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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53369

Chapter 53369 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Divers, J.; Palmer, N.D.; Lu, L.; Langefeld, C.D.; Rocco, M.V.; Hicks, P.J.; Murea, M.; Ma, L.; Bowden, D.W.; Freedman, B.I., 2015:
Gene-gene interactions in APOL1-associated nephropathy

Wang, W-J.; Yin, X-Y.; Zuo, X-B.; Cheng, H.; Du, W-D.; Zhang, F-Y.; Yang, S.; Zhang, X-J., 2013:
Gene-gene interactions in IL23/Th17 pathway contribute to psoriasis susceptibility in Chinese Han population

Zupan, J.; Mencej-Bedrac, S.; Jurković-Mlakar, S.; Prezelj, J.; Marc, J., 2010:
Gene-gene interactions in RANK/RANKL/OPG system influence bone mineral density in postmenopausal women

Dervieux, T.; Wessels, J.A.M.; van der Straaten, T.; Penrod, N.; Moore, J.H.; Guchelaar, H-Jan.; Kremer, J.M., 2012:
Gene-gene interactions in folate and adenosine biosynthesis pathways affect methotrexate efficacy and tolerability in rheumatoid arthritis

Su, S-Lung.; Yang, H-Yi.; Wu, C-Chao.; Lee, H-Sheng.; Lin, Y-Feng.; Hsu, C-An.; Lai, C-Huang.; Lin, C.; Kao, S-Yeong.; Lu, K-Cheng., 2015:
Gene-gene interactions in renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system contributes to end-stage renal disease susceptibility in a Han Chinese population

Ridgway, W.M.; Peterson, L.B.; Todd, J.A.; Rainbow, D.B.; Healy, B.; Burren, O.S.; Wicker, L.S., 2009:
Gene-gene interactions in the NOD mouse model of type 1 diabetes

Lupo, P.J.; Goldmuntz, E.; Mitchell, L.E., 2010:
Gene-gene interactions in the folate metabolic pathway and the risk of conotruncal heart defects

Petra, B.Grabar.; Janez, J.; Vita, D., 2007:
Gene-gene interactions in the folate metabolic pathway influence the risk for acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children

Neuman, R.J.; Wasson, J.; Atzmon, G.; Wainstein, J.; Yerushalmi, Y.; Cohen, J.; Barzilai, N.; Blech, I.; Glaser, B.; Permutt, M.Alan., 2011:
Gene-gene interactions lead to higher risk for development of type 2 diabetes in an Ashkenazi Jewish population

Kim, Y.Hoon.; Kim, H-Seok.; Mok, J.Won.; Joo, C-Ki., 2014:
Gene-gene interactions of CFH and LOC387715/ARMS2 with Korean exudative age-related macular degeneration patients

Tang, X.; Guo, S.; Sun, H.; Song, X.; Jiang, Z.; Sheng, L.; Zhou, D.; Hu, Y.; Chen, D., 2009:
Gene-gene interactions of CYP2A6 and MAOA polymorphisms on smoking behavior in Chinese male population

Dang, J.; Shan, S.; Li, J.; Zhao, H.; Xin, Q.; Liu, Y.; Bian, X.; Liu, Q., 2015:
Gene-gene interactions of IRF5, STAT4, IKZF1 and ETS1 in systemic lupus erythematosus

Sam, S.Sisy.; Thomas, V.; Reddy, K.Sathyanarayana.; Surianarayanan, G.; Chandrasekaran, A., 2010:
Gene-gene interactions of drug metabolizing enzymes and transporter protein in the risk of upper aerodigestive tract cancers among Indians

Lee, J.; Jin, M.; Lee, Y.; Ha, J.; Yeo, J.; Oh, D., 2014:
Gene-gene interactions of fatty acid synthase (FASN) using multifactor-dimensionality reduction method in Korean cattle

Lin, E.; Hong, C-Jee.; Hwang, J-Ping.; Liou, Y-Jay.; Yang, C-Hong.; Cheng, D.; Tsai, S-Jen., 2010:
Gene-gene interactions of the brain-derived neurotrophic-factor and neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor 2 genes in geriatric depression

Niewold, T.B.; Kariuki, S.N.; Morgan, G.A.; Shrestha, S.; Pachman, L.M., 2010:
Gene-gene-sex interaction in cytokine gene polymorphisms revealed by serum interferon alpha phenotype in juvenile dermatomyositis

Joshi, P.; Dunaevsky, A., 2008:
Gene-gun transfection of hippocampal neurons

Pfaff, D.; Silver, R., 2007:
Gene-hormone-environment interactions in the regulation of aggressive responses: elegant analysis of complex behavior

Campbell, E.M.; Budge, G.E.; Bowman, A.S., 2010:
Gene-knockdown in the honey bee mite Varroa destructor by a non-invasive approach: studies on a glutathione S-transferase

Sampson, M.G.; Gillies, C.E.; Ju, W.; Kretzler, M.; Kang, H.Min., 2014:
Gene-level integrated metric of negative selection (GIMS) prioritizes candidate genes for nephrotic syndrome

Franks, P.W.; Poveda, A., 2012:
Gene-lifestyle and gene-pharmacotherapy interactions in obesity and its cardiovascular consequences

Langenberg, C.; Sharp, S.J.; Franks, P.W.; Scott, R.A.; Deloukas, P.; Forouhi, N.G.; Froguel, P.; Groop, L.C.; Hansen, T.; Palla, L.; Pedersen, O.; Schulze, M.B.; Tormo, M-Jose.; Wheeler, E.; Agnoli, C.; Arriola, L.; Barricarte, A.; Boeing, H.; Clarke, G.M.; Clavel-Chapelon, Fçoise.; Duell, E.J.; Fagherazzi, G.; Kaaks, R.; Kerrison, N.D.; Key, T.J.; Khaw, K.Tee.; Kröger, J.; Lajous, M.; Morris, A.P.; Navarro, C.; Nilsson, P.M.; Overvad, K.; Palli, D.; Panico, S.; Quirós, J.Ramón.; Rolandsson, 2014:
Gene-lifestyle interaction and type 2 diabetes: the EPIC interact case-cohort study

Pomeroy, J.; Soderberg, A.M.; Franks, P.W., 2009:
Gene-lifestyle interactions and their consequences on human health

van der Net, J.B.; van Etten, J.; Yazdanpanah, M.; Dallinga-Thie, G.M.; Kastelein, J.J.P.; Defesche, J.C.; Koopmans, R.P.; Steyerberg, E.W.; Sijbrands, E.J.G., 2008:
Gene-load score of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system is associated with coronary heart disease in familial hypercholesterolaemia

Kawamata, M.; Ochiya, T., 2011:
Gene-manipulated embryonic stem cells for rat transgenesis

Singh, A.; Yamamoto, M.; Kam, S.H.Y.; Ruan, J.; Gauvreau, G.M.; O'Byrne, P.M.; FitzGerald, J.Mark.; Schellenberg, R.; Boulet, L-Philippe.; Wojewodka, G.; Kanagaratham, C.; De Sanctis, J.B.; Radzioch, D.; Tebbutt, S.J., 2014:
Gene-metabolite expression in blood can discriminate allergen-induced isolated early from dual asthmatic responses

Lamers, C.H.J.; Langeveld, S.C.L.; Groot-van Ruijven, C.M.; Debets, R.; Sleijfer, S.; Gratama, J.Willem., 2007:
Gene-modified T cells for adoptive immunotherapy of renal cell cancer maintain transgene-specific immune functions in vivo

Sangiolo, D.; Leuci, V.; Gallo, S.; Aglietta, M.; Piacibello, W., 2011:
Gene-modified T lymphocytes in the setting of hematopoietic cell transplantation: potential benefits and possible risks

Sheyn, D.; Kallai, I.; Tawackoli, W.; Cohn Yakubovich, D.; Oh, A.; Su, S.; Da, X.; Lavi, A.; Kimelman-Bleich, N.; Zilberman, Y.; Li, N.; Bae, H.; Gazit, Z.; Pelled, G.; Gazit, D., 2012:
Gene-modified adult stem cells regenerate vertebral bone defect in a rat model

Wang, N.; Zhang, J.; Sun, L.; Wang, P.; Liu, W., 2015:
Gene-modified cell detachment on photoresponsive hydrogels strengthened through hydrogen bonding

Brenner, M.K., 2015:
Gene-modified cells for stem cell transplantation and cancer therapy

Mackiewicz, J.; Mackiewicz, A., 2011:
Gene-modified cellular vaccines: technologic aspects and clinical problems

Larson, S.; De Oliveira, S.N., 2016:
Gene-modified hematopoietic stem cells for cancer immunotherapy

Ochi, F.; Fujiwara, H.; Tanimoto, K.; Asai, H.; Miyazaki, Y.; Okamoto, S.; Mineno, J.; Kuzushima, K.; Shiku, H.; Barrett, J.; Ishii, E.; Yasukawa, M., 2014:
Gene-modified human α/β-T cells expressing a chimeric CD16-CD3ζ receptor as adoptively transferable effector cells for anticancer monoclonal antibody therapy

Ikeda, H., 2012:
Gene-modified lymphocytes: from caution to promise for effective cancer immunotherapy

He, H.; Cao, J.; Wang, D.; Gu, B.; Guo, H.; Liu, H., 2010:
Gene-modified stem cells combined with rapid prototyping techniques: a novel strategy for periodontal regeneration

van der Zwaag, B.; Franke, L.; Poot, M.; Hochstenbach, R.; Spierenburg, H.A.; Vorstman, J.A.S.; van Daalen, E.; de Jonge, M.V.; Verbeek, N.E.; Brilstra, E.H.; van 't Slot, R.; Ophoff, R.A.; van Es, M.A.; Blauw, H.M.; Veldink, J.H.; Buizer-Voskamp, J.E.; Beemer, F.A.; van den Berg, L.H.; Wijmenga, C.; van Amstel, H.Kristian.Ploos.; van Engeland, H.; Burbach, J.Peter.H.; Staal, W.G., 2009:
Gene-network analysis identifies susceptibility genes related to glycobiology in autism

Steemburgo, T.; Azevedo, M.J.de.; Martínez, Jé.Alfredo., 2011:
Gene-nutrient interaction and its association with obesity and diabetes mellitus

Phillips, C.M.; Goumidi, L.; Bertrais, S.; Field, M.R.; McManus, R.; Hercberg, S.; Lairon, D.; Planells, R.; Roche, H.M., 2011:
Gene-nutrient interactions and gender may modulate the association between ApoA1 and ApoB gene polymorphisms and metabolic syndrome risk

Muntoni, S.; Muntoni, S., 2009:
Gene-nutrient interactions in G6PD-deficient subjects--implications for cardiovascular disease susceptibility

Phillips, C.M.; Tierney, A.C.; Roche, H.M., 2009:
Gene-nutrient interactions in the metabolic syndrome

Ferguson, J.F.; Phillips, C.M.; Tierney, A.C.; Pérez-Martínez, P.; Defoort, C.; Helal, O.; Lairon, D.; Planells, R.; Shaw, D.I.; Lovegrove, J.A.; Gjelstad, I.Mf.; Drevon, C.A.; Blaak, E.E.; Saris, W.Hm.; Leszczynska-Golabek, I.; Kiec-Wilk, B.; Risérus, U.; Karlström, B.; Miranda, Jé.Lopez-.; Roche, H.M., 2010:
Gene-nutrient interactions in the metabolic syndrome: single nucleotide polymorphisms in ADIPOQ and ADIPOR1 interact with plasma saturated fatty acids to modulate insulin resistance

Phillips, C.M.; Goumidi, L.; Bertrais, S.; Field, M.R.; Cupples, L.Adrienne.; Ordovas, J.M.; Defoort, C.; Lovegrove, J.A.; Drevon, C.A.; Gibney, M.J.; Blaak, E.E.; Kiec-Wilk, B.; Karlstrom, B.; Lopez-Miranda, J.; McManus, R.; Hercberg, S.; Lairon, D.; Planells, R.; Roche, H.M., 2010:
Gene-nutrient interactions with dietary fat modulate the association between genetic variation of the ACSL1 gene and metabolic syndrome

Finnell, R.H.; Shaw, G.M.; Lammer, E.J.; Rosenquist, T.H., 2008:
Gene-nutrient interactions: importance of folic acid and vitamin B12 during early embryogenesis

Ho, M-Ru.; Chen, C-houh.; Lin, W-chang., 2010:
Gene-oriented ortholog database: a functional comparison platform for orthologous loci

Kilpeläinen, T.O.; Franks, P.W., 2015:
Gene-physical activity interactions and their impact on diabetes

Rimbach, G.; Moehring, J.; Huebbe, P.; Lodge, J.K., 2010:
Gene-regulatory activity of alpha-tocopherol

Kubo, A.; Imai, K.S.; Satou, Y., 2009:
Gene-regulatory networks in the Ciona embryos

Geary, J.; Sasieni, P.; Houlston, R.; Izatt, L.; Eeles, R.; Payne, S.J.; Fisher, S.; Hodgson, S.V., 2007:
Gene-related cancer spectrum in families with hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC)

Lee, S.; Ahn, S.; Lee, H.; Kim, W-Il.; Kim, H-Yong.; Ryu, J-Gee.; Kim, S-Ri.; Choi, K-Hee.; Yoon, Y., 2015:
Gene-related strain variation of Staphylococcus aureus for homologous resistance response to acid stress

Kaurani, L.; Vishal, M.; Kumar, D.; Sharma, A.; Mehani, B.; Sharma, C.; Chakraborty, S.; Jha, P.; Ray, J.; Sen, A.; Dash, D.; Ray, K.; Mukhopadhyay, A., 2014:
Gene-rich large deletions are overrepresented in POAG patients of Indian and Caucasian origins

Liu, Y.; Jiang, B.; Zhang, X., 2009:
Gene-set analysis identifies master transcription factors in developmental courses

Kwon, J-Sun.; Kim, S., 2015:
Gene-set based genome-wide association analysis for the speed of sound in two skeletal sites of Korean women

Godar, S.C.; Bortolato, M., 2014:
Gene-sex interactions in schizophrenia: focus on dopamine neurotransmission

Thorat, M.A., 2007:
Gene-signature-based prognostic tools in breast cancer: not yet

Geller, B.L.; Marshall-Batty, K.; Schnell, F.J.; McKnight, M.M.; Iversen, P.L.; Greenberg, D.E., 2013:
Gene-silencing antisense oligomers inhibit acinetobacter growth in vitro and in vivo

Kubo, T.; Yanagihara, K.; Sato, Y.; Nishimura, Y.; Kondo, S.; Seyama, T., 2014:
Gene-silencing potency of symmetric and asymmetric lipid-conjugated siRNAs and its correlation with dicer recognition

Gong, W.; Desaulniers, J-Paul., 2013:
Gene-silencing properties of siRNAs that contain internal amide-bond linkages

Raimondi, S.; Botteri, E.; Iodice, S.; Lowenfels, A.B.; Maisonneuve, P., 2010:
Gene-smoking interaction on colorectal adenoma and cancer risk: review and meta-analysis

Sung, Y.J.; de Las Fuentes, L.; Schwander, K.L.; Simino, J.; Rao, D.C., 2015:
Gene-smoking interactions identify several novel blood pressure loci in the Framingham Heart Study

Ward-Caviness, C.; Haynes, C.; Blach, C.; Dowdy, E.; Gregory, S.G.; Shah, S.H.; Horne, B.D.; Kraus, W.E.; Hauser, E.R., 2014:
Gene-smoking interactions in multiple Rho-GTPase pathway genes in an early-onset coronary artery disease cohort

Kelly, T.N.; He, J., 2012:
Gene-sodium interaction and blood pressure: findings from genomics research of blood pressure salt sensitivity

Sun, Y.V.; Lazarus, A.; Smith, J.A.; Chuang, Y-Hsuan.; Zhao, W.; Turner, S.T.; Kardia, S.L.R., 2015:
Gene-specific DNA methylation association with serum levels of C-reactive protein in African Americans

Sandberg, J.; Neiman, M.; Ahmadian, A.; Lundeberg, J., 2010:
Gene-specific FACS sorting method for target selection in high-throughput amplicon sequencing

Rajalingam, R.; Ashouri, E., 2014:
Gene-specific PCR typing of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors

Morohashi, K.; Xie, Z.; Grotewold, E., 2010:
Gene-specific and genome-wide ChIP approaches to study plant transcriptional networks

Argos, M.; Chen, L.; Jasmine, F.; Tong, L.; Pierce, B.L.; Roy, S.; Paul-Brutus, R.; Gamble, M.V.; Harper, K.N.; Parvez, F.; Rahman, M.; Rakibuz-Zaman, M.; Slavkovich, V.; Baron, J.A.; Graziano, J.H.; Kibriya, M.G.; Ahsan, H., 2015:
Gene-specific differential DNA methylation and chronic arsenic exposure in an epigenome-wide association study of adults in Bangladesh

Gregory-Evans, C.Y.; Moosajee, M.; Shan, X.; Gregory-Evans, K., 2011:
Gene-specific differential response to anti-apoptotic therapies in zebrafish models of ocular coloboma

You, B-Jau.; Lee, M-Huey.; Chung, K-Ren., 2009:
Gene-specific disruption in the filamentous fungus Cercospora nicotianae using a split-marker approach

Dasmahapatra, A.K.; Khan, I.A., 2015:
Gene-specific disruption of endocannabinoid receptor 1 (cnr1a) by ethanol probably leads to the development of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) phenotypes in Japanese rice fish (Oryzias latipes) embryogenesis

Aitken, A.E.; Morgan, E.T., 2007:
Gene-specific effects of inflammatory cytokines on cytochrome P450 2C, 2B6 and 3A4 mRNA levels in human hepatocytes

McCall, C.E.; Yoza, B.; Liu, T.; El Gazzar, M., 2011:
Gene-specific epigenetic regulation in serious infections with systemic inflammation

Arampatzi, P.; Gialitakis, M.; Makatounakis, T.; Papamatheakis, J., 2013:
Gene-specific factors determine mitotic expression and bookmarking via alternate regulatory elements

Li, Q.; Liu, X.; Gibbs, R.A.; Boerwinkle, E.; Polychronakos, C.; Qu, H-Qi., 2015:
Gene-specific function prediction for non-synonymous mutations in monogenic diabetes genes

Witjas-Paalberends, E.Rosalie.; Güçlü, A.; Germans, T.; Knaapen, P.; Harms, H.J.; Vermeer, A.M.C.; Christiaans, I.; Wilde, A.A.M.; Dos Remedios, C.; Lammertsma, A.A.; van Rossum, A.C.; Stienen, G.J.M.; van Slegtenhorst, M.; Schinkel, A.F.; Michels, M.; Ho, C.Y.; Poggesi, C.; van der Velden, J., 2015:
Gene-specific increase in the energetic cost of contraction in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy caused by thick filament mutations

Lagudah, E.S.; Krattinger, S.G.; Herrera-Foessel, S.; Singh, R.P.; Huerta-Espino, J.; Spielmeyer, W.; Brown-Guedira, G.; Selter, L.L.; Keller, B., 2009:
Gene-specific markers for the wheat gene Lr34/Yr18/Pm38 which confers resistance to multiple fungal pathogens

Cascante, A.; Klum, S.; Biswas, M.; Antolin-Fontes, B.; Barnabé-Heider, F.; Hermanson, O., 2014:
Gene-specific methylation control of H3K9 and H3K36 on neurotrophic BDNF versus astroglial GFAP genes by KDM4A/C regulates neural stem cell differentiation

Prabhu, J.S.; Korlimarla, A.; Banerjee, A.; Wani, S.; K, P.; Sahoo, R., 2009:
Gene-specific methylation: potential markers for colorectal cancer

Lanfranchi, P.A.; Ackerman, M.J.; Kara, T.; Shamsuzzaman, A.S.M.; Wolk, R.; Jurak, P.; Amin, R.; Somers, V.K., 2010:
Gene-specific paradoxical QT responses during rapid eye movement sleep in women with congenital long QT syndrome

Won Jeong, K.; Chodankar, R.; Purcell, D.J.; Bittencourt, D.; Stallcup, M.R., 2012:
Gene-specific patterns of coregulator requirements by estrogen receptor-α in breast cancer cells

Lee, J-Jing.; Geli, J.; Larsson, C.; Wallin, Göran.; Karimi, M.; Zedenius, J.; Höög, A.; Foukakis, T., 2008:
Gene-specific promoter hypermethylation without global hypomethylation in follicular thyroid cancer

Ghosh, C.C.; Ramaswami, S.; Juvekar, A.; Vu, H-Yen.; Galdieri, L.; Davidson, D.; Vancurova, I., 2010:
Gene-specific repression of proinflammatory cytokines in stimulated human macrophages by nuclear IκBα

Gomes, N.P.; Espinosa, Jín.M., 2010:
Gene-specific repression of the p53 target gene PUMA via intragenic CTCF-Cohesin binding

Yamazaki, S.; Matsuo, S.; Muta, T.; Yamamoto, M.; Akira, S.; Takeshige, K., 2008:
Gene-specific requirement of a nuclear protein, IkappaB-zeta, for promoter association of inflammatory transcription regulators

Gallmeier, E.; Hucl, T.; Calhoun, E.S.; Cunningham, S.C.; Bunz, F.; Brody, J.R.; Kern, S.E., 2007:
Gene-specific selection against experimental fanconi anemia gene inactivation in human cancer

Liu, Y.Shuang.; Zhang, Y.Qin.; Yang, L.Xia.; Yao, T.Jue.; Xiao, C.Ling., 2009:
Gene-specific silencing induced by parallel complementary RNA in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Tsai, C-Jung.; Nussinov, R., 2011:
Gene-specific transcription activation via long-range allosteric shape-shifting

Lee, S-Bau.; Ou, D.S-C.; Lee, C-Fan.; Juan, L-Jung., 2009:
Gene-specific transcriptional activation mediated by the p150 subunit of the chromatin assembly factor 1

Guglielmi, B.; La Rochelle, N.; Tjian, R., 2013:
Gene-specific transcriptional mechanisms at the histone gene cluster revealed by single-cell imaging

Holden, C., 1981:
Gene-splicing patent may net $1 million a year

Wade, N., 1978:
Gene-splicing rules: another round of debate

Wade, N., 1977:
Gene-splicing: critics of research get more brickbats than bouquets

Wang, X-Jing.; Jin, X.; Dun, B-Qing.; Kong, N.; Jia, S-Rong.; Tang, Q-Ling.; Wang, Z-Xing., 2015:
Gene-splitting technology: a novel approach for the containment of transgene flow in Nicotiana tabacum

Abe, K., 2009:
Gene-stem Cell therapy for ischemic stroke

Chavez-Dozal, A.A.; Gorman, C.; Lostroh, C.Phoebe.; Nishiguchi, M.K., 2015:
Gene-swapping mediates host specificity among symbiotic bacteria in a beneficial symbiosis

Ye, M.; Parente, F.; Li, X.; Perryman, M.Benjamin.; Zelante, L.; Wynshaw-Boris, A.; Chen, J.; Grossfeld, P., 2014:
Gene-targeted deletion of OPCML and Neurotrimin in mice does not yield congenital heart defects

Ma, L.; Kim, J.; Hatzenpichler, R.; Karymov, M.A.; Hubert, N.; Hanan, I.M.; Chang, E.B.; Ismagilov, R.F., 2014:
Gene-targeted microfluidic cultivation validated by isolation of a gut bacterium listed in Human Microbiome Project's Most Wanted taxa

Xu, H.; Guo, R.; Jin, Y.; Li, B., 2014:
Gene-targeted radiation therapy mediated by radiation-sensitive promoter in lung adenocarcinoma and the feasibility of micro-PET/CT in evaluation of therapeutic effectiveness in small animals

Leite de Oliveira, R.; Deschoemaeker, S.; Henze, A-Theres.; Debackere, K.; Finisguerra, V.; Takeda, Y.; Roncal, C.; Dettori, D.; Tack, E.; Jönsson, Y.; Veschini, L.; Peeters, A.; Anisimov, A.; Hofmann, M.; Alitalo, K.; Baes, M.; D'hooge, J.; Carmeliet, P.; Mazzone, M., 2012:
Gene-targeting of Phd2 improves tumor response to chemotherapy and prevents side-toxicity

Simon, J.; Arthur, C.; McGuire, V.A., 2009:
Gene-targeting vectors

Lu, Y-Ann.; Lee, S-Yu.; Chen, S-Lan.; Chen, S-Heng.; Chu, C-Hsien.; Tzeng, N-Sheng.; Huang, S-Yuan.; Kuo, P-Hsiu.; Wang, C-Lin.; Lee, I.Hui.; Yeh, T.Lieh.; Yang, Y.Kuang.; Lu, R-Band., 2012:
Gene-temperament interactions might distinguish between bipolar I and bipolar II disorders: a cross-sectional survey of Han Chinese in Taiwan

Müller, O.J.; Ksienzyk, J.; Katus, H.A., 2008:
Gene-therapy delivery strategies in cardiology

Jang, S-Young.; Kim, M-Kyu.; Lee, K-Ra.; Park, M-Seok.; Kim, B-Chae.; Cho, K-Hyun.; Lee, M-Cheol.; Kim, Y-Sik., 2009:
Gene-to-gene interaction between sodium channel-related genes in determining the risk of antiepileptic drug resistance

Ivie, S.E.; Fennessey, C.M.; Sheng, J.; Rubin, D.H.; McClain, M.S., 2011:
Gene-trap mutagenesis identifies mammalian genes contributing to intoxication by Clostridium perfringens ε-toxin

De-Zolt, S.; Altschmied, J.; Ruiz, P.; von Melchner, H.; Schnütgen, F., 2009:
Gene-trap vectors and mutagenesis

Liu, X.; Wang, G.; Hong, X.; Wang, D.; Tsai, H-J.; Zhang, S.; Arguelles, L.; Kumar, R.; Wang, H.; Liu, R.; Zhou, Y.; Pearson, C.; Ortiz, K.; Schleimer, R.; Holt, P.G.; Pongracic, J.; Price, H.E.; Langman, C.; Wang, X., 2012:
Gene-vitamin D interactions on food sensitization: a prospective birth cohort study

Escott-Price, V.; Bellenguez, Céline.; Wang, L-San.; Choi, S-Hoan.; Harold, D.; Jones, L.; Holmans, P.; Gerrish, A.; Vedernikov, A.; Richards, A.; DeStefano, A.L.; Lambert, J-Charles.; Ibrahim-Verbaas, C.A.; Naj, A.C.; Sims, R.; Jun, G.; Bis, J.C.; Beecham, G.W.; Grenier-Boley, B.; Russo, G.; Thornton-Wells, T.A.; Denning, N.; Smith, A.V.; Chouraki, V.; Thomas, C.; Ikram, M.Arfan.; Zelenika, D.; Vardarajan, B.N.; Kamatani, Y.; Lin, C-Feng.; Schmidt, H.; Kunkle, B.; Dunstan, M.L.; Vronskaya, M.;, 2015:
Gene-wide analysis detects two new susceptibility genes for Alzheimer's disease

Yip, L.; Zaloumis, S.; Irwin, D.; Severi, G.; Hopper, J.; Giles, G.; Harrap, S.; Sinclair, R.; Ellis, J., 2009:
Gene-wide association study between the aromatase gene (CYP19A1) and female pattern hair loss

Yoshimi, A.; Aleksic, B.; Kawamura, Y.; Takahashi, N.; Yamada, S.; Usui, H.; Saito, S.; Ito, Y.; Iwata, N.; Inada, T.; Noda, Y.; Yamada, K.; Ozaki, N., 2011:
Gene-wide association study between the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene (MTHFR) and schizophrenia in the Japanese population, with an updated meta-analysis on currently available data

Shou, W.; Wang, D.; Zhang, K.; Wang, B.; Wang, Z.; Shi, J.; Huang, W., 2013:
Gene-wide characterization of common quantitative trait loci for ABCB1 mRNA expression in normal liver tissues in the Chinese population

Esposito, M.; Konarzewska, P.; Odeyale, O.; Shen, C-Hui., 2010:
Gene-wide histone acetylation at the yeast INO1 requires the transcriptional activator Ino2p

Kwan, P.; Wong, V.; Ng, P.Wing.; Lui, C.Hiu.Tung.; Sin, N.Chuen.; Poon, W.Sang.; Ng, H.Keung.; Wong, K.Sing.; Baum, L., 2009:
Gene-wide tagging study of association between ABCB1 polymorphisms and multidrug resistance in epilepsy in Han Chinese

Kwan, P.; Wong, V.; Ng, P.Wing.; Lui, C.Hiu.Tung.; Sin, N.Chuen.; Wong, K.Sing.; Baum, L., 2011:
Gene-wide tagging study of the association between ABCC2, ABCC5 and ABCG2 genetic polymorphisms and multidrug resistance in epilepsy

Qu, J.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, Z-Quan.; Mao, X-Yuan.; Zhou, B-Ting.; Yin, J-Ye.; He, H.; Li, X-Ping.; Long, H-Yu.; Lv, N.; Xu, X-Jing.; Xiao, B.; Zhang, Y.; Tang, Q.; Hu, D-Li.; Zhou, H-Hao.; Liu, Z-Qian., 2014:
Gene-wide tagging study of the association between KCNT1 polymorphisms and the susceptibility and efficacy of genetic generalized epilepsy in Chinese population

Hung, C-Chuan.; Chen, P-Lung.; Huang, W-Min.; Tai, J.Jen.; Hsieh, T-Jen.; Ding, S-Torng.; Hsieh, Y-Wen.; Liou, H-Huei., 2014:
Gene-wide tagging study of the effects of common genetic polymorphisms in the α subunits of the GABA(A) receptor on epilepsy treatment response

Mertens, G., 2010:
Gene/Environment interaction in atherosclerosis: an example of clinical medicine as seen from the evolutionary perspective

Passerini, L.; Santoni de Sio, F.R.; Porteus, M.H.; Bacchetta, R., 2015:
Gene/cell therapy approaches for Immune Dysregulation Polyendocrinopathy Enteropathy X-linked syndrome

Huang, L.; Hu, Y.; Huang, Y.; Fang, H.; Li, R.; Hu, D.; Li, W.; Li, X.; Liang, C.; Yu, X., 2012:
Gene/protein expression level, immunolocalization and binding characteristics of fatty acid binding protein from Clonorchis sinensis (CsFABP)

Tang, X.; Deng, L.; Zhang, D.; Lin, J.; Wei, Y.; Zhou, Q.; Li, X.; Li, G.; Liang, S., 2012:
Gene2DGE: a Perl package for gene model renewal with digital gene expression data

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GeneDistiller--distilling candidate genes from linkage intervals

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GeneMarker® HID: A reliable software tool for the analysis of forensic STR data

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GeneOptimizer program-assisted cDNA reengineering enhances sRAGE autologous expression in Chinese hamster ovary cells

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GeneQuence" Salmonella assay. Performance Tested Method 030201

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GeneRIF quality assurance as summary revision

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GeneTUKit: a software for document-level gene normalization

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GeneTack database: genes with frameshifts in prokaryotic genomes and eukaryotic mRNA sequences

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GeneTransfection for Metastasis Research Using Animal Models

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GeneXpert captures unstable methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus prone to rapidly losing the mecA gene

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GeneXpert in the diagnosis of smear-negative PTB

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Genealogy of Ideas

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Genentech: is its glamor gone?

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Genera Without Species

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Genera Without Species

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Genera Without Species

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Genera Without Species

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General Adenitis: Case for Diagnosis

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General Analgesia by Oral Administration

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General Anesthesia

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General Anesthesia - Training and Teaching

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General Anesthesia by Chilling

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General Anæsthesia in Dental Surgery

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General Assembly of the Kidney

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General Business

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General Carcinomatous Infiltration of the Skin of Arm (Cancer en cuirasse), apparently resulting from an X-ray Burn in Treatment of an Indolent Breast Scirrhus

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General Circulation of the Atmosphere

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General Considerations Concerning the Management and Treatment of Patients Suffering from Bright's Disease

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General Convulsions in Early Infancy Induced by the Taking of Food, and their Bearing Upon Pyloric Obstruction in the Infant

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General Council: the CMA's parliament

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General Counsel for Administration of Public Hospitals in Paris: creation of a public health institution

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Catalysis of the Asymmetric Desymmetrization of Cyclic Anhydrides by Nucleophilic Ring-Opening with Alcohols

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General Discussion of Pathology of Urinary Tract

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General Discussion on Shock

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Catalysis of transthiolacylation in the active centers of dihydrolipoamide acyltransacetylase components of 2-oxo acid dehydrogenase complexes

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General Discussion: Session II. Carbon Monoxide

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General Discussion: Session II. Lead

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General Discussion: Session II. Nitrogen Oxides

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General Diseases as a Cause of Diseases of the Eye

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General Duties Medical Officer with the British Forces in Cyprus

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General Education in Surgery

Anonymous, 1910:
General Election

Anonymous, 2007:
General Electric's OEC Medical Systems signs consent decree

Anonymous, 1961:
General Electric, with Prospects Dimmed by FCC, Drops Bid for Communication Satellite

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General Enlargement of Joints

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General Enlargement of Lymph Glands; Splenomegaly, Enlargement of Head with OEdema of Face

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General Enteroptosis

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General Examinations in a Medical School: Plan of Examination Recently Adopted at Harvard

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General Exostosis of all the Maxillary Teeth

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General FRET-based coding for application in multiplexing methods

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General Factor of Personality Questionnaire (GFPQ): only one factor to understand personality?

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General Factors in a Table of Intercorrelations

Anonymous, 1930:
General Features

Anonymous, 1932:
General Features

Anonymous, 1934:
General Features

Ward, H.B., 1935:
General Features

Anonymous, 1937:
General Features

Livingston, B.E., 1922:
General Features of the Toronto Meeting

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General George S. Patton, Jr. and the conquest of fear

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General Green's functions for SAW device analysis

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General Halleck's itchy elbows

Anonymous, 1949:
General Headquarters

Kershenobich Stalnikowitz, D., 2013:
General Health Council

Harris, E., 1873:
General Health Laws and Local Ordinances, Considered with Reference to State and Local Sanitary Organization

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General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12): the effect of negative items in its factorial structure

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General Health Questionnaire - 28 (GHQ-28)

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General Health Questionnaire-12 for the detection of depression

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General Health Status in a Cohort of Iranian Patients with Intentional Self-poisoning: A Preventive Approach

Anonymous, 1938:
General Hospital Fine Institution; Let Us Keep It Fine

Robertson, A., 1902:
General Hospitals and Pulmonary Consumption

Beale, E.C., 1908:
General Hospitals and the Provident System

Anonymous, 1960 :
General Hospitals in Canada Approved by the Canadian Medical Association for Junior (1st year) Intern Training

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General Hygiene as a Required College Course

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General Hypersensitivity to Sulphanilamide after Surface Application

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General I and Q data processing on a multichannel AO system

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General Ideas in Medicine

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General Image-Quality Equation: GIQE

Anonymous, 1930:
General Impressions Of A Visit Abroad

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General Infection Following Acute Tonsillitis

McKenzie, D., 1910:
General Infiltration of Larynx, probably Luetic

Anonymous, 1949:
General Information

Engström, A.; Lindström, B., 1962:
General Introduction

Stearns, R.E., 1903 :
General James T. Stratton

Li, H.; Ortiz, R.; Tran, L.; Hall, M.; Spahr, C.; Walker, K.; Laudemann, J.; Miller, S.; Salimi-Moosavi, H.; Lee, J.W., 2012:
General LC-MS/MS method approach to quantify therapeutic monoclonal antibodies using a common whole antibody internal standard with application to preclinical studies

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General Lectures at Atlantic City

Livingston, B.E., 1929:
General Lectures for the Des Moines Meeting

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General Leucocytic Response of the Guinea Pig During the Reaction of Artificial Immunity in Experimental Tuberculous Infection

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General M13 phage display: M13 phage display in identification and characterization of protein-protein interactions

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General Maniacal Hysteria and its Successful Treatment by the Rectum and Skin

Anonymous, 1920:
General Medical Council

Anonymous, 1906:
General Medical Council Election

Anonymous, 1901:
General Medical Council Election: Analysis of the Voting

Dyer, C., 2011:
General Medical Council accuses hospital trust's medical director of dishonesty

Anonymous, 1874:
General Medical Council of Education and Registration

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Catalysis with Pnictogen, Chalcogen, and Halogen Bonds

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Catalyst- and Initiator-Free Radical Addition under Mild Conditions: A Macromolecular Conjugation Tool

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Catalyst- and Reagent-Free Electrochemical Azole C-H Amination

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General Medical Practice and the Medical Curriculum

Anonymous, 1925:
General Medical Practice In England And Germany: Some Personal Impressions

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General Medical Regulations of the Poor Law Commissioners

Anonymous, 1975:
General Medical Service Committee 1975 Pay Review: G.M.S. Committee's Statement

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Catalyst characterization in the presence of solvent: development of liquid phase structure-activity relationships

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General Medicine: Influenza

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General Medicine: Local Passive Transfer

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Catalyst-controlled diastereoselectivity reversal in the formation of dihydropyrans

Anonymous, 1938:
General Meeting Programs: A Plan For Larger County Medical Societies

Anonymous, 1939:
General Meetings

Anonymous, 1938:
General Meetings: All General Meetings will be held in the Main Ballroom, Hotel Huntington

Frecklington, D., 2007:
General Method for MALDI-MS Analysis of Proteins and Peptides

Novak, D.; Stres, Bž.; Osojnik, G.; Skrjanec, I.; Marinšek-Logar, R., 2011:
General Microbial Community Flexibility in Biochemical Methane Potential Assay is Highly Correlated to Initial Biogas Production Rates

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General Motors health maintenance program, a discussion of its more important aspects

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General Neurology

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General Neuroses Having an Ophthalmic Origin

Anonymous, 1909:
General Notes

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General OEdema (Toxic) without Albuminuria

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General Observations on Sea-Sickness and the Labyrinthine Theory

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General Observations on the Introduction of Tracheal Tubes by the Mouth, Instead of Performing Tracheotomy or Laryngotomy

Tew, W.E., 1925:
General Oedema of Foetus

Anonymous, 1926:
General Officers For The Kansas City Meeting

Anonymous, 1927:
General Officers For The Philadelphia Meeting

Anonymous, 1925:
General Officers For The Washington Meeting

Anonymous, 1933:
General Officers Of The Association

Anonymous, 1929:
General Officers Of The Association And Committees For 1929

Anonymous, 1930:
General Officers Of The Association And Committees For 1930

Anonymous, 1928:
General Officers Of The Association For 1928

Anonymous, 1929:
General Officers Of The Association For 1929

Anonymous, 1931:
General Officers Of The Association For The Calendar Year 1931, Including The Second New Orleans Meeting

Miller, G.A., 1941:
General or Special in the Development of Mathematics

Fitzgerald, J.G., 1930:
General Outline of the Problem of Training Health Workers

Canene-Adams, K., 2014:
General PCR

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General Paralysis Occurring about the Period of Puberty

Zhu, D.; Chen, L.; Zhang, H.; Ma, Z.; Jiang, H.; Zhu, S., 2018:
Highly Chemo- and Stereoselective Catalyst-Controlled Allylic C-H Insertion and Cyclopropanation Using Donor/Donor Carbenes

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General Paralysis treated by the Organism of Relapsing Fever

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General Paralysis with "déjà vu" Phenomenon

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General Paresis

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General Paresis and Its Relation to Syphilis

Ziskind, E., 1935:
General Paresis-The Use of Drugs in Its Treatment

Anonymous, 1963:
General Pathology

Manwaring, W.H., 1927:
General Pathology and Immunology: Germicidal Action of Soap

Ewing, J., 1939:
General Pathology of Lymphosarcoma

Bernal-Bello, D.; Águila Fernández-Paniagua, E.; Betancort-Plata, C.; García de Tena, J., 2018:
General Pathology training in Spain: is the resident a stone guest?

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General Peritonitis Due to Perforative Appendicitis: Illustrated by Cases Treated by Abdominal Section, with Remarks on the Question of Early Operation

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General Pharmacology of Artesunate, a Commonly used Antimalarial Drug:Effects on Central Nervous, Cardiovascular, and Respiratory System

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General Plan for Magnetic and Allied Observations During the Total Solar Eclipse of January 24, 1925

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General Plastic Surgery

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General Poisson exact breakdown of the mutual information to study the role of correlations in populations of neurons

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General Policies of the Carnegie Corporation

Anonymous, 1963:
General Practice Outmoded?

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General Practice Records

Blackwood, C.J., 1950:
General Practice Residency

Vickery, A.W.; Dodd, J.; Emery, J.D., 2009:
General Practice Super Clinics--how will they meet their educational objectives?

Anonymous, 1963:
General Practice Teaching in Edinburgh

Anonymous, 1965:
General Practice To-morrow: College of General Practitioners' Meeting

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General Practice as a career choice among undergraduate medical students in Greece

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General Practice. Your money or your life

Anonymous, 1955:
General Practitioner Research

Abbott, P.; Reath, J.; Gordon, E.; Dave, D.; Harnden, C.; Hu, W.; Kozianski, E.; Carriage, C., 2015:
General Practitioner Supervisor assessment and teaching of Registrars consulting with Aboriginal patients - is cultural competence adequately considered?

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General Practitioner Training

Michieli, R.; Carraro, A.Maria., 2014:
General Practitioner and FRAX(®) (computer-based algorithm)

Anonymous, 1922:
General Practitioners And Medical Officers Of Health

Anonymous, 1949:
General Practitioners and Hospitals

Anonymous, 1956:
General Practitioners and Hospitals in South Africa

Anonymous, 1964:
General Practitioners and the N.H.S

Waller, G.; Micali, N.; James, A., 2014:
General Practitioners are poor at identifying the eating disorders

Anonymous, 1962:
General Practitioners in Conference

Anonymous, 1965:
General Practitioners in the N.H.S

Madigan, S.M.; Fleming, P.; McCann, S.; Wright, M.E.; MacAuley, D., 2007:
General Practitioners involvement in enteral tube feeding at home: a qualitative study

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General Practitioners reduced benzodiazepine prescriptions in an intervention study: a multilevel application

Anonymous, 1892:
General Practitioners' Alliance

Moracchini, C.; Orleans, V.; Miloudi, S.; Frauger, E.; Micallef, Jëlle.; Thirion, X., 2016:
General Practitioners' Contribution to Dependence Assessment: the OPEMA Programme

Zacharin, D., 1960 :
General Practitioners' Convention-Melbourne, 10-15 October, 1960

Anonymous, 1949:
General Practitioners' Remuneration

O'Connor, M.; Breen, L.J., 2014:
General Practitioners' experiences of bereavement care and their educational support needs: a qualitative study

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General Practitioners' preferences and use of educational media: a German perspective

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General Practitioners' responses to global climate change - lessons from clinical experience and the clinical method

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General Principles Affecting the Organization and Practice of Quarantine

Mitchiner, P.H., 1941:
General Principles of Treatment of Air-raid Casualties

Loeb, L., 1916:
General Problems and Tendencies in Cancer Research

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General Procedures for Avoiding Contamination with RNase

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General Psychology, its Definition, Limits, and Method

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General Public Expectation from the Communication Process with their Healthcare Providers

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General RBP expression in human tissues as a function of age

Anonymous, 1932:
General Reception And Entertainment

Latham, P.M., 1861:
General Remarks on the Practice of Medicine

Lotter, D.; Castrogiovanni, A.; Neuburger, M.; Sparr, C., 2018:
Catalyst-Controlled Stereodivergent Synthesis of Atropisomeric Multiaxis Systems

Anonymous, 1934:
General Resolutions

Anonymous, 1920:
General Resolutions Of The Panpacific Scientific Conference

Goadby, K.W., 1909:
General Results of the Special Rules in force in Match Factories

Anonymous, 1847:
General Retrospect

Anonymous, 1954:
General Sanitary Conditions In Norway

Anonymous, 1907:
General Sanitation

Ellery, E.; Russell, D.M.; Guild, L.R.; Gray, N.E., 1941:
General Scientific Organizations

Anonymous, 1945:
General Secretary's Page

Gardner, M., 1958:
General Semantics

Doerr, E., 1958:
General Semantics

Quast, S-Annika.; Berger, A.; Buttstädt, N.; Friebel, K.; Schönherr, R.; Eberle, Jürgen., 2012:
General Sensitization of melanoma cells for TRAIL-induced apoptosis by the potassium channel inhibitor TRAM-34 depends on release of SMAC

Duval, C.W.; Lewis, P.A., 1905:
General Septicaemia : (Report of Blood Cultures on Five Cases.)

Anonymous, 1934:
General Sessions

Anonymous, 1935:
General Sessions

Anonymous, 1935:
General Sessions

Anonymous, 1937:
General Sessions

Anonymous, 1938:
General Sessions

Anonymous, 1940:
General Sessions

Anonymous, 1941:
General Sessions

Anonymous, 1942:
General Sessions

Anonymous, 1944:
General Sessions

Anonymous, 1946:
General Sessions

Anonymous, 1930:
General Sessions And Complimentary Lectures

Anonymous, 1928:
General Sessions And Receptions

Anonymous, 1933:
General Sessions Of The Association

Shillitoe, A., 1912:
General Small Lichenoid Syphilide

Eitle, T.McNulty.; Eitle, D.; Johnson-Jennings, M., 2013:
General Strain Theory and Substance Use among American Indian Adolescents

Eitle, D., 2011:
General Strain Theory, Persistence, and Desistance Among Young Adult Males

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General Summary of Conclusions from a Second Series of One Thousand Consecutive Cases of Abdominal Section

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General Surgery (GS) Residency Selection Process: A Comparison Between Singapore (Singhealth) and United States

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General Surgery at Sea in the Downs

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General Surgery-Epitomes of Progress: Shock: Rapid Transfusion, Calcium Levels, pH and Body Temperature

Matolo, N.M., 1977:
General Surgery: Gallbladder and Biliary Tract Scanning with Tc-PG

Glenn, F., 1949:
General Surgical Training and the Specialties

Lazarus-Barlow, W.S., 1908:
General Survey

Anonymous, 1944:
General Symposia

Meier, R.L., 1959:
General Systems Research (L2)

Lee, D.N., 2010:
General Tau Theory: evolution to date

Kasner, E., 1932:
General Theorems in Dynamics

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General Theory versus ENA Theory: Comparing Their Predictive Accuracy and Scope

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General Thyroid Malignancy

Fearnsides, E.G., 1916:
General Tremor and Left Cortico-spinal Interference; Lesion of the Mesencephalon

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General Views of the Composition of Animal Fluids

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General William C. Gorgas

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General absence of abnormal cortical asymmetry in childhood-onset schizophrenia: a longitudinal study

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General access to aminobenzyl-o-carboranes as a new class of carborane derivatives: entry to enantiopure carborane-amine combinations

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General access to chiral N-alkyl terminal aziridines via organocatalysis

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General access to taiwaniaquinoids based on a hypothetical abietane C7-C8 cleavage biogenetic pathway

England, D.B.; Padwa, A., 2008:
General access to the vinca and tacaman alkaloids using a Rh(II)-catalyzed cyclization/cycloaddition cascade

Fife, T.H.; Natarajan, R., 1986:
General acid catalysis in the hydrolysis of 1,3-dioxolanes and 1,3-oxathiolanes. The hydrolysis of acetals and thioacetals of p-(dimethylamino)benzaldehyde

Kath-Schorr, S.; Wilson, T.J.; Li, N-Sheng.; Lu, J.; Piccirilli, J.A.; Lilley, D.M.J., 2013:
General acid-base catalysis mediated by nucleobases in the hairpin ribozyme

Qiu, H.; Fan, W.; Fu, P.; Zuo, C.; Feng, P.; Liu, F.; Zhou, L.; Chen, F.; Zhong, H.; Liang, Y.; Shi, M., 2014:
General acteoside of Rehmanniae leaves in the treatment of primary chronic glomerulonephritis: a randomized controlled trial

Hubert, Mël.; Olsen, J.; Loras, J.; Fleig, T., 2013:
General active space commutator-based coupled cluster theory of general excitation rank for electronically excited states: implementation and application to ScH

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General adherence to guideline recommendations on initial diagnosis of bladder cancer in the United States and influencing factors

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General adverse reactions to contrast agents. Classification and general concepts

Li, J.; Dai, G.; Zhang, Z., 2015:
General adverse response to cyclophosphamide in Chinese patients with systemic autoimmune diseases in recent decade—a single-center retrospective study

Berrut, G., 2016:
General ageing of the population or demographic transition?

Cibula, M.A.; McIntyre, D.H., 2013:
General algorithm to optimize the diffraction efficiency of a phase-type spatial light modulator

Howell, J.M.; Liu, W.; Young, A.J.; White, M.Christina., 2015:
General allylic C-H alkylation with tertiary nucleophiles

Wang, H.; Raleigh, D.P., 2015:
General amyloid inhibitors? A critical examination of the inhibition of IAPP amyloid formation by inositol stereoisomers

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General anaesthesia and TrkA mRNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Mitchell, M., 2010:
General anaesthesia and day-case patient anxiety

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General anaesthesia and obstetric bleeding in caesarean section. One year's experience in a university hospital

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General anaesthesia and surgical shock

Naja, Z.; Al Tannir, M.; Naccache, N.; El Rajab, M.; Al Sayyid, K.; Ziade, F.; Chatila, M., 2012:
General anaesthesia combined with bilateral paravertebral blockade (T11-T12-L1) vs general anaesthesia for bilateral varicocelectomy. A randomized double-blind clinical trial

Fuentes-García, D.; Hernández-Palazón, J.; Acosta-Villegas, F., 2015:
General anaesthesia combined with epidural analgesia for ureteroneocystostomy in a patient with Cornelia de Lange syndrome

Guay, J., 2011:
General anaesthesia does not contribute to long-term post-operative cognitive dysfunction in adults: A meta-analysis

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General anaesthesia for MRI in children with hypotonia: a case series

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General anaesthesia for a patient with Williams-Beuren syndrome: is sevoflurane and ketamine contraindicated?

Ajmal, M., 2012:
General anaesthesia for caesarean sections: are anaesthetists dealing with exaggerated fear?

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General anaesthesia for caeserean section in a patient with moyamoya disease

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General anaesthesia for deep brain stimulator electrode insertion in Parkinson's disease

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General anaesthesia for emergency caesarean delivery: is the time saved worth the potential risks?

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General anaesthesia for external electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation: experience of an exclusively cardiological procedural management

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General anaesthesia for insertion of an automated implantable cardioverter defibrillator in a child with Brugada and autism

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General anaesthesia for intralesional bleomycin therapy of vascular malformations: initial 3 yr experience

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General anaesthesia for laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a patient with the kearns-sayre syndrome

McINTYRE, D.H., 2014:
General anaesthesia for tonsillectomy

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General anaesthesia in a patient affected by Brugada syndrome

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General anaesthesia in a patient with Clarkson syndrome

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General anaesthesia in a recent heart transplant recipient for endovascular aortic aneurysm repair

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General anaesthesia in an adult patient with Morquio syndrom with emphasis on airway issues

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General anaesthesia in children: a French survey of practices

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General anaesthesia in dental surgery

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General anaesthesia in elderly patients with cardiovascular disorders: choice of anaesthetic agent

ROBERTS, 1948:
General anaesthesia in orthopaedic surgery

HYAMS, I.B., 2014:
General anaesthesia in pedodontia

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General anaesthesia is used too frequently for caesarean section

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