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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53492

Chapter 53492 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sampson, U.K.A.; Amuyunzu-Nyamongo, M.; Mensah, G.A., 2014:
Health promotion and cardiovascular disease prevention in sub-Saharan Africa

Bydlowski, C.Rachid.; Lefèvre, A.Maria.Cavalcanti.; Pereira, I.Maria.Teixeira.Bicudo., 2011:
Health promotion and citizenship: the perception of the teacher about citizenship

Sunyer, J., 2010:
Health promotion and climate change

Patrick, R.; Capetola, T.; Townsend, M.; Nuttman, S., 2013:
Health promotion and climate change: exploring the core competencies required for action

Dineen, B., 2007:
Health promotion and community participation in eye care services

Cardoso, L.Silveira.; Cezar-Vaz, M.Regina.; Costa, V.Zavarese.da.; Bonow, C.Alves.; Almeida, M.Capa.Verde.de., 2015:
Health promotion and community participation in organized local groups

Pennarola, R.; Porzio, G.; Cavaliere, L., 2008:
Health promotion and computer science in radiation protection

Young, J.; Sarre, R., 2013:
Health promotion and crime prevention: recognising broader synergies

Maltz, M.; Jardim, J.Jobim.; Alves, L.Severo., 2011:
Health promotion and dental caries

Costa, J.de.Assis.; Balga, Rômulo.Sangiorgi.Medina.; Alfenas, R.de.Cássia.Gonçalves.; Cotta, Rângela.Minardi.Mitre., 2011:
Health promotion and diabetes: discussing the adherence and motivation of diabetics that participate in health programs

Richard, L.; Gendron, S.; Beaudet, N.; Boisvert, N.; Sauvé, M.Soleil.; Garceau-Brodeur, M-Hélène., 2011:
Health promotion and disease prevention among nurses working in local public health organizations in Montréal, Québec

Zylke, J.W.; DeAngelis, C.D., 2009:
Health promotion and disease prevention in children: it's never too early

Carmeli, E.; Imam, B., 2014:
Health promotion and disease prevention strategies in older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Tengland, P-Anders., 2011:
Health promotion and disease prevention: logically different conceptions?

Awad, A.; Abahussain, E., 2010:
Health promotion and education activities of community pharmacists in Kuwait

Molías, F.Marqués., 2009:
Health promotion and education. Are they the solution?

Howard, D.; Nieuwenhuijsen, E.R.; Saleeby, P., 2008:
Health promotion and education: application of the ICF in the US and Canada using an ecological perspective

Björklund, M.; Sarvimäki, A.; Berg, A., 2007:
Health promotion and empowerment from the perspective of individuals living with head and neck cancer

Whitehead, D.; Wang, Y.; Wang, J.; Zhang, J.; Sun, Z.; Xie, C., 2008:
Health promotion and health education practice: nurses' perceptions

Ziglio, E.; Simpson, S.; Tsouros, A., 2012:
Health promotion and health systems: some unfinished business

Christensen, S.E., 2011:
Health promotion and human right protection: finding a balance for HIV testing policies in U.S. state prisons

Peckham, S.; Hann, A.; Boyce, T., 2012:
Health promotion and ill-health prevention: the role of general practice

Oliffe, J.L.; Gerbrandt, J.S.; Bottorff, J.L.; Hislop, T.Gregory., 2010:
Health promotion and illness demotion at prostate cancer support groups

Messmer-A.Abed, N., 2016:
Health promotion and nursing education, which challenges? Case of the nurse in a Swiss University of Applied Sciences

Farruggia, E.; Scialfa, V.; Bellia, S.; Palermo, F.; Bellia, M.; Giammanco, G., 2012:
Health promotion and obesity in the workplace among health care workers of a hospital in Catania (Italy)

Zander, M.F.; Voltmer, E.; Spahn, C., 2010:
Health promotion and prevention in higher music education: results of a longitudinal study

Melchart, D., 2007:
Health promotion and prevention in medicine--empowering rather than prescribing

Márquez-Calderón, S.; Villegas-Portero, Rán.; Gosalbes Soler, V.; Martínez-Pecino, F., 2015:
Health promotion and prevention in the economic crisis: the role of the health sector. SESPAS report 2014

Bisaillon, A.; Beaudet, N.; Sauvé, M.Soleil.; Boisvert, N.; Richard, L.; Gendron, S., 2011:
Health promotion and prevention of illness

Bradbury-Golas, K., 2013:
Health promotion and prevention strategies

Ashcroft, R., 2016:
Health promotion and primary health care: examining the discourse

da Silva, L.Saraiva.; Cotta, Rângela.Minardi.Mitre.; Rosa, C.de.Oliveira.Barbosa., 2015:
Health promotion and primary prevention strategies to fight chronic disease: a systematic review

Le Bihan, Gève., 2014:
Health promotion and quality of life in work in crisis

Cha, C., 2010:
Health promotion and related factors among korean goose mothers

Chan-Yip, A., 2004:
Health promotion and research in the Chinese community in Montreal: A model of culturally appropriate health care

Nothdurft, I., 2008:
Health promotion and salutary nursing: patient centered counseling in nursing

Fry, D.; Gleeson, S.; Rissel, C., 2010:
Health promotion and secondary prevention: response to Milat, O'Hara and Develin

Campostrini, S.; McQueen, D.V.; Evans, L., 2010:
Health promotion and surveillance: the establishment of an IUHPE global working group

Daube, M., 2008:
Health promotion and the preventative health taskforce

Freeman, R., 2009:
Health promotion and the randomised controlled trial: a square peg in a round hole?

Rosenthal, M.B.; Farley, T.; Gortmaker, S.; Sunstein, C.R., 2013:
Health promotion and the state

Coombs, J.A.; Mandel, M.D., 1981:
Health promotion and the use of appropriateness review

Richter, K.D.; Acker, J.; Scholz, F.; Niklewski, Günter., 2010:
Health promotion and work: prevention of shift work disorders in companies

da Silva, K.Lara.; de Sena, R.Rosangela.; Grillo, M.Jose.Cabral.; Horta, N.de.Cássia.; Prado, P.Malta.Coelho., 2010:
Health promotion as a political decision in nursing education

Büchele, Fátima.; Coelho, E.Berger.Salema.; Lindner, S.Rubia., 2009:
Health promotion as a strategy for the prevention of drug use

Norman, C.D., 2010:
Health promotion as a systems science and practice

Campbell, A.C.; Foggin, T.M.; Elliott, C.T.; Kosatsky, T., 2012:
Health promotion as practiced by public health inspectors: the BC experience

Björkman, I.; Viberg, N.; Rydberg, L.; Stålsby Lundborg, C., 2008:
Health promotion at Swedish pharmacies - views of the staff

Pommier, J.; Ferron, C., 2014:
Health promotion at last? Trends in French health education over the past decade

Jansson, E.V.G.; Tillgren, P.E., 2011:
Health promotion at local level: a case study of content, organization and development in four Swedish municipalities

White, M., 2012:
Health promotion at the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre

Araujo, N., 2012:
Health promotion awards 2011: recognising today's health promotion

Wechpradit, A.; Thaiyuenwong, J.; Kanjanabuch, T., 2012:
Health promotion behaviors and related factors in end stage renal disease patients treated with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Adrian, M.; Charlesworth-Attie, S.; Vander Stoep, A.; McCauley, E.; Becker, L., 2015:
Health promotion behaviors in adolescents: prevalence and association with mental health status in a statewide sample

Thanavaro, J.L.; Thanavaro, S.; Delicath, T., 2011:
Health promotion behaviors in women with chest pain

Kemppainen, J.; Bomar, P.J.; Kikuchi, K.; Kanematsu, Y.; Ambo, H.; Noguchi, K., 2011:
Health promotion behaviors of residents with hypertension in Iwate, Japan and North Carolina, USA

Chan, K.; Chandler, J.; Cheong, K.; Giam, P.E.; Kanagalingam, D.; Lee, L.L.; Leong, L.L.; Ng, Y.; Oh, C.; Shi, M.; Tan, A.S.L.; Tan, C.M.; Tan, T.L.; Utravathy, V., 2014:
Health promotion board-ministry of health clinical practice guidelines: treating tobacco use and dependence

South, J., 2015:
Health promotion by communities and in communities: current issues for research and practice

Kelehera, H.; Parker, R., 2014:
Health promotion by primary care nurses in Australian general practice

Ricard, E.; Oberlé, D., 2009:
Health promotion by regional health agencies

Wills, J.; Rudolph, M., 2011:
Health promotion capacity building in South Africa

Shilton, T.; Howat, P.; James, R.; Burke, L.; Hutchins, C.; Woodman, R., 2008:
Health promotion competencies for Australia 2001-5: trends and their implications

Shilton, T., 2009:
Health promotion competencies: providing a road map for health promotion to assume a prominent role in global health

Onya, H.E., 2009:
Health promotion competency building in Africa: a call for action

Nazarko, L., 2010:
Health promotion could help us all grow old gracefully

Newkirk, M., 2009:
Health promotion course a valuable tool

Anda, R.F.; Dodson, D.L.; Williamson, D.F.; Remington, P.L., 1989:
Health promotion data for state health departments: telephone versus in-person survey estimates of smoking and alcohol use

Baume, F., 2008:
Health promotion dreaming: 6th Eberhard Wenzel Memorial Oration

Pati, S.; Sharma, K.; Zodpey, S.; Chauhan, K.; Dobe, M., 2012:
Health promotion education in India: present landscape and future vistas

Carneiro, Aélica.Cotta.Lobo.Leite.; de Souza, Vânia.; Godinho, L.Kelen.; de Faria, I.Cristiane.Marinho.; Silva, Kênia.Lara.; Gazzinelli, M.Flávia., 2012:
Health promotion education in the context of primary care

Duryea, E.J.; English, G.; Okwumabua, J.O., 1987:
Health promotion efforts in an isolated Hispanic community: the mora substance abuse prevention project

Cinelli, B.; Rose-Colley, M.; Hayes, D.M., 1988:
Health promotion efforts in pennsylvania schools

Tonorezos, E.S.; Sharp, L., 2013:
Health promotion for adolescent leukemia survivors

Atchinson, B.; Nasser, S., 1989:
Health promotion for babies and their parents

Meraviglia, M.; Stuifbergen, A.; Parsons, D.; Morgan, S., 2013:
Health promotion for cancer survivors: adaptation and implementation of an intervention

Corchia, C.; Mastroiacovo, P., 2014:
Health promotion for children, mothers and families: here's why we should "think about it before conception"

Chen, L-Li.; Su, Y-Chih., 2007:
Health promotion for deficient constitution in Chinese medicine

Horns, K.; Seeger, K.; Heinmüller, M.; Limm, H.; Waldhoff, H-P.; Salman, R.; Gündel, H.; Angerer, P., 2012:
Health promotion for long-term unemployed. Effects on motivation for a healthy lifestyle

Cutshall, S.M., 2012:
Health promotion for nurses: expanding consciousness and professional sustainability

Walker, S.N., 1989:
Health promotion for older adults: directions for research

Krízová, E.; Brzyski, P.; Strumpel, C.; Billings, J.; Lang, G., 2010:
Health promotion for older people in the Czech Republic in a European perspective

Basak Cinar, A.; Schou, L., 2014:
Health promotion for patients with diabetes: health coaching or formal health education?

Doody, C.M.; Doody, O., 2012:
Health promotion for people with intellectual disability and obesity

Marge, M., 1988:
Health promotion for persons with disabilities: moving beyond rehabilitation

Dobe, M., 2013:
Health promotion for prevention and control of non-communicable diseases: unfinished agenda

Haga, H., 2012:
Health promotion for the elderly living in the community based on action research

Reichert, M.; Lis, K., 2010:
Health promotion for the elderly: results of the"HealthPROelderly" study

Pascucci, M.Ann.; Chu, N.; Leasure, A.Renee., 2012:
Health promotion for the oldest of old people

Zondervan, M.; Kuper, H.; Solomon, A.; Buchan, J., 2007:
Health promotion for trachoma control

Brussig, M.; Dragano, N.; Mümken, S., 2015:
Health promotion for unemployed jobseekers: new developments in Germany

Prueksunand, P., 2011:
Health promotion for young people: an experience in Ratchaburi

Tschopp, J-Marie.; Moix, J-Bernard.; Dupuis, G., 2011:
Health promotion from the 20th to the 21th century. The Valais Ligue for fighting tuberculosis--a visionary model started in 1951

Silberschmidt, M., 2013:
Health promotion has finally been renewed

Robertson, H.R.; Neville, S., 2008:
Health promotion impact evaluation: 'Healthy Messages Calendar (te maramataka korero hauora)'

Houéto, D.; Valentini, Hélène., 2015:
Health promotion in Africa: history and prospects

Miller, S., 2010:
Health promotion in Asian-Americans

Lin, V.; Fawkes, S., 2008:
Health promotion in Australia: twenty years on from the Ottawa Charter

Schultz, R.; Hanssens, L., 2010:
Health promotion in Australian general practice

Baum, F.; Freeman, T.; Jolley, G.; Lawless, A.; Bentley, M.; Värttö, K.; Boffa, J.; Labonte, R.; Sanders, D., 2015:
Health promotion in Australian multi-disciplinary primary health care services: case studies from South Australia and the Northern Territory

Ivo de Carvalho, A.; Westphal, M.Faria.; Pereira Lima, V.Lucia.Góes., 2007:
Health promotion in Brazil

Ndjepel, J.; Ngangue, P.; Vii Mballa Elanga, E., 2015:
Health promotion in Cameroon: current situation and prospects

Jackson, S.F.; Riley, B.L., 2008:
Health promotion in Canada: 1986 to 2006

Hancock, T., 2012:
Health promotion in Canada: 25 years of unfulfilled promise

Kater, V.; Liebergall, M., 2010:
Health promotion in Kenya: a volunteer nurse's experience

Carpi, A.; Ferrari Bravo, M.; Poggi, L.; Chiesa, S.; Costa, A.; De Leo, A.; Rebolini, G.; Gabutti, G.; Bertucci, C.; Bogliardi, P.; Cerbone, A.R.; D'Angelo, M.T.; De Franceschi, P.; Franceschini, L.; Gnecco, F.; Lagomarsino, R.; Lertora, S.; Marseglia, G.; Pierpaoli, N.; Raffo, M.; Riccaboni, N.; Romano, M.; Tarella, G.; Antolini, A.M.; Bergamino, S.; Bisso, S.; Cafferata, G.; Chiappe, G.; Coriandolo, O.; Diliberto, P.; Olivieri, A.; Paganini, B.; Pucciarini, S., 2016:
Health promotion in Local Health Unit 4 Chiavarese--Liguria Region, Italy. "Unplugged" project: needs, methodology and implementation

Onya, H., 2008:
Health promotion in South Africa

Persson, L.; Haraldsson, K., 2013:
Health promotion in Swedish schools: school managers' views

French, S.D., 2007:
Health promotion in a primary health care setting. Neural tube defects and folate

Kurzepa-Hasan, E.; Adamek, R.; Hasan, K., 2009:
Health promotion in a workplace in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland by taking into consideration acts prohibited tobacco smoking

Releford, B.J.; Frencher, S.K.; Yancey, A.K., 2010:
Health promotion in barbershops: balancing outreach and research in African American communities

McKay, C.E.; Pelletier, J.R., 2007:
Health promotion in clubhouse programs: needs, barriers, and current and planned activities

Nordtvedt, M.; Chapman, L.S., 2011:
Health promotion in faith-based institutions and communities

Verhaeghe, N.; Clays, E.; Vereecken, C.; De Maeseneer, J.; Maes, L.; Van Heeringen, C.; De Bacquer, D.; Annemans, L., 2013:
Health promotion in individuals with mental disorders: a cluster preference randomized controlled trial

Goetzel, R.Z.; Reynolds, K.; Breslow, L.; Roper, W.L.; Shechter, D.; Stapleton, D.C.; Lapin, P.J.; McGinnis, J.Michael., 2007:
Health promotion in later life: it's never too late

Brause, M.; Horn, A.; Büscher, A.; Schaeffer, D., 2010:
Health promotion in long-term inpatient care: possibilities and opportunities

Verhaeghe, N.; De Maeseneer, J.; Maes, L.; Van Heeringen, C.; Annemans, L., 2013:
Health promotion in mental health care: perceptions from patients and mental health nurses

Boggio Nieto, O.R.; Márquez-Calderón, S.; Muñoz-Bellerín, Jús., 2014:
Health promotion in minority groups: a review of interventions and recommendations

McElligott, D.; Siemers, S.; Thomas, L.; Kohn, N., 2009:
Health promotion in nurses: is there a healthy nurse in the house?

Jadelhack, R., 2012:
Health promotion in nursing and cost-effectiveness

Whitehead, D., 2011:
Health promotion in nursing: a Derridean discourse analysis

Thomas, G.Neil.; Macfarlane, D.J.; Guo, B.; Cheung, B.M.Y.; McGhee, S.M.; Chou, K-Lee.; Deeks, J.J.; Lam, T.Hing.; Tomlinson, B., 2012:
Health promotion in older Chinese: a 12-month cluster randomized controlled trial of pedometry and "peer support"

Davis, D.Winders.; Jones, V.Faye.; Logsdon, M.Cynthia.; Ryan, L.; Wilkerson-McMahon, M., 2014:
Health promotion in pediatric primary care: importance of health literacy and communication practices

Schmid, M.; Egli, K.; Martin, B.W.; Bauer, G., 2010:
Health promotion in primary care: evaluation of a systematic procedure and stage specific information for physical activity counseling

Calderón, C.; Balagué, L.; Cortada, J.M.; Sánchez, A., 2011:
Health promotion in primary care: how should we intervene? A qualitative study involving both physicians and patients

Heidemann, I.Teresinha.Schülter.Buss.; Wosny, A.de.Miranda.; Boehs, A.Eggert., 2016:
Health promotion in primary care: study based on the Paulo Freire method

Amani, S.; Cornish, G.; Rose, L.; Nargis, F.; Lunn, L., 2012:
Health promotion in psychosis services

Barnes, J., 2009:
Health promotion in sexual health 1: different theories and models of health promotion

Barnes, J., 2009:
Health promotion in sexual health 2: how to put theory into practice and empower clients

McCoy, K.; Stinson, K.; Scott, K.; Tenney, L.; Newman, L.S., 2015:
Health promotion in small business: a systematic review of factors influencing adoption and effectiveness of worksite wellness programs

Harris, J.R.; Hannon, P.A.; Beresford, S.A.A.; Linnan, L.A.; McLellan, D.L., 2014:
Health promotion in smaller workplaces in the United States

Kelly, B.; Baur, L.A.; Bauman, A.E.; Smith, B.J.; Saleh, S.; King, L.A.; Chapman, K., 2011:
Health promotion in sport: an analysis of peak sporting organisations' health policies

Hjarnoe, L.; Leppin, A., 2014:
Health promotion in the Danish maritime setting: challenges and possibilities for changing lifestyle behavior and health among seafarers

Parks, W., 2010:
Health promotion in the Pacific

Oliveira, J.Welton.Barros.; Aquino, J.Maria.; Monteiro, E.Maria.Leite.Meirelles., 2013:
Health promotion in the Pankararu indigenous community

Augusto, V.Gontijo.; de Aquino, Cília.Ferreira.; Machado, N.Chaves.; Cardoso, V.Aparecida.; Ribeiro, S., 2011:
Health promotion in the basic units: analysis of the users' social representations about the role of the physical therapy

West, K.P.; West, G.R., 2012:
Health promotion in the dental office: a comprehensive perspective

de Mello Tucunduva, T.Cardoso.; Gaziero, A.; Tostes, V.Siqueira.; Stiepcich, M.Maria.Agata.; Torres, U.S.; Ohara, P.; Andrade, W.Pereira.; Ferreira, A.Helena.Padovan.Grassmann.; Missrie, D.Rejtman.; de Mello, G.Guedes.Netto., 2018:
Cavernous Hemangioma Between the Elastomer and Fibrous Capsule of a Breast Implant

Jezewska, M.; Jaremin, B.; Leszczyńska, I., 2008:
Health promotion in the maritime work environment--training of leaders

Lucini, D.; Solaro, N.; Lesma, A.; Gillet, V.Bernadette.; Pagani, M., 2012:
Health promotion in the workplace: assessing stress and lifestyle with an intranet tool

Anonymous, 1989:
Health promotion in the workplace: suggested directions for research

Dudeja, P.; Singh, A.; Jindal, A.K., 2014:
Health promotion initiatives: An experience of a Well Women's Clinic

Sookaneknun, P.; Suttajit, S.; Ploylearmsang, C.; Kanjanasilp, J.; Maleewong, U., 2009:
Health promotion integrated into a Thai PharmD curriculum to improve pharmacy practice skills

Tsouros, A.; Green, G., 2010:
Health promotion international: special supplement on European Healthy Cities

Nemet, D.; Geva, D.; Pantanowitz, M.; Igbaria, N.; Meckel, Y.; Eliakim, A., 2012:
Health promotion intervention in Arab-Israeli kindergarten children

Nemet, D.; Geva, D.; Eliakim, A., 2011:
Health promotion intervention in low socioeconomic kindergarten children

Verhaeghe, N.; De Maeseneer, J.; Maes, L.; Van Heeringen, C.; Bogaert, V.; Clays, E.; De Bacquer, D.; Annemans, L., 2012:
Health promotion intervention in mental health care: design and baseline findings of a cluster preference randomized controlled trial

Gardois, P.; Booth, A.; Goyder, E.; Ryan, T., 2015:
Health promotion interventions for increasing stroke awareness in ethnic minorities: a systematic review of the literature

Walker, R.; Hassall, J.; Chaplin, S.; Congues, J.; Bajayo, R.; Mason, W., 2012:
Health promotion interventions to address climate change using a primary health care approach: a literature review

Lam, W.; Dawson, A.; Fowler, C., 2015:
Health promotion interventions to prevent early childhood human influenza at the household level: a realist review to identify implications for programmes in Hong Kong

Chang, E.Young.; Kim, J.Sun.; Shin, S.Jin., 2010:
Health promotion lifestyle according to self-perception of obesity and objective status measured by bioelectric impedance analysis in college women

Oran, N.Tuna.; Can, H.Ozturk.; Senuzun, F.; Aylaz, R.Durmaz., 2008:
Health promotion lifestyle and cancer screening behavior: a survey among academician women

Teng, H-Lan.; Yen, M.; Fetzer, S., 2010:
Health promotion lifestyle profile-II: Chinese version short form

Hust, S.J.T.; Marett, E.Garrigues.; Lei, M.; Chang, H.; Ren, C.; McNab, A.Lazárová.; Adams, P.M., 2013:
Health promotion messages in entertainment media: crime drama viewership and intentions to intervene in a sexual assault situation

Ryan, K.M., 2008:
Health promotion of faculty and staff: the school nurse's role

O'Donnell, M.P., 2010:
Health promotion on a global scale: Oxford Vision 2020

Tengland, P-Anders., 2011:
Health promotion or disease prevention: a real difference for public health practice?

Allam, M.F.; Arjona, O., 2014:
Health promotion or pharmacological treatment for chronic diseases?

Orozco, F.A.; Cole, D.C.; Ibrahim, S.; Wanigaratne, S., 2012:
Health promotion outcomes associated with a community-based program to reduce pesticide-related risks among small farm households

Mullen, P.D., 1996:
Health promotion outreach for rural family physicians: a feasibility study

Dombrowski, J.J.; Snelling, A.M.; Kalicki, M., 2014:
Health promotion overview: evidence-based strategies for occupational health nursing practice

Wenqi, L.; Hui, Y.; You, Z., 2018:
Cavernous hemangioma of the interatrial septum

Rivera, M.D.; Birnbaum, A.S., 2011:
Health promotion practice and the road ahead: addressing enduring gaps and encouraging greater practice-to-research translation

Auld, M.Elaine.; Meier, K., 2010:
Health promotion practice begins a new chapter

Schwartz, R., 2010:
Health promotion practice: from vision to successful journal

Alexandropoulou, M.; Sourtzi, P.; Kalokerinou, A., 2011:
Health promotion practices and attitudes among nurses in special education schools in Greece

Ndetan, H.; Evans, M.Willard.; Lo, K.; Walters, D.; Ramcharan, M.; Brandon, P.; Evans, C.; Rupert, R., 2010:
Health promotion practices in two chiropractic teaching clinics: does a review of patient files reflect advice on health promotion?

Kokko, S.; Kannas, L.; Villberg, J., 2009:
Health promotion profile of youth sports clubs in Finland: club officials' and coaches' perceptions

Callais, C.; Chapman, L.S., 2011:
Health promotion program strategies for remote worksites

Watson, D.T.; Long, W.J.; Yen, D.; Pichora, D.R., 2010:
Health promotion program: a resident well-being study

Hill, D.; Marks, R., 2008:
Health promotion programs for melanoma prevention: screw or spring?

Bruce, T., 2013:
Health promotion programs not easily categorized

Anonymous, 2010:
Health promotion research act

Breton, E.; Richard, L.; Gagnon, F.; Jacques, M.; Bergeron, P., 2008:
Health promotion research and practice require sound policy analysis models: the case of Quebec's Tobacco Act

Clarke, A.; Gatineau, M.; Thorogood, M.; Wyn-Roberts, N., 2007:
Health promotion research literature in Europe 1995-2005

de Leeuw, E., 2013:
Health promotion research: war on health, battle of bulge or conflict of confidence?

Schoen, D.; Balchin, D.; Thompson, S., 2010:
Health promotion resources for Aboriginal people: lessons learned from consultation and evaluation of diabetes foot care resources

Myers, J.; Subczyk, W.; Ketterman, K.; Carrico, R., 2008:
Health promotion schools of excellence: learning from the past to impact the future

Haynes, C.L., 2008:
Health promotion services for lifestyle development within a UK hospital--Patients' experiences and views

Cherniack, M.; Morse, T.; Henning, R.; Seidner, A.; Punnett, L., 2010:
Health promotion site selection blues: barriers to participation and implementation

Peu, M.D., 2015:
Health promotion strategies for families with adolescents orphaned by HIV and AIDS

Musich, S.; McDonald, T.; Chapman, L.S., 2009:
Health promotion strategies for the "Boomer" generation: wellness for the mature worker

Brown, S.; Brage Hudson, D.; Campbell-Grossman, C.; Yates, B.C., 2016:
Health promotion text blasts for minority adolescent mothers

Recine, A.C.; Stehle Werner, J.; Recine, L., 2009:
Health promotion through forgiveness intervention

Romano-Spica, V.; Parlato, A.; Palumbo, D.; Lorenzo, E.; Frangella, C.; Montuori, E.; Anastasi, D.; Visciano, A.; Liguori, G., 2008:
Health promotion through physical activity: territorial models and experiences

Knight, E.; Stuckey, M.I.; Petrella, R.J., 2015:
Health promotion through primary care: enhancing self-management with activity prescription and mHealth

Moriyama, M., 2011:
Health promotion through rediscovery of one's sensibilities of health: the Lifemap and WIFY Methods

Mik-Meyer, N., 2015:
Health promotion viewed in a critical perspective

Armstrong, B.; Cohall, A., 2012:
Health promotion with adolescent and young adult males: an empowerment approach

Phillips, S., 1988:
Health promotion, community development, and participation: an approach to native health education

Annerstedt, M., 2009:
Health promotion, environmental psychology and sustainable development -- a successful "menage-a-trois"

Ridde, Véry.; Cloos, P., 2015:
Health promotion, power and political science

Sharma, B.Kumar.; Subhakta, P.K.J.P.; Narayana, A., 2009:
Health promotion, preventive and curative aspects of diseases in astrology

Severson, C.; Renstrom, C.; Fitzhugh, M., 2016:
Health promotion, risk stratification, and treatment options to decrease hospitalization rates for community-acquired pneumonia in adults

Mcqueen, D.V.; De Salazar, L., 2012:
Health promotion, the Ottawa Charter and 'developing personal skills': a compact history of 25 years

Puchalski, K.; Korzeniowska, E., 2014:
Health promotion--the rationale and the obstacles in workplaces with different employment and financial soundness

Jack, C.M.; Edwards, M.; Parikh, M.; Rajaratnam, S., 2009:
Health promotion. Cycle to work scheme in the NHS

Bänziger, S.; Sahli, A.; Abderhalden, C., 2012:
Health promotion. Physically ill in psychiatry

Taylor, J., 2007:
Health promotion. Reflections on being well

Berg, J.A.; Pace, D.Todd., 2010:
Health promotion/risk reduction and disease prevention in women's health

Marqués Marqués, F., 2014:
Health promotion: a component for business competitiveness

Nicholas, D.R.; Gobble, D.C.; Schmottlach, R.N., 1987:
Health promotion: a discipline or a technology?

Seck, A., 2015:
Health promotion: a new approach in Africa

Mittelmark, M.B., 2008:
Health promotion: a professional community for social justice

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