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HBOC-201, hemoglobin glutamer-250 (bovine) , Hemopure (Biopure Corporation)

Jahr, J.S.; Moallempour, M.; Lim, J.C.

Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy 8(9): 1425-1433


ISSN/ISBN: 1744-7682
PMID: 18694360
DOI: 10.1517/14712598.8.9.1425
Accession: 053459744

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Producing an alternative to human erythrocytes has been one the most exciting dreams of medicine. Hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs) derived from purified human or bovine hemoglobin have been studied for clinical use and one product is currently available in the United States and European Union for veterinary use, and another in South Africa for human use. HBOC-201, bovine purified hemoglobin crosslinked and polymerized with glutaraldehyde, has been studied extensively in patients. We describe HBOC-201's potential market share, the history of HBOCs in general and of this compound, its pharmacology, published studies in patients and HBOCs that are currently being studied. A literature review using PubMed listed publications and official product websites. While HBOC-201 may not replace allogenic blood transfusions, it may serve to allow critically ill patients to be resuscitated in the field or hospital setting until either regeneration of red cell occurs or a transfusion is available.

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