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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53370

Chapter 53370 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bény, Cédric.; Oreshkov, O., 2010:
General conditions for approximate quantum error correction and near-optimal recovery channels

Jähne, J., 2012:
General conditions in surgery: economy, legal aspects and research

Kramer, M., 2008:
General conditions: a necessity for every practice

Tang, L.; Yin, J.; Yuan, G.; Du, J.; Gao, H.; Dong, X.; Lu, Y.; Du, C., 2012:
General conformal transformation method based on Schwarz-Christoffel approach

Counseller, V.S., 2018:
General consideration of hysterectomy

Smithers, D.W.; Steed, P.R., 1949:
General consideration of rotation techniques

Cao, H.; Chen, X., 2012:
General consideration on sialic acid chemistry

Inamatsu, T., 2007:
General consideration on the infections in the elderly

Reina, J., 2010:
General considerations about the new influenza A (H1N1)

Kim, Y.Joo., 2010:
General considerations and updates in pediatric gastrointestinal diagnostic endoscopy

Patrinos, G.P., 2011:
General considerations for integrating pharmacogenomics into mainstream medical practice

Kaech, S.; Huang, C-Fang.; Banker, G., 2012:
General considerations for live imaging of developing hippocampal neurons in culture

Gage, A., 2018:
General considerations for sanitation and public health in tropical industry

Bhat, A., 2009:
General considerations in hypospadias surgery

Anderson, C.D., 1948:
General considerations in inhalation anesthesia

Naffziger, H.C., 2010:
General considerations in spinal cord injuries

Evans, E.A., 1947:
General considerations in the use of radioactive and stable isotopes

Moore, D.E., 2018:
General considerations in treatment of ankle fractures

Carlson, H.E., 2011:
General considerations of the treatment of renal calculi

Escudero, D.; Matesanz, R.; Soratti, C.Alberto.; Flores, J.Ignacio.; Matesanz, R.; Soratti, C.Alberto.; Flores, Jé.Ignasio.; Ibar, R.; Pacheco, A.Claudia.; Salomao Filho, A.; Rodríguez, M.Soledad.; Toro, Jé.; Mejia, L.Eduardo.; Gamboa, C.Augusto.; Falcón, J.Alberto.; Michelena, J.Carlos.; Proaño, Jé.Roberto.; Palomo, Rúl.Armando.; Miranda, M.Alvarez.; Escudero, D.; Gallardo, L.; Luengo, A.; Escobar, E.Martín.; Sánchez, J.; García-Gallont, R.A.; Alvarez, M.Alberto.Figueroa.; Barahona, J, 2010:
General considerations on brain death and recommendations on the clinical decisions after its diagnosis. Red/Consejo Iberoamericano de Donación y Trasplante

Neacsu, A.; Ciurea, A.V., 2010:
General considerations on posterior fossa arteriovenous malformations (clinics, imaging and therapy). Actual concepts and literature review

Cernadas, J.R.; Brockow, K.; Romano, A.; Aberer, W.; Torres, M.J.; Bircher, A.; Campi, P.; Sanz, M.L.; Castells, M.; Demoly, P.; Pichler, W.J., 2011:
General considerations on rapid desensitization for drug hypersensitivity - a consensus statement

Baldo, A.; van den Akker, E.; Bergmans, H.E.; Lim, F.; Pauwels, K., 2014:
General considerations on the biosafety of virus-derived vectors used in gene therapy and vaccination

Andrea, M., 1948:
General considerations on the formation of tissues and organs

Lyon, E., 1947:
General considerations on the pathogenesis of virus myocarditis

van Mook, W.N.K.A.; van Luijk, S.J.; O'Sullivan, H.; Wass, V.; Schuwirth, L.W.; van der Vleuten, C.P.M., 2009:
General considerations regarding assessment of professional behaviour

Sora, M-Constantin.; Matusz, P., 2010:
General considerations regarding the thin slice plastination technique

Graham, L., 2013:
General considerations when planning laparoscopic surgery

Hepp, J.; Zapata, R.; Buckel, E.; Martínez, J.; Uribe, M.; Díaz, J.Carlos.; Ferrario, M.; Sanhueza, E.; Pérez, R.María.; Hunter, B.; Ríos, G.; Humeres, R.; Poniachik, J.; Oksenberg, D.; Arrese, M., 2008:
General considerations, indications and contraindications for liver transplantation in Chile: a multicenter consensus development document

Mizuno, H.; Yamamoto, R., 2013:
General constitutive model for supercooled liquids: anomalous transverse wave propagation

Ohtsu, T.; Kokaze, A.; Shimada, N.; Kaneita, Y.; Shirasawa, T.; Ochiai, H.; Hoshino, H.; Takaishi, M., 2010:
General consumer awareness of warnings regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages

She, P.; Bunpo, P.; Cundiff, J.K.; Wek, R.C.; Harris, R.A.; Anthony, T.G., 2014:
General control nonderepressible 2 (GCN2) kinase protects oligodendrocytes and white matter during branched-chain amino acid deficiency in mice

Stamplecoskie, K.G.; Ju, L.; Farvid, S.S.; Radovanovic, P.V., 2008:
General control of transition-metal-doped GaN nanowire growth: toward understanding the mechanism of dopant incorporation

Cohen, C.I.; Hassamal, S.K.; Begum, N., 2011:
General coping strategies and their impact on quality of life in older adults with schizophrenia

Yang, H.; Li, Y.; Jiang, M.; Wang, J.; Fu, H., 2011:
General copper-catalyzed transformations of functional groups from arylboronic acids in water

Blacker, D.J., 2009:
General correspondence

Sheeba, J.H.; Chandrasekar, V.K.; Lakshmanan, M., 2012:
General coupled-nonlinear-oscillator model for event-related (de)synchronization

Lee, C.T., 1990:
General criteria for nonclassical photon statistics in multimode radiations

Ossikovski, R.; Devlaminck, V., 2014:
General criterion for the physical realizability of the differential Mueller matrix

Rodrigues, D.; Arenillas, P.; Capoulat, M.E.; Balpardo, C., 2008:
General data analysis code for TDCR liquid scintillation counting

Threlfall, A.G.; King, D.; Milsom, K.M.; Blinkhom, A.S.; Tickle, M., 2007:
General dental practitioner's views on dental general anaesthesia services

Liu, H-chen., 2014:
General dentistry and general dentist

Winter, R., 2012:
General dentistry as a specialty

Estrella, M.Regina.P.; Boynton, J.R., 2010:
General dentistry's role in the care for children with special needs: a review

Schulte, D., 2012:
General dentists advertising specialty services

Bennett, D.E.; Lee, J.Ho.; Richards, P.S.; Inglehart, M.Rohr., 2010:
General dentists and periodontal referrals

Laurence, B., 2009:
General dentists, endodontists, and other dental specialists make different treatment recommendations depending on dental specialty status when presented with varying clinical scenarios involving endodontically involved teeth

Pinto, Nádia.; Silva, P.V.; Amorim, Aónio., 2011:
General derivation of the sets of pedigrees with the same kinship coefficients

James, C.W.; Falcke, H.; Huege, T.; Ludwig, M., 2011:
General description of electromagnetic radiation processes based on instantaneous charge acceleration in "endpoints"

Anonymous, 1990:
General description of functional classification of Scottish hospitals

Hayman, M.; Thayer, J.P., 2012:
General description of polarization in lidar using Stokes vectors and polar decomposition of Mueller matrices

Sang, L-Ching.; Vinu, A.; Coppens, M-Olivier., 2012:
General description of the adsorption of proteins at their iso-electric point in nanoporous materials

Nägele, M.; Bakker, E.; Pretsch, E., 1999:
General description of the simultaneous response of potentiometric ionophore-based sensors to ions of different charge

Guo, H.; Li, T.; Chen, W.; Liu, L.; Yang, X.; Wang, Y.; Guo, Y., 2014:
General design of hollow porous CoFe2O4 nanocubes from metal-organic frameworks with extraordinary lithium storage

Gobin, R.; Blideanu, V.; Bogard, D.; Bourdelle, G.; Chauvin, N.; Delferrière, O.; Girardot, P.; Jannin, J.L.; Langlois, S.; Loiseau, D.; Pottin, B.; Rousse, J-Y.; Senée, F., 2010:
General design of the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility deuteron injector: source and beam line

Zhang, X.; Xie, T.; Cui, M.; Yang, L.; Sun, X.; Jiang, J.; Zhang, G., 2014:
General design strategy for aromatic ketone-based single-component dual-emissive materials

Favre, Mônica.R.; Barkat, T.R.; Lamendola, D.; Khazen, G.; Markram, H.; Markram, K., 2013:
General developmental health in the VPA-rat model of autism

Gris, A.; Cabedo, N.; Navarro, I.; de Alfonso, I.; Agulló, C.; Abad-Somovilla, A., 2012:
General diastereoselective synthetic approach toward isospongian diterpenes. Synthesis of (-)-marginatafuran, (-)-marginatone, and (-)-20-acetoxymarginatone

Potoczek, A., 2012:
General differences in the intensity of catastrophic interpretation of body sensations and it's specific links with severity of symptoms of panic disorder and depression in women and men with difficult and aspirin-induced asthma

Fan, S-Kang.; Hsieh, T-Han.; Lin, D-Yu., 2009:
General digital microfluidic platform manipulating dielectric and conductive droplets by dielectrophoresis and electrowetting

Hunt, J.C.; Thomas, C.B.; Guyton, A.C.; Engelman, K., 1969:
General discussion (morning session)

O'rourke, J.T., 2011:
General discussion of the teaching of oral diagnosis

Uraguchi, D.; Yamada, K.; Sato, M.; Ooi, T., 2018:
Catalyst-Directed Guidance of Sulfur-Substituted Enediolates to Stereoselective Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation with Aldehydes

Uraguchi, D.; Shibazaki, R.; Tanaka, N.; Yamada, K.; Yoshioka, K.; Ooi, T., 2018:
Catalyst-Enabled Site-Divergent Stereoselective Michael Reactions: Overriding Intrinsic Reactivity of Enynyl Carbonyl Acceptors

Davis, J.N.; Sullivan, K.; Guzman, A., 2018:
Catalyst for Growth: The Implications of Co-Curricular Experiences for Nursing Education

Szalaty, T.J.; Klapiszewski, Łukasz.; Stanisz, Młgorzata.; Moszyński, D.; Skrzypczak, A.; Jesionowski, T., 2018:
Catalyst-free activation of kraft lignin in air using hydrogen sulfate ionic liquids

Eisenbud, M.; Ferrand, E.; Wolff, G., 1978:
General discussion: session I

Driak, F., 2014:
General diseases of odontogenic etiology

Dolezal, A.; Brent, C., 2010:
General dissection of female ant reproductive system and brain

Brodbeck, J.; Goodyer, I.M.; Abbott, R.A.; Dunn, V.J.; St Clair, M.C.; Owens, M.; Jones, P.B.; Croudace, T.J., 2014:
General distress, hopelessness-suicidal ideation and worrying in adolescence: concurrent and predictive validity of a symptom-level bifactor model for clinical diagnoses

Sister Loretta Mary, 2010:
General duty nursing in the hospital

Goddard, B.D.; Nold, A.; Savva, N.; Pavliotis, G.A.; Kalliadasis, S., 2012:
General dynamical density functional theory for classical fluids

Shim, S.Ryul.; Kim, J.Heon.; Choi, H.; Lee, W.Jin.; Kim, H.Joon.; Bae, M.Young.; Hwang, S.Dong.; Kim, K.Hwan.; Bae, J.Hyun.; Yoon, S.Jin., 2015:
General effect of low-dose tamsulosin (0.2 mg) as a first-line treatment for lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Rasmussen, S.S.; Glümer, C.; Sandbaek, A.; Lauritzen, T.; Borch-Johnsen, K., 2008:
General effect on high-risk persons when general practitioners are trained in intensive treatment of type 2 diabetes

Woloschuk, W.; Gorsche, R.; Kay, D.; Hnatuik, J.; Kohlhammer, M.; Betzner, M., 2008:
General emergency medicine skills (GEMS) training for rural physicians: evaluation of a pilot project

Brühl, A.Beatrix.; Herwig, U.; Delsignore, A.; Jäncke, L.; Rufer, M., 2013:
General emotion processing in social anxiety disorder: neural issues of cognitive control

Shung, K.K., 1987:
General engineering principles in diagnostic ultrasound

Yang, R.; Qiu, F.G., 2014:
General entry to aspidosperma alkaloids: enantioselective total synthesis of (-)-aspidophytine

Harada, S.; Sakai, T.; Takasu, K.; Yamada, K-ichi.; Yamamoto, Y.; Tomioka, K., 2013:
General entry to asymmetric one-pot [N + 2 + n] cyclization for the synthesis of three- to seven-membered azacycloalkanes

Lu, J.; Zhou, Y.; Lin, X.; Jiang, Y.; Tian, R.; Zhang, Y.; Wu, J.; Zhang, F.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Bi, S., 2010:
General epidemiological parameters of viral hepatitis A, B, C, and E in six regions of China: a cross-sectional study in 2007

Campins Martí, M.; Uriona Tuma, S., 2015:
General epidemiology of infections acquired by health-care workers: immunization of health-care workers

Pemán, J.; Salavert, M., 2012:
General epidemiology of invasive fungal disease

Pujol, M.; Limón, E., 2014:
General epidemiology of nosocomial infections. Surveillance systems and programs

Song, Y.S.; Wang, F.; Slatkin, M., 2011 :
General epistatic models of the risk of complex diseases

Bormashenko, E., 2011:
General equation describing wetting of rough surfaces

Ouerdane, L.; Mester, Zán.; Meija, J., 2009:
General equation for multiple spiking isotope dilution mass spectrometry

Scholkmann, F.; Wolf, M., 2014:
General equation for the differential pathlength factor of the frontal human head depending on wavelength and age

Mariani, D., 2011:
General equivalency mapping helps convert ICD-9-CM codes to ICD-10-CM

Goede, S.L.; Leow, M.Khee-Shing., 2014:
General error analysis in the relationship between free thyroxine and thyrotropin and its clinical relevance

Başsüllü, N.; Türkmen, I.; Yaprak, O.; Dayangaç, M.; Demırbaş, T.; Güler, N.; Uraz, Süleyman.; Akyildiz, M.; Cığercıoğullari, E.; Tokat, Y.; Yüzer, Yıldıray.; Doğusoy, Gülen.Bülbül., 2012:
General evaluation of hepatectomy and hepatocellular carcinoma cases

Liu, J.; Chang, L-Wen.; Wang, Q.; Qin, G-Lian., 2010:
General evaluation of periventricular-intraventricular hemorrhage in premature infants in mainland China

Vahtras, O.; Rinkevicius, Z., 2007:
General excitations in time-dependent density functional theory

Hall, S.A.; Chiu, G.R.; Kaufman, D.W.; Kelly, J.P.; Link, C.L.; Kupelian, V.; McKinlay, J.B., 2010:
General exposures to prescription medications by race/ethnicity in a population-based sample: results from the Boston Area Community Health Survey

Dong, Y.; Cao, B-Yang.; Guo, Z-Yuan., 2013:
General expression for entropy production in transport processes based on the thermomass model

Verma, B.S.; Basu, A.; Bhattacharyya, R.; Shah, V.V., 1988:
General expression for the reflectance of an all-dielectric multilayer stack

Zhou, J-Song.; Xiangli, B.; Wei, R-Yi.; Jing, J-Juan., 2011:
General expression of optic path difference of reflecting rotating Fourier transform spectrometer

Pääkkönen, V.; Bleicher, Fçoise.; Carrouel, F.; Vuoristo, J.T.; Salo, T.; Wappler, I.; Couble, M-Lise.; Magloire, H.; Peters, H.; Tjäderhane, L., 2008:
General expression profiles of human native odontoblasts and pulp-derived cultured odontoblast-like cells are similar but reveal differential neuropeptide expression levels

Elnaggar, S.Y.; Tervo, R.; Mattar, S.M., 2014:
General expressions for the coupling coefficient, quality and filling factors for a cavity with an insert using energy coupled mode theory

Wang, Q.; Tian, Z.; Li, Y.; Tian, S.; Li, Y.; Ren, S.; Gu, C.; Li, J., 2014:
General fabrication of ordered nanocone arrays by one-step selective plasma etching

Seisenbaeva, G.A.; Daniel, G.; Kessler, V.G.; Nedelec, J-Marie., 2015:
General facile approach to transition-metal oxides with highly uniform mesoporosity and their application as adsorbents for heavy-metal-ion sequestration

St'ovíček, V.; Váchová, Lše.; Kuthan, M.; Palková, Z., 2011:
General factors important for the formation of structured biofilm-like yeast colonies

Burnam, C.F., 2011:
General factors in irradiation therapy

Jang, J-Yeon.; Kim, S-Yeon.; Kim, S-Ja.; Lee, K-Eun.; Cheong, H-Kwan.; Kim, E-Hye.; Choi, K-Ho.; Kim, Y-Hee., 2015:
General factors of the Korean exposure factors handbook

Pérez-Pérez, L.Comba., 2012:
General features and treatment of notalgia paresthetica

Payton, R.R.; Rispoli, L.A.; Edwards, J.Lannett., 2011:
General features of certain RNA populations from gametes and cumulus cells

Brandt, H.M.; Bellinger, J.D.; Sharpe, P.A.; Hardin, J.W., 2010:
General findings of a population-based HPV telephone survey of women in South Carolina

Sun, W.; Pan, H.; Videen, G., 2009:
General finite-difference time-domain solution of an arbitrary electromagnetic source interaction with an arbitrary dielectric surface

Ihara, M.; Takano, Y.; Yamashita, A., 2015:
General flexible nature of the cytosolic regions of fungal transient receptor potential (TRP) channels, revealed by expression screening using GFP-fusion techniques

Karimifar, N.; Gries, R.; Khaskin, G.; Gries, G., 2011:
General food semiochemicals attract omnivorous German cockroaches, Blattella germanica

Zhu, H.; Yang, Y.; Zhu, X.; Gui, Z.; Shu, H., 2014:
General form for obtaining unit disc-based generalized orthogonal moments

Zhang, G.; Xia, B.Yu.; Xiao, C.; Yu, L.; Wang, X.; Xie, Y.; Lou, X.Wen.David., 2013:
General formation of complex tubular nanostructures of metal oxides for the oxygen reduction reaction and lithium-ion batteries

Teo, P.; Koh, L.Lin.; Hor, T.S.Andy., 2008:
General formation of trigonal-prismatic [Ag6X5(dppf)3]+ (X = Cl, Br, I) through an unusual ligand migration from NiX2(dppf) to AgOTf

Yuan, S.; Riza, N.A., 2008:
General formula for coupling-loss characterization of single-mode fiber collimators by use of gradient-index rod lenses

Braun, C., 1985:
General formula for the errors in aerosol properties determined from lidar measurements at a single wavelength

Wei, L.Y., 1980:
General formula for the incidence factor of a solar heliostat receiver system

Breuer, F.A.; Kannengiesser, S.A.R.; Blaimer, M.; Seiberlich, N.; Jakob, P.M.; Griswold, M.A., 2009:
General formulation for quantitative G-factor calculation in GRAPPA reconstructions

Chu, Z.; Bedford, R.E.; Xu, W.; Liu, X., 1989:
General formulation for the integrated effective emissivity of any axisymmetric diffuse blackbody cavity

Burwell, C.S., 1948:
General formulation of diagnosis of heart disease

Thompson, A.P.; Plimpton, S.J.; Mattson, W., 2010:
General formulation of pressure and stress tensor for arbitrary many-body interaction potentials under periodic boundary conditions

Bernard, Y.A.; Shao, Y.; Krylov, A.I., 2012:
General formulation of spin-flip time-dependent density functional theory using non-collinear kernels: theory, implementation, and benchmarks

Hemeda, A.A.; Tafreshi, H.Vahedi., 2014 :
General formulations for predicting longevity of submerged superhydrophobic surfaces composed of pores or posts

Rossetto, V., 2010:
General framework for multiple scattering of polarized waves including anisotropies and Berry phase

Pereira, T.; Baptista, M.S.; Kurths, J., 2007:
General framework for phase synchronization through localized sets

Ohno, Y.; Hisaka, A.; Ueno, M.; Suzuki, H., 2008:
General framework for the prediction of oral drug interactions caused by CYP3A4 induction from in vivo information

Ohno, Y.; Hisaka, A.; Suzuki, H., 2007:
General framework for the quantitative prediction of CYP3A4-mediated oral drug interactions based on the AUC increase by coadministration of standard drugs

Li, X.; Li, B.; Yang, B.; Zeng, T., 2013:
General framework to histogram-shifting-based reversible data hiding

Petit, J.; Bonaccurso, E., 2014:
General frost growth mechanism on solid substrates with different stiffness

Khananashvili, M.M.; Kupalov, P.Stepanovich., 2009:
General functional state (tonus) of the brain and conditioned reflexes as the mechanisms of it's regulation

Ku, S.Hee.; Ryu, J.; Hong, S.Ki.; Lee, H.; Park, C.Beum., 2010:
General functionalization route for cell adhesion on non-wetting surfaces

Somlai, Z.; Moustafa, A.A.; Kéri, S.; Myers, C.E.; Gluck, M.A., 2011:
General functioning predicts reward and punishment learning in schizophrenia

Gabrys, B.; Bargiela, A., 2008:
General fuzzy min-max neural network for clustering and classification

Vibranovski, M.D.; Zhang, Y.; Long, M., 2009:
General gene movement off the X chromosome in the Drosophila genus

Bhat, P.N.Mari., 2002:
General growth balance method: A reformulation for populations open to migration

Zong, X-nan.; Li, H., 2011:
General growth patterns and simple mathematic models of height and weight of Chinese children

Liu, P.; Zou, S.; Yu, B.; Li, L.; Huang, H., 2018:
Catalyst-Free Aminomethylamination of o-Hydroxystyrenes with Aminals to 1,3-Diamines

Maekawa, H.; Noda, K.; Kuramochi, K.; Zhang, T., 2018:
Catalyst-Free and Solvent-Controlled Reductive Coupling of Activated Vinyl Triflates with Chlorotrimethylsilane by Magnesium Metal and Its Synthetic Application

Byers, K.B.; Engelman, A.; Fontes, B., 2008:
General guidelines for experimenting with HIV

Di Giorgio, M.; Radl, Aía.; Taja, Mía.R.; Bubniak, R.; Deminge, M.; Sapienza, C.; Vázquez, M.; Baciu, F.; Kenny, P., 2015:
General guidelines for safe and expeditious international transport of samples subjected to biological dosimetry assessment

Corres Calderón, Jín.; Corres Calderón, Jín., 2010:
General guidelines for the clinical-biological control in patients with hydatidiform mole. 1954

Allen, L.V., 1997:
General guidelines for the use of chemicals for prescription compounding

Williams, B.A.; Dang, Q.; Bost, J.E.; Irrgang, J.J.; Orebaugh, S.L.; Bottegal, M.T.; Kentor, M.L., 2009:
General health and knee function outcomes from 7 days to 12 weeks after spinal anesthesia and multimodal analgesia for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Brennan, D.S.; Singh, K.A., 2012:
General health and oral health self-ratings, and impact of oral problems among older adults

Naeinian, M.Reza.; Shaeiri, M.Reza.; Hosseini, F.Sadat., 2011:
General health and quality of life in patients with sexual dysfunctions

Pirkola, S.; Saarni, S.; Suvisaari, J.; Elovainio, M.; Partonen, T.; Aalto, A-Mari.; Honkonen, T.; Perälä, J.; Lönnqvist, J., 2009:
General health and quality-of-life measures in active, recent, and comorbid mental disorders: a population-based health 2000 study

Achat, H.M.; Thomas, P.; Close, G.R.; Moerkerken, L.R.; Harris, M.F., 2011:
General health care service utilisation: where, when and by whom in a socioeconomically disadvantaged population

Krogsbøll, L.T.; Jørgensen, K.Juhl.; Gøtzsche, P.C., 2013:
General health checks and diabetes screening has no effect

Gøtzsche, P.C.; Jørgensen, K.Juhl.; Krogsbøll, L.T., 2014:
General health checks don't work

Narasimhan, K., 2013:
General health checks for reducing morbidity and mortality

Cass, R.M., 2013:
General health checks in adults

Krogsbøll, L.T.; Jørgensen, K.Juhl.; Gøtzsche, P.C., 2013:
General health checks in adults for reducing morbidity and mortality from disease

Krogsbøll, L.T.; Jørgensen, K.Juhl.; Grønhøj Larsen, C.; Gøtzsche, P.C., 2013:
General health checks in adults for reducing morbidity and mortality from disease: Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis

Prochazka, A.V.; Caverly, T., 2013:
General health checks in adults for reducing morbidity and mortality from disease: summary review of primary findings and conclusions

Majeed, A.; Banarsee, R., 2014:
General health checks may not reduce morbidity or mortality but do increase the number of new diagnoses

Lauritzen, T.; Sandbaek, A.; Borch-Johnsen, K., 2015:
General health checks may work

Anonymous, 2013:
General health checks should be discouraged

Krogsbøll, L.T.; Jørgensen, K.Juhl., 2013:
General health checks--again

Poortaghi, S.; Atri, S.B.; Safayian, A.; Baghernia, A., 2011:
General health improves with home-based cardiac rehabilitation program

Gudmundsson, G.; Tómasson, K., 2009:
General health in Icelandic farmers

Earnest, J.; Finger, R.P., 2009:
General health in Timor-Leste: self-assessed health in a large household survey

Marrie, R.Ann.; Hanwell, H., 2014:
General health issues in multiple sclerosis: comorbidities, secondary conditions, and health behaviors

Moscandrew, M.; Mahadevan, U.; Kane, S., 2009:
General health maintenance in IBD

Grignon, L.M.; Jameson, M.J.; Karnell, L.Hynds.; Christensen, A.J.; Funk, G.F., 2007:
General health measures and long-term survival in patients with head and neck cancer

Puriene, A.; Janulyte, V.; Musteikyte, M.; Bendinskaite, R., 2007:
General health of dentists. Literature review

de Deco, C.Porto.; do Santos, J.Francisco.Fernandes.; da Cunha, V.de.Paula.Prisco.; Marchini, L., 2007:
General health of elderly institutionalised and community-dwelling Brazilians

Ardian, N.; Mazloomy Mahmoudabad, S.Saeid.; Ardian, M.; Karimi, M., 2015:
General health of foreign-origin groups and native population

Islam, M.M.; Taylor, A.; Smyth, C.; Day, C.A., 2014:
General health of opioid substitution therapy clients

Jacob, K.S.; Bhugra, D.; Mann, A.H., 1997:
General health questionnaire - 12: psychometric properties and factor structure among Indian women living in the United kingdom

Laranjeira, C.António., 2008:
General health questionnaire--12 items: adaptation study to the Portuguese population

Isa, M.Rodi.; Ming, M.Foong.; Abdul Razack, A.Hassan.; Zainuddin, Z.Mohd.; Zainal, N.Zuraida., 2016:
General health related quality of life and associated factors among prostate cancer patients in two tertiary medical centers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: a cross-sectional study

Raphael, S.L., 2010:
General health screening as part of a periodontal examination

Liláková, D.; Hejcmanová, D.; Krylová, K., 2011:
General health state of premature children treated for retinopathy of prematurity from 2007 to 2009

Cardarelli, R.; Weis, S.; Adams, E.; Radaford, D.; Vecino, I.; Munguia, G.; Johnson, K.Love.; Fulda, K.G., 2008:
General health status and adherence to antiretroviral therapy

Fitzharris, M.; Fildes, B.; Charlton, J.; Kossmann, T., 2007:
General health status and functional disability following injury in traffic crashes

Sanders, A.E.; Slade, G.D.; Bair, E.; Fillingim, R.B.; Knott, C.; Dubner, R.; Greenspan, J.D.; Maixner, W.; Ohrbach, R., 2014:
General health status and incidence of first-onset temporomandibular disorder: the OPPERA prospective cohort study

Ozono, S.; Ishida, Y.; Honda, M.; Okamura, J.; Asami, K.; Maeda, N.; Sakamoto, N.; Inada, H.; Iwai, T.; Kamibeppu, K.; Kakee, N.; Horibe, K., 2014:
General health status and late effects among adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood cancer in Japan

Stewart, R.; Hirani, V., 2011:
General health status and vascular disorders as correlates of late-life depressive symptoms in a national survey sample

Koka, B.E.; Deane, F.P.; Lyons, G.Cb.; Lambert, G., 2015:
General health workers' description of mental health problems and treatment approaches used in Papua New Guinea

Ozkan, Y.; Ozcan, M.; Kulak, Y.; Kazazoglu, E.; Arikan, A., 2011 :
General health, dental status and perceived dental treatment needs of an elderly population in Istanbul

Iezzoni, L.I.; Yu, J.; Wint, A.J.; Smeltzer, S.C.; Ecker, J.L., 2017:
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General information

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General insurance

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General inventor

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General investigation of elastic thin rods as subject to a terminal twist

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General laser surgery

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General liability policy does not cover misleading recommendation. Preau v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Co

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General linear models

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General linear problem of propagation of the heat in a medium of various strata

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General management of typhoid case

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General management. The power and the glory

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General measures to prevent the atmospheric pollution of the workplace

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General medical council

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General medical follow-up clinics - does the traditional model need to be updated for new traditional model need to be updated for new acute physicians?

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General medical interventions in patients with dementia treated in a psychogeriatric unit

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General medical service committee-call for undated resignations from g.p.s

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General medical services defence trust

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General medical with depression drugs associated

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Catalyst-Free Ring Opening of Spiroaziridine Oxindoles by Heteronucleophiles: An Approach to the Synthesis of Enantiopure 3-Substituted Oxindoles

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General meeting. General Secretary's moral report

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General method for calibrating Sun photometers

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General method for designing wave shape transformers

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General method for determining the masses of semi-invisibly decaying particles at hadron colliders

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General method for ultrathin free-standing films of nanofibrous composite materials

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General method of sensitivity control for manufacturing errors

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General operative technique of the foot and ankle

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