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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53266

Chapter 53266 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Plesnila, N., 2011:
Fluid resuscitation after traumatic brain injury with hypovolemic shock: still a bloody business?

Licari, E.; Calzavacca, P.; Ronco, C.; Bellomo, R., 2007:
Fluid resuscitation and the septic kidney: the evidence

Harrois, A.; Hamada, S.Rym.; Duranteau, J., 2015:
Fluid resuscitation and vasopressors in severe trauma patients

Brodwall, K., 2011:
Fluid resuscitation can be harmful in resource-poor countries

Legrand, M.; Mik, E.G.; Balestra, G.M.; Lutter, R.; Pirracchio, R.; Payen, D.; Ince, C., 2010:
Fluid resuscitation does not improve renal oxygenation during hemorrhagic shock in rats

Fujita, T., 2013:
Fluid resuscitation for burn patients at risk for abdominal complications

Luo, G.; Peng, Y.; Yuan, Z.; Cheng, W.; Wu, J.; Tang, J.; Huang, Y.; Fitzgerald, M., 2010:
Fluid resuscitation for major burn patients with the TMMU protocol

Brown, S.G.A., 2015:
Fluid resuscitation for people with sepsis

Xu, J.; Ma, L.; Sun, S.; Lu, X.; Wu, X.; Li, Z.; Tang, W., 2013 :
Fluid resuscitation guided by sublingual partial pressure of carbon dioxide during hemorrhagic shock in a porcine model

Xie, H.; Li, Z.; Wu, D.; Chang, P.; Liu, Z., 2015:
Fluid resuscitation in a patient with severe hypovolemic shock and severe pulmonary capillary leak

Myburgh, J.A., 2011:
Fluid resuscitation in acute illness--time to reappraise the basics

Myburgh, J.A., 2015:
Fluid resuscitation in acute medicine: what is the current situation?

Azzopardi, E.A.; McWilliams, B.; Iyer, S.; Whitaker, I.Stuart., 2010:
Fluid resuscitation in adults with severe burns at risk of secondary abdominal compartment syndrome--an evidence based systematic review

Williams, C., 2008:
Fluid resuscitation in burn patients 1: using formulas

Williams, C., 2008:
Fluid resuscitation in burn patients. 2: Nursing care

Burd, A., 2011:
Fluid resuscitation in burns

Javed, M.; Shokrollahi, K., 2012:
Fluid resuscitation in burns: a modern "APProach"

Diver, A.J., 2014:
Fluid resuscitation in burns: a modern "APProach": If you're "App'y" and you know it..

Roessler, M.; Bode, K.; Bauer, M., 2015:
Fluid resuscitation in hemorrhage

Ertmer, C.; Kampmeier, T.; Rehberg, S.; Lange, M., 2011:
Fluid resuscitation in multiple trauma patients

Van Aken, H.K.; Kampmeier, T.G.; Ertmer, C.; Westphal, M., 2013:
Fluid resuscitation in patients with traumatic brain injury: what is a SAFE approach?

Rochwerg, B.; Alhazzani, W.; Sindi, A.; Heels-Ansdell, D.; Thabane, L.; Fox-Robichaud, A.; Mbuagbaw, L.; Szczeklik, W.; Alshamsi, F.; Altayyar, S.; Ip, W-Chun.; Li, G.; Wang, M.; Wludarczyk, A.; Zhou, Q.; Guyatt, G.H.; Cook, D.J.; Jaeschke, R.; Annane, D., 2014:
Fluid resuscitation in sepsis: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Madhusudan, P.; Tirupakuzhi Vijayaraghavan, B.Kumar.; Cove, M.Edward., 2015:
Fluid resuscitation in sepsis: reexamining the paradigm

Boyd, J.H.; Forbes, J.; Nakada, T-aki.; Walley, K.R.; Russell, J.A., 2011:
Fluid resuscitation in septic shock: a positive fluid balance and elevated central venous pressure are associated with increased mortality

Su, F.; Wang, Z.; Cai, Y.; Rogiers, P.; Vincent, J-Louis., 2007:
Fluid resuscitation in severe sepsis and septic shock: albumin, hydroxyethyl starch, gelatin or ringer's lactate-does it really make a difference?

Rochwerg, B.; Włudarczyk, A.; Szczeklik, W.; Alhazzani, W.; Sindi, A.; Alshamsi, F.; Ip, W-chun.; Wang, M.; Altayyar, S.; Li, G.; Fox-Robichaud, A.; Guyatt, G.; Alhazzani, W.; Alshamsi, F.; Al-tayyar, S.; Annane, D.; Cook, D.J.; Fox-Robichaud, A.; Guyatt, G.; Heels-Ansdell, D.; Ip, W-chun.; Jaeschke, R.; Li, G.; Mbuagbaw, L.; Rochwerg, B.; Sindi, A.; Szczeklik, W.; Thabane, L.; Wang, M.; Włudarczyk, A.; Zhou, Q., 2015:
Fluid resuscitation in severe sepsis and septic shock: systematic description of fluids used in randomized trials

Butler, F., 2011:
Fluid resuscitation in tactical combat casualty care: brief history and current status

Rehberg, S.; Van Aken, H.; Westphal, M., 2015:
Fluid resuscitation in the 21st century: don't try to run before you are able to walk

McIntyre, L.A.; Fergusson, D.; Cook, D.J.; Rankin, N.; Dhingra, V.; Granton, J.; Magder, S.; Stiell, I.; Taljaard, M.; Hebert, P.C., 2008:
Fluid resuscitation in the management of early septic shock (FINESS): a randomized controlled feasibility trial

Gonzales, E.Anne., 2008:
Fluid resuscitation in the trauma patient

Coppola, S.; Froio, S.; Chiumello, D., 2015:
Fluid resuscitation in trauma patients: what should we know?

Ginsberg, M.D., 2008:
Fluid resuscitation in traumatic brain injury

Zanotti-Cavazzoni, S.L.; Guglielmi, M.; Parrillo, J.E.; Walker, T.; Dellinger, R.Phillip.; Hollenberg, S.M., 2008:
Fluid resuscitation influences cardiovascular performance and mortality in a murine model of sepsis

Hanson, J.P.; Lam, S.W.K.; Mohanty, S.; Alam, S.; Pattnaik, R.; Mahanta, K.C.; Hasan, M.Uddin.; Charunwatthana, P.; Mishra, S.K.; Day, N.P.J.; White, N.J.; Dondorp, A.M., 2013:
Fluid resuscitation of adults with severe falciparum malaria: effects on Acid-base status, renal function, and extravascular lung water

Yamamoto, M.; Horinouchi, H.; Kobayashi, K.; Seishi, Y.; Sato, N.; Itoh, M.; Sakai, H., 2012:
Fluid resuscitation of hemorrhagic shock with hemoglobin vesicles in Beagle dogs: pilot study

Cartotto, R., 2009:
Fluid resuscitation of the thermally injured patient

White, N.J.; Wang, X.; Bradbury, N.; Moon-Massat, P.F.; Freilich, D.; Auker, C.; McCarron, R.; Scultetus, A.; Stern, S.A., 2013:
Fluid resuscitation of uncontrolled hemorrhage using a hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier: effect of traumatic brain injury

Al-Benna, S., 2011:
Fluid resuscitation protocols for burn patients at intensive care units of the United Kingdom and Ireland

Chang, P.; Peng, S.; Zhou, J.; Xie, H-ting.; Liu, Z-guo.; Wang, H., 2014:
Fluid resuscitation strategy in septic shock following urinary infection with severe pulmonary capillary leakage

Subeq, Y-Maun.; Peng, T-Chu.; Hsu, B-Gee.; Yang, F-Lin.; Lee, R-Ping., 2010:
Fluid resuscitation therapy application and nursing following hemorrhagic shock

Spaniol, J.R.; Knight, A.R.; Zebley, J.L.; Anderson, D.; Pierce, J.D., 2007:
Fluid resuscitation therapy for hemorrhagic shock

Villela, N.Ribeiro.; dos Santos, A.Olimpia.Maia.Teixeira.; de Miranda, M.Lopes.; Bouskela, E., 2015:
Fluid resuscitation therapy in endotoxemic hamsters improves survival and attenuates capillary perfusion deficits and inflammatory responses by a mechanism related to nitric oxide

Carness, J.M.; Russell, J.L.; M e Lima, R.; Navarro, L.H.C.; Kramer, G.C., 2012:
Fluid resuscitation using the intraosseous route: infusion with lactated Ringer's and hetastarch

Gattas, D.J.; Dan, A.; Myburgh, J.; Billot, L.; Lo, S.; Finfer, S.; Myburgh, J.; Harland, J.; Bellomo, R.; Cass, A.; Finfer, S.; Gattas, D.; Glass, P.; Lipman, J.; Liu, B.; McArthur, C.; McGuinness, S.; Rajbhandhari, D.; Taylor, C.; Webb, S., 2012:
Fluid resuscitation with 6% hydroxyethyl starch (130/0.4) in acutely ill patients: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis

Sakai, H.; Seishi, Y.; Obata, Y.; Takeoka, S.; Horinouichi, H.; Tsuchida, E.; Kobayashi, K., 2008:
Fluid resuscitation with artificial oxygen carriers in hemorrhaged rats: profiles of hemoglobin-vesicle degradation and hematopoiesis for 14 days

Taguchi, K.; Ogaki, S.; Watanabe, H.; Kadowaki, D.; Sakai, H.; Kobayashi, K.; Horinouchi, H.; Maruyama, T.; Otagiri, M., 2011:
Fluid resuscitation with hemoglobin vesicles prevents Escherichia coli growth via complement activation in a hemorrhagic shock rat model

Hotz, B.; Hotz, H.G.; Arndt, M.; Holmer, C.; Buhr, H-J.; Ritz, Jörg-P., 2010:
Fluid resuscitation with human albumin or hydroxyethyl starch--are there differences in the healing of experimental intestinal anastomoses?

Serpa Neto, A.; Veelo, D.P.; Peireira, V.Galvão.Moura.; de Assunção, M.Santucci.Cesar.; Manetta, Jé.Antônio.; Espósito, D.Crepaldi.; Schultz, M.J., 2014:
Fluid resuscitation with hydroxyethyl starches in patients with sepsis is associated with an increased incidence of acute kidney injury and use of renal replacement therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature

Balbino, M.; Capone Neto, A.; Prist, R.; Ferreira, A.Teixeira.; Poli-de-Figueiredo, L.F., 2010:
Fluid resuscitation with isotonic or hypertonic saline solution avoids intraneural calcium influx after traumatic brain injury associated with hemorrhagic shock

Curran, R., 2010:
Fluid resuscitation. What EMS providers need to know about fluid resuscitation research and controversies

Wright, C.; Mahoney, P.; Hodgetts, T.; Russell, R., 2011:
Fluid resuscitation: a Defence Medical Services Delphi study into current practice

Vincent, J.L., 2008:
Fluid resuscitation: colloids vs crystalloids

Dagan, I.; Gabay, M.; Barnea, O., 2007:
Fluid resuscitation: computer simulation and animal experiments

Santry, H.P.; Alam, H.B., 2010:
Fluid resuscitation: past, present, and the future

Kalantar-Zadeh, K.; Regidor, D.L.; Kovesdy, C.P.; Van Wyck, D.; Bunnapradist, S.; Horwich, T.B.; Fonarow, G.C., 2009:
Fluid retention is associated with cardiovascular mortality in patients undergoing long-term hemodialysis

Lindenfeld, J.; Masoudi, F.A., 2007:
Fluid retention with thiazolidinediones: does the mechanism influence the outcome?

Akpinar, E.; Ayyildiz, V.Atilla.; Petekkaya, I.; Erbil, Bülent.; Dogra, V., 2014:
Fluid rim sign: a new ultrasonographic sign of soft tissue aspergillosis

Fujii, Y.; Tsurumi, K.; Sato, M.; Takahashi, E.; Okamoto, K., 2007:
Fluid secretion caused by aerolysin-like hemolysin of Aeromonas sobria in the intestines is due to stimulation of production of prostaglandin E2 via cyclooxygenase 2 by intestinal cells

Singh, I.; Themistou, E.; Porcar, L.; Neelamegham, S., 2009:
Fluid shear induces conformation change in human blood protein von Willebrand factor in solution

Ensley, A.E.; Nerem, R.M.; Anderson, D.E.J.; Hanson, S.R.; Hinds, M.T., 2012:
Fluid shear stress alters the hemostatic properties of endothelial outgrowth cells

Kim, C.Hyun.; Yoo, Y-Min., 2014:
Fluid shear stress and melatonin in combination activate anabolic proteins in MC3T3-E1 osteoblast cells

Kang, H.; Kwak, H-Il.; Kaunas, R.; Bayless, K.J., 2012:
Fluid shear stress and sphingosine 1-phosphate activate calpain to promote membrane type 1 matrix metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP) membrane translocation and endothelial invasion into three-dimensional collagen matrices

Guo, D.; Zhang, Q.; Li, J.; Liang, X.; Chen, Y.; Wang, H.; Meng, B., 2010:
Fluid shear stress changes cell morphology and regulates the expression of ATP6V1A and TCIRG1 mRNA in rat osteoclasts

Hierck, B.P.; van der Heiden, K.; DeRuiter, M.C.; Gittenberger-de Groot, A.C.; Poelmann, R.E., 2009:
Fluid shear stress controls cardiovascular development. A functionomic approach

Coughlin, T.R.; Niebur, G.L., 2013:
Fluid shear stress in trabecular bone marrow due to low-magnitude high-frequency vibration

Mitchell, M.J.; Lin, K.S.; King, M.R., 2015:
Fluid shear stress increases neutrophil activation via platelet-activating factor

Chen, M.; Liang, X.; Wen, Y.; Bai, B-jing.; Huang, M-lu.; Gao, W-min., 2007:
Fluid shear stress increases the Ca2+ concentration in bone-marrow derived osteoclast-like cells

Obi, S.; Yamamoto, K.; Shimizu, N.; Kumagaya, S.; Masumura, T.; Sokabe, T.; Asahara, T.; Ando, J., 2008:
Fluid shear stress induces arterial differentiation of endothelial progenitor cells

Flores, D.; Battini, L.; Gusella, G.Luca.; Rohatgi, R., 2011:
Fluid shear stress induces renal epithelial gene expression through polycystin-2-dependent trafficking of extracellular regulated kinase

Li, L.; Tatake, R.J.; Natarajan, K.; Taba, Y.; Garin, G.; Tai, C.; Leung, E.; Surapisitchat, J.; Yoshizumi, M.; Yan, C.; Abe, J-Ichi.; Berk, B.C., 2008:
Fluid shear stress inhibits TNF-mediated JNK activation via MEK5-BMK1 in endothelial cells

González, O.; Fong, K.D.; Trindade, M.C.D.; Warren, S.M.; Longaker, M.T.; Smith, R.Lane., 2008:
Fluid shear stress magnitude, duration, and total applied load regulate gene expression and nitric oxide production in primary calvarial osteoblast cultures

Kang, H.; Bayless, K.J.; Kaunas, R., 2008:
Fluid shear stress modulates endothelial cell invasion into three-dimensional collagen matrices

Conway, D.E.; Breckenridge, M.T.; Hinde, E.; Gratton, E.; Chen, C.S.; Schwartz, M.A., 2014:
Fluid shear stress on endothelial cells modulates mechanical tension across VE-cadherin and PECAM-1

Nsiah, B.A.; Ahsan, T.; Griffiths, S.; Cooke, M.; Nerem, R.M.; McDevitt, T.C., 2014:
Fluid shear stress pre-conditioning promotes endothelial morphogenesis of embryonic stem cells within embryoid bodies

Toh, Y-Chin.; Voldman, J., 2011:
Fluid shear stress primes mouse embryonic stem cells for differentiation in a self-renewing environment via heparan sulfate proteoglycans transduction

Ahsan, T.; Nerem, R.M., 2011:
Fluid shear stress promotes an endothelial-like phenotype during the early differentiation of embryonic stem cells

Zheng, L.; Huang, Y.; Song, W.; Gong, X.; Liu, M.; Jia, X.; Zhou, G.; Chen, L.; Li, A.; Fan, Y., 2013:
Fluid shear stress regulates metalloproteinase-1 and 2 in human periodontal ligament cells: involvement of extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) and P38 signaling pathways

Wang, H.; Li, M.; Lin, P.H.; Yao, Q.; Chen, C., 2008:
Fluid shear stress regulates the expression of TGF-beta1 and its signaling molecules in mouse embryo mesenchymal progenitor cells

Qazi, H.; Shi, Z-Dong.; Tarbell, J.M., 2011:
Fluid shear stress regulates the invasive potential of glioma cells via modulation of migratory activity and matrix metalloproteinase expression

Tang, M.; Peng, Z.; Mai, Z.; Chen, L.; Mao, Q.; Chen, Z.; Chen, Q.; Liu, L.; Wang, Y.; Ai, H., 2015 :
Fluid shear stress stimulates osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament cells via the extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathways

Wang, W.; Ha, C.Hoon.; Jhun, B.Sook.; Wong, C.; Jain, M.K.; Jin, Z-Gen., 2010:
Fluid shear stress stimulates phosphorylation-dependent nuclear export of HDAC5 and mediates expression of KLF2 and eNOS

Galie, P.A.; Nguyen, D-Huy.T.; Choi, C.K.; Cohen, D.M.; Janmey, P.A.; Chen, C.S., 2014:
Fluid shear stress threshold regulates angiogenic sprouting

Thi, M.M.; Iacobas, D.A.; Iacobas, S.; Spray, D.C., 2007:
Fluid shear stress upregulates vascular endothelial growth factor gene expression in osteoblasts

Mengistu, M.; Brotzman, H.; Ghadiali, S.; Lowe-Krentz, L., 2010:
Fluid shear stress-induced JNK activity leads to actin remodeling for cell alignment

Wang, P.; Guan, P-Pei.; Guo, C.; Zhu, F.; Konstantopoulos, K.; Wang, Z-You., 2014:
Fluid shear stress-induced osteoarthritis: roles of cyclooxygenase-2 and its metabolic products in inducing the expression of proinflammatory cytokines and matrix metalloproteinases

Kamping, M.A.; Pasman, S.A.; Bil-van den Brink, C.P.; Oepkes, D.; Adama van Scheltema, P.N.; Vandenbussche, F.P.H.A., 2013:
Fluid shift from intravascular compartment during fetal red blood cell transfusion

Mirrakhimov, A.E., 2012:
Fluid shift in obstructive sleep apnea: does it really have no role in the pathogenesis?

Stauffer, F.; Hyman, C., 1948:
Fluid shifts during exposure to accelerations; rapid local changes under negative G

Hyman, C.; Goodman, J., 1948 :
Fluid shifts in animals during pressure breathing

Lin, C-Chun.; Yen, P-Sheng.; Wen, S-Hui., 2008:
Fluid sign in the treated bodies after percutaneous vertebroplasty

Kwatra, N.; Wojtan, C.; Carlson, M.; Essa, I.; Mucha, P.J.; Turk, G., 2010:
Fluid simulation with articulated bodies

Anonymous, 2013:
Fluid situation: Recent changes in the infusion pump market

Polizzotto, M.N.; Saw, M.M.; Tjhung, I.; Chua, E.Hua.; Stockwell, T.R., 2007:
Fluid skills: drinking games and alcohol consumption among Australian university students

Lorenz, B.; Persson, B.N.J., 2011:
Fluid squeeze-out between rough surfaces: comparison of theory with experiment

Cnossen, T.T.; Konings, C.J.A.M.; Fagel, W.J.; van der Sande, F.M.; van Geel, K.; Leunissen, K.M.; Kooman, J.P., 2012:
Fluid state and blood pressure control: no differences between APD and CAPD

Magder, S., 2011:
Fluid status and fluid responsiveness

Van Biesen, W.; Williams, J.D.; Covic, A.C.; Fan, S.; Claes, K.; Lichodziejewska-Niemierko, M.; Verger, C.; Steiger, J.; Schoder, V.; Wabel, P.; Gauly, A.; Himmele, R.; Klein, C.; Cretu, O.; Voiculescu, M.; Covic, A.; Butnaru, V.; Ionescu, D.; Bejan, C.; Serafinceanu, C.; Pravat, M.; Lichodziejewska-Niemierko, M.; Krajewska, M.; Kaczmarek, A.; Marcykiewicz, B.; Kroczak, Mław.; Steiger, Jürg.; Caillette-Beaudoin, Aès.; Verger, C., 2011:
Fluid status in peritoneal dialysis patients: the European Body Composition Monitoring (EuroBCM) study cohort

Brachmann, J.; Böhm, M.; Rybak, K.; Klein, G.; Butter, C.; Klemm, H.; Schomburg, R.; Siebermair, J.; Israel, C.; Sinha, A-Martin.; Drexler, H.; Böhm, M.; Brachmann, J.; Rybak, K.; Klein, G.; Bosch, R.; Butter, C.; Schultheiss, H-P.; Erdmann, E., 2011:
Fluid status monitoring with a wireless network to reduce cardiovascular-related hospitalizations and mortality in heart failure: rationale and design of the OptiLink HF Study (Optimization of Heart Failure Management using OptiVol Fluid Status Monitoring and CareLink)

Valencia, A.; Burdiles, P.; Ignat, M.; Mura, J.; Bravo, E.; Rivera, R.; Sordo, J., 2014:
Fluid structural analysis of human cerebral aneurysm using their own wall mechanical properties

Arefin, M.S.; Morsi, Y.S., 2015:
Fluid structure interaction (FSI) simulation of the left ventricle (LV) during the early filling wave (E-wave), diastasis and atrial contraction wave (A-wave)

Gao, F.; Ueda, H.; Gang, L.; Okada, H., 2013:
Fluid structure interaction simulation in three-layered aortic aneurysm model under pulsatile flow: comparison of wrapping and stenting

Ong, C.W.; Chan, B.T.; Lim, E.; Abu Osman, N.A.; Abed, A.A.; Dokos, S.; Lovell, N.H., 2013:
Fluid structure interaction simulation of left ventricular flow dynamics under left ventricular assist device support

Peter, D.A.; Alemu, Y.; Xenos, M.; Weisberg, O.; Avneri, I.; Eshkol, M.; Oren, T.; Elazar, M.; Assaf, Y.; Bluestein, D., 2012:
Fluid structure interaction with contact surface methodology for evaluation of endovascular carotid implants for drug-resistant hypertension treatment

Lehmpfuhl, M.; Hao, C.; Martirosian, P.; Schick, F., 2009:
Fluid studies on flow behaviour in narrowing vessels with PC-velocimetry and numerical simulations

Saini, S.Sajan.; Kumar, P.; Balasubramanium, K.; Mehta, S., 2012:
Fluid supplementation in hyperbilirubinemia

Meng, Z.; Shu, Y.; Wang, C.; Guo, S., 2012:
Fluid suspension co-culture of Dendrobium officinale protocorm and living fungus

Cohen, A.P.; Janai, E.; Mogilko, E.; Schofield, A.B.; Sloutskin, E., 2011:
Fluid suspensions of colloidal ellipsoids: direct structural measurements

Chang, K.J.; Rekhi, S.S.; Anderson, S.W.; Soto, J.A., 2011:
Fluid tagging for CT colonography: effectiveness of a 2-hour iodinated oral preparation after incomplete optical colonoscopy

Reepolmaha, S.; Limtrakarn, W.; Uthaisang-Tanechpongtamb, W.; Dechaumphai, P., 2010:
Fluid temperature at the corneal endothelium during phacoemulsification: comparison of an ophthalmic viscosurgical device and balanced salt solution using the finite element method

Davies, H.; Wynn-Jones, H.; De Smet, T.; Johnson, P.; Sampath, S.; Sjølin, Søren., 2009:
Fluid temperatures during arthroscopic subacromial decompression using a radiofrequency probe

Tokarik, M.; Sjöberg, F.; Balik, M.; Pafcuga, I.; Broz, L., 2014:
Fluid therapy LiDCO controlled trial-optimization of volume resuscitation of extensively burned patients through noninvasive continuous real-time hemodynamic monitoring LiDCO

Sánchez-Bayle, M.; Martín-Martín, R.; Cano-Fernández, J.; Villalobos-Pinto, E., 2016:
Fluid therapy and iatrogenic hyponatraemia risk in children hospitalised with acute gastroenteritis: prospective study

Allen, S.J., 2014:
Fluid therapy and outcome: balance is best

Regli, A.; De Keulenaer, B.; De Laet, I.; Roberts, D.; Dabrowski, W.; Malbrain, M.L.N.G., 2015:
Fluid therapy and perfusional considerations during resuscitation in critically ill patients with intra-abdominal hypertension

Kocián, P.; Neumann, J.; Majtan, P.; Hoch, J., 2015 :
Fluid therapy and surgical outcomes after low anterior resection

Rodling Wahlström, M.; Olivecrona, M.; Nyström, F.; Koskinen, L-O.D.; Naredi, S., 2008:
Fluid therapy and the use of albumin in the treatment of severe traumatic brain injury

Dulu, A.O.; Haupt, M.T., 2007:
Fluid therapy continues to be validated in early sepsis: impact on myocardial depression

Maconochie, I.; Baumer, H.; Stewart, M.E.R., 2008:
Fluid therapy for acute bacterial meningitis

Maconochie, I.K.; Bhaumik, S., 2015:
Fluid therapy for acute bacterial meningitis

Mao, E-qiang.; Tang, Y-qing.; Fei, J.; Qin, S.; Wu, J.; Li, L.; Min, D.; Zhang, S-dao., 2009:
Fluid therapy for severe acute pancreatitis in acute response stage

Mazzaferro, E.; Powell, L.L., 2013:
Fluid therapy for the emergent small animal patient: crystalloids, colloids, and albumin products

Dodd, K.; Rapoport, S., 1949:
Fluid therapy in acute illness of infancy and childhood

Snygg, J.; Bech-Hanssen, O.; Lönn, L.; Andersson, B.; Aneman, A., 2008:
Fluid therapy in acute myocardial infarction: evaluation of predictors of volume responsiveness

de-Madaria, E., 2015:
Fluid therapy in acute pancreatitis

Solanki, N.S.; Barreto, S.George., 2011 :
Fluid therapy in acute pancreatitis. A systematic review of literature

Haydock, M.D.; Mittal, A.; Wilms, H.R.; Phillips, A.; Petrov, M.S.; Windsor, J.A., 2013:
Fluid therapy in acute pancreatitis: anybody's guess

Boix, E.; Vicente, R.; Pérez-Artacho, J., 2016:
Fluid therapy in cardiac surgery. An update

Edwards, M.R.; Mythen, M.G., 2014:
Fluid therapy in critical illness

Ertmer, C.; Kampmeier, T.; Van Aken, H., 2013:
Fluid therapy in critical illness: a special focus on indication, the use of hydroxyethyl starch and its different raw materials

Liao, X-Lian.; Kang, Y., 2010:
Fluid therapy in critically ill patients

Salman, H., 1991:
Fluid therapy in diabetic ketoacidosis: Comparative study

Pantaleon, L.G., 2013:
Fluid therapy in equine patients: small-volume fluid resuscitation

Clifford, R.V., 2018:
Fluid therapy in extensive burns

Roussel, A.J., 2014:
Fluid therapy in mature cattle

Ertmer, C.; Van Aken, H., 2015:
Fluid therapy in patients with brain injury: what does physiology tell us?

Sanadgol, H.; Najafi, I.; Rajabi Vahid, M.; Hosseini, M.; Ghafari, A., 2010:
Fluid therapy in pediatric victims of the 2003 bam, Iran earthquake

Rivers, E.P.; Jaehne, A.Kathrin.; Eichhorn-Wharry, L.; Brown, S.; Amponsah, D., 2011:
Fluid therapy in septic shock

De la Puente-Diaz de Leon, V.M.; Rivero-Sigarroa, E.; Domiguez-Cherit, G.; Namendys-Silva, S.A., 2014:
Fluid therapy in severe sepsis and septic shock

Jones, M.; Navarre, C., 2014:
Fluid therapy in small ruminants and camelids

Caramelo, C.; Tejedor, A.; Criado, C.; Alexandru, S.; Rivas, S.; Molina, M.; Casares, M.L.; Cifuentes, S.; Albalate, M., 2008:
Fluid therapy in surgical patients: composition and influences on the internal milieu

Hahn, R.G., 2013:
Fluid therapy in uncontrolled hemorrhage--what experimental models have taught us

Hahn, R.G., 2007:
Fluid therapy might be more difficult than you think

Fleming, N.W., 2009:
Fluid therapy monitors in acute infarction

Smith, R.J.; Reid, D.A.; Delaney, E.F.; Santamaria, J.D., 2011:
Fluid therapy using a balanced crystalloid solution and acid-base stability after cardiac surgery

Suzuki, T.; Miyao, H.; Terui, K.; Koyama, K.; Shiibashi, M., 2010:
Fluid therapy with hydroxyethyl starch for massive blood loss during surgery

Duncan, A.W., 2010:
Fluid therapy--art or science?

Maestro, A.; Guzmán, E.; Chuliá, R.; Ortega, F.; Rubio, Rón.G.; Miller, R., 2011:
Fluid to soft-glass transition in a quasi-2D system: thermodynamic and rheological evidences for a Langmuir monolayer

de Uhlenbrock, A.Gebert.; Wintzer, C.; Imig, H.; Morlock, M.M., 2011:
Fluid transfer as a mechanism leading to endotension

Fischbarg, J., 2010:
Fluid transport across leaky epithelia: central role of the tight junction and supporting role of aquaporins

Eldredge, J.D.; Chong, K., 2010:
Fluid transport and coherent structures of translating and flapping wings

Terryn, S.; Ho, A.; Beauwens, R.; Devuyst, O., 2011:
Fluid transport and cystogenesis in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Planas, J.Teixidó., 2012:
Fluid transport and homeostasis in peritoneal dialysis

Gauger, E.M.; Downton, M.T.; Stark, H., 2008:
Fluid transport at low Reynolds number with magnetically actuated artificial cilia

Evans, A.A.; Lauga, E., 2012:
Fluid transport by active elastic membranes

Ridner, S.H., 2010:
Fluid transport gone wrong. An introduction to lymphedema

Maroudas, A., 2014:
Fluid transport in cartilage

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