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Frequencies of PrP genotypes and their implication for breeding against scrapie susceptibility in nine Pakistani sheep breeds

Babar, M.E.; Farid, A.; Benkel, B.F.; Ahmad, J.; Nadeem, A.; Imran, M.

Molecular Biology Reports 36(3): 561-565


ISSN/ISBN: 0301-4851
PMID: 18297414
DOI: 10.1007/s11033-008-9214-7
Accession: 053301390

Prion protein (PrP) gene of 308 sheep was genotyped to investigate polymorphisms at scrapie-associated codons 136, 154 and 171 to assess the resistance of nine different Pakistani sheep breeds to natural/typical scrapie. As a result six genotypes were established on the basis of polymorphic codons 154 and 171. The most scrapie-susceptible codon 136 (A/V) was monomorphic (A) in all breeds. Wild-type genotype ARQ/ARQ was detected with maximum prevalence ranging from 63.2% in crossbred Pak-karakul to 100% in native Buchi, Kachi and Thalli breeds. The most frequent of typical scrapie-associated genotypes was ARQ/ARR as indicated by five of nine breeds. The coding region of PrP gene of 49 animals from the total sampled was also sequenced to ascertain additional polymorphisms. Polymorphism was found in 13 animals of the six breeds in codons 101(Q/R), 112(M/T), 146(N/S) and 189(Q/L) and ten genotypes were established on the basis of these polymorphic codons. Only Hissardale possessed five of the ten genotypes. The most frequent genotype was M(112)ARQ/T(112)ARQ detected in Hissardale, Pak-karakul and Awassi, whereas genotypes ARQr(231)/ARQr(231) and ARQR(231)/ARQr(231) (established on the basis of silent polymorphism agg/cgg-R/R) were detected in all breeds. Some animals consisted of three polymorphisms at different PrP codons that are not common in European breeds. An infrequent double heterozygosity (c/c a/g g/t) for codon 171 resulting in a genotype R/H was also detected in three animals each one from Kajli, Hissardale and Pak-karakul. This study concludes that all native sheep breeds are poor in scrapie-resistant PrP genotypes and could contract scrapie if exposed to prions.

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