Decsi, Tás., 2007:
Dietary supplementation of obese children with 1000 mg alpha-linolenic acid per day: a placebo-controlled double blind study

Bronnikov, G.E.; Kulagina, T.P.; Aripovsky, A.V., 2011:
Dietary supplementation of old rats with hydrogenated peanut oil restores activities of mitochondrial respiratory complexes in skeletal muscles

Yin, H.; Liu, W.; Goleniewska, K.; Porter, N.A.; Morrow, J.D.; Peebles, R.Stokes., 2009:
Dietary supplementation of omega-3 fatty acid-containing fish oil suppresses F2-isoprostanes but enhances inflammatory cytokine response in a mouse model of ovalbumin-induced allergic lung inflammation

Pietropaolo, S.; Goubran, M.G.; Joffre, C.; Aubert, A.; Lemaire-Mayo, V.; Crusio, W.E.; Layé, S., 2015:
Dietary supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids rescues fragile X phenotypes in Fmr1-Ko mice

Deline, M.L.; Vrablik, T.L.; Watts, J.L., 2014:
Dietary supplementation of polyunsaturated fatty acids in Caenorhabditis elegans

Gupta, A.; Gupta, P.; Dhawan, A., 2015:
Dietary supplementation of probiotics affects growth, immune response and disease resistance of Cyprinus carpio fry

Rochus, K.; Cools, A.; Janssens, G.P.J.; Vanhaecke, L.; Wuyts, B.; Lockett, T.; Clarke, J.M.; Fievez, V.; Hesta, M., 2014:
Dietary supplementation of propionylated starch to domestic cats provides propionic acid as gluconeogenic substrate potentially sparing the amino acid valine

Sánchez-Fidalgo, S.; Cárdeno, A.; Villegas, I.; Talero, E.; de la Lastra, C.Alarcón., 2010:
Dietary supplementation of resveratrol attenuates chronic colonic inflammation in mice

Liao, S.F.; Brown, K.R.; Stromberg, A.J.; Burris, W.R.; Boling, J.A.; Matthews, J.C., 2011:
Dietary supplementation of selenium in inorganic and organic forms differentially and commonly alters blood and liver selenium concentrations and liver gene expression profiles of growing beef heifers

Gopalakrishnan, R.; Sundaram, J.; Sattu, K.; Pandi, A.; Thiruvengadam, D., 2013:
Dietary supplementation of silymarin is associated with decreased cell proliferation, increased apoptosis, and activation of detoxification system in hepatocellular carcinoma

Kaur, G.; Athar, M.; Alam, M.Sarwar., 2010:
Dietary supplementation of silymarin protects against chemically induced nephrotoxicity, inflammation and renal tumor promotion response

Ali, S.Ahmed.; Aly, H.Farouk.; Faddah, L.Mohammed.; Zaidi, Z.F., 2013:
Dietary supplementation of some antioxidants against hypoxia

Pan, M.; Li, Z.; Yeung, V.; Xu, R-Jun., 2010:
Dietary supplementation of soy germ phytoestrogens or estradiol improves spatial memory performance and increases gene expression of BDNF, TrkB receptor and synaptic factors in ovariectomized rats

Wensaas, A.J.; Rustan, A.C.; Rokling-Andersen, M.H.; Caesar, R.; Jensen, J.; Kaalhus, O.; Graff, B.A.; Gudbrandsen, O.A.; Berge, R.K.; Drevon, C.A., 2011:
Dietary supplementation of tetradecylthioacetic acid increases feed intake but reduces body weight gain and adipose depot sizes in rats fed on high-fat diets

Mohankumar, S.K.; Hanke, D.; Siemens, L.; Cattini, A.; Enns, J.; Shen, J.; Reaney, M.; Zahradka, P.; Taylor, C.G., 2013:
Dietary supplementation of trans-11-vaccenic acid reduces adipocyte size but neither aggravates nor attenuates obesity-mediated metabolic abnormalities in fa/fa Zucker rats

Glad, T.; Barboza, P.; Mackie, R.I.; Wright, Aé-Denis.G.; Brusetti, L.; Mathiesen, S.D.; Sundset, M.A., 2014:
Dietary supplementation of usnic acid, an antimicrobial compound in lichens, does not affect rumen bacterial diversity or density in reindeer

Muthaiyah, B.; Essa, M.M.; Lee, M.; Chauhan, V.; Kaur, K.; Chauhan, A., 2015:
Dietary supplementation of walnuts improves memory deficits and learning skills in transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Lee, S.Hyen.; Lillehoj, H.S.; Jang, S.I.; Lillehoj, E.P.; Min, W.; Bravo, D.M., 2013:
Dietary supplementation of young broiler chickens with Capsicum and turmeric oleoresins increases resistance to necrotic enteritis

Muralisankar, T.; Bhavan, P.Saravana.; Radhakrishnan, S.; Seenivasan, C.; Manickam, N.; Srinivasan, V., 2015:
Dietary supplementation of zinc nanoparticles and its influence on biology, physiology and immune responses of the freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Szcześniak, K.A.; Ostaszewski, P.; Fuller, J.C.; Ciecierska, A.; Sadkowski, T., 2016:
Dietary supplementation of β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate in animals - a review

Kim, J.; Kang, S-ki.; Jung, H-sang.; Chun, Y-suck.; Trilk, J.; Jung, S.Ho., 2011:
Dietary supplementation patterns of Korean olympic athletes participating in the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games

Lun, V.; Erdman, K.A.; Fung, T.S.; Reimer, R.A., 2012:
Dietary supplementation practices in Canadian high-performance athletes

Uchiyama, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Mochizuki, K.; Goda, T., 2014:
Dietary supplementation with (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate reduces inflammatory response in adipose tissue of non-obese type 2 diabetic Goto-Kakizaki (GK) rats

Li, X.; Bazer, F.W.; Johnson, G.A.; Burghardt, R.C.; Erikson, D.W.; Frank, J.W.; Spencer, T.E.; Shinzato, I.; Wu, G., 2010:
Dietary supplementation with 0.8% L-arginine between days 0 and 25 of gestation reduces litter size in gilts

Tranheim Kase, E.; Nikolić, Nša.; Pettersen Hessvik, N.; Fjeldheim, A-Karine.; Jensen, Jørgen.; Thoresen, G.Hege.; Rustan, A.C., 2012:
Dietary supplementation with 22-S-hydroxycholesterol to rats reduces body weight gain and the accumulation of liver triacylglycerol

Sato, K.; Matsushita, K.; Takahashi, K.; Aoki, M.; Fuziwara, J.; Miyanari, S.; Kamada, T., 2012:
Dietary supplementation with 5-aminolevulinic acid modulates growth performance and inflammatory responses in broiler chickens

Yin, F.G.; Liu, Y.L.; Yin, Y.L.; Kong, X.F.; Huang, R.L.; Li, T.J.; Wu, G.Y.; Hou, Y., 2008:
Dietary supplementation with Astragalus polysaccharide enhances ileal digestibilities and serum concentrations of amino acids in early weaned piglets

Lewis, M.C.; Patel, D.V.; Fowler, J.; Duncker, S.; Zuercher, A.W.; Mercenier, A.; Bailey, M., 2013:
Dietary supplementation with Bifidobacterium lactis NCC2818 from weaning reduces local immunoglobulin production in lymphoid-associated tissues but increases systemic antibodies in healthy neonates

Shivananjappa, M.M.; Muralidhara, 2013:
Dietary supplementation with Ipomoea aquatica (whole leaf powder) attenuates maternal and fetal oxidative stress in streptozotocin-diabetic rats

Li, X.; Bazer, F.W.; Johnson, G.A.; Burghardt, R.C.; Frank, J.W.; Dai, Z.; Wang, J.; Wu, Z.; Shinzato, I.; Wu, G., 2014:
Dietary supplementation with L-arginine between days 14 and 25 of gestation enhances embryonic development and survival in gilts

Wu, X.; Ruan, Z.; Gao, Y.; Yin, Y.; Zhou, X.; Wang, L.; Geng, M.; Hou, Y.; Wu, G., 2010:
Dietary supplementation with L-arginine or N-carbamylglutamate enhances intestinal growth and heat shock protein-70 expression in weanling pigs fed a corn- and soybean meal-based diet

Herrera, M.; Salva, S.; Villena, J.; Barbieri, N.; Marranzino, G.; Alvarez, S., 2015:
Dietary supplementation with Lactobacilli improves emergency granulopoiesis in protein-malnourished mice and enhances respiratory innate immune response

Spindler, S.R.; Mote, P.L.; Flegal, J.M., 2015:
Dietary supplementation with Lovaza and krill oil shortens the life span of long-lived F1 mice

Bagh, M.Bindu.; Maiti, A.Kumar.; Roy, A.; Chakrabarti, S., 2008:
Dietary supplementation with N-acetylcysteine, alpha-tocopherol and alpha-lipoic acid prevents age related decline in Na(+),K (+)-ATPase activity and associated peroxidative damage in rat brain synaptosomes

Lee, S.; Lemere, C.A.; Frost, J.L.; Shea, T.B., 2012:
Dietary supplementation with S-adenosyl methionine delayed amyloid-β and tau pathology in 3xTg-AD mice

Suchy, J.; Lee, S.; Ahmed, A.; Shea, T.B., 2010:
Dietary supplementation with S-adenosyl methionine delays the onset of motor neuron pathology in a murine model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Perry, S.; Levasseur, J.; Chan, A.; Shea, T.B., 2009:
Dietary supplementation with S-adenosyl methionine was associated with protracted reduction of seizures in a line of transgenic mice

Suchy, J.; Chan, A.; Shea, T.B., 2009:
Dietary supplementation with a combination of alpha-lipoic acid, acetyl-L-carnitine, glycerophosphocoline, docosahexaenoic acid, and phosphatidylserine reduces oxidative damage to murine brain and improves cognitive performance

Uchiyama, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Mochizuki, K.; Goda, T., 2014:
Dietary supplementation with a low dose of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate reduces pro-inflammatory responses in peripheral leukocytes of non-obese type 2 diabetic GK rats

Jung, B-Gie.; Ko, J-Hyung.; Lee, B-Joo., 2011:
Dietary supplementation with a probiotic fermented four-herb combination enhances immune activity in broiler chicks and increases survivability against Salmonella Gallinarum in experimentally infected broiler chicks

Carillon, J.; Notin, C.; Schmitt, K.; Simoneau, G.; Lacan, D., 2015:
Dietary supplementation with a superoxide dismutase-melon concentrate reduces stress, physical and mental fatigue in healthy people: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Murayama, Y.; Mochizuki, K.; Shimada, M.; Fujimoto, S.; Nukui, K.; Shibata, K.; Goda, T., 2010:
Dietary supplementation with alpha-amylase inhibitor wheat albumin to high-fat diet-induced insulin-resistant rats is associated with increased expression of genes related to fatty acid synthesis in adipose tissue

Miller, S.C.; Ti, L.; Shan, J., 2012:
Dietary supplementation with an extract of North American ginseng in adult and juvenile mice increases natural killer cells

Chan, A.; Shea, T.B., 2009:
Dietary supplementation with apple juice decreases endogenous amyloid-beta levels in murine brain

Magdeldin, S.; Elewa, Y.; Ikeda, T.; Ikei, J.; Zhang, Y.; Xu, B.; Nameta, M.; Fujinaka, H.; Yoshida, Y.; Yaoita, E.; Yamamoto, T., 2010:
Dietary supplementation with arachidonic acid but not eicosapentaenoic or docosahexaenoic acids alter lipids metabolism in C57BL/6J mice

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