Section 54
Chapter 53,386

Genetic polymorphism of clones and their seed progeny in the scotch pine clone plantation

Korshikov, I.I.; Demkovich, A.E.

Tsitologiia i Genetika 44(1): 36-45


ISSN/ISBN: 0564-3783
PMID: 20201411
Accession: 053385055

Genetic variation at 12 allozyme loci (10 of them being polymorphic ones) has been studied in the archive-clone plantation of 23 Pinus sylvestris plus-trees and their seed progeny in the south-east of Ukraine. More than a half of clones had 4-8 heterozygous loci, whereas their seed progeny was marked by a lower variation than maternal trees. Seed progeny was obtained at a high outcrossing rate (t(m) = 95%). The clone progeny was characterized by a high percentage of abnormal allele segregation in megagametophytes. There was also a high frequency of significant deviation in distribution of seed embryo genotypes from the theoretically expected one according to the Hardy-Weinberg law.

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