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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52628

Chapter 52628 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rotenberg, S.A.; Tatakis, D.N., 2015:
Dimensional changes during early healing after a subepithelial connective tissue graft procedure

Muzaffar, D.; Ahsan, S.Hammad.; Afaq, A., 2012:
Dimensional changes in alginate impression during immersion in a disinfectant solution

Ramirez-Yañez, G.; Sidlauskas, A.; Junior, E.; Fluter, J., 2009:
Dimensional changes in dental arches after treatment with a prefabricated functional appliance

Bengazi, F.; Lang, N.P.; Caroprese, M.; Urbizo Velez, J.; Favero, V.; Botticelli, D., 2016:
Dimensional changes in soft tissues around dental implants following free gingival grafting: an experimental study in dogs

Hiraguchi, H.; Kaketani, M.; Hirose, H.; Kikuchi, H.; Yoneyama, T., 2014:
Dimensional changes in stone casts resulting from long-term immersion of addition-type silicone rubber impressions in disinfectant solutions

Panou, E.; Motro, M.; Ateş, M.; Acar, A.; Erverdi, N., 2014:
Dimensional changes of maxillary sinuses and pharyngeal airway in Class III patients undergoing bimaxillary orthognathic surgery

Gallucci, G.O.; Grütter, L.; Chuang, S-Kiang.; Belser, U.C., 2011:
Dimensional changes of peri-implant soft tissue over 2 years with single-implant crowns in the anterior maxilla

Deschner, J.; Wolff, S.; Hedderich, Jürgen.; Kreusch, T.; Jepsen, Søren., 2010:
Dimensional changes of periodontal soft tissues after intrasulcular incision

Atiyyah, A.R., 2014:
Dimensional changes of the acrylic resin denture base

Fickl, S.; Zuhr, O.; Wachtel, H.; Stappert, C.F.J.; Stein, J.M.; Hürzeler, M.B., 2008:
Dimensional changes of the alveolar ridge contour after different socket preservation techniques

Aras, A.; Akay, M.Cemal.; Cukurova, I.; Günbay, T.; Işiksal, E.; Aras, Işil., 2010:
Dimensional changes of the nasal cavity after transpalatal distraction using bone-borne distractor: an acoustic rhinometry and computed tomography evaluation

Fickl, S.; Schneider, D.; Zuhr, O.; Hinze, M.; Ender, A.; Jung, R.E.; Hürzeler, M.B., 2009:
Dimensional changes of the ridge contour after socket preservation and buccal overbuilding: an animal study

Melo, M.C.C.; Pereira, E.S.J.; Viana, A.C.D.; Fonseca, A.M.A.; Buono, V.T.L.; Bahia, M.G.A., 2008:
Dimensional characterization and mechanical behaviour of K3 rotary instruments

Gifani, P.; Rabiee, H.R.; Hashemi, M.; Ghanbari, M., 2007:
Dimensional characterization of anesthesia dynamic in reconstructed embedding space

Möller, J.; Marsh, H.W., 2014:
Dimensional comparison theory

Martin, M.D.; Rechner, B.P., 2012:
Dimensional considerations for operative repair of the fractured pediatric orbit

Gwyther, J.; Gilroy, J.B.; Rupar, P.A.; Lunn, D.J.; Kynaston, E.; Patra, S.K.; Whittell, G.R.; Winnik, M.A.; Manners, I., 2013:
Dimensional control of block copolymer nanofibers with a π-conjugated core: crystallization-driven solution self-assembly of amphiphilic poly(3-hexylthiophene)-b-poly(2-vinylpyridine)

Konstantopoulos, K.; Wu, P-Hsun.; Wirtz, D., 2013:
Dimensional control of cancer cell migration

Gilbertson, A.M.; Newaz, A.K.M.; Chang, W-Jin.; Bashir, R.; Solin, S.A.; Cohen, L.F., 2009:
Dimensional crossover and weak localization in a 90 nm n-GaAs thin film

Aron, C.; Kotliar, G.; Weber, C., 2012:
Dimensional crossover driven by an electric field

Reyes, D.; Continentino, M.A., 2007:
Dimensional crossover in anisotropic Kondo lattices

Das, A.; Chakrabarti, J., 2013:
Dimensional crossover in fluids under nanometer-scale confinement

Schopfer, Félicien.; Mallet, Fçois.; Mailly, D.; Texier, C.; Montambaux, G.; Bäuerle, C.; Saminadayar, L., 2007:
Dimensional crossover in quantum networks: from macroscopic to mesoscopic physics

dos Santos, C.A.M.; White, B.D.; Yu, Y-Kuo.; Neumeier, J.J.; Souza, J.A., 2007:
Dimensional crossover in the purple bronze Li0.9Mo6O17

Martínez-Ratón, Y.; Velasco, E., 2014:
Dimensional crossover of hard parallel cylinders confined on cylindrical surfaces

Donath, J.G.; Steglich, F.; Bauer, E.D.; Sarrao, J.L.; Gegenwart, P., 2008:
Dimensional crossover of quantum critical behavior in CeCoIn5

Wang, J.; Wang, X-Ming.; Chen, Y-Fei.; Wang, J-Sheng., 2012:
Dimensional crossover of thermal conductance in graphene nanoribbons: a first-principles approach

Choi, W.; Chae, H.; Yook, S-Hyung.; Kim, Y., 2015:
Dimensional dependence of phase transitions in explosive percolation

Kim, D.; Hwangbo, Y.; Zhu, L.; Mag-Isa, A.E.; Kim, K-Seop.; Kim, J-Hyun., 2013:
Dimensional dependence of phonon transport in freestanding atomic layer systems

Loomis, J.; Panchapakesan, B., 2012:
Dimensional dependence of photomechanical response in carbon nanostructure composites: a case for carbon-based mixed-dimensional systems

Charbonneau, B.; Charbonneau, P.; Jin, Y.; Parisi, G.; Zamponi, F., 2013:
Dimensional dependence of the Stokes-Einstein relation and its violation

Paris, J., 2012:
Dimensional diagnosis and DSM-5

Bjelland, I.; Dahl, A.A., 2008:
Dimensional diagnostics--new classification of mental disorders

Ryoo, K-Chang.; Oh, J-Hoon.; Jung, S.; Jeong, H.; Park, B-Gook., 2012:
Dimensional effect of non-polar resistive random access memory (RRAM) for low-power memory application

Abate, A.; Brischetto, M.; Cavallo, G.; Lahtinen, M.; Metrangolo, P.; Pilati, T.; Radice, S.; Resnati, G.; Rissanen, K.; Terraneo, G., 2010:
Dimensional encapsulation of I(-)...I(2)...I(-) in an organic salt crystal matrix

Mahon, K.; Perez-Rodriguez, M.M.; Gunawardane, N.; Burdick, K.E., 2014:
Dimensional endophenotypes in bipolar disorder: affective dysregulation and psychosis proneness

Silva, D.Nascimento.; Gerhardt de Oliveira, Mília.; Meurer, E.; Meurer, M.Inês.; Lopes da Silva, J.Vicente.; Santa-Bárbara, A., 2008:
Dimensional error in selective laser sintering and 3D-printing of models for craniomaxillary anatomy reconstruction

Ibrahim, D.; Broilo, T.Leonardo.; Heitz, C.; de Oliveira, Mília.Gerhardt.; de Oliveira, H.Willhelm.; Nobre, S.Maris.Wanderlei.; Dos Santos Filho, Jé.Henrique.Gomes.; Silva, D.Nascimento., 2008:
Dimensional error of selective laser sintering, three-dimensional printing and PolyJet models in the reproduction of mandibular anatomy

Takashima, R.; Takiguchi, T.; Ariki, Y., 2013:
Dimensional feature weighting utilizing multiple kernel learning for single-channel talker location discrimination using the acoustic transfer function

Apinhasmit, W.; Chompoopong, S.; Methathrathip, D.; Amornmettajit, N., 2009:
Dimensional guide to harvesting the radius for orofacial reconstruction

Niles, A.N.; Lebeau, R.T.; Liao, B.; Glenn, D.E.; Craske, M.G., 2012:
Dimensional indicators of generalized anxiety disorder severity for DSM-V

Kolte, A.P.; Kolte, R.A.; Mishra, P.R., 2015:
Dimensional influence of interproximal areas on existence of interdental papillae

Hamm, J.; Pinkham, A.; Gur, R.C.; Verma, R.; Kohler, C.G., 2014:
Dimensional information-theoretic measurement of facial emotion expressions in schizophrenia

Jacobs, S.F.; Johnston, S.C.; Schwab, D.E., 1984:
Dimensional instability of Invars

Kliem, Sören.; Beller, J.; Kröger, C.; Birowicz, T.; Zenger, M.; Brähler, E., 2015:
Dimensional latent structure of somatic symptom reporting in two representative population studies: results from taxometric analyses

Alvariño, C.; Pía, E.; García, M.D.; Blanco, Víctor.; Fernández, A.; Peinador, C.; Quintela, Jé.M., 2013:
Dimensional matching of polycyclic aromatics with rectangular metallacycles: insertion modes determined by [C-H···π] interactions

Hanson, R.Karl., 2010:
Dimensional measurement of sexual deviance

Rowe, S.; Jordan, J.; McIntosh, V.; Carter, F.; Frampton, C.; Bulik, C.; Joyce, P., 2011:
Dimensional measures of personality as a predictor of outcome at 5-year follow-up in women with bulimia nervosa

Kheirollahpour, M.; Shohaimi, S., 2015:
Dimensional model for estimating factors influencing childhood obesity: path analysis based modeling

Guo, Y-zhong.; Guo, Y-min., 2013:
Dimensional modeling analysis for outpatient payments

Widiger, T.A., 2008:
Dimensional models of personality disorder

Trull, T.J.; Widiger, T.A., 2014:
Dimensional models of personality: the five-factor model and the DSM-5

Hashim, Y.; Sidek, O., 2013:
Dimensional optimization of nanowire--complementary metal oxide--semiconductor inverter

Hesser, H.; Andersson, G., 2015:
Dimensional or categorical approach to tinnitus severity: an item response mixture modeling analysis of tinnitus handicap

Liu, X.; Park, Y.; Gu, X.; Fan, J., 2010:
Dimensional overlap accounts for independence and integration of stimulus-response compatibility effects

Judd, L.L., 2012:
Dimensional paradigm of the long-term course of unipolar major depressive disorder

Sheridan, T.E.; Wells, K.D., 2010:
Dimensional phase transition in small Yukawa clusters

Landeros-Weisenberger, A.; Bloch, M.H.; Kelmendi, B.; Wegner, R.; Nudel, J.; Dombrowski, P.; Pittenger, C.; Krystal, J.H.; Goodman, W.K.; Leckman, J.F.; Coric, V., 2010:
Dimensional predictors of response to SRI pharmacotherapy in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Siar, C.Huat.; Toh, C.Gait.; Ali, T.Bai.Taiyeb.; Seiz, D.; Ong, S.Tin., 2012:
Dimensional profile of oral mucosa around combined tooth-implant-supported bridgework in macaque mandible

Fisher, A.D.; Bandini, E.; Ricca, V.; Ferruccio, N.; Corona, G.; Meriggiola, M.C.; Jannini, E.A.; Manieri, C.; Ristori, J.; Forti, G.; Mannucci, E.; Maggi, M., 2011:
Dimensional profiles of male to female gender identity disorder: an exploratory research

Oldham, J., 2014:
Dimensional psychiatry

Hägele, C.; Schlagenhauf, F.; Rapp, M.; Sterzer, P.; Beck, A.; Bermpohl, F.; Stoy, M.; Ströhle, A.; Wittchen, H-Ulrich.; Dolan, R.J.; Heinz, A., 2015:
Dimensional psychiatry: reward dysfunction and depressive mood across psychiatric disorders

Raballo, A., 2010:
Dimensional psychopathology and vulnerability to psychosis: envisaging the third generation of prodromal/ultra high-risk models

Maoz, H.; Goldstein, T.; Axelson, D.A.; Goldstein, B.I.; Fan, J.; Hickey, M.Beth.; Monk, K.; Sakolsky, D.; Diler, R.S.; Brent, D.; Iyengar, S.; Kupfer, D.J.; Birmaher, B., 2014:
Dimensional psychopathology in preschool offspring of parents with bipolar disorder

Patterson, B.M.; Escobedo-Diaz, J.P.; Dennis-Koller, D.; Cerreta, E., 2012:
Dimensional quantification of embedded voids or objects in three dimensions using X-ray tomography

Kegel, C.L.; Joudinaud, T.M.; Lim, K.Hiang.; Goetz, W.A.; Lansac, E.; Weber, P.A.; Ganesan, K.; Duran, C.M.G., 2007:
Dimensional ratios of normal mitral valve structures: a tool for determining the degree of geometric distortion in individual patients

Potthast, R.; Graben, P.Beim., 2009:
Dimensional reduction for the inverse problem of neural field theory

Ting, L.H., 2007:
Dimensional reduction in sensorimotor systems: a framework for understanding muscle coordination of posture

Wang, C.; Tao, L., 2015:
Dimensional reduction of a V1 ring model with simple and complex cells

Liu, Y-Hsin.; Porter, S.H.; Goldberger, J.E., 2012:
Dimensional reduction of a layered metal chalcogenide into a 1D near-IR direct band gap semiconductor

Barzel, B.; Biham, O.; Kupferman, R.; Lipshtat, A.; Zait, A., 2011:
Dimensional reduction of the master equation for stochastic chemical networks: The reduced-multiplane method

Zhu, M.; Leighton, G., 2008:
Dimensional reduction study of piezoelectric ceramics constitutive equations from 3-D to 2-D and 1-D

Androulakis, J.; Peter, S.C.; Li, H.; Malliakas, C.D.; Peters, J.A.; Liu, Z.; Wessels, B.W.; Song, J-Hwan.; Jin, H.; Freeman, A.J.; Kanatzidis, M.G., 2012:
Dimensional reduction: a design tool for new radiation detection materials

Caruel, M.; Chabiniok, R.; Moireau, P.; Lecarpentier, Y.; Chapelle, D., 2015:
Dimensional reductions of a cardiac model for effective validation and calibration

Torgersen, S.; Czajkowski, N.; Jacobson, K.; Reichborn-Kjennerud, T.; Røysamb, E.; Neale, M.C.; Kendler, K.S., 2008:
Dimensional representations of DSM-IV cluster B personality disorders in a population-based sample of Norwegian twins: a multivariate study

Matarasso, S.; Salvi, G.E.; Iorio Siciliano, V.; Cafiero, C.; Blasi, A.; Lang, N.P., 2009:
Dimensional ridge alterations following immediate implant placement in molar extraction sites: a six-month prospective cohort study with surgical re-entry

Rothamel, D.; Schwarz, F.; Herten, M.; Engelhardt, E.; Donath, K.; Kuehn, P.; Becker, J., 2008:
Dimensional ridge alterations following socket preservation using a nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite paste: a histomorphometrical study in dogs

Wei, Q.; Kais, S.; Herschbach, D., 2007:
Dimensional scaling treatment of stability of atomic anions induced by superintense, high-frequency laser fields

Wei, Q.; Kais, S.; Herschbach, D., 2008:
Dimensional scaling treatment of stability of simple diatomic molecules induced by superintense, high-frequency laser fields

Hoehn, R.D.; Wang, J.; Kais, S., 2012:
Dimensional scaling treatment with relativistic corrections for stable multiply charged atomic ions in high-frequency super-intense laser fields

Kelleher, B.; Goulding, D.; Huyet, G.; Viktorov, E.A.; Erneux, T.; Hegarty, S.P., 2011:
Dimensional signature on noise-induced excitable statistics in an optically injected semiconductor laser

Kopp, S.; Ottl, P., 2011:
Dimensional stability in composite cone beam computed tomography

Connors, C.J.; Jacobs, S.F., 1983:
Dimensional stability of Superinvar

Shaba, O.P.; Adegbulugbe, I.C.; Oderinu, O.H., 2007:
Dimensional stability of alginate impression material over a four hours time frame

Skinner, E.W.; Pomes, C.E., 2014:
Dimensional stability of alginate impression materials

Fenlon, M.Robert.; Juszczyk, A.Stanislaw.; Rodriguez, J.Mauricio.; Curtis, R.Victor., 2010:
Dimensional stability of complete denture permanent acrylic resin denture bases; A comparison of dimensions before and after a second curing cycle

Erbe, C.; Ruf, S.; Wöstmann, B.; Balkenhol, M., 2013:
Dimensional stability of contemporary irreversible hydrocolloids: humidor versus wet tissue storage

Gonçalves, F.S.; Popoff, D.A.V.; Castro, C.D.L.; Silva, G.C.; Magalhães, C.S.; Moreira, A.N., 2012:
Dimensional stability of elastomeric impression materials: a critical review of the literature

Berthold Iii, J.W.; Jacobs, S.F.; Norton, M.A., 1976:
Dimensional stability of fused silica, Invar, and several ultralow thermal expansion materials

Wandrekar, S.; Juszczyk, A.S.; Clark, R.K.F.; Radford, D.R., 2011:
Dimensional stability of newer alginate impression materials over seven days

Levartovsky, S.; Levy, G.; Brosh, T.; Harel, N.; Ganor, Y.; Pilo, R., 2014:
Dimensional stability of polyvinyl siloxane impression material reproducing the sulcular area

Deb, S.; Etemad-Shahidi, S.; Millar, B.J., 2014:
Dimensional stability ofautoclave sterilised addition cured impressions and trays

Hall, D.B., 1996:
Dimensional stability tests over time and temperature for several low-expansion glass ceramics

Stamm, A.J.; Tarkow, H., 2011:
Dimensional stabilization of wood

Patterson, B.M.; Hamilton, C.E., 2010:
Dimensional standard for micro X-ray computed tomography

Pietrzak, R.H.; Feder, A.; Schechter, C.B.; Singh, R.; Cancelmo, L.; Bromet, E.J.; Katz, C.L.; Reissman, D.B.; Ozbay, F.; Sharma, V.; Crane, M.; Harrison, D.; Herbert, R.; Levin, S.M.; Luft, B.J.; Moline, J.M.; Stellman, J.M.; Udasin, I.G.; El-Gabalawy, R.; Landrigan, P.J.; Southwick, S.M., 2016:
Dimensional structure and course of post-traumatic stress symptomatology in World Trade Center responders

Fonseca-Pedrero, E.; Sierra-Baigrie, S.; Lemos-Giráldez, Sín.; Paino, M.; Muñiz, Jé., 2012:
Dimensional structure and measurement invariance of the youth self-report across gender and age

Dikeos, D., 2008:
Dimensional structure of psychoses: relations with diagnostic categories and contribution into the study of endo-phenotypes

Nascimento, M.Isabel.do.; Reichenheim, M.Eduardo.; Monteiro, G.Torres.Rego., 2012:
Dimensional structure of the Brazilian version of the Scale of Satisfaction with Interpersonal Processes of General Medical Care

Pereda, Ní.; Forns, Mía.; Peró, M., 2007:
Dimensional structure of the Brief Symptom Inventory with Spanish college students

Eidecker, J.; Glöckner-Rist, A.; Gerlach, A.L., 2010:
Dimensional structure of the Social Interaction Anxiety Scale according to the analysis of data obtained with a German version

Kamp-Becker, I.; Ghahreman, M.; Smidt, J.; Remschmidt, H., 2008:
Dimensional structure of the autism phenotype: relations between early development and current presentation

Hökerberg, Y.Hahr.Marques.; Aguiar, O.Barbosa.; Reichenheim, M.; Faerstein, E.; Valente, J.Gonçalves.; Fonseca, M.de.Jesus.; Passos, S.Regina.Lambert., 2010:
Dimensional structure of the demand control support questionnaire: a Brazilian context

Montero, J.; Bravo, M.; Vicente, Mía-Purificación.; Galindo, Mía-Purificación.; López, Jín.F.; Albaladejo, A., 2010:
Dimensional structure of the oral health-related quality of life in healthy Spanish workers

Charbonneau, P.; Ikeda, A.; Parisi, G.; Zamponi, F., 2012:
Dimensional study of the caging order parameter at the glass transition

Malaguti, G.; Denti, L.; Bassoli, E.; Franchi, I.; Bortolini, S.; Gatto, A., 2011:
Dimensional tolerances and assembly accuracy of dental implants and machined versus cast-on abutments

Deusebio, E.; Boffetta, G.; Lindborg, E.; Musacchio, S., 2015:
Dimensional transition in rotating turbulence

Radzvilavičius, A.; Rancova, O.; Anisimovas, E., 2013:
Dimensional transitions in small Yukawa clusters

Hotta, C.; Pollmann, F., 2008:
Dimensional tuning of electronic states under strong and frustrated interactions

Castro, M.Maria.Lobo.Dinis.; Hökerberg, Y.Hahr.Marques.; Passos, S.Regina.Lambert., 2014:
Dimensional validity of WHOQOL-BREF in health workers

Mikkelsen, J.C.; Sacher, W.D.; Poon, J.K.S., 2014:
Dimensional variation tolerant silicon-on-insulator directional couplers

Huprich, S.K.; Bornstein, R.F., 2007:
Dimensional versus categorical personality disorder diagnosis: implications from and for psychological assessment

Whitney, K.A.; Steiner, A.R.; Lysaker, P.H.; Estes, D.D.; Hanna, N.H., 2010:
Dimensional versus categorical use of the PHQ-9 depression scale among persons with non-small-cell lung cancer: a pilot study including quality-of-life comparisons

Weidner, R.; Müller, H.J., 2014:
Dimensional weighting in cross-dimensional singleton conjunction search

Weidner, R.; Müller, H.J., 2009:
Dimensional weighting of primary and secondary target-defining dimensions in visual search for singleton conjunction targets

Bernstein, A.; Stickle, T.R.; Zvolensky, M.J.; Taylor, S.; Abramowitz, J.; Stewart, S., 2011:
Dimensional, categorical, or dimensional-categories: testing the latent structure of anxiety sensitivity among adults using factor-mixture modeling

Daneluzzo, E.; Stratta, P.; Di Tommaso, S.; Pacifico, R.; Riccardi, I.; Rossi, A., 2009:
Dimensional, non-taxonic latent structure of psychotic symptoms in a student sample

Raczkowski, M.; Assaad, F.F., 2012:
Dimensional-crossover-driven Mott transition in the frustrated Hubbard model

Yoshimatsu, K.; Okabe, T.; Kumigashira, H.; Okamoto, S.; Aizaki, S.; Fujimori, A.; Oshima, M., 2010:
Dimensional-crossover-driven metal-insulator transition in SrVO3 ultrathin films

Gao, Y.; Wang, X.; Cheng, Y.; Wang, Z.Jane., 2014:
Dimensionality Reduction for Hyperspectral Data Based on Class-Aware Tensor Neighborhood Graph and Patch Alignment

Kwok, K-Wai.; Tsoi, K.Hung.; Vitiello, V.; Clark, J.; Chow, G.C.T.; Luk, W.; Yang, G-Zhong., 2013:
Dimensionality Reduction in Controlling Articulated Snake Robot for Endoscopy Under Dynamic Active Constraints

Kim, H.Suk.; Schulze, Jürgen.P.; Cone, A.C.; Sosinsky, G.E.; Martone, M.E., 2011:
Dimensionality Reduction on Multi-Dimensional Transfer Functions for Multi-Channel Volume Data Sets

Fernández, J.; Quiroga, Mía.Angeles.; Icaza, V.J.; Escorial, S., 2012:
Dimensionality and Transcultural Specificity of the Sexual Attraction Questionnaire (SAQ)

Papaioannou, E.Th.; Kapaklis, V.; Taroni, A.; Marcellini, M.; Hjörvarsson, Börgvin., 2011:
Dimensionality and confinement effects in δ-doped Pd(Fe) layers

Landry, G.; Panaccio, A.; Vandenberghe, C., 2010:
Dimensionality and consequences of employee commitment to supervisors: a two-study examination

Woodbury, M.L.; Velozo, C.A.; Richards, L.G.; Duncan, P.W.; Studenski, S.; Lai, S-Min., 2007:
Dimensionality and construct validity of the Fugl-Meyer Assessment of the upper extremity

Stephens, G.J.; Johnson-Kerner, B.; Bialek, W.; Ryu, W.S., 2008:
Dimensionality and dynamics in the behavior of C. elegans

Clench-Aas, J.; Nes, R.Bang.; Dalgard, O.Steffen.; Aarø, L.Edvard., 2012:
Dimensionality and measurement invariance in the Satisfaction with Life Scale in Norway

Harsányi, Aás.; Csigó, K.; Demeter, G.; Németh, A.; Racsmány, Mály., 2008:
Dimensionality and neurocognitive symptoms in OCD

Alvarez, R.E., 2014:
Dimensionality and noise in energy selective x-ray imaging

Hissbach, J.C.; Klusmann, D.; Hampe, W., 2012:
Dimensionality and predictive validity of the HAM-Nat, a test of natural sciences for medical school admission

Novik, M.G.; Boekeloo, B.O., 2011:
Dimensionality and psychometric analysis of an alcohol protective behavioral strategies scale

Lambert, M.Canute.; Essau, C.A.; Schmitt, N.; Samms-Vaughan, M.E., 2007:
Dimensionality and psychometric invariance of the Youth Self-Report Form of the Child Behavior Checklist in cross-national settings

Nazarinia, R.Roudi.; Schumm, W.R.; White, J.M., 2009:
Dimensionality and reliability of a modified version of Norton's 1983 Quality Marriage Index among expectant and new Canadian mothers'

Barbaranelli, C.; Lee, C.S.; Vellone, E.; Riegel, B., 2015:
Dimensionality and reliability of the self-care of heart failure index scales: further evidence from confirmatory factor analysis

de Cock, E.S.A.; Emons, W.H.M.; Nefs, G.; Pop, V.J.M.; Pouwer, Fçois., 2011:
Dimensionality and scale properties of the Edinburgh Depression Scale (EDS) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: the DiaDDzoB study

Duree, G.; Salamo, G.; Segev, M.; Yariv, A.; Crosignani, B.; Porto, P.D.; Sharp, E., 1994:
Dimensionality and size of photorefractive spatial solitons

Hraha, T.H.; Bernard, A.B.; Nguyen, L.M.; Anseth, K.S.; Benninger, R.K.P., 2014:
Dimensionality and size scaling of coordinated Ca(2+) dynamics in MIN6 β-cell clusters

Preuss, U.W.; Watzke, S.; Wurst, F.M.; Conigrave, K.M.; Dongier, M.; Edenberg, H.; Eriksson, C.J.P.; Formigoni, M.L.O.S.; Grant, B.F.; Helander, A.; Hoffman, P.L.; Kiianmaa, K.; Koyama, T.; Legault, L.; Li, T-K.; Monteiro, M.; Methuen, T.; Saito, T.; Salaspuro, M.; Saunders, J.B.; Tabakoff, B.; Tufik, S.; Whitfield, J.B.; Wurst, F.M., 2015:
Dimensionality and stages of severity of DSM-5 criteria in an international sample of alcohol-consuming individuals

Grassi, M.; Nucera, A., 2010:
Dimensionality and summary measures of the SF-36 v1.6: comparison of scale- and item-based approach across ECRHS II adults population

Andrews, G.; Brugha, T.; Thase, M.E.; Duffy, F.Firoozmand.; Rucci, P.; Slade, T., 2007:
Dimensionality and the category of major depressive episode

Amghouz, Z.; Ramajo, B.; Khainakov, S.A.; da Silva, Ián.; Castro, Gán.R.; García, Jé.R.; García-Granda, S., 2014:
Dimensionality changes in the solid phase at room temperature: 2D → 1D → 3D evolution induced by ammonia sorption-desorption on zinc phosphates

Boris, A.V.; Matiks, Y.; Benckiser, E.; Frano, A.; Popovich, P.; Hinkov, V.; Wochner, P.; Castro-Colin, M.; Detemple, E.; Malik, V.K.; Bernhard, C.; Prokscha, T.; Suter, A.; Salman, Z.; Morenzoni, E.; Cristiani, G.; Habermeier, H-U.; Keimer, B., 2011:
Dimensionality control of electronic phase transitions in nickel-oxide superlattices

Chang, M.; Kobayashi, A.; Nakajima, K.; Chang, H-Chol.; Kato, M., 2011:
Dimensionality control of vapochromic hydrogen-bonded proton-transfer assemblies composed of a bis(hydrazone)iron(II) complex

Ochsner, M.; Textor, M.; Vogel, V.; Smith, M.L., 2011:
Dimensionality controls cytoskeleton assembly and metabolism of fibroblast cells in response to rigidity and shape

Masseboeuf, A.; Fruchart, O.; Toussaint, J.C.; Kritsikis, E.; Buda-Prejbeanu, L.; Cheynis, F.; Bayle-Guillemaud, P.; Marty, A., 2010:
Dimensionality crossover in magnetism: from domain walls (2D) to vortices (1D)

Pärnaste, M.; Marcellini, M.; Holmström, E.; Bock, N.; Fransson, J.; Eriksson, O.; Hjörvarsson, Börgvin., 2007:
Dimensionality crossover in the induced magnetization of Pd layers

Lang, S.M.; Fleischer, I.; Bernhardt, T.M.; Barnett, R.N.; Landman, U., 2014:
Dimensionality dependent water splitting mechanisms on free manganese oxide clusters

Kim, J.W.; Choi, Y.; Kim, J.; Mitchell, J.F.; Jackeli, G.; Daghofer, M.; van den Brink, J.; Khaliullin, G.; Kim, B.J., 2012:
Dimensionality driven spin-flop transition in layered iridates

Rissner, F.; Natan, A.; Egger, D.A.; Hofmann, O.T.; Kronik, L.; Zojer, E., 2013:
Dimensionality effects in the electronic structure of organic semiconductors consisting of polar repeat units

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