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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53388

Chapter 53388 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Singh, A.; Singh, K.; Goel, R.; Hu, Y.; Reichenberger, E.; Kapoor, S., 2015:
Genetic study of an Indian family with cherubism

Saijilafu; Zhou, F-Quan., 2012:
Genetic study of axon regeneration with cultured adult dorsal root ganglion neurons

Wang, Q.; Shao, Z.; Wang, X.; Gao, Y.; Li, M.; Xu, L.; Xu, J.; Wang, L., 2010:
Genetic study of capsular switching between Neisseria meningitidis sequence type 7 serogroup A and C strains

Morisaki, T., 2012:
Genetic study of coronary artery disease

Sahin-Calapoglu, N.; Soyoz, M.; Calapoglu, M.; Ozcelik, N., 2010:
Genetic study of demyelinating form of autosomal-recessive Charcot-Marie-tooth diseases in a Turkish family

Kaidonis, G.; Abhary, S.; Daniell, M.; Gillies, M.; Fogarty, R.; Petrovsky, N.; Jenkins, A.; Essex, R.; Chang, J.H.; Pal, B.; Hewitt, A.W.; Burdon, K.P.; Craig, J.E., 2015:
Genetic study of diabetic retinopathy: recruitment methodology and analysis of baseline characteristics

Zai, C.C.; Romano-Silva, M.A.; Hwang, R.; Zai, G.C.; Deluca, V.; Müller, D.J.; King, N.; Voineskos, A.N.; Meltzer, H.Y.; Lieberman, J.A.; Potkin, S.G.; Remington, G.; Kennedy, J.L., 2008:
Genetic study of eight AKT1 gene polymorphisms and their interaction with DRD2 gene polymorphisms in tardive dyskinesia

Meng, H.; Ren, X.; Tian, Y.; Feng, X.; Xu, L.; Zhang, L.; Lu, R.; Shi, D.; Chen, Z., 2011:
Genetic study of families affected with aggressive periodontitis

Tashima, I.; Arita, K.; Asada, Y., 2010:
Genetic study of gutter-shaped root (GSR) in AKXL RI mouse strains using QTL analysis

Penrose, L.S., 1948:
Genetic study of mammary cancer

Martinez-Mir, A.; González-Pérez, A.; Gayán, J.; Antúnez, C.; Marín, J.; Boada, Mé.; Lopez-Arrieta, Jús.María.; Fernández, E.; Ramírez-Lorca, R.; Sáez, Mía.Eugenia.; Ruiz, Aín.; Scholl, F.G.; Real, L.Miguel., 2013:
Genetic study of neurexin and neuroligin genes in Alzheimer's disease

Moroz, V.V.; Smelaia, T.V.; Salnikova, L.E.; Golubev, A.M.; Rubanovich, A.V., 2012:
Genetic study of predisposition to community-acquired pneumonia

Vijaya, M.; Kanthimathi, S.; Ramesh, A., 2008:
Genetic study of scheduled caste populations of Tamil Nadu

Ikeda, M., 2012:
Genetic study of schizophrenia-focusing on GWAS-

Ujike, H.; Nakata, K., 2003:
Genetic study of schizophrenia: new targets for therapy

Favret, E.A., 2014:
Genetic study of the appearance of resistant forms in microorganisms sensitive to fungocin

Parajes, S.; González-Quintela, A.; Campos, Jín.; Quinteiro, C.; Domínguez, F.; Loidi, L., 2011:
Genetic study of the hepcidin gene (HAMP) promoter and functional analysis of the c.-582A > G variant

Ghelelovitch, S., 2014 :
Genetic study of two characters of pigmentation of Culex autogenicus Roubaud

Li, D.; Li, D.; Wang, T.; Song, X.; Qucuo, M.; Yang, B.; Zhang, J.; Wang, J.; Ying, B.; Tao, C.; Wang, L., 2011:
Genetic study of two single nucleotide polymorphisms within corresponding microRNAs and susceptibility to tuberculosis in a Chinese Tibetan and Han population

Das, G.; Sadhukhan, T.; Sadhukhan, D.; Biswas, A.; Pal, S.; Ghosh, A.; Das, S.K.; Ray, K.; Ray, J., 2013:
Genetic study on frontotemporal lobar degeneration in India

Sano, A., 2010:
Genetic study on mental disorders

Caspermeyer, J., 2014:
Genetic study pushes back timeline for first significant human population expansion

Maeda, S., 2012:
Genetic study toward personalized medicine for diabetes mellitus

Rodríguez, V.; Tomàs, C.; Sánchez, J.J.; Castro, J.A.; Ramon, M.M.; Barbaro, A.; Morling, N.; Picornell, A., 2008:
Genetic sub-structure in western Mediterranean populations revealed by 12 Y-chromosome STR loci

Rigolin, G.Matteo.; Saccenti, E.; Rizzotto, L.; Ferracin, M.; Martinelli, S.; Formigaro, L.; Cibien, F.; Cavallari, M.; Lista, E.; Daghia, G.; Sofritti, O.; Ciccone, M.; Cavazzini, F.; Lupini, L.; Bassi, C.; Zagatti, B.; Negrini, M.; Cuneo, A., 2014:
Genetic subclonal complexity and miR125a-5p down-regulation identify a subset of patients with inferior outcome in low-risk CLL patients

Stewart, F.J.; Baik, A.Hyun.Y.; Cavanaugh, C.M., 2009:
Genetic subdivision of chemosynthetic endosymbionts of Solemya velum along the Southern New England coast

Smalley, K.S.M.; Nathanson, K.L.; Flaherty, K.T., 2009 :
Genetic subgrouping of melanoma reveals new opportunities for targeted therapy

Lokugamage, N.; Freiberg, A.N.; Morrill, J.C.; Ikegami, T., 2013:
Genetic subpopulations of Rift Valley fever virus strains ZH548 and MP-12 and recombinant MP-12 strains

Hvilsom, C.; Carlsen, F.; Siegismund, H.R.; Corbet, S.; Nerrienet, E.; Fomsgaard, A., 2008:
Genetic subspecies diversity of the chimpanzee CD4 virus-receptor gene

Satyanarayana, A.; Berthet, C.; Lopez-Molina, J.; Coppola, V.; Tessarollo, L.; Kaldis, P., 2008:
Genetic substitution of Cdk1 by Cdk2 leads to embryonic lethality and loss of meiotic function of Cdk2

Ogawa, L.M.; Vallender, E.J., 2015:
Genetic substructure in cynomolgus macaques (Macaca fascicularis) on the island of Mauritius

Alsmadi, O.; Thareja, G.; Alkayal, F.; Rajagopalan, R.; John, S.Elsa.; Hebbar, P.; Behbehani, K.; Thanaraj, T.Alphonse., 2014:
Genetic substructure of Kuwaiti population reveals migration history

Hulot, J-Sébastien.; Collet, J-Philippe.; Montalescot, G., 2011:
Genetic substudy of the PLATO trial

Johnston, A.J.; Meier, P.; Gheyselinck, J.; Wuest, S.Ej.; Federer, M.; Schlagenhauf, E.; Becker, Jörg.D.; Grossniklaus, U., 2007:
Genetic subtraction profiling identifies genes essential for Arabidopsis reproduction and reveals interaction between the female gametophyte and the maternal sporophyte

Deng, Y.; Zhang, C.; Yan, Y.; Yan, P.; Wu, S., 2015:
Genetic subtype and epidemiological feature of HIV-1 circulating strains among recently infected patients in Fujian province

Habekova, M.; Takacova, M.; Lysy, J.; Mokras, M.; Camacho, R.; Truska, P.; Stanekova, D., 2010 :
Genetic subtypes of HIV type 1 circulating in Slovakia

Ciernik, I.F.; Carbone, D.P., 2000:
Genetic subunit vaccines : a novel approach for genetic immunization

McLoughlin, Gáinne.; Ronald, A.; Kuntsi, J.; Asherson, P.; Plomin, R., 2007:
Genetic support for the dual nature of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: substantial genetic overlap between the inattentive and hyperactive-impulsive components

Carlström, M.; Ekman, A-Karin.; Petersson, S.; Söderkvist, P.; Enerbäck, C., 2013:
Genetic support for the role of the NLRP3 inflammasome in psoriasis susceptibility

Poirel, L.; Naas, T.; Nordmann, P., 2007:
Genetic support of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases

Hodgkin, J., 2007:
Genetic suppression

Zha, Y.; Taguchi, T.; Nazneen, A.; Shimokawa, I.; Higami, Y.; Razzaque, M.Shawkat., 2008:
Genetic suppression of GH-IGF-1 activity, combined with lifelong caloric restriction, prevents age-related renal damage and prolongs the life span in rats

Ren, Y.; West-Foyle, H.; Surcel, A.; Miller, C.; Robinson, D.N., 2015:
Genetic suppression of a phosphomimic myosin II identifies system-level factors that promote myosin II cleavage furrow accumulation

Soucek, R.; Thomas, D.; Kelemen, K.; Bikou, O.; Seyler, C.; Voss, F.; Becker, Rüdiger.; Koenen, M.; Katus, H.A.; Bauer, A., 2013:
Genetic suppression of atrial fibrillation using a dominant-negative ether-a-go-go-related gene mutant

Ota, M.; Horiguchi, M.; Fang, V.; Shibahara, K.; Kadota, K.; Loomis, C.; Cammer, M.; Rifkin, D.B., 2014:
Genetic suppression of inflammation blocks the tumor-promoting effects of TGF-β in gastric tissue

Shimomura, K.; Lowrey, P.L.; Vitaterna, M.Hotz.; Buhr, E.D.; Kumar, V.; Hanna, P.; Omura, C.; Izumo, M.; Low, S.S.; Barrett, R.Keith.; LaRue, S.I.; Green, C.B.; Takahashi, J.S., 2010:
Genetic suppression of the circadian Clock mutation by the melatonin biosynthesis pathway

Born, H.A.; Kim, J-Yoen.; Savjani, R.R.; Das, P.; Dabaghian, Y.A.; Guo, Q.; Yoo, J.W.; Schuler, D.R.; Cirrito, J.R.; Zheng, H.; Golde, T.E.; Noebels, J.L.; Jankowsky, J.L., 2014:
Genetic suppression of transgenic APP rescues Hypersynchronous network activity in a mouse model of Alzeimer's disease

Wisely, E.V.; Xiang, Y.K.; Oddo, S., 2015:
Genetic suppression of β2-adrenergic receptors ameliorates tau pathology in a mouse model of tauopathies

Bai, X.; Yang, Z.; Jiang, H.; Lin, S.; Zon, L.I., 2012:
Genetic suppressor screens in haploids

Beckwith, J., 2009:
Genetic suppressors and recovery of repressed biochemical memory

Sverdlov, E.D., 2012:
Genetic surgery - a right strategy to attack cancer

Krappmann, S., 2014:
Genetic surgery in fungi: employing site-specific recombinases for genome manipulation

Daniels, R.; Chang, H-Han.; Séne, P.Diogoye.; Park, D.C.; Neafsey, D.E.; Schaffner, S.F.; Hamilton, E.J.; Lukens, A.K.; Van Tyne, D.; Mboup, S.; Sabeti, P.C.; Ndiaye, D.; Wirth, D.F.; Hartl, D.L.; Volkman, S.K., 2013:
Genetic surveillance detects both clonal and epidemic transmission of malaria following enhanced intervention in Senegal

Ledoux, J-B.; Mokhtar-Jamaï, K.; Roby, C.; Féral, J-P.; Garrabou, J.; Aurelle, D., 2010 :
Genetic survey of shallow populations of the Mediterranean red coral [Corallium rubrum (Linnaeus, 1758)]: new insights into evolutionary processes shaping nuclear diversity and implications for conservation

Zhu, W.; Zhou, Q., 2003:
Genetic susceptibilify of lung cancer and environmental carcinogensis

Chevrier, Cécile.; Bahuau, M.; Perret, C.; Iovannisci, D.M.; Nelva, Aès.; Herman, C.; Vazquez, M-Paule.; Francannet, C.; Robert-Gnansia, E.; Lammer, E.J.; Cordier, S., 2008:
Genetic susceptibilities in the association between maternal exposure to tobacco smoke and the risk of nonsyndromic oral cleft

Marciniak, S.J.; Lomas, D.A., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility

Vineis, P.; Veglia, F.; Garte, S.; Malaveille, C.; Matullo, G.; Dunning, A.; Peluso, M.; Airoldi, L.; Overvad, K.; Raaschou-Nielsen, O.; Clavel-Chapelon, F.; Linseisen, J.P.; Kaaks, R.; Boeing, H.; Trichopoulou, A.; Palli, D.; Crosignani, P.; Tumino, R.; Panico, S.; Bueno-De-Mesquita, H.B.; Peeters, P.H.; Lund, E.; Gonzalez, C.A.; Martinez, C.; Dorronsoro, M.; Barricarte, A.; Navarro, C.; Quiros, J.R.; Berglund, G.; Jarvholm, B.; Day, N.E.; Key, T.J.; Saracci, R.; Riboli, E.; Autrup, H., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility according to three metabolic pathways in cancers of the lung and bladder and in myeloid leukemias in nonsmokers

Gjerstad, J., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility and development of chronic non-malignant back pain

García-González, Mía.Asunción.; Lanas, A., 2016:
Genetic susceptibility and gastric cancer risk: the importance of meta-analyses as a statistical tool

Jakobsen, C.; Cleynen, I.; Andersen, P.S.; Vermeire, S.; Munkholm, P.; Paerregaard, A.; Wewer, V., 2015:
Genetic susceptibility and genotype-phenotype association in 588 Danish children with inflammatory bowel disease

Pan, F.; Tang, X.; Zhang, K.; Li, X.; Xu, J.; Chen, H.; Ye, D.Q., 2008:
Genetic susceptibility and haplotype analysis between Fcgamma receptor IIB and IIIA gene with systemic lupus erythematosus in Chinese population

Picard, C.; Puel, A.; Zhang, S-Y.; Bustamante, J.; Sancho-Shimizu, V.; Abel, L.; Casanova, J-L., 2009:
Genetic susceptibility and infection in children

Westbrook, L.; Johnson, A.C.; Regner, K.R.; Williams, J.M.; Mattson, D.L.; Kyle, P.B.; Henegar, J.R.; Garrett, M.R., 2015:
Genetic susceptibility and loss of Nr4a1 enhances macrophage-mediated renal injury in CKD

Paschou, P.; Fernandez, T.V.; Sharp, F.; Heiman, G.A.; Hoekstra, P.J., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility and neurotransmitters in Tourette syndrome

Mathai, S.K.; Schwartz, D.A.; Warg, L.A., 2015:
Genetic susceptibility and pulmonary fibrosis

Trammell, R.A.; Toth, L.A., 2008:
Genetic susceptibility and resistance to influenza infection and disease in humans and mice

Caporaso, N., 1996:
Genetic susceptibility and the common cancers

Jenner, P., 2008:
Genetic susceptibility and the occurrence of Parkinson's disease

Schulte, P.; Howard, J., 2011:
Genetic susceptibility and the setting of occupational health standards

Berg, N.Drimer.; Rasmussen, H.Berg.; Linneberg, A.; Brasch-Andersen, C.; Fenger, M.; Dirksen, A.; Vesterhauge, Søren.; Werge, T.; Elberling, J., 2010:
Genetic susceptibility factors for multiple chemical sensitivity revisited

Castelino, M.; Barton, A., 2010:
Genetic susceptibility factors for psoriatic arthritis

Hurtado-Nedelec, M.; Chollet-Martin, S.; Chapeton, D.; Hugot, J-Pierre.; Hayem, G.; Gérard, Bénédicte., 2010:
Genetic susceptibility factors in a cohort of 38 patients with SAPHO syndrome: a study of PSTPIP2, NOD2, and LPIN2 genes

Cho, L.Y.; Yang, J.Jeong.; Ko, K-Pil.; Ma, S.Hyun.; Shin, A.; Choi, B.Youl.; Han, D.Soo.; Song, K.Sang.; Kim, Y.Sung.; Chang, S-Hoon.; Shin, H-Rim.; Kang, D.; Yoo, K-Young.; Park, S.K., 2013:
Genetic susceptibility factors on genes involved in the steroid hormone biosynthesis pathway and progesterone receptor for gastric cancer risk

Shulman, J.M.; Chen, K.; Keenan, B.T.; Chibnik, L.B.; Fleisher, A.; Thiyyagura, P.; Roontiva, A.; McCabe, C.; Patsopoulos, N.A.; Corneveaux, J.J.; Yu, L.; Huentelman, M.J.; Evans, D.A.; Schneider, J.A.; Reiman, E.M.; De Jager, P.L.; Bennett, D.A., 2013:
Genetic susceptibility for Alzheimer disease neuritic plaque pathology

Zhou, W-Ting.; Hu, Y., 2013:
Genetic susceptibility for acute high altitude disease

Tansey, K.E.; Guipponi, M.; Domenici, E.; Lewis, G.; Malafosse, A.; O'Donovan, M.; Wendland, J.R.; Lewis, C.M.; McGuffin, P.; Uher, R., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility for bipolar disorder and response to antidepressants in major depressive disorder

Oldenburg, R.A.; Meijers-Heijboer, H.; Cornelisse, C.J.; Devilee, P., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility for breast cancer: how many more genes to be found?

Lee, J.Hwa.; Cho, M.H.; Hersh, C.P.; McDonald, M-Lynn.N.; Crapo, J.D.; Bakke, P.S.; Gulsvik, A.; Comellas, A.P.; Wendt, C.H.; Lomas, D.A.; Kim, V.; Silverman, E.K., 2015:
Genetic susceptibility for chronic bronchitis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Lan, Q.; Au, W-Yan.; Chanock, S.; Tse, J.; Wong, K-fai.; Shen, M.; Siu, L.P.; Yuenger, J.; Yeager, M.; Hosgood, H.Dean.; Purdue, M.P.; Liang, R.; Rothman, N., 2010:
Genetic susceptibility for chronic lymphocytic leukemia among Chinese in Hong Kong

Kalea, A.Z.; Harrison, S.C.; Stephens, J.W.; Talmud, P.J., 2012:
Genetic susceptibility for coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes complications

Mertins, V.; Schote, A.B.; Hoffeld, W.; Griessmair, M.; Meyer, J., 2011:
Genetic susceptibility for individual cooperation preferences: the role of monoamine oxidase A gene (MAOA) in the voluntary provision of public goods

Chou, S-Y.; Shulman, J.M.; Keenan, B.T.; Secor, E.A.; Buchman, A.S.; Schneider, J.; Bennett, D.A.; De Jager, P.L., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility for ischemic infarction and arteriolosclerosis based on neuropathologic evaluations

Bergot, E.; Levallet, G.; Zalcman, G., 2008:
Genetic susceptibility for lung cancer and nicotinic addiction: toward a molecular explanation?

de Ridder, L.; Weersma, R.K.; Dijkstra, G.; van der Steege, G.; Benninga, M.A.; Nolte, I.M.; Taminiau, J.A.J.M.; Hommes, Dël.W.; Stokkers, P.C.F., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility has a more important role in pediatric-onset Crohn's disease than in adult-onset Crohn's disease

Doecke, J.D.; Simms, L.A.; Zhao, Z.Zhen.; Huang, N.; Hanigan, K.; Krishnaprasad, K.; Roberts, R.L.; Andrews, J.M.; Mahy, G.; Bampton, P.; Lewindon, P.; Florin, T.; Lawrance, I.C.; Gearry, R.B.; Montgomery, G.W.; Radford-Smith, G.L., 2013:
Genetic susceptibility in IBD: overlap between ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease

Dias, F.Suparregui.; Alho, C.Sampaio.; Henkin, C.Schwartz.; Coelho, J.Cé.; Paganella, M.Chissini.; Siqueira, R.Morais.de.; Stringhi, F.; Eidt, M.; Távora, Vínia., 2009:
Genetic susceptibility in acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome

Lochan, R.; Daly, A.K.; Reeves, H.L.; Charnley, R.M., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Nadel, S., 2011:
Genetic susceptibility in sepsis: implications for the pediatric population

Godderis, L.; Maertens, N.; de Gelder, V.; De Lamper, A.; De Ruyck, K.; Vernimmen, M.; Bulterys, S.; Moens, G.; Thierens, H.; Viaene, M.K., 2010:
Genetic susceptibility in solvent induced neurobehavioral effects

Nelson, H.H.; Kelsey, K.T., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility in the workplace: a scientific and ethical challenge

Yim, J-Joon.; Selvaraj, P., 2010:
Genetic susceptibility in tuberculosis

Garcia-Closas, M.; Chanock, S., 2009:
Genetic susceptibility loci for breast cancer by estrogen receptor status

Palmer, J.R.; Ruiz-Narvaez, E.A.; Rotimi, C.N.; Cupples, L.Adrienne.; Cozier, Y.C.; Adams-Campbell, L.L.; Rosenberg, L., 2013:
Genetic susceptibility loci for subtypes of breast cancer in an African American population

Silva, G.Liberato.; Junta, C.Moraes.; Sakamoto-Hojo, E.Tiemi.; Donadi, E.Antonio.; Louzada-Junior, P.; Passos, G.A.S., 2009:
Genetic susceptibility loci in rheumatoid arthritis establish transcriptional regulatory networks with other genes

Koutros, S.; Berndt, S.I.; Hughes Barry, K.; Andreotti, G.; Hoppin, J.A.; Sandler, D.P.; Yeager, M.; Burdett, L.A.; Yuenger, J.; Alavanja, M.C.R.; Beane Freeman, L.E., 2013:
Genetic susceptibility loci, pesticide exposure and prostate cancer risk

Muthukumaran, K.; Smith, J.; Jasra, H.; Sikorska, M.; Sandhu, J.K.; Cohen, J.; Lopatin, D.; Pandey, S., 2015:
Genetic susceptibility model of Parkinson's disease resulting from exposure of DJ-1 deficient mice to MPTP: evaluation of neuroprotection by Ubisol-Q10

Dupré, N., 2011:
Genetic susceptibility of Alzheimer's disease in East Asia

Ji, F.; Zhu, S-Min.; Wang, A-Hong.; Qu, Y-Bin.; Gu, S-Yong.; Zhu, R.; Cai, S-Jian.; Li, J.; Xia, Z-Lin., 2012:
Genetic susceptibility of DNA damage induced by vinyl chloride monomer exposure

Sugihara, S., 2013:
Genetic susceptibility of childhood type 1 diabetes mellitus in Japan

Patel, S.; Chen, H.; Tinkham, N.H.; Zhang, K., 2008:
Genetic susceptibility of diabetic retinopathy

Vishnoi, M.; Pandey, S.Nand.; Modi, D.Raj.; Kumar, A.; Mittal, B., 2008:
Genetic susceptibility of epidermal growth factor +61A>G and transforming growth factor beta1 -509C>T gene polymorphisms with gallbladder cancer

Lim, Y.Jeong., 2015:
Genetic susceptibility of gastroduodenal disease in ethnic and regional diversity

Kim, Y.Eun.; Jeon, B.S., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility of impulse control and related behavior in Parkinson's disease

Rajasekaran, S.; Kanna, R.Mugesh.; Senthil, N.; Raveendran, M.; Ranjani, V.; Cheung, K.M.C.; Chan, D.; Kao, P.Y.P.; Yee, A.; Shetty, A.Prasad., 2016:
Genetic susceptibility of lumbar degenerative disc disease in young Indian adults

Wang, H.; Jin, G.; Wang, H.; Liu, G.; Qian, J.; Jin, L.; Wei, Q.; Shen, H.; Huang, W.; Lu, D., 2009:
Genetic susceptibility of lung cancer associated with common variants in the 3' untranslated regions of the adenosine triphosphate-binding cassette B1 (ABCB1) and ABCC1 candidate transporter genes for carcinogen export

Safarinejad, M.Reza.; Shafiei, N.; Safarinejad, S., 2012:
Genetic susceptibility of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene C677T, A1298C, and G1793A polymorphisms with risk for bladder transitional cell carcinoma in men

Zdravkovic, S.; Wienke, A.; Pedersen, N.L.; de Faire, U., 2008:
Genetic susceptibility of myocardial infarction

Yang, F.; Shi, J-yi.; Xu, L.; Ren, L-juan.; Zhang, Q-hua.; Zhao, W-li.; Shen, Z-xiang., 2011:
Genetic susceptibility of single nucleotide polymorphism in MGMT to non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Yang, J.Jeong.; Cho, L.Y.; Ko, K-Pil.; Shin, A.; Ma, S.Hyun.; Choi, B.Youl.; Han, D.Soo.; Song, K.Sang.; Kim, Y.Sung.; Lee, J-Young.; Han, B.Ghee.; Chang, S-Hoon.; Shin, H-Rim.; Kang, D.; Yoo, K-Young.; Park, S.K., 2012:
Genetic susceptibility on CagA-interacting molecules and gene-environment interaction with phytoestrogens: a putative risk factor for gastric cancer

Corder, E.H.; Blennow, K.; Prince, J.A., 2008:
Genetic susceptibility sets for Alzheimer's disease identified from diverse candidate loci

Silver, K.; Kukulka, G.; Gorniewicz, J.; Rayman, K.; Sharp, R., 2011:
Genetic susceptibility testing for beryllium: worker knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes

Roberts, J.Scott.; Uhlmann, W.R., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility testing for neurodegenerative diseases: ethical and practice issues

Ferrer C, P.; Vial C, P.A.; Ferrés G, M.; Godoy M, P.; Culza V, A.; Marco C, C.; Castillo H, C.; Umaña C, Mía.Elena.; Rothhammer E, F.; Llop R, E., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility to Andes Hantavirus: Association between severity of disease and HLA alíeles in Chilean patients

Piga, M.; Mathieu, A., 2011:
Genetic susceptibility to Behcet's disease: role of genes belonging to the MHC region

Ateş, O.; Dalyan, L.; Hatemi, G.; Hamuryudan, V.; Topal-Sarikaya, A., 2008:
Genetic susceptibility to Behçet's syndrome is associated with NRAMP1 (SLC11A1) polymorphism in Turkish patients

Firinu, D.; Pisanu, M.; Piras, B.; Meleddu, R.; Lorrai, M.Maddalena.; Manconi, P.Emilio.; Del Giacco, S.R., 2013:
Genetic susceptibility to Candida infection: a new look at an old entity

Smeekens, S.P.; van de Veerdonk, F.L.; Kullberg, B.Jan.; Netea, M.G., 2013:
Genetic susceptibility to Candida infections

Frade, A.Farage.; Pissetti, C.Wide.; Ianni, B.Maria.; Saba, B.; Lin-Wang, H.Tzu.; Nogueira, L.Gabriel.; de Melo Borges, A.; Buck, P.; Dias, Fício.; Baron, M.; Ferreira, L.Rodrigues.Pinto.; Schmidt, A.; Marin-Neto, Jé.Antonio.; Hirata, M.; Sampaio, M.; Fragata, Aílio.; Pereira, A.Costa.; Donadi, E.; Kalil, J.; Rodrigues, V.; Cunha-Neto, E.; Chevillard, C., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility to Chagas disease cardiomyopathy: involvement of several genes of the innate immunity and chemokine-dependent migration pathways

Ayo, C.Maria.; Dalalio, Márcia.Machado.de.Oliveira.; Visentainer, J.Eliete.Laguila.; Reis, Pâmela.Guimarães.; Sippert, Eília.Ângela.; Jarduli, L.Ribeiro.; Alves, H.Vicentin.; Sell, A.Maria., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility to Chagas disease: an overview about the infection and about the association between disease and the immune response genes

Li, H.; Chen, Q., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility to Grave's disease

Khalilzadeh, O.; Anvari, M.; Esteghamati, A.; Momen-Heravi, F.; Rashidi, A.; Amiri, H.Mojazi.; Tahvildari, M.; Mahmoudi, M.; Amirzargar, A., 2011:
Genetic susceptibility to Graves' ophthalmopathy: The role of polymorphisms in anti-inflammatory cytokine genes

Quaggin, S.E., 2009:
Genetic susceptibility to HIV-associated nephropathy

Bonnefont, Cécile.M.D.; Rainard, P.; Cunha, P.; Gilbert, F.B.; Toufeer, M.; Aurel, M-Rose.; Rupp, R.; Foucras, G., 2012:
Genetic susceptibility to S. aureus mastitis in sheep: differential expression of mammary epithelial cells in response to live bacteria or supernatant

Hirankarn, N.; Avihingsanon, Y.; Wongpiyabovorn, J., 2007:
Genetic susceptibility to SLE is associated with TNF-alpha gene polymorphism -863, but not -308 and -238, in Thai population

Ridings, H.D.; Holt, L.; Cook, R.; Marques, M.B., 2009:
Genetic susceptibility to VTE: a primary care approach

Loeb, M., 2013:
Genetic susceptibility to West Nile virus and dengue

Debret, Gëlle.; Jung, C.; Hugot, J-Pierre.; Pascoe, L.; Victor, J-Marc.; Lesne, A., 2012:
Genetic susceptibility to a complex disease: the key role of functional redundancy

Zhang, C.; Pierce, B.L., 2014:
Genetic susceptibility to accelerated cognitive decline in the US Health and Retirement Study

Engel, M.E.; Stander, R.; Vogel, J.; Adeyemo, A.A.; Mayosi, B.M., 2012:
Genetic susceptibility to acute rheumatic fever: a systematic review and meta-analysis of twin studies

Shastry, B.S., 2010:
Genetic susceptibility to advanced retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)

Cunha, C.; Rodrigues, F.; Zelante, T.; Aversa, F.; Romani, L.; Carvalho, A., 2012 :
Genetic susceptibility to aspergillosis in allogeneic stem-cell transplantation

Kovacic, S.; Bakran, M., 2012:
Genetic susceptibility to atherosclerosis

Kiyohara, C.; Tanaka, K.; Miyake, Y., 2008:
Genetic susceptibility to atopic dermatitis

Lubitz, S.A.; Rienstra, M., 2013:
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