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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52927

Chapter 52927 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zakrzewski, V.G.; Dolgounitcheva, O.; Ortiz, J.V., 2014:
Electron propagator calculations on the ground and excited states of C60(-)

Tanczikó, F.; Sajti, S.; Deák, L.; Merkel, D.G.; Endroczi, G.; Nagy, D.L.; Bottyán, L.; Olszewski, W.; Szymański, K., 2010:
Electron proportional gas counter for linear and elliptical Mössbauer polarimetry

Low, T.; Jiang, Y.; Katsnelson, M.; Guinea, F., 2012:
Electron pumping in graphene mechanical resonators

Bocquillon, E.; Parmentier, F.D.; Grenier, C.; Berroir, J-M.; Degiovanni, P.; Glattli, D.C.; Plaçais, B.; Cavanna, A.; Jin, Y.; Fève, G., 2012:
Electron quantum optics: partitioning electrons one by one

Schnorr, K.; Senftleben, A.; Kurka, M.; Rudenko, A.; Schmid, G.; Pfeifer, T.; Meyer, K.; Kübel, M.; Kling, M.F.; Jiang, Y.H.; Treusch, R.; Düsterer, S.; Siemer, B.; Wöstmann, M.; Zacharias, H.; Mitzner, R.; Zouros, T.J.M.; Ullrich, J.; Schröter, C.D.; Moshammer, R., 2014:
Electron rearrangement dynamics in dissociating I(2)^(n+) molecules accessed by extreme ultraviolet pump-probe experiments

Jaskolski, M.; Wojcik, M., 2011:
Electron recombination in ionized liquid argon: a computational approach based on realistic models of electron transport and reactions

Boga, C.; Calvaresi, M.; Franchi, P.; Lucarini, M.; Fazzini, S.; Spinelli, D.; Tonelli, D., 2012:
Electron reduction processes of nitrothiophenes. A systematic approach by DFT computations, cyclic voltammetry and E-ESR spectroscopy

Hikosaka, Y.; Sawa, M.; Nakano, M.; Soejima, K.; Lablanquie, P.; Penent, F.; Ito, K., 2014:
Electron reemission processes following photoelectron recapture due to post-collision interaction in inner-shell photoionization of water molecules

Nersisyan, G.; Makita, M.; McKeever, K.; Dzelzainis, T.; White, S.; Nedanovska, E.; Kettle, B.; Nicholl, R.; Williams, G.; Riley, D.; Lewis, C.L.S., 2012:
Electron refluxing and K-shell line emission from Ti foils irradiated with subpicosecond laser pulses at 527 nm

Gan, Y.; Qi, W.; Shen, Y.; Chen, Z., 2013:
Electron relaxation effect on the sub-100-fs laser interaction with gold thin film

Giese, B.; Wang, M.; Gao, J.; Stoltz, M.; Müller, P.; Graber, M., 2009:
Electron relay race in peptides

Gazibegović-Busuladzić, A.; Milosević, D.B.; Becker, W.; Bergues, B.; Hultgren, H.; Kiyan, I.Yu., 2010:
Electron rescattering in above-threshold photodetachment of negative ions

Bhuvana, T.; Gregoratti, L.; Heun, S.; Dalmiglio, M.; Kulkarni, G.U., 2008:
Electron resist behavior of Pd hexadecanethiolate examined using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy with nanometric lateral resolution

Wallis, C.J.; Kraft, I.L.; Patrick, B.O.; Mehrkhodavandi, P., 2009:
Electron rich bidentate phosphinimine-imine ligands: synthesis and reactivity of late transition metal complexes

Zhu, Y.F.; Lang, X.Y.; Zheng, W.T.; Jiang, Q., 2010:
Electron scattering and electrical conductance in polycrystalline metallic films and wires: impact of grain boundary scattering related to melting point

Thiel, S.; Schneider, C.W.; Kourkoutis, L.Fitting.; Muller, D.A.; Reyren, N.; Caviglia, A.D.; Gariglio, S.; Triscone, J-M.; Mannhart, J., 2009:
Electron scattering at dislocations in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces

Vos, M., 2010:
Electron scattering at high momentum transfer from methane: analysis of line shapes

Lee, M-T.; de Souza, G.L.C.; Machado, L.E.; Brescansin, L.M.; dos Santos, A.S.; Lucchese, R.R.; Sugohara, R.T.; Homem, M.G.P.; Sanches, I.P.; Iga, I., 2012:
Electron scattering by methanol and ethanol: a joint theoretical-experimental investigation

Szmytkowski, Cław.; Domaracka, A.; Mozejko, Pł.; Ptasińska-Denga, E., 2009:
Electron scattering by trimethylene oxide, c-(CH2)3O, molecules

Sanz, A.G.; Fuss, M.C.; Blanco, F.; Mašín, Zěk.; Gorfinkiel, J.D.; Carelli, F.; Sebastianelli, F.; Gianturco, F.A.; García, G., 2013:
Electron scattering cross section calculations for polar molecules over a broad energy range

Wight, S.A.; Konicek, A.R., 2012:
Electron scattering cross section measurements in a variable pressure scanning electron microscope

Sanz, A.G.; Fuss, M.C.; Blanco, F.; Sebastianelli, F.; Gianturco, F.A.; García, G., 2013:
Electron scattering cross sections from HCN over a broad energy range (0.1-10,000 eV): Influence of the permanent dipole moment on the scattering process

Sanz, A.G.; Fuss, M.C.; Blanco, F.; Carelli, F.; Sebastianelli, F.; Gianturco, F.A.; García, G., 2013:
Electron scattering cross sections from anthracene over a broad energy range (0.00001-10,000 eV)

Danilatos, G.D., 2012:
Electron scattering cross-section measurements in ESEM

Carey, R.; Lucchese, R.R.; Gianturco, F.A., 2014:
Electron scattering from gas phase cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II): quantum analysis of resonance dynamics

Tashiro, M., 2008:
Electron scattering from gas-phase glycine molecules

Palihawadana, P.; Sullivan, J.P.; Buckman, S.J.; Brunger, M.J., 2012:
Electron scattering from pyrazine: elastic differential and integral cross sections

Sieradzka, A.; Blanco, F.; Fuss, M.C.; Mašín, Z.; Gorfinkiel, J.D.; García, G., 2016:
Electron scattering from pyridine

Allan, M., 2011:
Electron scattering in Pt(PF3)4: elastic scattering, vibrational, and electronic excitation

Buchs, G.; Bercioux, D.; Ruffieux, P.; Gröning, P.; Grabert, H.; Gröning, O., 2009:
Electron scattering in intrananotube quantum dots

Katsnelson, M.I.; Geim, A.K., 2007:
Electron scattering on microscopic corrugations in graphene

Yerokhin, V.A.; Jentschura, U.D., 2008:
Electron self-energy in the presence of a magnetic field: hyperfine splitting and g factor

Goez, M.; Vogtherr, M., 2013:
Electron self-exchange activation parameters of diethyl sulfide and tetrahydrothiophene

Preimesberger, M.R.; Pond, M.P.; Majumdar, A.; Lecomte, J.T.J., 2012:
Electron self-exchange and self-amplified posttranslational modification in the hemoglobins from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 and Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002

Kalmykov, S.; Yi, S.A.; Khudik, V.; Shvets, G., 2009:
Electron self-injection and trapping into an evolving plasma bubble

Zhidkov, A.; Fujii, T.; Nemoto, K., 2008:
Electron self-injection during interaction of tightly focused few-cycle laser pulses with underdense plasma

Kostyukov, I.; Nerush, E.; Pukhov, A.; Seredov, V., 2009:
Electron self-injection in multidimensional relativistic-plasma wake fields

Wan, W.; Lapenta, G., 2008:
Electron self-reinforcing process of magnetic reconnection

Schneebeli, S.T.; Frasconi, M.; Liu, Z.; Wu, Y.; Gardner, D.M.; Strutt, N.L.; Cheng, C.; Carmieli, R.; Wasielewski, M.R.; Stoddart, J.Fraser., 2013:
Electron sharing and anion-π recognition in molecular triangular prisms

Ekanayake, N.; Luo, S.; Grugan, P.D.; Crosby, W.B.; Camilo, A.D.; McCowan, C.V.; Scalzi, R.; Tramontozzi, A.; Howard, L.E.; Wells, S.J.; Mancuso, C.; Stanev, T.; Decamp, M.F.; Walker, B.C., 2013:
Electron shell ionization of atoms with classical, relativistic scattering

Stampfer, C.; Güttinger, J.; Roman, C.; Jungen, A.; Helbling, T.; Hierold, C., 2007:
Electron shuttle instability for nano electromechanical mass sensing

Kwon, M.Jae.; Finneran, K.T., 2011:
Electron shuttle-stimulated RDX mineralization and biological production of 4-nitro-2,4-diazabutanal (NDAB) in RDX-contaminated aquifer material

Watanabe, K.; Manefield, M.; Lee, M.; Kouzuma, A., 2010:
Electron shuttles in biotechnology

Xu, W.; Hu, P.; Zhou, S-gui.; Li, X-min.; Li, Y-hong., 2010:
Electron shuttling function of dissolved organic matter

Vassiliev, O.N., 2012:
Electron slowing-down spectra in water for electron and photon sources calculated with the Geant4-DNA code

Schirmer, O.F.; Imlau, M.; Merschjann, C.; Schoke, B., 2009:
Electron small polarons and bipolarons in LiNbO(3)

Kweon, K.E.; Hwang, G.S.; Kim, J.; Kim, S.; Kim, S., 2014:
Electron small polarons and their transport in bismuth vanadate: a first principles study

Kwon, H.; Hwang, K.; Park, J.; Ryu, S.; Kim, S.Keun., 2012:
Electron solvation and solvation-induced crystallization of an ammonia film on Ag(111) studied by 2-photon photoemission

Wishart, J.F.; Funston, A.M.; Szreder, T.; Cook, A.R.; Gohdo, M., 2012:
Electron solvation dynamics and reactivity in ionic liquids observed by picosecond radiolysis techniques

Pratihar, S.; Chandra, A., 2007:
Electron solvation in water-ammonia mixed clusters: Structure, energetics, and the nature of localization states of the excess electron

Zankl, M.; Schlattl, H.; Petoussi-Henss, N.; Hoeschen, C., 2012:
Electron specific absorbed fractions for the adult male and female ICRP/ICRU reference computational phantoms

Lesiak, B.; Zemek, J.; Houdkova, J.; Kromka, A.; Józwik, A., 2010:
Electron spectra line shape analysis of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite and nanocrystalline diamond

Bornmann, B.; Mingels, S.; Dams, F.; Prommesberger, C.; Schreiner, R.; Lützenkirchen-Hecht, D.; Müller, G., 2012:
Electron spectrometer in adjustable triode configuration for photo-induced field emission measurements

Herth, W.; Reiss, H.D., 1987:
Electron spectroscopic imaging (ESI) applied to the detection of potential Ca(2+)-binding sites in plant cells

Ahmed, K.; Li, R.; Bazett-Jones, D.P., 2008:
Electron spectroscopic imaging of the nuclear landscape

Even-Faitelson, L.; Fussner, E.; Li, R.; Strauss, M.; Bazett-Jones, D.P., 2014:
Electron spectroscopic tomography of specific chromatin domains

Siegbahn, K., 1982:
Electron spectroscopy for atoms, molecules, and condensed matter

Calloni, A.; Berti, G.; Brambilla, A.; Riva, M.; Picone, A.; Bussetti, G.; Finazzi, M.; Ciccacci, F.; Duò, L., 2014:
Electron spectroscopy investigation of the oxidation of ultra-thin films of Ni and Cr on Fe(0 0 1)

Zemek, J., 2010:
Electron spectroscopy of corrugated solid surfaces

Isvoranu, C.; Ahlund, J.; Wang, B.; Ataman, E.; Mårtensson, N.; Puglia, C.; Andersen, J.N.; Bocquet, M-Laure.; Schnadt, J., 2009:
Electron spectroscopy study of the initial stages of iron phthalocyanine growth on highly oriented pyrolitic graphite

Vos, M.; Went, M.R.; Weigold, E., 2009:
Electron spectroscopy using two-dimensional electron detection and a camera in a single electron counting mode

Betteridge, D., 1972:
Electron spectroscopy. 1. Ultraviolet photoexcitation

Hercules, D.M., 1972:
Electron spectroscopy. II. X-ray photoexcitation

Turin, L.; Skoulakis, E.M.C.; Horsfield, A.P., 2014:
Electron spin changes during general anesthesia in Drosophila

George, R.E.; Witzel, W.; Riemann, H.; Abrosimov, N.V.; Nötzel, N.; Thewalt, M.L.W.; Morton, J.J.L., 2010:
Electron spin coherence and electron nuclear double resonance of Bi donors in natural Si

Zhao, F.; Balocchi, A.; Truong, G.; Amand, T.; Marie, X.; Wang, X.J.; Buyanova, I.A.; Chen, W.M.; Harmand, J.C., 2009:
Electron spin control in dilute nitride semiconductors

Witzel, W.M.; Carroll, M.S.; Morello, A.; Cywiński, L.; Das Sarma, S., 2011:
Electron spin decoherence in isotope-enriched silicon

Thamarath, S.Surendran.; Bode, B.E.; Prakash, S.; Sai Sankar Gupta, K.Babu.; Alia, A.; Jeschke, G.; Matysik, Jörg., 2012:
Electron spin density distribution in the special pair triplet of Rhodobacter sphaeroides R26 revealed by magnetic field dependence of the solid-state photo-CIDNP effect

Abriata, L.A.; Zaballa, Mía-Eugenia.; Berry, R.E.; Yang, F.; Zhang, H.; Walker, F.Ann.; Vila, A.J., 2013:
Electron spin density on the axial His ligand of high-spin and low-spin nitrophorin 2 probed by heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy

Cywiński, L.; Witzel, W.M.; Das Sarma, S., 2009:
Electron spin dephasing due to hyperfine interactions with a nuclear spin bath

Hoffmann, Sław.K.; Lijewski, S.; Goslar, J.; Mielniczek-Brzóska, E., 2014:
Electron spin echo and spin relaxation of low-symmetry Mn(2+)-complexes in ammonium oxalate monohydrate single crystal

Lijewski, S.; Goslar, J.; Hoffmann, S.K., 2006:
Electron spin echo of Cu(2+) in the triglycine sulfate crystal family (TGS, TGSe, TGFB): electron spin-lattice relaxation, Debye temperature and spin-phonon coupling

Fedin, M.V.; Veber, S.L.; Gromov, I.A.; Ovcharenko, V.I.; Sagdeev, R.Z.; Bagryanskaya, E.G., 2007:
Electron spin exchange processes in strongly coupled spin triads

Bandyopadhyay, S.; Cahay, M., 2009:
Electron spin for classical information processing: a brief survey of spin-based logic devices, gates and circuits

Ollivierre, J.N.; Budil, D.E.; Beuning, P.J., 2012:
Electron spin labeling reveals the highly dynamic N-terminal arms of the SOS mutagenesis protein UmuD

Lee, J.Sup.; Lei, Y.; Yang, D-Sheng., 2011:
Electron spin multiplicities of transition-metal aromatic radicals and ions: M[C6(CH3)6] and M(+)[(C6(CH3)6] (M = Ti, V, and Co)

Crankshaw, S.; Sedgwick, F.G.; Moewe, M.; Chang-Hasnain, C.; Wang, H.; Chuang, S-Lien., 2009:
Electron spin polarization induced by linearly polarized light in a (110) GaAs quantum-well waveguide

Colvin, M.T.; Carmieli, R.; Miura, T.; Richert, S.; Gardner, D.M.; Smeigh, A.L.; Dyar, S.M.; Conron, S.M.; Ratner, M.A.; Wasielewski, M.R., 2013:
Electron spin polarization transfer from photogenerated spin-correlated radical pairs to a stable radical observer spin

Kobori, Y.; Fuki, M.; Murai, H., 2010:
Electron spin polarization transfer to the charge-separated state from locally excited triplet configuration: theory and its application to characterization of geometry and electronic coupling in the electron donor-acceptor system

Trowbridge, C.J.; Norman, B.M.; Stephens, J.; Gossard, A.C.; Awschalom, D.D.; Sih, V., 2011:
Electron spin polarization-based integrated photonic devices

Auböck, G.; Nagl, J.; Callegari, C.; Ernst, W.E., 2008:
Electron spin pumping of Rb atoms on He nanodroplets via nondestructive optical excitation

Mitchell, D.G.; Quine, R.W.; Tseitlin, M.; Weber, R.T.; Meyer, V.; Avery, A.; Eaton, S.S.; Eaton, G.R., 2011:
Electron spin relaxation and heterogeneity of the 1:1 α,γ-bisdiphenylene-β-phenylallyl (BDPA)/benzene complex

Westlund, P-Olof.; Wennerström, Håkan., 2009:
Electron spin relaxation at low field

Fielding, A.J.; Usselman, R.J.; Watmough, N.; Simkovic, M.; Frerman, F.E.; Eaton, G.R.; Eaton, S.S., 2007:
Electron spin relaxation enhancement measurements of interspin distances in human, porcine, and Rhodobacter electron transfer flavoprotein-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (ETF-QO)

Hoffmann, S.K.; Goslar, J.; Lijewski, S., 2012:
Electron spin relaxation governed by Raman processes both for Cu²⁺ ions and carbonate radicals in KHCO₃ crystals: EPR and electron spin echo studies

Sato, H.; Dalton, L.A.; Ha, D.; Quine, R.W.; Eaton, S.S.; Eaton, G.R., 2007:
Electron spin relaxation in x-lithium phthalocyanine

Drews, A.R.; Thayer, B.D.; Stapleton, H.J.; Wagner, G.C.; Giugliarelli, G.; Cannistraro, S., 1990:
Electron spin relaxation measurements on the blue-copper protein plastocyanin: Deviations from a power law temperature dependence

Hoffmann, S.K.; Lijewski, S.; Goslar, J.; Ulanov, V.A., 2010:
Electron spin relaxation of exchange coupled pairs of transition metal ions in solids. Ti2+-Ti2+ pairs and single Ti2+ ions in SrF2 crystals

Kathirvelu, V.; Sato, H.; Eaton, S.S.; Eaton, G.R., 2009:
Electron spin relaxation rates for semiquinones between 25 and 295K in glass-forming solvents

Narayana, M., 1990:
Electron spin resonance

Chiaravalle, A.E.; Mangiacotti, M.; Marchesani, G.; Vegliante, G., 2011:
Electron spin resonance (ESR) detection of irradiated fish containing bone (gilthead sea bream, cod, and swordfish)

Chikvaidze, E.N.; Partskhaladze, T.M.; Gogoladze, T.V., 2015:
Electron spin resonance (ESR/EPR) of free radicals observed in human red hair: a new, simple empirical method of determination of pheomelanin/eumelanin ratio in hair

Shimamura, T.; Fujimura, Y.; Ukeda, H., 2007:
Electron spin resonance analysis of superoxide anion radical scavenging activity with spin trapping agent, diphenyl-PMPO

Erdey, L.; Meisel, T.; Mohos, B.; Tüdös, F., 1967:
Electron spin resonance analysis of the redox indicator variamine blue II

Hirai, Y.; Kodama, Y.; Cullings, H.M.; Miyazawa, C.; Nakamura, N., 2012:
Electron spin resonance analysis of tooth enamel does not indicate exposures to large radiation doses in a large proportion of distally-exposed A-bomb survivors

Krishtopenko, S.S., 2013:
Electron spin resonance and cyclotron resonance for fractional quantum Hall states in narrow-gap QW heterostructures

Jung, M.Yhung.; Choi, D.Seong., 2011:
Electron spin resonance and luminescence spectroscopic observation and kinetic study of chemical and physical singlet oxygen quenching by resveratrol in methanol

Barriga-González, G.; Aguilera-Venegas, B.; Folch-Cano, C.; Pérez-Cruz, F.; Olea-Azar, C., 2014:
Electron spin resonance as a powerful tool for studying antioxidants and radicals

Pedersen, J.Z.; Musci, G.; Rotilio, G., 2009:
Electron spin resonance characterization of the radicals produced by enzymatic or chemical cleavage of vicine

Kinoshita, A.; Mayer, E.; Ribau Mendes, Vícius.; Figueiredo, A.Maria.G.; Baffa, O., 2015:
Electron spin resonance dating of megafauna from Lagoa dos Porcos, Piauí, Brazil

Huber, D.L., 2012:
Electron spin resonance in YbRh2Si2: local-moment, unlike-spin and quasiparticle descriptions

Marsh, D., 2008:
Electron spin resonance in membrane research: protein-lipid interactions

Marsh, D., 2010:
Electron spin resonance in membrane research: protein-lipid interactions from challenging beginnings to state of the art

Ghosh, A.; Pinto, J.W.M.; Frota, H.O., 2013:
Electron spin resonance in presence of a magnetic impurity in graphene

Correnti, M.D.; Dickert, K.P.; Pittman, M.A.; Felmly, J.W.; Banisaukas, J.J.; Knight, L.B., 2012:
Electron spin resonance investigation of H2(+), HD(+), and D2(+) isolated in neon matrices at 2 K

Lawton, J.S.; Smotkin, E.S.; Budil, D.E., 2008:
Electron spin resonance investigation of microscopic viscosity, ordering, and polarity in Nafion membranes containing methanol-water mixtures

Rao, S.S.; Stesmans, A.; Noyen, J.V.; Jacobs, P.; Sels, B., 2011:
Electron spin resonance investigation of ultra-small double walled carbon nanotubes embedded in zeolite nanochannels

Valcheva-Kuzmanova, S.; Blagović, B.; Valić, Sćko., 2012:
Electron spin resonance measurement of radical scavenging activity of Aronia melanocarpa fruit juice

Halevy, R.; Shtirberg, L.; Shklyar, M.; Blank, A., 2010:
Electron spin resonance micro-imaging of live species for oxygen mapping

Stesmans, A.; Somers, P.; Afanas'ev, V.V., 2009:
Electron spin resonance observation of an interfacial Ge P(b 1)-type defect in SiO(2)/(100)Si(1-x)Ge(x)/SiO(2)/Si heterostructures

Horowitz, V.R.; Alemán, Bín.J.; Christle, D.J.; Cleland, A.N.; Awschalom, D.D., 2012:
Electron spin resonance of nitrogen-vacancy centers in optically trapped nanodiamonds

Kayci, M.; Chang, H-Cheng.; Radenovic, A., 2014:
Electron spin resonance of nitrogen-vacancy defects embedded in single nanodiamonds in an ABEL trap

Förster, T.; Sichelschmidt, J.; Krellner, C.; Geibel, C.; Steglich, F., 2011:
Electron spin resonance of the ferromagnetic Kondo lattice CeRuPO

Kim, E.; Acosta, V.M.; Bauch, E.; Budker, D.; Hemmer, P.R., 2012:
Electron spin resonance shift and linewidth broadening of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond as a function of electron irradiation dose

Furuya, S.C.; Bouillot, P.; Kollath, C.; Oshikawa, M.; Giamarchi, T., 2012:
Electron spin resonance shift in spin ladder compounds

Stone, K.M.; Townsend, J.E.; Sarver, J.; Sapienza, P.J.; Saxena, S.; Jen-Jacobson, L., 2009:
Electron spin resonance shows common structural features for different classes of EcoRI-DNA complexes

Dóra, B.; Gulácsi, M.; Koltai, J.; Zólyomi, V.; Kürti, J.; Simon, F., 2008 :
Electron spin resonance signal of Luttinger liquids and single-wall carbon nanotubes

Yamaoki, R.; Kimura, S.; Ohta, M., 2014:
Electron spin resonance spectral analysis of irradiated royal jelly

He, W.; Liu, Y.; Wamer, W.G.; Yin, J-Jie., 2014:
Electron spin resonance spectroscopy for the study of nanomaterial-mediated generation of reactive oxygen species

Martini, G.; Ciani, L., 2009:
Electron spin resonance spectroscopy in drug delivery

Shimizu, Y.; Kumada, T.; Kumagai, J., 2008:
Electron spin resonance spectroscopy of molecules in large precessional motion: a case of H6(+) and H4D2(+) in solid parahydrogen

Hopkins, H.P.; Thompson, J.C.; Margrave, J.L., 1968:
Electron spin resonance studies of silicon difluoride

Kanjickal, D.; Lopina, S.; Evancho-Chapman, M.Michelle.; Schmidt, S.; Inbaraj, J.J.; Cardon, T.B.; Lorigan, G.A., 2009:
Electron spin resonance studies of the effects of sterilization on poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels

Kowert, B.A.; Thurman-Keup, E.M.; Stemmler, A.Joern.; Stemmler, T.L.; Fehr, M.J.; Caldwell, C.V.C.; Gentemann, S.J., 2010:
Electron spin resonance studies of the reorientational motion of Ni(mnt)2(-)

Lumata, L.; Kovacs, Z.; Sherry, A.Dean.; Malloy, C.; Hill, S.; van Tol, J.; Yu, L.; Song, L.; Merritt, M.E., 2014:
Electron spin resonance studies of trityl OX063 at a concentration optimal for DNP

Goldberg, I.B.; Christe, K.O.; Wilson, R.D., 1975:
Electron spin resonance study of o(2)(+) salts. influence of crystal field effects and relaxation

Yang, H.P.; Shi, L.; Zhou, S.M.; Zhao, J.Y.; He, L.F.; Jia, Y.B., 2009:
Electron spin resonance study of polycrystalline La(0.75)(Ca(x)Sr(1-x))(0.25)MnO(3) (x = 0, 0.45, 1)

Bittar, E.M.; Adriano, C.; Giles, C.; Rettori, C.; Fisk, Z.; Pagliuso, P.G., 2011:
Electron spin resonance study of the LaIn(3-x)Sn(x) superconducting system

Kumagai, J.; Inagaki, H.; Kariya, S.; Ushida, T.; Shimizu, Y.; Kumada, T., 2007:
Electron spin resonance study on H6+, H5D+, H4D2+, and H2D4+ in solid parahydrogen

Nakajima, A., 2008:
Electron spin resonance study on the vanadium adsorption by persimmon tannin gel

Rhodes, C.J., 2011:
Electron spin resonance. Part one: a diagnostic method in the biomedical sciences

Rhodes, C.J., 2012:
Electron spin resonance. Part two: a diagnostic method in the environmental sciences

Pawłowski, J.; Szumniak, P.; Skubis, A.; Bednarek, S., 2014:
Electron spin separation without magnetic field

Cieslak, J.A.; Focia, P.J.; Gross, A., 2010:
Electron spin-echo envelope modulation (ESEEM) reveals water and phosphate interactions with the KcsA potassium channel

Mitrikas, G.; Sanakis, Y.; Raptopoulou, C.P.; Kordas, G.; Papavassiliou, G., 2008:
Electron spin-lattice and spin-spin relaxation study of a trinuclear iron(III) complex and its relevance in quantum computing

Biller, J.R.; Elajaili, H.; Meyer, V.; Rosen, G.M.; Eaton, S.S.; Eaton, G.R., 2014:
Electron spin-lattice relaxation mechanisms of rapidly-tumbling nitroxide radicals

Sato, H.; Bottle, S.E.; Blinco, J.P.; Micallef, A.S.; Eaton, G.R.; Eaton, S.S., 2008:
Electron spin-lattice relaxation of nitroxyl radicals in temperature ranges that span glassy solutions to low-viscosity liquids

Liu, X.; Tan, J.; Wang, A.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, M., 2014:
Electron spin-polarization and spin lattices in the boron- and nitrogen-doped organic framework COF-5

Gilka, N.; Taylor, P.R.; Marian, C.M., 2008:
Electron spin-spin coupling from multireference configuration interaction wave functions

Nemutlu, E.; Juranic, N.; Zhang, S.; Ward, L.E.; Dutta, T.; Nair, K.Sreekumaran.; Terzic, A.; Macura, S.; Dzeja, P.P., 2012:
Electron spray ionization mass spectrometry and 2D 31P NMR for monitoring 18O/16O isotope exchange and turnover rates of metabolic oligophosphates

Sun, G.F.; Liu, Y.; Qi, Y.; Jia, J.F.; Xue, Q.K.; Weinert, M.; Li, L., 2010:
Electron standing waves on the GaN(0001)-pseudo (1 × 1) surface: a FT-STM study at room temperature

Hartnoll, S.A.; Petrov, P., 2011:
Electron star birth: a continuous phase transition at nonzero density

Mitsuoka, S.; Tamura, A., 2011:
Electron states confined within nano-steps on metal surfaces

Das, N.R.; Shinwari, M.W.; Deen, M.J.; Lee, J-Soo., 2012:
Electron states in a silicon nanowire in the presence of surface potential and field

Tegeder, P.; Balog, R.; Mason, N.J.; Illenberger, E., 2005:
Electron stimulated desorption of Cl(-) from adsorbed and condensed Cl2: effects of environment and orientation

Yildirim, Y.; Balcan, M.; Bass, A.D.; Cloutier, P.; Sanche, L., 2010:
Electron stimulated desorption of anions and cations from condensed allyl glycidyl ether

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