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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53248

Chapter 53248 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1970:
Finnigan corporation

Anonymous, 1970:
Finnigan instruments corporation

Haahtela, T.; von Hertzen, L.; Mäkelä, M.; Hannuksela, M.; Haahtela, T.; von Hertzen, L.; Mäkelä, M.; Hannuksela, M.; Erhola, M.; Kaila, M.; Kauppinen, R.; Killström, L.; Klaukka, T.; Korhonen, K.; Lauerma, A.; Lindgren, J.; Lähteinen, S.; Paakkinen, P.; Pekkanen, J.; Pietinalho, A.; Pouta, A.; Toskala, E.; Vaarala, O.; Valovirta, E.; Vartiainen, E.; Vidgren, P., 2008:
Finnish Allergy Programme 2008-2018--time to act and change the course

Revez, J.; Rossi, M.; Ellström, P.; de Haan, C.; Rautelin, H.; Hänninen, M-Liisa., 2012:
Finnish Campylobacter jejuni strains of multilocus sequence type ST-22 complex have two lineages with different characteristics

Kyttälä, P.; Erkkola, M.; Lehtinen-Jacks, S.; Ovaskainen, M-Leena.; Uusitalo, L.; Veijola, R.; Simell, O.; Knip, M.; Virtanen, S.Mirjami., 2015:
Finnish Children Healthy Eating Index (FCHEI) and its associations with family and child characteristics in pre-school children

Virkamäki, A.; Saltevo, J., 2011:
Finnish Current Care Guideline for Diabetes: interactive approach to improve individualised treatment

Sihvonen, R.; Paavola, M.; Malmivaara, A.; Järvinen, T.L.N., 2013:
Finnish Degenerative Meniscal Lesion Study (FIDELITY): a protocol for a randomised, placebo surgery controlled trial on the efficacy of arthroscopic partial meniscectomy for patients with degenerative meniscus injury with a novel 'RCT within-a-cohort' study design

Janghorbani, M.; Adineh, H.; Amini, M., 2014:
Finnish Diabetes Risk Score to predict type 2 diabetes in the Isfahan diabetes prevention study

Mantere, T.; Haanpää, M.; Hanenberg, H.; Schleutker, J.; Kallioniemi, A.; Kähkönen, M.; Parto, K.; Avela, K.; Aittomäki, K.; von Koskull, H.; Hartikainen, J.M.; Kosma, V-M.; Laasanen, S-L.; Mannermaa, A.; Pylkäs, K.; Winqvist, R., 2016:
Finnish Fanconi anemia mutations and hereditary predisposition to breast and prostate cancer

Pekkola, M., 1991:
Finnish Halo Observing Network: search for rare halo phenomena

Lampi, K.M.; Banerjee, P.Nina.; Gissler, M.; Hinkka-Yli-Salomäki, S.; Huttunen, J.; Kulmala, U.; Lindroos, J.; Niemelä, S.; Rihko, M.; Ristkari, T.; Saanakorpi, K.; Sarlin, T.; Sillanmäki, L.; McKeague, I.W.; Surcel, Hä-Marja.; Helenius, H.; Brown, A.S.; Sourander, A., 2011:
Finnish Prenatal Study of Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (FIPS-A): overview and design

Chudal, R.; Sucksdorff, D.; Suominen, A.; Lehti, V.; Hinkka-Yli-Salomäki, S.; Huttunen, J.; Ristkari, T.; Gissler, M.; McKeague, I.W.; Brown, A.S.; Sourander, A., 2014:
Finnish Prenatal Study of Bipolar Disorders (FIPS-B): overview, design and description of the sample

Pohjanheimo, T.; Luomala, H.; Tahvonen, R., 2010:
Finnish adolescents' attitudes towards wholegrain bread and healthiness

Jonsén, E.; Melender, H-Leena.; Hilli, Y., 2013:
Finnish and Swedish nursing students' experiences of their first clinical practice placement--a qualitative study

Palotie, U.; Vehkalahti, M.M., 2008:
Finnish dentists' perceptions of the longevity of direct dental restorations

Kestilä, M.; Ikonen, E.; Lehesjoki, A-Elina., 2010:
Finnish disease heritage

Hietikko, E.; Kotimäki, J.; Kentala, E.; Klockars, T.; Sorri, M.; Männikkö, M., 2011:
Finnish familial Meniere disease is not linked to chromosome 12p12.3, and anticipation and cosegregation with migraine are not common findings

Väänänen, M.Heleena.; Lyles, A.; Airaksinen, M., 2008:
Finnish immigrants' experience of community pharmacy services in Spain: an example of a developing E.U. issue

Koponen, J.; Pyörälä, E.; Isotalus, P., 2010:
Finnish medical students'perceptions of Theatre in Education method in learning interpersonal communication competence

Kouvo, A.M.; Silven, M., 2011:
Finnish mother's and father's attachment representations during child's first year predict psychosocial adjustment in preadolescence

Nevala, T.; Biancari, F.; Manninen, H.; Aho, P-Sakari.; Matsi, P.; Mäkinen, K.; Roth, W-Dieter.; Ylönen, K.; Lepäntalo, M.; Perälä, J., 2009:
Finnish multicenter study on the midterm results of use of the Zenith stent-graft in the treatment of an abdominal aortic aneurysm

Borg, A-Mari.; Kaukonen, Pälvi.; Joukamaa, M.; Tamminen, T., 2014:
Finnish norms for young children on the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire

Kinnunen-Amoroso, M.; Liira, J., 2014:
Finnish occupational health nurses' view of work-related stress: a cross-sectional study

Kinnunen-Amoroso, M., 2012:
Finnish occupational physicians' and nurses' experience of work related stress management: a qualitative study

Sormunen, M.; Tossavainen, K.; Turunen, H., 2013:
Finnish parental involvement ethos, health support, health education knowledge and participation: results from a 2-year school health intervention

Alasaarela, E., 2010:
Finnish perspectives of wireless in healthcare

Pylkkänen, K., 2012:
Finnish psychiatry--past and present

Aira, T.; Välimaa, R.; Paakkari, L.; Villberg, J.; Kannas, L., 2015:
Finnish pupils' perceptions of health education as a school subject

Alssema, M.; Feskens, E.J.M.; Bakker, S.J.L.; Gansevoort, R.T.; Boer, J.M.A.; Heine, R.J.; Nijpels, G.; Stehouwer, C.D.A.; van der Kraan, M.; Dekker, J.M., 2008:
Finnish questionnaire reasonably good predictor of the incidence of diabetes in The Netherlands

Valmari, T.; Mäkeläinen, I.; Reisbacka, H.; Arvela, H., 2011:
Finnish radon situation analysed using national measurement database

Saloheimo, P., 2012:
Finnish regulator is investigated after discovery of two bogus doctors

Häkkänen-Nyholm, Hä.; Repo-Tiihonen, E.; Lindberg, N.; Salenius, S.; Weizmann-Henelius, G., 2009:
Finnish sexual homicides: offence and offender characteristics

Holopainen, J.; Helama, S.; Partonen, T., 2014:
Finnish suicide mortality from 1950 to 2009 in an European comparison

Castro, K.; Knuutinen, U.; de Vallejuelo, S.Fdez-Ortiz.; Irazola, M.; Madariaga, J.Manuel., 2013:
Finnish wallpaper pigments in the 18th-19th century: presence of KFe3(CrO4)2(OH)6 and odd pigment mixtures

Höglund, J.; Jern, P.; Sandnabba, N.Kenneth.; Santtila, P., 2014:
Finnish women and men who self-report no sexual attraction in the past 12 months: prevalence, relationship status, and sexual behavior history

Metlin, A.E.; Rybakov, S.S.; Gruzdev, K.N.; Mikhalishin, V.V.; Huovilainen, A.; Neuvonen, E., 2008:
Finnish-Russian programme for the control of rabies (2005-2010)

Molarius, A.; Ekholm, A., 2011:
Finns living in Sweden have poorer health than native Swedes. But their psychological well-being is the same

Arvela, E.; Söderström, M.; Korhonen, M.; Halmesmäki, K.; Albäck, A.; Lepäntalo, M.; Venermo, M.; Biancari, F., 2010:
Finnvasc score and modified Prevent III score predict long-term outcome after infrainguinal surgical and endovascular revascularization for critical limb ischemia

Cebesoy, O.; Subasi, M.; Arpacioglu, O., 2007:
Finsen V, Hofstad M, Haugan H. A rare complication in scaphoid pseudoarthrosis: intraarticlar migration and breaking of Kirschner wire [Injury 2006;37(9):854-9

Melonakos, J.; Pichon, E.; Angenent, S.; Tannenbaum, A., 2008:
Finsler active contours

Melonakos, J.; Mohan, V.; Niethammer, M.; Smith, K.; Kubicki, M.; Tannenbaum, A., 2007:
Finsler tractography for white matter connectivity analysis of the cingulum bundle

Fox, F., 2009:
Fiona Fox. Interview by Tony Kirby

Powrie, F., 2010:
Fiona Powrie: Gut diplomacy. Interview by Amy Maxmen

Schulz, M.H.; Weese, D.; Holtgrewe, M.; Dimitrova, V.; Niu, S.; Reinert, K.; Richard, H., 2015:
Fiona: a parallel and automatic strategy for read error correction

Lackford, B.; Yao, C.; Charles, G.M.; Weng, L.; Zheng, X.; Choi, E-A.; Xie, X.; Wan, J.; Xing, Y.; Freudenberg, J.M.; Yang, P.; Jothi, R.; Hu, G.; Shi, Y., 2014:
Fip1 regulates mRNA alternative polyadenylation to promote stem cell self-renewal

Qin, A.; Zhang, Y.; Clark, M.E.; Rabideau, M.M.; Millan Barea, L.R.; Mann, B.J., 2014:
FipB, an essential virulence factor of Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis, has dual roles in disulfide bond formation

Ferreira, M.; De Oliveira, Pícia.Rosa.; Denardi, S.Eloisi.; Bechara, Gásio.Henrique.; Mathias, M.Izabel.Camargo., 2012:
Fipronil (active ingredient of acaricide Frontline®) acting on the mice thyroid

Nicodemo, D.; Maioli, M.A.; Medeiros, H.C.D.; Guelfi, M.; Balieira, K.V.B.; De Jong, D.; Mingatto, Fábio.E., 2014:
Fipronil and imidacloprid reduce honeybee mitochondrial activity

Mahler, B.J.; Van Metre, P.C.; Wilson, J.T.; Musgrove, M.; Zaugg, S.D.; Burkhardt, M.R., 2009:
Fipronil and its degradates in indoor and outdoor dust

Xue, R-De.; Pridgeon, J.W.; Becnel, J.J.; Ali, A., 2009:
Fipronil as a larvicide against the container-inhabiting mosquito, Aedes albopictus

Sidiropoulou, E.; Sachana, M.; Flaskos, J.; Harris, W.; Hargreaves, A.J.; Woldehiwet, Z., 2011:
Fipronil interferes with the differentiation of mouse N2a neuroblastoma cells

Tang, J.; Li, J.; Shao, Y.; Yang, B.; Liu, Z., 2010:
Fipronil resistance in the whitebacked planthopper (Sogatella furcifera): possible resistance mechanisms and cross-resistance

Pfister, K., 2013:
Fipronil, amitraz and (S)-methoprene-a novel ectoparasiticide combination for dogs

Bizikova, P.; Linder, K.E.; Olivry, T., 2014:
Fipronil-amitraz-S-methoprene-triggered pemphigus foliaceus in 21 dogs: clinical, histological and immunological characteristics

Majtan, J.; Bohova, J.; Garcia-Villalba, R.; Tomas-Barberan, F.A.; Madakova, Z.; Majtan, T.; Majtan, V.; Klaudiny, J., 2014:
Fir honeydew honey flavonoids inhibit TNF-α-induced MMP-9 expression in human keratinocytes: a new action of honey in wound healing

Prat, A.; Stüve, O., 2012:
Firategrast: natalizumab in a pill?

Webb, R., 2013:
Fire & nice

Ward, R.H., 1881:
Fire Balls

Paulsamy, S.; Sivakumar, R.; Balasubramaniam, V.; Arumugasamy, K.; Nagarajan, N., 2001:
Fire Control - A Conservation Tool for certain Medical Plants in Grass Hills Ecosystem, The Western Ghats

Sahin, F.; Yıldız, P., 2011:
Fire Eater's Pneumonia: One of the Rare Differential Diagnoses of Pulmonary Mass Images

Tuckerman, L.B., 1941:
Fire Hazard in Sterilization by Di-Ethylene Glycol

Venkataseshan, J.; Pandit, S.; Saini, A., 2012:
Fire accidents in neonatal nursery: prevention and management

Parks, S.A.; Parisien, M-André.; Miller, C.; Dobrowski, S.Z., 2015:
Fire activity and severity in the western US vary along proxy gradients representing fuel amount and fuel moisture

Anonymous, 1957:
Fire and Explosion Hazards in Anesthetizing Locations

Fodor, N., 1948:
Fire and begetting

Subirà, M.Eulàlia.; Ruiz, J.; Guardiola-Bufì, M., 2011:
Fire and bones: Bronze Age III in the North-Eastern Iberian Peninsula

Bishop, T.; Turchyn, A.V.; Sivan, O., 2014:
Fire and brimstone: the microbially mediated formation of elemental sulfur nodules from an isotope and major element study in the paleo-Dead Sea

Kalkman, C.J.; Romijn, C.; van Rheineck Leyssius, A.T., 2008:
Fire and explosion hazard during oxygen use in operating rooms

Kwok, Q.; Acheson, B.; Turcotte, R.; Janès, A.; Marlair, G., 2013:
Fire and explosion hazards related to the industrial use of potassium and sodium methoxides

Brown, P.M.; Wienk, C.L.; Symstad, A.J., 2009:
Fire and forest history at Mount Rushmore

Veach, A.M.; Dodds, W.K.; Skibbe, A., 2016:
Fire and grazing influences on rates of riparian woody plant expansion along grassland streams

Herzog, N.M.; Parker, C.H.; Keefe, E.R.; Coxworth, J.; Barrett, A.; Hawkes, K., 2015:
Fire and home range expansion: a behavioral response to burning among savanna dwelling vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops)

Trueb, L.F., 1994:
Fire and ice ... And worms?

Hashmi, A.Stephen.K., 2012:
Fire and ice: a gold(III) monohydride

Crawford, D.M.; Hampson, N.B., 2008:
Fire and ice: diagnosis of carbon monoxide poisoning in a remote environment

Rybak, L.D., 2009:
Fire and ice: thermal ablation of musculoskeletal tumors

Pausas, J.G.; Schwilk, D., 2012:
Fire and plant evolution. MEDECOS Special Session on 'Fire as an evolutionary pressure shaping plant traits', Los Angeles, CA, USA, September 2011

Tavşanoğlu, Cğatay.; Ubeda, X., 2011:
Fire and soils: methodological issues and implications to management

Straus, W.L., 1954:
Fire and the Australopithecines

Bond, W.J.; Scott, A.C., 2011:
Fire and the spread of flowering plants in the Cretaceous

Sherman, R.E.; Martin, P.H.; Fahey, T.J.; Degloria, S.D., 2009:
Fire and vegetation dynamics in high-elevation neotropical montane forests of the Dominican Republic

Matson, J., 2012:
Fire and water

Sharma, K.R.; Fadamiro, H.Y., 2014:
Fire ant alarm pheromone and venom alkaloids act in concert to attract parasitic phorid flies, Pseudacteon spp

Levy, A.L.; Wagner, J.M.; Schuman, S.H., 2009:
Fire ant anaphylaxis: two critical cases in South Carolina

Callcott, A-Marie.A.; Porter, S.D.; Weeks, R.D.; Fudd Graham, L.C.; Johnson, S.J.; Gilbert, L.E., 2011:
Fire ant decapitating fly cooperative release programs (1994-2008): two Pseudacteon species, P. tricuspis and P. curvatus, rapidly expand across imported fire ant populations in the southeastern United States

Chen, L.; Sharma, K.R.; Fadamiro, H.Y., 2010:
Fire ant venom alkaloids act as key attractants for the parasitic phorid fly, Pseudacteon tricuspis (Diptera: Phoridae)

Lin, H-Min.; Chi, W-Lien.; Lin, C-Chi.; Tseng, Y-Ching.; Chen, W-Ting.; Kung, Y-Ling.; Lien, Y-Yang.; Chen, Y-Yuan., 2011:
Fire ant-detecting canines: a complementary method in detecting red imported fire ants

Foster, P.C.; Mlot, N.J.; Lin, A.; Hu, D.L., 2015:
Fire ants actively control spacing and orientation within self-assemblages

Mann, C.C., 1994:
Fire ants parlay their queens into a threat to biodiversity

Zhou, A.; Zeng, L.; Lu, Y.; Xu, Y.; Liang, G., 2013:
Fire ants protect mealybugs against their natural enemies by utilizing the leaf shelters constructed by the leaf roller Sylepta derogata

Slik, J.W.Ferry.; Breman, F.C.; Bernard, C.; van Beek, M.; Cannon, C.H.; Eichhorn, K.A.O.; Sidiyasa, K., 2011:
Fire as a selective force in a Bornean tropical everwet forest

Zhang, J-Li.; Liu, B-Fei.; Di, X-Ying.; Chu, T-Fei.; Jin, S., 2014:
Fire behavior of Mongolian oak leaves fuel bed under no-wind and zero-slope conditions. II. Analysis of the factors affecting flame length and residence time and related prediction models

Jin, S.; Liu, B-Fei.; Di, X-Ying.; Chu, T-Fei.; Zhang, J-Li., 2013:
Fire behavior of Mongolian oak leaves fuel-bed under no-wind and zero-slope conditions. I. Factors affecting fire spread rate and modeling

Zhang, J-Li.; Liu, B-Fei.; Di, X-Ying.; Chu, T-Fei.; Jin, S., 2015:
Fire behavior of Quercus mongolica leaf litter fuelbed under zero-slope and no-wind conditions. II. Analysis and modelling of fireline intensity, fuel consumption, and combustion efficiency

Zhang, J-Li.; Liu, B-Fei.; Chu, T-Fei.; Di, X-Ying.; Jin, S., 2013:
Fire behavior of ground surface fuels in Pinus koraiensis and Quercus mongolica mixed forest under no wind and zero slope condition: a prediction with extended Rothermel model

Malnoy, M.; Martens, S.; Norelli, J.L.; Barny, M-Anne.; Sundin, G.W.; Smits, T.H.M.; Duffy, B., 2014:
Fire blight: applied genomic insights of the pathogen and host

Coumans, T.; Maissan, I.M.; Wolff, Aé.P.; Stolker, R.Jan.; Damen, J.; Scheffer, G.Jan., 2010:
Fire by spontaneous combustion of oxygen cylinders

Uetake, A.; Nakaigawa, Y.; Kohno, Y.; Yamada, M.; Ishii, R., 2007:
Fire caused by a spark of electric scalpel igniting alcoholic antiseptic containing chlorhexidine

Anonymous, 2013:
Fire caused by improper disposal of a battery-powered electrocautery pen

Lehmann, C.E.R.; Prior, L.D.; Bowman, D.M.J.S., 2009:
Fire controls population structure in four dominant tree species in a tropical savanna

Flynn, J.A.P., 2010:
Fire costs more than prevention

Sturaro, A.; Vianello, A.; Denti, P.; Rella, R., 2013:
Fire debris analysis and scene reconstruction

Rezendes, A., 2007:
Fire departments add pet oxygen masks to equipment checklists

Schroll, C., 2008:
Fire detection and alarm systems: a brief guide. Inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements for these systems are extensive and ultimately are likely to cost more than the original installation

Semeniuk, G.B., 2009:
Fire disaster and smoke inhalation

Cavallini, M.; Papagni, M.F.; Baruffaldi Preis, F.W., 2007:
Fire disasters in the twentieth century

Dantas, Vícius.de.L.; Batalha, M.A.; Pausas, J.G., 2014:
Fire drives functional thresholds on the savanna-forest transition

Bryant, J.P.; Clausen, T.P.; Swihart, R.K.; Landhäusser, S.M.; Stevens, M.T.; Hawkins, C.D.B.; Carrière, S.; Kirilenko, A.P.; Veitch, A.M.; Popko, R.A.; Cleland, D.T.; Williams, J.H.; Jakubas, W.J.; Carlson, M.R.; Bodony, K.Lehmkuhl.; Cebrian, M.; Paragi, T.F.; Picone, P.M.; Moore, J.E.; Packee, E.C.; Malone, T., 2009:
Fire drives transcontinental variation in tree birch defense against browsing by snowshoe hares

Franzen, D.; Kohler, M.; Degrandi, C.; Kullak-Ublick, G.A.; Ceschi, A., 2015:
Fire eater's lung: retrospective analysis of 123 cases reported to a National Poison Center

Gould, W.A., 2009:
Fire ecology and management

Nave, L.E.; Vance, E.D.; Swanston, C.W.; Curtis, P.S., 2011:
Fire effects on temperate forest soil C and N storage

Silva, I.A.; Valenti, M.W.; Silva-Matos, D.M., 2010:
Fire effects on the population structure of Zanthoxylum rhoifolium Lam (Rutaceae) in a Brazilian savanna

O'Donnell, R., 2014:
Fire extinguisher training: best practices

Senthilkumaran, S.; Meenakshisundaram, R.; Balamurgan, N.; SathyaPrabhu, K.; Karthikeyan, V.; Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, P., 2012:
Fire extinguisher: an imminent threat or an eminent danger?

Bruck, D.; Ball, M.; Thomas, I.R., 2012:
Fire fatality and alcohol intake: analysis of key risk factors

Stevens, J.T.; Beckage, B., 2010:
Fire feedbacks facilitate invasion of pine savannas by Brazilian pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius)

Samo, D.G.; Bogucki, S.; Hales, T.; Haimes, S.; Czarnecki, F.; Louis, D., 2011:
Fire fighter wellness regime

Magenes, G.; Curone, D.; Caldani, L.; Secco, E.Lindo., 2011:
Fire fighters and rescuers monitoring through wearable sensors: The ProeTEX project

Høyer, C.Bjerre.; Christensen, E.Frischknecht., 2009:
Fire fighters as basic life support responders: a study of successful implementation

Laitinen, J.; Mäkelä, M.; Mikkola, J.; Huttu, I., 2010:
Fire fighting trainers' exposure to carcinogenic agents in smoke diving simulators

Xing, J-Ping.; Wu, X-Ping.; Zhao, X-Chun., 2013:
Fire filiform needle for 21 cases of cold Bi syndrome (arthralgia due to cold)

Williams, R.J.; Bowman, D.M.J.S., 2013:
Fire futures for a megadiverse continent

Marino, E.; Guijarro, M.; Hernando, C.; Madrigal, J.; Díez, C., 2011:
Fire hazard after prescribed burning in a gorse shrubland: implications for fuel management

Goel, A.; Mathew, A.; Singh, T., 2013:
Fire hazard in neonatal units in India: let's make a start

Conway, C.J.; Nadeau, C.P.; Piest, L., 2010:
Fire helps restore natural disturbance regime to benefit rare and endangered marsh birds endemic to the Colorado River

Schoennagel, T.; Sherriff, R.L.; Veblen, T.T., 2011:
Fire history and tree recruitment in the Colorado Front Range upper montane zone: implications for forest restoration

Armstrong, G.; Phillips, B., 2012:
Fire history from life-history: determining the fire regime that a plant community is adapted using life-histories

Flatley, W.T.; Lafon, C.W.; Grissino-Mayer, H.D.; LaForest, L.B., 2013:
Fire history, related to climate and land use in three southern Appalachian landscapes in the eastern United States

Vergnoux, A.; Dupuy, N.; Guiliano, M.; Vennetier, M.; Théraulaz, F.; Doumenq, P., 2010 :
Fire impact on forest soils evaluated using near-infrared spectroscopy and multivariate calibration

Beringer, J.; Hutley, L.B.; Abramson, D.; Arndt, S.K.; Briggs, P.; Bristow, M.; Canadell, J.G.; Cernusak, L.A.; Eamus, D.; Edwards, A.C.; Evans, B.J.; Fest, B.; Goergen, K.; Grover, S.P.; Hacker, J.; Haverd, V.; Kanniah, K.; Livesley, S.J.; Lynch, A.; Maier, S.; Moore, C.; Raupach, M.; Russell-Smith, J.; Scheiter, S.; Tapper, N.J.; Uotila, P., 2015:
Fire in Australian savannas: from leaf to landscape

Nagral, S., 2012:
Fire in a hospital

Day-Stirk, F., 2014:
Fire in her belly

Berendzen, J.A.; van Nes, J.B.; Howard, B.C.; Zite, N.B., 2011:
Fire in labor and delivery: simulation case scenario

Becker, R.E.; Greig, N.H., 2013:
Fire in the ashes: can failed Alzheimer's disease drugs succeed with second chances?

Brotherton, C.S.; Taylor, A.Gill.; Keeling, A., 2013:
Fire in the belly and the professionalization of nurses: a historical analysis of Crohn disease care

Potera, C., 2015:
Fire in the belly? Sulfur-reducing gut microbes fuel arsenic thiolation

Kinlay, S., 2011:
Fire in the hole: carotid stenting versus endarterectomy

Corvetto, M.A.; Hobbs, G.W.; Taekman, J.M., 2012:
Fire in the operating room

Lalla, R.K.; Koteswara, C.M., 2013:
Fire in the operating room due to equipment failure

Ramos Curado, P.; Reina Molina, M., 2010:
Fire in the operating room during a cesarean section

Moskowitz, M., 2009:
Fire in the operating room during open heart surgery: a case report

Bruder, N.; Delorme, J.; Bernardini, S.; Velly, L., 2010:
Fire in the operating room!

Rapp, C.; Gaines, R., 2013:
Fire in the operating room: a previously unreported ignition source

Del Rosario, E.; Errando, C.L.; García del Valle, S., 2010:
Fire in the operating room: fact or fiction and what can we learn?

Sandercock, P.Mark.L., 2007:
Fire investigation and ignitable liquid residue analysis--a review: 2001-2007

Hawkins, E.R.; Brice, J.H., 2010:
Fire jumpers: description of burns and traumatic injuries from a spontaneous mass gathering and celebratory riot

Holm, R.P., 2008:
Fire lesson

Bonebrake, T.C.; Syphard, A.D.; Franklin, J.; Anderson, K.E.; Akçakaya, H.Resit.; Mizerek, T.; Winchell, C.; Regan, H.M., 2015:
Fire management, managed relocation, and land conservation options for long-lived obligate seeding plants under global changes in climate, urbanization, and fire regime

Minnich, R.A., 1983 :
Fire mosaics in southern california and northern baja california

Zhang, H-Fa., 2014:
Fire needle combined with small needle-knife for 58 cases of chronic lumbar muscle strain

Huang, C-Jin.; Wu, Y-Hua., 2013:
Fire needle pricking at Baihui (GV 20) for dizziness with turbid phlegm type

Kelly, F.E.; Hardy, R.; Hall, E.A.; McDonald, J.; Turner, M.; Rivers, J.; Jones, H.; Nolan, J.P.; Cook, T.M.; Henrys, P., 2013:
Fire on an intensive care unit caused by an oxygen cylinder

Havens, J.; Venart, J., 2008:
Fire performance of LNG carriers insulated with polystyrene foam

Sandford, H.A., 1948:
Fire precautions in the hospital

Frattaroli, S.; Gielen, A.C.; Piver-Renna, J.; Pollack, K.M.; Ta, V.M., 2012:
Fire prevention in Delaware: a case study of fire and life safety initiatives

Hughes, H.G., 1949:
Fire prevention in hospital design

Anonymous, 2010:
Fire prevention: avoid oxygen to face

Van Nuland, M.E.; Haag, E.N.; Bryant, J.A.M.; Read, Q.D.; Klein, R.N.; Douglas, M.J.; Gorman, C.E.; Greenwell, T.D.; Busby, M.W.; Collins, J.; Leroy, J.T.; Schuchmann, G.; Schweitzer, J.A.; Bailey, J.K., 2014:
Fire promotes pollinator visitation: implications for ameliorating declines of pollination services

Yew, M.C.; Ramli Sulong, N.H.; Yew, M.K.; Amalina, M.A.; Johan, M.R., 2015:
Fire propagation performance of intumescent fire protective coatings using eggshells as a novel biofiller

Harry, L.D., 2008:
Fire protection in mission critical facilities

Sharpe, G.M., 2014:
Fire protection systems and procedures for large sites

Rundy, J., 2013:
Fire protection: a complete approach

Smith, R., 2007:
Fire proves that VNA of Texas is more than a building

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Firing behavior and network activity of single neurons in human epileptic hypothalamic hamartoma

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Firing blanks. CBO says experiments fail to cut Medicare spending; providers not ready to give up

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Firing clamp: a novel method for single-trial estimation of excitatory and inhibitory synaptic neuronal conductances

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Firing distance estimates with pellet dispersion from shotgun with various chokes: an experimental, comparative study

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Firing employees: initiate rehabilitation before termination becomes necessary

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Firing hot, firing cold: how poikilotherms compensate for temperature swings

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Firing modes of dopamine neurons drive bidirectional GIRK channel plasticity

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Firing of NIMH Director Bert Brown Reflects Califano Policy and Style

Culliton, B.J., 1978:
Firing of NIMH Head Brown Holds No Portent for NIH

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Firing of hippocampal neurogliaform cells induces suppression of synaptic inhibition

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Firing patients

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Firing pattern characteristics of tonically active neurons in rat striatum: context dependent or species divergent?

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Firing pattern modulation through SK channel current increase underlies neuronal survival in an organotypic slice model of Parkinson's disease

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Firing patterns and synchronization in nonsynaptic epileptiform activity: the effect of gap junctions modulated by potassium accumulation

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Firing patterns in a conductance-based neuron model: bifurcation, phase diagram, and chaos

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Firing patterns in the adaptive exponential integrate-and-fire model

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Firing patterns of maternal rat prelimbic neurons during spontaneous contact with pups

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Firing patterns of muscle sympathetic neurons during apnea in chronic heart failure patients and healthy controls

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Firing patterns of muscle vasoconstrictor neurons in respiratory disease

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Firing probability and mean firing rates of human muscle vasoconstrictor neurones are elevated during chronic asphyxia

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Firing properties and functional connectivity of substantia nigra pars compacta neurones recorded with a multi-electrode array in vitro

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Firing properties of entorhinal cortex neurons and early alterations in an Alzheimer's disease transgenic model

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Firing properties of sudomotor neurones in hyperhidrosis and thermal sweating

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Firing rate and conduction velocity of single motor units in the trapezius muscle in fibromyalgia patients and healthy controls

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Firing rate control of a neuron using a linear proportional-integral controller

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Firing rate homeostasis in visual cortex of freely behaving rodents

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Firing rate of noisy integrate-and-fire neurons with synaptic current dynamics

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Firing rate propagation through neuronal-astrocytic network

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Firing responses of bursting neurons with delayed feedback

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Firing spotlights plutonium exports

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Firing statistics and correlations in spiking neurons: a level-crossing approach

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Firing statistics of inhibitory neuron with delayed feedback. I. Output ISI probability density

Kravchuk, K.G.; Vidybida, A.K., 2013:
Firing statistics of inhibitory neuron with delayed feedback. II: Non-Markovian behavior

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Firing synchronization and temporal order in noisy neuronal networks

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Firing temperature accuracy of four dental furnaces

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Firing the soul

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Firing up brown fat with brain amylin

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Firing variability is higher than deduced from the empirical coefficient of variation

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Firing-pattern-dependent specificity of cortical excitatory feed-forward subnetworks

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Firing-rate model of a population of adaptive neurons

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Firing-rate models capture essential response dynamics of LGN relay cells

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Firing-rate response of a neuron receiving excitatory and inhibitory synaptic shot noise

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Firing-rate response of linear and nonlinear integrate-and-fire neurons to modulated current-based and conductance-based synaptic drive

Robeznieks, A., 2014:
Firings, whistle-blower suits surface as employed does speak out about problems on the job

Mutsuzaki, H.; Sakane, M.; Hattori, S.; Kobayashi, H.; Ochiai, N., 2010:
Firm anchoring between a calcium phosphate-hybridized tendon and bone for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in a goat model

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Firm and dyspigmented linear plaques: childhood linear morphea

McGreevy, P., 2008:
Firm but gentle: learning to handle with care

Tamraz, H.; Kibbi, A-Ghani.; Abbas, O., 2012:
Firm cord-like band over the penile shaft. Benign transient lymphangiectasis of the penis

Zhang, Q.; Zhang, R.; Xu, F.; Jin, P.; Wu, J.; Li, D.; Chin, W., 2010:
Firm elevation of the reconstructed auricle with a retroauricular fascial flap wrapping an EH (a mixture of epoxide acrylate malelic and hydroxyapatite) composite wedge

El Dafrawy, M.; Baras, A.; Ahuja, N., 2015:
Firm flank mass decreasing in size after pregnancy

Wahowiak, L., 2014:
Firm footing. For happy feet, take steps to keep them healthy

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Firm foundations for sustainability

Chung, R.J.; Burke, P.J.; Goodman, E., 2010:
Firm foundations: strength-based approaches to adolescent chronic disease

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Firm maternal parenting associated with decreased risk of excessive snacking in overweight children

Zywica, M.; Hartschuh, W.; Hamsch, C., 2014:
Firm nodule in the perianal region of a 59-year-old woman

Waldrop, M.M., 1982:
Firm offers to finance a space shuttle

Manohar, B., 2012:
Firm on the ground…

Chung, H.Jin.; Cam, K.; Schwartz, L., 2013:
Firm papules on the auricular helix. Weathering nodules (WNs) of the ear

Holliday, A.C.; Clos, A.; Kelly, B., 2014:
Firm papules on the penis and scrotum

Anonymous, 2014:
Firm policies and the right procedures tip the cost-benefit balance toward flip rooms

Reyes, R., 2007:
Firm provides independent ratings on OR info systems

Aboulfotouh, I.; Abou-Setta, A.M.; Khattab, S.; Mohsen, I.Abdel.; Askalani, A.; el-Din, R.E., 2007:
Firm versus soft embryo transfer catheters under ultrasound guidance: does catheter choice really influence the pregnancy rates?

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Firm wheat-germ cell-free system with extended vector usage for high-throughput protein screening

Kennealy, P.J.; Skeem, J.L.; Manchak, S.M.; Eno Louden, J., 2013:
Firm, fair, and caring officer-offender relationships protect against supervision failure

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Firm, smooth papule on the toe of an infant

Kelton, C.M.L.; Chang, L.V.; Guo, J.J.; Yu, Y.; Berry, E.A.; Bian, B.; Heaton, P.C., 2015:
Firm- and drug-specific patterns of generic drug payments by US medicaid programs: 1991-2008

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Firm-based trial to improve central venous catheter insertion practices

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Firm-level perspectives on public sector engagement with private healthcare providers: survey evidence from Ghana and Kenya

Benson, A., 2013:
Firm-sponsored general education and mobility frictions: evidence from hospital sponsorship of nursing schools and faculty

Rodger, R., 2008:
Firmiter et durabile: building wealth and constructing communities - Edinburgh, 1860-1914

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Firmness Perception Influences Women's Preferences for Vaginal Suppositories

Wang, Y-wei.; Wang, J.; Yao, C.; Lu, Q-jun., 2010 :
Firmness measurement of peach by impact force response

Lafuente, V.; Herrera, L.J.; Pérez, Mía.del.Mar.; Val, Jús.; Negueruela, I., 2016:
Firmness prediction in Prunus persica 'Calrico' peaches by visible/short-wave near infrared spectroscopy and acoustic measurements using optimised linear and non-linear chemometric models

Sun, M., 1983:
Firms Battle over Anticancer Drug

Galloro, V., 2008:
Firms show positive results ... amid other hospitals' job cuts and financial woes

Madden, T.; Fernandez, P.; Jemian, P.; Narayanan, S.; Sandy, A.R.; Sikorski, M.; Sprung, M.; Weizeorick, J., 2011:
Firmware lower-level discrimination and compression applied to streaming x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy area-detector data

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Firocoxib efficacy preventing urate-induced synovitis, pain, and inflammation in dogs

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First 10 years with the Danish Registry of Childhood Diabetes

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First 100 cases at a low volume prostate brachytherapy institution: learning curve and the importance of continuous quality improvement

Fagotti, A.; Boruta, D.M.; Scambia, G.; Fanfani, F.; Paglia, A.; Escobar, P.F., 2012:
First 100 early endometrial cancer cases treated with laparoendoscopic single-site surgery: a multicentric retrospective study

Ekwunife, C.N.; Nwobe, O., 2015 :
First 100 laparoscopic surgeries in a predominantly rural Nigerian population: a template for future growth

Pillar, S.; Tessler, G.; Dreznik, A.; Bor, E.; Kaiserman, I.; Bahar, I., 2015:
First 100: learning curve for Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty

Kaya, A.; Heijmen, R.H.; Kelder, J.C.; Morshuis, W.J., 2012:
First 102 patients with the BioValsalva conduit for aortic root replacement

Anonymous, 2008:
First 14 communities designated chartered value exchanges by HHS

Hedner, U.; Lee, C.A., 2011:
First 20 years with recombinant FVIIa (NovoSeven)

Yoshioka, K.; Hatano, T.; Nakagami, Y.; Ozu, C.; Horiguchi, Y.; Sakamoto, N.; Yonov, H.; Ohno, Y.; Ohori, M.; Tachibana, M.; Patel, V.R., 2008:
First 24 Japanese cases of robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy using the daVinci Surgical System

Coleman, A.J.; Brozanski, B.; Mahmood, B.; Wearden, P.D.; Potoka, D.; Kuch, B.A., 2014:
First 24-h SNAP-II score and highest PaCO2 predict the need for ECMO in congenital diaphragmatic hernia

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First 25 cases of photo-selective vaporization of the prostate (PVP) with 120-watt high performance system for benign prostatic hyperplasia

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First 30 endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspirations: a single institution's early experience

Stolka, P.J.; Henrich, D.; Tretbar, S.H.; Federspil, P.A., 2009 :
First 3D ultrasound scanning, planning, and execution of CT-free milling interventions with a surgical robot

Saikul, S.; Wiriyasirivaj, B.; Charoenchinont, P., 2007:
First 4-hour urinary protein - creatinine ratio for diagnosis of significant proteinuria in preeclampsia

Coroi, M.Cristiana.; Bembea, D.; Hanciu, D.; Constantinescu, C.; Roiu, G., 2011:
First 5 years in facoemulsification in Department of Ophthalmology in Oradea County Hospital

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First 500 cases of robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy from a single UK centre: learning curves of two surgeons

Challacombe, B., 2011:
First 500 cases of robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy from a single uk centre: learning curves of two surgeons

Watt, A., 1949:
First 6 months of the National Health Service

Olive, J.R., 1968:
First AIBS National Biological Congress

Jackson, A., 2012:
First AVA Education Forum sets the pace

Anonymous, 1964:
First Admissions to Mental Hospitals

Van Regenmortel, M.H.V., 2011:
First Aegean International Conference on Molecular Recognition

Wilson, C.C., 1930 :
First Aid Cabinet of a School Nurse, Her Standing Orders for First Aid, and Her School Nursing Procedure

Anonymous, 1916:
First Aid Committee

Anonymous, 1918:
First Aid Courses And America's Welfare

Clouston, H.R., 1939:
First Aid in Frost Bite

Anonymous, 1939:
First Aid Posts

Dickson, C.R., 1943:
First Aid Treatment of Industrial Eye Injuries

Anonymous, 1941:
First Aid Treatment for Eye Injuries

Clark, A.M., 1945:
First Aid Treatment of Burns

Leak, W.N., 1961:
First Aid and Primary Care

Howlett, G.P., 1944:
First Aid and Transportation in Cases of Fracture or Suspected Fracture of Spine

Caldwell, S., 2015:
First Aid for Cyclists app

Anonymous, 1941:
First Aid for First Aid

McCartan, W.; Fecitt, E., 1945:
First Aid for Phosphorus Burns

Anonymous, 1901:
First Aid in Berlin

Anonymous, 1940:
First Aid in Canada

Robson, A.W., 1884:
First Aid to the Wounded in Civil Life

Griffith, K.; Jenkins, E.; Pagani, F.D., 2009:
First American experience with the Terumo DuraHeart left ventricular assist system

Livingston, R., 2009:
First Americans: psychopathology and a shortage of professionals

Cuspidi, C.; Sala, C.; Tadic, M.; Grassi, G.; Mancia, G., 2018:
Carotid intima-media thickness and anti-hypertensive treatment: Focus on angiotensin II receptor blockers

Anonymous, 1923:
First Annual Report Of Cornell Pay Clinic

Nichols, E.H., 1900:
First Annual Report Of Work On The Etiology Of Cancer

Anonymous, 1945:
First Annual Report of the Trustees of Sydenham Hospital to the Organization Committee for an Interracial Voluntary Hospital in the Harlem Area

Anonymous, 1945:
First Annual Report-Sydenham Hospital

Legaria, Mía.C.; Bianchini, H.M.; Castello, L.; Carloni, G.; Di Martino, A.; Fernández Canigia, L.; Litterio, M.; Rollet, R.; Rossetti, A.; Predari, S.C., 2011:
First Argentine consensus guidelines for in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility testing of clinically relevant anaerobic bacteria in humans/ Anaerobic Subcommittee of the Asociación Argentina de Microbiología

Anonymous, 1952:
First Arkansas Medical Graduate to enter University Hospital

Anonymous, 2010:
First Asian PAD workshop

Sotnikova, M.V.; Foronova, I.V., 2015:
First Asian record of Panthera (Leo) fossilis (Mammalia, Carnivora, Felidae) in the Early Pleistocene of Western Siberia, Russia

Chan, R.C.; Mercer, J., 2008:
First Australian description of Eggerthella lenta bacteraemia identified by 16S rRNA gene sequencing

Riley, T.V.; Thean, S.; Hool, G.; Golledge, C.L., 2009:
First Australian isolation of epidemic Clostridium difficile PCR ribotype 027

Burmeister, L.; Kovacs, G.T.; Osianlis, T., 2013:
First Australian pregnancy after ovarian tissue cryopreservation and subsequent autotransplantation

Ito, N.; Peña, A.S.; Perano, S.; Atkins, G.J.; Findlay, D.M.; Couper, J.J., 2014:
First Australian report of vitamin D-dependent rickets type I

Poon, K.K.C.; Clarke, A.; Luis, S.A.; Wiemers, P.; Incani, A.; Scalia, G.; Tesar, P.; Raffel, O.Christopher.; Aroney, C.N.; Walters, D.L., 2013:
First Australian transapical mitral valve-in-valve implant for a failed mitral bioprosthesis: how to do it

Launer, J., 2014:
First Australians

Seidel, S.; Zeitlhofer, J.; Wöber, C., 2008:
First Austrian case of hypnic headache: serial polysomnography and blood pressure monitoring in treatment with indomethacin

Anonymous, 1909:
First Award Of The Langley Medal

Palau, A.; Perucho, M.; Esteller, M.; Buschbeck, M., 2014:
First Barcelona Conference on Epigenetics and Cancer

Woolley, J.R.; Dady, S.; Spinnato, J.; Sanchez-de-Toledo, J.; Miller, E.; Morelli, B.; Winowich, S.; Wearden, P.D., 2014:
First Berlin heart EXCOR pediatric VAD interhospital transports of nonambulatory patients with the Ikus stationary driver

Rouen, A.; Hyon, C.; Balet, R.; Joyé, N.; Cassuto, N.Guy.; Siffroi, J-Pierre., 2014:
First Birth after Sperm Selection through Discontinuous Gradient Centrifugation and Artificial Insemination from a Chromosomal Translocation Carrier

Hogan, D.P., 1988:
First Births in America. Changes in the Timing of Parenthood. Ronald B. Rindfuss, S. Philip Morgan, and Gray Swicegood. University of California Press, Berkeley, 1988. xii, 291 pp., illus. $35. Studies in Demography

Santos, R.D.; Gagliardi, A.C.M.; Xavier, H.T.; Casella Filho, A.; Araújo, D.B.; Cesena, F.Y.; Alves, R.J.; Pereira, A.Costa.; Lottemberg, A.Maria.P.; Chacra, A.Paula.M.; Faludi, Aé.Arpad.; Sposito, A.C.; Ribeiro Filho, F.Flexa.; Helfenstein Fonseca, F.Antonio.; de Carlos Back Giuliano, I.; Catani, L.Hülle.; Bertolami, M.C.; Hiroshi Miname, M.; Izar, M.Cristina.; Monte, O.; Maranhão, R.C.; Martinez, T.L.R.; Arruda Machado, V.; Zorzanelli Rocha, V.; Salgado Filho, W.; Pinheiro de Andrade, J.;, 2013:
First Brazilian Guidelines for Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Guerra, C.Morales.; Ramos, M.Parente.; Medeiros, E.A.Servolo., 2010 :
First Brazilian experience in web-based course for healthcare professionals

Alessi, A.; Brandão, A.Araújo.; Coca, A.; Cordeiro, A.Carlos.; Cordeiro, A.; Nogueira, A.da.Rocha.; Diógenes de Magalhães, F.; Feitosa, A.; Amodeo, C.; Saad Rodrigues, C.Isaac.; Rodrigues, C.; Calhoun, D.A.; Calhoun, D.; Barbosa Coelho, E.; Barbosa, E.; Pimenta, E.; Muxfeldt, E.; Consolin-Colombo, F.Marciano.; Consolin-Colombo, F.; Salles, G.; Rosito, G.; Moreno, H.; Martin, J.Fernando.Vilela.; Yugar, J.Carlos.; Aparecido Bortolotto, L.; Bortolotto, L.; Nazário Scala, Líz.Cesar.; Scala, L, 2013:
First Brazilian position on resistant hypertension

Avdjieva-Tzavella, D.M.; Ivanova, M.B.; Todorov, T.P.; Todorova, A.P.; Panteleeva, E.I.; Tincheva, S.S.; Lazarova, E.A.; Kathom, H.M.; Yaneva, P.G.; Tincheva, R.S., 2014:
First Bulgarian case of citrin deficiency caused by one novel and one recurrent mutation in the SLC25A13 gene

Boichev, B., 2018:
First Bulgarian surgical congress

Klein, J.E.M.N.; Perry, A.; Pugh, D.S.; Taylor, R.J.K., 2010:
First C-H activation route to oxindoles using copper catalysis

Svensson, P., 2012:
First CORE China meeting, 20-23 October 2011

Corral, L.; Herrero, Jé.Ignacio.; Monfort, Jé.Luis.; Ventura, Jé.Luis.; Javierre, C.F.; Juncadella, M.; García-Huete, Lía.; Bartolomé, C.; Gabarrós, A., 2010:
First CT findings and improvement in GOS and GOSE scores 6 and 12 months after severe traumatic brain injury

Anonymous, 1941:
First Canadian Division Medical Society

McCrossin, C.; Mailman, T., 2008:
First Canadian Reports of Cervical Adenitis Due to Mycobacterium Malmoense and a 10-year Review of Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Adenitis

Eichhöfer, J.; Osten, M.; Horlick, E.; Dzavík, Vír., 2008:
First Canadian experience with high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention with assistance of a percutaneously deployed left ventricular assist device

Leung, V.; Loo, V.G.; Frenette, C.; Domingo, M-Christian.; Bourgault, A-Marie.; Mulvey, M.R.; Robson, H.G., 2013:
First Canadian outbreak of Enterobacteriaceae-expressing Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase type 3

Wojnarowicz, C.; Olkowski, A.; Schwean-Lardner, K., 2008:
First Canadian outbreak of West Nile virus disease in farmed domestic ducks in Saskatchewan

Poon, J., 2014:
First Carlos Pellegrini Traveling Fellow reports on experience

Minaei, M.Bagher.; Ghadami Yazdi, E.; Ebrahim Zadeh Ardakani, M.; Hashem Dabaghian, F.; Ranjbar, A.Mohammad.; Rastegari, M.; Ghadami Yazdi, A., 2014:
First Case Report: Treatment of the Facial Warts by Using Myrtus communis L. Topically on the Other Part of the Body

Im, J-Hyoung.; Baek, J.Hyeon.; Lee, H-Jung.; Lee, J-Soo.; Chung, M-Hyun.; Kim, M.; Lee, S.Myoung.; Kang, J-Seung., 2014:
First Case of Bartonella henselae Bacteremia in Korea

Gundestrup, S.; Struve, C.; Stahlhut, S.G.; Hansen, D.Schrøder., 2014:
First Case of Liver Abscess in Scandinavia Due to the International Hypervirulent Klebsiella Pneumoniae Clone ST23

Menichincheri, M.; Bargiotti, A.; Berthelsen, J.; Bertrand, J.A.; Bossi, R.; Ciavolella, A.; Cirla, A.; Cristiani, C.; Croci, V.; D'Alessio, R.; Fasolini, M.; Fiorentini, F.; Forte, B.; Isacchi, A.; Martina, K.; Molinari, A.; Montagnoli, A.; Orsini, P.; Orzi, F.; Pesenti, E.; Pezzetta, D.; Pillan, A.; Poggesi, I.; Roletto, F.; Scolaro, A.; Tatò, M.; Tibolla, M.; Valsasina, B.; Varasi, M.; Volpi, D.; Santocanale, C.; Vanotti, E., 2009:
First Cdc7 kinase inhibitors: pyrrolopyridinones as potent and orally active antitumor agents. 2. Lead discovery

Anonymous, 1943:
First Charles L. Mayer Award Of The National Science Fund

Liu, Y.; Wang, Q.; Li, X.; Ding, Y.; Song, J.; Yang, Y., 2015:
First Chinese case of successful pregnancy with combined methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria, cblC type

Shaffer, A.; Jun, C.Li., 2009:
First Chinese public hospital wins Joint Commission International accreditation: the Health Information Department played a key role in the process

Smith, T.; Quesnel, F.; De Plöeg, Gël.; De Franceschi, D.; Métais, Gégoire.; De Bast, E.; Solé, Féal.; Folie, A.; Boura, Aïs.; Claude, J.; Dupuis, C.; Gagnaison, C.; Iakovleva, A.; Martin, J.; Maubert, Fçois.; Prieur, Jël.; Roche, E.; Storme, J-Yves.; Thomas, R.; Tong, H.; Yans, J.; Buffetaut, E., 2014:
First Clarkforkian equivalent Land Mammal Age in the latest Paleocene basal Sparnacian facies of Europe: fauna, flora, paleoenvironment and (bio)stratigraphy

Salter, A-Caroline.Dupont.; Bagg, S.D.; Creasy, J.L.; Romano, C.; Romano, D.; Richmond, F.J.R.; Loeb, G.E., 2004:
First Clinical Experience with BION Implants for Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation

van der Graaf-van Bloois, L.; Miller, W.G.; Yee, E.; Bono, J.L.; Rijnsburger, M.; Campero, C.; Wagenaar, J.A.; Duim, B., 2014:
First Closed Genome Sequence of Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis bv. intermedius

Gómez-Marin, J.Enrique.; de-la-Torre, A.; Angel-Muller, E.; Rubio, J.; Arenas, J.; Osorio, E.; Nuñez, L.; Pinzon, L.; Mendez-Cordoba, L.Carlos.; Bustos, A.; de-la-Hoz, I.; Silva, P.; Beltran, M.; Chacon, L.; Marrugo, M.; Manjarres, C.; Baquero, H.; Lora, F.; Torres, E.; Zuluaga, O.Elias.; Estrada, M.; Moscote, L.; Silva, M.Teresa.; Rivera, R.; Molina, A.; Najera, S.; Sanabria, A.; Ramirez, M.Luisa.; Alarcon, C.; Restrepo, N.; Falla, A.; Rodriguez, T.; Castaño, G., 2011:
First Colombian multicentric newborn screening for congenital toxoplasmosis

Anonymous, 1965:
First Commonwealth Medical Conference

Fiedoruk, K.; Daniluk, T.; Swiecicka, I.; Murawska, E.; Sciepuk, M.; Leszczynska, K., 2014:
First Complete Genome Sequence of Escherichia albertii Strain KF1, a New Potential Human Enteric Pathogen

Terabayashi, Y.; Juan, A.; Tamotsu, H.; Ashimine, N.; Nakano, K.; Shimoji, M.; Shiroma, A.; Teruya, K.; Satou, K.; Hirano, T., 2014:
First Complete Genome Sequence of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica Serovar Typhimurium Strain ATCC 13311 (NCTC 74), a Reference Strain of Multidrug Resistance, as Achieved by Use of PacBio Single-Molecule Real-Time Technology

Labrie, S.J.; El Haddad, L.; Tremblay, D.M.; Plante, P-Luc.; Wasserscheid, J.; Dumaresq, J.; Dewar, K.; Corbeil, J.; Moineau, S., 2014:
First Complete Genome Sequence of Staphylococcus xylosus, a Meat Starter Culture and a Host to Propagate Staphylococcus aureus Phages

Oka, T.; Saif, L.J.; Wang, Q., 2013:
First Complete Genome Sequence of a Genogroup II Genotype 18 Porcine Norovirus, Strain QW125

Dundon, W.G.; Kihu, S.M.; Settypalli, T.Bharani.K.; Gitao, G.C.; Bebora, L.C.; John, N.M.; Oyugi, J.O.; Silber, R.; Loitsch, A.; Diallo, A., 2014:
First Complete Genome Sequence of a Lineage III Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus

Oka, T.; Saif, L.J.; Yang, Z.; Scheuer, K.A.; Stoltzfus, G.T.; Wang, Q., 2014:
First Complete Genome Sequences of Genogroup VI Porcine Sapoviruses

Martin, C.F., 1925:
First Conference at Ottawa on the Medical Services in Canada

Balseiro, A.; Royo, L.J.; Gómez Antona, A.; García Marín, J.F., 2016:
First Confirmation of Schmallenberg Virus in Cattle in Spain: Tissue Distribution and Pathology

Gopalan, K.; Singh, S.; Vignesh, P.; Gupta, A.; Rohit, M.; Attri, S.Verma., 2018:
Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and Lipid Profile in Children With Kawasaki Disease: A Single-Center Follow-up Study After a Mean Duration of 6.9 Years

Roberto, M.; Koob, G.F., 2010:
First Congress of "Alcoholism and stress: a framework for future treatment strategies": Introduction to the proceeding

Schulte, A.G.; Pitts, N.B., 2012:
First Consensus Workshop on the Development of a European Curriculum in Cariology

Patel, A.K.; Patel, K.K.; Mehta, M.; Parikh, T.M.; Toshniwal, H.; Patel, K., 2012:
First Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever outbreak in India

Perko, Z.; Cala, Z.; Mimica, Z.; Stipić, R.; Bakotin, T.; Kraljević, J.; Radonić, V.; Strinić, T.; Jakus, I.Alujević.; Simunić, M., 2013:
First Croatian transvaginal laparoscopically assisted cholecystectomies

Oliverius, M.; Hampl, F.; Adamec, M.; Skladaný, L.; Spalek, P.; Gabris, V.; Trunecka, P.; Kothaj, P., 2011:
First Czech and Slovak domino liver transplantation

Granda, M.L.; Schroeder, F.A.; Borra, R.H.J.; Schauer, N.; Aisaborhale, E.; Guimaraes, A.R.; Hooker, J.M., 2014:
First D1-like receptor PET imaging of the rat and primate kidney: implications for human disease monitoring

van Dijk, K.; Dapena, I.; Moutsouris, K.; Ham, L.; Nieuwendaal, C.; Melles, G.R.J., 2011:
First DLEK series: 10-year follow-up

Søes, L.M.; Brock, I.; Torpdahl, M.; Persson, Søren.; Christensen, K.M.; Kemp, M.; Olsen, K.E.P., 2009:
First Danish case of Clostridium difficile ribotype 027

Henriksen, I.Sune.Iversen.; Møller-Sørensen, H.; Møller, C.Holdfold.; Zemtsovski, M.; Nilsson, J.Christian.; Seidelin, C.Tobias.; Perch, M.; Iversen, M.; Steinbrüchel, D., 2015 :
First Danish experience with ex vivo lung perfusion of donor lungs before transplantation

Vrang, M-Louise.; Røder, M.Andreas.; Vainer, B.; Christensen, I.Jarle.; Gruschy, L.; Brasso, K.; Iversen, P., 2012:
First Danish single-institution experience with radical prostatectomy: impact of surgical margins on biochemical outcome

Clarkson, E.M., 1946:
First Day Out

Labrador, I.; Araque, Mía., 2014:
First Description of KPC-2-Producing Klebsiella oxytoca Isolated from a Pediatric Patient with Nosocomial Pneumonia in Venezuela

Faria, A.S.; Paiva-Cardoso, M.das.Neves.; Nunes, Mónica.; Carreira, T.; Vale-Gonçalves, Hélia.M.; Veloso, Oávia.; Coelho, C.; Cabral, Jão.A.; Vieira-Pinto, M.; Vieira, M.L., 2016:
First Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato DNA in Serum of the Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) in Northern Portugal by Nested-PCR

Nabian, S.; Ahmadi, K.; Nazem Shirazi, M.; Gerami Sadeghian, A., 2012:
First Detection of Nosema ceranae, a Microsporidian Protozoa of European Honeybees (Apis mellifera) In Iran

Chipps, K.A.; Bardayan, D.W.; Blackmon, J.C.; Chae, K.Y.; Greife, U.; Hatarik, R.; Kozub, R.L.; Matei, C.; Moazen, B.H.; Nesaraja, C.D.; Pain, S.D.; Peters, W.A.; Pittman, S.T.; Shriner, J.F.; Smith, M.S., 2009:
First Direct Measurement of the 17F(p,gamma)18Ne Cross Section

Gal, P.; Smit, J.J.J.; Adiyaman, A.; Ramdat Misier, A.R.; Delnoy, P.P.H.M.; Elvan, A., 2014:
First Dutch experience with the endoscopic laser balloon ablation system for the treatment of atrial fibrillation

Gulland, A., 2015:
First Ebola treatment is approved by WHO

Farbstein, R.; Radić, D.; Brajković, D.; Miracle, P.T., 2013:
First Epigravettian ceramic figurines from Europe (Vela Spila, Croatia)

Tas, J., 2014:
First European Congress of Allergy

Sanz, M.; Chapple, I.L.C., 2010:
First European Consensus Workshop in Periodontal Education--objectives and overall recommendation

Szatmáry, G., 2013:
First European Neuro-Ophthalmology Society update course, Budapest, Hungary, April 14-15, 2012

Serfaty, L.; Castera, L.; Marcellin, P., 2011:
First European Young Hepatologist Workshop: topics and advances

McQuade, D.; Hudson, S.; Dargan, P.I.; Wood, D.M., 2013:
First European case of convulsions related to analytically confirmed use of the synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist AM-2201

Worm, M.; Moneret-Vautrin, A.; Scherer, K.; Lang, R.; Fernandez-Rivas, M.; Cardona, V.; Kowalski, M.L.; Jutel, M.; Poziomkowska-Gesicka, I.; Papadopoulos, N.G.; Beyer, K.; Mustakov, T.; Christoff, G.; Bilò, M.B.; Muraro, A.; Hourihane, J.O.B.; Grabenhenrich, L.B., 2015:
First European data from the network of severe allergic reactions (NORA)

Heinemann, L.; Renard, E.; Hans Devries, J., 2008:
First European diabetes technology and transplantation meeting in montpellier, February 4-6, 2007: Europe is back!

Hulth, A., 2015:
First European guidelines on syndromic surveillance in human and animal health published

Kluger, G.; Haberlandt, E.; Kurlemann, G.; Ernst, J-Peter.; Runge, U.; Schneider, F.; Makowski, C.; Boor, R.; Bast, T., 2010:
First European long-term experience with the orphan drug rufinamide in childhood-onset refractory epilepsy

Sprinzl, G.; Lenarz, T.; Ernst, A.; Hagen, R.; Wolf-Magele, A.; Mojallal, H.; Todt, I.; Mlynski, R.; Wolframm, M.D., 2014:
First European multicenter results with a new transcutaneous bone conduction hearing implant system: short-term safety and efficacy

Castro, L.; Torralba-Burrial, A., 2014:
First European records of an alien paper wasp: Polistes (Aphanilopterus) major Palisot de Beauvois, 1818 (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in northern Spain

Sharp, C.; Dellis, A.; Hofmeyr, A.; Kincaid, H.; Ross, D., 2016:
First Evidence of Comorbidity of Problem Gambling and Other Psychiatric Problems in a Representative Urban Sample of South Africa

Valiulin, R.A.; Kutateladze, A.G., 2010:
First Example of Intramolecular [2pi+2pi] Alkene-Arene Photocyclization in the Chromone Series and its Synthetic Utility

Hart, R.; Moster, R., 1999:
First Experience in Cemented Polished Stem of Exeter THR.

Bekiesińska-Figatowska, M.; Szkudlińska-Pawlak, S.; Romaniuk-Doroszewska, A.; Duczkowski, M.; Iwanowska, B.; Duczkowska, A.; Mądzik, Jław.; Brągoszewska, H., 2014:
First Experience with Neonatal Examinations with the Use of MR-Compatible Incubator

Rieger, A.; Saeckl, J.; Belloni, B.; Hein, R.; Okur, A.; Scheidhauer, K.; Wendler, T.; Traub, J.; Friess, H.; Martignoni, M.E., 2011:
First Experiences with Navigated Radio-Guided Surgery Using Freehand SPECT

Anonymous, 1915:
First Exploration Of An Alaskan Glacier

den Exter, A., 2014:
First FCTC case in the Netherlands

Blumenthal, G.M.; Scher, N.S.; Cortazar, P.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Tang, S.; Song, P.; Liu, Q.; Ringgold, K.; Pilaro, A.M.; Tilley, A.; King, K.E.; Graham, L.; Rellahan, B.L.; Weinberg, W.C.; Chi, B.; Thomas, C.; Hughes, P.; Ibrahim, A.; Justice, R.; Pazdur, R., 2014:
First FDA approval of dual anti-HER2 regimen: pertuzumab in combination with trastuzumab and docetaxel for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer

Amiri-Kordestani, L.; Wedam, S.; Zhang, L.; Tang, S.; Tilley, A.; Ibrahim, A.; Justice, R.; Pazdur, R.; Cortazar, P., 2015:
First FDA approval of neoadjuvant therapy for breast cancer: pertuzumab for the treatment of patients with HER2-positive breast cancer

Collins, F.S.; Hamburg, M.A., 2013:
First FDA authorization for next-generation sequencer

Traynor, K., 2009:
First FDA-approved pancrelipase product may mark new era for providers, patients

Hong, S-Dok.; Park, S-Hwan.; Kang, S-Ji.; Kwon, Y.Soo.; Kee, S-Jung.; Park, K-Hwa.; Jung, S-In.; Jang, H-Chang., 2011:
First Fatal Oseltamivir-Resistant 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Case in an Adult in Korea

Zhang, Y-Zhu.; Wang, B-Wu.; Sato, O.; Gao, S., 2010:
First Fe(II)-based cyano-bridged single molecule magnet [Cr(III)Fe(II)(2)] with a large anisotropy

Kerr, J.; Taylor, C., 2013:
First Five Years in Family Practice initiative

Levy, E.I.; Siddiqui, A.H.; Crumlish, A.; Snyder, K.V.; Hauck, E.F.; Fiorella, D.J.; Hopkins, L.Nelson.; Mocco, J., 2009:
First Food and Drug Administration-approved prospective trial of primary intracranial stenting for acute stroke: SARIS (stent-assisted recanalization in acute ischemic stroke)

Mullowney, J.J., 1936:
First Formal Instruction in Dentistry in America

Doi, A., 2012:
First Forum on JIRA Medical Imaging System Industry

Vaile, J.; Sullivan, L.; Bennett, C.; Bleasel, J., 2007:
First Fracture Project: addressing the osteoporosis care gap

Durrieu, Gève.; Palmaro, A.; Pourcel, L.; Caillet, Céline.; Faucher, A.; Jacquet, A.; Ouaret, Séhérazade.; Perault-Pochat, M.Christine.; Kreft-Jais, C.; Castot, A.; Lapeyre-Mestre, M.; Montastruc, J-Louis.; Autret-Leca, E.; Baldin, B.; Bavoux, F.; Bénard-Laribiére, A.; Biour, M.; Beyens, M.N.; Colins, F.; Cocquerel, A.; Crepin, S.; Décréu-Gaillon, G.; Dos Santos, S.; Mondor, H.; Eftekhari, P.; Favreliére, S.; Perault-Pochat, M.C.; Gautier, S.; Gras-Champel, V.; Javot, L.; Jean-Pastor, M, 2013:
First French experience of ADR reporting by patients after a mass immunization campaign with Influenza A (H1N1) pandemic vaccines: a comparison of reports submitted by patients and healthcare professionals

Alvarez, S.; Devouche, E., 2013:
First French national survey on lifestyle and toxic factors in infertile couples

Nezelof, C., 2009:
First French observation of cystic fibrosis of the pancreas (mucoviscidosis)

Bikard, D.; Képès, Fçois., 2008:
First French team success during iGEM synthetic biology competition

Jaulin, P.; Lefrère, J-J., 2011:
First French transfusions (1667-1668)

Hoffmann, M.; Muruvanda, T.; Pirone, C.; Korlach, J.; Timme, R.; Payne, J.; Evans, P.; Meng, J.; Brown, E.W.; Allard, M.W., 2014:
First Fully Closed Genome Sequence of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica Serovar Cubana Associated with a Food-Borne Outbreak

Buffery, D., 2011:
First Generic ARB Approval Draws a Wave of Comparative Studies

Onyango, M.; Wang, Y.; Nickel, O.; Zhao, C.; Zhang, X.; Hartke, A.; Hemberger, J.; Cemic, F., 2014:
First Genome Sequence of Potential Mycotoxin-Degrading Bacterium Devosia nanyangense DDB001

Manzoor, S.; Bongcam-Rudloff, E.; Schnürer, A.; Müller, B., 2013:
First Genome Sequence of a Syntrophic Acetate-Oxidizing Bacterium, Tepidanaerobacter acetatoxydans Strain Re1

Bollag, Y.; Wandl, U., 2011:
First German-language, multinational master's degree in medical insurance

Redfield, W.C., 1915:
First get the Facts

Rai, S.K., 2008:
First Global Forum on Human Resources for Health

Chippaux, J.P., 2009:
First Global Issues in Clinical Toxicology conference, 2008, Melbourne, Australia

Goriely, S.; Hilaire, S.; Girod, M.; Péru, S., 2009:
First Gogny-Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov nuclear mass model

Anonymous, 1960:
First Group of Publications Translated Abroad Now Ready for Distribution

Townsend, D.; Troya, Jús.; Maida, I.; Pérez-Saleme, L.; Satta, G.; Wilkin, A.; Barreiro, P.; Pegram, P.Samuel.; Soriano, V.; Mura, M.Stella.; Núñez, M., 2010:
First HAART in HIV-infected patients with high viral load: value of HIV RNA levels at 12 weeks to predict virologic outcome

Turpin, D., 2010 :
First HIPAA-compliant, online antibody registry in U.S. assists hospitals in preventing life-threatening blood-transfusion reactions

Iriskulbekov, E.; Balybaeva, A., 2008:
First HIV legal precedent in Kyrgyzstan: breach of medical privacy

Serralheiro, A.; Alves, G.; Fortuna, A.; Rocha, Mília.; Falcão, Aílcar., 2013:
First HPLC-UV method for rapid and simultaneous quantification of phenobarbital, primidone, phenytoin, carbamazepine, carbamazepine-10,11-epoxide, 10,11-trans-dihydroxy-10,11-dihydrocarbamazepine, lamotrigine, oxcarbazepine and licarbazepine in human plasma

Mahmood, S.; Beetz, C.; Tahir, M.M.; Imran, M.; Mumtaz, R.; Bassmann, I.; Jahic, A.; Malik, M.; Nürnberg, G.; Hassan, S.A.A.; Rana, S.; Nürnberg, P.; Hübner, C.A., 2012:
First HPSE2 missense mutation in urofacial syndrome

McDowell, C.L., 2013:
First Hand: The surgeon and hepatitis C

Pérez-González, A.; Ramírez, Mín.J.; Soto, E.M.; Pizarro-Araya, J., 2016:
First Harvestman Record for the Juan Fernández Archipelago, Chile, with Morphological Notes on Acropsopilio chilensis (Opiliones: Caddidae: Acroposopilioninae)

Short, R., 2007:
First Heart Health Charter for Europe

Simakov, E.I.; Haynes, W.Brian.; Madrid, M.A.; Romero, F.P.; Tajima, T.; Tuzel, W.M.; Boulware, C.H.; Grimm, T.L., 2012:
First High power test results for 2.1 GHz superconducting photonic band gap accelerator cavities

Stein, H.; Diehl, V., 2014:
First Hodgkin cell line L428 and the CD30 antigen: their role for diagnostic and treatment of CD30-positive neoplasms

Kappelman, J.; Alçiçek, M.Cihat.; Kazanci, N.; Schultz, M.; Ozkul, M.; Sen, S., 2007 :
First Homo erectus from Turkey and implications for migrations into temperate Eurasia

Feller, S.M., 2011:
First Honorary Medal of the Signal Transduction Society (STS) and 'CELL COMMUNICATION AND SIGNALING' awarded to Professor Anthony J. (Tony) Pawson

Urbán, E.; Horváth, Zán.; Sóki, József.; Lázár, Görgy., 2015:
First Hungarian case of an infection caused by multidrug-resistant Bacteroides fragilis strain

Maráz, Aó.; Bodrogi, Ián.; Csejtei, Aás.; Dank, M.; Géczi, L.; Küronya, Zófia.; Mangel, László.; Petrányi, A.; Szûcs, Mós.; Bodoky, Görgy., 2014:
First Hungarian experience with pazopanib therapy for patients with metastatic renal cancer

Minić, S.; Trpinac, D.; Gabriel, H.; Gencik, M.; Obradović, M., 2015:
First IKBKG gene mutation study in Serbian incontinentia pigmenti patients

Elvers, L.H.; Loeber, J.G.; Dhondt, J-L.; Fukushi, M.; Hannon, W.H.; Torresani, T.; Webster, D., 2007:
First ISNS Reference Preparation for Neonatal Screening for thyrotropin, phenylalanine and 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone in blood spots

Miot-Noirault, E.; Vidal, Aélien.; Auzeloux, P.; Madelmont, J-Claude.; Maublant, J.; Moins, N., 2009:
First In Vivo SPECT Imaging of Mouse Femorotibial Cartilage Using 99mTc-NTP 15-5

Tandon, V.R.; Sharma, S.; Mahajan, S.; Mahajan, A.; Khajuria, V.; Gillani, Z., 2014:
First Indian prospective randomized comparative study evaluating adherence and compliance of postmenopausal osteoporotic patients for daily alendronate, weekly risedronate and monthly ibandronate regimens of bisphosphonates

Tandon, V.R.; Khajuria, V.; Raina, K.; Mahajan, V.; Sharma, A.; Gillani, Z., 2014:
First Indian study evaluating role of biochemical investigations and diagnostic tools in detection of adverse drug reactions

Benhaïm, D.; Bégout, M-Laure.; Lucas, Gël.; Chatain, Béatrice., 2013:
First Insight into Exploration and Cognition in Wild Caught and Domesticated Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) in a Maze

Rachinger, M.; Volland, S.; Meinhardt, F.; Daniel, R.; Liesegang, H., 2013:
First Insights into the Completely Annotated Genome Sequence of Bacillus licheniformis Strain 9945A

Poehlein, A.; Alghaithi, H.S.; Chandran, L.; Chibani, C.M.; Davydova, E.; Dhamotharan, K.; Ge, W.; Gutierrez-Gutierrez, D.A.; Jagirdar, A.; Khonsari, B.; Nair, K.Prakash.P.R.; Daniel, R., 2014:
First Insights into the Genome of the Amino Acid-Metabolizing Bacterium Clostridium litorale DSM 5388

Poehlein, A.; Gottschalk, G.; Daniel, R., 2013:
First Insights into the Genome of the Gram-Negative, Endospore-Forming Organism Sporomusa ovata Strain H1 DSM 2662

Anonymous, 1959:
First Institute On Veterinary Public Health Practice

Ling, J., 2014:
First International Children's Palliative Care Network Conference

Sothornwit, J.; Somboonporn, W.; Soontrapa, S.; Kaewrudee, S.; Wongwiwatchai, J.; Soontrapa, S., 2018:
Carotid intima-media thickness and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women: a cross-sectional study

Daniele, F., 2008:
First International Conference between West and East-Leonardo and Lao-Tze. Western Science Meets Eastern Wisdom. Experiences of Scientists and Intellectuals for the Creation of a New Paradigm of Modern Science

Rothschild, B.H.; Bierman, W., 1936:
First International Conference on Fever Therapy

Anonymous, 1905:
First International Congress Of Anatomists

Nielsen, C., 2008:
First International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology, Copenhagen, Denmark, 17-21 August 2008

Anonymous, 1930:
First International Congress on Mental Hygiene

Kucuk, O., 2010:
First International Congress on Nutrition and Cancer

Caughey, M.C.; Qiao, Y.; Windham, B.Gwen.; Gottesman, R.F.; Mosley, T.H.; Wasserman, B.A., 2018:
Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and Silent Brain Infarctions in a Biracial Cohort: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study

Choudhury, A.; Höglund, P.; Kiessling, R.; Kärre, K.; Lundqvist, A.; Malmberg, K.; Mellstedt, Håkan.; Scheynius, A.; Winqvist, O.; Osterborg, A., 2012:
First International Meeting of the Thematic Centre for Immune Modulatory Therapies for Autoimmunity and Cancer (IMTAC) 13-14 June 2011, Ljusterö, Sweden

Anonymous, 2008:
First International Pneumonia Vaccines Workshop on prevention of childhood pneumonia by vaccination: lessons from the past and implications for the future, 15 December 2007, Seoul, Korea

Angelo, M., 2011:
First International Symposium on Family Nursing, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Anonymous, 1956:
First International Symposium on Venereal Diseases and the Treponematoses, 1956

Leterrier, F.; Voit, T., 2008:
First International "Institute of Myology Workshop" on Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy, Paris, May 22, 2007

Mardani, M.; Abbasi, F.; Aghahasani, M.; Ghavam, B., 2013:
First Iranian imported case of dengue

Mocanu, E.V.; Kondaveeti, N.; Kelly, J.; Hennelly, B.; Burke, L.; Hughes, C., 2010:
First Irish birth following IVF therapy using antagonist protocol

Sills, E.S.; Shkrobot, L.; Coull, G.D.; Salma, U.; Walsh, D.J.; Walsh, A.P.H., 2009:
First Irish pregnancies after IVF with gestational carrier

Oana, K.; Yamaguchi, M.; Nagata, M.; Washino, K-Ichi.; Akahane, T.; Takamatsu, Y-Uki.; Tsutsui, C.; Matsumoto, T.; Kawakami, Y., 2013:
First Isolation of carbon dioxide-dependent Proteus mirabilis from an uncomplicated cystitis patient with Sjögren's syndrome

Schiff, E.; Gamus, D., 2007:
First Israeli conference on complementary medicine, law and ethics

Setacci, C.; Sirignano, P.; Setacci, F.; Cannizzaro, A.; Chisci, E.; De Donato, G.; Palasciano, G.; Cappelli, A., 2010:
First ItAlian RegistRy for Open and EndOvascular management of RAAA (FARO)

Gidaro, S.; Cindolo, L.; Tamburro, F.Raffaella.; Schips, L., 2011:
First Italian experience in single incision laparoscopic nephrectomy. Assessing and overcoming new challenges

Gidaro, S.; Cindolo, L.; Tamburro, F.Raffaella.; Longo, N.; Mirone, V.; Forgione, A.; Schips, L., 2012:
First Italian experience in single-incision laparoscopic nephrectomy

Toniolo, C.; Hahm, K-Soo.; Stella, L., 2009:
First Italy-Korea Symposium on antimicrobial peptides held at the Chosun University, Gwangju, Republic of Korea, on July 24-25, 2008

Motegi, S-ichiro.; Yokoyama, Y.; Uchiyama, A.; Ogino, S.; Takeuchi, Y.; Yamada, K.; Hattori, T.; Hashizume, H.; Ishikawa, Y.; Goto, M.; Ishikawa, O., 2016:
First Japanese case of atypical progeroid syndrome/atypical Werner syndrome with heterozygous LMNA mutation

Hayashi, T.; Legati, A.; Nishikawa, T.; Coppola, G., 2015:
First Japanese family with primary familial brain calcification due to a mutation in the PDGFB gene: an exome analysis study

Horie, I.; Ando, T.; Inokuchi, N.; Mihara, Y.; Miura, S.; Imaizumi, M.; Usa, T.; Kinoshita, N.; Sekine, I.; Kamihara, S.; Eguchi, K., 2010:
First Japanese patient treated with parathyroid hormone peptide immunization for refractory hypercalcemia caused by metastatic parathyroid carcinoma

Stavropoulos, K.; Imprialos, K.P.; Doumas, M.; Athyros, V.G., 2018:
Carotid intima-media thickness as a target-organ damage and treatment-target: Need for a major revision?

Lee, S.Jun.; Hong, S.Kuk.; Park, S.Sup.; Kim, E-Chong., 2015:
First Korean Case of Mycobacterium arupense tenosynovitis

Park, J.; Lee, N., 2009:
First Korean Working Conditions Survey: a comparison between South Korea and EU countries

Park, J.Hyeon.; Woo, B-Mee.; Hong, S.Kuk.; Kim, E-Chong., 2015:
First Korean case of Helcococcus kunzii bacteremia in a patient with diabetes

Jeon, Y.; Kim, T.Soo.; Kim, H.Bin.; Park, K.Un.; Song, J.; Kim, E.Chong., 2013:
First Korean case of Robinsoniella peoriensis bacteremia in a patient with aspiration pneumonia

Ko, J.Min.; Choi, I-Ho.; Baek, G-Hyun.; Kim, K-Won., 2013:
First Korean family with a mutation in TPM2 associated with Sheldon-Hall syndrome

Anonymous, 1886:
First Lessons In Philosophy

Valdez, A.; Yepiz-Plascencia, G.; Ricca, E.; Olmos, J., 2014:
First Litopenaeus vannamei WSSV 100% oral vaccination protection using CotC::Vp26 fusion protein displayed on Bacillus subtilis spores surface

Ramalingam, S.; Gediya, L.; Kwegyir-Afful, A.K.; Ramamurthy, V.P.; Purushottamachar, P.; Mbatia, H.; Njar, V.C.O., 2015:
First MNKs degrading agents block phosphorylation of eIF4E, induce apoptosis, inhibit cell growth, migration and invasion in triple negative and Her2-overexpressing breast cancer cell lines

Fallone, B.G.; Murray, B.; Rathee, S.; Stanescu, T.; Steciw, S.; Vidakovic, S.; Blosser, E.; Tymofichuk, D., 2009:
First MR images obtained during megavoltage photon irradiation from a prototype integrated linac-MR system

Mitka, M., 2011:
First MRI-safe pacemaker receives conditional approval from FDA

Maher, A.J.; Metcalfe, S.A., 2010:
First MTP joint arthrodesis for the treatment of hallux rigidus: results of 29 consecutive cases using the foot health status questionnaire validated measurement tool

Tran, D.Quang.; Beaudry, V.; Lajoie, Y., 2013:
First Manic Episode in an 11 Year-old Girl

Bouchet, N.; Bischerour, J.; Germon, S.; Guillard, J.; Dubernet, M.; Viaud-Massuard, M.C.; Delelis, O.; Ryabinin, V.; Bigot, Y.; Augé-Gouillou, C., 2009:
First Mariner Mos1 transposase inhibitors

Grammaticos, P.C., 2011:
First Medical Olympiad

Sharma, A.; Gupta, N.; Srivastava, D., 2018:
Carotid intima-media thickness, flow-mediated dilatation and proteinuria in patients of human immunodeficiency virus-positive patients: A case-control study

Andrade, R.P.; Saúde, L., 2007:
First Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Developmental Biology (SPBD)

Thompson, C.A., 2011:
First Mexico hospital pharmacy conference focuses on patient safety

Rjeibi, M.R.; Darghouth, M.A.; Rekik, M.; Amor, B.; Sassi, L.; Gharbi, M., 2016:
First Molecular Identification and Genetic Characterization of Theileria lestoquardi in Sheep of the Maghreb Region

Érlikh, A.D.; Matskeplishvili, S.T.; Gratsianskiĭ, N.A.; Buziashvili, I.I., 2014:
First Moscow "snapshot" register of acute coronary syndromes: characteristics of patients, management and outcomes during hospitalization

Miao, L.; Xu, L.; Narducy, K.W.; Trudell, M.L., 2010:
First Multi-gram Preparation SCP-123, A Novel Water Soluble Analgesic

Ardan, B.; Slyvka, Y.; Goreshnik, E.; Mys'kiv, M., 2013:
First N-allyl-aminothiadiazole copper(I) π-complexes: synthesis and structural peculiarities of [Cu(L)CF3SO3] and [Cu2(L)2(H2O)2](SiF6) · 2.5H2O compounds (L = 2-(allyl)-amino-5-methyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole)

Savard, P.; Gopinath, R.; Zhu, W.; Kitchel, B.; Rasheed, J.Kamile.; Tekle, T.; Roberts, A.; Ross, T.; Razeq, J.; Landrum, B.Mark.; Wilson, L.E.; Limbago, B.; Perl, T.M.; Carroll, K.C., 2012:
First NDM-positive Salmonella sp. strain identified in the United States

Wise, J., 2012:
First NHS club drug clinic opens its doors

Yuan, Y.; Yang, J.; Zhang, X.; Han, R.; Chen, M.; Hu, X.; Ma, Y.; Wu, M.; Wang, M.; Xu, S.; Pan, F., 2018:
Carotid Intima-Media Thickness in Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis: A Systematic Review and Updated Meta-Analysis

Anonymous, 1955:
First National Conference on Evaluation in Public Health

Ciampi, L., 2013:
First National Conference on the abandoned and delinquent child. Colonia Hogar Ricardo Gutiérrez, Buenos Aires

Louw, R., 2012:
First National Open Day Veterinarians a success

Kelishadi, R.; Abtahi, S-Hossein.; Qorbani, M.; Heshmat, R.; Esmaeil Motlagh, M.; Taslimi, M.; Aminaee, T.; Ardalan, G.; Poursafa, P.; Moin, P., 2013:
First National Report on Aminotransaminases' Percentiles in Children of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA): the CASPIAN-III Study

Ball, J.; Bernhardt, B.May., 2008:
First Nations English dialects in Canada: implications for speech-language pathology

Blackstock, C., 2010:
First Nations children

Santos, E.Henrique.Sena.; Santos Neto, P.José.Dos.; Santos, I.de.Souza., 2018:
Carotid intima-media thickness in the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil): a narrative review

Desapriya, E., 2010:
First Nations health data

King, K.M.; Sanguins, J.; McGregor, L.; LeBlanc, P., 2007:
First Nations people's challenge in managing coronary artery disease risk

Madden, S.; St Pierre-Hansen, N.; Kelly, L.; Cromarty, H.; Linkewich, B.; Payne, L., 2012:
First Nations women's knowledge of menopause: experiences and perspectives

MacMillan, H.L.; Jamieson, E.; Walsh, C.A.; Wong, M.Y-Y.; Faries, E.J.; McCue, H.; MacMillan, A.B.; Offord, D.Dan.R.; Antone, T.; Williams, P.; George, C.; Jones-Keeship, D.; Green, R.; Fiddler, A., 2008:
First Nations women's mental health: results from an Ontario survey

Anonymous, 1955:
First Negro Graduates from Maryland and Virginia Medical Schools

Della-Morte, D.; Dong, C.; Markert, M.S.; Elkind, M.S.V.; Sacco, R.L.; Wright, C.B.; Rundek, T., 2017:
Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Is Associated With White Matter Hyperintensities: The Northern Manhattan Study

Unemo, M.; Golparian, D.; Stary, A.; Eigentler, A., 2012:
First Neisseria gonorrhoeae strain with resistance to cefixime causing gonorrhoea treatment failure in Austria, 2011

Robinson, A.L., 1985:
First Neutrons from Rutherford Lab's SNS: Although it will take 2 years of commissioning to reach full intensity, the Spallation Neutron Source will be the world's most powerful

Jørgensen, J.S.; Vinter, C.A.; Lamont, R.F.; Frederiksen-Møller, B.; Rønde Kristensen, B.; Mogensen, O., 2013:
First Nordic Conference on Obesity in Gynecology and Obstetrics (NOCOGO)

Aboussair, N.; Berahou, A.; Perrault, I.; Elalaoui, S.Chafai.; Megzari, A.; Rozet, J.M.; Kaplan, J.; Sefiani, A., 2010:
First North African observation of Leber congenital amaurosis secondary to CEP290 gene mutation

Paradise, S.L.; Estep, L.; Olson, J.; Donaldson, K., 2014:
First North American case of Hemoglobin Shepherds Bush (β 74[E18] Gly → Asp) in a central Pennsylvania family

Frison, T.H., 1936:
First North Central States Fish and Game Conference

Thomas, Mël.; Gesson, J-Pierre.; Papot, Sébastien., 2007:
First O-glycosylation of hydroxamic acids

Aslanger, Aça.Dilruba.; Akbulut, A.; Tokgöz, Gül.; Türkmen, S.; Yararbaş, K., 2014:
First Observation of Hb South Florida [beta 1(NA1) Val>Met] in Turkey

Colak, A.; Toprak, B.; Yararbaş, K.; Akyol, F.; Ceylan, C., 2014:
First Observation of Hemoglobin Jabalpur [Beta 3 (NA3) Leu>Pro] in the Turkish Population

Eğin, Y.; Akar, N., 2012:
First Observation of MTH FR 678 C-A (Ala222Ala) Single Nucleotide Polymorphism

Chowdhury, M.H.; Malyn, S.N.; Aslan, K.; Lakowicz, J.R.; Geddes, C.D., 2008:
First Observation of Surface Plasmon-Coupled Chemiluminescence (SPCC)

Anonymous, 2009:
First Ortho Trauma Update. Comprehensive education over two days

Penn, C.L., 2008:
First PA program meets state's growing demand. Gaining ground, adding options for students

Thoms, S.; Gärtner, J., 2012:
First PEX11β patient extends spectrum of peroxisomal biogenesis disorder phenotypes

Diaz, A.; Bia, D.; Zócalo, Y.; Manterola, H.; Larrabide, I.; Lo Vercio, L.; Del Fresno, M.; Cabrera Fischer, E., 2018 :
Carotid Intima Media Thickness Reference Intervals for a Healthy Argentinean Population Aged 11-81 Years

Moreno, A.; Di Trani, L.; Alborali, L.; Vaccari, G.; Barbieri, I.; Falcone, E.; Sozzi, E.; Puzelli, S.; Ferri, G.; Cordioli, P., 2010:
First Pandemic H1N1 Outbreak from a Pig Farm in Italy

Shanta, V., 2011:
First Pediatric Oncology Unit in India at the Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai

Rauth, C.; Ackermann, D.; Blaum, K.; Block, M.; Chaudhuri, A.; Di, Z.; Eliseev, S.; Ferrer, R.; Habs, D.; Herfurth, F.; Hessberger, F.P.; Hofmann, S.; Kluge, H-J.; Maero, G.; Martín, A.; Marx, G.; Mukherjee, M.; Neumayr, J.B.; Plass, W.R.; Rahaman, S.; Rodríguez, D.; Scheidenberger, C.; Schweikhard, L.; Thirolf, P.G.; Vorobjev, G.; Weber, C., 2008:
First Penning trap mass measurements beyond the proton drip line

Smith, M.; Brodeur, M.; Brunner, T.; Ettenauer, S.; Lapierre, A.; Ringle, R.; Ryjkov, V.L.; Ames, F.; Bricault, P.; Drake, G.W.F.; Delheij, P.; Lunney, D.; Sarazin, F.; Dilling, J., 2008:
First Penning-trap mass measurement of the exotic halo nucleus 11Li

Lebo, D., 1959:
First Person: Immodest or Insecure?

Mateescu, B.Radu.; Bengus, A.; Marinescu, M.; Staniceanu, F.; Micu, G.; Negreanu, L., 2013:
First Pillcam Colon 2 capsule images of Whipple's disease: Case report and review of the literature

Hagland, M., 2010:
First Place. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Improving patient care through data availability in the ICU

Uvarov, M., 2012:
First Plenum of the Council on the cadres of the People's Commissariat of Public Health USSR and People's Commissariat of Public Health RSFSR

Podralska, M.; Nowakowska, D.; Steffen, J.; Cichy, W.; Slomski, R.; Plawski, A., 2010:
First Polish Cowden syndrome patient with confirmed PTEN gene mutation

Jablecki, J.; Kaczmarzyk, L.; Domanasiewicz, A.; Chelmonski, A.; Boratynska, M.; Patrzalek, D., 2010:
First Polish forearm transplantation - final report (outcome after 4 years)

Jablecki, J.; Kaczmarzyk, L.; Patrzałek, D.; Domanasiewicz, A.; Boratyńska, Z., 2009:
First Polish forearm transplantation: report after 17 months

Lachowicz, D.; Szulencka, G.; Obuch-Woszczatyński, P.; van Belkum, A.; Pituch, H., 2015:
First Polish outbreak of Clostridium difficile ribotype 027 infections among dialysis patients

Zieliński, J., 2007:
First Polish-French Pneumonological Conference, Poznań, 2nd December 2006

Choudhary, D.K., 2011:
First Preliminary Report on Isolation and Characterization of Novel Acinetobacter spp. in Casing Soil Used for Cultivation of Button Mushroom, Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Imbach

Crookshank, F.G., 1920:
First Principles: and Epidemiology

Richstone, L.; Reggio, E.; Ost, M.C.; Seideman, C.; Fossett, L.K.; Okeke, Z.; Rastinehad, A.R.; Lobko, I.; Siegel, D.N.; Smith, A.D., 2008:
First Prize (tie): Hemorrhage following percutaneous renal surgery: characterization of angiographic findings

Lehman, D.S.; Hruby, G.W.; Phillips, C.K.; McKiernan, J.M.; Benson, M.C.; Landman, J., 2008:
First Prize (tie): Laparoscopic renal cryoablation: efficacy and complications for larger renal masses

Lavielle, Sébastien.; Gionnet, K.; Ortega, R.; Devès, G.; Kilarski, V.; Wehbe, K.; Bikfalvi, A.; Déléris, Gérard., 2011:
First Quantitative Imaging of Organic Fluorine within Angiogenic Tissues by Particle Induced Gamma-Ray Emission (PIGE) Analysis: First PIGE Organic Fluorine Imaging

Anonymous, 2015:
First Queen's medal bestowed

Kovacevic, R.; Teodorovic, I.; Kaisarevic, S.; Planojevic, I.; Fa, S.; Dakic, V.; Pogrmic, K.; Virijevic, S., 2009:
First REP-LECOTOX Workshop-Ecotoxicogenomics: The challenge of integrating genomics/proteomics/metabolomics into aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology

Gokce, C.; Yilmaz, H.; Erbas, Z.; Demirbag, Z.; Demir, I., 2014:
First Record of Steinernema kraussei (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) from Turkey and Its Virulence against Agrotis segetum (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Arawi, T., 2011:
First Regional Conference on Biomedical Ethics in Medical Schools. Organized by the Salim El-Hoss Bioethics and Professionalism Program at AUB-FM

Bair, M.Z., 1923:
First Report of the Committee on Mosquito Control

Singh, N.; Moody, A.R.; Panzov, V.; Gladstone, D.J., 2018:
Carotid Intraplaque Hemorrhage in Patients with Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source

Alroy, K.A.; Arroyo, G.; Gilman, R.H.; Gonzales-Gustavson, E.; Gallegos, L.; Gavidia, C.M.; Verastegui, M.; Rodriguez, S.; Lopez, T.; Gomez-Puerta, L.A.; Alroy, J.; Garcia, H.H.; Gonzalez, A.E.; For The Cysticercosis Working Group In Peru, 2018:
Carotid Taenia solium Oncosphere Infection: A Novel Porcine Neurocysticercosis Model

Dos Santos, C.Biral.; Tavares, M.Teixeira.; Leite, G.Rocha.; Ferreira, A.Luiz.; Rocha, L.de.Souza.; Falqueto, Aísio., 2014:
First Report of Aprostocetus asthenogmus (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) in South America and Parasitizing Eggs of Triatominae Vectors of Chagas Disease

Seleim, M.A.A.; Abo-Elyousr, K.A.M.; Abd-El-Moneem, K.M.; Saead, F.A., 2014:
First Report of Bacterial Wilt Caused by Ralstonia solanacearum Biovar 2 Race 1 on Tomato in Egypt

Lee, J.Han.; Kim, J.; Kwak, Y-Sig., 2013:
First Report of Black Spot Disease Caused by Alternaria alternata on Sweet Persimmon Fruits

Kwon, J-Hyeuk.; Cheon, M-Geon.; Choi, O.; Kim, J., 2011:
First Report of Botrytis cinerea as a Postharvest Pathogen of Blueberry in Korea

Lee, J.Sung.; Woo, E.Ju.; Lim, Y.Woon., 2009:
First Report of Ceriporiopsis resinascens (Phanerochaetaceae, Basidiomycota) in Korea

Kim, M-Kyeong.; Jeong, R-Dong.; Kwak, H-Ryun.; Lee, S-Heon.; Kim, J-Soo.; Kim, K-Hyung.; Cha, B.; Choi, H-Soo., 2014:
First Report of Cucumber mosaic virus Isolated from Wild Vigna angularis var. nipponensis in Korea

Deng, J.Xin.; Kim, C.Sun.; Oh, E.Sung.; Yu, S.Hun., 2010:
First Report of Foliar Blight on Dendropanax morbifera Caused by Alternaria panax

Abedkhojasteh, H.; Niyyati, M.; Rahimi, F.; Heidari, M.; Farnia, S.; Rezaeian, M., 2014:
First Report of Hartmannella keratitis in a Cosmetic Soft Contact Lens Wearer in Iran

Wang, X.Yu.; Hur, H.; Lee, Y.Mi.; Koh, Y.Jin.; Hur, J-Seoun., 2008:
First Report of Heterodermia squamulosa (Lichenized Ascomycota, Physciaceae) in South Korea

Salimi, M.; Edalat, H.; Jourabchi, A.; Oshaghi, M., 2010:
First Report of Human Nasal Myiasis Caused by Eristalis tenax in Iran (Diptera: Syrphidae)

Youssefi, M.; Sefidgar, S.; Tabari, M.Abouhosseini., 2010:
First Report of Intestinal Myiasis Due To Eristalis tenax in Iran

Bejarano, E.E.; Castro, M.; Pérez-Doria, A.; Hernández-Oviedo, E.; Vélez, Aés.; Vélez, Ián.D., 2008:
First Report of Lutzomyia França in the department of Guainía, Amazonian Colombia, and of Brumptomyia mesai Sherlock (Diptera: Psychodidae) in the Colombian Caribbean Coast

Han, K-Sook.; Choi, S-Kook.; Kim, H-Hwan.; Lee, S-Chan.; Park, J-Han.; Cho, M-Rae.; Park, M-Jeong., 2014:
First Report of Myrothecium roridum Causing Leaf and Stem Rot Disease on Peperomia quadrangularis in Korea

El-Herte, R.I.; Kanj, S.S.; Araj, G.F.; Chami, H.; Gharzuddine, W., 2012:
First Report of Nocardia asiatica Presenting as an Anterior Mediastinal Mass in a Patient with Myasthenia Gravis: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Cho, H.Sun.; Hong, S.Beom.; Go, S.Joo., 2005:
First Report of Penicillium brasilianum and P. daleae Isolated from Soil in Korea

Soleimani-Ahmadi, M.; Vatandoost, H.; Hanafi-Bojd, A.Ali.; Poorahmad-Garbandi, F.; Zare, M.; Hosseini, S.Mohammad.Vahid., 2014:
First Report of Pharyngostomy Wound Myiasis Caused by Chrysomya bezziana (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in Iran

Aktaruzzaman, M.; Xu, S-Jun.; Kim, J-Young.; Woo, J-Hyoun.; Hahm, Y-Il.; Kim, B-Sup., 2014:
First Report of Potato Stem-End Rot Caused by Fusarium oxysporum in Korea

Mahajan, P.Suresh.; Abdalla, M.Fahmy.; Purayil, N.K., 2014:
First Report of Preoperative Imaging Diagnosis of a Surgically Confirmed Case of Valentino's Syndrome

Kwon, J-Hyeuk.; Kim, J.; Kim, W-Il., 2012:
First Report of Rhizopus oryzae as a Postharvest Pathogen of Apple in Korea

Han, K-Sook.; Lee, S-Chan.; Lee, J-Sup.; Soh, J-Woo.; Kim, S., 2013:
First Report of Sclerotium Rot on Cymbidium Orchids Caused by Sclerotium rolfsii in Korea

Park, J-Hyun.; Park, M-Jeong.; Wolcan, S.; Shin, H-Dong., 2012:
First Report of Septoria centellae Associated with Leaf Spot of Centella asiatica in Korea

Choi, O.; Kwon, J-Hyeuk.; Min, Y.; Kim, J., 2011:
First Report of Stem Rot on Asiatic Dayflower (Commelina communis L.) Caused by Sclerotium rolfsii in Korea

Lee, J.Han.; Kim, D-Ran.; Kwak, Y-Sig., 2014:
First Report of Stemonitis splendens Rostaf Causing Bark Decay of Oak Logs Used for Shiitake Cultivation in Korea

Anthony Johnson, A.M.; Vidya, T.; Papaiah, S.; Srinivasulu, M.; Mandal, B.; Sai Gopal, D.V.R., 2014:
First Report of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus Infecting Gherkin (Cucumis anguira) in India

Mojtabavi, M.; Naderi, H.Reza.; Tavanaee Sani, A.; Bagheri, M.; Ghazvini, K., 2011:
First Report of a Case of Pneumococcal Meningitis Which Did Not Respond to the Ceftriaxone Therapy despite the Isolated Organism Being Sensitive to This Antibiotic In Vitro

Beygo, J.; Buiting, K.; Seland, S.; Lüdecke, H-J.; Hehr, U.; Lich, C.; Prager, B.; Lohmann, D.R.; Wieczorek, D., 2012:
First Report of a Single Exon Deletion in TCOF1 Causing Treacher Collins Syndrome

Tseng, S-Pin.; Wang, J-Tay.; Liang, C-Yuan.; Lee, P-Shan.; Chen, Y-Chun.; Lu, P-Liang., 2014:
First Report of bla(IMP-8) in Raoultella planticola

Mee, T.C.; Aepfelbacher, J.; Krakora, R.; Chairez, C.; Kvaratskhelia, N.; Smith, B.; Sandfort, V.; Hadigan, C.; Morse, C.; Hammoud, D.A., 2018 :
Carotid magnetic resonance imaging in persons living with HIV and 10-year atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk score

Johansson, E.; Benhabib, H.; Herod, W.; Hopyan, J.; Machnowska, M.; Maggisano, R.; Aviv, R.; Fox, A.J., 2018:
Carotid near-occlusion can be identified with ultrasound by low flow velocity distal to the stenosis

Jayalal, U.; Joshi, S.; Oh, S-Ok.; Park, J-Shin.; Hur, J-Seoun., 2012:
First Report of the Lichen Species, Heterodermia flabellata (Fée) D. D. Awasthi, and Updated Taxonomic Key of Heterodermia in South Korea

Lien-Teh, W., 1913:
First Report of the North Manchurian Plague Prevention Service

Anonymous, 1907:
First Report of the Royal Commission on Mines: Breathing Appliances for Rescue Work

Kassiri, H.; Naddaf, S.Reza.; Javadian, E-Aldin.; Mohebali, M., 2014:
First Report on Isolation and Characterization of Leishmania major from Meriones hurrianae (Rodentia: Gerbillidae) of A Rural Cutaneous leishmaniasis Focus in South-Eastern Iran

Deng, J.Xin.; Paul, N.Chandra.; Sang, H.Kyu.; Lee, J.Hye.; Hwang, Y.Soo.; Yu, S.Hun., 2012:
First Report on Isolation of Penicillium adametzioides and Purpureocillium lilacinum from Decayed Fruit of Cheongsoo Grapes in Korea

Kumar, D.; Kaundal, P.; Garg, I.D., 2014:
First Report on Occurrence of Pelargonium leaf curl virus (PLCV) in Shimla Hills, India

Baciu, P.; Yang, C.; Fantin, A.; Darnley-Fisch, D.; Desai, U., 2014:
First Reported Case of Proliferative Retinopathy in Hemoglobin SE Disease

O'Young, J., 2010:
First Responders: The DMAT Team

Elixmann, I.Margrit.; Walter, M.; Goffin, C.; Czaplik, M.; Huewelmann, P.Alexander.; Kwiecien, M.; Weinzierl, M.; Oertel, M.; Steudel, W-Ingo.; Kiefer, M.; Misgeld, B.; Radermacher, K.; Leonhardt, S., 2013:
First Results of a New Electromechanical Controlled External Ventricular Drainage in a Porcine Model

Majdani, O.; Lenarz, T.; Pawsey, N.; Risi, F.; Sedlmayr, G.; Rau, T., 2013:
First Results with a Prototype of a new Cochlear Implant Electrode featuring Shape Memory Effect

Wöckel, A.; Kreienberg, R., 2008:
First Revision of the German S3 Guideline 'Diagnosis, Therapy, and Follow-Up of Breast Cancer'

Khangure, S.R.; Benhabib, H.; Machnowska, M.; Fox, A.J.; Grönlund, C.; Herod, W.; Maggisano, R.; Sjöberg, A.; Wester, P.; Hojjat, S-Parsa.; Hopyan, J.; Aviv, R.I.; Johansson, E., 2017:
Carotid near-occlusion frequently has high peak systolic velocity on Doppler ultrasound

Romanov, N.A.; Dorosevich, A.E., 2009:
First Russian anatomical dictionary (to the 225 anniversary of publication)

Frank, G.A.; Zavalishina, L.E.; Kekeeva, T.V.; Aleksakhina, S.N.; Garifullina, T.R.; Ivantsov, O.A.; Mitiushkina, N.V.; Pfaifer, V.; Strelkova, T.N.; Imianitova, E.N., 2014:
First Russian nationwide molecular epidemiological study for melanoma: results of BRAF mutation analysis

Rossiisky, D.M., 1947:
First Russian therapeutic clinics

Golombek, S.G.; Sola, A.; Baquero, H.; Borbonet, D.; Cabañas, F.; Fajardo, C.; Goldsmit, G.; Lemus, L.; Miura, E.; Pellicer, A.; Pérez, J.M.; Rogido, M.; Zambosco, G.; van Overmeire, B.; Golombek, S.G.; Sola, A.; Clyman, R.; van Overmeire, B.; Goldsmit, G.; Natta, D.; Zambosco, G.; Miura, E.; Péerez, Jé.Maria.; Weissheimer, C.; Baquero, H.; García Harker, J.; Oviedo Barrantes, A.Nydia.; Morgues, Mónica.; Tapia, Jé.Luis.; Domínguez, F.; Majano, M.; Cabañas, F.; Pellicer, A.; Cruz, Hán.;, 2009:
First SIBEN clinical consensus: diagnostic and therapeutic approach to patent ductus arteriosus in premature newborns

Anonymous, 2008:
First SNP for Alzheimer's disease implemented

Garnett, G.M.; Kang, K.H.; Jaksic, T.; Woo, R.K.; Puapong, D.P.; Kim, H.B.; Johnson, S.M., 2014:
First STEPs: serial transverse enteroplasty as a primary procedure in neonates with congenital short bowel

T, J., 1957:
First Scientific Bureau

Swedish, K.A.; Conenello, G.; Factor, S.H., 2010:
First Season of 2009 H1N1 Influenza

Hille, U.E.; Zimmer, C.; Vock, C.A.; Hartmann, R.W., 2011:
First Selective CYP11B1 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cortisol-Dependent Diseases

Pereira, Bárbara.; Fonseca, M.; Gonçalves, A.; Alegrio, Jão.; Gonçalves, Óscar., 2018:
Carotid Paraganglioma - Classical Surgical Technique

Bantock, G.G., 1879:
First Series of Twenty-Five Cases of Completed Ovariotomy

Anonymous, 1949:
First Session

Slyvka, Y.; Pavlyuk, O.; Pokhodylo, N.; Ardan, B.; Mazej, Z.; Goreshnik, E., 2011:
First Silver(I) - Complexes with Tetrazole Allyl Derivatives. Synthesis and Crystal Structure of [Ag2(C10H10N4S)2(H2O)2](BF4)2 and [Ag(C10H9ClN4S)(NO3)] π-Compounds (C10H10N4S and C10H9ClN4S - 5-(Allylthio)-1-phenyl- and 5-(Allylthio)-1-(4-chlorophenyl)-1H-tetrazole)

Wilf, P.; Escapa, I.H.; Cúneo, N.Rubén.; Kooyman, R.M.; Johnson, K.R.; Iglesias, A., 2014:
First South American Agathis (Araucariaceae), Eocene of Patagonia

Perone, M.J.; Velázquez, G.; Rojas de Arias, A.; Chamorro, G.; Coluchi, N.; Pirmez, C.; Savino, W.; Barbeito, L.; Arzt, E., 2013:
First South american network of biomedical research. Education and biotechnology for health

Martín Zurro, A., 2007:
First Spanish Conference on Health Prevention and Promotion in Clinical Practice: an inter-professional and inter-disciplinary collaborative effort

Iriberri, A., 2011:
First Spanish HIV vaccine proves safe in phase I trials

Betrán, A.; Rezusta, A.; Lezcano, M.A.; Villuendas, M.C.; Revillo, M.J.; Boiron, P.; Rodríguez-Nava, V., 2009:
First Spanish case of nocardiosis caused by Nocardia takedensis

Lanas, A.; Calvet, X.; Feu, F.; Ponce, J.; Gisbert, J.P.; Barkun, A.; Brullet, E.; Pinera, P.; Castro, M.; Martın de Argila, C.; Munoz, E.Domınguez.; Almela, P.; Villanueva, C.; Galilea, A.Gonzalez.; Aisa, A.Perez.; Villoria, A., 2011:
First Spanish consensus on peptic ulcer bleeding management. Consenso sobre Hemorragia Digestiva por Úlcera Péptica

Noguera, A.; Carvajal, A.; Alonso-Babarro, A.; Chisholm, G.; Bruera, E.; Centeno, C., 2016:
First Spanish version of the Memorial Delirium Assessment Scale: psychometric properties, responsiveness, and factor loadings

Kaiser, V.; Kreilinger, A.; Müller-Putz, G.R.; Neuper, C., 2011:
First Steps Toward a Motor Imagery Based Stroke BCI: New Strategy to Set up a Classifier

Schuler, D.; Chevalier, H-Jörg.; Merker, M.; Morgenthal, K.; Ravanat, J-Luc.; Sagelsdorff, P.; Walter, M.; Weber, K.; McGregor, D., 2012:
First Steps Towards an Understanding of a Mode ofCarcinogenic Action for Vanadium Pentoxide

Löfqvist, C.; Eriksson, S.; Svensson, Törn.; Iwarsson, S., 2011:
First Steps towards Evidence-Based Preventive Home Visits: Experiences Gathered in a Swedish Municipality

Clery, D., 1994:
First Stop on the Neutrino Roadshow: CERN

Kizy, A.E.; Neely, M.N., 2009:
First Streptococcus pyogenes signature-tagged mutagenesis screen identifies novel virulence determinants

Margolis, H., 1962:
First Strike: Some Notes on Nuclear Semantics

Kalantar, E.; Torabi, V.; Salimizand, H.; Soheili, F.; Beiranvand, S.; Soltan Dallal, M.Mehdi., 2012:
First Survey of Metallo-β-Lactamase Producers in Clinical Isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa From a Referral Burn Center in Kurdistan Province

Kato, T.; Addo, K.Kwasi.; Nartey, N.; Nyarko, A.Kwadwo.; Bonsu, F.Adae.; Mitarai, S., 2014:
First Susceptibility Testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis for Second-line Anti-tuberculosis Drugs in Ghana

Furst, D.E.; Tyndall, A.; Matucci-Cerinic, M., 2010:
First Systemic Sclerosis World Congress

Halter, E.; Thiam, C.; Bobin, C.; Bouchard, J.; Chambellan, D.; Chauvenet, B.; Hamel, M.; Rocha, L.; Trocmé, M.; Woo, R., 2014:
First TDCR measurements at low energies using a miniature x-ray tube

Vicente-Dólera, N.; Troadec, C.; Moya, M.; del Río-Celestino, M.; Pomares-Viciana, T.; Bendahmane, A.; Picó, Bén.; Román, Bén.; Gómez, P., 2016:
First TILLING platform in Cucurbita pepo: a new mutant resource for gene function and crop improvement

O'Dowd, A., 2010:
First TV advert for abortion services prompts anger

Pogorelova, O.A.; Tripoten, M.I.; Guchaeva, D.A.; Shahnovich, R.M.; Ruda, M.Y.; Balakhonova, T.V., 2018:
Carotid Plaque Instability in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome as Assessed by Ultrasound Duplex Scanning

Anonymous, 1963:
First Things First

Zikmund-Fisher, B.J.; Hofer, T.P.; Klamerus, M.L.; Kerr, E.A., 2010:
First Things First: Difficulty with Current Medications Is Associated With Patient Willingness to Add New Ones

O'Brien, E., 2013:
First Thomas Pickering memorial lecture*: ambulatory blood pressure measurement is essential for the management of hypertension

Gung, B.W.; Omollo, A.O., 2008:
First Total Synthesis of the Potent Anticancer Natural Product Dideoxypetrosynol A: Preparation of the "Skipped" ( Z )-Enediyne Moiety by Oxidative Coupling of Homopropargyl Phosphonium Ylide

Li, Z-Qun.; Zhang, S.; Ma, Y.; Luo, J-Yu.; Wang, C-Yi.; Lv, L-Min.; Dong, S-Lin.; Cui, J-Jie., 2013:
First Transcriptome and Digital Gene Expression Analysis in Neuroptera with an Emphasis on Chemoreception Genes in Chrysopa pallens (Rambur)

Knudson, M.Margaret.; Mitchell, F.L.; Johannigman, J.A., 2008:
First Trauma Verification Review Committee site visit outside the U.S.: Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany

Cheng, J.; Chen, Y.; Yu, Y.; Chiu, B., 2018:
Carotid plaque segmentation from three-dimensional ultrasound images by direct three-dimensional sparse field level-set optimization

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First Trimester Diagnosis of VACTERL Association

Goddijn, M.; Schipper, H.G.; Spanjaard, L.; Wolf, H., 1997:
First Trimester Listeria monocytogenes Septicemia

Shiefa, S.; Amargandhi, M.; Bhupendra, J.; Moulali, S.; Kristine, T., 2014:
First Trimester Maternal Serum Screening Using Biochemical Markers PAPP-A and Free β-hCG for Down Syndrome, Patau Syndrome and Edward Syndrome

Yildiz, C.Eray.; Sayin, M.; Yerebakan, H.; Kucukaksu, S., 2010:
First Turkish experiences of assisted beating-heart coronary artery bypass graft with the Impella Microaxial Ventricular Assist Device

McEnery, R., 2010:
First U.S. national AIDS strategy aims to cut new infections and optimize care

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First U.S. near-total human face transplantation: a paradigm shift for massive complex injuries

Mahida, N.; Vaughan, N.; Boswell, T., 2014:
First UK evaluation of an automated ultraviolet-C room decontamination device (Tru-D™)

Dyer, C., 2014:
First UK prosecution for female genital mutilation raises concerns among doctors

Malani, P., 2014:
First US MERS-CoV cases underscore need for preparedness

Lee, W.Anthony.; Martin, T.D.; Hess, P.J.; Beaver, T.M.; Klodell, C.T., 2011:
First United States experience of the TX2 Pro-Form thoracic delivery system

Musselwhite, L.W.; Maciag, K.; Lankowski, A.; Gretes, M.C.; Wellems, T.E.; Tavera, G.; Goulding, R.E.; Guillen, E., 2012:
First Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) Neglected Diseases and Innovation Symposium

Dall, W.H., 1883:
First use of Wire in Deep-Sea Sounding

Osborn, H.F., 1912:
First use of Word "genotype"

Geiser, C.; Keller, B.; Lockhart, G., 2013:
First Versus Second Order Latent Growth Curve Models: Some Insights From Latent State-Trait Theory

Jar, A.M., 2012:
First Veterinary Virology Symposium in 2011: World Veterinary Year

Zuckerman, J.D., 2008:
First Vice Presidential address: practice management

Einecke, D., 2013:
First WARFASA, now ASPIRE. The new career of ASS in long-term thromboembolism prevention

Quigley, E.M.M.; Yurdaydin, C., 2012:
First WGO regional meeting with the TSG: a template for future regional gastroenterology collaborations

Anonymous, 2009:
First WHO Global Consultation on Regulatory Requirements for Xenotransplantation Clinical Trials: Changsha, China, 19-21 November 2008. The Changsha Communiqué

Chudy, M.; Hanschmann, K-M.; Kress, J.; Nick, S.; Campos, R.; Wend, U.; Gerlich, W.; Nübling, C.M., 2013:
First WHO International Reference Panel containing hepatitis B virus genotypes A-G for assays of the viral DNA

Holmes, P., 2014:
First WHO meeting of stakeholders on elimination of gambiense Human African Trypanosomiasis

Gandolfi, B.; Gruffydd-Jones, T.J.; Malik, R.; Cortes, A.; Jones, B.R.; Helps, C.R.; Prinzenberg, E.M.; Erhardt, G.; Lyons, L.A., 2013:
First WNK4-hypokalemia animal model identified by genome-wide association in Burmese cats

Tan, J.Liang.; Ng, H.Fuh.; Wee, W.Yee.; Ang, M.Yang.; Wong, G.Jah.; Ngeow, Y.Fong.; Choo, S.Woh., 2013:
First Whole-Genome Sequence of Mycobacterium iranicum, a Newly Reported Mycobacterial Species

Renvoisé, A.; Pang, S.; Bernard, C.; Brossier, F.; Veziris, N.; Capton, E.; Jarlier, V.; Sougakoff, W., 2014:
First Whole-Genome Sequence of a Clinical Isolate of Multidrug-Resistant Mycobacterium bovis BCG

Anonymous, 1990:
First WorId Congress on Safety in Medical PracticeHelsingör, Denmark, May 28-31,1990

Elias, E.; Thomas, S.; George, A.; Sebastian, M., 2012:
First World Conference on Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery

Shang, J.; Wang, W.; Feng, J.; Luo, G-Gang.; Dang, Y.; Sun, J.; Yang, Y-Qiu.; Ruan, L-Tao., 2018:
Carotid Plaque Stiffness Measured with Supersonic Shear Imaging and Its Correlation with Serum Homocysteine Level in Ischemic Stroke Patients

Yan, L.; Galvan, A., 2008:
First World Diabetes Day calls for global action on disease

Anonymous, 2009:
First World Forum Against Drugs: 100 years of global drug prevention marked in Stockholm

George, R.; Vijaya, L., 2008:
First World Glaucoma day, March 6, 2008: tackling glaucoma challenges in India

De Martin, S., 2007:
First World Rabies Day, 8 September 2007

Breeze, J., 2014:
First World War

Bertz, S.H.; Hardin, R.A.; Heavey, T.J.; Jones, D.S.; Monroe, T.Blake.; Murphy, M.D.; Ogle, C.A.; Whaley, T.N., 2013:
First X-ray crystal structure and internal reference diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy study of the prototypical Posner reagent, MeCu(SPh)Li(THF)3

Wucher, B.; Moser, M.; Schumacher, S.A.; Rominger, F.; Kunz, D., 2009:
First X-ray structure analyses of rhodium(III) eta1-allyl complexes and a mechanism for allylic isomerization reactions

Ghanem, A.; Gardiner, M.G.; Williamson, R.M.; Müller, P., 2010:
First X-ray structure of a N-naphthaloyl-tethered chiral dirhodium(II) complex: structural basis for tether substitution improving asymmetric control in olefin cyclopropanation

Figueroa, S.J.A.; Stewart, S.J., 2008:
First XANES evidence of a disorder-order transition in a spinel ferrite compound: nanocrystalline ZnFe2O4

Bitzer, J.; Streibel, M.; Langer, H-Jörg.; Grond, S., 2009:
First Y-type actinomycins from Streptomyces with divergent structure-activity relationships for antibacterial and cytotoxic properties

Schwartz, R.A., 2014:
First Yemeni Congress of Dermatology, Sana'a, Yemen, February 27-28, 2013

Visnjevac, A.; Gout, Jérôme.; Ingert, N.; Bistri, O.; Reinaud, O., 2010:
First Zn(II) bowl-complexes modeling the tris(histidine) metallo-site of enzymes

Blackburn, M.V.; Hannah, F.; Rogerson, A., 2011:
First account of apochlorotic diatoms from mangrove waters in Florida

Miyamae, T.; Morita, A.; Ouchi, Y., 2008:
First acid dissociation at an aqueous H2SO4 interface with sum frequency generation spectroscopy

Galton, D.J., 2009:
First acquaintances

Crawford, M-Jane.; Ellern, A.; Karaghiosoff, K.; Martin, F.; Mayer, P., 2010:
First actinide complexes of the nitrogen-containing ligands dinitramide (N(NO2)2(-)), 4,5-Dicyano-1,2,3-triazolate (C4N5(-)), and dicyanamide (N(CN)2(-))

Anonymous, 2013:
First action methods adopted for flavanols, SMPRs approved for ingredients and heavy metals

Hernández-Cuevas, C.Berenice.; Roque, L.Hernández.; Huerta-Sil, G.; Rojas-Serrano, J.; Escudero, A.; Perez, Lícia.Lino.; Collantes-Estevez, E.; Vázquez Mellado, J., 2009:
First acute gout attacks commonly precede features of the metabolic syndrome

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First acute haemodynamic study of soluble guanylate cyclase stimulator riociguat in pulmonary hypertension

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First acute rejection episode after renal transplantation: study of the histopathological characteristics according to the immunological risk

Zhao, J.; Wang, D.; Autenrieth, B.; Buchmeiser, M.R., 2015 :
First acyclic diene metathesis polymerization under biphasic conditions using a dicationic ruthenium alkylidene: access to high-molecular-weight polymers with very low ruthenium contamination

Sgueglia, G.A.; D'Errico, F.; Gioffrè, G.; De Santis, A.; Gaspardone, A., 2015:
First ad hoc bioresorbable vascular scaffold bench test: a glimpse into percutaneous bifurcation interventions

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First adaptation of coping power program as a classroom-based prevention intervention on aggressive behaviors among elementary school children

Potts, M., 2007:
First address informed consent in organ donation

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First administration to humans of a monoclonal antibody cocktail against rabies virus: safety, tolerability, and neutralizing activity

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First administration to man of Org 25435, an intravenous anaesthetic: A Phase 1 Clinical Trial

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First adult case of Helicobacter cinaedi meningitis

Becker, V.; Graf, S.; Schlag, C.; Schuster, T.; Feussner, H.; Schmid, R.M.; Bajbouj, M., 2012:
First agreement analysis and day-to-day comparison of pharyngeal pH monitoring with pH/impedance monitoring in patients with suspected laryngopharyngeal reflux

Schatzki, S.C.; Edmonds, F.William., 2014:
First aid

Jevon, P.; Cooper, L., 2008:
First aid Part 6--application of slings

Yap, M.Bee.Hui.; Wright, A.; Jorm, A.Francis., 2011:
First aid actions taken by young people for mental health problems in a close friend or family member: findings from an Australian national survey of youth

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First aid and basic life support training for first year medical students

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First aid and basic life support: a questionnaire survey of medical schools in the Netherlands

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First aid and defibrillation in the workplace: a helpful decision for the public

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First aid and harm minimization for victims of road trauma: a population study

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First aid and initial management for childhood burns in Vietnam--an appeal for public and continuing medical education

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First aid and nursing on acute severe bromoxynil poisoning

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First aid and public access defibrillation in mountain huts: the Mountain Huts Initiative of the Bergamo section of the Club Alpino Italiano

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First aid and treatment for cervical spinal cord injury with fracture and dislocation

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First aid at a bus stop

Ewen, J., 2013:
First aid education in Africa: what the UK could learn

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First aid for acute sports injuries

Calvin, J., 1947:
First aid for alcoholism

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First aid for burns: too little, too late and often wrong

Van Arsdell, P.M., 2018:
First aid for chemical eye injuries

Ryl, E., 2014:
First aid for children

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First aid for dental trauma caused by sports activities: state of knowledge, treatment and prevention

Anonymous, 2008:
First aid for emotional trauma. When and how must we act to prevent lasting damage?

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First aid for esophageal burns

Little, M., 2008:
First aid for jellyfish stings: do we really know what we are doing?

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First aid for orthodontic retainers

Vogel, L., 2012:
First aid for psychoses

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First aid for the laminitic foot: therapeutic and mechanical support

Tweedie, H., 2008:
First aid for the mind

Treibel, W., 2009:
First aid for wounds, fractures and tissue injuries in the mountains

Laws, J., 2013:
First aid fundamentals

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First aid guidelines for psychosis in Asian countries: A Delphi consensus study

Morvay, L.S., 2018:
First aid in industrial dental injuries

Buxton, S.J.D., 1948:
First aid in road accidents

Heidenreich, S., 2009:
First aid in stroke: what is the tolerable limit for blood pressure?

Treibel, W., 2009:
First aid in the mountains

McALLEN, H.J., 2011:
First aid in the world's tallest building

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First aid kit for hypoxic survival: sensors and strategies

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First aid kits for recreational dive boats, what should they contain?

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First aid manual in an android environment

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First aid of casualties in Wenchuan earthquake

Kashiyama, T., 2012:
First aid of heat-related illness

Krutsch, W.; Voss, A.; Gerling, S.; Grechenig, S.; Nerlich, M.; Angele, P., 2014:
First aid on field management in youth football

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First aid procedures

Jackson, M., 2015:
First aid should be part of mandatory nurse training

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First aid skill retention of first responders within the workplace

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First aid strategies that are helpful to young people developing a mental disorder: beliefs of health professionals compared to young people and parents

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First aid strategy for severe traumatic patients in hospital

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First aid to patients with head or spine injuries

Shapovalov, V.M.; Samokhvalov, I.M., 2013:
First aid to persons with explosion trauma

Paynter, M., 2011:
First aid training for students

Johnson, P., 2008:
First aid training in pre-registration nurse education

Tallo, D., 2016:
First aid training is essential for holistic practitioners

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First aid workshop: report of an experience

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First aid. Part 1--Treatment of burns

Jevon, P.; Morgan, A., 2008:
First aid. Part 2--treatment of a generalised tonic-clonic seizure

Jevon, P.; Cooper, L., 2008:
First aid. Part 3--first aid treatment of eye injuries

Jevon, P.; Cooper, L., 2008:
First aid. Part 4--treatment after inhalation of fumes

Jevon, P.; Cooper, L., 2008:
First aid. Part 5--First-aid treatment for severe bleeding

Whigham, J.R.M., 1949:
First aid; asphyxia

Whigham, J.R.M., 1948:
First aid; fractures

Whigham, J.R.M., 1948:
First aid; general principles

Whigham, J.R.M., 1948:
First aid; special wounds

Whigham, J.R.M., 1949:
First aid; transport

Kawamura, Y.J.; Tokumitsu, A.; Mizokami, K.; Sasaki, J.; Tsujinaka, S.; Konishi, F., 2010:
First alert for recurrence during follow-up after potentially curative resection for colorectal carcinoma: CA 19-9 should be included in surveillance programs

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First all-in-one diagnostic tool for DNA intelligence: genome-wide inference of biogeographic ancestry, appearance, relatedness, and sex with the Identitas v1 Forensic Chip

Anonymous, 2011:
First all-island disease surveillance report for Ireland

Hartung, T.; Bruner, L.; Curren, R.; Eskes, C.; Goldberg, A.; McNamee, P.; Scott, L.; Zuang, Vérie., 2010:
First alternative method validated by a retrospective weight-of-evidence approach to replace the Draize eye test for the identification of non-irritant substances for a defined applicability domain

Anonymous, 2009:
First amendment -- California Supreme Court holds that free exercise of religion does not give fertility doctors right to deny treatment to lesbians. -- North Coast Women's Care Medical Group, Inc. v. San Diego County Superior Court, 189 P.3d 959 (Cal. 2008)

Mangat, M.V.; Burke-Galloway, L., 2011:
First amendment rights of patients and physicians

Gumm, A.; Hammershøi, A.; Kofod-Hansen, M.; Mønsted, O.; Osholm Sørensen, H., 2007:
First aminoacetone chelate: [Co(tren){NH2CH2C(O)CH3}]3+-a substrate binding and activation model for zinc(II)-dependent 5-aminolaevulinic acid dehydratase

Afonso, E.; Baurand, P-Emmanuel.; Tournant, P.; Capelli, N., 2014:
First amplification of Eimeria hessei DNA from the lesser horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros) and its phylogenetic relationships with Eimeria species from other bats and rodents

Balthasar, H.; Jeannin, Aé.; Dubois-Arber, Fçoise., 2008:
First anal intercourse and condom use among men who have sex with men in Switzerland

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First analysis of 10-year trends in national factor concentrates usage in haemophilia: data from CHARMS, the Canadian Hemophilia Assessment and Resource Management System

Leo, J.C.; Elovaara, H.; Bihan, D.; Pugh, N.; Kilpinen, S.K.; Raynal, N.; Skurnik, M.; Farndale, R.W.; Goldman, A., 2010:
First analysis of a bacterial collagen-binding protein with collagen Toolkits: promiscuous binding of YadA to collagens may explain how YadA interferes with host processes

de Pagter, A.P.J.; Boelens, J.J.; Scherrenburg, J.; Vroom-de Blank, T.; Tesselaar, K.; Nanlohy, N.; Sanders, E.A.M.; Schuurman, R.; van Baarle, D., 2012:
First analysis of human herpesvirus 6T-cell responses: specific boosting after HHV6 reactivation in stem cell transplantation recipients

Otto, W.; Denzinger, S.; Wieland, W.F.; Hartmann, A., 2013:
First analysis of immune cell infiltration in stage pT1 urothelial bladder carcinoma: CD3 positivity as a prognostic marker for cancer-specific survival

Chen, Y.; Sun, J.; Tong, X.; Xu, J.; Deng, H.; Jiang, Z.; Jiang, C.; Duan, J.; Li, J.; Zhou, P.; Wang, C., 2015:
First analysis of synonymous codon usage in porcine circovirus

Hakalla, Rł.; Zachwieja, Mław.; Szajna, W., 2013:
First analysis of the 1-v″ progression of the Ångström (B1Σ+-A1Π) band system in the rare 13C17O isotopologue

Boury, D.; François, G.; Danel, T.; Cobbaut, J-Philippe., 2013:
First analysis of the deployment of the ethical approach in the field of mental health in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region

Tantry, U.S.; Bliden, K.P.; Wei, C.; Storey, R.F.; Armstrong, M.; Butler, K.; Gurbel, P.A., 2011:
First analysis of the relation between CYP2C19 genotype and pharmacodynamics in patients treated with ticagrelor versus clopidogrel: the ONSET/OFFSET and RESPOND genotype studies

Aceto, M.; Agostino, A.; Fenoglio, G.; Baraldi, P.; Zannini, P.; Hofmann, C.; Gamillscheg, E., 2012:
First analytical evidences of precious colourants on Mediterranean illuminated manuscripts

Morris, A.G.; Heinze, A.; Chan, E.K.F.; Smith, A.B.; Hayes, V.M., 2015:
First ancient mitochondrial human genome from a prepastoralist southern African

Daschle, T., 2010:
First and 10. But there's still a long way to go to cross the goal line

Zamanzadeh, V.; Valizadeh, L.; Azimzadeh, R.; Aminaie, N.; Yousefzadeh, S., 2014:
First and Fourth-Year Student's Perceptions about Importance of Nursing Care Behaviors: Socialization toward Caring

Deffieux, D.; Natangelo, A.; Malik, Gëlle.; Pouységu, L.; Charris, J.; Quideau, Séphane., 2011:
First and biomimetic total synthesis of a member of the C-glucosidic subclass of ellagitannins, 5-O-desgalloylepipunicacortein A

He, F.; Meng, F.; Song, X.; Hu, W.; Xu, J., 2009:
First and convergent synthesis of hybrid sulfonophosphinopeptides

Yan, L-Qiang.; Li, N.; Zong, M-Hua., 2013:
First and facile enzymatic synthesis of β-fucosyl-containing disaccharide nucleosides through β-galactosidase-catalyzed regioselective glycosylation

Velibey, Yçın.; Calık, A.Nazmi.; Satılmış, Sçkin.; Ilıksu, Hülya., 2016:
First and only manifestation of Hashimoto's disease: pericardial tamponade

Narchi, H.; Al-Hamdani, M., 2008:
First and recurrent pediatric urinary tract infections: do they have different antibiotic susceptibilities?