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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52707

Chapter 52707 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Seetha Lakshmi, L.; Sridharan, V.; Sukumar, A.A.; Kamruddin, M.; Sastry, V.S.; Raju, V.S., 2006:
Double MITs and magnetoresistance: an intrinsic feature of Ru substituted La(0.67)Ca(0.33)MnO(3)

Emre, A.; Akbulut, S.; Yilmaz, M.; Kanlioz, M.; Aydin, B.Elif., 2013:
Double Meckel's diverticulum presenting as acute appendicitis: a case report and literature review

Davis, H.J., 1914:
Double Multiple Exostoses

Borensztein, M.; Viengchareun, S.; Montarras, D.; Journot, L.; Binart, N.; Lombès, M.; Dandolo, L., 2013:
Double Myod and Igf2 inactivation promotes brown adipose tissue development by increasing Prdm16 expression

Azhakar, R.; Ghadwal, R.S.; Roesky, H.W.; Hey, J.; Stalke, D., 2012:
Double N-H bond activation of N,N'-bis-substituted hydrazines with stable N-heterocyclic silylene

Abboud, M.; Aubert, E.; Mamane, V., 2012:
Double N-arylation reaction of polyhalogenated 4,4'-bipyridines. Expedious synthesis of functionalized 2,7-diazacarbazoles

Barré, M.; Crosnier-Lopez, M-Pierre.; Le Berre, Fçoise.; Bohnké, O.; Suard, E.; Fourquet, J-Louis., 2008:
Double NASICON-type cell: ordered Nd3+ distribution in Li0.2Nd0.8/3Zr2(PO4)3

Liang, Q.; Jiao, Y.; Zhang, T.; Wang, R.; Li, W.; Zhang, H.; Huang, X.; Tang, Z.; Wu, H., 2014:
Double Negative (DN) [CD3⁺CD4⁻CD8⁻] T cells correlate with disease progression during HIV infection

Low, W.S., 1914:
Double Ogston's Operation performed for Chronic Frontal Sinus Disease

Savin, L.H., 1932:
Double Optic Atrophy and Monocular Vertical Nystagmus (Left)

Hawthorne, C.O., 1916:
Double Optic Neuritis

Dobson, M., 1928:
Double Optic Neuritis (Choked Discs), with Changes in the Maculae, in a Case of Cerebral Tumour

Wadsworth, O.F., 1885:
Double Optic Neuritis and Ophthalmoplegia from Lead Poisoning; Complicated by Typhoid Fever

Braine-Hartnell, C., 1897:
Double Optic Neuritis in Enteric Fever

Kirkpatrick, H., 1917:
Double Orbital Sarcoma

Kellock, T.H., 1915:
Double Osteotomy of Tibiae Ten Years after Operation

Kellock, T.H., 1915:
Double Osteotomy of Tibiæ Ten Years after Operation

Whiteford, C.H., 1914:
Double Ovariotomy; Bilateral Ovarian Perithelioma; Dermoid on One Side; Unusual Post-operative Course

Eddy, M.C.; Eschle, B.K.; Barrows, J.; Hallock, R.M.; Finger, T.E.; Delay, E.R., 2010:
Double P2X2/P2X3 purinergic receptor knockout mice do not taste NaCl or the artificial sweetener SC45647

Matsuyama, R.; Takada, I.; Yokoyama, A.; Fujiyma-Nakamura, S.; Tsuji, N.; Kitagawa, H.; Fujiki, R.; Kim, M.; Kouzu-Fujita, M.; Yano, T.; Kato, S., 2010:
Double PHD fingers protein DPF2 recognizes acetylated histones and suppresses the function of estrogen-related receptor alpha through histone deacetylase 1

Braini, A.; Narisetty, P.; Favero, A.; Calandra, S.; Calandra, A.; Caponnetto, F.; Digito, F.; D.P.zzo, F.; Marcotti, E.; Porebski, E.; Rovedo, S.; Terrosu, G.; Torricelli, L.; Stuto, A., 2014:
Double PPH technique for hemorrhoidal prolapse: a multicentric, prospective, and nonrandomized trial

Donelan, J., 1913:
Double Paralysis of the Superior Laryngeal Nerves in a Man, aged 25, in the Course of Disseminated Sclerosis from Lead Poisoning

Donelan, J., 1914:
Double Paralysis of the Superior Laryngeal Nerves in a Man, aged 26, in the Course of Disseminated Sclerosis from Lead Poisoning

Banks-Davis, H.J., 1918:
Double Perforation of the Septum Nasi with Peculiar Appearance of Soft Palate, in a Man, aged 46

Otero, L.; Ornellas, M.H.; Dobbin, J.; de Souza Fernandez, T., 2008:
Double Philadelphia-chromosome: a resistance factor on the imatinib mesylate therapy for chronic myeloid leukemia

Humphry, G.M., 1876:
Double Popliteal Aneurism: The Left Aneurism Developed after Haemorrhage Consequent on Ligature of the Right Femoral Artery: Pulsation Returning after Ligature of Artery, Arrested by Extension of Limb: Recovery: Subsequent Aneurism of Superior Mesenteric Artery

Goodpasture, E.W., 1916:
Double Primary Abdominal Pregnancy

Pernet, G., 1914:
Double Primary Chancres of the Lips and Neo-salvarsan Erythema Toxicum

White, C.S., 1933:
Double Primary Malignant Tumors of the Colon

Cargill, L.V., 1911:
Double Proptosis due to a Growth, Lymphoma (Haemangio-lymphadenoma), invading each Orbit

Cargill, L.V., 1911:
Double Proptosis due to a Growth, Lymphoma (Hæmangio-lymphadenoma), invading each Orbit

Jobson, T.B., 1927:
Double Recurrent Paralysis caused by Tuberculous Glands

Mollison, W.M., 1927:
Double Recurrent Paralysis of the Vocal Cords

Mineno, M.; Sawai, Y.; Kanno, K.; Sawada, N.; Mizufune, H., 2014:
Double Reformatsky reaction: divergent synthesis of δ-hydroxy-β-ketoesters

Smith, S.W.; Gardea, P.; Patel, V.; Douglas, S.J.; Wolf, P.D., 2014:
Double Ring Array Catheter for In Vivo Real-Time 3D Ultrasound

Heald, C.B., 1931:
Double Rudimentary Cervical Rib

Collins, E.T., 1912:
Double Ruptured Ectopic Gestations

Sahu, P.P., 2011:
Double S-bend structure for a compact two mode interference coupler

Guerra, P.Vanessa.; Yaylayan, V.A., 2013:
Double Schiff base adducts of 2,3-butanedione with glycine: formation of pyrazine rings with the participation of amino acid carbon atoms

Cabañas, Jé.G.; Myers, J.Brent.; Williams, J.G.; De Maio, V.J.; Bachman, M.W., 2014:
Double Sequential External Defibrillation in Out-of-Hospital Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation: A Report of Ten Cases

Martinand-Lurin, E.; Dos Santos, A.; El Kaim, L.; Grimaud, L.; Retailleau, P., 2014:
Double Smiles rearrangement of Passerini adducts towards benzoxazinones

Hrury, K., 1933:
Double Staining by the Cajalbrozek Method

Loewenstein, A., 1948:
Double Staining for Bulk Specimens of Retina and Choroid

Atkinson, W.B., 1958:
Double Standard?

Coar, H.I., 1893:
Double Surfaces

Sabia, C.; Sarti, M.; Mantengoli, E.; Gargiulo, R.; Mugnaioli, C.; Rossolini, G.Maria., 2010:
Double Synergy Differential Test for detection of plasmid-mediated AmpC-type beta-lactamases in Proteus mirabilis

Dawnay, A.H., 1912:
Double Third Nerve Palsy due to Acute Poliomyelitis

Vogel, H.S.; Knight, E.; Laudet, A.B.; Magura, S., 2007:
Double Trouble in Recovery: Self-Help for people with Dual Diagnoses

Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen, J.; Morgan, R.J.; Soltesz, I., 2009:
Double Trouble? Potential for Hyperexcitability Following Both Channelopathic up- and Downregulation of I(h) in Epilepsy

Chatterton, E., 1913:
Double Tubercular Iritis

Myers, B., 1923:
Double Tumour, ? Lipoma, in the Perineal Region of an Infant

Turner, P., 1915:
Double Undescended Testicle; Right Testicle Transplanted to the Left Side of the Scrotum

Lockyer, C., 1915:
Double Ureter simulating a Parovarian Cyst in the Right Broad Ligament

Swan, R.H., 1921:
Double Ureter; Hydronephrosis of one part of a Double Kidney

Winsbury-White, H.P., 1933:
Double Ureterocele in an Infant

Hering, C., 1919:
Double Use Of The Term Acceleration

Lewers, A.H., 1910:
Double Uterus (Atresia of one-half) with Dysmenorrhoea

Lewers, A.H., 1910:
Double Uterus (Atresia of one-half) with Dysmenorrhœa

Rockey, A.E., 1916:
Double Uterus and Vagina with a new Bloodless Operation for the Correction of the Deformity

Talmage, C.H., 1936:
Double Uterus with Features of Special Interest: Report of Case

Milne, H.A., 1965:
Double Uterus with Unilateral Haematocolpos and Absence of the Ipsilateral Kidney

Milne, H.A., 1965:
Double Uterus with Unilateral Hæmatocolpos and Absence of the Ipsilateral Kidney

Goel, S.; Pincenti, J.C.; Naylor, D.L., 1993:
Double V-groove ridge waveguides on a silicon substrate

Aly, T.Ahmed., 2009:
Double V-shaped cancellous osteotomy of the distal radius for Kienböck's disease

Bartlett, R.C., 1926:
Double Vagina and Single Uterus

Pan, W., 2007:
Double Wigner distribution function of a first-order optical system with a hard-edge aperture

Hadidi, A.T., 2010:
Double Y glanuloplasty for glanular hypospadias

Oki, M.; Saka, H.; Kitagawa, C.; Kogure, Y.; Mori, K.; Kajikawa, S.; Adachi, T., 2010:
Double Y-stent placement for tracheobronchial stenosis

Braat, J.J.M.; Janssen, A.J.E.M., 2013:
Double Zernike expansion of the optical aberration function from its power series expansion

Williams, A.W., 1909:
Double Zoster of the Face in a Schoolboy

Schmidt, T.; Marchetto, H.; Lévesque, P.L.; Groh, U.; Maier, F.; Preikszas, D.; Hartel, P.; Spehr, R.; Lilienkamp, G.; Engel, W.; Fink, R.; Bauer, E.; Rose, H.; Umbach, E.; Freund, H-J., 2010:
Double aberration correction in a low-energy electron microscope

Rigatelli, G.; Giordan, M.; Ferro, S.; Cominato, S.; Cardaioli, P., 2008:
Double access technique for left anterior descending PTCA in a mammary graft recipient

Kim, T.Sik.; Cho, K.Ree.; Lim, D.Soo., 2014:
Double accessory left atrial chordae tendineae resulting in mitral regurgitation

Madadi, F.; Yazdanshenas, H.; Madadi, F.; Bazargan-Hejazi, S., 2014:
Double acetabular wall--a misleading point for hip arthroplasty: an anatomical, radiological, clinical study

Dong, L.; Wu, H.; Zheng, H.; Liu, Y.; Liu, X.; Jiang, W.; Zhang, L.; Ma, W.; Ren, W.; Yin, W.; Jia, S.; Tittel, F.K., 2014:
Double acoustic microresonator quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy

Bulbring, E.; Burn, J.H., 1949:
Double action of acetylcholine on cardiac and vascular tissue

Han, Y.; You, Y.; Lee, Y-Min.; Nam, W., 2012:
Double action: toward phosphorescence ratiometric sensing of chromium ion

Wang, J.; Cong, L.; Zhang, Z.G.; Cao, Y.X.; Wei, Z.L.; Zhou, P.; Zhao, J.H.; He, X.J., 2010:
Double activation improves rabbit freeze-thawed oocytes developmental potential

Huertos, M.A.; Pérez, J.; Riera, Lía., 2012:
Double activation of an N-alkylimidazole

De Sio, L.; Cunningham, A.; Verrina, V.; Tone, C.Maria.; Caputo, R.; Bürgi, T.; Umeton, C., 2012:
Double active control of the plasmonic resonance of a gold nanoparticle array

Tutcu Şahin, S.; Erhan, Yç.; Aydede, H., 2015:
Double acute appendicitis in appendical duplication

Tsoureas, N.; Kuo, Y-Ying.; Haddow, M.F.; Owen, G.R., 2011:
Double addition of H2 to transition metal-borane complexes: a 'hydride shuttle' process between boron and transition metal centres

Venkatachala, S.; Kumar, S.Rajesh.; Premkumar, S., 2014:
Double adenoma of the parathyroid: reinforcing the existence of this entity

Tornese, G.; Tonini, G.; Patarino, F.; Parentin, F.; Marchetti, F., 2009:
Double adverse drug reaction: Recombinant human growth hormone and idiopathic intracranial hypertension - acetazolamide and metabolic acidosis: a case report

Cumpstey, I.; Salomonsson, E.; Sundin, A.; Leffler, H.; Nilsson, U.J., 2008:
Double affinity amplification of galectin-ligand interactions through arginine-arene interactions: synthetic, thermodynamic, and computational studies with aromatic diamido thiodigalactosides

Scarlett, U.K.; Conejo-Garcia, J.R., 2012:
Double agents in the war on cancer: leukocytes govern ovarian cancer progression

Lin, J-Her.; Lin, E-Yuan.; Liu, M-Ying., 2007:
Double aggressive osteoblastomas of calvarium

Fujiwara, Y.; Ozawa, R.; Onuma, D.; Suzuki, K.; Yoza, K.; Kobayashi, K., 2013:
Double alkylene-strapped diphenylanthracene as a photostable and intense solid-state blue-emitting material

Wang, D.; Akiyama, K.; Zhang, H.; Yamaza, T.; Li, X.; Feng, X.; Wang, H.; Hua, B.; Liu, B.; Xu, H.; Chen, W.; Shi, S.; Sun, L., 2013:
Double allogenic mesenchymal stem cells transplantations could not enhance therapeutic effect compared with single transplantation in systemic lupus erythematosus

Punt, C.; Burghouts, J.; Kateman, I.; Croles, J.; Kamm, Y.; Wagener, D., 1994:
Double alternate modulation of high-dose 5-Fluorouracil by interferon-alpha-2b and phosphonacetyl-L-aspartic Acid in patients with advanced colorectal-cancer

Hunter, W.S.; Bartlett, S.C., 1948:
Double alternation behavior in young children

Lee, N.Hee.; Suh, J.; Seo, H-Sun., 2009:
Double anchoring balloon technique for recanalization of coronary chronic total occlusion by retrograde approach

Irmisch, G.W.; Cook, E.N., 2010:
Double and accessory urethra

Juzeliūnas, G.; Ruseckas, J.; Jacob, A.; Santos, L.; Ohberg, P., 2008:
Double and negative reflection of cold atoms in non-Abelian gauge potentials

Lindsay, R.; Zhou, H.; Cosman, F.; Nieves, J.; Dempster, D., 2013:
Double and quadruple tetracycline labeling of bone: impact of the label itself

Marynowska, H.; Supronowicz, E., 2014:
Double and single reaction tuberculin allergometry in connection with tuberculin leukergic tests in tuberculous children

Aoi, S.; Kimura, K.; Tsuda, T., 2016:
Double and synchronous trichobezoars causing small-bowel obstruction and detected by multidetector computed tomography: report of two cases

Halder, A.; Liang, A.; Yin, C.; Kresin, V.V., 2012:
Double and triple ionization of silver clusters by electron impact

Takai, Y.; Koketsu, Y., 2009:
Double and triple matings associated with reproductive performance in first-serviced and reserviced female pigs in commercial herds

Serra, J.; Solà, Rà.; Aleu, J.; Quiles, C.; Navarro, X.; Bostock, H., 2011:
Double and triple spikes in C-nociceptors in neuropathic pain states: an additional peripheral mechanism of hyperalgesia

Biselli, J.M.; Machado, F.B.; Zampieri, B.L.; Alves da Silva, A.F.; Goloni-Bertollo, E.M.; Haddad, R.; Eberlin, M.N.; Vannucchi, H.; Carvalho, V.M.; Medina-Acosta, E.; Pavarino-Bertelli, E.C., 2009:
Double aneuploidy (48,XXY,+21) of maternal origin in a child born to a 13-year-old mother: evaluation of the maternal folate metabolism

Pachajoa, H., 2014:
Double aneuploidy (trisomy X, trisomy 18) in a newborn with trisomy 18 phenotype

Korucuoglu, U.; Erdem, M.; Pala, E.; Karaoguz, M.Yirmibes.; Erdem, A.; Biri, A., 2008:
Double aneuploidy in spontaneous miscarriages: two case reports and review of the literature

Begam, M.; Bekdache, G.N.; Murthy, S.K.; Mirghani, H.M., 2011:
Double aneuploidy of trisomy 18 and Klinefelter syndrome: prenatal diagnosis and perinatal outcome

Sheth, F.J.; Shodhan, A.G., 2009:
Double aneuploidy with Down syndrome

Chen, C-Ping.; Chern, S-Rern.; Chen, C-Yu.; Wu, P-Chen.; Chen, L-Feng.; Pan, C-Wen.; Wang, W., 2012:
Double aneuploidy with Edwards-Klinefelter syndromes (48,XXY,+18) of maternal origin: prenatal diagnosis and molecular cytogenetic characterization in a fetus with arthrogryposis of the left wrist and aplasia of the left thumb

Szállási, Aád.; Hoor, Károly., 2008:
Double anniversary of ophthalmology professor Károly Hoor (1858-1927)

Tréguier, B.; Roche, Séphane.P., 2014:
Double annulative cascade of tryptophan-containing peptides triggered by selectfluor

Zhang, Z.; Wang, S.; Zhang, G., 2009:
Double anomeric effects and a hydrogen-bonded supramolecular motif in N,N'-bis(3-nitrophenyl)methanediamine

Labetoulle, M., 2010:
Double anonymity, a guarantee of equity

Khakshoor, H.; Ansari-Astaneh, M-Reza.; Shoeib, M.; Schliesser, J.A.; Moshirfar, M., 2011:
Double anterior chamber in a patient with glaucoma and microspherophakia

Jung, K.; Lee, D.; Lim, H.Song.; Lee, S-Il.; Kim, Y.Jung.; Lee, G.Min.; Kim, S.Chang.; Koh, G.Young., 2011:
Double anti-angiogenic and anti-inflammatory protein Valpha targeting VEGF-A and TNF-alpha in retinopathy and psoriasis

Casella, G.; De Servi, S.; Tubaro, M.; Cavallini, C.; Andreotti, F.; Olivari, Z.; Bolognese, L.; Di Pasquale, G., 2011:
Double antiaggregant therapy in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing coronary angioplasty revascularization. Pending clinical problems and effects of therapy non-compliance

Koh, Y.Jun.; Kim, H-Zoo.; Hwang, S-Ik.; Lee, J.Eun.; Oh, N.; Jung, K.; Kim, M.; Kim, K.Eun.; Kim, H.; Lim, N-Kyu.; Jeon, C-Ju.; Lee, G.Min.; Jeon, B.Hwa.; Nam, D-Hyun.; Sung, H.Ki.; Nagy, A.; Yoo, O.Joon.; Koh, G.Young., 2010:
Double antiangiogenic protein, DAAP, targeting VEGF-A and angiopoietins in tumor angiogenesis, metastasis, and vascular leakage

Nadeau, Gève.; Schröder, A.; Moore, K.; Genois, L.; Lamontagne, P.; Hamel, M.; Pellerin, E.; Bolduc, Séphane., 2014:
Double anticholinergic therapy for refractory neurogenic and nonneurogenic detrusor overactivity in children: Long-term results of a prospective open-label study

Bolduc, Séphane.; Moore, K.; Lebel, S.; Lamontagne, P.; Hamel, M., 2009:
Double anticholinergic therapy for refractory overactive bladder

Elsahy, N.I., 1976:
Double antihelix: Its significance in the correction of prominent ears

Wang, X.; Wang, Z.; Liu, J.Z.; Hu, J.X.; Chen, H.L.; Li, W.L.; Hai, C.X., 2011:
Double antioxidant activities of rosiglitazone against high glucose-induced oxidative stress in hepatocyte

Hartung, A.; Kobelke, J.; Schwuchow, A.; Wondraczek, K.; Bierlich, Jörg.; Popp, Jürgen.; Frosch, T.; Schmidt, M.A., 2014:
Double antiresonant hollow core fiber--guidance in the deep ultraviolet by modified tunneling leaky modes

VanLeeuwen, B.K.; Gopalan, V.; Litvin, D.B., 2014:
Double antisymmetry and the rotation-reversal space groups

Koch, A.M.E.; Glöckler, M.; Cesnjevar, R., 2013:
Double aortic arch

Saeed, G.; Neuzner, Jörg.; Gradaus, R., 2015:
Double aortic arch and Kommerell's diverticulum

Caspi, J.; Pettitt, T.W.; Ascuito, R.J., 2013:
Double aortic arch and aortopulmonary window: an uncommon presentation in a newborn

Cui, W.; Patel, D.; Husayni, T.S.; Roberson, D.A., 2008:
Double aortic arch and d-transposition of the great arteries

Massaad, J.; Crawford, K., 2008:
Double aortic arch and nasogastric tubes: a fatal combination

Sümerkan, M.Cağan.; Helvacı, Füsun.; Başak, M., 2016:
Double aortic arch associated with tracheal and esophageal compression in an adult

Barrie, M.G.; Amick, C.; Mitzman, J.; Way, D.P.; King, A.M., 2018:
Bringing the Flipped Classroom to Day 1: A Novel Didactic Curriculum for Emergency Medicine Intern Orientation

Chiu, J.S.; Glickstein, J.; Shah, A., 2015:
Double aortic arch in a newborn with congenital diaphragmatic hernia and tracheoesophageal fistula

Kypson, A.Patrick.; Anderson, C.A.; Rodriguez, E.; Koutlas, T.C., 2008:
Double aortic arch in an adult undergoing coronary bypass surgery: a therapeutic dilemma?

Kaderli, A.Aydin.; Kazazoğlu, A.Riza., 2008:
Double aortic arch in an asymptomatic patient

Kondrachuk, O.; Yalynska, T.; Tammo, R.; Iershova, I.; Rokytska, N., 2011:
Double aortic arch is always double

Koz, C.; Yokusoglu, M.; Uzun, M.; Tasar, M., 2008:
Double aortic arch suspected upon transthoracic echocardiography and diagnosed upon computed tomography

Baker-Smith, C.M.; Milazzo, A.S.; Frush, D.P.; Jaggers, J.; Kirby, M.L.; Kanter, R.J.; Barker, P.C., 2010:
Double aortic arch with aortic atresia and left-sided type B interruption

Liang, Y.; Zhou, Q.; Chen, Z., 2014:
Double aortic arch with ascending aortic aneurysm and aortic valve regurgitation

Sanz-Cuesta, M., 2014:
Double aortic arch with atresic left arch

Hashmi, S.Faisal.; Hanif, M.; Maroo, S.; Pollock, J.C.S., 2010:
Double aortic arch with dominant left arch and right ligamentum arteriosum

Ece, I.; Paç, F.Ayşenur.; Paç, M.; Ballı, S., 2016:
Double aortic arch with dominant left arch: case report

Gerretsen, M.F.; Peelen, W.; Rammeloo, L.A.J.; Koolbergen, D.R.; Hruda, J., 2010:
Double aortic arch with double aneuploidy--rare anomaly in combined Down and Klinefelter syndrome

Costanzo, L.; Caruso, E.; Agati, S.; Guccione, P., 2015:
Double aortic arch with hypoplastic right aortic arch and type C atresia of left aortic arch

Kondrachuk, O.; Yalynska, T.; Tammo, R.; Yershova, Y.; Rokitska, N.; Yemets, I., 2009:
Double aortic arch with left arch atresia

Singh, Y., 2009:
Double aortic arch with tetralogy of Fallot: a rare association

Okur, A.; Kantarci, M.; Ceviz, N.; Olgun, H., 2015:
Double aortic arch without vascular ring: an unusual variation

Yavas, S.; Kervan, U.; Demisdas, E.; Birincioglu, C.Levent., 2008:
Double aortic arch: an important cause of persistent respiratory symptoms

Moral, S.; Zuccarino, F.; Loma-Osorio, P., 2008:
Double aortic arch: an unreported anomaly with Kabuki syndrome

Barata Tavares, J.; Leite, Iês.; Rodrigues, D.; Reimão, S.; Leitão, Jão.; Sequeira, P., 2013:
Double aortic arch: incidental cerebral angiography finding in an adult patient with headache--embrionary cardiovascular morphogenic pattern review

Rose, D.; D'Ascoli, R.; Ventriglia, F.; Miraldi, F., 2014:
Double aortic arch: postnatal obliteration of the left aortic arch. Is arterial duct closure responsible?

Budziszewska, P.; Kuka, D.; Sodowski, M.; Sodowski, K.; Jeanty, P.; Skrzypulec, V., 2009:
Double aortic arch: prenatal case report

Potts, W.J.; Gibson, S.; Rothwell, R., 1948:
Double aortic arch; report of two cases

Jones, C.H.; Walker, J.K., 2014:
Double aortic arch; with a report of a case

Majid, Y.; Warade, M.; Aziz, Z.; Karthik, G.A., 2009:
Double aortic arches, esophageal atresia and tracheal compression

Khaladj, N.; Reichelt, A.; Hagl, C.; Pichlmaier, M., 2012:
Double aortic blunt traumatic rupture

Meneses-Fabian, C.; Kantun-Montiel, R.; Lemus-Alonso, G-Pablo.; Rivera-Ortega, U., 2013:
Double aperture common-path phase-shifting interferometry by translating a ruling at the input plane

Okamoto, Y.; Watanabe, T.; Watanabe, H.; Onishi, T.; Kawano, Y., 2008:
Double apheresis of peripheral blood stem cells in a single day in children mobilized by granulocyte colony-stimulating factor for transplantation

Steib, J-Paul.; Mezghani, S.; Charles, Y.Philippe.; Mitulescu, A., 2010:
Double approach in thoraco-lumbar malunions

Fowler, P.W.; Mizoguchi, N.; Bean, D.E.; Havenith, R.W.A., 2009:
Double aromaticity and ring currents in all-carbon rings

Wodrich, M.D.; Corminboeuf, Cémence.; Park, S.Soo.; Schleyer, P.von.Ragué., 2007:
Double aromaticity in monocyclic carbon, boron, and borocarbon rings based on magnetic criteria

Xu, C.; Cheng, L.; Yang, J., 2014:
Double aromaticity in transition metal centered double-ring boron clusters M@B2n (M = Ti, Cr, Fe, Ni, Zn; n = 6, 7, 8)

Renieri, L.; Consoli, A.; Scarpini, G.; Grazzini, G.; Nappini, S.; Mangiafico, S., 2013:
Double arterial catheterization technique for embolization of brain arteriovenous malformations with onyx

Czerny, M.; Mach, M.; Schönhoff, F.; Basciani, R.; Jenni, Hörg.; Carrel, T.P.; Schmidli, Jürg., 2014:
Double arterial perfusion strategy for extensive thoracic aortic surgery to avoid lower body hypothermic circulatory arrest

Catanzariti, A.R.; Adeleke, A.T., 2015:
Double arthrodesis through a medial approach for end-stage adult-acquired flatfoot

Colbon, P.; Ruan, J.; Purdie, M.; Mulholland, K.; Xiao, J., 2011:
Double arylation of allyl alcohol via a one-pot Heck arylation-isomerization-acylation cascade

Izquierdo, L.; Henriquez, M.A.; McCarthy, M., 2011:
Double aspiration/single irrigation system for bimanual lens cortex removal in cataract surgery

Alvarez-Ibarra, A.; Köster, A.M., 2013:
Double asymptotic expansion of three-center electronic repulsion integrals

Chen, J.; Bi, Q.; Liu, S.; Li, X.; Liu, Y.; Zhai, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Yang, L.; Xu, Y.; Noda, I.; Wu, J., 2013:
Double asynchronous orthogonal sample design scheme for probing intermolecular interactions

Kuo, B.T.; Whitbeck, M.G.; Gurley, J.C.; Smith, M.D., 2012:
Double atrial septal defect: diagnosis and closure guidance with 3D transesophageal echocardiography

Harding, J.D.; Grzywacz, F.; Sangrigoli, R., 2012:
Double atrial septum and transseptal puncture: an unusual obstacle to pulmonary vein isolation

Li, X.; Zhu, D.; Tang, H.; Feng, Y.; An, Q., 2015:
Double atrial septum with interatrial chamber formation and recurrent paradoxical embolism

Seyfert, H.; Bohlscheid, V.; Bauer, B., 2008:
Double atrial septum with persistent interatrial space and transient ischaemic attack

Weick, A.; Augustin, H.G., 2011:
Double attack on tumors by targeting with guidance molecules

Duque, A.; Vázquez, C., 2015:
Double attention bias for positive and negative emotional faces in clinical depression: evidence from an eye-tracking study

Binotto, G.; Cillo, U.; Trentin, L.; Piazza, F.; Zaninotto, M.; Semenzato, G.; Adami, F., 2011:
Double autologous bone marrow transplantation and orthotopic liver transplantation in a patient with primary light chain (AL) amyloidosis

Gómez Martín, C.; Murillo, C.; Maldonado, A.A.; Cristóbal, L.; Fernández-Cañamaque, J.L., 2014:
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Double cervix in a cow

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Double cisterna magna blood injection model of experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in dogs

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Double clad tapered fiber for high power applications

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Double cladding ytterbium doped superfluorescence fiber source with 3 dB bandwidth reaching up to 80 nm

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Double clefts of the lip

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Double coins at the oesophageal inlet

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Double coniometer for objective registration of tension symptoms

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Double corridor nursing units for construction and operating economy

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Double cross-polarization MAS NMR in the assignment of abundant-spin resonances: ¹⁹F-{²⁹Si}-¹⁹F FBCP/MAS NMR of fluoride ions incorporated in calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) phases

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Double cut and join with insertions and deletions

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Double cystic duct

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Double decade drivers

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Double departure

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Double dip. HFMA, AHIP see losses in latest filings

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Double dissociation of the requirement for GluN2B- and GluN2A-containing NMDA receptors in the destabilization and restabilization of a reconsolidating memory

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Double dissociations of word and number processing in auditory and written modalities: a case study

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Double domain structure of the pair contact process with diffusion

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Double domain swapping in bovine seminal RNase: formation of distinct N- and C-swapped tetramers and multimers with increasing biological activities

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Double dose. Two flu vaccines on tap this season

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Double dose: the cumulative effect of TV viewing at home and in preschool on children's activity patterns and weight status

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Double doses of rabies vaccine in malignant lymphoma patients

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Double down for a double win

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Double drape tectonic patch with cyanoacrylate glue in the management of corneal perforation with iris incarceration

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Double drive modes unimorph deformable mirror for low-cost adaptive optics

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Double duct sign in a 3-year-old child

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Double dumb-bell calculus in childhood

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Double dural patch in decompressive craniectomy to preserve the temporal muscle: technical note

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Double duty for CCL21 in dendritic cell trafficking

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Double duty for Exo1 during meiotic recombination

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Double duty for Rac1 in epidermal wound healing

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Double duty for a conserved glutamate in pyruvate decarboxylase: evidence of the participation in stereoelectronically controlled decarboxylation and in protonation of the nascent carbanion/enamine intermediate

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Double duty for cyanogen bromide in a cascade synthesis of cyanoepoxides

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Double duty for nuclear proteins--the price of more open forms of mitosis

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Double duty of Atg9 self-association in autophagosome biogenesis

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Double duty: does epidural labor analgesia reduce both pain and postpartum depression?

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Double eccentric connectors for optical fibers

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Double edged effect of gum-resin of ferula assa-foetida on lifespan of neurons

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Double effect of antibiotics

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Double effort: Parental behavior of wild Azara's owl monkeys in the face of twins

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Double electrocardiographic interference

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Double electrochemical covalent coupling method based on click chemistry and diazonium chemistry for the fabrication of sensitive amperometric immunosensor

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Double electron-electron resonance (DEER): a convenient method to probe DNA conformational changes

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Double electron-electron resonance probes Ca²⁺-induced conformational changes and dimerization of recoverin

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Double electron-electron resonance reveals cAMP-induced conformational change in HCN channels

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Double electron-electron resonance shows cytochrome P450cam undergoes a conformational change in solution upon binding substrate

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Double elevator palsy, subtypes and outcomes of surgery

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Double embolic protection during carotid artery stenting with persistent hypoglossal artery

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Double embryo transfer gives good pregnancy and live birth rates in poor responders with a modest increase in multiple birth rates: results from an observational study

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Double emulsion templated microcapsules with single hollow cavities and thickness-controllable shells

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Double emulsion templated monodisperse phospholipid vesicles

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Double emulsions and colloidosomes-in-colloidosomes using silica-based Pickering emulsifiers

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Double emulsions from a capillary array injection microfluidic device

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Double emulsions with controlled morphology by microgel scaffolding

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Double endocrine neoplasia in a renal transplant recipient: case report and review of the literature

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Double endoloop technique for hole closure on the gastrointestinal tract: human application

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Double endoscopic intraluminal surgery: superior to ESD for early gastric cancer?

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Double endoscopic retrograde ureteral drainage performed with a standard gastroscope in a cystectomized patient with a Wallace ureteroilealcutaneous anastomosis

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Double endoscopic technique for operative dilation of esophageal strictures resistant to conventional therapy

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Double endosonography-guided transgastric and transduodenal drainage of infected pancreatic-fluid collections using metallic stents

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Double epidural blood patch to treat spontaneous intracranial hypotension syndrome

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Double error shrinkage method for identifying protein binding sites observed by tiling arrays with limited replication

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Double esophageal carcinosarcomas showing rapid growth of a new polypoid tumor after sloughing of another polypoid tumor

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Double esophageal duplication cysts, with ectopic gastric mucosa: a case report

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Double ethical review of North-South collaborative clinical research: hidden paternalism or real partnership?

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Double etiology of recurrent thrombophlebitis: Behçet's disease and inferior vena cava agenesis

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Double eversion carotid endarterectomy of tandem carotid lesions

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Double exchange ferromagnetism in the Peierls insulator state

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Double exchange in a mixed-valent octanuclear iron cluster, [Fe8(μ4-O)4(μ-4-Cl-pz)12Cl4](-)

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Double exchange via t(2g) orbitals and the Jahn-Teller effect in ferromagnetic La0.7Sr0.3CoO3 probed by epitaxial strain

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Double excitation effect in non-adiabatic time-dependent density functional theory with an analytic construction of the exchange-correlation kernel in the common energy denominator approximation

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Double excitation of surface modes at uniaxial-metal-isotropic films

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Double excitations from modified Hartree Fock subsequent minimization scheme

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Double excitations in correlated systems: a many–body approach

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Double excitations in finite systems

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Double exponential growth of aliphatic polyamide dendrimers via AB(2) hypermonomer strategy

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Double exposure hologram of hyperbolic fringes and its use in the measurement of optical coherence

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Double exposure moiré deflectometry for removing noise

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Double exposure planar transmission holograms recorded in nonlinear dichromated gelatin

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Double exposure speckle technique for imaging system analysis and use in rod lens arrays

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Double exposure to intra-amniotic lipopolysaccharide and maternal betamethasone induces sustained increase of neutrophils in the lungs and disrupts alveolarization in newborn rats

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Double expression of CD34 and CD117 on bone marrow progenitors is a hallmark of the development of functional mast cell of Callithrix jacchus (common marmoset)

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Double extensor pollicis longus tendon in independent extensor compartments: a case report of an anatomical variation requiring alteration of surgical strategy

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Double external jugular vein and other rare venous variations of the head and neck

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Double extra sharp chopper increase efficacy of phacoemulsification for hard mature cataract surgery

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Double eye brow: a rare case report

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Double eyelid blepharoplasty incorporating epicanthoplasty using Y-V advancement procedure

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Double eyelid operation recreating the anatomic microstructure

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Double face of discrimination. Legislation offers protection

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Double facial nerve trunk emerged from the stylomastoid foramen and petrotympanic fissure: a case report

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Double fascicular nerve transfer for elbow flexion: is 2 better than 1?

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Double fascicular nerve transfer to the biceps and brachialis muscles after brachial plexus injury: clinical outcomes in a series of 29 cases

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Double fat plane of the radial forearm free flap and its implications for the microvascular surgeon

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Double fault detection of cone-shaped redundant IMUs using wavelet transformation and EPSA

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Double fenestration of the internal jugular vein: a rare anatomic variant

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Double fertilization in flowering plants: 1898-2008

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Double fetus in fetu

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Double fetus-in-fetu: CT scan diagnosis in an adult

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Double figure-of-eight reconstruction technique for chronic anterior sternoclavicular joint dislocation

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Double filaments in fibers and crystals of deoxygenated hemoglobin s

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Double filters: a protection technique for high-risk innominate artery angioplasty

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Double filtration plasmapheresis benefits myasthenia gravis patients through an immunomodulatory action

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Double filtration plasmapheresis can decrease factor XIII Activity

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Double filtration plasmapheresis could induce a favorable immune response for chronic hepatitis C therapy

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Double filtration plasmapheresis in combination with interferon therapy for chronic hepatitis C

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Double filtration plasmapheresis in treatment of hyperlipidemic acute pancreatitis

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Double fire or junctional ectopy?

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Double fire tragedy of kenya

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Double fixation of displaced patella fractures using bioabsorbable cannulated lag screws and braided polyester suture tension bands

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Double flap from amputated opposite lower limb for cover of plantar and dorsal surfaces of a crushed foot

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Double flap incision design for guided bone regeneration: a novel technique and clinical considerations

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Double flap patch closure of VSD with elevated pulmonary vascular resistance: an experience at AFIC/NIHD

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Double floating arm injury in a child: a case report and review of the literature

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Double fluorescence in situ hybridization in fresh brain sections

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Double fossilization in eukaryotic microorganisms from Lower Cretaceous amber

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Double fovea artifact

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Double fractures and double non-unions of the shaft of the tibia

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Double free flaps for reconstruction of complex/composite defects in head and neck surgery

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Double free gracilis muscle transfer after complete brachial plexus injury: First Canadian experience

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Double freestyle valve replacement in a patient with a prior Ross procedure

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Double freezing of (NH(4))(2)SO(4)/H(2)O droplets below the eutectic point and the crystallization of (NH(4))(2)SO(4) to the ferroelectric phase

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Double frequency grating lateral shear interferometer

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Double frequency modulation spectroscopy: high modulation frequency with low-bandwidth detectors

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Double frequency narrow-band grazing incidence pulsed dye lasers

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Double function of MFSD2A transporter at the blood-brain barrier

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Double function of tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (THAM) for the preparation of colloidal silica nanospheres and the conversion to ordered mesoporous carbon

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Double functional group transformations for fluorescent probe construction: a fluorescence turn-on probe for thioureas

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Double gall bladder demonstrated by oral cholecystography

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Double gall blader--surprise during operation

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Double gallbladder - a rare congenital variation

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Double gallbladder completely enclosed in a cystogastric fold of peritoneum

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Double gallbladder with different disease entities: A case report

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Double gallbladder; report of a case

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Double gallbladder; roentgenographic demonstration of a case of the Y type; classification of accessory gallbladder

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Double gallstone ileus

Bagnaschi, P., 2014:
Double game

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Double gaps along Shaker S4 demonstrate omega currents at three different closed states

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Double gastric ulcer with perforation and haemorrhage

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Double gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST) of the stomach

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Double gene deletion reveals lack of cooperation between claudin 11 and claudin 14 tight junction proteins

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Double gene deletion reveals the lack of cooperation between PPARalpha and PPARbeta in skeletal muscle

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Double genomic control is not effective to correct for population stratification in meta-analysis for genome-wide association studies

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Double giant chronic bilomas with late presentation: 9 years after cholecystectomy

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Double giant coronary aneurysm: improved morphological study by computed tomography

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Double giant pseudoaneurysms of the aortic root and arch after ascending aorta replacement

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Double giant thrombi in the left atrium in a patient with rheumatic mitral valve stenosis and atrial fibrillation

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Double glomus tumors originating in the submandibular and parotid regions

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Double gloves: a randomized trial to evaluate a simple strategy to reduce contamination in the operating room

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Double groove broadband gratings

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Double group transfer reactions: role of activation strain and aromaticity in reaction barriers

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Double guidewire technique for ERCP in difficult bile cannulation: experience with 121 cases

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Double guidewire technique vs transpancreatic precut sphincterotomy in difficult biliary cannulation

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Double guiding catheters for complex percutaneous coronary intervention

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Double half RF pulses for reduced sensitivity to eddy currents in UTE imaging

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Double hangman's fracture

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Double haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation results in successful engraftment of bone marrow from both donors without graft-versus-host or graft-versus-graft effects

Kwaan, H.C., 2007:
Double hazard of thrombophilia and bleeding in leukemia

Prasanna, L.C.; Ramesh, C.M., 2014:
Double headed conjoined twin--autopsy findings

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Double health insurance coverage and health care utilisation: evidence from quantile regression

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Double helical laser beams based on interfering first-order Bessel beams

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Double helical oligoresorcinols specifically recognize oligosaccharides via heteroduplex formation through noncovalent interactions in water

Tezel, E.; Ozturk, C.Nurdan., 2012:
Double helical rim advancement flaps with scaphal resection: selected cases over 10 years and review of the literature

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Double helices of a pyridine-appended zinc chlorophyll derivative

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Double helices with a controlled helicity composed of biphenol-derived phosphoric acid diesters

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Double helix dipole design applied to magnetic resonance: a novel NMR coil

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Double helix flap to close a massive circular soft-tissue defect

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Double helix flaps for lower leg defects: report of 4 cases

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Double helix formation in alpha-peptides: a theoretical study

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Double helix formation of oligoresorcinols in water: thermodynamic and kinetic aspects

Ben, T.; Furusho, Y.; Goto, H.; Miwa, K.; Yashima, E., 2009:
Double helix formation of poly(m-phenylene)s bearing achiral oligo(ethylene oxide) pendants and transformation into an excess of one-handed single helix through cholate binding in water

Borg, M.; Karlsson, B.; Suzie Kim, H., 2010:
Double helix of research and practice-developing a practice model for crisis resolution and home treatment through participatory action research

Yin, Z.; Zhang, J.; Wu, J.; Liu, C.; Sioson, K.; Devany, M.; Hu, C.; Zheng, S., 2014:
Double hetero-Michael addition of N-substituted hydroxylamines to quinone monoketals: synthesis of bridged isoxazolidines

Tongying, P.; Vietmeyer, F.; Aleksiuk, D.; Ferraudi, G.J.; Krylova, G.; Kuno, M., 2014:
Double heterojunction nanowire photocatalysts for hydrogen generation

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Double heterotopic pancreas and Meckel's diverticulum in a child: do they have a common origin?

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Double images encryption method with resistance against the specific attack based on an asymmetric algorithm

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Double in situ detection of sonic hedgehog mRNA and pMAPK protein in examining the cell proliferation signaling pathway in mouse embryo

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Double independent spinal dural arteriovenous fistulas at the thoracic spine

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Double infection of HIV and hepatitis viruses

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Double inferior vena cava

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Double inferior vena cava filter implantation in a patient with a duplicate inferior vena cava

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Double inguinal hernia in a bitch

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Double innervation (facial/masseter) on the gracilis flap, in the middle face reanimation in the management of facial paralysis: a new concept

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Double innominate osteotomy and the Smith-Petersen technique in the treatment of developmental hip disorder

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Double input capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detector with phase shift

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Double insurance redux

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Double interatrial septum

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Double interdigitated array microelectrode-based impedance biosensor for detection of viable Escherichia coli O157:H7 in growth medium

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Double interface formulation for improved α-tocopherol stabilisation in dehydration of emulsions

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Double internal carotid origin of the ophthalmic artery with ruptured aneurysm of the posterior communicating artery. A case report

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Double intertrochanteric distraction osteotomy.

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Double intussusception after appendectomy

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Double intussusception of the small intestine in the cow

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Double intussusceptions with small intestinal adenoma in pregnancy

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Double ionization in a one-cycle laser pulse

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Double island pedicle or V-Y flap repair for partial-thickness combined defects of the cutaneous and mucosal lip

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Double isocyanide cyclization: a synthetic strategy for two-carbon-tethered pyrrole/oxazole pairs

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Double isotope dilution surface-enhanced Raman scattering as a reference procedure for the quantification of biomarkers in human serum

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Double issue delves into pesticides, disaster response, minority populations and children's issues

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Double jeopardy

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Double jeopardy

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Double jeopardy for the mentally ill: higher cardiovascular risk and reduced frequency of certain interventional procedures

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Double jeopardy in inferring cognitive processes

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Double jeopardy in the interrogation room for youths with mental illness

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Double jeopardy, double trouble

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Double jeopardy: homeless and elderly in New York City

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Double jeopardy: on duplicates and wants lists

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Double jeopardy: pneumococcal pneumonia following seasonal influenza

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Double jeopardy: poorer social-emotional outcomes for children in the NICHD SECCYD experiencing home and child-care environments that confer risk

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Double jeopardy: pyogenic liver abscess and massive secondary rectal haemorrhage after rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids

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Double jeopardy: the impact of neoliberalism on care workers in the United States and South Africa

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Double jeopardy: what social risk adds to biomedical risk in understanding child health and health care utilization

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Double jeopardy? Renal-sparing management of simultaneous ipsilateral renal cell carcinoma and urothelial carcinoma

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Double kidney pelves and double ureters, upper ureter ending ectopically at vestibule of vagina; case report

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Double kidney transplantation--a method to increase the donor pool

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Double kinking of a thoracic catheter within the epidural space

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Double knockout mutants of Arabidopsis grown under normal conditions reveal that the plastidial phosphorylase isozyme participates in transitory starch metabolism

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Double knockout of pendrin and Na-Cl cotransporter (NCC) causes severe salt wasting, volume depletion, and renal failure

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Double knockout of β-lactamase and cephalosporin acetyl esterase genes from Escherichia coli reduces cephalosporin C decomposition

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Double label immunohistochemistry on tissue sections using alkaline phosphatase and peroxidase conjugates

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Double labeling of oligonucleotide probes for fluorescence in situ hybridization (DOPE-FISH) improves signal intensity and increases rRNA accessibility

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Double lacrimal puncta: clinical presentation and potential mechanisms of epiphora

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Double layer capacitance of anode/solid-electrolyte interfaces

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Double layer in room temperature ionic liquids: influence of temperature and ionic size on the differential capacitance and electrocapillary curves

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Double layer of Au(100)/ionic liquid interface and its stability in imidazolium-based ionic liquids

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Double layer paclitaxel delivery systems based on bioresorbable terpolymer with shape memory properties

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Double layer, diluent and anode effects upon the electrodeposition of aluminium from chloroaluminate based ionic liquids

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Double layered hydroxides as potential anti-cancer drug delivery agents

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Double lip

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Double localization of giant cell reparative granuloma of the bone in the same finger. Differential diagnosis and treatment

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Double locking plate fixation of sacral fractures in unstable pelvic ring C-type injuries

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Double lumen aortic arch in association with tetralogy of fallot

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Double meanings will not save the principle of double effect

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Double mitro-aortic valve replacement in a high-risk patient: the sutureless way

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Double nanohole optical tweezers visualize protein p53 suppressing unzipping of single DNA-hairpins

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Bringing the National Security Agency into the Classroom: Ethical Reflections on Academia-Intelligence Agency Partnerships

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Double notched graft for lumbosacral spine fusion

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Double nylon loop for manual small-incision cataract surgery

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Double oesophagus

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Double opposing-rhomboid flaps for closure of a circular facial defect in a special position

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Double optical limiting in gold nanoshell: tuning from visible to infrared region by shell thickness

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Double oral administration of emtricitabine/tenofovir prior to virus exposure protects against highly pathogenic simian/human immunodeficiency virus infection in macaques

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Anonymous, 2008:
Double oration Tom Stout and René van Weeren

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Double organ transplantation in cardiac amyloidosis

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Double orifice mitral valve in rheumatic heart disease

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Double origin of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery with juxta-proximal fenestration of caudal component

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Double origin of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery: association with intracranial aneurysm on catheter angiography

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Double osteomalacia

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Double osteotomy for the treatment of severe Blount disease

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Double osteotomy in the surgical treatment of Perthes' disease: Dega's transiliac osteotomy and subtrochanteric osteotomy

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Double osteotomy of mandibula in the treatment of carotid body tumors with skull base extension

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Double osteotomy of the pelvis for treatment of an anterior hip subluxation in a 9-year-old child with cerebral palsy: a variation of the Salter osteotomy

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Double outbreak of measles in the talaja block of bhavnagar district, gujarat, India 2011: a need for improving the vaccine coverage and the community participation

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