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Heart rates of high school physical education students during team sports, individual sports, and fitness activities

Laurson, K.R.; Brown, D.D.; Cullen, R.W.; Dennis, K.K.

Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 79(1): 85-91


ISSN/ISBN: 0270-1367
PMID: 18431954
DOI: 10.1080/02701367.2008.10599463
Accession: 053499296

This study examined how activity type influenced heart rates and time spent in target heart rate zones of high school students participating in physical education classes. Significantly higher average heart rates existed for fitness (142 +/- 24 beats per minute [bpm]) compared to team (118 +/- 24 bpm) or individual (114 +/- 18) activities. Similar results occurred for the percentage of activity time spent within a target heart rate zone (fitness 81.7 +/- 15.9%, individual 68.4 +/- 30.5%, and team 60.6 +/- 30.5%). Boys attained higher heart rates during team activities, while female students had higher rates during individual activities indicating male and female adolescents respond differently to activity types. The highest mean heart rates were observed during fitness activities.

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