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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52994

Chapter 52994 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Limberg, R.M.; Dougherty, C.; Mallon, W.K., 2008:
Enoxaparin-induced bleeding resulting in compartment syndrome of the thigh: a case report

Öztürk, Sş.; Can, I.; Erden, I.; Akyol, H.; Solmaz, O.Aslan., 2016:
Enoxaparin-induced hemorrhagic bullous dermatosis in a leprosy patient

Zaera De La Fuente, C.; Arribas Anta, J.; López-San Román, A.; Cañete Ruiz, Ángel.; López Durán, S., 2017:
Enoxaparin-induced hepatotoxicity

Fernández-Ruiz, M.; Guerra-Vales, J.Manuel., 2010:
Enoxaparin-induced retroperitoneal haematoma in patients with renal insufficiency

Rangel Selvera, O.Alejandro.; Gómez-Pavón, J.; Ruiperez Cantera, I., 2014:
Enoxaparin-induced reversible pancytopenia

Singh, S.; Verma, M.; Bahekar, A.; Agrawal, P.; Duggal, J.; Iliescu, M.; Khosla, P.; Muzaffar, S., 2007:
Enoxaparin-induced skin necrosis: a fatal outcome

Salemis, N.S.; Oikonomakis, I.; Lagoudianakis, E.; Boubousis, G.; Tsakalakis, C.; Sourlas, S.; Gourgiotis, S., 2015:
Enoxaparin-induced spontaneous massive retroperitoneal hematoma with fatal outcome

Iturbe, T.; Español, I.; Sánchez, A.; Rivera, Jé., 2011:
Enoxaparin-induced thrombocytopenia with associated arterial and venous thrombosis

Ramidi, G.; Khan, N.; Glueck, C.J.; Wang, P.; Goldenberg, N., 2009:
Enoxaparin-metformin and enoxaparin alone may safely reduce pregnancy loss

Iqbal, Z.; Cohen, M., 2011:
Enoxaparin: a pharmacologic and clinical review

Carter, N.J.; McCormack, P.L.; Plosker, G.L., 2008:
Enoxaparin: a review of its use in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Mischke, R.; Schönig, J.; Döderlein, E.; Wolken, S.; Böhm, C.; Kietzmann, M., 2015:
Enoxaparin: pharmacokinetics and treatment schedule for cats

Taéron, C., 2007:

Camboni, D.; Schmid, C.; Rellensmann, G.; Tjan, T.D.T., 2007:
Enoxiparin for long-term anticoagulation with the pediatric EXCOR left ventricular assist device

Joshi, S.D.; Dixit, S.R.; More, U.A.; Aminabhavi, T.M.; Kulkarni, V.H.; Gadad, A.K., 2015:
Enoyl ACP reductase as effective target for the synthesized novel antitubercular drugs: a-state-of-the-art

Liu, J.; Wu, J.; Li, Z., 2015:
Enoyl acyl carrier protein reductase (FabI) catalyzed asymmetric reduction of the C=C double bond of α,β-unsaturated ketones: preparation of (R)-2-alkyl-cyclopentanones

Lu, X.; Huang, K.; You, Q., 2011:
Enoyl acyl carrier protein reductase inhibitors: a patent review (2006 - 2010)

Du, J.; Li, Z.; Li, Q-Zhen.; Guan, T.; Yang, Q.; Xu, H.; Pritchard, K.A.; Camara, A.K.S.; Shi, Y., 2014:
Enoyl coenzyme a hydratase domain-containing 2, a potential novel regulator of myocardial ischemia injury

Soriano, G.; Zerrad, M.; Amra, C., 2014:
Enpolarization and depolarization of light scattered from chromatic complex media

Sorrentini, J.; Zerrad, M.; Soriano, G.; Amra, C., 2011:
Enpolarization of light by scattering media

OELANDER, A., 1948:
Enpony and enchresy

Lau, W.Min.; Doucet, M.; Stadel, R.; Huang, D.; Weber, K.L.; Kominsky, S.L., 2014:
Enpp1: a potential facilitator of breast cancer bone metastasis

Davies, J.C., 2011:
Enquiries into health and safety in South African mines in the 20th century: what did they have to say about occupational lung disease?

Bryld, C.; Dalhoff, K., 2009:
Enquiries to the Danish Poison Information Centre concerning children aged 0-14-years during a year

Robotin, M., 2011:
Enquiring about cancer patients' use of complementary and alternative medicines: is our job done?

Franck, L.; Noble, G.; McEvoy, M., 2008:
Enquiring minds want to know: topics requested by users of a children's health information website

O'Dwyer, C.; Moriarty, A.; Collins, C.; O'Shea, D., 2007:
Enquiry about childcare responsibility should become routine in the assessment of the older patient

Rutter, P.M.; Jones, W., 2012 :
Enquiry analysis and user opinion of the Drugs in Breastmilk Helpline: a prospective study

Rodríguez-Borja, E.; Villalba-Martínez, C.; Carratalá-Calvo, A., 2014:
Enquiry time as part of turnaround time: when do our clinicians really consult our results?

Barnouin, J.; Fayet, J.C.; Jay, M.; Brochart, M., 1986:
Enquête éco-pathologique continue: facteurs de risque des mammites de la vache laitière I. Analyses multidimensionnelles sur données d'élevage

Barnouin, J.; Fayet, J.C.; Jay, M.; Brochart, M.; Faye, B., 1986:
Enquête éco-pathologique continue: facteurs de risque des mammites de la vache laitière II. Analyses complémentaires sur données individuelles et d'élevage

Paten, B.; Herrero, J.; Beal, K.; Fitzgerald, S.; Birney, E., 2008:
Enredo and Pecan: genome-wide mammalian consistency-based multiple alignment with paralogs

Fowers, B.J.; Olson, D.H., 1989:
Enrich marital inventory: a discriminant validity and cross-validation assessment

Sale, A.; Berardi, N.; Maffei, L., 2009:
Enrich the environment to empower the brain

Fowler, D.M.; Araya, C.L.; Gerard, W.; Fields, S., 2012:
Enrich: software for analysis of protein function by enrichment and depletion of variants

Schirmer, L.; Rothhammer, V.; Hemmer, B.; Korn, T., 2013:
Enriched CD161high CCR6+ γδ T cells in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with multiple sclerosis

Ma, F.; Li, H.; Wang, H.; Shi, X.; Fan, Y.; Ding, X.; Lin, C.; Zhan, Q.; Qian, H.; Xu, B., 2014:
Enriched CD44(+)/CD24(-) population drives the aggressive phenotypes presented in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC)

Lentini, C.J.; Wankel, S.D.; Hansel, C.M., 2013:
Enriched Iron(III)-Reducing Bacterial Communities are Shaped by Carbon Substrate and Iron Oxide Mineralogy

Scarpa, B.; Dunson, D.B., 2014:
Enriched Stick Breaking Processes for Functional Data

Bengoetxea, H.; Ortuzar, N.; Bulnes, S.; Rico-Barrio, I.; Lafuente, Jé.Vicente.; Argandoña, E.G., 2012:
Enriched and deprived sensory experience induces structural changes and rewires connectivity during the postnatal development of the brain

Mazo, V.K.; Kodentsova, V.M.; Vrzhesinskaia, O.A.; Zilova, I.S., 2012:
Enriched and functional foodstuffs: similarities and differences

Vos, R.Aldo.; Biserkov, J.Valkov.; Balech, B.; Beard, N.; Blissett, M.; Brenninkmeijer, C.; van Dooren, T.; Eades, D.; Gosline, G.; Groom, Q.John.; Hamann, T.D.; Hettling, H.; Hoehndorf, R.; Holleman, A.; Hovenkamp, P.; Kelbert, P.; King, D.; Kirkup, D.; Lammers, Y.; DeMeulemeester, T.; Mietchen, D.; Miller, J.A.; Mounce, R.; Nicolson, N.; Page, R.; Pawlik, A.; Pereira, S.; Penev, L.; Richards, K.; Sautter, G.; Shorthouse, D.Peter.; Tähtinen, M.; Weiland, C.; Williams, A.R.; Sierra, S., 2014:
Enriched biodiversity data as a resource and service

Lidfors, L.; Wichman, A.; Ewaldsson, B.; Lindh, A-S., 2014:
Enriched cages for groups of laboratory male rats and their effects on behaviour, weight gain and adrenal glands

Egert, S.; Wolffram, S.; Schulze, B.; Langguth, P.; Hubbermann, E.Maria.; Schwarz, K.; Adolphi, B.; Bosy-Westphal, A.; Rimbach, G.; Müller, M.James., 2012:
Enriched cereal bars are more effective in increasing plasma quercetin compared with quercetin from powder-filled hard capsules

Metzler, M.J.; Saucier, D.M.; Metz, G.A., 2013:
Enriched childhood experiences moderate age-related motor and cognitive decline

Pinsky, P.F.; Gallas, B., 2012:
Enriched designs for assessing discriminatory performance--analysis of bias and variance

Lund, E.; Oldenburg, A.R.; Collas, P., 2014:
Enriched domain detector: a program for detection of wide genomic enrichment domains robust against local variations

Baldini, S.; Restani, L.; Baroncelli, L.; Coltelli, M.; Franco, R.; Cenni, M.Cristina.; Maffei, L.; Berardi, N., 2013:
Enriched early life experiences reduce adult anxiety-like behavior in rats: a role for insulin-like growth factor 1

Danczak, A., 2013:
Enriched educational speed dating: making education more 'nutritious'

Murty, V.P.; Adcock, R.Alison., 2015:
Enriched encoding: reward motivation organizes cortical networks for hippocampal detection of unexpected events

Luo, C.; Ren, H.; Wan, J-Bo.; Yao, X.; Zhang, X.; He, C.; So, K-Fai.; Kang, J.X.; Pei, Z.; Su, H., 2014:
Enriched endogenous omega-3 fatty acids in mice protect against global ischemia injury

Katz, N., 2010:
Enriched enrollment randomized withdrawal trial designs of analgesics: focus on methodology

Straube, S.; Derry, S.; McQuay, H.J.; Moore, R.Andrew., 2008:
Enriched enrollment: definition and effects of enrichment and dose in trials of pregabalin and gabapentin in neuropathic pain. A systematic review

Mendes, Fíola.de.Carvalho.Chaves.de.Siqueira.; de Almeida, M.Negrão.Frota.; Felício, Aé.Pinheiro.Gurgel.; Fadel, A.Carla.; Silva, D.de.Jesus.; Borralho, Tíssa.Gomes.; da Silva, R.Perez.; Bento-Torres, Jão.; Vasconcelos, P.Fernando.da.Costa.; Perry, V.Hugh.; Ramos, E.Marcos.Leal.Soares.; Picanço-Diniz, C.Wanderley.; Sosthenes, M.Consentino.Kronka., 2013:
Enriched environment and masticatory activity rehabilitation recover spatial memory decline in aged mice

Ehninger, D.; Wang, L-Ping.; Klempin, F.; Römer, B.; Kettenmann, H.; Kempermann, G., 2011:
Enriched environment and physical activity reduce microglia and influence the fate of NG2 cells in the amygdala of adult mice

Gabriel, A.F.; Paoletti, G.; Della Seta, D.; Panelli, R.; Marcus, M.A.E.; Farabollini, F.; Carli, G.; Joosten, E.A.J., 2010:
Enriched environment and the recovery from inflammatory pain: Social versus physical aspects and their interaction

Then, F.S.; Luppa, M.; Schroeter, M.L.; König, H-Helmut.; Angermeyer, M.C.; Riedel-Heller, S.G., 2014:
Enriched environment at work and the incidence of dementia: results of the Leipzig longitudinal study of the aged (LEILA 75+)

Venebra-Muñoz, A.; Corona-Morales, A.; Santiago-García, J.; Melgarejo-Gutiérrez, M.; Caba, M.; García-García, F., 2015:
Enriched environment attenuates nicotine self-administration and induces changes in ΔFosB expression in the rat prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens

Inácio, A.R.; Ruscher, K.; Wieloch, T., 2011:
Enriched environment downregulates macrophage migration inhibitory factor and increases parvalbumin in the brain following experimental stroke

Kazlauckas, V.; Pagnussat, N.; Mioranzza, S.; Kalinine, E.; Nunes, F.; Pettenuzzo, L.; Souza, D.O.; Portela, L.V.; Porciúncula, L.O.; Lara, D.R., 2011:
Enriched environment effects on behavior, memory and BDNF in low and high exploratory mice

Ilin, Y.; Richter-Levin, G., 2009:
Enriched environment experience overcomes learning deficits and depressive-like behavior induced by juvenile stress

Melik, E.; Babar, E.; Kocahan, S.; Guven, M.; Akillioglu, K., 2014:
Enriched environment has limited capacity for the correction of hippocampal memory-dependent schizoid behaviors in rats with early postnatal NMDAR dysfunction

Sotnikov, S.V.; Chekmareva, N.Y.; Schmid, B.; Harbich, D.; Malik, V.; Bauer, S.; Kuehne, C.; Markt, P.O.; Deussing, J.M.; Schmidt, M.V.; Landgraf, R., 2015:
Enriched environment impacts trimethylthiazoline-induced anxiety-related behavior and immediate early gene expression: critical role of Crhr1

Gelfo, F.; Cutuli, D.; Foti, F.; Laricchiuta, D.; De Bartolo, P.; Caltagirone, C.; Petrosini, L.; Angelucci, F., 2012:
Enriched environment improves motor function and increases neurotrophins in hemicerebellar lesioned rats

Schreiber, S.; Lin, R.; Haim, L.; Baratz-Goldstien, R.; Rubovitch, V.; Vaisman, N.; Pick, C.G., 2015:
Enriched environment improves the cognitive effects from traumatic brain injury in mice

Monteiro, B.M.M.; Moreira, Fício.A.; Massensini, Aé.R.; Moraes, Márcio.F.D.; Pereira, G.S., 2014:
Enriched environment increases neurogenesis and improves social memory persistence in socially isolated adult mice

Hu, X-Lei.; Bergström, S-Anders.; Brink, M.; Rönnbäck, A.; Dahlqvist, P., 2010:
Enriched environment increases spinophilin mRNA expression and spinophilin immunoreactive dendritic spines in hippocampus and cortex

Zhao, Y-Yu.; Shi, X-Yan.; Qiu, X.; Zhang, L.; Lu, W.; Yang, S.; Li, C.; Cheng, G-Hua.; Yang, Z-Wei.; Tang, Y., 2012:
Enriched environment increases the total number of CNPase positive cells in the corpus callosum of middle-aged rats

Piazza, F.Valente.; Segabinazi, E.; Centenaro, Lígia.Aline.; do Nascimento, Pícia.Severo.; Achaval, M.; Marcuzzo, S., 2015:
Enriched environment induces beneficial effects on memory deficits and microglial activation in the hippocampus of type 1 diabetic rats

Zhao, Y-Yu.; Shi, X-Yan.; Zhang, L.; Wu, H.; Chao, F-Lei.; Huang, C-Xia.; Gao, Y.; Qiu, X.; Chen, L.; Lu, W.; Tang, Y., 2014:
Enriched environment induces higher CNPase positive cells in aged rat hippocampus

Bakos, J.; Hlavacova, N.; Rajman, M.; Ondicova, K.; Koros, C.; Kitraki, E.; Steinbusch, H.W.M.; Jezova, D., 2010:
Enriched environment influences hormonal status and hippocampal brain derived neurotrophic factor in a sex dependent manner

Xie, H.; Wu, Y.; Jia, J.; Liu, G.; Zhang, F.; Zhang, Q.; Yu, K.; Hu, Y.; Bai, Y.; Hu, R., 2013:
Enriched environment preconditioning induced brain ischemic tolerance without reducing infarct volume and edema: the possible role of enrichment-related physical activity increase

Nozari, M.; Shabani, M.; Hadadi, M.; Atapour, N., 2015:
Enriched environment prevents cognitive and motor deficits associated with postnatal MK-801 treatment

Jain, V.; Baitharu, I.; Prasad, D.; Ilavazhagan, G., 2014:
Enriched environment prevents hypobaric hypoxia induced memory impairment and neurodegeneration: role of BDNF/PI3K/GSK3β pathway coupled with CREB activation

Piazza, F.Valente.; Pinto, G.Vanik.; Trott, G.; Marcuzzo, S.; Gomez, R.; Fernandes, M.da.Cruz., 2011:
Enriched environment prevents memory deficits in type 1 diabetic rats

Knieling, M.; Metz, G.A.; Antonow-Schlorke, I.; Witte, O.W., 2010:
Enriched environment promotes efficiency of compensatory movements after cerebral ischemia in rats

Goldberg, N.R.S.; Haack, A.K.; Meshul, C.K., 2011:
Enriched environment promotes similar neuronal and behavioral recovery in a young and aged mouse model of Parkinson's disease

Morgan, C.; Novak, I.; Badawi, N., 2013:
Enriched environments and motor outcomes in cerebral palsy: systematic review and meta-analysis

Mesa-Gresa, P.; Ramos-Campos, M.; Redolat, R., 2014:
Enriched environments for rodents and their interaction with nicotine administration

Baroncelli, L.; Bonaccorsi, J.; Milanese, M.; Bonifacino, T.; Giribaldi, F.; Manno, I.; Cenni, M.Cristina.; Berardi, N.; Bonanno, G.; Maffei, L.; Sale, A., 2012:
Enriched experience and recovery from amblyopia in adult rats: impact of motor, social and sensory components

Wang, Q-Lin.; Hao, X-Di.; Cao, Y-Li., 2012:
Enriched experiment and endogenous processes of glycogen-accumulating organisms (GAOs)

Konno, K.; Matsuda, K.; Nakamoto, C.; Uchigashima, M.; Miyazaki, T.; Yamasaki, M.; Sakimura, K.; Yuzaki, M.; Watanabe, M., 2014:
Enriched expression of GluD1 in higher brain regions and its involvement in parallel fiber-interneuron synapse formation in the cerebellum

Watakabe, A.; Komatsu, Y.; Sadakane, O.; Shimegi, S.; Takahata, T.; Higo, N.; Tochitani, S.; Hashikawa, T.; Naito, T.; Osaki, H.; Sakamoto, H.; Okamoto, M.; Ishikawa, A.; Hara, S-ichiro.; Akasaki, T.; Sato, H.; Yamamori, T., 2008:
Enriched expression of serotonin 1B and 2A receptor genes in macaque visual cortex and their bidirectional modulatory effects on neuronal responses

Viswanathan, N.; Meenakshi, S., 2010:
Enriched fluoride sorption using alumina/chitosan composite

Stumpf, T.R.; Pértile, R.A.N.; Rambo, C.R.; Porto, L.M., 2014:
Enriched glucose and dextrin mannitol-based media modulates fibroblast behavior on bacterial cellulose membranes

Quattromani, M.Jlenia.; Cordeau, P.; Ruscher, K.; Kriz, J.; Wieloch, T., 2014:
Enriched housing down-regulates the Toll-like receptor 2 response in the mouse brain after experimental stroke

Madinier, A.; Quattromani, M.Jlenia.; Sjölund, C.; Ruscher, K.; Wieloch, T., 2014:
Enriched housing enhances recovery of limb placement ability and reduces aggrecan-containing perineuronal nets in the rat somatosensory cortex after experimental stroke

Obiang, P.; Maubert, E.; Bardou, I.; Nicole, O.; Launay, Séverine.; Bezin, L.; Vivien, D.; Agin, Véronique., 2011:
Enriched housing reverses age-associated impairment of cognitive functions and tPA-dependent maturation of BDNF

Street, C.N.; Lakey, J.R.T.; Rajotte, R.V.; Shapiro, A.M.James.; Kieffer, T.J.; Lyon, J.G.; Kin, T.; Korbutt, G.S., 2007:
Enriched human pancreatic ductal cultures obtained from selective death of acinar cells express pancreatic and duodenal homeobox gene-1 age-dependently

Wu, Z.; Dong, H.; Zou, L.; Lu, D.; Liu, Z., 2011:
Enriched microbial community in bioaugmentation of petroleum-contaminated soil in the presence of wheat straw

Babu, H.; Cheung, G.; Kettenmann, H.; Palmer, T.D.; Kempermann, G., 2007:
Enriched monolayer precursor cell cultures from micro-dissected adult mouse dentate gyrus yield functional granule cell-like neurons

Placantonakis, D.G.; Tomishima, M.J.; Lafaille, F.; Desbordes, S.C.; Jia, F.; Socci, N.D.; Viale, A.; Lee, H.; Harrison, N.; Studer, L.; Tabar, V.S., 2010:
Enriched motor neuron populations derived from bacterial artificial chromosome-transgenic human embryonic stem cells

Delgado-Pando, G.; Cofrades, S.; Ruiz-Capillas, C.; Triki, M.; Jiménez-Colmenero, F., 2013:
Enriched n-3 PUFA/konjac gel low-fat pork liver pâté: lipid oxidation, microbiological properties and biogenic amine formation during chilling storage

Liao, K.; Liu, D.; Zhu, L-Qiang., 2012:
Enriched odor exposure decrease tau phosphorylation in the rat hippocampus and cortex

Brewer, J.S.; Bellinger, S.A.; Joshi, P.; Kleven, G.A., 2014:
Enriched open field facilitates exercise and social interaction in 2 strains of guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus)

Andorf, S.; Selbig, J.; Altmann, T.; Poos, K.; Witucka-Wall, H.; Repsilber, D., 2010 :
Enriched partial correlations in genome-wide gene expression profiles of hybrids (A. thaliana): a systems biological approach towards the molecular basis of heterosis

Valensi-Kurtz, M.; Lefler, S.; Cohen, M.A.; Aharonowiz, M.; Cohen-Kupiec, R.; Sheinin, A.; Ashery, U.; Reubinoff, B.; Weil, M., 2010:
Enriched population of PNS neurons derived from human embryonic stem cells as a platform for studying peripheral neuropathies

Beale, R.; Beaton, D.W.; Neuhoff, V.; Osborne, N.N., 1983:
Enriched populations of rat retinal ganglion cells: Studies using a cell-type specific surface marker

Gilpin, M.E.; Rosenzweig, M.L., 1972:
Enriched predator-prey systems: theoretical stability

Amaratunga, D.; Cabrera, J.; Lee, Y-Seop., 2008:
Enriched random forests

Lacaria, M.; Spencer, C.; Gu, W.; Paylor, R.; Lupski, J.R., 2013:
Enriched rearing improves behavioral responses of an animal model for CNV-based autistic-like traits

Monari, E.; Casali, C.; Cuoghi, A.; Nesci, J.; Bellei, E.; Bergamini, S.; Fantoni, L.I.; Natali, P.; Morandi, U.; Tomasi, A., 2011:
Enriched sera protein profiling for detection of non-small cell lung cancer biomarkers

Cabanes, Génaël.; Bennani, Yès.; Fresneau, D., 2012:
Enriched topological learning for cluster detection and visualization

Li, M.; Paik, H-il.Henry.; Balch, C.; Kim, Y.; Li, L.; Huang, T.H-M.; Nephew, K.P.; Kim, S., 2008:
Enriched transcription factor binding sites in hypermethylated gene promoters in drug resistant cancer cells

Tissandié, E.; Guéguen, Y.; Lobaccaro, J.M.A.; Grandcolas, L.; Aigueperse, J.; Gourmelon, P.; Souidi, M., 2008 :
Enriched uranium affects the expression of vitamin D receptor and retinoid X receptor in rat kidney

Wee, C-Yaw.; Yap, P-Thian.; Li, W.; Denny, K.; Browndyke, J.N.; Potter, G.G.; Welsh-Bohmer, K.A.; Wang, L.; Shen, D., 2011:
Enriched white matter connectivity networks for accurate identification of MCI patients

Merlin, E.; Pereira, B.; Nourrissat, A., 2012:
Enriched-enrollment randomized-withdrawal trials

Kasi, M.; Wadhawan, T.; Simsek, H.; McEvoy, J.; Padmanabhan, G.; Sletten, D.; Khan, E., 2014:
Enricher reactor--permeable reactive biobarrier approach for removing a mixture of contaminants with substrate interactions

Kuyama, H.; Nakajima, C.; Tanaka, K., 2013:
Enriching C-terminal peptide from endopeptidase ArgC digest for protein C-terminal analysis

Tume, R.K.; Sikes, A.L.; Smith, S.B., 2010:
Enriching M. sternomandibularis with alpha-tocopherol by dietary means does not protect against the lipid oxidation caused by high-pressure processing

Wang, X.; Xu, S.; Liang, C.; Li, H.; Sun, F.; Xu, W., 2011:
Enriching PMMA nanospheres with adjustable charges as novel templates for multicolored dye@PMMA nanocomposites

Tran, N.; Alves, P.; Ma, S.; Krauthammer, M., 2011:
Enriching PubMed related article search with sentence level co-citations

Thompson, P.; Nawaz, R.; McNaught, J.; Ananiadou, S., 2012:
Enriching a biomedical event corpus with meta-knowledge annotation

Stevenson, E.Lowndes., 2015:
Enriching a classroom lesson on grief and loss

Nyström, M.; Vikström, A.; Nilsson, G.H.; Ahlfeldt, H.; Orman, Håkan., 2010:
Enriching a primary health care version of ICD-10 using SNOMED CT mapping

Yu, P.; Dean, R.A.; Hall, S.D.; Qi, Y.; Sethuraman, G.; Willis, B.A.; Siemers, E.R.; Martenyi, F.; Tauscher, J.T.; Schwarz, A.J., 2013:
Enriching amnestic mild cognitive impairment populations for clinical trials: optimal combination of biomarkers to predict conversion to dementia

Chandrasekaran, S.; DeLouise, L.A., 2012:
Enriching and characterizing cancer stem cell sub-populations in the WM115 melanoma cell line

Liu, N.; Paulus, A., 2008:
Enriching basic and acidic rat brain proteins with ion exchange mini spin columns before two-dimensional gel electrophoresis

Zhang, C.; Sun, Z.; Chen, S.; Wang, B., 2016:
Enriching blast furnace gas by removing carbon dioxide

Li, W.; Tang, Y.; Guo, J.; Huang, M.; Li, W.; Qian, D.; Duan, J'ao., 2013:
Enriching blood effect comparison in three kinds of blood deficiency model after oral administration of drug pair of Angelicae Sinensis Radix and Chuanxiong Rhizoma and each single herb

Hollins, B.C.; Soper, S.A.; Feng, J., 2012:
Enriching carbonylated proteins inside a microchip through the use of oxalyldihydrazide as a crosslinker

Ko, D.; Windle, B., 2011:
Enriching for correct prediction of biological processes using a combination of diverse classifiers

Liu, H.; Park, J-Wook.; Häggblom, M.M., 2014:
Enriching for microbial reductive dechlorination of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans

Saunders, C.; Girgis, A., 2012:
Enriching health research through consumer involvement--learning through atypical exemplars

Synnestvedt, M.B., 2008:
Enriching knowledge domain visualizations: analysis of a record linkage and information fusion approach to citation data

McAllister, M.; Mitchell, M., 2008:
Enriching learning using Web and computer technologies: how not to throw caution to the wind

Brawley, E.C., 2010:
Enriching lighting design

van Lummel, M.; van Blitterswijk, W.J.; Vink, S.R.; Veldman, R.Jan.; van der Valk, M.A.; Schipper, D.; Dicheva, B.M.; Eggermont, A.M.M.; ten Hagen, T.L.M.; Verheij, M.; Koning, G.A., 2011:
Enriching lipid nanovesicles with short-chain glucosylceramide improves doxorubicin delivery and efficacy in solid tumors

Murphy, D.M.; Castellanos-Rizaldos, E.; Makrigiorgos, G.Mike., 2014:
Enriching mutant sequences by modulating the denaturation time during PCR

Fahey, M., 2011:
Enriching neonatal nursing practice

Yu, D-Ni.; Xu, D-Sheng.; Feng, Y.; Wei, H-Chang., 2008:
Enriching of total flavonoids from Herba Leonuri with polyamide and macroporous resin

Maiese, K., 2013:
Enriching one's environment in the face of cognitive and functional loss

Cuvelier, Hélène., 2008:
Enriching one's practice with temporary employment

Brooker, D.J.; Woolley, R.J.; Lee, D., 2007:
Enriching opportunities for people living with dementia in nursing homes: an evaluation of a multi-level activity-based model of care

Brooker, D.J.; Woolley, R.J., 2007:
Enriching opportunities for people living with dementia: the development of a blueprint for a sustainable activity-based model

Gopikrishna, V., 2012:
Enriching our archives…

Racine, A.D., 2015:
Enriching our understanding of the effects of childhood poverty: lessons from Bangladesh

Sogno-Lalloz, I., 2014:
Enriching patient care with aromatherapy

Hussain, T.; Panigrahi, P.; Ahuja, R., 2014:
Enriching physisorption of H2S and NH3 gases on a graphane sheet by doping with Li adatoms

Wilkinson, S.R., 2016:
Enriching practice of dialectic behaviour therapy with the dynamic maturational model of attachment and adaptation

Zuo, C.; Liang, S.; Wang, Z.; Li, H.; Zheng, W.; Ma, W., 2009:
Enriching protein-protein and functional interaction networks in human embryonic stem cells

Roche, M.J.; Pincus, A.L.; Rebar, A.L.; Conroy, D.E.; Ram, N., 2015:
Enriching psychological assessment using a person-specific analysis of interpersonal processes in daily life

Duhaime, M.Beth.; Kottmann, R.; Field, D.; Glöckner, F.Oliver., 2011:
Enriching public descriptions of marine phages using the Genomic Standards Consortium MIGS standard

Shi, G.; Simino, J.; Rao, D.C., 2012:
Enriching rare variants using family-specific linkage information

Wang, L.; Zhang, X.; Hao, Z.; Luo, Y.; Wang, X-jun.; Zhang, J., 2010:
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Ensemble docking into multiple crystallographically derived protein structures: an evaluation based on the statistical analysis of enrichments

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Ensemble empirical mode decomposition based feature enhancement of cardio signals

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Ensemble generation and the influence of protein flexibility on geometric tunnel prediction in cytochrome P450 enzymes

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Ensemble inequivalence in single-molecule experiments

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Ensemble inference and inferability of gene regulatory networks

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Ensemble kinetic modeling of metabolic networks from dynamic metabolic profiles

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Ensemble learning can significantly improve human microRNA target prediction

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Ensemble learning in fixed expansion layer networks for mitigating catastrophic forgetting

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Ensemble learning incorporating uncertain registration

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Ensemble learning of inverse probability weights for marginal structural modeling in large observational datasets

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Ensemble learning prediction of protein-protein interactions using proteins functional annotations

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Ensemble learning with active example selection for imbalanced biomedical data classification

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Ensemble light-scattering diagnostic of Diesel sprays

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Ensemble manifold regularization

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Ensemble method to measure the potential energy of nanoparticles in an optical trap

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Ensemble methods for classification of patients for personalized medicine with high-dimensional data

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Ensemble methods for monitoring enzyme translocation along single stranded nucleic acids

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Ensemble modeling coupled with six element concentrations in human blood for cancer diagnosis

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Ensemble modeling for aromatic production in Escherichia coli

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Ensemble modeling of cancer metabolism

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Ensemble modeling of metabolic networks

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Ensemble modeling of protein disordered states: experimental restraint contributions and validation

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Ensemble modeling of the Baltic Sea ecosystem to provide scenarios for management

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Ensemble models of neutrophil trafficking in severe sepsis

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Ensemble multivariate analysis to improve identification of articular cartilage disease in noisy Raman spectra

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Ensemble of G protein-coupled receptor active states

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Ensemble of LIF neurons with random membrane decay constant: emergence of power-law behavior in ISI distribution

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Ensemble of gene signatures identifies novel biomarkers in colorectal cancer activated through PPARγ and TNFα signaling

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Ensemble of transition state structures for the cis-trans isomerization of N-methylacetamide

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Ensemble of trees approaches to risk adjustment for evaluating a hospital's performance

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Ensemble perspective for catalytic promiscuity: calorimetric analysis of the active site conformational landscape of a detoxification enzyme

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Ensemble pharmacophore meets ensemble docking: a novel screening strategy for the identification of RIPK1 inhibitors

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Ensemble place codes in hippocampus: CA1, CA3, and dentate gyrus place cells have multiple place fields in large environments

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Ensemble positive unlabeled learning for disease gene identification

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Ensemble projections of wildfire activity and carbonaceous aerosol concentrations over the western United States in the mid-21st century

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Ensemble pruning using spectral coefficients

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Ensemble refinement shows conformational flexibility in crystal structures of human complement factor D

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Ensemble regularized linear discriminant analysis classifier for P300-based brain-computer interface

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Ensemble renormalization group for the random-field hierarchical model

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Ensemble response in mushroom body output neurons of the honey bee outpaces spatiotemporal odor processing two synapses earlier in the antennal lobe

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Ensemble segmentation for GBM brain tumors on MR images using confidence-based averaging

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Ensemble segmentation using efficient integer linear programming

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Ensemble selection for feature-based classification of diabetic maculopathy images

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Ensemble simulations with discrete classical dynamics

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Ensemble spontaneous activity alterations detected by CISA approach

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Ensemble statistics of active and reactive sound intensity in reverberation rooms

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Ensemble structure of the modular and flexible full-length vesicular stomatitis virus phosphoprotein

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Ensemble stump classifiers and gene expression signatures in lung cancer

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Ensemble theory for slightly deformable granular matter

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Ensemble transcript interaction networks: a case study on Alzheimer's disease

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Ensemble uncertainty of inherent optical properties

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Ensemble-averaged imaging through highly scattering media

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Ensemble-based docking using biased molecular dynamics

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Ensemble-based hybrid probabilistic sampling for imbalanced data learning in lung nodule CAD

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Ensemble-based interpretations of NMR structural data to describe protein internal dynamics

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Ensemble-based methods for describing protein dynamics

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Ensemble-based network aggregation improves the accuracy of gene network reconstruction

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Ensemble-based prediction of RNA secondary structures

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Ensemble-based virtual screening reveals dual-inhibitors for the p53-MDM2/MDMX interactions

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Ensemble-trained PM2.5 source apportionment approach for health studies

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Ensembled support vector machines for human papillomavirus risk type prediction from protein secondary structures

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Ensembles of protein termini and specific proteolytic signatures as candidate biomarkers of disease

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Ensembles of spiking neurons with noise support optimal probabilistic inference in a dynamically changing environment

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Carbonate and carbonate anion radicals in aqueous solutions exist as CO 3 (H 2 O) 6 2- and CO 3 (H 2 O) 6 ˙ - respectively: the crucial role of the inner hydration sphere of anions in explaining their properties

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Ensifer, Phyllobacterium and Rhizobium species occupy nodules of Medicago sativa (alfalfa) and Melilotus alba (sweet clover) grown at a Canadian site without a history of cultivation

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Ensilage In England

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Ensiling Characteristics and the In situ Nutrient Degradability of a By-product Feed-based Silage

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Enskog theory for polydisperse granular mixtures. II. Sonine polynomial approximation

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Ensocopic-endoluminal therapies. A critical appraisal

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Enstrophy amplification events in three-dimensional turbulence

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Ensure - complete and balanced nutrition, convenient on work

Naroo, S.A., 2012:
Ensure a greater visibility to the international research community

Anonymous, 2011:
Ensure against muscle loss?

Wright, N., 2012:
Ensure care and advice is based on evidence

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Ensure nurse research is rigorous

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Ensure preparation and capsule endoscopy: a two-center prospective study

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Ensure staff sign on and patients sign off

Webb, L., 2013:
Ensure you are always all ears

Reid, E., 2014:
Ensure you are ready for winter

Rush, S., 2014:
Ensure you have a recipe for success

Yokl, R.T., 2007:
Ensure your ROI remains high for value analysis projects

Foster, R.L., 2012:
Ensure your voice is heard in response to proposed changes in IRB rules

Rakhmatia, Y.Dwi.; Ayukawa, Y.; Furuhashi, A.; Koyano, K., 2018:
Carbonate Apatite Containing Statin Enhances Bone Formation in Healing Incisal Extraction Sockets in Rats

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Ensuring Appropriate Care for LGBT Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration

Anonymous, 2007:
Ensuring Continuity of Care Through Electronic Health Records: Recommendations From the ASCO Electronic Health Record Roundtable

Anonymous, 2011:
Ensuring HIV treatment for all in the USA

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Ensuring HL7-based information model requirements within an ontology framework

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Ensuring IT service continuity in the face of increasing threats

Bohanna, I.; Catherall, J.; Dingwall, K., 2015:
Ensuring Indigenous Australians with acquired brain injuries have equitable access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme

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Ensuring NLNAC's accountability in the accreditation process

Titus, S.L.; Ballou, J.M., 2015:
Ensuring PhD development of responsible conduct of research behaviors: who's responsible?

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Ensuring Positiveness of the Scaled Difference Chi-square Test Statistic

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Ensuring Retention in Longitudinal Studies: A Practical Evaluation of an Intensive Follow-up Protocol and Suggested Adaptations

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Ensuring Safe Use of Over-the-Counter Cough and Cold Products in Children

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Ensuring a bright future for clinical research in surgery with trainee led research networks

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Ensuring a bright future for the dental profession

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Ensuring a comparable standard of care for cesarean deliveries

Cherrington, V., 2011:
Ensuring a dignified and culturally safe death

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Ensuring a future for clinical research

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Ensuring a global workforce: A challenge and opportunity

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Ensuring a graduated integrated progression of learning in a changing environment

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Ensuring a healthy and productive workforce: comparing the generosity of paid sick day and sick leave policies in 22 countries

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Ensuring a healthy power supply

Black, P., 2008:
Ensuring a holistic catchphrase of reform

O'Connor, T., 2012:
Ensuring a maternity service is culturally responsive

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Ensuring a nurse practitioner workforce prepared to care for older adults: findings from a national survey of adult and geriatric nurse practitioner programs

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Ensuring a patient received appropriate bowel care following spinal cord injury

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Ensuring a predictable aesthetic outcome for an implant-supported fixed metal-ceramic prosthesis

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Ensuring a proactive, evidence-based, patient safety approach to patient assessment

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Ensuring a quality placement: the importance of the mentor

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Ensuring a smooth landing

Kosiorek, D., 2014:
Ensuring a smooth transition to your new EHR system

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Ensuring a successful ICD-10 conversion. Industry experts recommend steps to smooth the transition

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Ensuring a sustainable profession

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Ensuring a sustainable supply of drugs

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Ensuring a sustainable supply of drugs for anaesthesia and peri-operative care

Tash, E.L.; Cameron, E.A., 2015:
Ensuring access to expert polypectomy and avoiding unnecessary surgery

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Ensuring access to health care--Germany reforms supply structures to tackle inequalities

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Ensuring access to pain meds. Is nursing facility registration the answer?

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Ensuring access to psychotropic medication in sub-Saharan Africa

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Ensuring access to the appropriate health care professionals: regionalization and centralization of care in a new era of health care financing and delivery

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