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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52952

Chapter 52952 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Passmore, G.G.; Owen, M.Anne.; Prabakaran, K., 2012:
Empirical evidence of the effectiveness of concept mapping as a learning intervention for nuclear medicine technology students in a distance learning radiation protection and biology course

Themessl-Huber, M.; Freeman, R.; Humphris, G.; MacGillivray, S.; Terzi, N., 2010:
Empirical evidence of the relationship between parental and child dental fear: a structured review and meta-analysis

de Flon, P.; Kumlien, E.; Reuterwall, C.; Mattsson, P., 2010:
Empirical evidence of underutilization of referrals for epilepsy surgery evaluation

Antonacci, D.J.; Bloch, R.M.; Saeed, S.Atezaz.; Yildirim, Y.; Talley, J., 2008:
Empirical evidence on the use and effectiveness of telepsychiatry via videoconferencing: implications for forensic and correctional psychiatry

Braeckman, U.; Van Colen, C.; Guilini, K.; Van Gansbeke, D.; Soetaert, K.; Vincx, M.; Vanaverbeke, J., 2015:
Empirical evidence reveals seasonally dependent reduction in nitrification in coastal sediments subjected to near future ocean acidification

Yu, Y.; Heinrichs, J.; Zhu, R-Liang.; Schneider, H., 2014:
Empirical evidence supporting frequent cryptic speciation in epiphyllous liverworts: a case study of the Cololejeunea lanciloba complex

Willis, B.H., 2012:
Empirical evidence that disease prevalence may affect the performance of diagnostic tests with an implicit threshold: a cross-sectional study

Elhai, J.D.; Grubaugh, A.L.; Kashdan, T.B.; Frueh, B.Christopher., 2008:
Empirical examination of a proposed refinement to DSM-IV posttraumatic stress disorder symptom criteria using the National Comorbidity Survey Replication data

Lenzi, J.; Luciano, L.; McDonald, K.Mack.; Rosa, S.; Damiani, G.; Corsello, G.; Fantini, M.Pia., 2014:
Empirical examination of the indicator 'pediatric gastroenteritis hospitalization rate' based on administrative hospital data in Italy

Goddard, E.; Salerno, L.; Hibbs, R.; Raenker, S.; Naumann, U.; Arcelus, J.; Ayton, A.; Boughton, N.; Connan, F.; Goss, K.; Lacey, H.; Laszlo, B.; Morgan, J.; Moore, K.; Robertson, D.; Schreiber-Kounine, C.; Sharma, S.; Whitehead, L.; Schmidt, U.; Treasure, J., 2014:
Empirical examination of the interpersonal maintenance model of anorexia nervosa

Shechner, T.; Wakschlag, N.; Britton, J.C.; Jarcho, J.; Ernst, M.; Pine, D.S., 2014:
Empirical examination of the potential adverse psychological effects associated with pediatric FMRI scanning

Davidson, R.J., 2010:
Empirical explorations of mindfulness: conceptual and methodological conundrums

Liu, H.; Kato, S.; Saito, Y., 2009:
Empirical expression for the emission site density of nanotube film emitters

Amotchkina, T.V., 2008:
Empirical expression for the minimum residual reflectance of normal- and oblique-incidence antireflection coatings

Johansson, M.; Broström, L., 2015:
Empirical fallacies in the debate on substituted judgment

Carifio, J.; Lanza, M., 1995:
Empirical finding on the external validity of patient assault vignettes

Reich, J.H.; Maldonado, J., 2012:
Empirical findings on legal difficulties among practicing psychiatrists

Panasiuk, L.; Lukas, W.; Paprzycki, P., 2008:
Empirical first-line antibioticotherapy in adult rural patients with acute respiratory tract infections

Secondo, G.; Vassallo, F.; Solari, N.; Moresco, L.; Percivale, P.; Zappi, L.; Cafiero, F.; De Maria, A., 2011:
Empirical first-line treatment with tigecycline for febrile episodes following abdominal surgery in cancer patients

Michaud, L.; Barriault, C.; Dionne, A.; Karwatsky, P., 2009:
Empirical fitting of soft or rigid gas-permeable contact lenses for the correction of moderate to severe refractive astigmatism: a comparative study

Shahsavari, R.; Pellenq, R.J-M.; Ulm, F-Josef., 2010:
Empirical force fields for complex hydrated calcio-silicate layered materials

Chen, H.Y.; Iskander, M.F.; Penner, J.E., 1991:
Empirical formula for optical absorption by fractal aerosol agglomerates

Pal, S.; Ravishankar, R.; Sharma, R.P.; Muthukrishnan, G.; Ray, D.Kr.; Roy, S.N.; Srivastava, D.K., 2006:
Empirical formula for the prediction of off axis ratios and isodose curves for a treatment planning system

Frisvad, J.Revall., 2009:
Empirical formula for the refractive index of freezing brine

Du, Q-Shi.; Long, S-Yu.; Meng, J-Zong.; Huang, R-Bo., 2012:
Empirical formulation and parameterization of cation-π interactions for protein modeling

Agrawal, Y.C.; Mikkelsen, O.A., 2009:
Empirical forward scattering phase functions from 0.08 to 16 deg. for randomly shaped terrigenous 1-21 microm sediment grains

Rosmalen, J.G.M.; Tak, L.M.; de Jonge, P., 2013:
Empirical foundations for the diagnosis of somatization: implications for DSM-5

Abushammala, M.F.M.; Basri, N.Ezlin.Ahmad.; Basri, H.; Kadhum, A.Amir.H.; El-Shafie, A.Hussein., 2013:
Empirical gas emission and oxidation measurement at cover soil of dumping site: example from Malaysia

Onoda, T.; Yamamoto, R.; Sawamura, K.; Inoue, Y.; Murase, H.; Nambo, Y.; Tozaki, T.; Matsui, A.; Miyake, T.; Hirai, N., 2014:
Empirical growth curve estimation considering multiple seasonal compensatory growths of body weights in Japanese Thoroughbred colts and fillies

Sedlmair, M.; Munzner, T.; Tory, M., 2014:
Empirical guidance on scatterplot and dimension reduction technique choices

Korth, M., 2012:
Empirical hydrogen-bond potential functions--an old hat reconditioned

Eddy, K.T.; Crosby, R.D.; Keel, P.K.; Wonderlich, S.A.; le Grange, D.; Hill, L.; Powers, P.; Mitchell, J.E., 2009:
Empirical identification and validation of eating disorder phenotypes in a multisite clinical sample

Edge, J.S.; Hoffman, S.J., 2014:
Empirical impact evaluation of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel in Australia, Canada, UK and USA

Talmon, R.; Coifman, R.R., 2013:
Empirical intrinsic geometry for nonlinear modeling and time series filtering

Joshi, V.; Lee, K.; Melson, D.; Narra, V.R., 2011:
Empirical investigation of radiologists' priorities for PACS selection: an analytical hierarchy process approach

Becker, S.; Halsall, C.J.; MacLeod, M.; Scheringer, M.; Jones, K.C.; Hungerbühler, K., 2009:
Empirical investigation of the Junge variability-lifetime relationship using long-term monitoring data on polychlorinated biphenyl concentrations in air

Ebbesen, M.; Pedersen, B.D., 2007:
Empirical investigation of the ethical reasoning of physicians and molecular biologists - the importance of the four principles of biomedical ethics

Lan, M.; Su, J., 2010:
Empirical investigations into full-text protein interaction Article Categorization Task (ACT) in the BioCreative II.5 Challenge

Dudin, S.V.; Rafalskyi, D.V., 2012:
Empirical laws of particle extraction from single-grid source of bipolar ion-electron flow

Calvo-Díaz, A.; Morán, Xé.Anxelu.G., 2009:
Empirical leucine-to-carbon conversion factors for estimating heterotrophic bacterial production: seasonality and predictability in a temperate coastal ecosystem

Romano, M.; Cuomo, A.; Gravina, A.G.; Miranda, A.; Iovene, M.Rosaria.; Tiso, A.; Sica, M.; Rocco, A.; Salerno, R.; Marmo, R.; Federico, A.; Nardone, G., 2010:
Empirical levofloxacin-containing versus clarithromycin-containing sequential therapy for Helicobacter pylori eradication: a randomised trial

Zhou, M.; Li, G., 2008:
Empirical likelihood analysis of the Buckley-James estimator

Dong, B.; Matthews, D.E., 2012:
Empirical likelihood for cumulative hazard ratio estimation with covariate adjustment

Zhou, M.; Jeong, J-Hyeon., 2011:
Empirical likelihood ratio test for median and mean residual lifetime

Ning, J.; Qin, J.; Asgharian, M.; Shen, Y., 2014:
Empirical likelihood-based confidence intervals for length-biased data

Gengsheng Qin; Davis, A.E.; Jing, B-Yi., 2011:
Empirical likelihood-based confidence intervals for the sensitivity of a continuous-scale diagnostic test at a fixed level of specificity

Barmi, H.El.; McKeague, I.W., 2013:
Empirical likelihood-based tests for stochastic ordering

Paddison, J.A.M.; Goodwin, A.L., 2012:
Empirical magnetic structure solution of frustrated spin systems

Nizama-Vía, A.; Nizama-Valladolid, Mín., 2012:
Empirical management of addictions in Peru

Małolepsza, E.; Straub, J.E., 2015:
Empirical maps for the calculation of amide I vibrational spectra of proteins from classical molecular dynamics simulations

Ridella, S.; Zunino, R., 2008:
Empirical measure of multiclass generalization performance: the K-winner machine case

Sambrook, J.; Russell, D.W., 2006:
Empirical measurement of melting temperature

Kelleher, J.E.; Siegmund, T.; Du, M.; Naseri, E.; Chan, R.W., 2014:
Empirical measurements of biomechanical anisotropy of the human vocal fold lamina propria

Esmaili, B.Emily., 2018:
Caravans and Containers: Children on the Move, Immobilized

Jung, J.Hung.; Seo, J.Tae., 2014:
Empirical medical therapy in idiopathic male infertility: Promise or panacea?

Lin, C-Hao.; Chang, C-Seng.; Li, S-Ping., 2014:
Empirical method to measure stochasticity and multifractality in nonlinear time series

Nix, D.A.; Courdy, S.J.; Boucher, K.M., 2008:
Empirical methods for controlling false positives and estimating confidence in ChIP-Seq peaks

Braddock, C.H.; Magnus, D., 2010:
Empirical methods in bioethics: a cautionary tale

Horowitz, J.; Agarwal, A.; Huang, F.; Gitlin, M.; Gandra, S.R.; Cangialose, C.B., 2010:
Empirical methods to calculate an erythropoiesis-stimulating agent dose conversion ratio in nondialyzed patients with chronic kidney disease

Shafqat, K.; Pal, S.K.; Kumari, S.; Kyriacou, P.A., 2010:
Empirical mode decomposition (EMD) analysis of HRV data from locally anesthetized patients

Hughes, J.M.; Mao, D.; Rockmore, D.N.; Wang, Y.; Wu, Q., 2013:
Empirical mode decomposition analysis for visual stylometry

Shafqat, K.; Pal, S.K.; Kumari, S.; Kyriacou, P.A., 2011:
Empirical mode decomposition analysis of HRV data from patients undergoing local anaesthesia (brachial plexus block)

Teodoro, D.; Lovis, C., 2013:
Empirical mode decomposition and k-nearest embedding vectors for timely analyses of antibiotic resistance trends

Bagheri, A.; Persano Adorno, D.; Rizzo, P.; Barraco, R.; Bellomonte, L., 2014:
Empirical mode decomposition and neural network for the classification of electroretinographic data

Camarena-Martinez, D.; Valtierra-Rodriguez, M.; Garcia-Perez, A.; Osornio-Rios, R.Alfredo.; Romero-Troncoso, R.de.Jesus., 2014:
Empirical mode decomposition and neural networks on FPGA for fault diagnosis in induction motors

Liu, S.; He, Q.; Gao, R.X.; Freedson, P., 2009:
Empirical mode decomposition applied to tissue artifact removal from respiratory signal

Pilkar, R.B.; Yarossi, M.; Forrest, G., 2013:
Empirical mode decomposition as a tool to remove the function electrical stimulation artifact from surface electromyograms: preliminary investigation

Pal, S.; Mitra, M., 2012:
Empirical mode decomposition based ECG enhancement and QRS detection

Zhang, C.; Ren, W.; Mu, T.; Fu, L.; Jia, C., 2013:
Empirical mode decomposition based background removal and de-noising in polarization interference imaging spectrometer

Pereira, Tânia.; Vaz, P.; Oliveira, T.; Santos, Iês.; Pereira, H.C.; Almeida, Vânia.; Correia, C.; Cardoso, Jão., 2013:
Empirical mode decomposition for self-mixing Doppler signals of hemodynamic optical probes

Huang, L.; Huang, X.; Wang, Y-Te.; Wang, Y.; Jung, T-Ping.; Cheng, C-Kuan., 2015:
Empirical mode decomposition improves detection of SSVEP

Videlier, B.; Fontecave-Jallon, J.; Calabrese, P.; Baconnier, P.; Gumery, P-Yves., 2013:
Empirical mode decomposition of respiratory inductive plethysmographic signals for stroke volume variations monitoring: respiratory protocol and comparison with impedance cardiography

Magagnin, V.; Bassani, T.; Lucini, D.; Pagani, M.; Caiani, E.G.; Cerutti, S.; Porta, A., 2010:
Empirical mode decomposition to assess baroreflex gain from spontaneous variability during exercise in humans

Pilkar, R.; Bollt, E.M.; Robinson, C., 2012:
Empirical mode decomposition/Hilbert transform analysis of postural responses to small amplitude anterior-posterior sinusoidal translations of varying frequencies

Li, X.; Wang, H.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, F., 2012:
Empirical mode of combination of the wavelet threshold filtering and empirical mode decomposition (EMD) based on energy estimate

Carrera, J.; Rodrigo, G.; Singh, V.; Kirov, B.; Jaramillo, A., 2011:
Empirical model and in vivo characterization of the bacterial response to synthetic gene expression show that ribosome allocation limits growth rate

Kanick, S.C.; Sterenborg, H.J.C.M.; Amelink, A., 2009:
Empirical model description of photon path length for differential path length spectroscopy: combined effect of scattering and absorption

Chen, Y.; Ahmad, S., 2012:
Empirical model estimation of relative biological effectiveness for proton beam therapy

Sormaz, Mš.; Jenny, P., 2013:
Empirical model for target depth estimation used in the time-domain subsurface imaging

Betancourt, M.R., 2010:
Empirical model of residue contact probabilities for polypeptides

Kanick, S.C.; Sterenborg, H.J.C.M.; Amelink, A., 2009:
Empirical model of the photon path length for a single fiber reflectance spectroscopy device

Goyal, K.G.; Dong, M.L.; Nguemaha, V.M.; Worth, B.W.; Judge, P.T.; Calhoun, W.R.; Bali, L.M.; Bali, S., 2014:
Empirical model of total internal reflection from highly turbid media

Magarini, M.; Spalvieri, A.; Vacondio, F.; Bertolini, M.; Pepe, M.; Gavioli, G., 2011:
Empirical modeling and simulation of phase noise in long-haul coherent optical transmission systems

Wickramatunge, K.Crishan.; Leephakpreeda, T., 2014:
Empirical modeling of dynamic behaviors of pneumatic artificial muscle actuators

Abhilash, R.H.; Chauhan, S., 2013:
Empirical modeling of renal motion for improved targeting during focused ultrasound surgery

Soreanu, G.; Falletta, P.; Béland, M.; Edmonson, K.; Ventresca, B.; Seto, P., 2010:
Empirical modelling and dual-performance optimisation of a hydrogen sulphide removal process for biogas treatment

Delattre, I.K.; Musuamba, F.T.; Verbeeck, R.K.; Dugernier, T.; Spapen, H.; Laterre, P-François.; Wittebole, X.; Cumps, J.; Taccone, F.S.; Vincent, J-Louis.; Jacobs, Fédérique.; Wallemacq, P.E., 2010:
Empirical models for dosage optimization of four beta-lactams in critically ill septic patients based on therapeutic drug monitoring of amikacin

Lin, C-Jen.; Gustin, M.S.; Singhasuk, P.; Eckley, C.; Miller, M., 2011:
Empirical models for estimating mercury flux from soils

Skriabikova, O.; Pavlova, M.; Groot, W., 2011:
Empirical models of demand for out-patient physician services and their relevance to the assessment of patient payment policies: a critical review of the literature

Kaur, K.; Shih, J.J.; Krusienski, D.J., 2015:
Empirical models of scalp-EEG responses using non-concurrent intracranial responses

Brace, L.H.; Theis, R.F.; Niemann, H.B.; Mayr, H.G.; Hoegy, W.R.; Nagy, A.F., 1979:
Empirical models of the electron temperature and density in the nightside venus ionosphere

Lowe, P.K.; Bruno, J.F.; Selig, E.R.; Spencer, M., 2012:
Empirical models of transitions between coral reef states: effects of region, protection, and environmental change

Balshaw, S.; Edwards, J.W.; Ross, K.E.; Ellis, D.; Padula, D.J.; Daughtry, B.J., 2008:
Empirical models to identify mechanisms driving reductions in tissue mercury concentration during culture of farmed southern bluefin tuna Thunnus maccoyii

Chio, C-Pin.; Cheng, M-Ting.; Lin, Y-Chi.; Liao, C-Min., 2009:
Empirical models to predict parsimoniously the mass and number concentrations of ultrafine particulate in ambient atmosphere

Ivanov, M.V.; Levitsky, L.I.; Lobas, A.A.; Panic, T.; Laskay, Ünige.A.; Mitulovic, G.; Schmid, R.; Pridatchenko, M.L.; Tsybin, Y.O.; Gorshkov, M.V., 2014:
Empirical multidimensional space for scoring peptide spectrum matches in shotgun proteomics

Ali, S.S.; Lifshitz, M.; Raz, A., 2014:
Empirical neuroenchantment: from reading minds to thinking critically

Cao, X.; Wu, B.; Hertz, M.I., 2013:
Empirical null distribution based modeling of multi-class differential gene expression detection

Wang, C.; Armstrong, D.W.; Risley, D.S., 2007:
Empirical observations and mechanistic insights on the first boron-containing chiral selector for LC and supercritical fluid chromatography

Wang, Z.; Aguirre, G.K.; Rao, H.; Wang, J.; Fernández-Seara, Mía.A.; Childress, A.R.; Detre, J.A., 2007:
Empirical optimization of ASL data analysis using an ASL data processing toolbox: ASLtbx

Luzinski, C., 2012:
Empirical outcomes: proof of making a difference

Zhou, Y-Hui.; Barry, W.T.; Wright, F.A., 2014:
Empirical pathway analysis, without permutation

Schuemie, M.J.; Madigan, D.; Ryan, P.B., 2014:
Empirical performance of LGPS and LEOPARD: lessons for developing a risk identification and analysis system

Ryan, P.B.; Schuemie, M.J.; Gruber, S.; Zorych, I.; Madigan, D., 2014:
Empirical performance of a new user cohort method: lessons for developing a risk identification and analysis system

Ryan, P.B.; Schuemie, M.J.; Madigan, D., 2014:
Empirical performance of a self-controlled cohort method: lessons for developing a risk identification and analysis system

García-Pérez, M.Angel.; Alcalá-Quintana, Río., 2009:
Empirical performance of optimal Bayesian adaptive estimation

Norén, G.Niklas.; Bergvall, T.; Ryan, P.B.; Juhlin, K.; Schuemie, M.J.; Madigan, D., 2014:
Empirical performance of the calibrated self-controlled cohort analysis within temporal pattern discovery: lessons for developing a risk identification and analysis system

Madigan, D.; Schuemie, M.J.; Ryan, P.B., 2014:
Empirical performance of the case-control method: lessons for developing a risk identification and analysis system

Suchard, M.A.; Zorych, I.; Simpson, S.E.; Schuemie, M.J.; Ryan, P.B.; Madigan, D., 2014:
Empirical performance of the self-controlled case series design: lessons for developing a risk identification and analysis system

Metzinger, T., 2008:
Empirical perspectives from the self-model theory of subjectivity: a brief summary with examples

Soper, A.K.; Page, K.; Llobet, A., 2013:
Empirical potential structure refinement of semi-crystalline polymer systems: polytetrafluoroethylene and polychlorotrifluoroethylene

Rahmanov, S.; Kulakovskiy, I.; Uroshlev, L.; Makeev, V., 2010:
Empirical potentials for ion binding in proteins

Reich, N.G.; Myers, J.A.; Obeng, D.; Milstone, A.M.; Perl, T.M., 2012:
Empirical power and sample size calculations for cluster-randomized and cluster-randomized crossover studies

Kim, M.; Kim, S-Hou., 2014:
Empirical prediction of genomic susceptibilities for multiple cancer classes

Loncke, C.; Ortigues-Marty, I.; Vernet, J.; Lapierre, H.; Sauvant, D.; Nozière, P., 2008:
Empirical prediction of net portal appearance of volatile fatty acids, glucose, and their secondary metabolites (beta-hydroxybutyrate, lactate) from dietary characteristics in ruminants: A meta-analysis approach

Hattotuwagama, C.K.; Flower, D.R., 2007:
Empirical prediction of peptide octanol-water partition coefficients

Burger, S.K.; Ayers, P.W., 2015:
Empirical prediction of protein pKa values with residue mutation

Quang, L.Si.; Gascuel, O.; Lartillot, N., 2008:
Empirical profile mixture models for phylogenetic reconstruction

Kuipers, T.A.F., 2014 :
Empirical progress and nomic truth approximation revisited

Poland, D., 2012:
Empirical protein partition functions

Stoitsov, M.; Cakirli, R.B.; Casten, R.F.; Nazarewicz, W.; Satuła, W., 2007:
Empirical proton-neutron interactions and nuclear density functional theory: global, regional, and local comparisons

Frierson, P.; Kant, I., 2009:
Empirical psychology, common sense, and Kant's empirical markers for moral responsibility

Brookham, R.L.; Dickerson, C.R., 2014:
Empirical quantification of internal and external rotation muscular co-activation ratios in healthy shoulders

Zhao, X.; Zhou, X., 2010:
Empirical receiver operating characteristic curve for two-sample comparison with cure fractions

Price, R.B.; Kuckertz, J.M.; Siegle, G.J.; Ladouceur, C.D.; Silk, J.S.; Ryan, N.D.; Dahl, R.E.; Amir, N., 2016:
Empirical recommendations for improving the stability of the dot-probe task in clinical research

Guerra, H.B.; Park, K.; Kim, Y., 2014:
Empirical regression models for estimating nitrogen removal in a stormwater wetland during dry and wet days

Larruquert, J.I.; Méndez, J.A.; Aznárez, J.A., 1993:
Empirical relations among scattering, roughness parameters, and thickness of aluminum films

Saitoh, K.; Koshiba, M., 2005:
Empirical relations for simple design of photonic crystal fibers

Barai, S.; Sharma, A., 2008:
Empirical relations for the propagation characteristics of diffused channel waveguides

Roy, A.; Ramasubramaniam, R.; Gaonkar, H.A., 2013:
Empirical relationship between Kubelka-Munk and radiative transfer coefficients for extracting optical parameters of tissues in diffusive and nondiffusive regimes

Nandy, A., 2010:
Empirical relationship between intra-purine and intra-pyrimidine differences in conserved gene sequences

Garg, R., 1980:
Empirical relationship for a nonlinear index coefficient

Mailhot, H.; Peters, R.H., 1988:
Empirical relationships between the 1-octanol/water partition coefficient and nine physicochemical properties

Toutounji, M., 2009:
Empirical relaxation function and spectral density for underdamped vibrations at low temperatures

Murray, C.E.; Mobley, A.Keith., 2009:
Empirical research about same-sex intimate partner violence: a methodological review

McLay, L-Lee.Kathleen.; France, K., 2016:
Empirical research evaluating non-traditional approaches to managing sleep problems in children with autism

Cohen, J., 1982:
Empirical research in economics

Salloch, S.; Schildmann, J.; Vollmann, J., 2012:
Empirical research in medical ethics: how conceptual accounts on normative-empirical collaboration may improve research practice

Wu, Y-qun.; Liu, K.; Tang, X.; Cao, Y.; Wang, J-wei.; Li, N.; Liu, J-jiang.; Yu, L-ping.; Xu, H-tao.; Liu, W-jun.; Wen, S-shen.; Hu, Y-hua.; Li, K., 2013:
Empirical research of measuring elderly health utility in the outskirts of Beijing by using European quality of life 5-dimensions

Marmarosh, C.L., 2014:
Empirical research on attachment in group psychotherapy: moving the field forward

Wang, W.; Kuang, Y.; Huang, N.; Zhao, D., 2014:
Empirical research on decoupling relationship between energy-related carbon emission and economic growth in Guangdong province based on extended Kaya identity

Sno, H.N.; Schalken, H.F.; de Jonghe, F., 1992:
Empirical research on déjà vu experiences: a review

Pedersen, R., 2010:
Empirical research on empathy in medicine-A critical review

Obokata, R.; Veronis, L.; McLeman, R., 2014:
Empirical research on international environmental migration: a systematic review

Hamric, A.B., 2012:
Empirical research on moral distress: issues, challenges, and opportunities

Middleton, A.; Parker, M.; Wright, C.F.; Bragin, E.; Hurles, M.E., 2013:
Empirical research on the ethics of genomic research

Jiang, J-Yong.; Ding, Y-Yun.; Zhu, M-Li., 2015:
Empirical research on translation strategy of Chinese prescription nomenclature

Levine, R.J., 2006 :
Empirical research to evaluate ethics committees' burdensome and perhaps unproductive policies and practices: a proposal

Glick, R.Alan.; Roose, S.P., 2009:
Empirical research, psychoanalytic training, and psychoanalytic attitudes

Chang, W.; Bosworth, B.; Carter, G.C., 1993:
Empirical results of using back-propagation neural networks to separate single echoes from multiple echoes

Belloncle, V.Vlasie.; Rousseau, M., 2007:
Empirical rheological model for rough or grooved bonded interfaces

Zagar, R.John.; Busch, K.G.; Hughes, J.Russell., 2009:
Empirical risk factors for delinquency and best treatments: where do we go from here?

Perez-Cruz, F.; Navia-Vazquez, A.; Figueiras-Vidal, A.R.; Artes-Rodriguez, A., 2008:
Empirical risk minimization for support vector classifiers

Smith, R.C., 1977:
Empirical science and value assumptions: Lessons from C. G. Jung

Korb, O.; Stützle, T.; Exner, T.E., 2009:
Empirical scoring functions for advanced protein-ligand docking with PLANTS

Owen, J.; Wong, Y.Joel.; Rodolfa, E., 2009:
Empirical search for psychotherapists' gender competence in psychotherapy

Quan, H.; Li, M.; Shih, W.Joe.; Ouyang, S.Peter.; Chen, J.; Zhang, J.; Zhao, P-Liang., 2013:
Empirical shrinkage estimator for consistency assessment of treatment effects in multi-regional clinical trials

Igo, R.P.; Wijsman, E.M., 2007:
Empirical significance values for linkage analysis: trait simulation using posterior model distributions from MCMC oligogenic segregation analysis

Asah, S.Tanyi., 2008:
Empirical social-ecological system analysis: from theoretical framework to latent variable structural equation model

Zarzycka, D.; Slusarska, B.; Dobrowolska, B., 2010:
Empirical studies of care in nursing

Buus, N.; Gonge, H., 2009:
Empirical studies of clinical supervision in psychiatric nursing: A systematic literature review and methodological critique

Stepurko, T.; Pavlova, M.; Gryga, I.; Groot, W., 2011:
Empirical studies on informal patient payments for health care services: a systematic and critical review of research methods and instruments

Yamakawa, K.; Nishitani, K., 2010:
Empirical studies on some drugs for patent lawsuits in the age of manufacturing patents

Zhang, H-feng.; Xue, Y-wei., 2008:
Empirical study in the relation of gastric mucosal lesion with gastric emptying and gastric acid secretion

Sotirova-Kohli, M.; Rosen, D.H.; Smith, S.M.; Henderson, P.; Taki-Reece, S., 2011:
Empirical study of Kanji as archetypal images: understanding the collective unconscious as part of the Japanese language

Hand, P.E.; Griffith, B.E., 2012:
Empirical study of an adaptive multiscale model for simulating cardiac conduction

Villegas, R.; Julià, O.; Ocaña, J., 2013 :
Empirical study of correlated survival times for recurrent events with proportional hazards margins and the effect of correlation and censoring

Hofmann, S.; Lindner, J.; Beck-Sickinger, A.G.; Hey-Hawkins, E.; Bellmann-Sickert, K., 2018:
Carbaboranylation of Truncated C-Terminal Neuropeptide Y Analogue Leads to Full hY 1 Receptor Agonism

He, X-jun.; Wang, H-ju.; Xia, Y-jie.; Ye, Z-yuan.; Tao, H-quan., 2010:
Empirical study of oridonin-induced gastric cancer cells MKN45 apoptosis

Xiao, Y.; Wang, W., 2013:
Empirical study of reverse effect on mediated multidrug resistance of U-2OS/ADM cells with curcumin in vitro

Saiz Galdós, Jús., 2009:
Empirical study of the Planned Behavior Theory variables as risk factors for cocaine use in three different groups

Binquet, C.; Abrahamowicz, M.; Mahboubi, A.; Jooste, V.; Faivre, J.; Bonithon-Kopp, C.; Quantin, C., 2008:
Empirical study of the dependence of the results of multivariable flexible survival analyses on model selection strategy

Pervak, V.; Fedorov, V.; Pervak, Y.A.; Trubetskov, M., 2014:
Empirical study of the group delay dispersion achievable with multilayer mirrors

Hsieh, C-Jung.; Chang, C.; Tsai, G.; Wu, H-Feng., 2015:
Empirical study of the influence of a Laughing Qigong Program on long-term care residents

Schwarzkopf, Y.; Farmer, J.Doyne., 2010:
Empirical study of the tails of mutual fund size

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Employer needn't hold job open indefinitely. Henry v. United Bank, 686 F.3d 50 (1st Cir. 2012)

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Employer recognition awards

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Employer refusal of employees returning to work without consultation with a occupational health physician

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Employer-sponsored health insurance erosion accelerates in the recession

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Employer-sponsored health insurance erosion continues in 2008 and is expected to worsen

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Employer-sponsored insurance here to stay

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Employer/worker antagonism an HIV/AIDS 'breeding ground'

Anonymous, 2015:
Employers 'raid' poorer countries after five years of training cuts

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Employers Struggle To Cope With the Rising Use of Biologics: Tradeoffs in cost sharing or higher deductibles could derail treatment and decrease the value of healthcare spending

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Employers and the exchanges under the small business health options program: examining the potential and the pitfalls

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Employers are making progress. Many companies recognize the human and business costs of mental illness, but more could be done to help employees recover

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Employers face choice...keep status quo or lose grandfathered status

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Employers fail challenge to improve staff fitness in time for the Olympics

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Employers flex their muscles as health care purchasers

Anonymous, 2012:
Employers identify strategies to reduce pharmacy costs

Cui, W., 2011:
Employers in China flout laws which ban the testing of employees for hepatitis B

Snow, T., 2011:
Employers insist nurses should tighten their belts even more

Anonymous, 2011:
Employers look far and wide to reduce expenses

Anonymous, 2014:
Employers more attracted to CDHPs

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Employers mostly in the dark when it comes to biologics

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Employers move into primary care

Middleton, J., 2014:
Employers must embrace checks for overseas staff

Anonymous, 2014:
Employers must keep pressuring providers on costs

Keenan, R., 2007:
Employers must support nurses who have competence issues

Vogenberg, F.Randy.; Larson, C.; Rehayem, M.; Boress, L., 2014:
Employers need to better understand the costs of specialty pharmacy

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Employers need to commit to flexible working for carers, says report

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Employers need to heed the exclusion list

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Employers need to recognise the benefits of supporting their staff

Anonymous, 2008:
Employers offer incentives to better health

Anonymous, 2012:
Employers plan to push wellness programs more

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Employers prefer BSN nurses: but where's the financial compensation?

Richards, D., 2012:
Employers pushing WorkChoices agenda

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Employers rarely test caring skills

Diamond, F., 2007:
Employers roll up their sleeves

Shenker, D., 2014:
Employers should help prevent misuse of alcohol by employees

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Employers show new interest in private insurance exchanges

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Employers target rising specialty drug costs

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Employers threaten job cuts after unions stand firm on pay

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Employers to health plans: more information, please

Anonymous, 2016:
Employers to take part in dry run for next year's NMC revalidation

Anonymous, 2015:
Employers urged to sign up to healthy eating charter for staff

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Employers want more cooperation from plans. Interviewed by John Marcille

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Employers welcome guidance on performance-related pay systems

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Employers will expect more from specialty pharmacy

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Employers work to manage biologics in 2008 benefit designs

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Employers, others not sold on new anti-obesity drugs

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Employers--aren't they all the same?

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Employers. Change for better ... or worse?

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