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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53300

Chapter 53300 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Santarossa, G.; Hahn, K.; Baiker, A., 2013:
Free energy and electronic properties of water adsorption on the SnO2(110) surface

Anglin, T.C.; Cooper, M.P.; Li, H.; Chandler, K.; Conboy, J.C., 2010:
Free energy and entropy of activation for phospholipid flip-flop in planar supported lipid bilayers

Yang, Y.; Burkhardt, T.W.; Gompper, G., 2007:
Free energy and extension of a semiflexible polymer in cylindrical confining geometries

Maragliano, L.; Vanden-Eijnden, E.; Roux, Bît., 2010:
Free energy and kinetics of conformational transitions from Voronoi tessellated milestoning with restraining potentials

Quigley, D.; Rodger, P.M., 2008:
Free energy and structure of calcium carbonate nanoparticles during early stages of crystallization

Chidsey, C.E., 1991:
Free energy and temperature dependence of electron transfer at the metal-electrolyte interface

Thompson, D., 2007:
Free energy balance predicates dendrimer binding multivalency at molecular printboards

Wanasundara, S.N.; Thachuk, M., 2009:
Free energy barrier estimation for the dissociation of charged protein complexes in the gas phase

Kim, H.; Goddard, W.A.; Jang, S.Soon.; Dichtel, W.R.; Heath, J.R.; Stoddart, J.Fraser., 2009:
Free energy barrier for molecular motions in bistable [2]rotaxane molecular electronic devices

Olenius, T.; Kupiainen-Määttä, O.; Ortega, I.K.; Kurtén, T.; Vehkamäki, H., 2013:
Free energy barrier in the growth of sulfuric acid-ammonia and sulfuric acid-dimethylamine clusters

Mace, A.; Laasonen, K.; Laaksonen, A., 2013:
Free energy barriers for CO2 and N2 in zeolite NaKA: an ab initio molecular dynamics approach

Roy, S.; Bagchi, B., 2012:
Free energy barriers for escape of water molecules from protein hydration layer

Ganagalla, S.Rao.; Punnathanam, S.N., 2013:
Free energy barriers for homogeneous crystal nucleation in a eutectic system of binary hard spheres

Sharma, S.; Debenedetti, P.G., 2013:
Free energy barriers to evaporation of water in hydrophobic confinement

Vendeix, F.A.P.; Munoz, A.M.; Agris, P.F., 2009:
Free energy calculation of modified base-pair formation in explicit solvent: A predictive model

Elvati, P.; Violi, A., 2013:
Free energy calculation of permeant-membrane interactions using molecular dynamics simulations

Tateyama, Y.; Blumberger, J.; Ohno, T.; Sprik, M., 2007:
Free energy calculation of water addition coupled to reduction of aqueous RuO4-

Miyata, T.; Ikuta, Y.; Hirata, F., 2010:
Free energy calculation using molecular dynamics simulation combined with the three dimensional reference interaction site model theory. I. Free energy perturbation and thermodynamic integration along a coupling parameter

Miyata, T.; Ikuta, Y.; Hirata, F., 2011:
Free energy calculation using molecular dynamics simulation combined with the three-dimensional reference interaction site model theory. II. Thermodynamic integration along a spatial reaction coordinate

Lv, H-Min.; Guo, X-Li.; Gu, R-Xu.; Wei, D-Qing., 2012:
Free energy calculations and binding analysis of two potential anti- influenza drugs with Polymerase basic protein-2 (PB2)

Chipot, C., 2008:
Free energy calculations applied to membrane proteins

Habershon, S.; Manolopoulos, D.E., 2011:
Free energy calculations for a flexible water model

Aragones, J.L.; Noya, E.G.; Valeriani, C.; Vega, C., 2013:
Free energy calculations for molecular solids using GROMACS

Cao, L.; Stoltz, G.; Lelièvre, T.; Marinica, M-Cosmin.; Athènes, M., 2014:
Free energy calculations from adaptive molecular dynamics simulations with adiabatic reweighting

Oostenbrink, C., 2012:
Free energy calculations from one-step perturbations

de Beer, S.B.A.; Venkataraman, H.; Geerke, D.P.; Oostenbrink, C.; Vermeulen, N.P.E., 2013:
Free energy calculations give insight into the stereoselective hydroxylation of α-ionones by engineered cytochrome P450 BM3 mutants

Filippini, G.; Israeli, Y.; Goujon, F.; Limoges, B.; Bonal, C.; Malfreyt, P., 2012:
Free energy calculations in electroactive self-assembled monolayers (SAMs): impact of the chain length on the redox reaction

Gandhi, N.S.; Mancera, R.L., 2009:
Free energy calculations of glycosaminoglycan-protein interactions

Wanasundara, S.N.; Krishnamurthy, V.; Chung, S-Ho., 2012:
Free energy calculations of gramicidin dimer dissociation

de Ruiter, A.; Oostenbrink, C., 2011:
Free energy calculations of protein-ligand interactions

Zuo, Z.; Gandhi, N.S.; Arndt, K.M.; Mancera, R.L., 2012:
Free energy calculations of the interactions of c-Jun-based synthetic peptides with the c-Fos protein

Dolenc, Jžica.; Riniker, S.; Gaspari, R.; Daura, X.; van Gunsteren, W.F., 2012:
Free energy calculations offer insights into the influence of receptor flexibility on ligand-receptor binding affinities

David, C.; Enescu, M., 2010:
Free energy calculations on disulfide bridges reduction in proteins by combining ab initio and molecular mechanics methods

Mane, J.Y.; Klobukowski, M.; Huzil, J.Torin.; Tuszynski, J., 2008:
Free energy calculations on the binding of colchicine and its derivatives with the alpha/beta-tubulin isoforms

Steinbrecher, T.; Case, D.A.; Labahn, A., 2012:
Free energy calculations on the binding of novel thiolactomycin derivatives to E. coli fatty acid synthase I

Gu, R-Xu.; Liu, L.Angela.; Wei, D-Qing.; Du, J-Guo.; Liu, L.; Liu, H., 2011:
Free energy calculations on the two drug binding sites in the M2 proton channel

Wereszczynski, J.; Andricioaei, I., 2010:
Free energy calculations reveal rotating-ratchet mechanism for DNA supercoil relaxation by topoisomerase IB and its inhibition

Reddy, M.Rami.; Reddy, C.Ravikumar.; Rathore, R.S.; Erion, M.D.; Aparoy, P.; Reddy, R.Nageswara.; Reddanna, P., 2015:
Free energy calculations to estimate ligand-binding affinities in structure-based drug design

Retegan, M.; Martins-Costa, M.; Ruiz-López, M.F., 2010:
Free energy calculations using dual-level Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics

Christen, M.; Christ, C.D.; van Gunsteren, W.F., 2007:
Free energy calculations using flexible-constrained, hard-constrained and non-constrained molecular dynamics simulations

Boulougouris, G.C., 2015:
Free energy calculations, enhanced by a Gaussian ansatz, for the "chemical work" distribution

Dickson, B.M.; Legoll, Fédéric.; Lelièvre, T.; Stoltz, G.; Fleurat-Lessard, P., 2010:
Free energy calculations: an efficient adaptive biasing potential method

Bañón Navarro, A.; Morel, P.; Albrecht-Marc, M.; Carati, D.; Merz, F.; Görler, T.; Jenko, F., 2011:
Free energy cascade in gyrokinetic turbulence

Van Lehn, R.C.; Alexander-Katz, A., 2014:
Free energy change for insertion of charged, monolayer-protected nanoparticles into lipid bilayers

Ambia-Garrido, J.; Vainrub, A.; Montgomery Pettitt, B., 2012:
Free energy considerations for nucleic acids with dangling ends near a surface: a coarse grained approach

Ducluzeau, A-Lise.; Schoepp-Cothenet, B.; Baymann, F.; Russell, M.J.; Nitschke, W., 2014:
Free energy conversion in the LUCA: Quo vadis?

Meng, Y.; Aalberts, D.P., 2013:
Free energy cost of stretching mRNA hairpin loops inhibits small RNA binding

Su, P.; Liu, H.; Wu, W., 2012:
Free energy decomposition analysis of bonding and nonbonding interactions in solution

Zhou, S., 2010:
Free energy density functional for adsorption of fluids in nanopores

Avila, V.; Previtali, C.M.; Chesta, C.A., 2008:
Free energy dependence of the diffusion-limited quenching rate constants in photoinduced electron transfer processes

Nussinov, R.; Tsai, C-Jung., 2014:
Free energy diagrams for protein function

Yeh, I-Chul.; Ripoll, D.R.; Wallqvist, A., 2012:
Free energy difference in indolicidin attraction to eukaryotic and prokaryotic model cell membranes

Kamisetty, H.; Xing, E.P.; Langmead, C.J., 2008:
Free energy estimates of all-atom protein structures using generalized belief propagation

Tulpan, D.; Andronescu, M.; Leger, S., 2010:
Free energy estimation of short DNA duplex hybridizations

Lennon, E.M.; Katsov, K.; Fredrickson, G.H., 2008:
Free energy evaluation in field-theoretic polymer simulations

Bizzarri, A.Rita.; Cannistraro, S., 2010:
Free energy evaluation of the p53-Mdm2 complex from unbinding work measured by dynamic force spectroscopy

Khavrutskii, I.V.; Gorfe, A.A.; Lu, B.; McCammon, J.Andrew., 2009:
Free energy for the permeation of Na(+) and Cl(-) ions and their ion-pair through a zwitterionic dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine lipid bilayer by umbrella integration with harmonic fourier beads

Greenwood, M.; Provatas, N.; Rottler, Jörg., 2010:
Free energy functionals for efficient phase field crystal modeling of structural phase transformations

Khokhlova, S.S.; Burshtein, A.I., 2011:
Free energy gap laws for the pulse-induced and stationary fluorescence quenching by reversible charge transfer in polar solutions

Gilbert, M.R.; Schuck, P.; Sadigh, B.; Marian, J., 2013:
Free energy generalization of the Peierls potential in iron

Yoshidome, T.; Yoshimori, A.; Odagaki, T., 2007:
Free energy landscape and cooperatively rearranging region in a hard sphere glass

Kim, Y.; Chen, H.; Alexander-Katz, A., 2014:
Free energy landscape and localization of nanoparticles at block copolymer model defects

Qian, X.; Liu, D., 2014:
Free energy landscape for glucose condensation and dehydration reactions in dimethyl sulfoxide and the effects of solvent

Liu, D.; Nimlos, M.R.; Johnson, D.K.; Himmel, M.E.; Qian, X., 2011:
Free energy landscape for glucose condensation reactions

Bai, F.; Xu, Y.; Chen, J.; Liu, Q.; Gu, J.; Wang, X.; Ma, J.; Li, H.; Onuchic, Jé.N.; Jiang, H., 2013:
Free energy landscape for the binding process of Huperzine A to acetylcholinesterase

Sun, L-Zhen.; Cao, W-Ping.; Luo, M-Bo., 2009:
Free energy landscape for the translocation of polymer through an interacting pore

Miao, Y.; Nichols, S.E.; McCammon, J.Andrew., 2014:
Free energy landscape of G-protein coupled receptors, explored by accelerated molecular dynamics

Johnson, R.R.; Kohlmeyer, A.; Johnson, A.T.Charlie.; Klein, M.L., 2009:
Free energy landscape of a DNA-carbon nanotube hybrid using replica exchange molecular dynamics

Yasin, U.Mahammad.; Sashi, P.; Bhuyan, A.K., 2015:
Free energy landscape of lysozyme: multiple near-native conformational states and rollover in the urea dependence of folding energy

Movahed, H.Bayat.; van Zon, R.; Schofield, J., 2012:
Free energy landscape of protein-like chains with discontinuous potentials

Risselada, H.Jelger.; Smirnova, Y.; Grubmüller, H., 2015:
Free energy landscape of rim-pore expansion in membrane fusion

Kim, E.; Jang, S.; Lim, M.; Pak, Y., 2010:
Free energy landscape of the FBP28 WW domain by all-atom direct folding simulation

Elenewski, J.E.; Hackett, J.C., 2010:
Free energy landscape of the retinol/serum retinol binding protein complex: a biological host-guest system

Lang, T.Hoa.; Wang, G.F.; Lai, S.K., 2010:
Free energy landscapes and volumes of coexisting phases for a colloidal dispersion

Appel, A.M.; Lee, S-Jane.; Franz, J.A.; DuBois, D.L.; DuBois, M.Rakowski., 2009:
Free energy landscapes for S-H bonds in Cp*2Mo2S4 complexes

Reinhardt, A.; Doye, J.P.K., 2012:
Free energy landscapes for homogeneous nucleation of ice for a monatomic water model

Zheng, W.; Schafer, N.P.; Wolynes, P.G., 2014:
Free energy landscapes for initiation and branching of protein aggregation

Bousquet, D.; Coudert, F-X.; Boutin, A., 2012:
Free energy landscapes for the thermodynamic understanding of adsorption-induced deformations and structural transitions in porous materials

Kim, E.; Yang, C.; Jang, S.; Pak, Y., 2008:
Free energy landscapes of a highly structured beta-hairpin peptide and its single mutant

Sattelle, B.M.; Hansen, S.U.; Gardiner, J.; Almond, A., 2010:
Free energy landscapes of iduronic acid and related monosaccharides

Brancato, G.; Barone, V., 2012:
Free energy landscapes of ion coordination in aqueous solution

Kim, Y.; Kwak, Y.; Chang, R., 2015:
Free energy of PAMAM dendrimer adsorption onto model biological membranes

Henke, P.S.; Mak, C.H., 2015:
Free energy of RNA-counterion interactions in a tight-binding model computed by a discrete space mapping

Castillo, N.; Monticelli, L.; Barnoud, J.; Tieleman, D.Peter., 2014:
Free energy of WALP23 dimer association in DMPC, DPPC, and DOPC bilayers

Gao, J.; Tang, P.; Yang, Y.; Chen, J.Z.Y., 2014:
Free energy of a long semiflexible polymer confined in a spherical cavity

Mijajlovic, M.; Penna, M.J.; Biggs, M.J., 2013:
Free energy of adsorption for a peptide at a liquid/solid interface via nonequilibrium molecular dynamics

Miller, W.L.; Bozorgui, B.; Klymko, K.; Cacciuto, A., 2012:
Free energy of alternating two-component polymer brushes on cylindrical templates

Chunsrivirot, S.; Trout, B.L., 2011:
Free energy of binding of a small molecule to an amorphous polymer in a solvent

Prado-Gotor, R.; Grueso, E.; Perez-Tejeda, P.; Jimenez-Ruiz, A.; Carnerero, J.M., 2014:
Free energy of binding of cationic metal complexes to AuNPs through electron-transfer processes

Zuo, Z-Li.; Guo, L.; Mancera, R.L., 2014:
Free energy of binding of coiled-coil complexes with different electrostatic environments: the influence of force field polarisation and capping

Tanaka, K.K.; Diemand, Jürg.; Angélil, R.; Tanaka, H., 2014:
Free energy of cluster formation and a new scaling relation for the nucleation rate

Guzowski, J.; Tasinkevych, M.; Dietrich, S., 2011:
Free energy of colloidal particles at the surface of sessile drops

Ovchinnikov, V.; Karplus, M.; Vanden-Eijnden, E., 2011:
Free energy of conformational transition paths in biomolecules: the string method and its application to myosin VI

Hamacher, K., 2011:
Free energy of contact formation in proteins: efficient computation in the elastic network approximation

Pobandt, T.; Knecht, V., 2014:
Free energy of lipid bilayer defects affected by Alzheimer's disease-associated amyloid-β42 monomers

Guerdane, M., 2014:
Free energy of melts and intermetallic compounds of binary alloys determined by a molecular dynamics approach

Idrissi, A.; Polok, K.; Barj, M.; Marekha, B.; Kiselev, M.; Jedlovszky, Pál., 2014:
Free energy of mixing of acetone and methanol: a computer simulation investigation

Darvas, Mária.; Jedlovszky, Pál.; Jancsó, Gábor., 2009:
Free energy of mixing of pyridine and its methyl-substituted derivatives with water, as seen from computer simulations

Klymko, K.; Cacciuto, A., 2012:
Free energy of multiple overlapping chains

Gumbart, J.; Chipot, C.; Schulten, K., 2011:
Free energy of nascent-chain folding in the translocon

Sæthre, Børn.Steen.; van der Spoel, D.; Hoffmann, A.C., 2012:
Free energy of separation of structure II clathrate hydrate in water and a light oil

White, A.D.; Keefe, A.J.; Ella-Menye, J-Rene.; Nowinski, A.K.; Shao, Q.; Pfaendtner, J.; Jiang, S., 2014:
Free energy of solvated salt bridges: a simulation and experimental study

Lyberg, I., 2013:
Free energy of the anisotropic Ising lattice with Brascamp-Kunz boundary conditions

Rose, D.; Benjamin, I., 2009:
Free energy of transfer of hydrated ion clusters from water to an immiscible organic solvent

Huang, K.; García, A.E., 2013:
Free energy of translocating an arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptide across a lipid bilayer suggests pore formation

Sinha, S., 2008:
Free energy of twisted semiflexible polymers

Yoshii, N.; Okazaki, S., 2007:
Free energy of water permeation into hydrophobic core of sodium dodecyl sulfate micelle by molecular dynamics calculation

Arslanargin, A.; Beck, T.L., 2012:
Free energy partitioning analysis of the driving forces that determine ion density profiles near the water liquid-vapor interface

Park, H.; Jeon, Y.Ho., 2011:
Free energy perturbation approach for the rational engineering of the antibody for human hepatitis B virus

Yang, W.; Pan, Y.; Fang, L.; Gao, D.; Zheng, F.; Zhan, C-Guo., 2010:
Free energy perturbation simulation on transition states and high-activity mutants of human butyrylcholinesterase for (-)-cocaine hydrolysis

Marzinek, J.K.; Bond, P.J.; Lian, G.; Zhao, Y.; Han, L.; Noro, M.G.; Pistikopoulos, E.N.; Mantalaris, A., 2015:
Free energy predictions of ligand binding to an α-helix using steered molecular dynamics and umbrella sampling simulations

Yu, T.; Schatz, G.C., 2014:
Free energy profile and mechanism of self-assembly of peptide amphiphiles based on a collective assembly coordinate

Deng, N-Jie.; Cieplak, P., 2010:
Free energy profile of RNA hairpins: a molecular dynamics simulation study

Vivcharuk, V.; Kaznessis, Y., 2010:
Free energy profile of the interaction between a monomer or a dimer of protegrin-1 in a specific binding orientation and a model lipid bilayer

Fujimoto, K.; Yoshii, N.; Okazaki, S., 2012:
Free energy profiles for penetration of methane and water molecules into spherical sodium dodecyl sulfate micelles obtained using the thermodynamic integration method combined with molecular dynamics calculations

Hummer, G.; Szabo, A., 2011:
Free energy profiles from single-molecule pulling experiments

Shaytan, A.K.; Ivanov, V.A.; Shaitan, K.V.; Khokhlov, A.R., 2010:
Free energy profiles of amino acid side chain analogs near water-vapor interface obtained via MD simulations

Marsili, S.; Procacci, P., 2010:
Free energy reconstruction in bidirectional force spectroscopy experiments: the effect of the device stiffness

Ammer, J.; Nolte, C.; Mayr, H., 2012:
Free energy relationships for reactions of substituted benzhydrylium ions: from enthalpy over entropy to diffusion control

Achtyl, J.L.; Vlassiouk, I.V.; Fulvio, P.F.; Mahurin, S.M.; Dai, S.; Geiger, F.M., 2013:
Free energy relationships in the electrical double layer over single-layer graphene

Gross, A.; Li, C.M.; Remacle, F.; Levine, R.D., 2013:
Free energy rhythms in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: a dynamic perspective with implications for ribosomal biogenesis

Ma, N.; Chung, Y-Hua.; van der Vaart, A., 2013:
Free energy simulation of helical transitions

Lee, K-Hoon.; Holl, M.M.Banaszak., 2011:
Free energy simulation to investigate the effect of amino acid sequence environment on the severity of osteogenesis imperfecta by glycine mutations in collagen

Satpati, P.; Clavaguéra, C.; Ohanessian, G.; Simonson, T., 2011:
Free energy simulations of a GTPase: GTP and GDP binding to archaeal initiation factor 2

Doron, D.; Stojković, V.; Gakhar, L.; Vardi-Kilshtain, A.; Kohen, A.; Major, D.Thomas., 2015:
Free energy simulations of active-site mutants of dihydrofolate reductase

Rashid, M.Harunur.; Kuyucak, S., 2014:
Free energy simulations of binding of HsTx1 toxin to Kv1 potassium channels: the basis of Kv1.3/Kv1.1 selectivity

Baştuğ, T.; Kuyucak, S., 2007:
Free energy simulations of single and double ion occupancy in gramicidin A

Das, P.; Li, J.; Royyuru, A.K.; Zhou, R., 2009:
Free energy simulations reveal a double mutant avian H5N1 virus hemagglutinin with altered receptor binding specificity

Pierdominici-Sottile, G.; Horenstein, N.A.; Roitberg, A.E., 2012:
Free energy study of the catalytic mechanism of Trypanosoma cruzi trans-sialidase. From the Michaelis complex to the covalent intermediate

Qian, X., 2014:
Free energy surface for Brønsted acid-catalyzed glucose ring-opening in aqueous solution

Poole, P.H.; Bowles, R.K.; Saika-Voivod, I.; Sciortino, F., 2013:
Free energy surface of ST2 water near the liquid-liquid phase transition

Wohlert, J.; Schnupf, U.; Brady, J.W., 2011:
Free energy surfaces for the interaction of D-glucose with planar aromatic groups in aqueous solution

Schuetz, P.; Wuttke, Ré.; Schuler, B.; Caflisch, A., 2011:
Free energy surfaces from single-distance information

Goldman, S., 2010:
Free energy wells for small gas bubbles in soft deformable materials

Yu, H.; Rick, S.W., 2010:
Free energy, entropy, and enthalpy of a water molecule in various protein environments

Moran, R.J.; Campo, P.; Symmonds, M.; Stephan, K.E.; Dolan, R.J.; Friston, K.J., 2013:
Free energy, precision and learning: the role of cholinergic neuromodulation

Friston, K.; Ao, P., 2012:
Free energy, value, and attractors

Riniker, S.; Barandun, L.J.; Diederich, Fçois.; Krämer, O.; Steffen, A.; van Gunsteren, W.F., 2013:
Free enthalpies of replacing water molecules in protein binding pockets

Schön, J.C.; Cancarević, Z.P.; Hannemann, A.; Jansen, M., 2008:
Free enthalpy landscape of SrO

Kapoula, Zï.; Ganem, R.; Poncet, S.; Gintautas, D.; Eggert, T.; Brémond-Gignac, D.; Bucci, M.Pia., 2008:
Free exploration of painting uncovers particularly loose yoking of saccades in dyslexics

Zhou, S.; Lo, W-Cheong.; Suhalim, J.L.; Digman, M.A.; Gratton, E.; Nie, Q.; Lander, A.D., 2012:
Free extracellular diffusion creates the Dpp morphogen gradient of the Drosophila wing disc

Schroeder, V.; Handrková, H.; Dodt, J.; Kohler, H.P., 2015:
Free factor XIII activation peptide affects factor XIII function

Joseph, R.C.; Pels, R.; Kauffman, J.F.; Leary, K., 2007:
Free fall: finding solid ground in the treatment of a patient with catastrophic injury

Sugiyama, A.; Fukumoto, K.; Fukuzawa, H.; Watanabe, K.; Mitsunaga, M.; Park, S.; Urushihara, N., 2012:
Free fascia lata repair for a second recurrent congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Hu, Y.; Zhong, W.; Chen, H.; Huang, S., 2016:
Free fat droplets from ruptured spinal tumors

Ogino, T.; Ishigaki, D.; Satake, H.; Iba, K., 2012:
Free fat graft for congenital hand differences

Chan, L.S.; Barakate, M.S.; Havas, T.E., 2014:
Free fat grafting in superficial parotid surgery to prevent Frey's syndrome and improve aesthetic outcome

Kauhanen, S.; Peltoniemi, H., 2013:
Free fat transfer--a versatile tool in reconstructive surgery

Pereira, L.H.; Sterodimas, A., 2008:
Free fat transplantation for the aesthetic correction of mild pectus excavatum

Offermanns, S., 2014:
Free fatty acid (FFA) and hydroxy carboxylic acid (HCA) receptors

DeGuire, J.R.; Weiler, H.A., 2014:
Free fatty acid and triacylglycerol forms of CLA isomers are not incorporated equally in the liver but do not lead to differences in bone density and biomarkers of bone metabolism

Karakas, S.E.; Banaszewska, B.; Spaczynski, R.Z.; Pawelczyk, L.; Duleba, A., 2014:
Free fatty acid binding protein-4 and retinol binding protein-4 in polycystic ovary syndrome: response to simvastatin and metformin therapies

Azekoshi, Y.; Yasu, T.; Watanabe, S.; Tagawa, T.; Abe, S.; Yamakawa, K.; Uehara, Y.; Momomura, S.; Urata, H.; Ueda, S., 2010:
Free fatty acid causes leukocyte activation and resultant endothelial dysfunction through enhanced angiotensin II production in mononuclear and polymorphonuclear cells

Kanno, T.; Shimizu, T.; Tanaka, A.; Nishimoto, T.; Nishizaki, T., 2013:
Free fatty acid derivative HUHS2002 potentiates α7 ACh receptor responses through indirect activation of CaMKII

Ubhayasekera, S.J.K.A.; Staaf, J.; Forslund, A.; Bergsten, P.; Bergquist, J., 2013:
Free fatty acid determination in plasma by GC-MS after conversion to Weinreb amides

Nielsen, S.Ren.; Sumner, A.E.; Miller, B.V.; Turkova, H.; Klein, S.; Jensen, M.D., 2014:
Free fatty acid flux in African-American and Caucasian adults--effect of sex and race

Cui, W.; Ma, J.; Wang, X.; Yang, W.; Zhang, J.; Ji, Q., 2013:
Free fatty acid induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and apoptosis of β-cells by Ca2+/calpain-2 pathways

Roden, M.; Mariz, S.; Brazzale, A.R.; Pacini, G., 2009:
Free fatty acid kinetics during long-term treatment with pioglitazone added to sulfonylurea or metformin in Type 2 diabetes

Magkos, F.; Mohammed, B.Selma.; Patterson, B.W.; Mittendorfer, B., 2009 :
Free fatty acid kinetics in the late phase of postexercise recovery: importance of resting fatty acid metabolism and exercise-induced energy deficit

Kawaguchi, T., 2014:
Free fatty acid level is a new hepatic fuel meter

Liu, L.; Li, Y.; Guan, C.; Li, K.; Wang, C.; Feng, R.; Sun, C., 2011:
Free fatty acid metabolic profile and biomarkers of isolated post-challenge diabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus based on GC-MS and multivariate statistical analysis

Abel, E.Dale., 2010:
Free fatty acid oxidation in insulin resistance and obesity

Oberbach, A.; Schlichting, N.; Heinrich, M.; Till, H.; Stolzenburg, J-Uwe.; Neuhaus, J., 2013:
Free fatty acid palmitate impairs the vitality and function of cultured human bladder smooth muscle cells

Cao, X.; Fesinmeyer, R.Matthew.; Pierini, C.J.; Siska, C.C.; Litowski, J.R.; Brych, S.; Wen, Z-Qing.; Kleemann, G.R., 2015:
Free fatty acid particles in protein formulations, part 1: microspectroscopic identification

Siska, C.C.; Pierini, C.J.; Lau, H.R.; Latypov, R.F.; Fesinmeyer, R.Matthew.; Litowski, J.R., 2015:
Free fatty acid particles in protein formulations, part 2: contribution of polysorbate raw material

Youngquist, J.Tyler.; Rose, J.P.; Pfleger, B.F., 2013:
Free fatty acid production in Escherichia coli under phosphate-limited conditions

Zhu, X.; Ye, A.; Verrier, T.; Singh, H., 2013:
Free fatty acid profiles of emulsified lipids during in vitro digestion with pancreatic lipase

Christiansen, E.; Due-Hansen, M.E.; Urban, C.; Grundmann, M.; Schröder, R.; Hudson, B.D.; Milligan, G.; Cawthorne, M.A.; Kostenis, E.; Kassack, M.U.; Ulven, T., 2012 :
Free fatty acid receptor 1 (FFA1/GPR40) agonists: mesylpropoxy appendage lowers lipophilicity and improves ADME properties

Sleeth, M.L.; Thompson, E.L.; Ford, H.E.; Zac-Varghese, S.E.K.; Frost, G., 2010:
Free fatty acid receptor 2 and nutrient sensing: a proposed role for fibre, fermentable carbohydrates and short-chain fatty acids in appetite regulation

Shi, G.; Sun, C.; Gu, W.; Yang, M.; Zhang, X.; Zhai, N.; Lu, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Shou, P.; Zhang, Z.; Ning, G., 2015:
Free fatty acid receptor 2, a candidate target for type 1 diabetes, induces cell apoptosis through ERK signaling

López Soto, E.Javier.; Gambino, L.Ongaro.; Mustafá, E.Román., 2015:
Free fatty acid receptor 3 is a key target of short chain fatty acid. What is the impact on the sympathetic nervous system?

Mo, X-Lei.; Wei, H-Kui.; Peng, J.; Tao, Y-Xiong., 2014:
Free fatty acid receptor GPR120 and pathogenesis of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus

Bernard, J., 2008:
Free fatty acid receptor family: novel targets for the treatment of diabetes and dyslipidemia

Hara, T.; Hirasawa, A.; Ichimura, A.; Kimura, I.; Tsujimoto, G., 2011:
Free fatty acid receptors FFAR1 and GPR120 as novel therapeutic targets for metabolic disorders

Ichimura, A.; Hirasawa, A.; Hara, T.; Tsujimoto, G., 2009:
Free fatty acid receptors act as nutrient sensors to regulate energy homeostasis

Hirasawa, A.; Hara, T.; Katsuma, S.; Adachi, T.; Tsujimoto, G., 2008:
Free fatty acid receptors and drug discovery

Hirasawa, A.; Hara, T.; Ichimura, A.; Tsujimoto, G., 2012:
Free fatty acid receptors and their physiological role in metabolic regulation

Hara, T.; Kimura, I.; Inoue, D.; Ichimura, A.; Hirasawa, A., 2014:
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Free full english text on line

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Mirmonsef, P.; Hotton, A.L.; Gilbert, D.; Burgad, D.; Landay, A.; Weber, K.M.; Cohen, M.; Ravel, J.; Spear, G.T., 2015:
Free glycogen in vaginal fluids is associated with Lactobacillus colonization and low vaginal pH

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Free gold clusters: beyond the static, monostructure description

Del Frari, B.; Schoeller, T.; Wechselberger, G., 2013:
Free gracilis muscle flap for treatment of a large temporoparietal defect

Maffulli, N.; Spiezia, F.; Testa, V.; Capasso, G.; Longo, U.Giuseppe.; Denaro, V., 2012:
Free gracilis tendon graft for reconstruction of chronic tears of the Achilles tendon

Oishi, S.N.; Ezaki, M., 2010:
Free gracilis transfer to restore finger flexion in Volkmann ischemic contracture

Fucini, C.; Caminati, F.; Basiricò, F.; Bartolini, N.; Mirasolo, V.M., 2013:
Free graft foreskin anoplasty

Ting, J.Y.; Metson, R., 2013:
Free graft techniques in skull base reconstruction

Zhu, S-Song.; Hu, J.; Li, J.; Luo, E.; Liang, X.; Feng, G., 2008:
Free grafting of autogenous coronoid process for condylar reconstruction in patients with temporomandibular joint ankylosis

Rui, Y.; Mi, J.; Shi, H.; Zhang, Z.; Yan, H., 2011:
Free great toe wrap-around flap combined with second toe medial flap for reconstruction of completely degloved fingers

Ghosh, A.; Jayakumar, R., 2011:
Free groin flap for recurrent severe contractures of the neck in children

Cobb, A.R.M.; Koudstaal, M.J.; Bulstrode, N.W.; Lloyd, T.W.; Dunaway, D.J., 2013:
Free groin flap in hemifacial volume reconstruction

Maffulli, N.; Longo, U.Giuseppe.; Spiezia, F.; Denaro, V., 2010:
Free hamstrings tendon transfer and interference screw fixation for less invasive reconstruction of chronic avulsions of the Achilles tendon

Groen, R.S.; Kamara, T.B.; Nwomeh, B.C.; Daoh, K.S.; Kushner, A.L., 2014:
Free health care for under 5 year olds increases access to surgical care in Sierra Leone: an analysis of case load and patient characteristics

Obermann, K., 2011:
Free health care in Sierra Leone: a mite too optimistic?

Kushner, A.L.; Kallon, C.; Kamara, T.B., 2012:
Free health care in Sierra Leone: the effect on pediatric surgery

Carey, R.Albrecht.; Fricke, J., 2011:
Free health clinic links college, church, and community

Johnson, K.S., 2011:
Free healthcare in Sierra Leone

Murphy, S.; Moore, G.F.; Tapper, K.; Lynch, R.; Clarke, R.; Raisanen, L.; Desousa, C.; Moore, L., 2011:
Free healthy breakfasts in primary schools: a cluster randomised controlled trial of a policy intervention in Wales, UK

Anonymous, 2014:
Free heart failure clinic aims to cut readmissions

Ufnalska, S.B., 2012:
Free help for scientists and translators

Uzunova, V.V.; Pan, W.; Galkin, O.; Vekilov, P.G., 2011:
Free heme and the polymerization of sickle cell hemoglobin

Pan, W.; Uzunova, V.V.; Vekilov, P.G., 2010:
Free heme in micromolar amounts enhances the attraction between sickle cell hemoglobin molecules

Hao, K.; Hanawa, H.; Ding, L.; Ota, Y.; Yoshida, K.; Toba, K.; Ogura, M.; Ito, H.; Kodama, M.; Aizawa, Y., 2011:
Free heme is a danger signal inducing expression of proinflammatory proteins in cultured cells derived from normal rat hearts

Fujiwara, M.; Nagata, T.; Matsushita, Y.; Fukamizu, H., 2013:
Free hemiback flap with surgical delay for reconstruction of extensive soft tissue defect: a case report

Kyaw, W.Ohnmar.; Uhlig, A.; Köller, Gábor.; Sack, U.; Schusser, G.Fritz., 2009:
Free hemoglobin and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in the blood of horses with colic or acute colitis

Losey-Flores, K.; Benzar, R.; Chan, J.M.; Go, S.; Montoure, A.; Phillips, K.K.; Fitzgibbons, R.J.; Nandipati, K.; Lee, T.; Dethlefs, H.; Manion, J.; Filipi, C.J., 2014:
Free hernia surgery for the underserved is possible in the United States

Lenzer, J., 2010:
Free holiday is offered to volunteers willing to test diarrhoea vaccine

Repullo, Jé.R., 2012:
Free hospital choice does not mean less planning of services

Zielinski, T.J., 2009:
Free hype vs. free clinics

Anonymous, 2012:
Free iPad app: Healthy Mom&Baby free for readers in iTunes

Liu, X.; Zhang, C.; Li, Z., 2007:
Free iliac flap grafting for repair of tibia traumatic osteomyelitis complicated with bone-skin defect

Nakano, T.; Matsui, M.; Inoue, I.; Awata, T.; Katayama, S.; Murakoshi, T., 2012 :
Free immunoglobulin light chain: its biology and implications in diseases

Cohen, G.; Hörl, W.H., 2010:
Free immunoglobulin light chains as a risk factor in renal and extrarenal complications

Anderson, G.P., 2012:
Free immunoglobulin light chains in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Thio, M.; Blokhuis, B.R.; Nijkamp, F.P.; Redegeld, F.A., 2008:
Free immunoglobulin light chains: a novel target in the therapy of inflammatory diseases

Erni, P.; Elabbadi, A., 2013:
Free impinging jet microreactors: controlling reactive flows via surface tension and fluid viscoelasticity

Oida, T.; Kobayashi, T., 2015:
Free induction decay MR signal measurements toward ultra-low field MRI with an optically pumped atomic magnetometer

Corbo, M.; Lunetta, C.; Magni, P.; Dozio, E.; Ruscica, M.; Adobbati, L.; Silani, V., 2010:
Free insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1 and IGF-binding proteins-2 and -3 in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients

Kielczewski, J.L.; Li Calzi, S.; Shaw, L.C.; Cai, J.; Qi, X.; Ruan, Q.; Wu, L.; Liu, L.; Hu, P.; Chan-Ling, T.; Mames, R.N.; Firth, S.; Baxter, R.C.; Turowski, P.; Busik, J.V.; Boulton, M.E.; Grant, M.B., 2011:
Free insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3) reduces retinal vascular permeability in association with a reduction of acid sphingomyelinase (ASMase)

Bonin, B.; Trojak, B., 2010:
Free interval and/or remission

Azenabor, A.A.; Kennedy, P.; York, J., 2009:
Free intracellular Ca2+ regulates bacterial lipopolysaccharide induction of iNOS in human macrophages

Lu, W.; Zhao, M.; Rajbhandary, S.; Xie, F.; Chai, X.; Mu, J.; Meng, J.; Liu, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Xu, X.; Meng, A., 2014:
Free iron catalyzes oxidative damage to hematopoietic cells/mesenchymal stem cells in vitro and suppresses hematopoiesis in iron overload patients

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Free iron in pale, dark and alcohol-free commercial lager beers

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Free iron ions decrease indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase expression and reduce IFNgamma-induced inhibition of Chlamydia trachomatis infection

Signorini, C.; Ciccoli, L.; Leoncini, S.; Carloni, S.; Perrone, S.; Comporti, M.; Balduini, W.; Buonocore, G., 2009:
Free iron, total F-isoprostanes and total F-neuroprostanes in a model of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy: neuroprotective effect of melatonin

Tita, R.; Lueth, T.C., 2007:
Free isocentric 3d imaging and a novel approach for wobble trajectories using a modified standard c-arm

Mizukami, T.; Hyodo, I.; Fukamizu, H., 2015:
Free jejunal flap transfer for pharyngoesophageal reconstruction in patients with intestinal malrotation: two case reports

Lee, H-Sung.; Park, S.Yong.; Jang, H-Jin.; Kim, M.Soo.; Lee, J.Mog.; Zo, J.Ill., 2012:
Free jejunal graft for esophageal reconstruction using end-to-side vascular anastomosis and extended pharyngo-jejunostomy

Zhao, D.; Gao, X.; Guan, L.; Su, W.; Gao, J.; Liu, C.; Luo, X.; Li, X., 2009:
Free jejunal graft for reconstruction of defects in the hypopharynx and cervical esophagus following the cancer resections

Ikeguchi, M.; Miyake, T.; Matsunaga, T.; Yamamoto, M.; Fukumoto, Y.; Yamada, Y.; Fukuda, K.; Saito, H.; Tatebe, S.; Tsujitani, S-ichi., 2010:
Free jejunal graft reconstruction after resection of neck cancers: our surgical technique

Yamana, I.; Shiraishi, T.; Shiroshita, T.; Hoshino, S.; Sueta, T.; Nakagawa, T.; Yamashita, Y., 2014:
Free jejunal graft repair after pharyngolaryngo-esophagectomy-risk factor analysis for postoperative dysphagia

Miyamoto, S.; Sakuraba, M.; Asano, T.; Hayashi, R.; Ebihara, M.; Miyazaki, M.; Daiko, H.; Shinozaki, T.; Kimata, Y., 2011:
Free jejunal patch graft for reconstruction after partial hypopharyngectomy with laryngeal preservation

Sato, T.; Hasegawa, H.; Sugasawa, M.; Yasuda, M.; Morita, K.; Nakahira, M.; Nakatsuka, T., 2011:
Free jejunal transfer for a 15-year-old girl with synovial sarcoma of the hypopharynx

Yin, Y.; Liu, J., 2015:
Free jejunum for circumferential hypopharynx and cervical esophagus reconstruction

Zhang, B.; Su, J.; Yu, J.; Wu, Z.; Feng, Z., 2015:
Free jejunum reconstruction and laryngeal preservation for squamous cell carcinoma in the pharyngoesophageal junction

Marmiroli, B.; Grenci, G.; Cacho-Nerin, F.; Sartori, B.; Ferrari, E.; Laggner, P.; Businaro, L.; Amenitsch, H., 2009:
Free jet micromixer to study fast chemical reactions by small angle X-ray scattering

Kaiser, J., 2010:
Free journals grow amid ongoing debate

Oetjen, R.M.; Oetjen, D.M., 2010:
Free labor! How to successfully use student interns in your practice

Knobloch, K.; Herold, C.; Vogt, P.M., 2012:
Free latissimus dorsi flap transfer for reconstruction of soft tissue defects of the lower extremity

Sinis, N.; Lanaras, T.Ismini.; Kraus, A.; Werdin, F.; Schaller, H-Eberhard.; Peek, A., 2009:
Free latissimus dorsi flap with long venous grafts for closure of a soft tissue defect of the spine in a patient with Noonan's syndrome: a case report

Tvrdek, M.; Pospísil, R., 2010:
Free latissimus dorsi muscle flap for chronic bronchopleural fistula

Kawakatsu, M.; Ishikawa, K.; Sumiya, A., 2010:
Free latissimus dorsi musclocutaneous flap transfer for chronic osteomyelitis of the tibia: 16-year follow-up

Perseghin, G.; Lattuada, G.; Ragogna, F.; Alberti, G.; La Torre, A.; Luzi, L., 2009:
Free leptin index and thyroid function in male highly trained athletes

Owecki, M.; Nikisch, Eżbieta.; Miczke, A.; Pupek-Musialik, D.; Sowiński, J., 2011:
Free leptin index as a marker for leptin action in diabetes and obesity: leptin and soluble leptin receptors relationship with HbA1c

Thomopoulos, C.; Papadopoulos, D.P.; Papazachou, O.; Bratsas, A.; Massias, S.; Anastasiadis, G.; Perrea, D.; Makris, T., 2009:
Free leptin is associated with masked hypertension in nonobese subjects: a cross-sectional study

Elkalioubie, A.; Zawadzki, C.; Roma-Lavisse, C.; Chinetti-Gbaguidi, G.; Tagzirt, M.; Corseaux, D.; Juthier, F.; Vaast, B.; Vanhoutte, J.; Vincentelli, Aé.; Jude, B.; Haulon, S.; Staels, B.; Susen, S.; Van Belle, E.; Dupont, A., 2014:
Free leptin, carotid plaque phenotype and relevance to related symptomatology: insights from the OPAL-Lille carotid endarterectomy study

Tadmor, T., 2013:
Free light chain assay: doing a "good job" in Job's syndrome

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Free light chain levels in pediatric patients with inflammatory conditions

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Free light chain monomers in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

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Free light chain: a novel predictor of adverse outcome in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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Free light chains

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Free light chains and the risk of AIDS-defining opportunistic infections in HIV-infected individuals

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Free light chains and the risk of nonmalignant AIDS events in HIV-infected patients treated with combination antiretroviral therapy

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Free light chains in CSF - pushing a method with biased interpretations

Shantsila, E.; Wrigley, B.; Lip, G.Yoke.Hong., 2014:
Free light chains in patients with acute heart failure secondary to atherosclerotic coronary artery disease

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Free light chains in plasma of patients with light chain amyloidosis and non-amyloid light chain deposition disease. High proportion and heterogeneity of disulfide-linked monoclonal free light chains as pathogenic features of amyloid disease

Radovic, V.; Mijuskovic, Z.; Tukic, L.; Djurdjevic, P.; Stojanovic, J.; Zlatkovic, M., 2012:
Free light chains ratio as a marker to estimate prognosis and survival in patients with multiple myeloma and primary amyloidosis

Stratta, P.; Airoldi, A.; Izzo, C.; Rossi, D.; Gaidano, G.Luca., 2010:
Free light-chains and renal disorders: when small is worse

Jercic, M.Isabel., 2008:
Free living Amoeba of Acanthamoeba genus

Kranjcić-Zec, I.; Sćepan, L.; Mitrović, S., 1991:
Free living amoebae of the Acanthamoeba genus--investigations made in recreation centres of the city of Belgrade

Root, R.; van Wyngaard, A., 2012:
Free love: a case study of church-run home-based caregivers in a high vulnerability setting

Becker, D., 2011:
Free lunch

Carney, K.K., 2009:
Free lunches and influence

Lad, S., 2011:
Free lunches and student involvement

Bounedjah, O.; Desforges, Bénédicte.; Wu, T-Di.; Pioche-Durieu, C.; Marco, S.; Hamon, L.; Curmi, P.A.; Guerquin-Kern, J-Luc.; Piétrement, O.; Pastré, D., 2014:
Free mRNA in excess upon polysome dissociation is a scaffold for protein multimerization to form stress granules

Etzkorn, J.R.; Sobanko, J.F.; Miller, C.J., 2015:
Free margin distortion with fusiform closures: the apical angle relationship

Mustard, F., 2009:
Free market capitalism, social accountability and equity in early human (child) development

Larson, A.Noelle.; Bishop, A.T.; Shin, A.Y., 2007:
Free medial femoral condyle bone grafting for scaphoid nonunions with humpback deformity and proximal pole avascular necrosis

Türkmen, F.; Korucu, I.Hakkı.; Sever, C.; Demirayak, M.; Goncü, G.; Toker, S., 2014:
Free medial meniscal fragment which mimics the dislocated bucket-handle tear on MRI

Jyoshid, R.B.; Vardhan, H.; Anto, F., 2014:
Free medial plantar artery flap for the reconstruction of great toe pulp

Huang, S-Hung.; Wu, S-Hua.; Lai, C-Hung.; Chang, C-Hau.; Wangchen, H.; Lai, C-Sheng.; Lin, S-Daw.; Chang, K-Ping., 2010:
Free medial plantar artery perforator flap for finger pulp reconstruction: report of a series of 10 cases

Lai, C-Hung.; Lai, C-Sheng.; Huang, S-Hung.; Lin, S-Daw.; Chang, K-Ping., 2011:
Free medial plantar artery perforator flaps for the resurfacing of thumb defects

Feng, C-Ho.; Yang, J-Yung.; Chuang, S-Shuh.; Huang, C-Yuan.; Hsiao, Y-Chang.; Lai, C-Yi., 2010:
Free medial thigh perforator flap for reconstruction of the dynamic and static complex burn scar contracture

Agrawal, A.Deepak.; Banerjee, A., 2011:
Free medical care and consumer protection

Johnson, J., 2011:
Free medical clinics keeping healthcare afloat

Reynolds, H.Y., 2009:
Free medical clinics: helping indigent patients and dealing with emerging health care needs

Bhaumik, S.; Biswas, T., 2013:
Free medicine for all in India

Dabernig, Jörg.; Watson, S.; Hart, A., 2007:
Free microdissected thin groin flap design with an extended vascular pedicle; thin anterolateral thigh perforator flap using a modified microdissection technique

Rieger, U.M.; Haug, M.; Schwarzl, F.; Kalbermatten, D.F.; Hintermann, B.; Pierer, G., 2010:
Free microvascular iliac crest flap for extensive talar necrosis--case report with a 16-year long-term follow up

Archontaki, M.; Stavrianos, S.D.; Rapidis, A.D., 2011:
Free microvascular tissue transfer for the reconstruction of midfacial defects in oncological patients

Gaggl, A., 2008:
Free microvascular transfer of segmental corticocancellous femur for alveolar ridge reconstruction

Rehman, K-Ur., 2009:
Free microvascular transfer of segmental corticocancellous femur for reconstruction of the alveolar ridge

Bürger, H.; Gaggl, A.J.; Kukutschki, W.; Müller, E.J., 2010:
Free microvascular transfer of segmental corticocancellous femur for the treatment of scaphoid nonunion

Anonymous, 2018:
Case of Rapidly Fatal Fever

Belli, S.; Dijkstra, M.; van Roij, R., 2012:
Free minimization of the fundamental measure theory functional: Freezing of parallel hard squares and cubes

Briongos-Figuero, S.; Santos-Gallego, C.García.; Moya Mur, Jé.Luis., 2012:
Free mitral regurgitation due to asynchrony and improvement with cardiac resynchronization

Buntrock, M.; Manncke, K., 2010:
Free mobile intra-abdominal "tumor"

Schiavon, G.; Zambelli, A., 2011:
Free mobility of medical oncologists across the European Union: still a false myth

Dalleau, G.; Allard, M.S.; Beaulieu, Mène.; Rivard, C-Hilaire.; Allard, P., 2007:
Free moment contribution to quiet standing in able-bodied and scoliotic girls

Lessner, J.F., 2007:
Free money (or at least the government's version of "free money")

Peeters, M., 2007:
Free movement of medical doctors in the EU

Peeters, M., 2012:
Free movement of patients: Directive 2011/24 on the application of patients' rights in cross-border healthcare

Saudan, P., 2012:
Free movement of physicians: the postgraduate education should be clearly displayed

Lai, C-Chih.; Su, C-Ying., 2007:
Free mucosa graft from the lateral tongue for reconstruction of intraoral buccal/lip mucosal defects after tumor resection

Li, K-Wen.; Liu, J.; Liu, M-Jiang.; Xie, S-Lin.; Liu, C-Xiong., 2015 :
Free multilobed posterior interosseous artery perforator flap for multi-finger skin defect reconstruction

Loos, M.S.; Freeman, B.G.; McClellan, W.Thomas., 2011:
Free muscle flap reconstructions using interpositional vein grafts vs. local anastomosis: a 5-year experience at a rural tertiary care center

Schaverien, M.V.; Hart, A.M., 2014:
Free muscle flaps for reconstruction of upper limb defects

Terzis, J.K.; Kostopoulos, V.K., 2010:
Free muscle transfer in posttraumatic plexopathies: part 1: the shoulder

Terzis, J.K.; Kostopoulos, V.K., 2009:
Free muscle transfer in posttraumatic plexopathies: part III. The hand

Cantrell, S.A.; Leavell, M.D.; Marjanovic, O.; Iavarone, A.T.; Leary, J.A.; Riley, L.W., 2014:
Free mycolic acid accumulation in the cell wall of the mce1 operon mutant strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Rubin, G.; Palti, R.; Gurevitz, S.; Yaffe, B., 2016:
Free myocutaneous flap transfer to treat congenital Volkmann's contracture of the forearm

Hierner, R.; Reynders-Frederix, P.; Bellemans, J.; Stuyck, J.; Peeters, W., 2009:
Free myocutaneous latissimus dorsi flap transfer in total knee arthroplasty

Malkoc, E.; Ates, F.; Tekeli, H.; Kurt, B.; Turker, T.; Basal, S., 2014:
Free nerve ending density on skin extracted by circumcision and its relation to premature ejaculation

Sarban, S.; Baba, F.; Kocabey, Y.; Cengiz, M.; Isikan, U.E., 2007:
Free nerve endings and morphological features of the ligamentum capitis femoris in developmental dysplasia of the hip

Rietjens, M.; De Lorenzi, F.; Andrea, M.; Chirappapha, P.; Martella, S.; Barbieri, B.; Gottardi, A.; Giuseppe, L.; Hamza, A.; Petit, J-Yves.; Lohsiriwat, V., 2014:
Free nipple graft technique to correct nipple and areola malposition after breast procedures

Doren, E.Louise.; Van Eldik Kuykendall, L.; Lopez, J.Jeremiah.; Laronga, C.; Smith, P.David., 2015:
Free nipple grafting: an alternative for patients ineligible for nipple-sparing mastectomy?

Lang, D.; James, P.E., 2010:
Free nitric oxide in spent CAPD fluid: a leap of faith?

Zhou, Y.; Ganda, L.; Lim, M.; Yuan, Z.; Kjelleberg, S.; Ng, W.Jern., 2010:
Free nitrous acid (FNA) inhibition on denitrifying poly-phosphate accumulating organisms (DPAOs)

Wang, Q.; Ye, L.; Jiang, G.; Jensen, P.D.; Batstone, D.J.; Yuan, Z., 2014:
Free nitrous acid (FNA)-based pretreatment enhances methane production from waste activated sludge

Zhou, Y.; Pijuan, M.; Zeng, R.J.; Yuan, Z., 2009:
Free nitrous acid inhibition on nitrous oxide reduction by a denitrifying-enhanced biological phosphorus removal sludge

Pijuan, M.; Ye, L.; Yuan, Z., 2011:
Free nitrous acid inhibition on the aerobic metabolism of poly-phosphate accumulating organisms

El-Sayed, M.; El-Hadidi, M.; El-Adl, W., 2007:
Free non-vascularised fibular graft for treatment of post-traumatic bone defects

Lin, K-Cheng.; Tarng, Y-Wen.; Hsu, C-Jen.; Renn, J-Huei., 2014:
Free non-vascularized fibular strut bone graft for treatment of post-traumatic lower extremity large bone loss

Wintzerith, M.; Dierich, A.; Ciesielski-Treska, J.; Mandel, P.; Staub, A., 1976:
Free nucleotides in bromodeoxyuridine-treated neuroblastoma cells

Steurer, J., 2014:
Free of benzodiazepines with an in general practice feasible intervention

Törnberg, S.; Lidbrink, E.; Henriksson, R., 2014:
Free of charge mammography gets more people to the examination. Study in Stockholm County shows good efficacy in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas

Moles, Aés., 2011:
Free of charge participation of patients in clinical trials

Conn, J., 2007:
Free of charge. Advertising, data sales subsidize EMR products

Kisialiou, I.G., 2012:
Free of reabsorption upper-state lifetime measurements by the method of transient gratings

Hirayama, H.; Seino, J.; Kitajima, T.; Jigami, Y.; Suzuki, T., 2010:
Free oligosaccharides to monitor glycoprotein endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Zaha, H.; Onomura, M.; Nomura, H.; Umekawa, K.; Oki, M.; Asato, H., 2012:
Free omental flap for partial breast reconstruction after breast-conserving surgery

Freshwater, M.Felix., 2013:
Free online access to D. Ralph Millard, Jr.'s books Cleft Craft and A Rhinoplasty Tetralogy

Virtzberg-Rofè, D.; Rofè, T.; Rudnick, A., 2015:
Free online dating site for people with mental illness

Anonymous, 2014:
Free online toolkit supports CLABSI prevention

Studdard, J., 2013:
Free online tools for physician practices

Ageev, F.T.; Drobizhev, M.B.; Smirnova, M.D.; Fofanova, T.V.; Plisiuk, A.G.; Kadushkina, E.B., 2008:
Free or fixed combination of enalapril and hypothiazide in real ambulatory practice: what is better for a patient with arterial hypertension

Megens, M., 2009:
Free or with discount to continue education from the PEGD: the PEGD miles

Tynngård, N.; Lindahl, T.L.; Ramström, S.; Räf, T.; Rugarn, O.; Berlin, Gösta., 2008:
Free oscillation rheometry detects changes in clot properties in pregnancy and thrombocytopenia

Winstedt, D.; Tynngård, N.; Olanders, K.; Schött, U., 2014:
Free oscillation rheometry monitoring of haemodilution and hypothermia and correction with fibrinogen and factor XIII concentrates

Thompson, J.G.; Vanderwerf, S.; Seningen, J.; Carr, M.; Kloss, J.; Apple, F.S., 2008:
Free oxycodone concentrations in 67 postmortem cases from the Hennepin County medical examiner's office

Harris, M.T.; Davis, W.W.; Le, N-Anh.; Eggleston, B.; Austin, G.E.; Moussa, M.; Brown, W.Virgil., 2007:
Free oxygen radicals in whole blood correlate strongly with high-sensitivity C-reactive protein

Chen, T-Chuan.; Wang, C-Yeh.; Hsu, C-Yao.; Wu, C-Hsing.; Kuo, C-Chun.; Wang, K-Chung.; Yang, C-Chau.; Wu, M-Tai.; Chuang, F-Rong.; Lee, C-Te., 2013:
Free p-cresol sulfate is associated with survival and function of vascular access in chronic hemodialysis patients

Liabeuf, S.; Barreto, D.V.; Barreto, F.C.; Meert, N.; Glorieux, G.; Schepers, E.; Temmar, M.; Choukroun, G.; Vanholder, R.; Massy, Z.A., 2010:
Free p-cresylsulphate is a predictor of mortality in patients at different stages of chronic kidney disease

Lu, J.; Chuan, X.; Zhang, H.; Dai, W.; Wang, X.; Wang, X.; Zhang, Q., 2015:
Free paclitaxel loaded PEGylated-paclitaxel nanoparticles: preparation and comparison with other paclitaxel systems in vitro and in vivo

Norris, M.E.; Samra, S.; DeMercurio, J.; Bourianoff, T.H.; Netscher, D.T., 2007:
Free palmaris longus graft tenodesis effectively treats swan neck adduction collapse secondary to thumb basilar joint arthritis

Anonymous, 2009:
Free paper presentation

Allen, R.J.; Chen, C.M.; Warren, S.M., 2008:
Free pectoral skin flap in the rat based on the long thoracic vessels: a new flap model for experimental study and microsurgical training

Lei, L-Ge.; He, R-Xiang.; Cheng, P.; Zhang, J-Lei.; Qi, D-Bao., 2014:
Free perforating flap of peroneal artery for repairing the forefoot skin defects

Freeman, H.J.; Webber, D.L., 2010:
Free perforation of the small intestine in collagenous sprue

Zhang, B.; Wan, J-Hai.; Wan, H-Feng.; Li, D-Zhi.; Zhang, Y-Xia., 2015:
Free perforator flap transfer for reconstruction of skull base defects after resection of advanced recurrent tumor

Li, W.; Lei, X.; Wang, Y.; Wu, R., 2011:
Free perforator flap transfer to reconstruct the defect resulted from resection of head and neck tumor

Biswas, G., 2013:
Free perforator flaps on the peroneal vascular system

Horikoshi, T.; Kikuchi, A.; Ono, K.; Kita, M.; Takagi, K.; Ogiso, Y., 2010:
Free peritoneal cyst with histologic properties of amniotic epithelium observed in a woman pregnant with twins

Cammarota, G.; Piscaglia, A.Chiara., 2009:
Free peritoneal gas accumulation caused by pneumatosis coli after diagnostic gastrointestinal endoscopy

Leal, R.Franco.; Ward, M.; Ayrizono, M.de.Lourdes.Setsuko.; de Paiva, N.Maria.; Bellaguarda, E.; Rossi, Débora.Helena.Gonçalves.; Vieira, Nália.Pranzetti.; Fagundes, Jão.José.; Rodrigues Coy, Cáudio.Saddy., 2013:
Free peritoneal perforation in a patient with Crohn's disease - Report of a case

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Free peroneal artery perforator sural neurocutaneous flap for hand and foot defects

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Free range hens use the range more when the outdoor environment is enriched

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Free resources for evidence-based care

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Free resources to assist structure-based virtual ligand screening experiments

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Free riders

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Free riders and pious sons--why science research remains obligatory

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Free riding and organ donation

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Free rotavirus vaccine for babies added to immunisation schedule

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Free school fruit: can an extra piece of fruit every school day contribute to the prevention of future weight gain? A cluster randomized trial

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Free silver nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation in organic solvents and their easy functionalization

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Free skin cancer screening provides access to care

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Free skin flap coverage of the upper extremity

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Free skin flap reconstruction after partial hypopharyngectomy with laryngeal preservation

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Free skin graft; immobilization with plaster

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Free software "genius" honored

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Free software: an opportunity for researchers

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Free solar lanterns to below poverty line girls in India: a step toward achieving millennium development goals

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Free soluble receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappab ligand in gingival crevicular fluid correlates with distinct pathogens in periodontitis patients

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Free sometimes costs

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Free spectral range optimization of return-to-zero differential phase-shift keyed demodulation in 40 Gbit/s nonlinear transmission

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Free speech and duty. Juniors needed support over MMC/MTAS

Skinner, A.C., 2011:
Free speech and duty. Sleeping dogs should have been left to lie

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Free speech rights outweigh restrictions on promoting drugs off label, court rules

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Free sphingobases induce RBOHD-dependent reactive oxygen species production in Arabidopsis leaves

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Free standing TiO2 nanotube array electrodes with an ultra-thin Al2O3 barrier layer and TiCl4 surface modification for highly efficient dye sensitized solar cells

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Free standing acetylene black mesh to capture dissolved polysulfide in lithium sulfur batteries

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Free standing luminescent silicon quantum dots: evidence of quantum confinement and defect related transitions

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Free standing reduced graphene oxide film cathodes for lithium ion batteries

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Free statins disrupt pharmacy benefit plans

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Free stent in the abdominal cavity

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Free style facial artery perforator flap for one stage reconstruction of the nasal ala

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Free style perforator based propeller flaps: Simple solutions for upper extremity reconstruction!

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Free sugar profile in cycads

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Free sugars: the less the better

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Free sulfhydryl measurement as an indicator of antibody stability

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Free superficial iliac circumflex artery skin flap: the clinical application and management of donor site defects

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Free superficial inferior epigastric artery flap for aesthetic correction of mild pectus excavatum

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Free superficial palmar branch of the radial artery flap for the reconstruction of defects of the volar surface of the digits, including the pulp

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Free surface electrospinning of fibers containing microparticles

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Free surface flow between two horizontal concentric cylinders

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Free survival time of recurrence and malignant transformation and associated factors in patients with supratentorial low-grade gliomas

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Free swelling and confined smart hydrogels for applications in chemomechanical sensors for physiological monitoring

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Free tarsal graft combined with skin transposition flap for full-thickness lower eyelid reconstruction

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Free tax assistance and the earned income tax credit: vital resources for social workers and low-income families

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Free temporoparietal flap in hand coverage. Report of three cases

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Free tendon grafts in secondary flexor tendon repair

Ono, J.; Takeda, A.; Akimoto, M.; Iyoda, A.; Matsui, Y.; Satoh, Y.; Uchinuma, E., 2013:
Free tensor fascia lata flap and synthetic mesh reconstruction for full-thickness chest wall defect

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Free tensor fascia lata-iliac crest osteomusculocutaneous flap for reconstruction of combined maxillectomy and orbital floor defect

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Free terminal time optimal control problem of an HIV model based on a conjugate gradient method

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Free testing, activities marks Black AIDS Awareness Day

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Free testosterone and free dihydrotestosterone throughout the life span of men

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Free the Data

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Free the animals? Investigating attitudes toward animal testing in Britain and the United States

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Free the data: the end of genetic data as trade secrets

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Free the market. Government interference hampers healthcare reform

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Free the pharmacist!

Hølge-Hazelton, B.; Groth, S., 2013:
Free the research in the regions

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Free them up ... effective patient safety and quality improvement require skill development

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Free thyroxine assays: no going back!

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Free thyroxine level in the high normal reference range prescribed for nonpregnant women may reduce the preterm delivery rate in multiparous

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Anonymous, 2013:
Free tips for final-year students

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Free tissue transfers with lengthening of vascular pedicle using interpositional vein grafts. About 10 cases

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Free tissue transplantation from amputated limbs for covering raw surface of stumps

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Free to be you and me: a climate of authenticity alleviates burnout from emotional labor

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Free to choose

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Free to choose but liable for the consequences: should non-vaccinators be penalized for the harm they do?

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Free to lead, free to care

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Free to punish: a motivated account of free will belief

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Free to total serum prostate specific antigen ratio in symptomatic men does not help in differentiating benign from malignant disease of the prostate

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Free to visit all hours

Blake, N., 2009:
Free trade agreements and health services

Jeppsson, A., 2010:
Free trade agreements make the drugs more expensive

Gilmore, V., 2009:
Free trade and the PBS

Krikorian, Gëlle., 2007:
Free trade negotiations can be harmful to your health

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Free transplantation of autogenous palmaris longus tendon in the repair of cicatricial ectropion of lower eyelid

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Free transplantation of the split skin graft

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Free transplanting of thick, perforated skin flaps on non regenerating granulating wounds

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Free treatment in the 17. century

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Free tubercular perforation of the ileum

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Free turbulent shear layer in a point vortex gas as a problem in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics

Davis, J., 2010:
Free tutorial

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Free tyrosine and tyrosine-rich peptide-dependent superoxide generation catalyzed by a copper-binding, threonine-rich neurotoxic peptide derived from prion protein

Hossein-Zadeh, M.; Vahala, K.J., 2007:
Free ultra-high-Q microtoroid: a tool for designing photonic devices

Anonymous, 2014:
Free up the two-year colleges. To bolster the nation's high-tech labor pool, some higher education should come without a tuition bill

Lewis, M., 2009:
Free up your fees. Health plan payment schedules aren't set in stone, negotiate for what you're worth

Mombelli, G.; Picozzi, S.; Messina, G.; Truffelli, D.; Marenghi, C.; Maffi, G.; Carmignani, L., 2015:
Free uroflowmetry versus "Do-It-Yourself" uroflowmetry in the assessment of patients with lower urinary tract symptoms

Guzman-Cottrill, J.A.; Phillipi, C.A.; Dolan, S.A.; Nyquist, A-Christine.; Win, A.; Siegel, J., 2013:
Free vaccine programs to cocoon high-risk infants and children against influenza and pertussis

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Free vascularised osteocutaneous flap based on superficial circumflex iliac vessel transfer for the reconstruction of limb defects

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Free vascularised proximal interphalangeal joint transfer from a damaged finger as a secondary procedure

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Free vascularised tissue transfer and brachytherapy for soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities

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Free vascularized bone transfer en bout de chaîne

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Free vascularized cortico-periosteal grafting for a traumatic defect of the DIP joint

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Free vascularized fibula graft to treat chondroblastoma of the hip

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Free vascularized fibula grafts for salvage of failed oncologic long bone reconstruction and pathologic fractures

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Free vascularized fibular associated with iliac graft to treat old femoral neck fracture

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Free vascularized fibular flap for congenital ulnar pseudarthrosis: a report of two cases and review of the literature

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Free vascularized fibular flap in distal radius reconstruction

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Free vascularized fibular graft as a salvage procedure for large clavicular defect: a two cases report

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Free vascularized fibular transfer with langenskiöld procedure for the treatment of congenital pseudarthrosis of the forearm

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Free vascularized iliac bone graft for the treatment of scaphoid nonunion with avascular proximal fragment

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Free versus total ligand-binding assays: points to consider in biotherapeutic drug development

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Free vibrations of a trapezoidal plate with an internal line hinge

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Free viewing of dynamic stimuli by humans and monkeys

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Free viewing perceptual asymmetry for distance judgments: objects in right hemispace are closer than they appear

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Free vitamin D supplementation for every infant in Turkey

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Free voice and pure tone audiometer for routine testing of auditory acuity; studies on comparative efficiency

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