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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53216

Chapter 53216 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rabe, I.B.; Schwartz, B.S.; Farnon, E.C.; Josephson, S.Andrew.; Webber, A.B.; Roberts, J.Paul.; de Mattos, A.M.; Gallay, B.J.; van Slyck, S.; Messenger, S.L.; Yen, C.J.; Bloch, E.M.; Drew, C.P.; Fischer, M.; Glaser, C.A., 2013:
Fatal transplant-associated west nile virus encephalitis and public health investigation-california, 2010

Wilson, J.L.; Herbella, F.A.M.; Takassi, G.F.; Moreno, D.G.; Tineli, A.C., 2011:
Fatal trauma injuries in a Brazilian big metropolis: a study of autopsies

Filter, E.R.; Fernandes, J.R., 2009:
Fatal traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage due to assault-related tear of the basilar artery

Sengupta, A., 2009:
Fatal trials: clinical trials are killing people

Thompson, B.C., 1948:
Fatal tuberculosis in childhood

Huang, C-Chang.; Liu, M-Fei.; Lee, N-Yao.; Chang, C-Ming.; Lee, H-Chun.; Wu, C-Jung.; Ko, W-Chien., 2010:
Fatal tuberculous myositis in an immunocompromised adult with primary Sjögren's syndrome

Noh, G.Youb.; Choe, D.Hwan.; Kim, C.Hyeon.; Lee, J.Cheol., 2008:
Fatal tumor lysis syndrome during radiotherapy for non-small-cell lung cancer

Yomo, S.; Hayashi, M., 2013:
Fatal tumoral hemorrhage after stereotactic radiosurgery for metastatic brain tumors: report of three cases and review of literature

Tumram, N.Keshav.; Dhawne, S.G.; Ambade, V.Namdeorao.; Dixit, P.Gangadhar., 2016:
Fatal tusk injuries from a wild boar attack

Heydari, H.; Mamishi, S.; Khotaei, G-Taj.; Moradi, S., 2012:
Fatal type 7 adenovirus associated with human bocavirus infection in a healthy child

Lankester, F.; Mätz-Rensing, K.; Kiyang, J.; Jensen, S.A.; Weiss, S.; Leendertz, F.H., 2008:
Fatal ulcerative colitis in a western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)

Romero-Bermejo, F.J.; Ruiz-Miralles, M.; Gómez Ramos, J., 2011:
Fatal unilateral pulmonary edema after spontaneous pneumothorax evacuation

Kanchan, T.; Menezes, R.G.; Monteiro, F.N.P., 2009:
Fatal unintentional injuries among young children--a hospital based retrospective analysis

Fisher, D.S.; Leonardi, G.; Flanagan, R.J., 2014:
Fatal unintentional non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisoning: England and Wales, 1979-2012

Lawn, S.D.; Wainwright, H.; Orrell, C., 2008:
Fatal unmasking tuberculosis immune reconstitution disease with bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia: the role of macrophages

Wolters, J.M.; Smit, M.; Zijlstra, J.G., 2015:
Fatal unsuspected iron ingestion

Larson, J.V.; Steensma, E.A.; Burke, L.H.; Bartholomew, D.M., 2014:
Fatal upper gastrointestinal bleed arising from duodenal varices secondary to undiagnosed portal hypertension

Dokas, S.; Kotsis, V.; Milionis, G.; Lazaraki, G.; Sion, M., 2008 :
Fatal upper gastrointestinal bleeding caused by a metal biliary stent despite stent shortening with APC

Morgan, A.D.; Lumb, G., 2016:
Fatal use of a dangerous universal donor

Poh, K.Keong.; Chai, P.; Wong, R.C.C.; Tan, K.Bing., 2012:
Fatal vacuolar cardiomyopathy: clinicopathological correlate

Fossati, M.; Cappelli, B.; Biral, E.; Chiesa, R.; Biffi, A.; Ossi, C.; Moro, M.; Cirillo, D.Maria.; Clementi, M.; Soliman, C.; Ciceri, F.; Roncarolo, M.Grazia.; Fumagalli, L.; Marktel, S., 2010:
Fatal vancomycin- and linezolid-resistant Enterococcus faecium sepsis in a child undergoing allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for beta-thalassaemia major

Leung, J.; Siegel, S.; Jones, J.F.; Schulte, C.; Blog, D.; Schmid, D.Scott.; Bialek, S.R.; Marin, M., 2015:
Fatal varicella due to the vaccine-strain varicella-zoster virus

Chiyonobu, T.; Nakata, S.; Komori, S.; Katoh, N.; Ikegaya, H.; Nishimura, A.; Morimoto, M.; Hosoi, H., 2012:
Fatal varicella with multi-organ failure associated with low-dose adrenocorticotropic hormone therapy

Baek, W.; Lee, S-Gon.; Kim, Y.Seo.; Kim, J-Hoon.; Jun, J-Bum.; Kim, H.Young., 2012:
Fatal varicella-zoster virus vasculopathy associated with adalimumab therapy

Lemonnier, E.; Argote, C., 2010:
Fatal varicella: atypical presentation and stabbing outcome

Ball, L.K., 2013:
Fatal vascular access hemorrhage: reducing the odds

Shigeta, A.; Hayashi, K.; Kikuchi, Y.; Kuroyanagi, K.; Kageyama, N.; Ro, A.; Takatsu, A.; Fukunaga, T., 2010:
Fatal vascular injury as a result of operations: experience of two surgery-related autopsies

Chamisa, I., 2007:
Fatal vascular retroperitoneal injury following bone marrow biopsy

Launiainen, T.; Rasanen, I.; Vuori, E.; Ojanperä, I., 2011:
Fatal venlafaxine poisonings are associated with a high prevalence of drug interactions

Wilson, G.; Caiafa, A., 2009:
Fatal venous air embolism

Mal, F.; Choury, A-D.; De Castro, V.; Christidis, C.; Carbognani, D.; Validire, P.; Gayet, B., 2010:
Fatal venous air embolism during biliary endoscopy

Hsieh, T-Kuei.; Hsieh, J-Ping.; Lin, M-Chung.; Ho, S-Tai.; Hsing, C-Hsi.; Wang, J-Joung.; Chu, C-Chen., 2010:
Fatal venous air embolism during emergence from anesthesia

Zmistowski, B.; Austin, L.; Ciccotti, M.; Ricchetti, E.; Williams, G., 2010:
Fatal venous air embolism during shoulder arthroscopy: a case report

Meier, C.B.; Moser, A.J.; Sanders, M.K., 2010:
Fatal venous air embolism during upper endoscopy in a patient with percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTC) catheter

Agarwal, S.Sudhirkumar.; Kumar, L.; Chavali, K.Harishankar.; Mestri, S.Chennamallapa., 2009:
Fatal venous air embolism following intravenous infusion

Shuman, J.W.; Andrews, V.L.; Collins, D.L., 2011:
Fatal venous clotting

Ha, L.P.; Arrendondo, M., 2012 :
Fatal venous thromboembolism after splenectomy: pathogenesis and management

Lester, W.; Freemantle, N.; Begaj, I.; Ray, D.; Wood, J.; Pagano, D., 2013:
Fatal venous thromboembolism associated with hospital admission: a cohort study to assess the impact of a national risk assessment target

Kadohira, T.; Kobayashi, Y.; Asano, T.; Uehara, M.; Funabashi, N.; Nakayama, T.; Kuroda, N.; Komuro, I., 2008:
Fatal very late stent thrombosis in a young diabetic patient with severely diffuse coronary atherosclerosis

Tazi, I.; Nafil, H.; Zaoui, S.; Mahmal, L., 2014:
Fatal vincristine-induced acute neurotoxicity mimicking Guillain-Barré syndrome

Prinsloo, M.; Laubscher, R.; Neethling, I.; Bradshaw, D., 2012:
Fatal violence among children under 15 years in four cities of South Africa, 2001-2005

Claes, K.E.Y.; Cathenis, K.K.J.; Ballaux, P.K.E.W., 2014:
Fatal visceral ischemia as a complication of intra-aortic balloon placement

Sterzik, V.; Tatschner, T.; Roewer, N.; Barrera, D.; Bohnert, M., 2015:
Fatal visit to the dentist

McHugh, G.J.; Graber, M.L.; Freebairn, R.C., 2008:
Fatal vitamin C-associated acute renal failure

Nagasawa, S.; Yajima, D.; Torimitsu, S.; Abe, H.; Iwase, H., 2014:
Fatal water intoxication during olanzapine treatment: a case report

Ibraheem, M.; Marin, M.; Leung, J.; Bryce, C.H.; Schmid, D.Scott.; Zaki, S.R.; Drew, C.; Liu, L.; Smelser, C., 2013:
Fatal wild-type varicella-zoster virus encephalitis without a rash in a vaccinated child

Fayard, G.M., 2010:
Fatal work injuries involving natural disasters, 1992-2006

Roberts, S.E., 2007:
Fatal work-related accidents in UK merchant shipping from 1919 to 2005

Marsh, S.M.; Menéndez, C.Chaumont.; Baron, S.L.; Steege, A.L.; Myers, J.R., 2014:
Fatal work-related injuries - United States, 2005-2009

Santana, V.Sousa.; Dias, E.Costa.; Oliveira, G.Lage.; Moura, M.Cláudia.Peres.; Nobre, L.Coelho.da.Costa.; Machado, J.Mesquita.Huet., 2014:
Fatal work-related injuries and interpersonal violence in Brazil, 2000-2010

Fortea, J.; Compta, Y.; Valldeoriola, F.; Tolosa, E.; Compta, Y.; Rey, Mía.Jesús.; Ribalta, T.; Gastón, Félix.; Ribalta, T., 2008:
Fatal worsening of late-onset cerebellar ataxia with neuronal intranuclear inclusions due to superimposed meningeal Rosai-Dorfman disease

Baker, S.; Campbell, J.I.; Stabler, R.; Nguyen, H.V.M.; To, D.S.; Nguyen, D.V.; Farrar, J., 2008:
Fatal wound infection caused by Chromobacterium violaceum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Sellin, L.; Kumlin, T.; Wallsten, T.; Wiklund Gustin, L., 2018:
Caring for the suicidal person: A Delphi study of what characterizes a recovery-oriented caring approach

Lathrop, S.L.; Dick, T.B.; Nolte, K.B., 2010:
Fatal wrong-way collisions on New Mexico's interstate highways, 1990-2004

Koteda, S.; Nomura, K.; Hashiguchi, M.; Kawaguchi, K.; Oku, E.; Osaki, K.; Nakamura, T.; Mouri, F.; Imamura, R.; Seki, R.; Nagafuji, K.; Makimura, K.; Okamura, T., 2013:
Fatal zygomycosis caused by Mucor indicus after haplo-identical stem cell transplantation

Dey, M.; Turner, M.S.; Wollmann, R.; Awad, I.A., 2011:
Fatal "hypertensive" intracerebral hemorrhage associated with a cerebral cavernous angioma: case report

Rzheshevsky, A.V., 2014:
Fatal "triad": lipotoxicity, oxidative stress, and phenoptosis

Cateau, E.; Randriamalala, E.; Elsendoorn, A.; Giot, J-Philippe.; du Sorbier, C.Monegier.; Rodier, M-Helene., 2014:
Fatal-mixed cutaneous zygomycosis-aspergillosis: a case report

Khammassi, N.; Chrifi, Jéne.; Mohsen, D.; Abdelhedi, H.; Tougourti, M.Najib.; Hassen, Z.; Hamza, M., 2010:
Fatale post transfusionnel hepatitis CMV of fatal outcome

Hess, R.F.; McKinney, D., 2007:
Fatalism and HIV/AIDS beliefs in rural Mali, West Africa

Baron-Epel, O.; Friedman, N.; Lernau, O., 2009:
Fatalism and Mammography in a Multicultural Population

Ramírez, A.Susana., 2014:
Fatalism and cancer risk knowledge among a sample of highly acculturated Latinas

Royse, D.; Dignan, M., 2011:
Fatalism and cancer screening in Appalachian Kentucky

Heiniger, L.E.; Sherman, K.A.; Shaw, L-Kate.E.; Costa, D., 2013:
Fatalism and health promoting behaviors in Chinese and Korean immigrants and Caucasians

Savage, M.; Dumas, A.; Stuart, S.A., 2014:
Fatalism and short-termism as cultural barriers to cardiac rehabilitation among underprivileged men

Powe, B.D.; Johnson, A., 1995:
Fatalism as a barrier to cancer screening among African-Americans: Philosophical perspectives

Spronk, P.E.; Hofhuis, Jé.G.M., 2012:
Fatalism is not justified when evaluating the critically ill elderly

Schmidt, C., 2007:
Fatalism may fuel cancer-causing behaviors

Mudd-Martin, G.; Rayens, M.Kay.; Lennie, T.A.; Chung, M.L.; Gokun, Y.; Wiggins, A.T.; Biddle, M.J.; Bailey, A.L.; Novak, M.J.; Casey, B.R.; Moser, D.K., 2016:
Fatalism moderates the relationship between family history of cardiovascular disease and engagement in health-promoting behaviors among at-risk rural Kentuckians

Flórez, K.R.; Aguirre, A.N.; Viladrich, Aí.; Céspedes, A.; De La Cruz, A.Alicia.; Abraído-Lanza, A.F., 2008:
Fatalism or destiny? A qualitative study and interpretative framework on Dominican women's breast cancer beliefs

Morgan, P.D.; Tyler, I.D.; Fogel, J., 2008:
Fatalism revisited

Morgenstern, L.B.; Sánchez, B.N.; Skolarus, L.E.; Garcia, N.; Risser, J.M.H.; Wing, J.J.; Smith, M.A.; Zahuranec, D.B.; Lisabeth, L.D., 2012:
Fatalism, optimism, spirituality, depressive symptoms, and stroke outcome: a population-based analysis

Marván, M.Luisa.; Ehrenzweig, Y.; Catillo-López, R.Lilia., 2016:
Fatalistic Beliefs and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Mexican Women

Claassen, L.; Henneman, L.; De Vet, R.; Knol, D.; Marteau, T.; Timmermans, D., 2010:
Fatalistic responses to different types of genetic risk information: exploring the role of self-malleability

Parsons, L.; Kimball, T., 1931:
Fatalities Due to Cinchophen

Rotta, A.T.; Alves, P.M.; Mason, K.E.; Nerwich, N.; Speicher, R.H.; Allareddy, V.; Allareddy, V., 2015:
Fatalities above 30,000 feet: characterizing pediatric deaths on commercial airline flights worldwide

Ernst, E., 2011:
Fatalities after CAM: an overview

Grissinger, M., 2013:
Fatalities after inadvertent injections of topical epinephrine

Anonymous, 2008:
Fatalities among oil and gas extraction workers--United States, 2003-2006

Cantu, R.C.; Mueller, F.O., 1999:
Fatalities and catastrophic injuries in high school and college sports, 1982-1997 lessons for improving safety

Peiris-John, R.; Kool, B.; Ameratunga, S., 2014:
Fatalities and hospitalisations due to acute poisoning among New Zealand adults

Anonymous, 2009:
Fatalities and injuries in motor vehicle backing crashes

Hibbard, K.R.; Propst, A.; Frank, D.E.; Wyse, J., 2009:
Fatalities associated with clozapine-related constipation and bowel obstruction: a literature review and two case reports

Lee, E.H.; Wu, C.; Lee, E.U.; Stoute, A.; Hanson, H.; Cook, H.A.; Nivin, B.; Fine, A.D.; Kerker, B.D.; Harper, S.A.; Layton, M.C.; Balter, S., 2010:
Fatalities associated with the 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus in New York city

Stoppacher, R.; Yancon, A.R.; Jumbelic, M.I., 2008:
Fatalities associated with the termination of electrical services

Anonymous, 2009:
Fatalities caused by cattle--four States, 2003-2008

Uzün, I.; Büyük, Yçin.; Erkol, Z.; Ağritmiş, H.; Kir, Z., 2009:
Fatalities caused by spherical bullets fired from blank cartridge guns in Istanbul, Turkey

Ring, J., 2012:
Fatalities despite known allergy. How can you better protect anaphylaxis patients? (interview by Dr. Beate Schumacher)

Wolf, B.C.; Harding, B.E., 2014:
Fatalities due to indigenous and exotic species in Florida

Herff, H.; Paal, P.; Lindner, K.H.; von Goedecke, A.; Keller, C.; Wenzel, V., 2008:
Fatalities due to nitrous oxide. Complications from mistakes in nitrous oxide supply

Suarez-Murias, E.L., 1949:
Fatalities following sub-shock doses of insulin

Adriani, J.; Campbell, D., 2014:
Fatalities following topical application of local anesthetics to mucous membranes

Bradford, B.; Campbell, D.A., 2018:
Fatalities following war wounds of the abdomen

Bateman, C.R., 1961:
Fatalities from Overdosage of Antidepressant Drugs

Hamadeh, R.R.; Ali, N.M.A., 2014:
Fatalities from road traffic accidents among the young in Bahrain

Adriani, J., 1948:
Fatalities from spinal anesthesia

Anonymous, 1929:
Fatalities from the Gases used in Refrigeration

Forrester, J.A.; Holstege, C.P.; Forrester, J.D., 2012:
Fatalities from venomous and nonvenomous animals in the United States (1999-2007)

Löllgen, H., 2009:
Fatalities in athletes. How can we protect our athletes? (interview by Dr. Jochen Aumiller)

Weinbruch, S.; Nordby, K-Christian., 2014:
Fatalities in high altitude mountaineering: a review of quantitative risk estimates

Boden, B.P.; Breit, I.; Beachler, J.A.; Williams, A.; Mueller, F.O., 2013:
Fatalities in high school and college football players

Roberts, S.E.; Nielsen, D.; Jaremin, B., 2014:
Fatalities in recreational boating and sub-aqua diving

Mégarbane, B.; Vodovar, D.; Baud, Fédéric.J., 2011:
Fatalities in relation to buprenorphine snorting and ethanol co-ingestion: mechanisms of toxicity

Pelletier, A.R.; Gilchrist, J., 2011:
Fatalities in swimming pools with lifeguards: USA, 2000-2008

Nurthen, N.M.; Jung, P., 2008:
Fatalities in the Peace Corps: a retrospective study, 1984 to 2003

Hoffmann, B.; Wiesner, H.; Maltzan, J.; Mustefa, R.; Eschbaumer, M.; Arif, F.A.; Beer, M., 2012:
Fatalities in wild goats in Kurdistan associated with Peste des Petits Ruminants virus

Mei-Dan, O.; Monasterio, E.; Carmont, M.; Westman, A., 2014:
Fatalities in wingsuit BASE jumping

Doyon, S.; Klein-Schwartz, W.; Lee, S.; Beuhler, M.C., 2014:
Fatalities involving acetaminophen combination products reported to United States poison centers

Viano, D.C.; Parenteau, C.S., 2008:
Fatalities of children 0-7 years old in the second row

Stimpson, J.P.; Wilson, F.A.; Muelleman, R.L., 2014:
Fatalities of pedestrians, bicycle riders, and motorists due to distracted driving motor vehicle crashes in the U.S., 2005-2010

Shackelford, S.; Nguyen, L.; Noguchi, T.; Sathyavagiswaran, L.; Inaba, K.; Demetriades, D., 2011:
Fatalities of the 2008 Los Angeles train crash: autopsy findings

Karger, B.; Fracasso, T.; Pfeiffer, H., 2008:
Fatalities related to medical restraint devices-asphyxia is a common finding

Gilbar, P.J.; Seger, A.C., 2012:
Fatalities resulting from accidental intrathecal administration of bortezomib: strategies for prevention

Malamud, N., 1948:
Fatalities resulting from treatment with subshock doses of insulin

Alper, K.R.; Stajić, M.; Gill, J.R., 2012:
Fatalities temporally associated with the ingestion of ibogaine

Anonymous, 1946:
Fatality Rate of Measles

Chen, D.Yun.; Schneider, P.F.; Zhang, X.Song.; He, Z.Min.; Chen, T.Hua., 2013:
Fatality after cardiac arrest in thyrotoxic periodic paralysis due to profound hypokalemia resulting from intravenous glucose administration and inadequate potassium replacement

Bersan, Sérgio.Adriano.Loureiro.; Amaral, C.Faria.Santos.; Gomes, I.Cristina.; Cherchiglia, Mângela.Leal., 2014:
Fatality and hospitalization in hemodialysis patients in a health plan

Lotfipour, S.; Sayegh, R.; Chakravarthy, B.; Hoonpongsimanont, W.; Anderson, C.L.; Fox, J.Christian.; Vaca, F.E., 2013:
Fatality and injury severity of older adult motor vehicle collisions in orange county, california, 1998-2007

Yang, Z-yao.; Zhan, S-yan.; Wang, B.; Lv, X-zhen.; Shu, Z.; He, Y-jian.; Qiu, N.; Yang, H-ying., 2011:
Fatality and secular trend of bloodstream infections during hospitalization in China: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Harvey, J.K.; Todd, C.W.; Howard, J.W., 1949:
Fatality associated with benzedrine ingestion; a case report

Lynch, M.J.; Woodford, N.W.F., 2009:
Fatality complicating agranulocytosis in the setting of carbimazole therapy

Gubernot, D.M.; Wise, R.P.; Spinola, S.M., 2009:
Fatality despite appropriate treatment for babesiosis

Lynch, M.J.; Woods, J.; George, N.; Gerostamoulos, D., 2008:
Fatality due to amisulpride toxicity: a case report

Ayres, F., 2011:
Fatality due to ascariasis

Stove, C.P.; De Letter, E.A.; Piette, M.H.; Lambert, W.E., 2013:
Fatality following a suicidal overdose with varenicline

Yang, T.; McGoey, R.R., 2013:
Fatality following acute onset of shortness of breath

Sewall, S., 2014:
Fatality following the use of intravenous ether in the treatment of peripheral vascular disease

Berry, A.N., 1949:
Fatality following tridione

Choi, U.Tae.; Kang, G.Hyun.; Jang, Y.Soo.; Ahn, H.Cheol.; Seo, J.Youl.; Sohn, Y.Dong., 2010:
Fatality from acute chlorfenapyr poisoning

Kuffner, E.; Patel, M., 2010:
Fatality from diphenhydramine monointoxication: a case report and review of the infant, pediatric, and adult literature

Jones, A.Wayne., 2011:
Fatality from drinking denatured alcohol and hypothermia

Etgen, T.; Rieder, G., 2009:
Fatality from minor cervical trauma in ankylosing spondylitis

Zukerman, C.M., 2014 :
Fatality in a blood donor; a case report, with a review of the literature

Kitchens, C.; Eskin, T., 2008:
Fatality in a case of envenomation by Crotalus adamanteus initially successfully treated with polyvalent ovine antivenom followed by recurrence of defibrinogenation syndrome

Schattner, A.; Kozak, N.; Friedman, J., 2013:
Fatality in a patient treated with dabigatran

La Harpe, R.; Shiferaw, K.; Mangin, P.; Burkhardt, S., 2014:
Fatality in a wine vat

Ghosh, I.; Bakhshi, S.; Faizi, N.Asghar.; Broor, S., 2010:
Fatality in febrile neutropenia due to H1N1 influenza: an alert for pediatric oncologists

Sabzghabaee, A.M.; Eizadi-Mood, N.; Montazeri, K.; Yaraghi, A.; Golabi, M., 2011:
Fatality in paraquat poisoning

Dudley, M.H.; Fleming, S.W.; Garg, U.; Edwards, J.M., 2012:
Fatality involving complications of bupivacaine toxicity and hypersensitivity reaction

Bailey, K.; Richards-Waugh, L.; Clay, D.; Gebhardt, M.; Mahmoud, H.; Kraner, J.C., 2011:
Fatality involving the ingestion of phenazepam and poppy seed tea

Macfarlane, M.G., 1945:
Fatality of Gas Gangrene in Relation to Treatment

Jansen, E.; Buster, M.C.A.; Zuur, A.L.; Das, C., 2010:
Fatality of suicide attempts in Amsterdam 1996-2005

Welliver, R.C.; Checchia, P.A.; Bauman, J.H.; Fernandes, A.W.; Mahadevia, P.J.; Hall, C.B., 2010:
Fatality rates in published reports of RSV hospitalizations among high-risk and otherwise healthy children

Kent, R.; Woods, W.; Bostrom, O., 2008:
Fatality risk and the presence of rib fractures

Daniello, A.; Gabler, H.C., 2011:
Fatality risk in motorcycle collisions with roadside objects in the United States

Staples, J.A.; Redelmeier, D.A., 2014:
Fatality risks on the road and in space

Bishop, H.F., 1948:
Fatality under topical and local anesthesia for submucous resection; death before operation

Hem, E.; Jacobsen, G.W., 2012:
Fatality, lethality or mortality?

Andréll, P.; Ekre, O.; Grip, L.; Währborg, P.; Albertsson, P.; Eliasson, T.; Jeppsson, A.; Mannheimer, C., 2012:
Fatality, morbidity and quality of life in patients with refractory angina pectoris

Paintin, D., 2013:
Fatally flawed?

Wilkinson, D.J.C.; Thiele, P.; Watkins, A.; De Crespigny, L., 2012:
Fatally flawed? A review and ethical analysis of lethal congenital malformations

Angthong, C.; Watthanaapisith, T.; Chavasiri, C., 2011:
Fatally idiopathic spontaneous hemoperitoneum in a patient with cervical spine injury: a case report and review of the literature

Pézier, T.F.; Kastrinidis, N.; Widmer, G-Marco.; Huber, G.F.; Probst, R., 2015:
Fatally invasive actinomycosis masquerading as a tonsillar carcinoma

Anonymous, 1943:
Fate Of Public Health Measures In Recent California Legislature

Bunting, C.H.; Huston, J., 1921:
Fate of the Lymphocyte

Lian, J.; Liu, J-Xin., 2014:
Fate analysis of NPEOs and their metabolites in municipal wastewater plants

Kajimoto, K.; Allan, A.; Cunningham, L.Anna., 2014:
Fate analysis of adult hippocampal progenitors in a murine model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)

Bui, X.Thanh.; Wolff, A.; Madsen, M.; Bang, D.Duong., 2011:
Fate and Survival of Campylobacter coli in Swine Manure at Various Temperatures

Zhang, P-Pan.; Fan, X-Lin., 2014:
Fate and balance of bulk blending controlled release fertilizer nitrogen under continuous cropping of mustard

Aktar, M.Wasim.; Gupta, A.; Gade, V.; Bhattacharyya, A., 2007:
Fate and behavior of Benthiocarb--a herbicide in transplanted paddy under East-Indian climatic condition

Musee, N.; Zvimba, J.N.; Schaefer, L.M.; Nota, N.; Sikhwivhilu, L.M.; Thwala, M., 2014:
Fate and behavior of ZnO- and Ag-engineered nanoparticles and a bacterial viability assessment in a simulated wastewater treatment plant

Finlayson, B.J.; Eilers, J.M.; Huchko, H.A., 2014:
Fate and behavior of rotenone in Diamond Lake, Oregon, USA following invasive tui chub eradication

Crane, R.S.; Barton, P.; Cartmell, E.; Coulon, F.; Hillis, P.; Judd, S.J.; Santos, A.; Stephenson, T.; Lester, J.N., 2010:
Fate and behaviour of copper and zinc in secondary biological wastewater treatment processes: I. Evaluation of biomass adsorption capacity

Santos, A.; Barton, P.; Cartmell, E.; Coulon, F.; Crane, R.S.; Hillis, P.; Lester, J.N.; Stephenson, T.; Judd, S.J., 2010:
Fate and behaviour of copper and zinc in secondary biological wastewater treatment processes: II. Removal at varying sludge age

Smídová, Kára.; Hofman, J.; Ite, A.E.; Semple, K.T., 2012:
Fate and bioavailability of ¹⁴C-pyrene and ¹⁴C-lindane in sterile natural and artificial soils and the influence of aging

Wang, Y.; Westerhoff, P.; Hristovski, K.D., 2012:
Fate and biological effects of silver, titanium dioxide, and C60 (fullerene) nanomaterials during simulated wastewater treatment processes

Theivacumar, N.S.; Dellagrammaticas, D.; Beale, R.J.; Mavor, A.I.D.; Gough, M.J., 2007:
Fate and clinical significance of saphenofemoral junction tributaries following endovenous laser ablation of great saphenous vein

Hadibarata, T.; Kristanti, R.Ayu., 2012:
Fate and cometabolic degradation of benzo[a]pyrene by white-rot fungus Armillaria sp. F022

Kim, M-Ji.; Marchand, P.; Henegar, C.; Antignac, J-Philippe.; Alili, R.; Poitou, C.; Bouillot, J-Luc.; Basdevant, A.; Le Bizec, B.; Barouki, R.; Clément, K., 2011:
Fate and complex pathogenic effects of dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls in obese subjects before and after drastic weight loss

Ömeroğlu, Sçil.; Sanin, F.Dilek., 2015:
Fate and degradation kinetics of nonylphenol compounds in aerobic batch digesters

Davidson, M.A.; Croteau, M.C.; Millar, C.S.; Trudeau, V.L.; Lean, D.R.S., 2011 :
Fate and developmental effects of dietary uptake of methylmercury in Silurana tropicalis tadpoles

Stietiya, M.Hashem.; Duqqah, M.; Udeigwe, T.; Zubi, R.; Ammari, T., 2014:
Fate and distribution of heavy metals in wastewater irrigated calcareous soils

Cheng, C.Y.; Chu, L.M., 2011:
Fate and distribution of nitrogen in soil and plants irrigated with landfill leachate

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Caring in dignity

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Fate of health care reform will NOT undo 'meaningful use' incentives

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