Evaluation of sorghum straw hemicellulosic hydrolysate for biotechnological production of xylitol by Candida guilliermondii

Sene, L.; Arruda, P.V.; Oliveira, S.M.M.; Felipe, M.G.A.

Brazilian journal of microbiology 42(3): 1141-1146


ISSN/ISBN: 1517-8382
PMID: 24031733
DOI: 10.1590/s1517-83822011000300036
Accession: 053081163

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A preliminary study on xylitol production by Candida guilliermondii in sorghum straw hemicellulosic hydrolysate was performed. Hydrolysate had high xylose content and inhibitors concentrations did not exceed the commonly found values in other hemicellulosic hydrolysates. The highest xylitol yield (0.44 g/g) and productivity (0.19 g/Lh) were verified after 72 hours.