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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52811

Chapter 52811 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yan, L.; Cai, H.; Chen, Y.; Tan, W., 2010:
Effect of hepatocyte-like cells induced by CD34+ cells in vitro on the repair of injured hepatic tissues of mice in vivo

Hernando, D.; Wells, S.A.; Vigen, K.K.; Reeder, S.B., 2015:
Effect of hepatocyte-specific gadolinium-based contrast agents on hepatic fat-fraction and R2(⁎)

Smirnova, N.G.; Chefu, S.G.; Kovalenko, A.L.; Vlasov, T.D., 2011:
Effect of hepatoprotector remaxol infusion on liver function in obstructive jaundice model in rats

Li, G-Fei.; Xu, Y-Jia.; He, Y-Feng.; Du, B-Cai.; Zhang, P.; Zhao, D-Yang.; Yu, C.; Qin, C-Hao.; Li, K., 2012:
Effect of hepcidin on intracellular calcium in human osteoblasts

Xu, L.; Chen, D-bang.; Jiang, N.; Zhao, Y.; Shi, K.; Deng, Y., 2010:
Effect of hepcidin on the development of alcoholic liver disease in rats

Takahashi, Y.; Katoh, S., 1987:
Effect of heptane-extraction on the stability of subunit organization of photosystem I reaction center complexes

Rückinger, S.; van der Linden, M.; von Kries, Rüdiger., 2010:
Effect of heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccination on invasive pneumococcal disease in preterm born infants

Zhang, Z.; Wang, G.; Ma, J.; Liu, H.; Zhang, X.; Zhu, G., 2013:
Effect of herba centellae on the expression of HGF and MCP-1

Zhao, L.; Zeng, N.; Tang, Y-xin.; Liu, X-shuai.; Yang, X.; Qu, L-ping., 2008:
Effect of herba schizonepetae volatile oil (STO) on activity of 5-lipoxygenase in rat thoracic cavity leukocytes

Kim, H-Jun.; Park, J-Mi.; Kim, J-Ah.; Ko, B-Pyo., 2010:
Effect of herbal Ephedra sinica and Evodia rutaecarpa on body composition and resting metabolic rate: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial in Korean premenopausal women

Jain, A.K.; Shaw, B.P., 1987:
Effect of herbal compound on maturity onset diabetes

Chan, H-Ting.; So, L-Tsun.; Li, S-Wai.; Siu, C-Wah.; Lau, C-Pak.; Tse, H-Fat., 2012:
Effect of herbal consumption on time in therapeutic range of warfarin therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation

Ko, S-Jae.; Ryu, B.; Kim, J.; Hong, B-Gi.; Yeo, I.; Lee, B-Joon.; Lee, J-Moo.; Park, J-Woo., 2012:
Effect of herbal extract granules combined with probiotic mixture on irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Liu, B.; Piao, X.; Guo, L., 2013:
Effect of herbal formula xiao pi-II on functional dyspepsia

Mahdi, A.Ali.; Chandra, A.; Singh, R.Kumar.; Shukla, S.; Mishra, L.C.; Ahmad, S., 2003:
Effect of herbal hypoglycemic agents on oxidative stress and antioxidant status in diabetic rats

Vahid, S.; Dashti-Khavidaki, S.; Ahmadi, F.; Amini, M.; Salehi Surmaghi, M.Hosein., 2013:
Effect of herbal medicine achillea millefolium on plasma nitrite and nitrate levels in patients with chronic kidney disease: a preliminary study

Açıkgöz, Sık.Kadri.; Açıkgöz, E.; Topal, S.; Okuyan, Hızır.; Yaman, B.; Er, O.; Sensoy, Bış.; Balcı, M.Mücahit.; Aydoğdu, S., 2015:
Effect of herbal medicine use on medication adherence of cardiology patients

Montazeri, A.Sadat.; Raei, M.; Ghanbari, A.; Dadgari, A.; Montazeri, A.Sadat.; Hamidzadeh, A., 2013:
Effect of herbal therapy to intensity chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in cancer patients

Haffajee, A.D.; Roberts, C.; Murray, L.; Veiga, N.; Martin, L.; Teles, R.P.; Letteri, M.; Socransky, S.S., 2010:
Effect of herbal, essential oil, and chlorhexidine mouthrinses on the composition of the subgingival microbiota and clinical periodontal parameters

Xiao, N-Wen.; Liu, X-Hui.; Li, W.; Ge, F., 2010:
Effect of herbicide acetochlor on cytochrome P450 monooxygenases and GST of earthworms Eisenia fetida

Pérez-Bárcena, Jé.Fernando.; Ahuatzi-Chacón, D.; Castillo-Martínez, K.Lizzette.; Ruiz-Ordaz, N.; Galíndez-Mayer, J.; Juárez-Ramírez, C.; Ramos-Monroy, O., 2014:
Effect of herbicide adjuvants on the biodegradation rate of the methylthiotriazine herbicide prometryn

Valverde, Jé.R.; Marín, S.; Mellado, R.P., 2015:
Effect of herbicide combinations on Bt-maize rhizobacterial diversity

Chasqui-Velasco, L.; Alvarado Ch, E.; Acero, A.; Zapata, F.A., 2009:
Effect of herbivorous and corallivorous fishes on the survival of transplanted corals in the Colombian Caribbean

Wang, Z-wei.; Lu, Y.; Zhen, X-fang., 2013:
Effect of herbs in early intervention of children with Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis

Chen, Y-Fen.; Wang, Y-Ju., 2010:
Effect of herd cues and product involvement on bidder online choices

van Hulzen, K.J.E.; Nielen, M.; Koets, A.P.; de Jong, G.; van Arendonk, J.A.M.; Heuven, H.C.M., 2011:
Effect of herd prevalence on heritability estimates of antibody response to Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis

Hu, X.; Ma, X.; Zhu, W.; Fu, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Meng, H.; Hou, X.; Jia, L.; Qin, Q.; Wang, Y.; Deng, W.; Li, T., 2015:
Effect of hereditary and environmental factors on the executive function of twin children

Naumenko, V.A.; Tiulenev, I.A.; Pushkar', D.Iu.; Segal, A.S.; Kovalev, V.A.; Kurilo, L.F.; Shileĭko, L.V.; Klimova, R.R.; Al'khovskiĭ, S.V.; Kushch, A.A., 2012:
Effect of herpes simplex virus on spermatogenesis

Hwang, S-Long.; Yen, G-Chin., 2011:
Effect of hesperetin against oxidative stress via ER- and TrkA-mediated actions in PC12 cells

Warter, P.J.; Drezner, H.L.; Horoschak, S., 1946:
Effect of hesperidin and ascorbic acid on capillary fragility in rheumatoid arthritis; a preliminary report

Hamdan, D.I.; Mahmoud, M.F.; Wink, M.; El-Shazly, A.M., 2015:
Effect of hesperidin and neohesperidin from bittersweet orange (Citrus aurantium var. bigaradia) peel on indomethacin-induced peptic ulcers in rats

Goliomytis, M.; Orfanou, H.; Petrou, E.; Charismiadou, M.A.; Simitzis, P.E.; Deligeorgis, S.G., 2014:
Effect of hesperidin dietary supplementation on hen performance, egg quality and yolk oxidative stability

Hiraishi, N.; Sono, R.; Islam, M.S.; Otsuki, M.; Tagami, J.; Takatsuka, T., 2011:
Effect of hesperidin in vitro on root dentine collagen and demineralization

Islam, M.Sofiqul.; Hiraishi, N.; Nassar, M.; Yiu, C.; Otsuki, M.; Tagami, J., 2016:
Effect of hesperidin incorporation into a self-etching primer on durability of dentin bond

Cai, L.; Li, R.; Wu, Q-Qing.; Wu, T-Ni., 2014 :
Effect of hesperidin on behavior and HPA axis of rat model of chronic stress-induced depression

Xiaoting, L.; Xiangyun, Z.; Shumei, L.; Minghua, D.; Liang, X., 2011:
Effect of hesperidin on expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase in cultured rabbit retinal pigment epithelial cells

Cho, Y-Ah.; Choi, D-Hyun.; Choi, J-Shik., 2009:
Effect of hesperidin on the oral pharmacokinetics of diltiazem and its main metabolite, desacetyldiltiazem, in rats

Ryan, M.L.; Ogilvie, M.P.; Pereira, B.Mt.; Gomez-Rodriguez, J.Carlos.; Livingstone, A.S.; Proctor, K.G., 2016:
Effect of hetastarch bolus in trauma patients requiring emergency surgery

Shimoda, N.; Mutou, Y.; Shimura, N.; Tsukimoto, M.; Awaya, A.; Kojima, S., 2010:
Effect of heterocyclic pyrimidine compounds on UVB-induced cell damage in human keratinocytes and on melanogenesis in mouse B16 cells

Lu, J.; Chen, M.; Stanley, S.E.; Li, E., 2007:
Effect of heterodimer partner RXRalpha on PPARgamma activation function-2 helix in solution

Toure, A.; Cabo, C., 2013:
Effect of heterogeneities in the cellular microstructure on propagation of the cardiac action potential

Tikidji-Hamburyan, R.; Lin, E.C.; Gasparini, S.; Canavier, C.C., 2014:
Effect of heterogeneity and noise on cross frequency phase-phase and phase-amplitude coupling

Nakayama, M.; Yoshida, K.; Nishimura, H.; Miyawaki, D.; Uehara, K.; Okamoto, Y.; Okayama, T.; Sasaki, R., 2014:
Effect of heterogeneity correction on dosimetric parameters of radiotherapy planning for thoracic esophageal cancer

Hall, D., 2010:
Effect of heterogeneity on the characterization of cell membrane compartments: I. Uniform size and permeability

Bronkhorst, I.H.G.; Maat, W.; Jordanova, E.S.; Kroes, W.G.M.; Schalij-Delfos, N.E.; Luyten, G.P.M.; Jager, M.J., 2011:
Effect of heterogeneous distribution of monosomy 3 on prognosis in uveal melanoma

Sabatelli, L., 2010:
Effect of heterogeneous mixing and vaccination on the dynamics of anthelmintic resistance: a nested model

Morrell, J.M.; Georgakas, A.; Lundeheim, N.; Nash, D.; Davies Morel, M.C.G.; Johannisson, A., 2015:
Effect of heterologous and homologous seminal plasma on stallion sperm quality

Mataveia, G.A.; Terblanche, S.J.; Nöthling, J.O.; Gerber, D., 2011:
Effect of heterologous seminal plasma and semen extenders on motility of frozen-thawed ram spermatozoa

Sreenivasan, V.; Irving, E.L.; Bobier, W.R., 2012:
Effect of heterophoria type and myopia on accommodative and vergence responses during sustained near activity in children

Mozumder, M.Salatul.Islam.; Picioreanu, C.; van Loosdrecht, M.C.M.; Volcke, E.I.P., 2014:
Effect of heterotrophic growth on autotrophic nitrogen removal in a granular sludge reactor

Pantaleo, A.; Ferru, E.; Carta, F.; Valente, E.; Pippia, P.; Turrini, F., 2013:
Effect of heterozygous beta thalassemia on the phosphorylative response to Plasmodium falciparum infection

Hashemi, M.; Shirzadi, E.; Talaei, Z.; Moghadas, L.; Shaygannia, I.; Yavari, M.; Amiri, N.; Taheri, H.; Montazeri, H.; Shamsolkottabi, H., 2007:
Effect of heterozygous beta-thalassaemia trait on coronary atherosclerosis via coronary artery disease risk factors: a preliminary study

Susa, K.; Kita, S.; Iwamoto, T.; Yang, S-Sen.; Lin, S-Hua.; Ohta, A.; Sohara, E.; Rai, T.; Sasaki, S.; Alessi, D.R.; Uchida, S., 2013:
Effect of heterozygous deletion of WNK1 on the WNK-OSR1/ SPAK-NCC/NKCC1/NKCC2 signal cascade in the kidney and blood vessels

Kang, M.Hyung.; Oh, D-Jin.; Rhee, D.J., 2011:
Effect of hevin deletion in mice and characterization in trabecular meshwork

Bitri, L.; Darragi, W.; Ouertani, L.; Maurel, D.; Saad, M.Ben., 2008:
Effect of hexachlorobenzene on some male reproductive parameters in Meriones unguiculatus

McLEOD, W.S., 2011:
Effect of hexachlorocyclohexane on onion seedlings

Perry, M.; Carra, C.; Chrétien, M.N.; Scaiano, J.C., 2007:
Effect of hexafluorobenzene on the photophysics of pyrene

Ockendon, D.J., 1978:
Effect of hexane and humidity on self-incompatibility in Brassica oleracea

Pathak, S.; Prakash, A.O., 1992:
Effect of hexane extract of ferula jaeschkeana on the uterus of adult ovariectomised rats

Chaurasia, J.K.; Pandey, N.; Tripathi, Y.Bhushan., 2010:
Effect of hexane fraction of leaves of Cinnamomum tamala Linn on macrophage functions

Mishra, A.K.; Mohanty, B., 2009:
Effect of hexavalent chromium exposure on the pituitary-interrenal axis of a teleost, Channa punctatus (Bloch)

Xie, Y.; Zhong, C.; Zeng, M.; Guan, L.; Luo, L., 2013:
Effect of hexavalent chromium on electron leakage of respiratory chain in mitochondria isolated from rat liver

Xia, B.; Ren, X-Hu.; Zhuang, Z-Xiong.; Yang, L-Qing.; Huang, H-Yan.; Pang, L.; Wu, D-Sheng.; Luo, J.; Tan, Y-Li.; Liu, J-Jun.; Zou, F., 2014:
Effect of hexavalent chromium on histone biotinylation in human bronchial epithelial cells

Martini, C.N.; Brandani, J.N.; Gabrielli, Mías.; Vila, Mía.del.C., 2015:
Effect of hexavalent chromium on proliferation and differentiation to adipocytes of 3T3-L1 fibroblasts

Samaras, P.; Papadimitriou, C.A.; Vavoulidou, D.; Yiangou, M.; Sakellaropoulos, G.P., 2008:
Effect of hexavalent chromium on the activated sludge process and on the sludge protozoan community

Yorulmaz Salman, S.; Ay, R., 2015:
Effect of hexythiazox and spiromesifen resistance on the life cycle of the predatory mite Neoseiulus californicus (Acari: Phytoseiidae)

Korst, R.J.; Santana-Joseph, S.; Rutledge, J.R.; Antler, A.; Bethala, V.; DeLillo, A.; Kutner, D.; Lee, B.E.; Pazwash, H.; Pittman, R.H.; Rahmin, M.; Rubinoff, M., 2011:
Effect of hiatal hernia size and columnar segment length on the success of radiofrequency ablation for Barrett's esophagus: a single-center, phase II clinical trial

Wiser, A.; Shehata, F.; Holzer, H.; Hyman, J.H.; Shalom-Paz, E.; Son, W-Young.; Tulandi, T., 2013:
Effect of high LH/FSH ratio on women with polycystic ovary syndrome undergoing in vitro maturation treatment

Romera-Lopez, A.; del Prado, N.; Fuentes, M.; Caldes, T.; Diaz-Rubio, E.; Perez-Villamil, B., 2013:
Effect of high RNA concentrations in real time reverse transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) yields

Partsvania, B.; Sulaberidze, T.; Shoshiashvili, L., 2014:
Effect of high SARs produced by cell phone like radiofrequency fields on mollusk single neuron

Guo, W.Alan.; Davidson, B.A.; Ottosen, J.; Ohtake, P.J.; Raghavendran, K.; Mullan, B.A.; Dayton, M.T.; Knight, P.R., 2013:
Effect of high advanced glycation end-product diet on pulmonary inflammatory response and pulmonary function following gastric aspiration

Choi, S.Y.; Kim, W.G.; Ko, E.J.; Lee, Y.H.; Kim, B.G.; Shin, H.J.; Choi, Y.S.; Ahn, J.Y.; Kim, B.J.; Lee, H.J., 2015:
Effect of high advanced-collagen tripeptide on wound healing and skin recovery after fractional photothermolysis treatment

Gjellesvik, T.Ivar.; Brurok, B.; Hoff, J.; Tørhaug, T.; Helgerud, J., 2012:
Effect of high aerobic intensity interval treadmill walking in people with chronic stroke: a pilot study with one year follow-up

Vallecilla, C.; Khiabani, R.H.; Sandoval, Néstor.; Fogel, M.; Briceño, J.Carlos.; Yoganathan, A.P., 2014:
Effect of high altitude exposure on the hemodynamics of the bidirectional Glenn physiology: modeling incremented pulmonary vascular resistance and heart rate

Xu, L.; Wu, Y.; Zhao, T.; Liu, S-Hong.; Zhu, L-Ling.; Fan, M.; Wu, K-Wu., 2015:
Effect of high altitude hypoxia on cognitive flexibility

Li, X-Yang.; Liu, Y-Nian.; Yuan, M.; Li, Y-Ping.; Yang, Y-Zhong.; Zhu, J-Bo., 2013:
Effect of high altitude hypoxia on the activity and protein expression of CYP2C9 and CYP2C19

Grandi, C.; Dipierri, Jé.; Luchtenberg, G.; Moresco, Aélica.; Alfaro, E., 2014:
Effect of high altitude on birth weight and adverse perinatal outcomes in two Argentine populations

Bakar, Cşkun.; Karaman, H.Işin.Ozişik.; Baba, A.; Sengünalp, F., 2010:
Effect of high aluminum concentration in water resources on human health, case study: Biga Peninsula, northwest part of Turkey

Wang, X-ying.; Pan, S-hai.; Liu, X-xin.; Wu, G-hao.; Wang, Y-nong.; Liu, Y-xiu.; Li, N.; Li, J-shou., 2007:
Effect of high amounts of medium chain triglyceride and protein enteral nutrition on nutritional status in patients after major abdominal operation

Le Leu, R.K.; Hu, Y.; Brown, I.L.; Young, G.P., 2009:
Effect of high amylose maize starches on colonic fermentation and apoptotic response to DNA-damage in the colon of rats

Shimizu, C.; Kihara, M.; Aoe, S.; Araki, S.; Ito, K.; Hayashi, K.; Watari, J.; Sakata, Y.; Ikegami, S., 2007:
Effect of high beta-glucan barley on serum cholesterol concentrations and visceral fat area in Japanese men--a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial

Wang, F.; Zhao, C.; Tian, Y.; Yin, Y., 2014:
Effect of high blood levels of bile acid on respiratory functions of New Zealand rabbits

Azar, R.R.; Badaoui, G.; Sarkis, A.; Kassab, R.; Salamé, E.; Aboujaoudé, S.; Hamdan, R.; Barakett, V.; Germanos, M., 2011:
Effect of high bolus dose tirofiban on the inflammatory response following percutaneous coronary intervention

Chaieb, S.Driss.; Chaumeil, J-Claude.; Jebnoun, S.; Khrouf, N.; Hedhili, A.; Sfar, S., 2009:
Effect of high calcium and phosphate concentrations on the physicochemical properties of two lipid emulsions used as total parenteral nutrition for neonates

Qiu, H-yu.; Fan, W-ring.; Huang, S-min.; Liu, F.; Tang, W-zin.; Zuo, C., 2012:
Effect of high concentration of glucose on thickness of glycocalyx and expression of syndecan-1 and glypican-1 in cultured human renal glomerular endothelial cells

Shah, S.S.; Wang, Y.; Tull, J.; Zhang, S., 2009:
Effect of high copy number of HER2 associated with polysomy 17 on HER2 protein expression in invasive breast carcinoma

Yang, W.; Wang, J.; Liu, L.; Zhu, X.; Wang, X.; Liu, Z.; Wang, Z.; Yang, L.; Liu, G., 2012:
Effect of high dietary copper on somatostatin and growth hormone-releasing hormone levels in the hypothalami of growing pigs

Gibbs, J.C.; Williams, N.I.; Mallinson, R.J.; Reed, J.L.; Rickard, A.D.; De Souza, M.Jane., 2014:
Effect of high dietary restraint on energy availability and menstrual status

Sui, H.; Xu, H.; Yin, S-an., 2010:
Effect of high dose apigenin on antioxidase activity and DNA damage in rats

Wang, L.; Zhang, L-Sheng.; Chai, Y.; Zeng, P-Yun.; Wu, C-Yang., 2013:
Effect of high dose dexamethasone on function and TLR-9 mRNA expression of plasmacytoid dendritic cells in patients with immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Trakarnvanich, T.; Chalapipat, O.; Disthabanchong, S.; Kurathong, S.; Praditpornsilpa, K.; Stitchantrakul, W.; Chailurkit, L-Or., 2010:
Effect of high dose ergocalciferol in chronic kidney disease patients with 25-hydroxyvitamin D deficiency

Yang, Y-min.; Zhu, J.; Tan, H-qiong.; Liang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Li, Y.; Li, J-dong.; Liu, L-sheng., 2008:
Effect of high dose glucose-insulin-potassium infusion in patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: analysis of 7510 patients in China as part of CREATE-ECLA study

Lee, C.; Klaustermeyer, W.B., 2012:
Effect of high dose inhaled corticosteroids on cell mediated immunity in patients with asthma

Kang, H-Soo.; Park, J.Je.; Ahn, S-Ki.; Hur, D.Gu.; Kim, H-Yeop., 2014:
Effect of high dose intravenous vitamin C on idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss: a prospective single-blind randomized controlled trial

Li, C-Xia.; Patel, S.; Wang, D.J.J.; Zhang, X., 2015:
Effect of high dose isoflurane on cerebral blood flow in macaque monkeys

Attar, M.; Molaie Kondolousy, Y.; Khansari, N., 2007:
Effect of high dose natural ionizing radiation on the immune system of the exposed residents of Ramsar Town, Iran

Shashidhara, K.C.; Murthy, K.A.Sudharshan.; Gowdappa, H.Basavana.; Bhograj, A., 2013:
Effect of high dose of steroid on plateletcount in acute stage of dengue Fever with thrombocytopenia

Imamura, A.; Tsuboi, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Obata, T.; Yamada, T., 2007:
Effect of high dose pergolide mesilate on restless legs syndrome associated with Parkinson disease

Tirnaksiz, E.; Pamukcu, B.; Oflaz, H.; Nisanci, Y., 2007:
Effect of high dose statin therapy on platelet function; statins reduce aspirin-resistant platelet aggregation in patients with coronary heart disease

Kadzhoian, A.V.; Shevchenko, A.I., 2014:
Effect of high dose tamoxifen therapy in conservative treatment of patients with III-IV stages of non-small cell lung cancer

Riaz, S.; Skinner, V.; Srai, S.Kaila., 2011:
Effect of high dose thiamine on the levels of urinary protein biomarkers in diabetes mellitus type 2

Mikirova, N.; Hunninghake, R., 2014:
Effect of high dose vitamin C on Epstein-Barr viral infection

Patsilinakos, S.; Christou, A.; Kafkas, N.; Nikolaou, N.; Antonatos, D.; Katsanos, S.; Spanodimos, S.; Babalis, D., 2010:
Effect of high doses of magnesium on converting ibutilide to a safe and more effective agent

Henriques, H.Nara.; Câmara, Nérsia.Rosa.; de Carvalho, A.Carolina.Bergmann.; Pantaleão, Jé.Augusto.Soares.; Guzmán-Silva, M.Angélica., 2010:
Effect of high doses of tibolone in body weight and lipid profile of ovariectomized rats

Ramachandriya, K.D.; Wilkins, M.; Atiyeh, H.K.; Dunford, N.T.; Hiziroglu, S., 2014:
Effect of high dry solids loading on enzymatic hydrolysis of acid bisulfite pretreated Eastern redcedar

Behrendt, A.; Tarre, S.; Beliavski, M.; Green, M.; Klatt, J.; de Beer, D.; Stief, P., 2015:
Effect of high electron donor supply on dissimilatory nitrate reduction pathways in a bioreactor for nitrate removal

Cheng, Z.Y.; Bharti, V.; Mai, T.; Xu, T.B.; Zhang, Q.M.; Ramotowski, T.; Wright, K.A.; Ting, R., 2008:
Effect of high energy electron irradiation on the electromechanical properties of poly (vinylidene fluoride-trifluorethylene) 50/50 and 65/35 copolymers

Momen, M.Nabil.; Ananian, F.B.; Fahmy, I.M.; Mostafa, T., 2010:
Effect of high environmental temperature on semen parameters among fertile men

Marracino, P.; Apollonio, F.; Liberti, M.; d'Inzeo, G.; Amadei, A., 2013:
Effect of high exogenous electric pulses on protein conformation: myoglobin as a case study

Blachnio-Zabielska, A.; Baranowski, M.; Zabielski, P.; Gorski, J., 2010:
Effect of high fat diet enriched with unsaturated and diet rich in saturated fatty acids on sphingolipid metabolism in rat skeletal muscle

Kiki, I.; Altunkaynak, B.Zuhal.; Altunkaynak, M.Eyup.; Vuraler, O.; Unal, D.; Kaplan, S., 2007:
Effect of high fat diet on the volume of liver and quantitative feature of Kupffer cells in the female rat: a stereological and ultrastructural study

Sabitha, P.; Vasudevan, D.M.; Kamath, P., 2010:
Effect of high fat diet without cholesterol supplementation on oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation in New Zealand white rabbits

Nagae, A.; Fujita, M.; Kawarazaki, H.; Matsui, H.; Ando, K.; Fujita, T., 2010:
Effect of high fat loading in Dahl salt-sensitive rats

Mushref, M.Al.; Srinivasan, S., 2014:
Effect of high fat-diet and obesity on gastrointestinal motility

Austin, M.A.; Wills, K.E.; Blizzard, L.; Walters, E.H.; Wood-Baker, R., 2010:
Effect of high flow oxygen on mortality in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients in prehospital setting: randomised controlled trial

Bai, C.; Chen, T.; Cui, Y.; Gong, T.; Peng, X.; Cui, H-Min., 2011:
Effect of high fluorine on the cell cycle and apoptosis of renal cells in chickens

Sun, X.; Hou, N.; Han, F.; Guo, Y.; Hui, Z.; Du, G.; Zhang, Y., 2014:
Effect of high free fatty acids on the anti-contractile response of perivascular adipose tissue in rat aorta

Ma, K.; Chen, S-hai.; Liu, Q-feng.; Wei, Q.; Liao, M-de.; Yu, H-sheng., 2011:
Effect of high frequency electrocoagulation by ultrafine-needle on the cutaneous capillary hemangiomas: a preliminary study on cock combs

Yu, X.; Wang, J.; Feng, Y-Mei.; Yin, S-Kai., 2011:
Effect of high frequency hearing loss on the temporal processing in the low frequency regions of guinea pigs

Guo, G-Hua.; Wang, S-Gen.; Fu, Z-Hua.; Wu, X-Heng.; Yang, M.; Chen, X., 2008:
Effect of high frequency oscillatory ventilation combined with exogenous pulmonary surfactant on apoptosis of lung tissue in rabbit with acute respiratory failure induced by steam inhalation injury

Sedlácková, S.; Rektorová, I.; Srovnalová, H.; Rektor, I., 2009:
Effect of high frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on reaction time, clinical features and cognitive functions in patients with Parkinson's disease

Bagis, B.; Turkaslan, S.; Vallittu, P.K.; Lassila, L.V.J., 2010:
Effect of high frequency ultrasonic agitation on the bond strength of self-etching adhesives

Tanprasertkul, C.; Somprasit, C., 2011:
Effect of high gestational weight gain on birth weight and cesarean section rate in pregnant women with a normal prepregnant body mass index

Zhou, Q-Feng.; Wang, H-Xin.; Wang, Y-Wei.; Fu, L-Juan.; Shan, D.; Liu, H., 2012:
Effect of high glucose and high insulin on NE-induced cardiac hypertrophy of the cultured myocardial cells

Mu, H.; Zhang, X-Mei.; Liu, J-Ju.; Dong, L.; Feng, Z-Lei., 2010:
Effect of high glucose concentration on VEGF and PEDF expression in cultured retinal Müller cells

Tang, X.; Zhang, J.; Cai, D-hong.; Zeng, L., 2010:
Effect of high glucose exposure on connective tissue growth factor expression in cultured human renal tubular epithelial cells and the role of p38MAPK pathway

Lunkes, G.Inácio.; Lunkes, Déle.Sausen.; Leal, D.; Araújo, M.do.Carmo.; Corrêa, Mísa.; Becker, L.; Rosa, C.Saydelles.da.; Morsch, V.Maria.; Schetinger, M.Rosa.Chitolina., 2008:
Effect of high glucose levels in human platelet NTPDase and 5'-nucleotidase activities

Liu, F.; Zhong, H.; Liang, J-yuan.; Fu, P.; Luo, Z-juan.; Zhou, L.; Gou, R.; Huang, J., 2011:
Effect of high glucose levels on the calcification of vascular smooth muscle cells by inducing osteoblastic differentiation and intracellular calcium deposition via BMP-2/Cbfα-1 pathway

Yang, J.; Zhou, Q.; Wang, Y.; Liu, K.; Zhang, J., 2011:
Effect of high glucose on PKC and MMPs/TIMPs in human mesangial cells

Chen, Y-Hsuan.; Chou, H-Chuan.; Lin, S-Ting.; Chen, Y-Wen.; Lo, Y-Wen.; Chan, H-Lin., 2013:
Effect of high glucose on secreted proteome in cultured retinal pigmented epithelium cells: its possible relevance to clinical diabetic retinopathy

Yuan, Y-di.; Miao, S.; Xie, H., 2011:
Effect of high glucose on the expression of transcription factor Scleraxis in periodontal ligament cells in vitro

Shi, H.; Dong, L.; Liu, Y.; Jia, M.; Zhao, G.; Zhao, J.; Lu, X., 2014:
Effect of high glucose on toll-like receptor 4 expression and LPS-induced proinflammatory cytokine production in hepatic stellate cells in vitro

Zhu, X.; Wen, F.; Yang, D.; Liu, J.; Yuan, S.; Li, J.; Liu, H.; Xu, X.; Sun, L.; Liu, F., 2015:
Effect of high glucose peritoneal dialysis solution on PGC-1α expression and mitochondria related oxidative injury in human peritoneal mesothelial cells

Spalding, E.M.; Pandya, P.; Farrington, K., 2008:
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