Section 54
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Evaluation of cervical myelopathy using apparent diffusion coefficient measured by diffusion-weighted imaging

Sato, T.; Horikoshi, T.; Watanabe, A.; Uchida, M.; Ishigame, K.; Araki, T.; Kinouchi, H.

AJNR. American Journal of Neuroradiology 33(2): 388-392


ISSN/ISBN: 1936-959X
PMID: 22194378
DOI: 10.3174/ajnr.a2756
Accession: 053068600

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Intramedullary high signal intensity on T2-weighted imaging was frequently observed in patients with CSM, although this finding does not well correlate with severity or prognosis of CSM. Instead of this nonquantitative information, another measure for CSM is desired. The work was focused primarily on assessing the relationships between ADC values and clinical and radiologic severity for the diagnosis of CSM. The relationship between ADC values measured in the spinal cord at 322 intervertebral levels of 66 patients and clinical factors were analyzed. ADC values in the spinal cord significantly increased with the degree of spinal cord compression and decreased with time after decompression surgery. Patients with higher ADC values had lower preoperative JOA scores and tended to show poorer clinical recovery. ADC values appear to indicate the severity of spinal cord compression and clinical recovery after decompression surgery, so spondylotic myelopathy may partly be predicted preoperatively by using ADC values.

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