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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53323

Chapter 53323 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Functional aptamers and aptazymes in biotechnology, diagnostics, and therapy
, Chemical Reviews 107(9): 3715-3743 (2007)

Functional architecture and spike timing properties of corticofugal projections from rat ventral temporal cortex
, Journal of Neurophysiology 100(1): 327-335 (2008)

Functional architecture of Escherichia coli: new insights provided by a natural decomposition approach
, Genome Biology 9(10): R154 (2008)

Functional architecture of MFS D-glucose transporters
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111(7): E719 (2014)

Functional architecture of an optic flow-responsive area that drives horizontal eye movements in zebrafish
, Neuron 81(6): 1344-1359 (2014)

Functional architecture of behavioural thermoregulation
, European Journal of Applied Physiology 111(1): 1-8 (2011)

Functional architecture of olfactory ionotropic glutamate receptors
, Neuron 69(1): 44-60 (2011)

Functional architecture of the CFTR chloride channel
, Molecular Membrane Biology 31(1): 1-16 (2014)

Functional architecture of the cell's nucleus in development, aging, and disease
, Current Topics in Developmental Biology 109: 1-52 (2014)

Functional architecture of the hammerhead ribozyme
, Postepy Biochemii 59(1): 22-32 (2013)

Functional architecture of the inferior colliculus revealed with voltage-sensitive dyes
, Frontiers in Neural Circuits 7: 41 (2013)

Functional architecture of the nuclear pore complex
, Annual Review of Biophysics 41: 557-584 (2012)

Functional architecture of the outer arm dynein conformational switch
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 287(5): 3108-3122 (2012)

Functional architecture of the retina: development and disease
, Progress in Retinal and Eye Research 42: 44-84 (2014)

Functional architectures and structured flows on manifolds: a dynamical framework for motor behavior
, Psychological Review 121(3): 302-336 (2014)

Functional argument for the existence of an avian nitric oxide synthase in muscle mitochondria: effect of cold acclimation
, Febs Letters 585(1): 173-177 (2011)

Functional artificial free-standing yeast biofilms
, Colloids and Surfaces. B Biointerfaces 88(2): 656-663 (2011)

Functional artificial luciferases as an optical readout for bioassays
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 448(4): 418-423 (2014)

Functional aspects of CD52 in reproduction
, Journal of Reproductive Immunology 83(1-2): 56-59 (2009)

Functional aspects of PARylation in induced and programmed DNA repair processes: preserving genome integrity and modulating physiological events
, Molecular Aspects of Medicine 34(6): 1138-1152 (2013)

Functional aspects of Toll-like receptor/MyD88 signalling during protozoan infection: focus on Toxoplasma gondii
, Clinical and Experimental Immunology 156(1): 17-24 (2009)

Functional aspects of animal microRNAs
, Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 65(4): 545-562 (2008)

Functional aspects of communication: a longitudinal study of the first three years of life
, Jornal Da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia 23(3): 277-280 (2012)

Functional aspects of drusen regression in age-related macular degeneration
, British Journal of Ophthalmology 93(10): 1345-1350 (2009)

Functional aspects of emotions in fish
, Behavioural Processes 100: 153-159 (2013)

Functional aspects of extracellular cyclophilins
, Biological Chemistry 395(7-8): 721-735 (2014)

Functional aspects of factor VIII expression after transplantation of genetically-modified hematopoietic stem cells for hemophilia A
, Journal of Gene Medicine 12(4): 333-344 (2010)

Functional aspects of floral nectar secretion of Ananas ananassoides, an ornithophilous bromeliad from the Brazilian savanna
, Annals of Botany 109(7): 1243-1252 (2012)

Functional aspects of lower jaw dynamics--EMG study
, Revista Medico-Chirurgicala a Societatii de Medici Si Naturalisti Din Iasi 111(4): 1046-1051 (2007)

Functional aspects of membrane association of reggie/flotillin proteins
, Current Protein and Peptide Science 12(8): 725-735 (2011)

Functional aspects of redox control during neuroinflammation
, Antioxidants and Redox Signaling 13(2): 193-247 (2010)

Functional aspects of silent ureteral stones investigated with MAG-3 renal scintigraphy
, Bmc Urology 14: 3 (2014)

Functional aspects of the EGF-induced MAP kinase cascade: a complex self-organizing system approach
, Plos one 9(11): E111612 (2014)

Functional aspects of the abductor muscles of the hip
, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 29(3): 607-619 (1947)

Functional aspects of the esophagus should be taken into account when choosing an individualized restrictive bariatric procedure
, Obesity Surgery 18(5): 618; Author Reply 619 (2008)

Functional aspects of the interaction between interleukin-8 and sulfated glycosaminoglycans
, Biomatter 2(3): 142-148 (2012)

Functional aspects of the photosynthetic light reactions in heat stressed Arabidopsis deficient in digalactosyl-diacylglycerol
, Journal of Plant Physiology 168(13): 1526-1533 (2011)

Functional aspects of the solution structure and dynamics of PAF--a highly-stable antifungal protein from Penicillium chrysogenum
, Febs Journal 276(10): 2875-2890 (2009)

Functional aspects of treatment with implant-supported single crowns: a quality control study in subjects with tooth agenesis
, Clinical Oral Implants Research 21(1): 108-114 (2010)

Functional aspects on the aging of connective tissues: Functional aspects of extracellular material and age
, Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation. Supplementum 65: 45-56 (1974)

Functional aspects on the pathophysiology of portal hypertension in cirrhosis
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 458-461 (2012)

Functional assay for T4 lysozyme-engineered G protein-coupled receptors with an ion channel reporter
, Structure 22(1): 149-155 (2014)

Functional assay for shiga-like toxin via detection by antibody capture and multivalent galabiose binding
, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 22(24): 7448-7450 (2012)

Functional assay of mammalian and insect olfactory receptors using Xenopus oocytes
, Methods in Molecular Biology 1003: 187-202 (2013)

Functional assay or antigen test for protein C and protein S in ischemic stroke: which shows the greatest change?
, Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 49(11): 1919-1920 (2011)

Functional assay using lectin gene targeting technologies (over-expression)
, Methods in Molecular Biology 1200: 389-399 (2014)

Functional assay, expression of growth factors and proteins modulating bone-arrangement in human osteoblasts seeded on an anorganic bovine bone biomaterial
, European Cells and Materials 20: 72-83 (2010)

Functional assays and metagenomic analyses reveals differences between the microbial communities inhabiting the soil horizons of a Norway spruce plantation
, Plos one 8(2): E55929 (2013)

Functional assays for analysis of variants of uncertain significance in BRCA2
, Human Mutation 35(2): 151-164 (2014)

Functional assays for detection of cancer stem cells
, Klinicka Onkologie 27(Suppl. 1): S42 (2014)

Functional assays for hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal
, Methods in Molecular Biology 636: 45-54 (2010)

Functional assays for human embryonic stem cell pluripotency
, Methods in Molecular Biology 690: 67-80 (2011)

Functional assays for insect olfactory receptors in Xenopus oocytes
, Methods in Molecular Biology 1068: 107-119 (2013)

Functional assays for neurotoxicity testing
, Toxicologic Pathology 39(1): 36-45 (2011)

Functional assays for the molecular chaperone cosmc
, Methods in Enzymology 479: 107-122 (2010)

Functional assays of local connectivity in the somatosensory cortex of individuals with autism
, Autism Research 6(3): 190-200 (2013)

Functional assays of oxidative stress using genetically engineered Escherichia coli strains
, Current Protocols in Cytometry Chapter 11: Unit 11.16 (2003)

Functional assays to define agonists and antagonists of the sigma-2 receptor
, Analytical Biochemistry 448: 68-74 (2014)

Functional assays to determine the significance of two common XPC 3'UTR variants found in bladder cancer patients
, Bmc Medical Genetics 12: 84 (2011)

Functional assembly and purinergic activation of bestrophins
, Pflugers Archiv 458(2): 431-441 (2009)

Functional assembly of Kv7.1/Kv7.5 channels with emerging properties on vascular muscle physiology
, Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology 34(7): 1522-1530 (2014)

Functional assembly of a multi-enzyme methanol oxidation cascade on a surface-displayed trifunctional scaffold for enhanced NADH production
, Chemical Communications 49(36): 3766-3768 (2013)

Functional assembly of aptamer binding sites by single-molecule cut-and-paste
, Nano Letters 12(5): 2425-2428 (2012)

Functional assembly of bacterial communities with activity for the biodegradation of an organophosphorus pesticide in the rape phyllosphere
, Fems Microbiology Letters 306(2): 135-143 (2010)

Functional assembly of camphor converting two-component Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases with a flavin reductase from E. coli
, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 98(9): 3975-3986 (2014)

Functional assembly of minicellulosomes on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell surface for cellulose hydrolysis and ethanol production
, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75(19): 6087-6093 (2009)

Functional assesment of symptomatic snapping scapula after scapulothoracic arthroscopy: a prospective study protocol
, Translational Medicine @ Unisa 9: 30-32 (2014)

Functional assessment after sciatic nerve injury in a rat model
, Microsurgery 29(8): 644-649 (2009)

Functional assessment and behavioural intervention for eating difficulties in children with autism: a study conducted in the natural environment using parents and ABA tutors as therapists
, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 41(10): 1383-1396 (2011)

Functional assessment and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of elderly patients on the basis of the functional assessment of chronic illness therapy (FACIT)-F questionnaire
, Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 49(3): 404-408 (2009)

Functional assessment and intervention in occupational therapy
, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal 32(3): 162-170 (2009)

Functional assessment and performance evaluation for assistive robotic manipulators: Literature review
, Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine 36(4): 273-289 (2013)

Functional assessment and rehabilitation: how to maximize outcomes
, Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America 46(4): 657-670 (2013)

Functional assessment and the cancer survivor: something old, something new
, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 102(19): 1450-1451 (2010)

Functional assessment at the buttock level of the effect of aortobifemoral bypass surgery
, Annals of Surgery 247(5): 869-876 (2008)

Functional assessment for congenital heart disease
, Korean Circulation Journal 44(2): 59-73 (2014)

Functional assessment for predicting charge-transfer excitations of dyes in complexed state: a study of triphenylamine-donor dyes on titania for dye-sensitized solar cells
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. a 117(10): 2114-2124 (2013)

Functional assessment in girls with Turner syndrome--preliminary results
, Pediatric Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism 14(3): 157-159 (2008)

Functional assessment in older adults: should we use timed up and go or gait speed test?
, Neuroscience Letters 577: 89-94 (2014)

Functional assessment in older people
, Bmj 343: D4681 (2011)

Functional assessment in patients with osteoporotic wrist fractures treated with external fixation: a review of randomized trials
, Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery 129(1): 105-111 (2009)

Functional assessment in physiotherapy. A literature review
, Europa Medicophysica 43(4): 525-541 (2007)

Functional assessment in rehabilitation medicine: clinical applications
, Europa Medicophysica 43(4): 551-555 (2007)

Functional assessment in rehabilitation: conceptual framework, goals and instruments
, Europa Medicophysica 43(4): 511-513 (2007)

Functional assessment in rehabilitative medicine
, Europa Medicophysica 43(4): 557-558 (2007)

Functional assessment in the multimodality imaging of pancreatic neuro-endocrine tumours
, Minerva Endocrinologica 35(1): 17-25 (2010)

Functional assessment of EnvZ/OmpR two-component system in Shewanella oneidensis
, Plos one 6(8): E23701 (2011)

Functional assessment of HDL: Moving beyond static measures for risk assessment
, Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy 24(1): 71-75 (2010)

Functional assessment of Nramp-like metal transporters and manganese in Caenorhabditis elegans
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 390(1): 136-141 (2009)

Functional assessment of Toll-like receptor 2 and its relevance in patients with Staphylococcus aureus infection of joint prosthesis
, Human Immunology 72(1): 47-53 (2011)

Functional assessment of a left coronary-pulmonary artery fistula by coronary flow reserve
, Postepy W Kardiologii Interwencyjnej 10(2): 141-143 (2014)

Functional assessment of a promoter polymorphism in S100B, a putative risk variant for bipolar disorder
, American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part B Neuropsychiatric Genetics 156b(6): 691-699 (2011)

Functional assessment of a surgical robot for reduction of lower limb fractures
, International Journal of Medical Robotics + Computer Assisted Surgery 6(4): 413-421 (2010)

Functional assessment of accommodating intraocular lenses versus monofocal intraocular lenses in cataract surgery: metaanalysis
, Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery 36(3): 380-388 (2010)

Functional assessment of allelic variants in the SLC26A4 gene involved in Pendred syndrome and nonsyndromic EVA
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 105(47): 18608-18613 (2008)

Functional assessment of automatically sorted pancreatic islets using large particle flow cytometry
, Islets 3(5): 267-270 (2011)

Functional assessment of binge eating in a clinical sample of obese binge eaters
, Eating and Weight Disorders 7(2): 106-115 (2002)

Functional assessment of cancer therapy-brain questionnaire: translation and linguistic adaptation to Brazilian Portuguese
, Sao Paulo Medical Journal 129(4): 230-235 (2011)

Functional assessment of cellular non-specific and specific immunity in selected healthy elderly
, Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 15(Suppl. 1): 219-227 (1992)

Functional assessment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
, Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners 23(4): 161-167 (2011)

Functional assessment of cochlear nerve and hearing
, Neuro-Chirurgie 55(2): 142-151 (2009)

Functional assessment of combined reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament and posterolateral corner with a single femoral tunnel: a two-year minimum follow-up
, International Orthopaedics 39(3): 543-548 (2015)

Functional assessment of coronary artery flow using adenosine stress dual-energy CT: a preliminary study
, International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging 27(3): 471-481 (2011)

Functional assessment of cross-linked porous gelatin hydrogels for bioengineered cell sheet carriers
, Biomacromolecules 11(5): 1387-1397 (2010)

Functional assessment of crossing vessels as etiology of ureteropelvic junction obstruction
, Urology 69(6): 1022-1024 (2007)

Functional assessment of dental implant osseointegration
, International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry 32(5): E147 (2012)

Functional assessment of donor and recipient left atrium in heart transplant patients using full-volume three-dimensional echocardiography
, Echocardiography 30(2): 191-195 (2013)

Functional assessment of expiratory flow pattern in feline lower airway disease
, Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 16(8): 616-622 (2014)

Functional assessment of gap junctions in monolayer and three-dimensional cultures of human tendon cells using fluorescence recovery after photobleaching
, Journal of Biomedical Optics 19(1): 15001 (2014)

Functional assessment of hematopoietic niche cells derived from human embryonic stem cells
, Stem Cells and Development 23(12): 1355-1363 (2014)

Functional assessment of hospital laboratory packaging and shipping preparedness in New York State
, Clinical Laboratory Science 21(4): 199-204 (2008)

Functional assessment of human coding mutations affecting skin pigmentation using zebrafish
, Plos one 7(10): E47398 (2012)

Functional assessment of human dendritic cells labeled for in vivo (19)F magnetic resonance imaging cell tracking
, CytoTherapy 12(2): 238-250 (2010)

Functional assessment of hyperoxia-induced lung injury after preterm birth in the rabbit
, American Journal of Physiology. Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 306(3): L277 (2014)

Functional assessment of intestinal motility and gut wall inflammation in rodents: analyses in a standardized model of intestinal manipulation
, Journal of Visualized Experiments 2012(67): (2012)

Functional assessment of isolated mitochondria in vitro
, Methods in Enzymology 457: 349-372 (2009)

Functional assessment of isolated right heart failure by high resolution in-vivo cardiovascular magnetic resonance in mice
, Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 9(3): 623-627 (2007)

Functional assessment of knee joint position sense following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 42(4): 300-303 (2008)

Functional assessment of knee muscles 13 weeks after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - pilot study
, Ortopedia Traumatologia Rehabilitacja 11(2): 145-155 (2009)

Functional assessment of long-term deficits in rodent models of traumatic brain injury
, Regenerative Medicine 8(4): 483-516 (2013)

Functional assessment of lower extremities in hereditary spastic paraplegia
, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 90(11): 1887-1890 (2009)

Functional assessment of magno, parvo and konio-cellular pathways; current state and future clinical applications
, Journal of Ophthalmic and Vision Research 6(2): 119-126 (2011)

Functional assessment of metal oxide nanoparticle toxicity in immune cells
, Acs Nano 4(6): 3363-3373 (2010)

Functional assessment of multivessel coronary artery disease: ischemia-guided percutaneous coronary intervention
, Coronary Artery Disease 25(6): 521-528 (2014)

Functional assessment of mycosporine-like amino acids in Microcystis aeruginosa strain PCC 7806
, Environmental Microbiology 17(5): 1548-1559 (2015)

Functional assessment of nigro-striatal pathway with FP-CIT in patients with multiple system atrophy subtype C
, Medicina Clinica 137(10): 440-443 (2011)

Functional assessment of older adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease living at home
, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 58(8): 1604-1606 (2010)

Functional assessment of older obese patients candidates for bariatric surgery
, Arquivos de Gastroenterologia 51(1): 25-28 (2014)

Functional assessment of pancreatic beta-cell area in humans
, Diabetes 58(7): 1595-1603 (2009)

Functional assessment of patients after percutaneous mitral valvuloplasty with Carillon™ device: a preliminary report
, Kardiologia Polska 69(3): 228-233 (2011)

Functional assessment of patients with systemic sclerosis by the use of 'Six-minutes-walking-test'
, La Clinica Terapeutica 160(6): 461-466 (2009)

Functional assessment of perforin C2 domain mutations illustrates the critical role for calcium-dependent lipid binding in perforin cytotoxic function
, Blood 113(2): 338-346 (2009)

Functional assessment of population and tumor-associated APE1 protein variants
, Plos one 8(6): E65922 (2013)

Functional assessment of potential splice site variants in arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia/cardiomyopathy
, Heart Rhythm 11(11): 2010-2017 (2014)

Functional assessment of problem behavior in children with autism spectrum disorders: a summary of 32 outpatient cases
, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 39(2): 363-372 (2009)

Functional assessment of problem behavior: dispelling myths, overcoming implementation obstacles, and developing new lore
, Behavior Analysis in Practice 5(1): 54-72 (2012)

Functional assessment of proximal arm muscles by target-reaching movements in patients with cervical myelopathy
, Spine Journal 11(4): 270-280 (2011)

Functional assessment of rat complement pathway activities and quantification of soluble C5b-9 in an experimental model of renal ischemia/reperfusion injury
, Journal of Immunological Methods 412: 14-23 (2014)

Functional assessment of region-specific neglect: are there differential behavioural consequences of peripersonal versus extrapersonal neglect?
, Behavioural Neurology 2014: 526407 (2014)

Functional assessment of sensory functions after photothrombotic stroke in the barrel field of mice
, Behavioural Brain Research 261: 202-209 (2014)

Functional assessment of sexual maturity in male macaques (Macaca fascicularis)
, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 63(3): 391-400 (2012)

Functional assessment of skeletal muscle regeneration utilizing homologous extracellular matrix as scaffolding
, Tissue Engineering. Part a 16(4): 1395-1405 (2010)

Functional assessment of spatial neglect: a review of the Catherine Bergego scale and an introduction of the Kessler foundation neglect assessment process
, Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation 19(5): 423-435 (2012)

Functional assessment of stress and resistance of the body of soldiers on the stages of an emergency service
, Voenno-Meditsinskii Zhurnal 334(2): 38-44 (2013)

Functional assessment of temperature-gated ion-channel activity using a real-time PCR machine
, Biotechniques 47(3): Iii (2009)

Functional assessment of the cervical spine in F-16 pilots with and without neck pain
, Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine 80(5): 477-481 (2009)

Functional assessment of the different types of anterior cruciate ligament plasty used at the Xoco General Hospital Arthroscopy Service
, Acta Ortopedica Mexicana 25(3): 161-166 (2011)

Functional assessment of the dynamic profile of tricuspid annular motion
, Heart Views 14(4): 165-170 (2013)

Functional assessment of the fetal heart: a review
, Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology 39(2): 131-144 (2012)

Functional assessment of the heart after corrective surgery for complete transposition
, Cardiology in the Young 1(1): 84-90 (1991)

Functional assessment of the lymphatic bed of patients in the late clinical classes of chronic venous insufficiency according to the international GEAP classification
, Angiologiia i Sosudistaia Khirurgiia 12(4): 95-102 (2006)

Functional assessment of the mouse heart by MRI with a 1-min acquisition
, Nmr in Biomedicine 27(6): 733-737 (2014)

Functional assessment of the muscle-bone unit in the lower leg
, Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions 12(2): 46-55 (2012)

Functional assessment of the mutational effects of human IRAK4 and MyD88 genes
, Molecular Immunology 58(1): 66-76 (2014)

Functional assessment of the older patient with cancer
, Oncology 22(8): 916 (2008)

Functional assessment of the peritoneal membrane
, Journal of Nephrology 26(Suppl. 21): 120-139 (2013)

Functional assessment of the quality of human hepatocyte preparations for cell transplantation
, Cell Transplantation 17(10-11): 1211-1219 (2008)

Functional assessment of the reconstructed fingertips after free toe pulp transfer
, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 120(5): 1315-1321 (2007)

Functional assessment of the stomatognathic system
, Clinics in Plastic Surgery 34(3): E1 (2007)

Functional assessment of time course microarray data
, Bmc Bioinformatics 10(Suppl. 6): S9 (2009)

Functional assessment of toad parotoid macroglands: a study based on poison replacement after mechanical compression
, Toxicon 87: 92-103 (2014)

Functional assessment of variants in the TSC1 and TSC2 genes identified in individuals with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
, Human Mutation 32(4): 424-435 (2011)

Functional assessment staging (FAST) in Korean patients with Alzheimer's disease
, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 22(1): 151-158 (2010)

Functional assessments for predicting a risk of multiple falls in independent ambulatory patients with spinal cord injury
, Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine 38(4): 439-445 (2015)

Functional assessments in the future of NBPP
, Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine 4(2): 103-105 (2011)

Functional assessments of the knee joint biomechanics by using pendulum test in adults with Down syndrome
, Journal of Applied Physiology 113(11): 1747-1755 (2012)

Functional assessments of the rodent facial nerve: a synkinesis model
, Laryngoscope 118(10): 1744-1749 (2008)

Functional assessments utilised in emergency departments: a systematic review
, Age and Ageing 42(2): 163-172 (2013)

Functional assignment of Glu386 and Arg388 in the active site of L-galactono-gamma-lactone dehydrogenase
, Febs Letters 583(19): 3199-3203 (2009)

Functional assignment of KEOPS/EKC complex subunits in the biosynthesis of the universal t6A tRNA modification
, Nucleic Acids Research 41(20): 9484-9499 (2013)

Functional assignment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteome revealed by genome-scale fold-recognition
, Tuberculosis 93(1): 40-46 (2013)

Functional assignment of YvgO, a novel set of purified and chemically characterized proteinaceous antifungal variants produced by Bacillus thuringiensis SF361
, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78(8): 2543-2552 (2012)

Functional assignment of an enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of an archaea-type ether lipid in bacteria
, Angewandte Chemie 50(35): 8188-8191 (2011)

Functional assignment of gene AAC16202.1 from Rhodobacter capsulatus SB1003: new insights into the bacterial SDR sorbitol dehydrogenases family
, Biochimie 94(11): 2407-2415 (2012)

Functional assignment of solute-binding proteins of ABC transporters using a fluorescence-based thermal shift assay
, Biochemistry 47(52): 13974-13984 (2008)

Functional assignment to JEV proteins using SVM
, Bioinformation 3(1): 1-7 (2008)

Functional assignment to maize group 1 LEA protein EMB564 within the cell nucleus using computational analysis
, Bioinformation 9(6): 276-280 (2013)

Functional assignments for the carboxyl-terminal domains of the ferrochelatase from Synechocystis PCC 6803: the CAB domain plays a regulatory role, and region II is essential for catalysis
, Plant Physiology 155(4): 1735-1747 (2011)

Functional association between K+-Cl- cotransporter-4 and H+,K+-ATPase in the apical canalicular membrane of gastric parietal cells
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 284(1): 619-629 (2009)

Functional association between influenza A (H1N1) virus and human
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 390(4): 1111-1113 (2009)

Functional association between proximal and distal gastric motility during fasting and duodenal nutrient stimulation in humans
, Neurogastroenterology and Motility 19(8): 638-645 (2007)

Functional association networks as priors for gene regulatory network inference
, Bioinformatics 30(12): I130 (2014)

Functional association of catalytic and ancillary modules dictates enzymatic activity in glycoside hydrolase family 43 β-xylosidase
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 287(12): 9213-9221 (2012)

Functional association of cell death suppressor, Arabidopsis Bax inhibitor-1, with fatty acid 2-hydroxylation through cytochrome b₅
, Plant Journal 58(1): 122-134 (2009)

Functional association of human Ki-1/57 with pre-mRNA splicing events
, Febs Journal 276(14): 3770-3783 (2009)

Functional association of interleukin 18 gene -607 (C/A) promoter polymorphisms with disease course in Chinese patients with adult-onset Still's disease
, Journal of Rheumatology 36(10): 2284-2289 (2009)

Functional association of interleukin-18 gene -607 C/A promoter polymorphisms with endometriosis
, Fertility and Sterility 95(1): 298-300 (2011)

Functional association of phosphoinositide-3-kinase with platelet glycoprotein Ibalpha, the major ligand-binding subunit of the glycoprotein Ib-IX-V complex
, Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 8(2): 324-330 (2010)

Functional association of the Microprocessor complex with the spliceosome
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 29(12): 3243-3254 (2009)

Functional associations among G protein-coupled neurotransmitter receptors in the human brain
, Bmc Neuroscience 15: 16 (2014)

Functional associations of similar MHC alleles and shared parasite species in two sympatric lemurs
, Infection Genetics and Evolution 10(5): 662-668 (2010)

Functional asymmetries in cockroach ON and OFF olfactory receptor neurons
, Journal of Neurophysiology 105(2): 834-845 (2011)

Functional asymmetries in the representation of noise-vocoded speech
, Neuroimage 54(3): 2364-2373 (2011)

Functional asymmetries of proteasome translocase pore
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 287(22): 18535-18543 (2012)

Functional asymmetries revealed in visually guided saccades: an FMRI study
, Journal of Neurophysiology 102(5): 2994-3003 (2009)

Functional asymmetry and effective connectivity of the auditory system during speech perception is modulated by the place of articulation of the consonant- A 7T fMRI study
, Frontiers in Psychology 5: 549 (2014)

Functional asymmetry for the active sites of linked 5-aminolevulinate synthase and 8-amino-7-oxononanoate synthase
, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 511(1-2): 107-117 (2011)

Functional asymmetry in a five-link 3D bipedal walker
, Conference Proceedings 2011: 7820-7823 (2011)

Functional asymmetry in human background spatial EEG-organization
, Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deiatelnosti Imeni i P Pavlova 59(1): 66-74 (2009)

Functional asymmetry in primary auditory cortex for processing musical sounds: temporal pattern analysis of fMRI time series
, Neuroreport 22(10): 470-473 (2011)

Functional asymmetry in the cerebellum: a brief review
, Cerebellum 7(3): 304-313 (2008)

Functional asymmetry in the descending cardiovascular pathways from dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus
, Neuroscience 164(3): 1360-1368 (2009)

Functional asymmetry of bidirectional Ca2+-movements in an archaeal sodium-calcium exchanger (NCX_Mj)
, Cell Calcium 56(4): 276-284 (2014)

Functional asymmetry of cerebral hemispheres as an indicator of choosing a learning program for a child
, Gigiena i Sanitariia 2009(4): 61-63 (2009)

Functional asymmetry of electric processes in the rabbit brain cortex at formation of the hunger dominant
, Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deiatelnosti Imeni i P Pavlova 61(4): 402-412 ( 2011)

Functional asymmetry of gait in children and youth with low-grade scoliosis
, Ortopedia Traumatologia Rehabilitacja 8(2): 187-194 (2006)

Functional asymmetry of monkeys' hand movements (Macaca mulatta)
, Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deiatelnosti Imeni i P Pavlova 62(4): 431-439 (2012)

Functional asymmetry of superior parietal lobule for working memory in the elderly
, Neuroreport 19(14): 1355-1359 (2008)

Functional asymmetry of the brain hemispheres: the role in pathogenesis of ectromelia and melanoma in (CBAxC57BL/6)F1 mice
, Rossiiskii Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal Imeni I.M. Sechenova 95(7): 688-693 (2009)

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