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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52803

Chapter 52803 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kutilin, D.S.; Bondarenko, T.I.; Kornienko, I.V.; Mikhaleva, I.I., 2015:
Effect of delta sleep-inducing peptide on the expression of antioxidant enzyme genes in the brain and blood of rats during physiological aging

MILHORAT, A.T., 1948:
Effect of delta- and gamma-tocopherol on creatinuria in progressive muscular dystrophy

Mandal, T.Kumar.; Das, N.Sekhar., 2009:
Effect of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on altered antioxidative enzyme defense mechanisms and lipid peroxidation in mice testes

Funk, J.R.; Cormier, J.M.; Gabler, H.C., 2008:
Effect of delta-V errors in NASS on frontal crash risk calculations

Feng, Y.; He, X.; Yang, Y.; Chen, J.; Yin, K.; Xia, Y., 2011:
Effect of delta-opioid receptor over-expression on cortical expression of GABAA receptor alpha1-subunit in hypoxia

Voĭtenkov, V.B.; Popovich, I.G.; Arutiunian, A.V.; Oparina, T.I.; Prokopenko, V.M., 2008:
Effect of delta-sleep inducing peptide on free-radical processes in the brain and liver of mice during various light regimens

Bondarenko, T.I.; Maĭboroda, E.A.; Mikhaleva, I.I.; Prudchenko, I.A., 2012:
Effect of delta-sleep inducing peptide on the functional activity of some organs and tissues of rats during physiological aging

Voĭtenkov, V.B.; Popovich, I.G.; Zabezhinskiĭ, M.A.; Iurova, M.A.; Piskunova, T.A.; Mikhaleva, I.I., 2010:
Effect of delta-sleep inducing peptide preparation Deltaran on longevity, physiological functions, and carcinogenesis in mice

Nurbakov, A.A.; Mikhaleva, I.I.; Sapozhnikov, A.M., 2009:
Effect of delta-sleep-inducing peptide on expression of heat shock protein 70 kDa in K562 cells

Beaumont, H.; Jensen, J.; Carlsson, A.; Ruth, M.; Lehmann, A.; Boeckxstaens, G., 2008:
Effect of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol, a cannabinoid receptor agonist, on the triggering of transient lower oesophageal sphincter relaxations in dogs and humans

Toumi, Héla.; Boumaiza, M.; Immel, Fçoise.; Sohm, Bénédicte.; Felten, V.; Férard, J-François., 2014:
Effect of deltamethrin (pyrethroid insecticide) on two clones of Daphnia magna (Crustacea, Cladocera): a proteomic investigation

Li, H-yuan.; Shi, N.; Wu, S-ying.; Huang, X., 2012:
Effect of deltamethrin on production of free radical and transcription factor Nrf2 in rats' brain tissue

Li, H-Yuan.; Zhong, Y-Fang.; Shi, N., 2012:
Effect of deltamethrin on production of reactive oxygen species in PC12 cells

Shandra, O.O., 2014:
Effect of deltaran and melatonin on immune system in rats with experimental contact dermatitis

Kim, T.K.; Karantysh, G.V.; Mendzheritskiĭ, A.M.; Ryzhak, G.A., 2008:
Effect of deltaran on the mediatory balance in the brain of young and old rats with left-side laterality profile in case of carotid arteries occlusion

Henninger, H.B.; Barg, A.; Anderson, A.E.; Bachus, K.N.; Tashjian, R.Z.; Burks, R.T., 2012:
Effect of deltoid tension and humeral version in reverse total shoulder arthroplasty: a biomechanical study

Li, S.; Kang, J-Dan.; Jin, J-Xue.; Hong, Y.; Zhu, H-Ying.; Jin, L.; Gao, Q-Shan.; Yan, C-Guo.; Cui, C-Du.; Li, W-Xue.; Yin, X-Jun., 2016:
Effect of demecolcine-assisted enucleation on the MPF level and cyclin B1 distribution in porcine oocytes

Fowler, N.R.; Barnato, A.E.; Degenholtz, H.B.; Curcio, A.M.; Becker, J.T.; Kuller, L.H.; Lopez, O.L., 2014:
Effect of dementia on the use of drugs for secondary prevention of ischemic heart disease

Gao, X-Ning.; Wang, L-Li.; Lin, J.; Yu, L., 2011:
Effect of demethylating treatment on cytotoxicity of NK-92MI cells

Gao, X-Ning.; Lin, J.; Wang, L-Li.; Gao, L.; Jin, H-Jie.; Sun, J-Fen.; Yu, L., 2011:
Effect of demethylation treatment on the expression of inhibitory receptor KIR gene in NK-92MI cell line

Moghimi-Dehkordi, B.; Safaee, A.; Pourhoseingholi, M.Amin.; Zali, M.Reza., 2009:
Effect of demographic and clinicopathologic factors on prognosis of early gastric cancer in Iran

Jaja, B.N.R.; Eghwrudjakpor, P.O., 2015:
Effect of demographic and injury etiologic factors on intensive care unit mortality after severe head injury in a low middle income country

Ng, Y-Yung.; Wu, S-Chi.; Hung, Y-Ni.; Ko, P-Jen., 2010:
Effect of demographic characteristics and timing of vascular access maturation on patency in Chinese incident haemodialysis patients

Jurczyk, Mława.U.; Chmaj-Wierzchowska, K.; Klofik, J.; Sajdak, S.; Opala, T., 2014:
Effect of demographic factors on brachytherapy treatment results in patients with endometrial cancer 1995-2010

Bödecs, Tás.; Horváth, Bár.; Szilágyi, E.; Sándor, János., 2010:
Effect of demographic factors on folate-supplementation and health-behavior of pregnant women

Olla, P., 2013:
Effect of demographic noise in a phytoplankton-zooplankton model of bloom dynamics

Fazalova, V.P.; Semovskiĭ, S.V.; Shcherbakov, D.Iu.; Meunier, G., 2007:
Effect of demographic population factors and individual biological parameters on the rate of neutral molecular evolution

Alao, O.O.; Mamman, A.; Araoye, M.O.; Joseph, E., 2010:
Effect of demographic variables on cytomegalovirus antibody seropositivity among prospective blood donors in Jos, Nigeria

Allen, M.D.; Doherty, T.J., 2012:
Effect of demyelinating ulnar nerve injury on strength and fatigue

Ehsandoost, E.; Gholami, S.P.; Nazemi, M., 2014:
Effect of denak (Oliveria decumbens Vent) on growth and survival of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum for production of probiotic herbal milk and yoghurt

Lisková, K.; Kelly, A.L.; O'Brien, N.; Brodkorb, Aé., 2010:
Effect of denaturation of alpha-lactalbumin on the formation of BAMLET (bovine alpha-lactalbumin made lethal to tumor cells)

Hong, Y-Rae.; Gorman, C.B., 2007:
Effect of dendrimer generation on electron self-exchange kinetics between metal tris(bipyridine) core dendrimers

Sisavath, N.; Le Saux, T.; Leclercq, L.; Cottet, Hé., 2015:
Effect of dendrimer generation on the interactions between human serum albumin and dendrigraft polylysines

Naka, K., 2003:
Effect of dendrimers on the crystallization of calcium carbonate in aqueous solution

Khranovskaia, N.N.; Grinevich, I.A.; Potebnia, G.P.; Vorod'eva, L.I.; Svintsitskiĭ, V.S.; Tsin, N.P.; Skachkova, O.V.; Sit'ko, V.V.; Lisovenko, G.S.; Tanacienko, O.A.; Svergun, N.N.; Mel'nik, V.A.; Gorbach, A.I.; Nikulina, V.V., 2013:
Effect of dendritic cell autovaccine on the treatment outcome in patients with ovarian cancer

Li, J.; Zhao, C-Ting.; Meng, D-Mei.; Sun, P-Peng.; Yang, J.; Chen, B.; Zhao, X-Dong., 2008:
Effect of dendritic cells on expansion and function of autologous natural killer cells in vitro

Wang, J.; Su, L.; Zhu, T., 2013:
Effect of dendritic cells on the differentiation of Th1/Th17 in peripheral blood from preeclampsia patients

Wang, R.; Yang, H.; Xiao, B.; Zhang, L-Fang., 2010:
Effect of dendritic cells pulsed with Talpha146-162 on autoimmune myasthenia graves and the role of B cells activation

Park, S-Tae.; Kim, K-Eun.; Na, K.; Kim, Y.; Kim, T-Yoon., 2007:
Effect of dendritic cells treated with CpG ODN on atopic dermatitis of Nc/Nga mice

Zhang, S-Ying.; Cai, Z-Xu.; Li, P.; Cai, C-Yu.; Qu, C-Long.; Guo, H-Shu., 2011:
Effect of dendroaspis natriuretic peptide (DNP) on L-type calcium channel current and its pathway

Li, T-ming.; Deng, M-zhen., 2013:
Effect of dendrobium mixture on hypoglycemic and the apoptosis of islet in rats with type 2 diabetic mellitus

Ozsoy, U.; Mutluay, R.; Oygur, N.; Akbas, H.; Sindel, S.; Sindel, M., 2008:
Effect of denervation and ischemia reperfusion injury on serum nitric oxide levels in rats

Singh, K.; Hood, D.A., 2011:
Effect of denervation-induced muscle disuse on mitochondrial protein import

Chisenhall, D.M.; Londono, B.L.; Christofferson, R.C.; McCracken, M.K.; Mores, C.N., 2014:
Effect of dengue-2 virus infection on protein expression in the salivary glands of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Miller, P.D.; Bolognese, M.A.; Lewiecki, E.Michael.; McClung, M.R.; Ding, B.; Austin, M.; Liu, Y.; San Martin, J., 2008:
Effect of denosumab on bone density and turnover in postmenopausal women with low bone mass after long-term continued, discontinued, and restarting of therapy: a randomized blinded phase 2 clinical trial

Miller, P.D.; Wagman, R.B.; Peacock, M.; Lewiecki, E.Michael.; Bolognese, M.A.; Weinstein, R.L.; Ding, B.; San Martin, J.; McClung, M.R., 2011:
Effect of denosumab on bone mineral density and biochemical markers of bone turnover: six-year results of a phase 2 clinical trial

Ellis, G.K.; Bone, H.G.; Chlebowski, R.; Paul, D.; Spadafora, S.; Fan, M.; Kim, D., 2010:
Effect of denosumab on bone mineral density in women receiving adjuvant aromatase inhibitors for non-metastatic breast cancer: subgroup analyses of a phase 3 study

Hoyer-Kuhn, H.; Semler, O.; Schoenau, E., 2015:
Effect of denosumab on the growing skeleton in osteogenesis imperfecta

Misra, A.; Raney, J.R.; Craig, A.E.; Daraio, C., 2011:
Effect of density variation and non-covalent functionalization on the compressive behavior of carbon nanotube arrays

Takahashi, Y.; Tsuruta, S.; Honda, A.; Fujiwara, Y.; Satoh, M.; Yasutake, A., 2012:
Effect of dental amalgam on gene expression profiles in rat cerebrum, cerebellum, liver and kidney

Fourie, Z.; Ozcan, M.; Sandham, A., 2009:
Effect of dental arch convexity and type of archwire on frictional forces

Gomes, L.de.Oliveira.; Mathias, P.; Rizzo, P.; de Araújo, T.Martins.; Cangussu, M.Cristina.Teixeira., 2014 :
Effect of dental bleaching after bracket bonding and debonding using three different adhesive systems

Zwirglmaier, S.; Remler, H-P.; Senckenberg, E.; Fritz, J.; Stelzer, P.; Kienzle, E., 2013:
Effect of dental correction on voluntary hay intake, apparent digestibility of feed and faecal particle size in horse

Sato, M.; Camino, J.; Oyakawa, H.Rodriguez.; Rodriguez, L.; Tong, L.; Ahn, C.; Bird, W.F.; Komabayashi, T., 2013:
Effect of dental education on Peruvian dental students' oral health-related attitudes and behavior

Botta, A.Carolina.; Duarte, S.; Paulin Filho, P.Iris.; Gheno, S.Maria., 2008:
Effect of dental finishing instruments on the surface roughness of composite resins as elucidated by atomic force microscopy

Abu-Hammad, O.; Khraisat, A.; Dar-Odeh, N.; El-Maaytah, M., 2007:
Effect of dental implant cross-sectional design on cortical bone structure using finite element analysis

Holzinger, D.; Seemann, R.; Matoni, N.; Ewers, R.; Millesi, W.; Wutzl, A., 2014:
Effect of dental implants on bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws

Guven, E.Pamukcu.; Yalvac, M.Emir.; Sahin, F.; Yazici, M.M.; Rizvanov, A.A.; Bayirli, G., 2011:
Effect of dental materials calcium hydroxide-containing cement, mineral trioxide aggregate, and enamel matrix derivative on proliferation and differentiation of human tooth germ stem cells

Jia, C-Ling.; Jiang, G-Shui.; Li, C-Hai.; Li, C-Rong., 2013:
Effect of dental plaque control on infection of Helicobacter pylori in gastric mucosa

Chin, D.W.H.; Treister, N.; Friedland, B.; Cormack, R.A.; Tishler, R.B.; Makrigiorgos, G.Mike.; Court, L.E., 2009:
Effect of dental restorations and prostheses on radiotherapy dose distribution: a Monte Carlo study

Kagawa, R.; Ikebe, K.; Inomata, C.; Okada, T.; Takeshita, H.; Kurushima, Y.; Kibi, M.; Maeda, Y., 2012:
Effect of dental status and masticatory ability on decreased frequency of fruit and vegetable intake in elderly Japanese subjects

Godlewski, A.Espérance.; Veyrune, J.Luc.; Nicolas, E.; Ciangura, Cécile.A.; Chaussain, C.C.; Czernichow, Sébastien.; Basdevant, A.; Hennequin, M., 2011:
Effect of dental status on changes in mastication in patients with obesity following bariatric surgery

Tkachenko, T.B., 2008:
Effect of dental status on the quality of life in elderly patients

Nimmo, A.; Mitchell, G.S.; Echeto, L.; Ojha, A.K., 2008:
Effect of dental students as instructors on preclinical performance in prosthodontics

Botta, S.B.; Ana, P.A.; Santos, M.O.; Zezell, D.M.; Matos, A.B., 2012:
Effect of dental tissue conditioners and matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors on type I collagen microstructure analyzed by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

Priya, P.R.Geetha.; Asokan, S.; Karthick, K.; Reddy, N.Venugopal.; Rao, V.Arun.Prasad., 2015:
Effect of dental treatments on salivary immunoglobulin A of children with and without dental caries: a comparative study

Serrano, P.de.Oliveira.; Faot, F.; Del Bel Cury, A.Antoninha.; Rodrigues Garcia, R.Cunha.Matheus., 2008:
Effect of dental wear, stabilization appliance and anterior tooth reconstruction on mandibular movements during speech

Schirrmeister, Jörg.Fabian.; Gebrande, J.Peter.; Altenburger, M.Jörg.; Mönting, Jürgen.Schulte.; Hellwig, E., 2007:
Effect of dentifrice containing 5000 ppm fluoride on non-cavitated fissure carious lesions in vivo after 2 weeks

Messias, D.Cristine.; Maeda, F.Akio.; Turssi, C.Pedroso.; Serra, Mônica.Campos., 2011 :
Effect of dentifrices against hydrochloric acid-induced erosion

Magnusson, K.; Petersson, L.G.; Birkhed, D., 2007:
Effect of dentifrices with antimicrobial agents on mutans streptococci in saliva and approximal dental plaque in orthodontic patients

Lopes, G.Carpena.; Vieira, L.C.; Araújo, E.; Bruggmann, T.; Zucco, J.; Oliveira, G., 2011:
Effect of dentin age and acid etching time on dentin bonding

Castellan, C.S.; Bedran-Russo, A.K.; Antunes, A.; Pereira, P.N.R., 2013:
Effect of dentin biomodification using naturally derived collagen cross-linkers: one-year bond strength study

Akbari, M.; Rouhani, A.; Samiee, S.; Jafarzadeh, H., 2011:
Effect of dentin bonding agent on the prevention of tooth discoloration produced by mineral trioxide aggregate

Khalighinejad, N.; Feiz, A.; Faghihian, R.; Swift, E.J., 2014:
Effect of dentin conditioning on bond strength of fiber posts and dentin morphology: a review

Albashaireh, Z.S.M.; Ghazal, M.; Kern, M., 2008:
Effect of dentin conditioning on retention of airborne-particle-abraded, adhesively luted glass fiber-reinforced resin posts

Althumairy, R.I.; Teixeira, F.B.; Diogenes, A., 2016:
Effect of dentin conditioning with intracanal medicaments on survival of stem cells of apical papilla

Yuan, Y.; Shimada, Y.; Ichinose, S.; Tagami, J., 2007:
Effect of dentin depth on hybridization quality using different bonding tactics in vivo

Bulbul, M.; Altintas, S.H.; Tak, O.; Secilmis, A.; Yasar, A.; Usumez, A., 2014:
Effect of dentin desensitizing procedures on methyl methacrylate diffusion through dentin

Osorio, R.; Yamauti, Mónica.; Osorio, E.; Ruiz-Requena, Mía.E.; Pashley, D.; Tay, F.; Toledano, M., 2011:
Effect of dentin etching and chlorhexidine application on metalloproteinase-mediated collagen degradation

Osuka, K.; Amagai, T.; Kukidome, N.; Takase, Y.; Aida, S.; Hirai, Y., 2008:
Effect of dentin hardness on ablation rate with Er:YAG laser

De Munck, J.; Mine, A.; Vivan Cardoso, M.; De Almeida Neves, A.; Van Landuyt, K.L.; Poitevin, Aé.; Van Meerbeek, B., 2011:
Effect of dentin location and long-term water storage on bonding effectiveness of dentin adhesives

Fujisawa, R.; Mizuno, M.; Tamura, M., 2008:
Effect of dentin phosphoprotein on phosphate-induced apoptosis of odontoblast-like cells

Sharma, S.M.; Gurtu, A.; Singhal, A.; Guha, C.; Dixit, K.; Aggarwal, A.; Bansal, R.; Agnihotri, K., 2015:
Effect of dentin powder on setting time of mineral trioxide aggregate: an in vitro study

Herczegh, A.; Gyurkovics, Mán.; Ghidan, Ágoston.; Megyesi, M.; Lohinai, Z., 2014:
Effect of dentin powder on the antimicrobial properties of hyperpure chlorine-dioxide and its comparison to conventional endodontic disinfecting agents

Borges, B.Castillo.Dutra.; Souza-Junior, E.Jose.; da Costa, G.de.Fátima.Alves.; Pinheiro, I.Vieira.de.Assunçao.; Sinhoreti, Mário.Alexandre.Coelho.; Braz, R.; Montes, M.Antônio.Japiassú.Resende., 2013:
Effect of dentin pre-treatment with a casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP) paste on dentin bond strength in tridimensional cavities

Kunawarote, S.; Nakajima, M.; Shida, K.; Kitasako, Y.; Foxton, R.M.; Tagami, J., 2010:
Effect of dentin pretreatment with mild acidic HOCl solution on microtensile bond strength and surface pH

De Moraes Porto, I.Cristina.Celerino.; De Andrade, A.Karina.Maciel.; Alves, L.Carlos.; Braz, R., 2012:
Effect of dentin pretreatment with potassium oxalate: analysis of microtensile bond strengths and morphologic aspects

Horan, B.B.; Tordik, P.A.; Imamura, G.; Goodell, G.G., 2008:
Effect of dentin thickness on root surface temperature of teeth undergoing ultrasonic removal of posts

Mohammadi, Z.; Giardino, L.; Shahriari, S., 2011:
Effect of dentin treatment time with tetraclean on its residual antibacterial activity

Santos, M.J.M.C.; Bapoo, H.; Rizkalla, A.S.; Santos, G.C., 2011:
Effect of dentin-cleaning techniques on the shear bond strength of self-adhesive resin luting cement to dentin

Yiu, C.K.Y.; Hiraishi, N.; King, N.M.; Tay, F.R., 2008:
Effect of dentinal surface preparation on bond strength of self-etching adhesives

Lee, S.Y.; Kwon, H.K.; Kim, B.I., 2008:
Effect of dentinal tubule occlusion by dentifrice containing nano-carbonate apatite

Pongprueksa, P.; Senawongse, P.; Vongphan, N., 2015:
Effect of dentinal tubule orientation on the modulus of elasticity of resin-infiltrated demineralized dentin

Jainaen, A.; Palamara, J.E.A.; Messer, H.H., 2009:
Effect of dentinal tubules and resin-based endodontic sealers on fracture properties of root dentin

Hashimoto, M.; Fujita, S.; Endo, K.; Ohno, H., 2010:
Effect of dentinal water on bonding of self-etching adhesives

Hamama, H.H.; Burrow, M.F.; Yiu, C., 2014:
Effect of dentine conditioning on adhesion of resin-modified glass ionomer adhesives

Senawongse, P.; Srihanon, A.; Muangmingsuk, A.; Harnirattisai, C., 2010:
Effect of dentine smear layer on the performance of self-etching adhesive systems: A micro-tensile bond strength study

Kimoto, S.; Kimoto, K.; Kitamura, A.; Saita, M.; Iijima, M.; Kawai, Y., 2014:
Effect of dentist's clinical experience on treatment satisfaction of a complete denture

Dong, C.; Zhang, F-Q., 2011:
Effect of denture base materials on mRNA expression of the adhesion-associated genes from the Streptococcus mutans biofilms

Mukai, Y.; Kamijo, K.; Fujino, F.; Hirata, Y.; Teranaka, T.; ten Cate, J.M., 2010:
Effect of denture base-resin with prereacted glass-ionomer filler on dentin demineralization

Huddar, D.Ashok.; Hombesh, M.N.; Sandhyarani, B.; Chandu, G.S.; Nanjannawar, G.Shankar.; Shetty, R., 2013:
Effect of denture cleanser on weight, surface roughness and tensile bond strength of two resilient denture liners

Huh, J-Bo.; Lim, Y.; Youn, H-In.; Chang, B.Myung.; Lee, J-Yol.; Shin, S-Wan., 2014:
Effect of denture cleansers on Candida albicans biofilm formation over resilient liners

Brożek, Rł.; Koczorowski, R.; Rogalewicz, Rł.; Voelkel, A.; Czarnecka, B.; Nicholson, J.W., 2011:
Effect of denture cleansers on chemical and mechanical behavior of selected soft lining materials

Davi, Lícia.Resende.; Felipucci, D.Nair.Borges.; de Souza, R.Freitas.; Bezzon, O.Luiz.; Lovato-Silva, Cáudia.Helena.; Pagnano, Véria.Oliveira.; Paranhos, H.de.Freitas.Oliveira., 2013:
Effect of denture cleansers on metal ion release and surface roughness of denture base materials

Peracini, A.; Davi, Lícia.Resende.; de Queiroz Ribeiro, Nália.; de Souza, R.Freitas.; Lovato da Silva, Cáudia.Helena.; de Freitas Oliveira Paranhos, H., 2010:
Effect of denture cleansers on physical properties of heat-polymerized acrylic resin

Pahuja, R.Kaur.; Garg, S.; Bansal, S.; Dang, R.Harvinder., 2013:
Effect of denture cleansers on surface hardness of resilient denture liners at various time intervals- an in vitro study

Amin, F.; Iqbal, S.; Azizuddin, S.; Afridi, F.Iqbal., 2016:
Effect of denture cleansers on the color stability of heat cure acrylic resin

Meşe, Aşe., 2008:
Effect of denture cleansers on the hardness of heat- or auto-cured acrylic- or silicone-based soft denture liners

de Souza, R.Freitas.; Marra, J.; Pero, A.Carolina.; Compagnoni, M.Antonio., 2007:
Effect of denture fabrication and wear on closest speaking space and interocclusal distance during deglutition

Garg, S.K.; Singh, V.A.; Garg, S.K.; Mittal, S.; Chahal, G.K., 2012:
Effect of denture wearing on occurrence of fungal Isolates in the oral cavity: A pilot study

Taylor, T.Harrison.; Chang, C-Chien.; Elliott, T.; Colturato, L.Fernando.; Kort, H.Isadore.; Nagy, Z.Peter., 2008:
Effect of denuding on polar body position in in-vitro matured oocytes

Small, D.S.; Ni, X.; Polzer, P.; Vart, R.; Satonin, D.K.; Mitchell, M.I., 2015:
Effect of deodorant and antiperspirant use and presence or absence of axillary hair on absorption of testosterone 2% solution applied to men's axillae

Hrastar, R.; Terpinc, P.; Košir, I.Jože.; Abramovič, H., 2014:
Effect of deodorization of camelina (Camelina sativa) oil on its phenolic content and the radical scavenging effectiveness of its extracts

Jeong, Y.; Jin, G-Woo.; Choi, E.; Jung, J.Hyuk.; Park, J-Sang., 2012:
Effect of deoxycholate conjugation on stability of pDNA/polyamidoamine-diethylentriamine (PAM-DET) polyplex against ionic strength

Chien, J-Min.; Chou, C-Ting.; Liang, W-Zhe.; Cheng, J-Shiung.; Chang, H-Tai.; Tseng, H-Wen.; Kuo, S-Yu.; Kuo, C-Chi.; Chen, F-An.; Shieh, P.; Ho, C-Man.; Lin, J-Rong.; Kuo, D-Huang.; Jan, C-Ren., 2016:
Effect of deoxycholic acid on Ca2+ movement, cell viability and apoptosis in human gastric cancer cells

Pinton, P.; Oswald, I.P., 2015:
Effect of deoxynivalenol and other Type B trichothecenes on the intestine: a review

Sun, Q.; Xu, P.; Wang, L-Shan.; Hu, F.; Cheng, J.; Xiao, H.; Gao, R., 2012:
Effect of deoxypodophyllotoxin on membrane potential of dorsal unpaired median neurons and its relationship with sodium channel

Walter, S.D.; Macaskill, P.; Lord, S.J.; Irwig, L., 2012:
Effect of dependent errors in the assessment of diagnostic or screening test accuracy when the reference standard is imperfect

Di Ninni, P.; Martelli, F.; Zaccanti, G., 2011:
Effect of dependent scattering on the optical properties of Intralipid tissue phantoms

Frontela, C.; Scarino, M-Laura.; Ferruzza, S.; Ros, G.; Martínez, C., 2009:
Effect of dephytinization on bioavailability of iron, calcium and zinc from infant cereals assessed in the Caco-2 cell model

Kilburg-Basnyat, B.; Metwali, N.; Thorne, P.S., 2016:
Effect of deployment time on endotoxin and allergen exposure assessment using electrostatic dust collectors

Li, C.I.; Beaber, E.F.; Tang, M.Tzu.Chen.; Porter, P.L.; Daling, J.R.; Malone, K.E., 2012:
Effect of depo-medroxyprogesterone acetate on breast cancer risk among women 20 to 44 years of age

Kolbaev, S.N.; Achilles, K.; Luhmann, H.J.; Kilb, W., 2012:
Effect of depolarizing GABA(A)-mediated membrane responses on excitability of Cajal-Retzius cells in the immature rat neocortex

Sebbowa, T.; Edirisinghe, M.; Salih, V.; Huang, J., 2012:
Effect of deposition parameters and post-deposition annealing on the morphology and cellular response of electrosprayed TiO2 films

Lilja, M.; Welch, K.; Astrand, M.; Engqvist, Håkan.; Strømme, M., 2012:
Effect of deposition parameters on the photocatalytic activity and bioactivity of TiO2 thin films deposited by vacuum arc on Ti-6Al-4V substrates

Basu, B.J.; Manasa, J., 2012:
Effect of deposition parameters on the wettability and microstructure of superhydrophobic films with hierarchical micro-nano structures

Arendse, C.J.; Malgas, G.F.; Scriba, M.R.; Cummings, F.R.; Knoesen, D., 2008:
Effect of deposition pressure on the morphology and structural properties of carbon nanotubes synthesized by hot-filament chemical vapor deposition

Kim, E-Jeong.; Woo, H-Gweon.; Kim, D-Heyoung., 2010:
Effect of deposition temperature on the characteristics of HfN(x) thin films prepared by plasma assisted cyclic chemical vapor deposition

Begum, A.; Hussain, A.; Rahman, A., 2012:
Effect of deposition temperature on the structural and optical properties of chemically prepared nanocrystalline lead selenide thin films

Muri, G.; Wakeham, S.G., 2009:
Effect of depositional regimes on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Lake Bled (NW Slovenia) sediments

Effect of deposits in water pipes on the quality of water and its disinfection

McGough, P.; Bigrigg, A., 2007:
Effect of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate on bone density in a Scottish industrial city

Zhang, M-Hua.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, A-Dong.; Yang, Y.; Gai, L., 2014:
Effect of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate on bone mineral density in adolescent women

Tsai, R.; Schaffir, J., 2010:
Effect of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate on postpartum depression

Tseilikman, V.E.; Sinitsky, A.I.; Poyarkov, K.A.; Vojdaev, E.V., 2011:
Effect of deprenyl on free radical oxidation in rat brain during immobilization stress

Varshney, R.K.; Kumar, A., 1984:
Effect of depressed inner cladding on the polarization characteristics of elliptical-core fibers

Khan, Z.A.; Whittal, C.; Mansol, S.; Osborne, L.A.; Reed, P.; Emery, S., 2014:
Effect of depression and anxiety on the success of pelvic floor muscle training for pelvic floor dysfunction

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