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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52802

Chapter 52802 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Li, Z-hua.; Peng, S-Chun.; Kang, J.; Hou, X-ming.; Yu, R-jiang., 2010:
Effect of corticosteroids upon the prognosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Aslam, M.Aamir.; Groothuis, T.G.G.; Smits, M.A.; Woelders, H., 2014:
Effect of corticosterone and hen body mass on primary sex ratio in laying hen (Gallus gallus), using unincubated eggs

Lau, B.Wui-Man.; Yau, S-Yu.; Lee, T.M.C.; Ching, Y-Pang.; Tang, S-Wa.; So, K-Fai., 2011:
Effect of corticosterone and paroxetine on masculine mating behavior: possible involvement of neurogenesis

Panin, L.E.; Kolpakov, A.R.; Maksimov, V.F., 2007:
Effect of corticosterone and plasma lipoproteins on working capacity and ultrastructure of isolated rat heart

Liu, L.; Song, Z.; Sheikhahmadi, A.; Jiao, H.; Lin, H., 2012:
Effect of corticosterone on gene expression of feed intake regulatory peptides in laying hens

Wang, J.; Ma, Q.; Liu, H-Tao., 2012:
Effect of corticosterone on the delayed rectified potassium currents of cultured rat hippocampal neurons in vitro

Belguendouz, H.; Messaoudene, D.; Hartani, D.; Chachoua, L.; Ahmedi, M.L.; Lahmar-Belguendouz, K.; Lahlou-Boukoffa, O.; Touil-Boukoffa, C., 2008:
Effect of corticotherapy on interleukin-8 and -12 and nitric oxide production during Behçet and idiopathic uveitis

Wolf, C.A.; Maslchitzky, E.; Gregory, R.M.; Jobim, M.I.M.; Mattos, R.C., 2012:
Effect of corticotherapy on proteomics of endometrial fluid from mares susceptible to persistent postbreeding endometritis

Hu, Y.; He, X.; Ding, Y., 2014:
Effect of corticotrophin-releasing hormone on connexin-43 phosphorylation and gap junction intercellular communication in human myometrial smooth muscle cells

King, J.T.; Casas, C.B.; Carr, C.J., 1948:
Effect of corticotropin on ovariectomized C3H mice bearing adrenal adenomas

Grigoriev, V.V.; Petrova, L.N.; Ivanova, T.A.; Gabreliyan, A.V.; Serkova, T.P., 2009:
Effect of corticotropin-like intermediate lobe peptide on presynaptic and postsynaptic glutamate receptors and postsynaptic GABA receptors in rat brain

Miwa, Y.; Nagase, K.; Oyama, N.; Akino, H.; Yokoyama, O., 2011:
Effect of corticotropin-releasing factor receptor antagonist on psychologically suppressed masculine sexual behavior in rats

Souza-Talarico, J.Nery.de.; Caramelli, P.; Nitrini, R.; Chaves, E.Corrêa., 2008:
Effect of cortisol levels on working memory performance in elderly subjects with Alzheimer's disease

Prickett, T.C.R.; McNeill, B.A.; Oliver, M.H.; Harding, J.E.; Espiner, E.A., 2011:
Effect of cortisol on C-type natriuretic peptide in ovine pregnancy: differential responses in fetal and placental tissues

Muthuraman, P.; Ravikumar, S.; Muthuviveganandavel, V.; Kim, J., 2014:
Effect of cortisol on calpains in the C2C12 and 3T3-L1 cells

Muthuraman, P., 2015:
Effect of cortisol on caspases in the co-cultured C2C12 and 3 T3-L1 cells

Shankar, D.S.; Kulkarni, R.S., 2007:
Effect of cortisol on female freshwater fish Notopterus notopterus

Ziolkowska, A.; Mlynarczuk, J.; Kotwica, J., 2013:
Effect of cortisol on neurophysin I/oxytocin and peptidyl glycine-alpha-amidating mono-oxygenase mRNA expression in bovine luteal and granulosa cells

Popper, M.; Lorian, V., 2018:
Effect of cortisone and of hydrocortisone on microbe-antibiotic relationship

Glaser, R.J.; Berry, J.W.; Loeb, L.H.; Wood, W.B., 2014:
Effect of cortisone in streptococcal pneumonia in the rat

Solov'ev, V.N., 2018:
Effect of cortisone on bactericidal activity of the blood serum and on the properdin system

Rubio, A.; Pérez, M.; de Lecea, L.; Avila, Jús., 2008:
Effect of cortistatin on tau phosphorylation at Ser262 site

Ziegler, J.F.; Lanford, W.A., 1979:
Effect of cosmic rays on computer memories

Wu, Y.; Liu, F.; Zhang, W.; Wang, L., 2015:
Effect of cosolutes on the sorption of phenanthrene onto mineral surface of river sediments and kaolinite

Grant, S.M.; Jaroniec, M., 2012:
Effect of cosolvent organic molecules on the adsorption and structural properties of soft-templated ordered mesoporous alumina

Das, P., 2012:
Effect of cosolvents on nano-confined water: a molecular dynamics study

Naika, G.S.; Prakash, V.; Tiku, P.Kaul., 2010:
Effect of cosolvents on the structural stability of endoglucanase from Aspergillus aculeatus

Liao, H-Yang.; Tsai, M-Hung.; Chang, H-Yun.; You, Y-Wen.; Huang, C-Chieh.; Shyue, J-Jong., 2013:
Effect of cosputtering and sample rotation on improving C60(+) depth profiling of materials

Goedken, A.M.; Urmie, J.M.; Farris, K.B.; Doucette, W.R., 2009:
Effect of cost sharing on prescription drug use by Medicare beneficiaries prior to the Medicare Drug Benefit and potential adverse selection in the benefit

Golden, H.E., 2008:
Effect of cost sharing on screening mammography

Mehta, S.; Jandaik, S.; Gupta, D., 2015:
Effect of cost-effective substrates on growth cycle and yield of lingzhi or reishi medicinal mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum (higher Basidiomycetes) from Northwestern Himalaya (India)

Karter, A.J.; Parker, M.M.; Moffet, H.H.; Ahmed, A.T.; Chan, J.; Spence, M.M.; Selby, J.V.; Ettner, S.L., 2007:
Effect of cost-sharing changes on self-monitoring of blood glucose

Page, R.Lee.; Barton, P.; Nair, K., 2008:
Effect of cost-sharing for prescription medications on health outcomes in older adults: a critical review of the literature and potential implications for managed care

Goodwin, S.M.; Anderson, G.F., 2015:
Effect of cost-sharing reductions on preventive service use among Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries

Gao, Y-Nan.; Wu, G-Ling., 2013:
Effect of costimulatory signals in schistosome infection

Suthar, A.B.; Granich, R.; Mermin, J.; Van Rie, A., 2012:
Effect of cotrimoxazole on mortality in HIV-infected adults on antiretroviral therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Keszthelyi, S.; Pál-Fám, F.; Kerepesi, I., 2011:
Effect of cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera Hübner) caused injury on maize grain content, especially regarding to the protein alteration

Barlow, D.; Bansal, R.; Barlow, T.; Rhee, S.J.; Kuiper, J.H.; Makwana, N.K., 2013:
Effect of cotton padding on the setting properties of plaster slabs

Forrester, M.B., 2012:
Effect of cough and cold medication withdrawal and warning on ingestions by young children reported to Texas poison centers

Seamans, Y.; Loesel, C.; Jeronimo, J.; Sellors, J.; Castle, P.E., 2007:
Effect of cough technique and cryogen gas on temperatures achieved during simulated cryotherapy

Lee, K.; Chae, S.Wha.; Xia, Y.; Kim, N.Hyung.; Kim, H.Ju.; Rhie, S.; Lee, H.Jeong., 2014:
Effect of coumarin derivative-mediated inhibition of P-glycoprotein on oral bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy of paclitaxel

Franić, D.; Verdenik, I.; Meden-Vrtovec, H., 2011:
Effect of counseling on adherence to perimenopausal hormone therapy in Slovenia

Kain, J.; Leyton, Bárbara.; Concha, F.; Salazar, G.; Lobos, L.; Vio, F., 2010:
Effect of counselling school teachers on healthy lifestyle on the impact of a program to reduce childhood obesity

Okumura, Y.; Oana, S., 2011:
Effect of counter electrode in electroformation of giant vesicles

Trinh, T.T.; Jansen, A.P.J.; van Santen, R.A.; VandeVondele, J.; Meijer, E.Jan., 2009:
Effect of counter ions on the silica oligomerization reaction

Kubota, S.; Shirai, O.; Hibi, T.; Tozawa, Y.; Kano, K., 2013:
Effect of counter ions on the transport current across membranes containing KAT1 potassium channel

Ma, X.; Fang, L.; Guo, J.; Zhao, N.; He, Z., 2010:
Effect of counter-ions and penetration enhancers on the skin permeation of flurbiprofen

Choi, S.Wook.; Nam, K.Won.; Lim, K.Moo.; Shim, E.Bo.; Won, Y.Soon.; Woo, H.Myong.; Kwak, H.Hyun.; Noh, M.Ryoung.; Kim, I.Young.; Park, S.Min., 2014:
Effect of counter-pulsation control of a pulsatile left ventricular assist device on working load variations of the native heart

Kitchen, J.A.; White, N.G.; Jameson, G.N.L.; Tallon, J.L.; Brooker, S., 2011:
Effect of counteranion X on the spin crossover properties of a family of diiron(II) triazole complexes [Fe(II)2(PMAT)2](X)4

Thompson, R.I.; Marmet, L.; Stoicheff, B.P., 2007:
Effect of counterintuitive time delays in nonlinear mixing

Oelschlaeger, C.; Suwita, P.; Willenbacher, N., 2010:
Effect of counterion binding efficiency on structure and dynamics of wormlike micelles

Kumar, L.; Baheti, A.; Mokashi, A.; Bansal, A.K., 2012:
Effect of counterion on the phase behaviour during lyophilization of indomethacin salt forms

Marcoux, D.; Bindschädler, P.; Speed, A.W.H.; Chiu, A.; Pero, J.E.; Borg, G.A.; Evans, D.A., 2011:
Effect of counterion structure on rates and diastereoselectivities in α,β-unsaturated iminium-ion Diels-Alder reactions

Pan, X.; Bhatia, S.R., 2008:
Effect of counterion substitution on the viscosity anomaly in AOT microemulsions

Liu, Y.; Porcar, L.; Hong, K.; Shew, C-Yang.; Li, X.; Liu, E.; Butler, P.D.; Herwig, K.W.; Smith, G.S.; Chen, W-Ren., 2010:
Effect of counterion valence on the pH responsiveness of polyamidoamine dendrimer structure

Thaokar, R.M., 2010:
Effect of counterions on the Rayleigh-Plateau instability of a charged cylinder

Sharawy, M.; Consta, S., 2014:
Effect of counterions on the charging mechanisms of a macromolecule in aqueous nanodrops

Sonje, V.M.; Kumar, L.; Puri, V.; Kohli, G.; Kaushal, A.M.; Bansal, A.K., 2012:
Effect of counterions on the properties of amorphous atorvastatin salts

Wu, J.; Albrecht, L.; Boyd, R.J., 2012:
Effect of counterions on the protonation state in a poly(G)-poly(C) radical cation

Lima, F.S.; Cuccovia, I.M.; Horinek, D.; Amaral, L.Q.; Riske, K.A.; Schreier, S.; Salinas, R.K.; Bastos, E.L.; Pires, P.A.R.; Bozelli, Jé.Carlos.; Favaro, D.C.; Rodrigues, A.Clara.B.; Dias, Lís.Gustavo.; El Seoud, O.A.; Chaimovich, H., 2013:
Effect of counterions on the shape, hydration, and degree of order at the interface of cationic micelles: the triflate case

Bühl, M.; Schreckenbach, G.; Sieffert, N.; Wipff, G., 2009:
Effect of counterions on the structure and stability of aqueous uranyl(VI) complexes. A first-principles molecular dynamics study

Miyamoto, N.; Wakahara, T.; Sugisaki, N.; Murata, K.; Kanehisa, H.; Fukunaga, T.; Kawakami, Y., 2011:
Effect of countermovement on elbow joint extension power-load characteristics

Jiménez-Reyes, P.; Samozino, P.; Cuadrado-Peñafiel, Víctor.; Conceição, F.; González-Badillo, J.José.; Morin, J-Benoît., 2015:
Effect of countermovement on power-force-velocity profile

Lipsman, N.; Tolentino, J.; Macdonald, R.Loch., 2009:
Effect of country or continent of treatment on outcome after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Clinical article

Sterba, K.Regan.; DeVellis, R.F.; Lewis, M.A.; DeVellis, B.M.; Jordan, J.M.; Baucom, D.H., 2008:
Effect of couple illness perception congruence on psychological adjustment in women with rheumatoid arthritis

Singh, K.; Kundys, B.; Poienar, M.; Simon, C., 2011:
Effect of coupled ferroelectric and antiferromagnetic fluctuations on dielectric anomalies in spin induced multiferroics

Ryu, Y.; Moon, S.; Oh, Y.; Kim, Y.; Lee, T.; Kim, D.Ha.; Kim, D., 2014:
Effect of coupled graphene oxide on the sensitivity of surface plasmon resonance detection

Mao, H.; Yu, S.; Yu, X.; Zhang, B.; Zhang, L.; Hu, J.; Xu, X.; Zhu, Y.; Wang, X.; Xing, C., 2011:
Effect of coupled plasma filtration adsorption on endothelial cell function in patients with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome

Olszewski, J.; Szpulak, M.; Urbańczyk, W., 2005:
Effect of coupling between fundamental and cladding modes on bending losses in photonic crystal fibers

Dhiman, I.; Gupta, A.Kumar., 2015:
Effect of coupling strength on a two-lane partially asymmetric coupled totally asymmetric simple exclusion process with Langmuir kinetics

Urvacheva, E.E., 2009:
Effect of course balneotherapy on leptin and ghrelin levels in women with postpartum neuroendocrine syndrome

Van Walderveen, M.C.; Berry, L.R.; Chan, A.K.C., 2010:
Effect of covalent antithrombin-heparin on activated protein C inactivation by protein C inhibitor

Bekyarova, E.; Sarkar, S.; Wang, F.; Itkis, M.E.; Kalinina, I.; Tian, X.; Haddon, R.C., 2012:
Effect of covalent chemistry on the electronic structure and properties of carbon nanotubes and graphene

Rombouts, K.; Martens, T.F.; Zagato, E.; Demeester, J.; De Smedt, S.C.; Braeckmans, K.; Remaut, K., 2014:
Effect of covalent fluorescence labeling of plasmid DNA on its intracellular processing and transfection with lipid-based carriers

Wu, R-Ren.; Tao, X-Qin.; Dang, Z.; Li, K-Ming.; Cai, M-Fang., 2014:
Effect of covalent functionalization on DNA cleavage activity and ROS formation of single-walled carbon nanotubes

Devarajan, A.; Gaenko, A.V.; Ryde, U., 2008:
Effect of covalent links on the structure, spectra, and redox properties of myeloperoxidase--a density functional study

Gosho, M.; Maruo, K.; Sato, Y., 2015:
Effect of covariate omission in Weibull accelerated failure time model: a caution

Szymczak, M.; Szymczak, B.; Koronkiewicz, A.; Felisiak, K.; Bednarek, M., 2013:
Effect of cover brine type on the quality of meat from herring marinades

Luque, N.B.; Santos, E.; Andres, J.; Tielens, F., 2012:
Effect of coverage and defects on the adsorption of propanethiol on Au(111) surface: a theoretical study

Maeda, K.; Morioka, R.; Osada, T., 2009:
Effect of covering composting piles with mature compost on ammonia emission and microbial community structure of composting process

Chen, G-Yin.; Zheng, Z.; Zou, X-Xing.; Yang, S-Guan., 2010:
Effect of cow feces on anaerobic digestion process of Spartina alterniflora

Bayemi, P.Henri.; Leinyuy, I.; Nsongka, M.Victorine.; Webb, E.Cottington.; Nchadji, J.Mbanya.; Cavestany, D.; Perera, B.M.A.Oswin., 2015:
Effect of cow parity and synchronization method with PGF2α on conception rates of Bos indicus cows in Cameroon

Briceño, G.; Jorquera, M.A.; Demanet, R.; Mora, M.L.; Durán, N.; Palma, G., 2010:
Effect of cow slurry amendment on atrazine dissipation and bacterial community structure in an agricultural Andisol

Néya, B.J.; Zabré, J.; Millogo, R.J.; Ginko, S.; Konaté, G., 2009:
Effect of cowpea seeds contamination rate by the Cowpea aphid borne mosaic virus on epidemics development

Mihai, V.; Rusu, G.; Mihăescu, T., 2010:
Effect of cpap therapy on sleep quality in patients with OSAS

Jass, J.; Reid, G., 2010:
Effect of cranberry drink on bacterial adhesion in vitro and vaginal microbiota in healthy females

Cadková, I.; Doudová, L.; Novácková, M.; Huvar, I.; Chmel, R., 2011:
Effect of cranberry extract capsules taken during the perioperative period upon the post-surgical urinary infection in gynecology

Kim, S.E.; Pozzi, A.; Banks, S.A.; Conrad, B.P.; Lewis, D.D., 2010:
Effect of cranial cruciate ligament deficiency, tibial plateau leveling osteotomy, and tibial tuberosity advancement on contact mechanics and alignment of the stifle in flexion

Zhao, Y-Zao.; Yu, C-De., 2008:
Effect of cranial needling combined with medicine on IL-6 in the patient of acute cerebral hemorrhage

Shi, X.; Rehrer, S.; Prajapati, P.; Stoll, S.T.; Gamber, R.G.; Downey, H.Fred., 2012:
Effect of cranial osteopathic manipulative medicine on cerebral tissue oxygenation

Apelt, D.; Pozzi, A.; Marcellin-Little, D.J.; Kowaleski, M.P., 2010:
Effect of cranial tibial closing wedge angle on tibial subluxation: an ex vivo study

Raviv, G.; Shefi, S.; Nizani, D.; Achiron, A., 2009:
Effect of craniosacral therapy on lower urinary tract signs and symptoms in multiple sclerosis

Li, H-ting.; Zhao, Z-huan.; Ding, H-yan.; Wang, L-xin.; Cao, Y., 2015:
Effect of craniotomy on oxidative stress and its effect on plasma L-carnitine levels

Linge, S.O.; Mardal, K-A.; Helgeland, A.; Heiss, J.D.; Haughton, V., 2014:
Effect of craniovertebral decompression on CSF dynamics in Chiari malformation type I studied with computational fluid dynamics: Laboratory investigation

Barratt, P.R.; Korff, T.; Elmer, S.J.; Martin, J.C., 2012:
Effect of crank length on joint-specific power during maximal cycling

Wang, J.; Xiong, X.; Feng, B., 2014:
Effect of crataegus usage in cardiovascular disease prevention: an evidence-based approach

Genc, G.; Kilinc, V.; Bedir, A.; Ozkaya, O., 2015:
Effect of creatine and pioglitazone on Hk-2 cell line cisplatin nephrotoxicity

Banerjee, B.; Sharma, U.; Balasubramanian, K.; Kalaivani, M.; Kalra, V.; Jagannathan, N.R., 2010:
Effect of creatine monohydrate in improving cellular energetics and muscle strength in ambulatory Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients: a randomized, placebo-controlled 31P MRS study

Iqbal, S.; Nazir, N.; Gillani, Q.; Akbar, A.; Iqbal, F., 2014:
Effect of creatine monohydrate supplementation on various hematological and serum biochemical parameters of male albino mice following neonatal hypoxia-ischemia encephalopathy

Cornelissen, V.A.; Defoor, J.G.M.; Stevens, A.; Schepers, D.; Hespel, P.; Decramer, M.; Mortelmans, L.; Dobbels, F.; Vanhaecke, J.; Fagard, R.H.; Vanhees, L., 2011:
Effect of creatine supplementation as a potential adjuvant therapy to exercise training in cardiac patients: a randomized controlled trial

Johnston, A.P.W.; Burke, D.G.; MacNeil, L.G.; Candow, D.G., 2009:
Effect of creatine supplementation during cast-induced immobilization on the preservation of muscle mass, strength, and endurance

Vallet, J.L.; Miles, J.R.; Rempel, L.A., 2014:
Effect of creatine supplementation during the last week of gestation on birth intervals, stillbirth, and preweaning mortality in pigs

Lamontagne-Lacasse, M.; Nadon, R.; Goulet E, D.B., 2012:
Effect of creatine supplementation on jumping performance in elite volleyball players

Neves, M.; Gualano, B.; Roschel, H.; Lima, F.Rodrigues.; Lúcia de Sá-Pinto, A.; Seguro, A.Carlos.; Shimizu, M.Heloisa.; Sapienza, M.Tatit.; Fuller, R.; Lancha, A.Herbert.; Bonfá, E., 2011:
Effect of creatine supplementation on measured glomerular filtration rate in postmenopausal women

McKinnon, N.B.; Graham, M.T.; Tiidus, P.M., 2012:
Effect of creatine supplementation on muscle damage and repair following eccentrically-induced damage to the elbow flexor muscles

Gaines, L.G.T.; Fent, K.W.; Flack, S.L.; Thomasen, J.M.; Ball, L.M.; Zhou, H.; Whittaker, S.G.; Nylander-French, L.A., 2010:
Effect of creatinine and specific gravity normalization on urinary biomarker 1,6-hexamethylene diamine

Dong, J.; He, Y.; Kim, M.; Shin, K., 2013:
Effect of creep stress on the microstructure of 9-12% Cr steel for rotor materials

Xia, H-Bin.; Wang, Y-Ning.; Shi, B.; Cheng, X-Rong., 2008:
Effect of crestal rotated flap on esthetics of peri-implant soft tissues in anterior maxilla

Taylor, C.R.; Hepworth, J.T.; Buerhaus, P.I.; Dittus, R.; Speroff, T., 2007:
Effect of crew resource management on diabetes care and patient outcomes in an inner-city primary care clinic

Haller, G.; Garnerin, P.; Morales, M-Ange.; Pfister, R.; Berner, M.; Irion, O.; Clergue, Fçois.; Kern, C., 2008:
Effect of crew resource management training in a multidisciplinary obstetrical setting

Martin-Gill, C.; Guyette, F.X.; Rittenberger, J.C., 2010:
Effect of crew size on objective measures of resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Walker, R.W.M.; Ravi, R.; Haylett, K., 2010:
Effect of cricoid force on airway calibre in children: a bronchoscopic assessment

Xue, F.Shan.; Cui, X.Long.; Li, R.Ping.; Liao, X., 2015:
Effect of cricoid pressure on laryngeal view with the Pentax-AWS

Hashimoto, Y.; Asai, T.; Arai, T.; Okuda, Y., 2014:
Effect of cricoid pressure on placement of the I-gel™ : a randomised study

Riad, W.; Ansari, T., 2010:
Effect of cricoid pressure on the laryngoscopic view by Airtraq in elective caesarean section: a pilot study

Allen, J.; White, C.J.; Leonard, R.; Belafsky, P.C., 2010:
Effect of cricopharyngeus muscle surgery on the pharynx

Butler, E.; Jacquin, K., 2015:
Effect of criminal defendant's history of childhood sexual abuse and personality disorder diagnosis on juror decision making

Longinaker, N.; Terplan, M., 2014:
Effect of criminal justice mandate on drug treatment completion in women

Ruchlewska, A.; Wierdsma, A.I.; Kamperman, A.M.; van der Gaag, M.; Smulders, R.; Roosenschoon, B-Jan.; Mulder, C.L., 2015:
Effect of crisis plans on admissions and emergency visits: a randomized controlled trial

Li, P.; Schneider, J.E.; Ward, M.M., 2007:
Effect of critical access hospital conversion on patient safety

Jin, L.; Lei, X-Hua.; Ren, L-Jiao.; Feng, Y-An.; Du, X-Qing.; Chen, W-Min., 2014:
Effect of critical process parameters on luminescence properties of Eu2+/Dy3+ co-doped high silica luminescence glass

Shaw, A.T.; Yeap, B.Y.; Solomon, B.J.; Riely, G.J.; Gainor, J.; Engelman, J.A.; Shapiro, G.I.; Costa, D.B.; Ou, S-Hong.I.; Butaney, M.; Salgia, R.; Maki, R.G.; Varella-Garcia, M.; Doebele, R.C.; Bang, Y-Jue.; Kulig, K.; Selaru, P.; Tang, Y.; Wilner, K.D.; Kwak, E.L.; Clark, J.W.; Iafrate, A.John.; Camidge, D.Ross., 2011:
Effect of crizotinib on overall survival in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer harbouring ALK gene rearrangement: a retrospective analysis

Kuratsune, H.; Umigai, N.; Takeno, R.; Kajimoto, Y.; Nakano, T., 2011:
Effect of crocetin from Gardenia jasminoides Ellis on sleep: a pilot study

Yan, J.; Qian, Z.; Sheng, L.; Zhao, B.; Yang, L.; Ji, H.; Han, X.; Zhang, R., 2010:
Effect of crocetin on blood pressure restoration and synthesis of inflammatory mediators in heart after hemorrhagic shock in anesthetized rats

Tamaddonfard, E.; Hamzeh-Gooshchi, N., 2010:
Effect of crocin on the morphine-induced antinociception in the formalin test in rats

Ajami, M.; Eghtesadi, S.; Pazoki-Toroudi, H.; Habibey, R.; Ebrahimi, S.Ahmed., 2011:
Effect of crocus sativus on gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity

Ofori, A.; Becker, H.C.; Kopisch-Obuch, F.J., 2008:
Effect of crop improvement on genetic diversity in oilseed Brassica rapa (turnip-rape) cultivars, detected by SSR markers

Srednicka-Tober, D.; Barański, M.; Gromadzka-Ostrowska, J.; Skwarło-Sońta, K.; Rembiałkowska, E.; Hajslova, J.; Schulzova, V.; Cakmak, I.; Öztürk, L.; Królikowski, T.; Wiśniewska, K.; Hallmann, E.; Baca, Eżbieta.; Eyre, M.; Steinshamn, Håvard.; Jordon, T.; Leifert, C., 2014:
Effect of crop protection and fertilization regimes used in organic and conventional production systems on feed composition and physiological parameters in rats

McSorley, R.; Gallaher, R.N., 1993:
Effect of crop rotation and tillage on nematode densities in tropical corn

Wang, J.; Feng, X.; Anderson, C.W.N.; Qiu, G.; Bao, Z.; Shang, L., 2014:
Effect of cropping systems on heavy metal distribution and mercury fractionation in the Wanshan mining district, China: implications for environmental management

Flicker, F.; Betz, G., 2012:
Effect of crospovidone and hydroxypropyl cellulose on carbamazepine in high-dose tablet formulation

Franco, D.; Crecente, S.; Vázquez, Jé.Antonio.; Gómez, Mía.; Lorenzo, Jé.M., 2013:
Effect of cross breeding and amount of finishing diet on growth parameters, carcass and meat composition of foals slaughtered at 15 months of age

Papandreou, M.G.; Billis, E.V.; Antonogiannakis, E.M.; Papaioannou, N.A., 2009:
Effect of cross exercise on quadriceps acceleration reaction time and subjective scores (Lysholm questionnaire) following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

de Moraes Porto, I.Cristina.Celerino.; Ramos de Brito, Aéia.Cristina.; Parolia, A., 2013:
Effect of cross infection control barriers used on the light-curing device tips on the cure depth of a resin composite

Graf, N.J.; Bowser, M.T., 2014:
Effect of cross sectional geometry on PDMS micro peristaltic pump performance: comparison of SU-8 replica molding vs. micro injection molding

Muns, R.; Silva, C.; Manteca, X.; Gasa, J., 2014:
Effect of cross-fostering and oral supplementation with colostrums on performance of newborn piglets

Slamberová, R.; Hrubá, L.; Bernásková, K.; Matejovská, I.; Rokyta, R., 2011:
Effect of cross-fostering on seizures in adult male offspring of methamphetamine-treated rat mothers

Bandrick, M.; Pieters, M.; Pijoan, C.; Baidoo, S.K.; Molitor, T.W., 2011:
Effect of cross-fostering on transfer of maternal immunity to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae to piglets

Oral, E.; Godleski-Beckos, C.; Ghali, B.W.; Lozynsky, A.J.; Muratoglu, O.K., 2009:
Effect of cross-link density on the high pressure crystallization of UHMWPE

Smeaton, M.B.; Hlavin, E.M.; Noronha, A.M.; Murphy, S.P.; Wilds, C.J.; Miller, P.S., 2009:
Effect of cross-link structure on DNA interstrand cross-link repair synthesis

Carlson, T.L.; Lee, K.W.; Pierce, L.M., 2013:
Effect of cross-linked and non-cross-linked acellular dermal matrices on the expression of mediators involved in wound healing and matrix remodeling

Bobofchak, K.M.; Tarasov, E.; Olsen, K.W., 2008:
Effect of cross-linker length on the stability of hemoglobin

Ki, S.Byul.; Singh, D.; Kim, S.Cheol.; Son, T.Won.; Han, S.Soo., 2014:
Effect of cross-linkers in fabrication of carrageenan-alginate matrices for tissue engineering application

Xiao, H.; Lin, Q.; Liu, G-Qiang., 2012:
Effect of cross-linking and enzymatic hydrolysis composite modification on the properties of rice starches

Kapelko, M.; Zięba, T.; Michalski, A.; Gryszkin, A., 2015:
Effect of cross-linking degree on selected properties of retrograded starch adipate

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