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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53073

Chapter 53073 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Wang, L.; Xing, Y.; Li, Y.; Han, K.; Chen, J., 2015:
Evaluation of flow velocity in unilateral middle cerebral artery stenosis by Transcranial Doppler

Bhandari, D.; Van Berkel, G.J., 2014:
Evaluation of flow-injection tandem mass spectrometry for rapid and high-throughput quantitative determination of B vitamins in nutritional supplements

Kavitha, A.; Sujatha, M.; Ramakrishnan, S., 2011:
Evaluation of flow-volume spirometric test using neural network based prediction and principal component analysis

Han, L.; Okamoto, A.; Fukushima, M.; Okiji, T., 2008:
Evaluation of flowable resin composite surfaces eroded by acidic and alcoholic drinks

Goldis, M.E.; Bardina, L.; Gimenez, G.; Lin, J.; Sampson, H.A., 2012:
Evaluation of flu vaccines with regard to their egg protein content

Zagoskina, T.P.; Tkachenko, S.B.; Golubeva, M.E.; Kudriavtseva, A.V.; Isaeva, N.V.; Malykh, O.V., 2010:
Evaluation of fludarabine-containing regimens versus immunochemotherapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Anker, C.J.; Wang, B.; Tobler, M.; Chapek, J.; Shrieve, D.C.; Hitchcock, Y.J.; Salter, B.J., 2010:
Evaluation of fluence-smoothing feature for three IMRT planning systems

Morgan, T.R., 2015:
Evaluation of fluid bolus administration rates using ruggedized field intravenous systems

Kang, S.; Jeong, M.; Ahn, J.; Lee, E.; Kim, S.; Park, S.; Yi, K.; Choi, M.; Seo, K., 2015:
Evaluation of fluid leakage into the canine vitreous humor during phacoemulsification using contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

Gall, T.T.; Monnet, E., 2010:
Evaluation of fluid pressures of common wound-flushing techniques

Shaver, S.L.; Hunt, G.B.; Kidd, S.W., 2015:
Evaluation of fluid production and seroma formation after placement of closed suction drains in clean subcutaneous surgical wounds of dogs: 77 cases (2005-2012)

Ishihara, H.; Matsuno, S.; Taguchi, S.; Araki, I.; Tsubo, T.; Matsuki, A., 1996:
Evaluation of fluid volume status with a glucose challenge test in a patient with acute adrenal insufficiency

Mukherjee, A.; Dutta, S.; Chashoo, G.; Bhagat, M.; Saxena, A.Kumar.; Sanyal, U., 2009:
Evaluation of fluoren-NU as a novel antitumor agent

Calvin, J.; Burling, K.; Campbell, R.S.; Chubb, S.A.; Price, C.P., 1986:
Evaluation of fluorescence excitation transfer immunoassay for the measurement of plasma cortisol

Amaechi, B.T.; Ramalingam, K., 2014:
Evaluation of fluorescence imaging with reflectance enhancement technology for early caries detection

Mohapatra, B.R.; La Duc, M.T., 2012:
Evaluation of fluorescence in situ hybridization to detect encapsulated Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 spores released from poly(methylmethacrylate)

Wu, W.; Gu, J.; Ma, L.; Wang, H.; Ni, J.; Ji, W.; Shen, L-Jun., 2013:
Evaluation of fluorescence in situ hybridization value in detection of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Stewart, C.J.R.; Leung, Y.C.; Murch, A.; Peverall, J., 2015:
Evaluation of fluorescence in-situ hybridization in monomorphic endometrial stromal neoplasms and their histological mimics: a review of 49 cases

Sant'Anna Aguiar Dos Reis, R.; Casemiro, L.Assirati.; Carlino, G.Vânia.; Lins, E.Cleyton.Cabral.Correia.; Kurachi, C.; Bagnato, V.Salvador.; Pires-De-Souza, F.De.Carvalho.Panzeri.; Panzeri, H., 2007:
Evaluation of fluorescence of dental composites using contrast ratios to adjacent tooth structure: a pilot study

Bell, L.; Bickford, S.; Nguyen, P.Hung.; Wang, J.; He, T.; Zhang, B.; Friche, Y.; Zimmerlin, A.; Urban, L.; Bojanic, D., 2008:
Evaluation of fluorescence- and mass spectrometry-based CYP inhibition assays for use in drug discovery

Szpechcinski, A.; Struniawska, R.; Zaleska, J.; Chabowski, M.; Orlowski, T.; Roszkowski, K.; Chorostowska-Wynimko, J., 2009:
Evaluation of fluorescence-based methods for total vs. amplifiable DNA quantification in plasma of lung cancer patients

Bhavsar, Y.P.; Reilly, S.M.; Wadkins, R.M., 2011:
Evaluation of fluorescent analogs of deoxycytidine for monitoring DNA transitions from duplex to functional structures

Reeves, K.J.; Brookes, Zë.L.S.; Reed, M.W.R.; Brown, N.J., 2012:
Evaluation of fluorescent plasma markers for in vivo microscopy of the microcirculation

Schulz, A.; Hornig, S.; Liebert, T.; Birckner, E.; Heinze, T.; Mohr, G.J., 2009:
Evaluation of fluorescent polysaccharide nanoparticles for pH-sensing

Okshevsky, M.; Meyer, R.Louise., 2015:
Evaluation of fluorescent stains for visualizing extracellular DNA in biofilms

Carmo, C.Dayane.Sousa.do.; Alves, Cáudia.Maria.Coelho.; Cavalcante, P.Roberto.; Ribeiro, Cília.Cláudia.Costa., 2010 :
Evaluation of fluoride levels in the public water supply in São Luis Island, Maranhão State, Brazil

Comar, L.Picchi.; Souza, B.Martines.de.; Grizzo, L.Tercilia.; Buzalaf, Mília.Afonso.Rabelo.; Magalhães, A.Carolina., 2014:
Evaluation of fluoride release from experimental TiF4 and NaF varnishes in vitro

Basha, P.Mahaboob.; Rai, P.; Begum, S., 2012:
Evaluation of fluoride-induced oxidative stress in rat brain: a multigeneration study

Miyashita, M.; Miyatake, S-Ichi.; Imahori, Y.; Yokoyama, K.; Kawabata, S.; Kajimoto, Y.; Shibata, M-Aki.; Otsuki, Y.; Kirihata, M.; Ono, K.; Kuroiwa, T., 2008:
Evaluation of fluoride-labeled boronophenylalanine-PET imaging for the study of radiation effects in patients with glioblastomas

Lodde, M.; Lacombe, L.; Friede, J.; Morin, F.; Saourine, A.; Fradet, Y., 2010:
Evaluation of fluorodeoxyglucose positron-emission tomography with computed tomography for staging of urothelial carcinoma

Li, S-jiao.; Guo, W.; Liao, J-xing.; Ren, G-xin., 2015:
Evaluation of fluorodeoxyglucose-position-emission tomography-computer tomography imaging on head and neck squamous cell carcinomas including primary tumors and lymph node metastases

Bosch, P.J.; Corrêa, I.R.; Sonntag, M.H.; Ibach, J.; Brunsveld, L.; Kanger, J.S.; Subramaniam, V., 2015:
Evaluation of fluorophores to label SNAP-tag fused proteins for multicolor single-molecule tracking microscopy in live cells

Pasca, M.Rosalia.; Dalla Valle, C.; De Jesus Lopes Ribeiro, A.Luisa.; Buroni, S.; Papaleo, M.Cristiana.; Bazzini, S.; Udine, C.; Incandela, M.Loreto.; Daffara, S.; Fani, R.; Riccardi, G.; Marone, P., 2013:
Evaluation of fluoroquinolone resistance mechanisms in Pseudomonas aeruginosa multidrug resistance clinical isolates

Gabardi, S.; Waikar, S.S.; Martin, S.; Roberts, K.; Chen, J.; Borgi, L.; Sheashaa, H.; Dyer, C.; Malek, S.K.; Tullius, S.G.; Vadivel, N.; Grafals, M.; Abdi, R.; Najafian, N.; Milford, E.; Chandraker, A., 2010 :
Evaluation of fluoroquinolones for the prevention of BK viremia after renal transplantation

Murray, J.J.; Waitkus-Edwards, K.R.; Yancey, S.W., 2011:
Evaluation of fluticasone propionate and fluticasone propionate/salmeterol combination on exercise in pediatric and adolescent patients with asthma

Hinrichs, K.; Choi, Y-Ho.; Norris, J.D.; Love, L.B.; Bedford-Guaus, S.J.; Hartman, D.L.; Velez, I.C., 2013:
Evaluation of foal production following intracytoplasmic sperm injection and blastocyst culture of oocytes from ovaries collected immediately before euthanasia or after death of mares under field conditions

Xu, S.; Huang, Y.; Xie, Y.; Lan, T.; Le, K.; Chen, J.; Chen, S.; Gao, S.; Xu, X.; Shen, X.; Huang, H.; Liu, P., 2010:
Evaluation of foam cell formation in cultured macrophages: an improved method with Oil Red O staining and DiI-oxLDL uptake

Wang, X.; Chen, J.; Lv, C., 2015:
Evaluation of foam surfactant for foam-flushing technique in remediation of DDT-contaminated soil using data envelopment analysis method

Phi, J.Hoon.; Paeng, J.Chul.; Lee, H.Sang.; Wang, K-Chang.; Cho, B-Kyu.; Lee, J-Yeoun.; Park, S-Hye.; Lee, J.; Lee, D.Soo.; Kim, S-Ki., 2010:
Evaluation of focal cortical dysplasia and mixed neuronal and glial tumors in pediatric epilepsy patients using 18F-FDG and 11C-methionine pet

Liu, L-Ping.; Dong, B-Wei.; Yu, X-Ling.; Zhang, D-Kun.; Kang, C-Song.; Zhao, X-Hai., 2008:
Evaluation of focal fatty infiltration of the liver using color Doppler and contrast-enhanced sonography

Sutherland, T.; Temple, F.; Lee, W-Kit.; Hennessy, O., 2011:
Evaluation of focal hepatic lesions with ultrasound contrast agents

Sen, P.; Roy, R.; Maru, S.; Ravi, P., 2010:
Evaluation of focal retinal function using multifocal electroretinography in patients with X-linked retinoschisis

Gundogan, F.C.; Tas, A.; Sahin, O.Faruk., 2012:
Evaluation of focal retinal function using multifocal electroretinography in patients with x-linked retinoschisis (CJO Vol. 45, No. 5)

Morimoto, E.; Okada, T.; Kanagaki, M.; Yamamoto, A.; Fushimi, Y.; Matsumoto, R.; Takaya, S.; Ikeda, A.; Kunieda, T.; Kikuchi, T.; Paul, D.; Miyamoto, S.; Takahashi, R.; Togashi, K., 2014:
Evaluation of focus laterality in temporal lobe epilepsy: a quantitative study comparing double inversion-recovery MR imaging at 3T with FDG-PET

George, S.S.; Wise, A.K.; Shivdasani, M.N.; Shepherd, R.K.; Fallon, J.B., 2015:
Evaluation of focused multipolar stimulation for cochlear implants in acutely deafened cats

Jagric, T.; Potrc, S.; Ivanecz, A.; Horvat, M.; Plankl, M.; Mars, T., 2013:
Evaluation of focused sentinel lymph node RT-qPCR screening for micrometastases with the use of the Maruyama computer program

Rastogi, R.; Gulati, N.; Kotnala, R.K.; Sharma, U.; Jayasundar, R.; Koul, V., 2011:
Evaluation of folate conjugated pegylated thermosensitive magnetic nanocomposites for tumor imaging and therapy

Chauhan, R.Prakash.; Mathur, R.; Singh, G.; Kaul, A.; Bag, N.; Singh, S.; Kumar, H.; Patra, M.; Mishra, A.K., 2013:
Evaluation of folate conjugated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for scintigraphic/magnetic resonance imaging

Doudney, K.; Grinham, J.; Whittaker, J.; Lynch, S.A.; Thompson, D.; Moore, G.E.; Copp, A.J.; Greene, N.D.E.; Stanier, P., 2009:
Evaluation of folate metabolism gene polymorphisms as risk factors for open and closed neural tube defects

Bauer, J.; Bös, M.; Rück, J.; Stoffel-Wagner, B., 2011:
Evaluation of folate substitution in women with epilepsy. Determination of erythrocyte folic acid concentrations

Kang, C.; Yuan, X.; Li, F.; Pu, P.; Yu, S.; Shen, C.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, Y., 2010:
Evaluation of folate-PAMAM for the delivery of antisense oligonucleotides to rat C6 glioma cells in vitro and in vivo

Candel, A.M.; Cobos, E.S.; Conejero-Lara, F.; Martinez, J.C., 2009:
Evaluation of folding co-operativity of a chimeric protein based on the molecular recognition between polyproline ligands and SH3 domains

Bernardi-Wenzel, J.; García, A.; Filho, C.J.R.; Prioli, A.J.; Pamphile, Jão.A., 2012:
Evaluation of foliar fungal endophyte diversity and colonization of medicinal plant Luehea divaricata (Martius et Zuccarini)

Reyes-Martínez, A.; Almaraz-Abarca, N.; Gallardo-Velázquez, T.; González-Elizondo, Mía.Del.Socorro.; Herrera-Arrieta, Y.; Pajarito-Ravelero, A.; Alanís-Bañuelos, R.Elizabeth.; Torres-Morán, M.Isabel., 2015:
Evaluation of foliar phenols of 25 Mexican varieties of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) as antioxidants and varietal markers

Heinle, R.W., 1949:
Evaluation of folic acid in the macrocytic anemias

Ally, M.S.; Prasad Hunasehally, R.Y.; Rodriguez-Justo, M.; Martin, B.; Verdolini, R.; Attard, N.; Child, F.; Attygalle, A.; Whittaker, S.; Morris, S.; Robson, A., 2014:
Evaluation of follicular T-helper cells in primary cutaneous CD4+ small/medium pleomorphic T-cell lymphoma and dermatitis

Uchikura, K.; Nagano, M.; Hishinuma, M., 2011:
Evaluation of follicular development and oocyte quality in pre-pubertal cats

Orzechowski, W.; Dragan, S.; Romaszkiewicz, P.; Krawczyk, A.; Kulej, Mław.; Morasiewicz, L., 2008:
Evaluation of follow-up results of McBride operative treatment for hallux valgus deformity

Sakurai, K.; Fujisaki, S.; Enomoto, K.; Amano, S.; Sugitani, M., 2011:
Evaluation of follow-up strategies for corticosteroid therapy of idiopathic granulomatous mastitis

Clarke, T.; Galaal, K.; Bryant, A.; Naik, R., 2015:
Evaluation of follow-up strategies for patients with epithelial ovarian cancer following completion of primary treatment

Palou, L.; Smilanick, J.L.; Crisosto, C.H., 2009:
Evaluation of food additives as alternative or complementary chemicals to conventional fungicides for the control of major postharvest diseases of stone fruit

Bergmann, M.M.; Caubet, J-Christoph.; Boguniewicz, M.; Eigenmann, P.A., 2014:
Evaluation of food allergy in patients with atopic dermatitis

Romero-Fernández, M.Mar.; Royo-Bordonada, M.Ángel.; Rodríguez-Artalejo, F., 2014:
Evaluation of food and beverage television advertising during children's viewing time in Spain using the UK nutrient profile model

Boonsaner, M.; Hawker, D.W., 2014:
Evaluation of food chain transfer of the antibiotic oxytetracycline and human risk assessment

Sharma, M.R.; Karrison, T.G.; Kell, B.; Wu, K.; Turcich, M.; Geary, D.; Kang, S.P.; Takebe, N.; Graham, R.A.; Maitland, M.L.; Schilsky, R.L.; Ratain, M.J.; Cohen, E.E.W., 2014:
Evaluation of food effect on pharmacokinetics of vismodegib in advanced solid tumor patients

Rodríguez, M.; Valero, A.; Posada-Izquierdo, G.D.; Carrasco, E.; Zurera, G., 2011:
Evaluation of food handler practices and microbiological status of ready-to-eat foods in long-term care facilities in the Andalusia region of Spain

Souza, A.de.Moura.; Bezerra, I.Nogueira.; Cunha, D.Barbosa.; Sichieri, R., 2012:
Evaluation of food intake markers in the Brazilian surveillance system for chronic diseases--VIGITEL (2007-2009)

Mohdmarjan, Z., 1995:
Evaluation of food photographs for 24-hour recall method

Hakkim, F.Lumanul.; Mathiraj; Essa, M.Mohamed.; Arivazhagan, G.; Guizani, N.; Hyuk, S., 2012:
Evaluation of food protective property of five natural products using fresh-cut apple slice model

Pelly, F.; Meyer, N.L.; Pearce, J.; Burkhart, S.J.; Burke, L.M., 2015:
Evaluation of food provision and nutrition support at the London 2012 Olympic Games: the opinion of sports nutrition experts

McKenzie, D.St-Arnaud.; Paquet, C.; Kergoat, M-Jeanne.; Dubé, L.; Ferland, G., 2011:
Evaluation of food quality in geriatric institutions

Santos, L.Maria.Pacheco.; Santos, S.Maria.Chaves.dos.; Santana, L.Alaíde.Alves.; Henrique, F.Conceição.Santos.; Mazza, R.Porto.Dantas.; Santos, L.Amparo.da.Silva.; Santos, Lílian.Silva.dos., 2007:
Evaluation of food security and anti-hunger public policies in Brazil, 1995-2002: 4--National School Nutrition Program

Shan, X-Feng.; Ouyang, S-Yuan.; Cai, Z-Gang.; Zhang, J., 2015:
Evaluation of foot perfusion after fibula flap surgery

Mehra, B.R.; Thawait, A.P.; Karandikar, S.S.; Gupta, D.O.; Narang, R.R., 2008:
Evaluation of foot problems among diabetics in rural population

Quddus, M.A.; Uddin, M.J., 2014:
Evaluation of foot ulcers in diabetic patients

Ostrander, R.V.; McKinney, B.I., 2013:
Evaluation of footprint contact area and pressure using a triple-row modification of the suture-bridge technique for rotator cuff repair

Uthman, A.T.; Al-Rawi, N.H.; Al-Timimi, J.F., 2012:
Evaluation of foramen magnum in gender determination using helical CT scanning

Akbulut, N.; Kursun, S.; Aksoy, S.; Kurt, H.; Orhan, K., 2015:
Evaluation of foramen tympanicum using cone-beam computed tomography in orthodontic malocclusions

Deering, S.H.; Weeks, L.; Benedetti, T., 2011:
Evaluation of force applied during deliveries complicated by shoulder dystocia using simulation

Eichhorn, K.W.G.; Tingelhoff, K.; Wagner, I.; Westphal, R.; Rilk, M.; Kunkel, M.E.; Wahl, F.M.; Bootz, F., 2008:
Evaluation of force data with a force/torque sensor during FESS. A step towards robot-assisted surgery

Wang, T.; Zhou, G.; Tan, X.; Dong, Y., 2007:
Evaluation of force degradation characteristics of orthodontic latex elastics in vitro and in vivo

Pillet, Hélène.; Bonnet, X.; Lavaste, Fçois.; Skalli, W., 2010:
Evaluation of force plate-less estimation of the trajectory of the centre of pressure during gait. Comparison of two anthropometric models

Lisniewska-Machorowska, B.; Cannon, J.; Williams, S.; Bantleon, H-Peter., 2008:
Evaluation of force systems from a "free-end" force system

Roy, S.H.; O'Hara, J.M., 1997:
Evaluation of forearm fatigue during EVA pressure glove work

Slot, T.; Charpentier, K.; Dumas, Gève.; Delisle, A.; Leger, A.; Plamondon, Aé., 2010:
Evaluation of forearm support provided by the Workplace Board on perceived tension, comfort and productivity in pregnant and non-pregnant computer users

Rangel-Villalobos, H.; Sanchez-Gutierrez, V.M.; Botello-Ruiz, M.; Salazar-Flores, J.; Martínez-Cortes, G.; Munoz-Valle, J.F.; Phillips, C., 2013:
Evaluation of forensic and anthropological potential of D9S1120 in Mestizos and Amerindian populations from Mexico

Demirci, S.; Dogan, K.Hakan.; Koc, S., 2014:
Evaluation of forensic deaths during the month of Ramadan in Konya, Turkey, between 2000 and 2009

Nakanishi, H.; Hara, M.; Takahashi, S.; Takada, A.; Saito, K., 2015:
Evaluation of forensic examination of extremely aged seminal stains

Ozkara, E.; Canturk, G.; Canturk, N.; Ozata, A.Bulent.; Yavuz, M.Fatih., 2009:
Evaluation of forensic perinatal and neonatal autopsies in Istanbul

Wang, B.; Lu, S-wei.; You, W-zhong.; Ren, X-xu.; Xing, Z-kai.; Wang, S-ming., 2011:
Evaluation of forest ecosystem services value in Liaoning Province

Chai, S-Lee.; Healey, J.R.; Tanner, E.V.J., 2013:
Evaluation of forest recovery over time and space using permanent plots monitored over 30 years in a Jamaican montane rain forest

Otrenti, Eá.; Mira, V.Lúcia.; Bucchi, S.Marília.; Borges-Andrade, J.Eduardo., 2015:
Evaluation of formal educational processes for healthcare professionals

Harewood, G.C.; Murray, F.; Winder, S.; Patchett, S., 2008:
Evaluation of formal feedback on endoscopic competence among trainees: the EFFECT trial

Lopomo, N.; Sun, L.; Zaffagnini, S.; Giordano, G.; Safran, M.R., 2010:
Evaluation of formal methods in hip joint center assessment: an in vitro analysis

Bolaños Pizarro, M.; Valderrama-Zurián, J.C.; Dotor Alonso, M.; Barquín García, E.; Guevarra Orellana, C.A.; Aleixandre-Benavent, R., 2007:
Evaluation of formal quality of Spanish psychiatry journals

Kim, J-A.; Kim, S.; Kim, H-Joong.; Kim, Y-Shik., 2011:
Evaluation of formaldehyde and VOCs emission factors from paints in a small chamber: the effects of preconditioning time and coating weight

Martin, S.S.; Bakken, R.R.; Lind, C.M.; Garcia, P.; Jenkins, E.; Glass, P.J.; Parker, M.D.; Hart, M.Kate.; Fine, D.L., 2010:
Evaluation of formalin inactivated V3526 virus with adjuvant as a next generation vaccine candidate for Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus

Milne, E.M.; Pirie, R.Scott.; McGorum, B.C.; Shaw, D.J., 2010:
Evaluation of formalin-fixed ileum as the optimum method to diagnose equine dysautonomia (grass sickness) in simulated intestinal biopsies

Donadio, E.; Giusti, L.; Cetani, F.; Da Valle, Y.; Ciregia, F.; Giannaccini, G.; Pardi, E.; Saponaro, F.; Torregrossa, L.; Basolo, F.; Marcocci, C.; Lucacchini, A., 2011:
Evaluation of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues in the proteomic analysis of parathyroid glands

Arzt, L.; Kothmaier, H.; Quehenberger, F.; Halbwedl, I.; Wagner, K.; Maierhofer, T.; Popper, H.H., 2011:
Evaluation of formalin-free tissue fixation for RNA and microRNA studies

Vidal-Torres, A.; Carceller, A.; Zamanillo, D.; Merlos, M.; Vela, Jé.Miguel.; Fernández-Pastor, Bña., 2013:
Evaluation of formalin-induced pain behavior and glutamate release in the spinal dorsal horn using in vivo microdialysis in conscious rats

Li, Y-Dong.; Song, H-Young.; Kim, J.Hyoung.; Woo, C-Woong.; Park, J-Hoon.; Kim, T-Hyung.; Gong, G., 2011:
Evaluation of formation of granulation tissue caused by metallic stent placement in a rat urethral model

Morgenlander, K.H.; Tsai, H-Ling.; Schenken, L.L.; Heron, D.E.; Klewien, B.; Lin, C.J.; Schwaderer, K.; McNelly, S.L., 2010:
Evaluation of formative development in the neighborhood cancer care cooperative

Peng, L.; Ye, L.; Guo, X.; Tan, H.; Zhou, X.; Wang, C.; Li, R., 2007:
Evaluation of formocresol versus ferric sulphate primary molar pulpotomy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Yildiz, E.; Tosun, G., 2014:
Evaluation of formocresol, calcium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, and MTA primary molar pulpotomies

Takács, D.; Cerca, P.; Martins, A.; Riedl, Z.; Hajós, Görgy.; Molnár, J.; Viveiros, M.; Couto, I.; Amaral, L., 2011:
Evaluation of forty new phenothiazine derivatives for activity against intrinsic efflux pump systems of reference Escherichia coli, Salmonella Enteritidis, Enterococcus faecalis and Staphylococcus aureus strains

Sahni, R.Diana.; Balaji, V.; Varghese, R.; John, J.; Tansarli, G.S.; Falagas, M.E., 2013:
Evaluation of fosfomycin activity against uropathogens in a fosfomycin-naive population in South India: a prospective study

Chetty, V.J.; Ceballos, N.; Garcia, D.; Narváez-Vásquez, J.; Lopez, W.; Orozco-Cárdenas, M.L., 2013:
Evaluation of four Agrobacterium tumefaciens strains for the genetic transformation of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) cultivar Micro-Tom

Mbaveng, A.T.; Kuete, V.; Mapunya, B.M.; Beng, V.P.; Nkengfack, A.E.; Meyer, J.J.Marion.; Lall, N., 2012:
Evaluation of four Cameroonian medicinal plants for anticancer, antigonorrheal and antireverse transcriptase activities

Rostami Nejad, M.; Roshani, M.; Lahmi, F.; Nazemalhosseini Mojarad, E., 2011:
Evaluation of four DNA extraction methods for the detection of Echinococcus granulosus genotype 1

Vejarano, M.P.; Matrone, M.; Keid, L.B.; Rocha, V.C.M.; Ikuta, C.Y.; Rodriguez, C.A.R.; Salgado, V.R.; Ferreira, F.; Dias, R.A.; Telles, E.O.; Ferreira Neto, J.S., 2015:
Evaluation of four DNA extraction protocols for Brucella abortus detection by PCR in tissues from experimentally infected cows with the 2308 strain

See, M.J.; Staggs, S.E.; Dubey, J.P.; Villegas, E.N., 2012:
Evaluation of four RNA extraction methods for gene expression analyses of Cryptosporidium parvum and Toxoplasma gondii oocysts

Qi, S.; Miao, Z.; Liu, H.; Xu, Y.; Feng, Y.; Cheng, Z., 2014:
Evaluation of four affibody-based near-infrared fluorescent probes for optical imaging of epidermal growth factor receptor positive tumors

Jackson, K.M.; Cook, T.M., 2007:
Evaluation of four airway training manikins as patient simulators for the insertion of eight types of supraglottic airway devices

Cook, T.M.; Green, C.; McGrath, J.; Srivastava, R., 2007:
Evaluation of four airway training manikins as patient simulators for the insertion of single use laryngeal mask airways

Matsuhira, T.; Kaji, C.; Murakami, S.; Maebashi, K.; Oka, T.; Takeda, N.; Katayama, K., 2012:
Evaluation of four antiseptics using a novel murine norovirus

Stangegaard, M.; Børsting, C.; Ferrero-Miliani, L.; Frank-Hansen, R.; Poulsen, L.; Hansen, A.J.; Morling, N., 2014:
Evaluation of four automated protocols for extraction of DNA from FTA cards

Jiang, Y.; Liu, H.Can.; Zheng, H.Jun.; Tang, B.; Dou, X.Feng.; Zhao, X.Qin.; Zhu, Y.Qiang.; Lu, B.; Wang, S.Yue.; Dong, H.Yan.; Zhao, G.Ping.; Zhang, Y.Yuan.; Kan, B.; Wan, K.Lin., 2012:
Evaluation of four candidate VNTR Loci for genotyping 225 Chinese clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains

Jiang, S.C.; Han, J.; He, J-Wen.; Chu, W., 2010:
Evaluation of four cell lines for assay of infectious adenoviruses in water samples

Bergoli, C.Dalmolin.; Amaral, M.; Druck, C.Ceolin.; Valandro, L.Felipe., 2012:
Evaluation of four cementation strategies on the push-out bond strength between fiber post and root dentin

Steinrigl, A.; Hofrichter, J.; Loitsch, A.; Winter, P.; Revilla-Fernández, S., 2011:
Evaluation of four commercial RT-qPCR test kits for detection of Bluetongue virus RNA

Yook, J-Hoo.; Lee, D-Wook.; Kim, M-Seok.; Hong, Y-Chul., 2018:
Cardiovascular disease risk differences between bus company employees and general workers according to the Korean National Health Insurance Data

Agnamey, P.; Sarfati, C.; Pinel, C.; Rabodoniriina, M.; Kapel, N.; Dutoit, E.; Garnaud, Cécile.; Diouf, M.; Garin, J-François.; Totet, A.; Derouin, F., 2011:
Evaluation of four commercial rapid immunochromatographic assays for detection of Cryptosporidium antigens in stool samples: a blind multicenter trial

Lanotte, P.; Plouzeau, Cé.; Burucoa, C.; Grélaud, C.; Guillot, S.; Guiso, N.; Garnier, F., 2012:
Evaluation of four commercial real-time PCR assays for detection of Bordetella spp. in nasopharyngeal aspirates

Najioullah, F.; Viron, F.; Césaire, R., 2015:
Evaluation of four commercial real-time RT-PCR kits for the detection of dengue viruses in clinical samples

Diéguez, F.J.; González, A.M.; Menéndez, S.; Vilar, Mía.J.; Sanjuán, Mía.L.; Yus, E.; Arnaiz, I., 2008:
Evaluation of four commercial serum ELISAs for detection of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection in dairy cows

de Ory, F.; Guisasola, Mía.Eulalia.; Sanz, J.Carlos.; García-Bermejo, I., 2011:
Evaluation of four commercial systems for the diagnosis of Epstein-Barr virus primary infections

Marventano, S.; Grosso, G.; Mistretta, A.; Bogusz-Czerniewicz, M.; Ferranti, R.; Nolfo, F.; Giorgianni, G.; Rametta, S.; Drago, F.; Basile, F.; Biondi, A., 2015:
Evaluation of four comorbidity indices and Charlson comorbidity index adjustment for colorectal cancer patients

Herring, S.R.; Trejo, A.E.; Hallbeck, M.S., 2010:
Evaluation of four cursor control devices during a target acquisition task for laparoscopic tool control

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