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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53366

Chapter 53366 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Badot, Vérie.; Galant, C.; Nzeusseu Toukap, A.; Theate, I.; Maudoux, A-Lise.; Van den Eynde, Bît.J.; Durez, P.; Houssiau, Fédéric.A.; Lauwerys, B.R., 2009:
Gene expression profiling in the synovium identifies a predictive signature of absence of response to adalimumab therapy in rheumatoid arthritis

van Lunteren, E.; Moyer, M., 2010:
Gene expression profiling in the type 1 diabetes rat diaphragm

Screen, M.; Raheem, O.; Holmlund-Hampf, J.; Jonson, P.Harald.; Huovinen, S.; Hackman, P.; Udd, B., 2015:
Gene expression profiling in tibial muscular dystrophy reveals unfolded protein response and altered autophagy

Rojo, F.; Domingo, L.; Sala, M.; Zazo, S.; Chamizo, C.; Menendez, S.; Arpi, O.; Corominas, J.Maria.; Bragado, R.; Servitja, S.; Tusquets, I.; Nonell, L.; Macià, F.; Martínez, J.; Rovira, A.; Albanell, J.; Castells, X., 2014:
Gene expression profiling in true interval breast cancer reveals overactivation of the mTOR signaling pathway

van Gils, W.; Lodder, E.M.; Mensink, H.W.; Kiliç, E.; Naus, N.C.; Brüggenwirth, H.T.; van Ijcken, W.; Paridaens, D.; Luyten, G.P.; de Klein, A., 2008:
Gene expression profiling in uveal melanoma: two regions on 3p related to prognosis

Crul, T.; Testelmans, D.; Spruit, M.A.; Troosters, T.; Gosselink, R.; Geeraerts, I.; Decramer, M.; Gayan-Ramirez, G., 2010:
Gene expression profiling in vastus lateralis muscle during an acute exacerbation of COPD

Ghosh, S.; Dent, R.; Harper, M-Ellen.; Gorman, S.A.; Stuart, J.S.; McPherson, R., 2011:
Gene expression profiling in whole blood identifies distinct biological pathways associated with obesity

Taurino, C.; Miller, W.H.; McBride, M.W.; McClure, J.D.; Khanin, R.; Moreno, Mía.U.; Dymott, J.A.; Delles, C.; Dominiczak, A.F., 2010:
Gene expression profiling in whole blood of patients with coronary artery disease

Yang, X.; Liu, X.; Xu, X.; Li, Z.; Li, Y.; Song, D.; Yu, T.; Zhu, F.; Zhang, Q.; Zhou, X., 2014:
Gene expression profiling in winged and wingless cotton aphids, Aphis gossypii (Hemiptera: Aphididae)

Anonymous, 2011:
Gene expression profiling in women with lymph-node-positive breast cancer to select adjuvant chemotherapy treatment

Schlink, K., 2011:
Gene expression profiling in wounded and systemic leaves of Fagus sylvatica reveals up-regulation of ethylene and jasmonic acid signalling

Chhabra, R.; Dubey, R.; Saini, N., 2012:
Gene expression profiling indicate role of ER stress in miR-23a~27a~24-2 cluster induced apoptosis in HEK293T cells

Rydström, K.; Joost, P.; Ehinger, M.; Edén, P.; Jerkeman, M.; Cavallin-Ståhl, E.; Linderoth, J., 2013:
Gene expression profiling indicates that immunohistochemical expression of CD40 is a marker of an inflammatory reaction in the tumor stroma of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Blackham, S.; Baillie, A.; Al-Hababi, F.; Remlinger, K.; You, S.; Hamatake, R.; McGarvey, M.J., 2010:
Gene expression profiling indicates the roles of host oxidative stress, apoptosis, lipid metabolism, and intracellular transport genes in the replication of hepatitis C virus

Hassan, M.; El Yazidi, C.; Malezet-Desmoulins, C.; Amiot, M-Josèphe.; Margotat, A., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of 3T3-L1 adipocytes exposed to phloretin

Hollingshead, M.G.; Stockwin, L.H.; Alcoser, S.Y.; Newton, D.L.; Orsburn, B.C.; Bonomi, C.A.; Borgel, S.D.; Divelbiss, R.; Dougherty, K.M.; Hager, E.J.; Holbeck, S.L.; Kaur, G.; Kimmel, D.J.; Kunkel, M.W.; Millione, A.; Mullendore, M.E.; Stotler, H.; Collins, J., 2015:
Gene expression profiling of 49 human tumor xenografts from in vitro culture through multiple in vivo passages--strategies for data mining in support of therapeutic studies

Pise-Masison, C.A.; Radonovich, M.; Dohoney, K.; Morris, J.C.; O'Mahony, D.; Lee, M-Jung.; Trepel, J.; Waldmann, T.A.; Janik, J.E.; Brady, J.N., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of ATL patients: compilation of disease-related genes and evidence for TCF4 involvement in BIRC5 gene expression and cell viability

Libeau, P.; Durandet, M.; Granier, F.; Marquis, C.; Berthomé, R.; Renou, J.P.; Taconnat-Soubirou, L.; Horlow, C., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of Arabidopsis meiocytes

Savli, H.; Sunnetci, D.; Cine, N.; Gluzman, D.F.; Zavelevich, M.P.; Sklyarenko, L.M.; Nadgornaya, V.A.; Koval, S.V., 2012:
Gene expression profiling of B-CLL in Ukrainian patients in post-Chernobyl period

Baken, K.A.; Pennings, J.L.A.; de Vries, A.; Breit, T.M.; van Steeg, H.; van Loveren, H., 2008:
Gene expression profiling of Bis(tri-n-butyltin)oxide (TBTO)-induced immunotoxicity in mice and rats

Boultwood, J.; Pellagatti, A.; Cattan, H.; Lawrie, C.H.; Giagounidis, A.; Malcovati, L.; Della Porta, M.G.; Jädersten, M.; Killick, S.; Fidler, C.; Cazzola, M.; Hellström-Lindberg, E.; Wainscoat, J.S., 2007:
Gene expression profiling of CD34+ cells in patients with the 5q- syndrome

Chen, S.; Yang, L.; Lu, X.; Li, B.; Chan, J.Yeuk-Hon.; Cai, D.; Li, Y., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of CD3gamma, delta, epsilon, and zeta chains in CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells from human umbilical cord blood

Yi, L.; Zhao, J.; Lu, J.; Chen, Y.; Chen, L.; Cheng, J.; Sun, Y.; Li, Z.; Men, R.; Yang, L.; Kung, H.; Yang, Z.; He, M-liang., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of CD4⁺ T cells in treatment-naive HIV, HCV mono- or co-infected Chinese

Lee, J.C.; Lyons, P.A.; McKinney, E.F.; Sowerby, J.M.; Carr, E.J.; Bredin, F.; Rickman, H.M.; Ratlamwala, H.; Hatton, A.; Rayner, T.F.; Parkes, M.; Smith, K.G.C., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of CD8+ T cells predicts prognosis in patients with Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis

Wang, C.; Chen, F.; Hu, H.; Li, W.; Wang, Y.; Chen, P.; Liu, Y.; Ku, X.; He, Q.; Chen, H.; Xue, F., 2015:
Gene expression profiling of Cecropin B-resistant Haemophilus parasuis

Liang, W-Dong.; Bi, Y-Tian.; Wang, H-Yan.; Dong, S.; Li, K-Shen.; Li, J-Song., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of Clostridium botulinum under heat shock stress

Nishimura, T.; Teramoto, H.; Inui, M.; Yukawa, H., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of Corynebacterium glutamicum during Anaerobic nitrate respiration: induction of the SOS response for cell survival

Xiao, J.; Dong, H.; Wu, Y.; Tian, W.; Liu, L., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of Cx3cl1 in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells by osteogenic induction

Posnack, N.Gillum.; Lee, N.H.; Brown, R.; Sarvazyan, N., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of DEHP-treated cardiomyocytes reveals potential causes of phthalate arrhythmogenicity

Chandran, R.R.; Iordanou, E.; Ajja, C.; Wille, M.; Jiang, L., 2015:
Gene expression profiling of Drosophila tracheal fusion cells

Tian, L.J.; Cao, J.H.; Deng, X.Q.; Zhang, C.L.; Qian, T.; Song, X.X.; Huang, B.S., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of Duchenne muscular dystrophy reveals characteristics along disease progression

Chanrion, Mïa.; Darbon, J-Marie., 2008:
Gene expression profiling of ER+ breast cancers: to discriminate the poor prognosis tumors or to define the most suitable treatment?

Kato, H.; Karube, K.; Yamamoto, K.; Takizawa, J.; Tsuzuki, S.; Yatabe, Y.; Kanda, T.; Katayama, M.; Ozawa, Y.; Ishitsuka, K.; Okamoto, M.; Kinoshita, T.; Ohshima, K.; Nakamura, S.; Morishima, Y.; Seto, M., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of Epstein-Barr virus-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the elderly reveals alterations of characteristic oncogenetic pathways

Laurendeau, I.; Ferrer, M.; Garrido, D.; D'Haene, N.; Ciavarelli, P.; Basso, A.; Vidaud, M.; Bieche, I.; Salmon, I.; Szijan, I., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of ErbB receptors and ligands in human meningiomas

Hou, Z.; Fink, R.C.; Black, E.P.; Sugawara, M.; Zhang, Z.; Diez-Gonzalez, F.; Sadowsky, M.J., 2013:
Gene expression profiling of Escherichia coli in response to interactions with the lettuce rhizosphere

Sun, X.; Jia, Y.; Wei, Y.; Liu, S.; Yue, B., 2015:
Gene expression profiling of HL-60 cells following knockdown of nucleostemin using DNA microarrays

Lutherborrow, M.A.; Appavoo, M.; Simpson, A.M.; Tuch, B.E., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of HUH7-ins: lack of a granulogenic function for chromogranin A

Coppin, Hélène.; Darnaud, Vérie.; Kautz, Léon.; Meynard, D.; Aubry, M.; Mosser, J.; Martinez, M.; Roth, M-Paule., 2007:
Gene expression profiling of Hfe-/- liver and duodenum in mouse strains with differing susceptibilities to iron loading: identification of transcriptional regulatory targets of Hfe and potential hemochromatosis modifiers

Kang, M.Rim.; Kang, J.Soon.; Yang, J.Wook.; Kim, B.Geun.; Kim, J-Ah.; Jo, Y.Nang.; Lee, K.; Lee, C.Woo.; Lee, K.Hoon.; Yun, J.; Kim, H.Mook.; Han, G.; Kang, J.Seong.; Park, S-Kyu., 2012:
Gene expression profiling of KBH-A42, a novel histone deacetylase inhibitor, in human leukemia and bladder cancer cell lines

Dos Santos, S.; Delattre, A-I.; De Longueville, F.; Bult, H.; Raes, M., 2007:
Gene expression profiling of LPS-stimulated murine macrophages and role of the NF-kappaB and PI3K/mTOR signaling pathways

Polat, E.; Aksöz, İlayda.; Arkan, Hülya.; Coşkunpınar, E.; Akbaş, F.; Onaran, İlhan., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of Lucilia sericata larvae extraction/secretion-treated skin wounds

Verdier, Jérôme.; Kakar, K.; Gallardo, K.; L.S.gnor, C.; Aubert, Gégoire.; Schlereth, A.; Town, C.D.; Udvardi, M.K.; Thompson, R.D., 2008:
Gene expression profiling of M. truncatula transcription factors identifies putative regulators of grain legume seed filling

Sotolongo, B.; Asaoka, T.; Island, E.; Carreno, M.; Delacruz, V.; Cova, D.; Russo, C.; Tryphonopoulos, P.; Moon, J.; Weppler, D.; Tzakis, A.; Ruiz, P., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of MicroRNAs in small-bowel transplantation paraffin-embedded mucosal biopsy tissue

Rodriguez, F.J.; Giannini, C.; Asmann, Y.W.; Sharma, M.K.; Perry, A.; Tibbetts, K.M.; Jenkins, R.B.; Scheithauer, B.W.; Anant, S.; Jenkins, S.; Eberhart, C.G.; Sarkaria, J.N.; Gutmann, D.H., 2008:
Gene expression profiling of NF-1-associated and sporadic pilocytic astrocytoma identifies aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family member L1 (ALDH1L1) as an underexpressed candidate biomarker in aggressive subtypes

Herak Bosnar, M.; Bago, R.; Konjevoda, P.; Pavelić, J., 2008:
Gene expression profiling of Nm23-H2 overexpressing CAL 27 cells using DNA microarray

Verschoor, C.P.; Pant, S.D.; You, Q.; Kelton, D.F.; Karrow, N.A., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of PBMCs from Holstein and Jersey cows sub-clinically infected with Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis

Grubach, L.; Juhl-Christensen, C.; Rethmeier, A.; Olesen, L.Hyldahl.; Aggerholm, A.; Hokland, P.; Ostergaard, M., 2008:
Gene expression profiling of Polycomb, Hox and Meis genes in patients with acute myeloid leukaemia

Morimoto, H.; Kuwano, M.; Kasahara, Y., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of Pseudomonas putida F1 after exposure to aromatic hydrocarbon in soil by using proteome analysis

Skiba, M.; Glowinski, F.; Koczan, D.; Mettenleiter, T.C.; Karger, A., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of Pseudorabies virus (PrV) infected bovine cells by combination of transcript analysis and quantitative proteomic techniques

Tang, B.; Seredenina, T.; Coppola, G.; Kuhn, A.; Geschwind, D.H.; Luthi-Carter, R.; Thomas, E.A., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of R6/2 transgenic mice with different CAG repeat lengths reveals genes associated with disease onset and progression in Huntington's disease

Turner, L.; Heath, J.Don.; Kurn, N., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of RNA extracted from FFPE tissues: NuGEN technologies' whole-transcriptome amplification system

Liu, X.; Liu, G.; Tan, X.; Zhao, H.; Cheng, H.; Wan, F.; Wu, N.; Song, E., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of SIRT1, FoxO1, and PPARγ in backfat tissues and subcutaneous adipocytes of Lilu bulls

Dong, C-Hua.; Li, C.; Yan, X-Hong.; Huang, S-Mou.; Huang, J-Yong.; Wang, L-Jun.; Guo, R-Xing.; Lu, G-Yuan.; Zhang, X-Kun.; Fang, X-Ping.; Wei, W-Hui., 2012:
Gene expression profiling of Sinapis alba leaves under drought stress and rewatering growth conditions with Illumina deep sequencing

Fuchshofer, R.; Stephan, D.A.; Russell, P.; Tamm, E.R., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of TGFbeta2- and/or BMP7-treated trabecular meshwork cells: Identification of Smad7 as a critical inhibitor of TGF-beta2 signaling

Pessa, H.K.J.; Greco, D.; Kvist, J.; Wahlström, G.; Heino, T.I.; Auvinen, P.; Frilander, M.J., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of U12-type spliceosome mutant Drosophila reveals widespread changes in metabolic pathways

Du, Z.; Tan, Y.; Yang, H.; Qiu, J.; Qin, L.; Wang, T.; Liu, H.; Bi, Y.; Song, Y.; Guo, Z.; Han, Y.; Zhou, D.; Wang, X.; Yang, R., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of Yersinia pestis with deletion of lcrG, a known negative regulator for Yop secretion of type III secretion system

Kim, H.S.; Ahn, C.H.; Park, T.S.; Park, H.D.; Koh, K.S.; Ryoo, Z.Y.; Park, S.C.; Lee, S., 2012:
Gene expression profiling of a cold-shocked earthworm Eisenia andrei

Islam, M.A.; Sturrock, R.N.; Ekramoddoullah, A.K.M., 2013:
Gene expression profiling of a compatible interaction between Douglas-Fir and the root rot fungal pathogen Phellinus sulphurascens

Theilhaber, J.; Rakhade, S.N.; Sudhalter, J.; Kothari, N.; Klein, P.; Pollard, J.; Jensen, F.E., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of a hypoxic seizure model of epilepsy suggests a role for mTOR and Wnt signaling in epileptogenesis

Wilding Crawford, L.; Tweedie Ables, E.; Oh, Y.Ah.; Boone, B.; Levy, S.; Gannon, M., 2008:
Gene expression profiling of a mouse model of pancreatic islet dysmorphogenesis

Liu, Y.; Morgan, S.; Ream, A.; Huang, L., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of a nisin-sensitive Listeria monocytogenes Scott A ctsR deletion mutant

Liu, Y.; Ream, A.; Joerger, R.D.; Liu, J.; Wang, Y., 2012:
Gene expression profiling of a pressure-tolerant Listeria monocytogenes Scott A ctsR deletion mutant

Hama, N.; Yanagisawa, Y.; Dono, K.; Kobayashi, S.; Marubashi, S.; Nagano, H.; Umeshita, K.; Watanabe, S.; Uchiyama, Y.; Monden, M., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of acute cellular rejection in rat liver transplantation using DNA microarrays

Verner, J.; Kabathova, J.; Tomancova, A.; Pavlova, S.; Tichy, B.; Mraz, M.; Brychtova, Y.; Krejci, M.; Zdrahal, Z.; Trbusek, M.; Volejnikova, J.; Sedlacek, P.; Doubek, M.; Mayer, J.; Pospisilova, S., 2012:
Gene expression profiling of acute graft-vs-host disease after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Lo, M.; Tsao, M-Sound.; Hedley, D.; Ling, V., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of adenosine triphosphate-binding cassette transporters in response to K-ras activation and hypoxia in human pancreatic cancer cell cultures

Joo, J.In.; Yun, J.Won., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of adipose tissues in obesity susceptible and resistant rats under a high fat diet

Stutzer, C.; van Zyl, W.A.; Olivier, N.A.; Richards, S.; Maritz-Olivier, C., 2013:
Gene expression profiling of adult female tissues in feeding Rhipicephalus microplus cattle ticks

De Braekeleer, E.; Douet-Guilbert, N.; Le Bris, M-Josee.; Basinko, A.; Morel, F.; De Braekeleer, M., 2013:
Gene expression profiling of adult t(4;11)(q21;q23)-associated acute lymphoblastic leukemia reveals a different signature from pediatric cases

Yoshihara, K.; Tajima, A.; Komata, D.; Yamamoto, T.; Kodama, S.; Fujiwara, H.; Suzuki, M.; Onishi, Y.; Hatae, M.; Sueyoshi, K.; Fujiwara, H.; Kudo, Y.; Inoue, I.; Tanaka, K., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of advanced-stage serous ovarian cancers distinguishes novel subclasses and implicates ZEB2 in tumor progression and prognosis

Park, S-Kyu.; Kim, K.; Page, G.P.; Allison, D.B.; Weindruch, R.; Prolla, T.A., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of aging in multiple mouse strains: identification of aging biomarkers and impact of dietary antioxidants

Daino, K.; Ugolin, N.; Altmeyer-Morel, S.; Guilly, M-Noëlle.; Chevillard, S., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of alpha-radiation-induced rat osteosarcomas: identification of dysregulated genes involved in radiation-induced tumorigenesis of bone

Stockwin, L.H.; Vistica, D.T.; Kenney, S.; Schrump, D.S.; Butcher, D.O.; Raffeld, M.; Shoemaker, R.H., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of alveolar soft-part sarcoma (ASPS)

Overman, M.J.; Zhang, J.; Kopetz, S.; Davies, M.; Jiang, Z-Qin.; Zhi-Qin, J.; Stemke-Hale, K.; Rümmele, P.; Pilarsky, C.; Grützmann, R.; Hamilton, S.; Hwang, R.; Abbruzzese, J.L.; Varadhachary, G.; Broom, B.; Wang, H., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of ampullary carcinomas classifies ampullary carcinomas into biliary-like and intestinal-like subtypes that are prognostic of outcome

Hoogerwerf, J.J.; van Zoelen, M.A.; Wiersinga, W.Joost.; van 't Veer, C.; de Vos, A.F.; de Boer, A.; Schultz, M.J.; Hooibrink, B.; de Jonge, E.; van der Poll, T., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of apoptosis regulators in patients with sepsis

Rentoft, M.; Laurell, Göran.; Coates, P.John.; Sjöström, Börn.; Nylander, K., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of archival tongue squamous cell carcinomas provides sub-classification based on DNA repair genes

Lee, K-Fang.; Weng, J.Tzu-Ya.; Hsu, P.Wei-Che.; Chi, Y-Hsiang.; Chen, C-Kai.; Liu, I.Y.; Chen, Y-Cheng.; Wu, L.Shih-Hsin., 2015:
Gene expression profiling of biological pathway alterations by radiation exposure

Stamova, B.; Xu, H.; Jickling, G.; Bushnell, C.; Tian, Y.; Ander, B.P.; Zhan, X.; Liu, D.; Turner, R.; Adamczyk, P.; Khoury, J.C.; Pancioli, A.; Jauch, E.; Broderick, J.P.; Sharp, F.R., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of blood for the prediction of ischemic stroke

Ria, R.; Todoerti, K.; Berardi, S.; Coluccia, A.Maria.Luce.; De Luisi, A.; Mattioli, M.; Ronchetti, D.; Morabito, F.; Guarini, A.; Petrucci, M.Teresa.; Dammacco, F.; Ribatti, D.; Neri, A.; Vacca, A., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of bone marrow endothelial cells in patients with multiple myeloma

Im, J.; Lee, T.; Jeon, J.Ho.; Baik, J.Eun.; Kim, K.Whun.; Kang, S-Seong.; Yun, C-Heui.; Kim, H.; Han, S.Hyun., 2015:
Gene expression profiling of bovine mammary gland epithelial cells stimulated with lipoteichoic acid plus peptidoglycan from Staphylococcus aureus

Li, Q.; Jimenez-Krassel, F.; Ireland, J.J.; Smith, G.W., 2008:
Gene expression profiling of bovine preovulatory follicles: gonadotropin surge and prostanoid-dependent up-regulation of genes potentially linked to the ovulatory process

Barbisin, M.; Vanni, S.; Schmädicke, A-Christin.; Montag, J.; Motzkus, D.; Opitz, L.; Salinas-Riester, G.; Legname, G., 2015 :
Gene expression profiling of brains from bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)-infected cynomolgus macaques

Pusztai, L., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of breast cancer

Satih, S.; Chalabi, Néra.; Rabiau, Nège.; Bosviel, Rémy.; Fontana, L.; Bignon, Y-Jean.; Bernard-Gallon, D.J., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of breast cancer cell lines in response to soy isoflavones using a pangenomic microarray approach

Chou, H-Ling.; Yao, C-Tay.; Su, S-Lun.; Lee, C-Yi.; Hu, K-Yu.; Terng, H-Jing.; Shih, Y-Wen.; Chang, Y-Tien.; Lu, Y-Fen.; Chang, C-Wen.; Wahlqvist, M.L.; Wetter, T.; Chu, C-Ming., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of breast cancer survivability by pooled cDNA microarray analysis using logistic regression, artificial neural networks and decision trees

Anonymous, 2008:
Gene expression profiling of breast cancer to select women for adjuvant chemotherapy

Kadra, G.; Finetti, P.; Toiron, Y.; Viens, P.; Birnbaum, D.; Borg, J-Paul.; Bertucci, Fçois.; Gonçalves, A., 2012:
Gene expression profiling of breast tumor cell lines to predict for therapeutic response to microtubule-stabilizing agents

Chen, W.; Wang, G-Min., 2012:
Gene expression profiling of cancer stem cells in the Du145 prostate cancer cell line

Srivastava, A.; Sharma, A.; Yadav, S.; Flora, S.J.S.; Dwivedi, U.N.; Parmar, D., 2015:
Gene expression profiling of candidate genes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells for predicting toxicity of diesel exhaust particles

Williams, H.L.; Sturrock, R.N.; Islam, M.A.; Hammett, C.; Ekramoddoullah, A.K.M.; Leal, I., 2015:
Gene expression profiling of candidate virulence factors in the laminated root rot pathogen Phellinus sulphurascens

Selvarajah, G.T.; Kirpensteijn, J.; van Wolferen, M.E.; Rao, N.A.S.; Fieten, H.; Mol, J.A., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of canine osteosarcoma reveals genes associated with short and long survival times

Utispan, K.; Thuwajit, P.; Abiko, Y.; Charngkaew, K.; Paupairoj, A.; Chau-in, S.; Thuwajit, C., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of cholangiocarcinoma-derived fibroblast reveals alterations related to tumor progression and indicates periostin as a poor prognostic marker

Ashwell, M.S.; O'Nan, A.T.; Gonda, M.G.; Mente, P.L., 2008:
Gene expression profiling of chondrocytes from a porcine impact injury model

Yusenko, M.V.; Zubakov, D.; Kovacs, G., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of chromophobe renal cell carcinomas and renal oncocytomas by Affymetrix GeneChip using pooled and individual tumours

Böttcher, A.; Ostwald, Jürgen.; Koczan, D.; Knecht, R.; Kramp, B.; Dommerich, S., 2014:
Gene expression profiling of circulating natural killer cells in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Fina, E.; Callari, M.; Reduzzi, C.; D'Aiuto, F.; Mariani, G.; Generali, D.; Pierotti, M.A.; Daidone, M.G.; Cappelletti, V., 2015:
Gene expression profiling of circulating tumor cells in breast cancer

Mende, S.; Storch, A.; Reichmann, H., 2007:
Gene expression profiling of classic mitochondrial disorders. Its value in finding therapeutic strategies

Melis, M.; Hernandez, J.; Siegel, E.M.; McLoughlin, J.M.; Ly, Q.P.; Nair, R.M.; Lewis, J.M.; Jensen, E.H.; Alvarado, M.D.; Coppola, D.; Eschrich, S.; Bloom, G.C.; Yeatman, T.J.; Shibata, D., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of colorectal mucinous adenocarcinomas

Chu, C-Ming.; Yao, C-Tay.; Chang, Y-Tien.; Chou, H-Ling.; Chou, Y-Ching.; Chen, K-Hua.; Terng, H-Jing.; Huang, C-Shuan.; Lee, C-Cheng.; Su, S-Lun.; Liu, Y-Chi.; Lin, F-Gong.; Wetter, T.; Chang, C-Wen., 2015:
Gene expression profiling of colorectal tumors and normal mucosa by microarrays meta-analysis using prediction analysis of microarray, artificial neural network, classification, and regression trees

Seher, A.; Nickel, J.; Mueller, T.D.; Kneitz, S.; Gebhardt, S.; ter Vehn, T.Meyer.; Schlunck, G.; Sebald, W., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) stimulated primary human tenon fibroblasts reveals an inflammatory and wound healing response in vitro

Ki, J-Seu.; Raisuddin, S.; Lee, K-Woo.; Hwang, D-Sik.; Han, J.; Rhee, J-Sung.; Kim, I-Chan.; Park, H.Gi.; Ryu, J-Chun.; Lee, J-Seong., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of copper-induced responses in the intertidal copepod Tigriopus japonicus using a 6K oligochip microarray

Ferrari, M.F.R.; Reis, E.M.; Matsumoto, Jão.P.P.; Fior-Chadi, Débora.R., 2008:
Gene expression profiling of cultured cells from brainstem of newborn spontaneously hypertensive and Wistar Kyoto rats

Ma, B.; Leijten, J.C.H.; Wu, L.; Kip, M.; van Blitterswijk, C.A.; Post, J.N.; Karperien, M., 2013:
Gene expression profiling of dedifferentiated human articular chondrocytes in monolayer culture

Foti, M.; Ricciardi-Castagnoli, P.; Granucci, F., 2007:
Gene expression profiling of dendritic cells by microarray

Li, C-Yang.; Chiang, C-Shiun.; Cheng, W-Chung.; Wang, S-Chi.; Cheng, H-Tsu.; Chen, C-Ray.; Shu, W-Yi.; Tsai, M-Lung.; Hseu, R-Shyang.; Chang, C-Wei.; Huang, C-Ying.; Fang, S-Hua.; Hsu, I.C., 2012:
Gene expression profiling of dendritic cells in different physiological stages under Cordyceps sinensis treatment

Toufeer, M.; Bonnefont, Cécile.M.D.; Foulon, E.; Caubet, Cécile.; Tasca, C.; Aurel, M-Rose.; Robert-Granié, Cèle.; Rupp, R.; Foucras, G., 2012:
Gene expression profiling of dendritic cells reveals important mechanisms associated with predisposition to Staphylococcus infections

Becerra, A.; Warke, R.V.; Martin, K.; Xhaja, K.; de Bosch, N.; Rothman, A.L.; Bosch, I., 2009:
Gene expression profiling of dengue infected human primary cells identifies secreted mediators in vivo

Miyazaki, K., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma -- comparison depending on the CD21 antigen expression

Harding, P.; Yang, X-Ping.; Yang, J.; Shesely, E.; He, Q.; LaPointe, M.C., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of dilated cardiomyopathy in older male EP4 knockout mice

Guo, L.; Liu, Y.; Bai, Y.; Sun, Y.; Xiao, F.; Guo, Y., 2010:
Gene expression profiling of drug-resistant small cell lung cancer cells by combining microRNA and cDNA expression analysis

Bragde, H.; Jansson, U.; Jarlsfelt, I.; Söderman, J., 2011:
Gene expression profiling of duodenal biopsies discriminates celiac disease mucosa from normal mucosa

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