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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 53128

Chapter 53128 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Horttana, B.Marie.; Fahlström, G.; Ahlström, G., 2011:
Experiences of relocation in dementia care from the perspective of six care workers

Jung, C.Woong.; Park, K.Tae.; Kim, M.Gyu., 2014:
Experiences of renal transplants from donors with a renal artery aneurysm after a laparoscopic donor nephrectomy and ex vivo reconstruction of the renal artery

Nordahl, B.; Sjöström, R.; Westin, M.; Werner, S.; Alricsson, M., 2014:
Experiences of returning to elite alpine skiing after ACL injury and ACL reconstruction

Rubenson, C.; Svensson, E.; Linddahl, Iéne.; Björklund, A., 2008:
Experiences of returning to work after acquired brain injury

Nouri, J.Mokhtari.; Ebadi, A.; Alhani, F.; Rejeh, N., 2014:
Experiences of role model instructors and nursing students about facilitator factors of role-modeling process: A qualitative research

Gilson, N.; McKenna, J.; Cooke, C., 2008:
Experiences of route and task-based walking in a university community: qualitative perspectives in a randomized control trial

Lockie, S.J.; Bottorff, J.L.; Robinson, C.A.; Pesut, B., 2010:
Experiences of rural family caregivers who assist with commuting for palliative care

Sanders, S., 2007:
Experiences of rural male caregivers of older adults with their informal support networks

Qin, C.; Li, Q.; Fu, K.; Meng, J.; Ren, X., 2015:
Experiences of scarless laparoscopic radical resection of rectal cancer

Raaska, H.; Lapinleimu, H.; Sinkkonen, J.; Salmivalli, C.; Matomäki, J.; Mäkipää, S.; Elovainio, M., 2012:
Experiences of school bullying among internationally adopted children: results from the Finnish Adoption (FINADO) Study

Bugel, M.Jo., 2014:
Experiences of school-age siblings of children with a traumatic injury: changes, constants, and needs

Halding, A-Grethe.; Heggdal, K.; Wahl, A., 2011:
Experiences of self-blame and stigmatisation for self-infliction among individuals living with COPD

Kidd, L.; Kearney, N.; O'Carroll, R.; Hubbard, G., 2008:
Experiences of self-care in patients with colorectal cancer: a longitudinal study

Hellström, U.W.; Sarvimäki, A., 2007:
Experiences of self-determination by older persons living in sheltered housing

Zolowere, D.; Manda, K.; Panulo, B.; Muula, A.S., 2009:
Experiences of self-disclosure among tuberculosis patients in rural Southern Malawi

Rose, V.K.; Harris, M.F., 2015:
Experiences of self-management support from GPs among Australian ethnically diverse diabetes patients: a qualitative study

Burke, L.E.; Swigart, V.; Warziski Turk, M.; Derro, N.; Ewing, L.J., 2009:
Experiences of self-monitoring: successes and struggles during treatment for weight loss

Gale, C.; Schröder, T., 2015:
Experiences of self-practice/self-reflection in cognitive behavioural therapy: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Lathlean, J.; Burgess, A.; Coldham, T.; Gibson, C.; Herbert, L.; Levett-Jones, T.; Simons, L.; Tee, S., 2008:
Experiences of service user and carer participation in health care education

Wagman, J.; Baumgartner, J.Noel.; Waszak Geary, C.; Nakyanjo, N.; Ddaaki, W.George.; Serwadda, D.; Gray, R.; Nalugoda, F.Kakaire.; Wawer, M.J., 2010:
Experiences of sexual coercion among adolescent women: qualitative findings from Rakai district, Uganda

de Visser, R.O.; Badcock, P.B.; Rissel, C.; Richters, J.; Smith, A.M.A.; Grulich, A.E.; Simpson, J.M., 2014:
Experiences of sexual coercion in a representative sample of adults: the Second Australian Study of Health and Relationships

Chang, Y-Ting.; Hayter, M.; Lin, M-Ling., 2010:
Experiences of sexual harassment among elementary school students in Taiwan: implications for school nurses

Bell, M.E.; Reardon, A., 2011:
Experiences of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the military among OEF/OIF veterans: implications for health care providers

Clüver, F.; Elkonin, D.; Young, C., 2014:
Experiences of sexual relationships of young black women in an atmosphere of coercion

Taylor, B., 2015:
Experiences of sexuality and intimacy in terminal illness: a phenomenological study

Yilmaz, H.; Alptekin, H.; Acar, F.; Ciftci, I.; Tekin, A.; Sahin, M., 2013:
Experiences of single incision cholecystectomy

Beagan, B.L., 2007:
Experiences of social class: learning from occupational therapy students

Lindsay, S.; McPherson, A.C., 2012:
Experiences of social exclusion and bullying at school among children and youth with cerebral palsy

Tarimo, E.A.M.; Munseri, P.; Aboud, S.; Bakari, M.; Mhalu, F.; Sandstrom, E., 2015:
Experiences of social harm and changes in sexual practices among volunteers who had completed a phase I/II HIV vaccine trial employing HIV-1 DNA priming and HIV-1 MVA boosting in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sayles, J.N.; Ryan, G.W.; Silver, J.S.; Sarkisian, C.A.; Cunningham, W.E., 2007:
Experiences of social stigma and implications for healthcare among a diverse population of HIV positive adults

Ní Raghallaigh, M.; Allen, M.; Cunniffe, R.; Quin, S., 2014:
Experiences of social workers in primary care in Ireland

Björkman, T.; Svensson, B.; Lundberg, B., 2007:
Experiences of stigma among people with severe mental illness. Reliability, acceptability and construct validity of the Swedish versions of two stigma scales measuring devaluation/discrimination and rejection experiences

Colombini, M.; Mutemwa, R.; Kivunaga, J.; Stackpool Moore, L.; Mayhew, S.H., 2015:
Experiences of stigma among women living with HIV attending sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya: a qualitative study

Zukoski, A.P.; Thorburn, S., 2009:
Experiences of stigma and discrimination among adults living with HIV in a low HIV-prevalence context: a qualitative analysis

Yin, Y.; Zhang, W.; Hu, Z.; Jia, F.; Li, Y.; Xu, H.; Zhao, S.; Guo, J.; Tian, D.; Qu, Z., 2015:
Experiences of stigma and discrimination among caregivers of persons with schizophrenia in China: a field survey

van der Sanden, R.L.M.; Bos, A.E.R.; Stutterheim, S.E.; Pryor, J.B.; Kok, G., 2013:
Experiences of stigma by association among family members of people with mental illness

Rahmati-Najarkolaei, F.; Niknami, S.; Aminshokravi, F.; Bazargan, M.; Ahmadi, F.; Hadjizadeh, E.; Tavafian, S.S., 2010:
Experiences of stigma in healthcare settings among adults living with HIV in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Emlet, C.A., 2007:
Experiences of stigma in older adults living with HIV/AIDS: a mixed-methods analysis

Currid, T., 2009:
Experiences of stress among nurses in acute mental health settings

Spence, J.M.; Bergmans, Y.; Strike, C.; Links, P.S.; Ball, J.S.; Rhodes, A.E.; Watson, W.J.; Eynan, R.; Rufo, C., 2008:
Experiences of substance-using suicidal males who present frequently to the emergency department

Lau, B.; Kirkpatrick, J.N.; Merchant, R.M.; Perman, S.M.; Abella, B.S.; Gaieski, D.F.; Becker, L.B.; Chiames, C.; Reitsma, A.M., 2010:
Experiences of sudden cardiac arrest survivors regarding prognostication and advance care planning

Allan, H.T.; Smith, P.; O'Driscoll, M., 2011:
Experiences of supernumerary status and the hidden curriculum in nursing: a new twist in the theory-practice gap?

Carling-Jenkins, R.; Torr, J.; Iacono, T.; Bigby, C., 2012:
Experiences of supporting people with Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease in aged care and family environments

Liao, L-M.; Baker, E.; Boyle, M.E.; Woodhouse, C.R.J.; Creighton, S.M., 2015:
Experiences of surgical continence management approaches for cloacal anomalies: a qualitative analysis based on 6 women

Kolinsky, E., 2012 :
Experiences of survival

Fisker, T.; Strandmark, M., 2007:
Experiences of surviving spouse of terminally ill spouse: a phenomenological study of an altruistic perspective

Lindqvist, O.; Rasmussen, B.H.; Widmark, A., 2008:
Experiences of symptoms in men with hormone refractory prostate cancer and skeletal metastases

Johnson, K.A.; Valdez, R.S.; Casper, G.R.; Kossman, S.P.; Carayon, P.; Or, C.K.L.; Burke, L.J.; Brennan, P.F., 2008:
Experiences of technology integration in home care nursing

Scott-Parker, B., 2015:
Experiences of teen drivers and their advice for the learner license phase

Sparbel, K.J.H.; Driessnack, M.; Williams, J.K.; Schutte, D.L.; Tripp-Reimer, T.; McGonigal-Kenney, M.; Jarmon, L.; Paulsen, J.S., 2008:
Experiences of teens living in the shadow of Huntington Disease

Varis, J.; Karjalainen, S.; Korhonen, K.; Viigimaa, M.; Port, K.; Kantola, I., 2010:
Experiences of telemedicine-aided hypertension control in the follow-up of Finnish hypertensive patients

Fisher, M., 2011:
Experiences of ten years' work at a municipal contraceptive clinic

Harder, F.K., 1948:
Experiences of the Greensboro Tumor Clinic

Anonymous, 1894:
Experiences of the Provident Dispensary System

Taylor, K.; Stengel, W.; Casalegno, C.; Andrew, D., 2015:
Experiences of the REACH testing proposals system to reduce animal testing

Tibbals, W.H., 1947:
Experiences of the Rocky Mountain states with the V. A. program

Koers, E.M.; Montealegre, J.R.; Bryson, R.S.; Murray, K.O., 2010:
Experiences of the Student Epidemic Intelligence Society in strengthening public health response and epidemiologic capacity

Razavi, M.Farsi.; Falk, L.; Björn, Åke.; Wilhelmsson, S., 2011:
Experiences of the Swedish healthcare system: an interview study with refugees in need of long-term health care

Alvarez-Leiva, Mía.Isabel.; Albar-Marín, Mía.Jesús.; Acosta-Mosquera, Mía.Eugenia.; Maestre-Guzmán, Mía.Dolores.; Martín-García, Mía.Rosa.; Nieto-Gutiérrez, P., 2007:
Experiences of the caregivers of cardioverter defibrillator recipients during admission to the Virgin Macarena Hospital and after discharge

Schoenbeck, S.L., 2013:
Experiences of the dying

Svenningsson, I.; Gedda, B.; Marklund, B., 2011:
Experiences of the encounter with the diabetes team-a comparison between obese and normal-weight type 2 diabetic patients

Kanerva, A.; Lammintakanen, J.; Kivinen, T., 2011:
Experiences of the fairness of recruitment from unsuccessful applicants in the field of nursing

Yousefi, H.; Roshani, A.; Nazari, F., 2014:
Experiences of the families concerning organ donation of a family member with brain death

Engqvist, I.; Nilsson, K., 2013:
Experiences of the first days of postpartum psychosis: an interview study with women and next of kin in Sweden

Premberg, A.; Hellström, A-Lena.; Berg, M., 2008:
Experiences of the first year as father

Yamamoto, A., 2013:
Experiences of the great East Japan earthquake March 2011

Bahtsevani, C.; Willman, A.; Stoltz, P.; Ostman, M., 2011:
Experiences of the implementation of clinical practice guidelines--interviews with nurse managers and nurses in hospital care

Hollick, Jürgen., 2014:
Experiences of the insider

LaPointe Rudow, D., 2015:
Experiences of the live organ donor: lessons learned pave the future

Kumar, K.; Roberts, C.; Rothnie, I.; du Fresne, C.; Walton, M., 2009:
Experiences of the multiple mini-interview: a qualitative analysis

Lindblad, E.; Hallman, E-Britt.; Gillsjö, C.; Lindblad, U.; Fagerström, L., 2010:
Experiences of the new role of advanced practice nurses in Swedish primary health care--a qualitative study

Zhang, S.; Ruan, W.; Li, Y.; Wang, X.; Wang, X., 2015:
Experiences of the parents caring for their children during a tuberculosis outbreak in high school: a qualitative study

Allvin, R.; Ehnfors, M.; Rawal, N.; Idvall, E., 2008:
Experiences of the postoperative recovery process: an interview study

Hinton, L.; Locock, L.; Knight, M., 2014:
Experiences of the quality of care of women with near-miss maternal morbidities in the UK

Tastan, S.; Kose, G.; Iyigun, E.; Ayhan, H.; Coskun, H.; Hatipoglu, S., 2011:
Experiences of the relatives of patients undergoing cranial surgery for a brain tumor: a descriptive qualitative study

Bonuel, N.; Cesario, S.K., 2014:
Experiences of the transplant nurses caring for renal transplant patients in an acuity-adaptable patient room

Vaerenberg, B.; Govaerts, P.J.; de Ceulaer, G.; Daemers, K.; Schauwers, K., 2011:
Experiences of the use of FOX, an intelligent agent, for programming cochlear implant sound processors in new users

Robertson, M., 2016:
Experiences of time: a qualitative inquiry into experiences of time as described by palliative care inpatients

Hedstrom, V., 2014:
Experiences of tonsillectomy in bronchial asthma

Kim, J.Eon.; Jung, S-Ho.; Ma, D.Sung., 2013:
Experiences of tracheal procedure assisted by extracorporeal membrane oxygenator

Geyer, M.; Kubba, H.; Hartley, B., 2008:
Experiences of tracheocutaneous fistula closure in children: how we do it

Horwood, C.; Voce, A.; Vermaak, K.; Rollins, N.; Qazi, S., 2010:
Experiences of training and implementation of integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI) in South Africa: a qualitative evaluation of the IMCI case management training course

Zhang, H-wei.; Zhang, M-shan.; Xia, L.; Qu, Y-ming.; Li, J-hua.; Ren, M.; Wang, H-ran.; Yu, C-jiang., 2013:
Experiences of transcallosal-interforniceal approach for resection of the third ventricle and the pineal region tumors: report of 24 cases

Bradford, J.; Reisner, S.L.; Honnold, J.A.; Xavier, J., 2013:
Experiences of transgender-related discrimination and implications for health: results from the Virginia Transgender Health Initiative Study

Gill, J.M.; Page, G.G.; Sharps, P.; Campbell, J.C., 2008:
Experiences of traumatic events and associations with PTSD and depression development in urban health care-seeking women

Friedrichsen, M.; Lindholm, A.; Milberg, A., 2015:
Experiences of truth disclosure in terminally ill cancer patients in palliative home care

Stroh, C.; Hohmann, U.; Will, U.; Flade-Kuthe, R.; Herbig, B.; Höhne, S.; Köhler, H.; Pick, P.; Horbach, T.; Weiner, R.; Wolff, S.; Lippert, H.; Wolf, A.M.; Schmidt, U.; Meyer, F.; Manger, T., 2008:
Experiences of two centers of bariatric surgery in the treatment of intragastrale band migration after gastric banding-the importance of the German multicenter observational study for quality assurance in obesity surgery 2005 and 2006

Ladanyi, S.; Elliott, D., 2007:
Experiences of uncertainty for relatives in ICU: A review of a qualitative Danish study

Inyama, D.; Williams, A.; McCauley, K., 2016:
Experiences of undergraduate African health sciences students: A hermeneutic inquiry

Deeb-Sossa, N.; Díaz Olavarrieta, C.; Juárez-Ramírez, C.; García, S.G.; Villalobos, A., 2014:
Experiences of undocumented Mexican migrant women when accessing sexual and reproductive health services in California, USA: a case study

Mehrabi, T.; Ghazavi, Z.; Malbousizadeh, M., 2011:
Experiences of university faculty members regarding communication in work environment

Kalyanwala, S.; Jejeebhoy, S.J.; Zavier, A.J.Francis.; Kumar, R., 2012 :
Experiences of unmarried young abortion-seekers in Bihar and Jharkhand, India

Sköld, A.; Josephsson, S.; Fitinghoff, H.; Eliasson, A-C., 2007:
Experiences of use of the cerebral palsy hemiplegic hand in young persons treated with upper extremity surgery

Kerkhof, Y.J.F.; Rabiee, F.; Willems, C.G., 2016:
Experiences of using a memory aid to structure and support daily activities in a small-scale group accommodation for people with dementia

Verdonck, Mèle.; Steggles, E.; Nolan, M.; Chard, G., 2014:
Experiences of using an Environmental Control System (ECS) for persons with high cervical spinal cord injury: the interplay between hassle and engagement

Rankin, D.; Cooke, D.D.; Heller, S.; Elliott, J.; Amiel, S.; Lawton, J., 2012:
Experiences of using blood glucose targets when following an intensive insulin regimen: a qualitative longitudinal investigation involving patients with Type 1 diabetes

Atherton, H.; Pappas, Y.; Heneghan, C.; Murray, E., 2014:
Experiences of using email for general practice consultations: a qualitative study

Halín, N.; Loula, P.; Aarnio, P., 2007:
Experiences of using the EndoAssist-robot in surgery

Linna, A.; Korhonen, M.; Airaksinen, M.; Juppo, A.Mari., 2011:
Experiences of using the GMP audit preparation tool in pharmaceutical contract manufacturer audits

Hosseini, H.; Abdi, F., 2012:
Experiences of vasectomy: a phenomenological study

Wilson, S.C.; Supiano, K.P., 2011:
Experiences of veterans' widows following conjugal bereavement: a qualitative analysis

Lamb, C.R., 2007:
Experiences of vets with disabilities

Hodgins, S.; Lincoln, T.; Mak, T., 2008:
Experiences of victimisation and depression are associated with community functioning among men with schizophrenia

Landstedt, E.; Gillander Gådin, K., 2011:
Experiences of violence among adolescents: gender patterns in types, perpetrators and associated psychological distress

Reed, E.; Myers, B.; Novak, S.P.; Browne, F.A.; Wechsberg, W.M., 2015:
Experiences of violence and association with decreased drug abstinence among women in Cape Town, South Africa

Baker-Henningham, H.; Meeks-Gardner, J.; Chang, S.; Walker, S., 2009:
Experiences of violence and deficits in academic achievement among urban primary school children in Jamaica

Bakri, S.J.; Alniemi, S.T.; Chan, R.V.Paul., 2013:
Experiences of vitreoretinal surgery fellows in the United States

Fegan, C.; Cook, S., 2012:
Experiences of volunteering: a partnership between service users and a mental health service in the UK

Askenazy, H., 1948:
Experiences of war-time neurosurgery

Goswell, N.; Siefers, R., 2009:
Experiences of ward-based nurse prescribers in an acute ward setting

DePierre, J.A.; Puhl, R.M., 2013:
Experiences of weight stigmatization: a review of self-report assessment measures

Alex, L.; Lehti, A., 2013:
Experiences of well-being among Sami and Roma women in a Swedish context

Schmidt, M.; Umans, T., 2014:
Experiences of well-being among female doctoral students in Sweden

Arlidge, B.; Abel, S.; Asiasiga, L.; Milne, S.L.; Crengle, S.; Ameratunga, S.N., 2008:
Experiences of whānau/families when injured children are admitted to hospital: a multi-ethnic qualitative study from Aotearoa/New Zealand

Khosravan, S.; Salehi, S.; Ahmadi, F.; Sharif, F.; Zamani, A., 2011:
Experiences of widows with children: a qualitative study about spousal death in Iran

Vagharseyyedin, S.A., 2015:
Experiences of wives of Iranian war veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder regarding social relationships

Boa, S., 2009:
Experiences of women estate workers during the apprenticeship period in St. Vincent, 1834-38: the transition from slavery to freedom

Blake, B.J.; Jones Taylor, G.A.; Reid, P.; Kosowski, M., 2008:
Experiences of women in obtaining human immunodeficiency virus testing and healthcare services

Tarling, R.; Gale, A.; Martin-Hirsch, P.; Holmes, L.; Kanesalingam, K.; Dey, P., 2014:
Experiences of women referred for urgent assessment of postmenopausal bleeding (PMB)

Turan, J.Molzan.; Johnson, K.; Polan, M.Lake., 2009:
Experiences of women seeking medical care for obstetric fistula in Eritrea: implications for prevention, treatment, and social reintegration

Zaky, H.Hm.; Khattab, H.As.; Nahal, N., 2011:
Experiences of women using reproductive health services in Egypt: one health system in two governorates

Ramvi, E.; Tangerud, M., 2012:
Experiences of women who have a vaginal birth after requesting a cesarean section due to a fear of birth: a biographical, narrative, interpretative study

Demmer, C., 2011:
Experiences of women who have lost young children to AIDS in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: a qualitative study

Baird, C.L.; Yehle, K.S.; Schmeiser, D., 2007:
Experiences of women with osteoarthritis in assisted living facilities

Tarasoff, L.A., 2015:
Experiences of women with physical disabilities during the perinatal period: a review of the literature and recommendations to improve care

Eriksson, T.; Westerberg, Y.; Jonsson, H., 2012:
Experiences of women with stress-related ill health in a therapeutic gardening program

Sallis, A.; Birkin, R., 2015:
Experiences of work and sickness absence in employees with depression: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

Lubinski, A., 2008:
Experiences of work in the social system of the manorial estate: the example of Mecklenburg, 1650-1820

Lindström, M.; Wulff, M.; Dahlgren, L.; Lalos, A., 2011:
Experiences of working with induced abortion: focus group discussions with gynaecologists and midwives/nurses

Carlfjord, S.; Kristenson, M.; Lindberg, M., 2011 :
Experiences of working with the tobacco issue in the context of health promoting hospitals and health services: a qualitative study

Rydström, L-Lott.; Ygge, B-Marie.; Tingberg, Börn.; Navèr, L.; Eriksson, L.E., 2013:
Experiences of young adults growing up with innate or early acquired HIV infection--a qualitative study

Bray, L., 2007:
Experiences of young people admitted for planned surgery

Reme, S.Endresen.; Archer, N.; Chalder, T., 2014:
Experiences of young people who have undergone the Lightning Process to treat chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis--a qualitative study

Buston, K.Margaret., 2011:
Experiences of, and attitudes towards, pregnancy and fatherhood amongst incarcerated young male offenders: findings from a qualitative study

Piotti, F., 1978:
Experiences on aesthetic surgical treatment of the eyelids

Sirivongs, D.; Praderm, L.; Chan-On, C., 2012:
Experiences on bedside Tenckhoff catheter implantation

Jun, H.; Jung, C-W.; Kim, M-G.; Park, K-T., 2014:
Experiences on conversion to once-daily Advagraf and sirolimus combination in stable kidney recipients

Scherrenberg, S.M.; Postma, P.; Neef, R.; Menkveld, H.W.H.; Bechger, M.; van der Graaf, J.H.J.M., 2011:
Experiences on dual media filtration of WWTP effluent

Bakari, M.; Munseri, P.; Francis, J.; Aris, E.; Moshiro, C.; Siyame, D.; Janabi, M.; Ngatoluwa, M.; Aboud, S.; Lyamuya, E.; Sandström, E.; Mhalu, F., 2014:
Experiences on recruitment and retention of volunteers in the first HIV vaccine trial in Dar es Salam, Tanzania - the phase I/II HIVIS 03 trial

Cui, Y.; Lu, F-lin.; Xu, Z-yun.; Zou, L-jian.; Wang, E-song.; Wang, Z-nong.; Zhang, B-ren., 2009:
Experiences on surgical treatment of severe aortic valve stenosis: a report of 171 cases

Oker-Blom, N., 1947:
Experiences on the antistreptolysin reaction

Liang, Z.; Hu, W.; Gu, Z.; Chen, K., 2008:
Experiences on the application of video-assisted mediastinoscopy for 40 patients with mediastinal lesions.

Chen, Y-ping., 2010:
Experiences on the integrative medical diagnosis and treatment of acute kidney injury

Immonen, K.; Kauppi, M.; Hakala, M., 2011:
Experiences on the use of biological drugs in psoriatic arthritis-associated amyloidosis

VON FIEANDT, O., 1948:
Experiences on transplantation of human vitreous

Wall, C.; Glenn, S.; Poole, H., 2011:
Experiences prior to diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a phenomenological study

Zhu, M-jun., 2010:
Experiences regarding clinical study on treatment of chronic heart failure with traditional Chinese medicine

Ting, S.L.; Kwok, S.K.; Tsang, A.H.C.; Lee, W.B.; Yee, K.F., 2012:
Experiences sharing of implementing Template-based Electronic Medical Record System (TEMRS) in a Hong Kong medical organization

Goldman, E.; Cahill, T.; Filho, R.Pessanha., 2010:
Experiences that develop the ability to think strategically

Galvão, M.Teresinha.Gimeniz.; Paiva, S.de.Sousa., 2012:
Experiences to cope with HIV among infected women

Kikuta, K., 2008:
Experiences using 3-tesla magnetic resonance imaging in the treatment of Moyamoya disease

Nicetto, T.; Petazzoni, M.; Urizzi, A.; Isola, M., 2013:
Experiences using the Fixin locking plate system for the stabilization of appendicular fractures in dogs: a clinical and radiographic retrospective assessment

Gaynor, W.C.; Gurwitz, J., 1945:
Experiences with 156 Penetrating Wounds of the Head

Munroe, H.S., 2010:
Experiences with 412 successive abdominal wounds

Harrison, L.W., 1937:
Experiences with Anti - Syphilitic Treatment from the Pre-Salvarsan Era to the Present and Their Possible Bearing on Present Treatment Practice

Gomez, F.D., 1946:
Experiences with B. C. G. in Latin America

Clark, B.P., 1947:
Experiences with Brush's method for the initial stabilization of diabetic children

Holman, E., 1944:
Experiences with Chest Wounds from the Pacific Combat Area

Delprat, G.D.; Weeks, A., 1939:
Experiences with Colectomy

Fitzgerald, J.G.; Defries, R.D.; Fraser, D.T.; Moloney, P.J.; McKinnon, N.E., 1932:
Experiences with Diphtheria Toxoid in Canada

Ogston, A., 1887:
Experiences with Drumine as a Local Anaesthetic

Epe, C.; Holst, C.; Koopmann, R.; Schnieder, T.; Larsen, M.; von Samson-Himmelstjerna, G., 2008:
Experiences with Duddingtonia flagrans administration to parasitized small ruminants

Bandhu, S.Dutt.; Raje, S., 2016:
Experiences with E-learning in Ophthalmology

van Loon, K.A.; Driessen, E.W.; Teunissen, P.W.; Scheele, F., 2015:
Experiences with EPAs, potential benefits and pitfalls

Gillies, H., 1934:
Experiences with Fascia Lata Grafts in the Operative Treatment of Facial Paralysis: (Section of Otology and Section of Laryngology)

Rubino, M.J., 2016:
Experiences with HEK293: A Human Cell Line

Quinlivan, E.Byrd.; Messer, L.C.; Adimora, A.A.; Roytburd, K.; Bowditch, N.; Parnell, H.; Seay, J.; Bell, L.; Pierce, J.K., 2013:
Experiences with HIV testing, entry, and engagement in care by HIV-infected women of color, and the need for autonomy, competency, and relatedness

Weeden, W.M.; Stein, H.D., 1945:
Experiences with Injuries and Diseases of Bone in World War II

AGERTY, H.A., 2012:
Experiences with Japanese pediatrics

Steinert, F.; Klein, S.; Granow, R., 2013:
Experiences with Online Courses for Regulatory Affairs - Modules for Continuing Education and Master Programmes as well

Wainwright, G.A., 1945:
Experiences with Pentothal During the First 100 Days Following the Normandy Invasion

Anonymous, 1963:
Experiences with Portacaval Anastomosis

Muehlsteff, J.; Kelm, M.; Meyer, C., 2013:
Experiences with Pulse Arrival Time as Surrogate for Systolic Blood Pressure

Wright, I.S., 1945:
Experiences with Rheumatic Fever in the Army

Ehlers, V.M., 1935:
Experiences with Sewage Farming in Southwest United States: Texas

Wyllie, J., 1932:
Experiences with Small-Flaking or Granular Agglutination in Normal, Inoculated and Enteric Fever Cases

Shanks, G., 1941:
Experiences with Stored Blood and the "Blood Bank"

Earle, K.V., 1941:
Experiences with Sulphanilamide Derivatives in Some Tropical Conditions

Kirtley, J.A., 1945:
Experiences with Sympathectomy in Peripheral Lesions

Regoczi, Tás.; Jósvay, János.; Bálint, Aás.; Csaba, János.; Rákossy, W.; Fodor, Eébet.; Kiss, Ián., 2009:
Experiences with Tenckhoff peritoneal dialysis catheter

West, C.E., 1919:
Experiences with Transplant Grafts in Ununited Fracture of the Mandible

Mowlem, R., 1942:
Experiences with Various Methods of Skeletal Fixation in Fractures of the Jaws

Bodmer, M.; Michel, A.; Brechbühl, M.; Zanoni, R.; Peterhans, E.; Steiner, A.; Kaufmann, T., 2008:
Experiences with a BVD-free transhumance in the summer of 2006

Wilson, P.D., 1947:
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Experiment at bedside: Harvey Cushing's neurophysiological research

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Experiment in Egg Penetration of Samonnella

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Experiment in apprentice training

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Experiment in education of the older workers

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Experiment in frontier surgery

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Experiment in hospital plan reviewing service

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Experiment in integration; medical college and teaching hospital function as one

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Experiment in linear optimization of the holographic process

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Experiment in neurosurgical clinics

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Experiment in teaching for health visitors

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Experiment in the morphological analysis of the rami of the nervi intercostales of the diaphragm

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Experiment in the use of subcutaneous dysenteric vaccination

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Experiment of an anesthetic adverse events reporting

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Experiment of bone morphogenetic protein 2 induced chondrogenic differentiation of human Achilles tendon-derived stem cells in vitro

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Experiment of extracting Salviae miltiorrhizae on using O/W microemulsion

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Experiment of inhibiting growth and metastasis of xenograft transplanted human nasopharyngeal carcinoma in nude mice by interferon alpha-1b

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Experiment of low resistance joints for the ITER correction coil

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Experiment of "Pain without boarder" in Armenia

Anonymous, 2018:
Cards and the Doctor

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Experiment on a confined electrically driven vortex pair

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Experiment on a novel user input for computer interface utilizing tongue input for the severely disabled

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Experiment on recognition of feeling in non-directive psychotherapy

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Experiment on the factors for enhancing the susceptibility of cancer cells to chemotherapeutic drug by ultrasound microbubbles

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Experiment on the hibernation of Poecilobdella manillensis

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Experiment on the immediate influence of vitamin B1 on nerve centers in septic complications following gunshot wounds

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Experiment or prevention? Use of pneumococcal vaccines by the French troops during World War I

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Experiment planned to test feasibility of a "science court"

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Experiment precision and comprehensive environmental evaluation of regional wheat trials in rainfed regions of China

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Experiment research of Jiajian Yunvjian granules on hyperthyroidism graves

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Experiment research of nifedipine and vitamin K3 on ureteral action potential and urine flow in rabbits

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Experiment research on preventive effect of matrine on rat chronic nephrotoxicity induced by cyclosporin A

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Experiment research on the influence of Yanghe decoction on the expression of HIF-1alpha mRNA in osteoarthritis

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Experiment research on the location of DNA lesion in the nucleic acid sequence

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Experiment results of conduction, spectral induced polarization and dielectric characteristics for chrome-contaminated soil

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Experiment specific expression patterns

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Experiment study about effect of Yinqiao detoxifcation oral liquid on natural killer cells and TNF-alpha, TGF-beta1 of BALB/C nude mouse infected by influenza virus

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Experiment study of SDF-1 expression during the survival process of the narrow pedicle flap with hypoxia and ischemia

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Experiment study of alendronate in the prevention and treatment of aseptic loosening of prosthesis

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Experiment study of blackcurrant on vascular endothelial cells injury induced by hydrogen peroxide

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Experiment study of multimicrovacuolar absorbing collagenic system and its role in trophic processes of nonsynovial part of the tendons

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Experiment study of total anthraquinone in cassiae semen on lipid peroxidation and PPAR-gamma expression in liver tissues of rats with alcoholic fatty liver

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Experiment study on effect of Tibetan A. Kansuensis facilitating digestion

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Experiment study on fracture fixation with low rigidity titanium alloy: plate fixation of tibia fracture model in rabbit

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Experiment study on the aqueous removal of SO2 by Mn2+ catalytic ozonation

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Experiment study on the diagnostic value of bile K-ras gene mutation responsible to the hepatic metastasis of pancreatic cancer

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Experiment study on the metamorphic amylum production wastewater treatment by anaerobic baffled reactor

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Experiment study on the treatment of SCI based on HSV carried BDNF transgene technique

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Experiment study on ultrashort wave for treating vascular crisis after rat tail replantation

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Experiment with 5-day dry immersion: objectives, content and structure of the investigations, methods

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Experiment with a new plan for split-shift nursing

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Experiment with employment of hydrolysate of the blood as a substitute for pepton

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Experiment with employment of rubrocol in tuberculosis of the peripheral lymphatic glands in children and youths

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Experiment with the oximeter, according to Millikan's principle

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Experiment with the suction socket for above-knee amputees

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Experiment with wild plants in the USSR

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Experiment, thermal simulation, and characterizations on transmission laser coating of hydroxyapatite on metal implant

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Experiment-based scatter correction for cone-beam computed tomography using the statistical method

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Experiment-research methodology

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Experimental & Clinical Cardiology: A rebirth

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Experimental 'jet lag' inhibits adult neurogenesis and produces long-term cognitive deficits in female hamsters

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Experimental Animals: Proposals to Regulate Use Bring Clash of Scientists and Humane Societies

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Experimental Potato Farming

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Experimental Production of Gliosis: I. Effects on the Nervous System of the Rabbit of Intravenous and Intraspinal Injections of Cholesterol Emulsion

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Experimental Production of Gliosis: II. Reaction of Brain Tissue to the Lipoid Fractions and to the Residue of Brain Extracts

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Experimental Production of Herpetic Lesions in Organs and Tissues of the Rabbit

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Experimental Proliferative Arthritis In Mice Produced By Filtrable, Pleuropneumonia-Like Microorganisms

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Experimental Proof of the Mosquitomalaria Theory

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Experimental Psychology In America

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Experimental Psychology In Leipzig

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Experimental Pulmonary Collapse

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Experimental Pulmonary Tuberculosis In The Dog : The Effect Of Large Amounts Of Tubercle Bacilli Of Bovine Type Introduced Directly Into The Lungs By Way Of The Air Passages

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Experimental RNA therapy shows promise against Ebola virus in monkey studies

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