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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53510

Chapter 53510 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Veldhuijzen van Zanten, J.J.C.S.; Ring, C.; Carroll, D.; McIntyre, D.; Brown, M.D., 2009:
Hemoconcentration during a prolonged stress task: associations with hemodynamic reactivity and microvascular permeability

Wallinder, A.; Hansson, C.; Dellgren, Göran., 2013:
Hemoconcentration in ex vivo lung perfusion: a case report of a novel technique used in clinical lung transplantation

Balestracci, A.; Martin, S.Mariel.; Toledo, I., 2015:
Hemoconcentration in hemolytic uremic syndrome: time to review the standard case definition?

Oh, J.; Kang, S-Min.; Hong, N.; Youn, J-Chan.; Han, S.; Jeon, E-Seok.; Cho, M-Chan.; Kim, J-Joong.; Yoo, B-Su.; Chae, S.Chull.; Oh, B-Hee.; Choi, D-Ju.; Lee, M-Mook.; Ryu, K-Hyung., 2014:
Hemoconcentration is a good prognostic predictor for clinical outcomes in acute heart failure: data from the Korean Heart Failure (KorHF) Registry

Chavarría Herbozo, C.Miguel.; Espinoza Ríos, J.Luis.; Kawano Kobashigawa, D.Alberto.; Surco, Y.; Bravo, E.; Samalvides Cuba, F.; Prochazka Zárate, R.; Piscoya Rivera, A.; Pinto Valdivia, Jé.; de Los Ríos Senmache, Rúl.; Huerta Mercado, J., 2011:
Hemoconcentration, Apache II and Ranson as early predictors of severity in patients with acute pancreatitis in a hospital in Lima - Peru

Vaduganathan, M.; Greene, S.J.; Fonarow, G.C.; Voors, A.A.; Butler, J.; Gheorghiade, M., 2015:
Hemoconcentration-guided diuresis in heart failure

Ardissino, G.; Daccò, V.; Testa, S.; Civitillo, C.Felice.; Tel, F.; Possenti, I.; Belingheri, M.; Castorina, P.; Bolsa-Ghiringhelli, Nò.; Tedeschi, S.; Paglialonga, F.; Salardi, S.; Consonni, D.; Zoia, E.; Salice, P.; Chidini, G., 2015:
Hemoconcentration: a major risk factor for neurological involvement in hemolytic uremic syndrome

Ronda, L.; Faggiano, S.; Bettati, S.; Hellmann, N.; Decker, H.; Weidenbach, T.; Mozzarelli, A., 2007:
Hemocyanin from E. californicum encapsulated in silica gels: oxygen binding and conformational states

Zhang, Y.; Yan, F.; Hu, Z.; Zhao, X.; Min, S.; Du, Z.; Zhao, S.; Ye, X.; Li, Y., 2009:
Hemocyanin from shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei shows hemolytic activity

Lieb, B.; Todt, C., 2008:
Hemocyanin in mollusks--a molecular survey and new data on hemocyanin genes in Solenogastres and Caudofoveata

Ertas, B.; von Reumont, Börn.M.; Wägele, J-Wolfgang.; Misof, B.; Burmester, T., 2010:
Hemocyanin suggests a close relationship of Remipedia and Hexapoda

Kim, S.Gu.; Jung, B.Wook.; Kim, H., 2011:
Hemocyanin-derived phenoloxidase activity with broad temperature stability extending into the cold environment in hemocytes of the hair crab Erimacrus isenbeckii

Del Campo, M.; Arancibia, S.; Nova, E.; Salazar, Fán.; González, A.; Moltedo, B.; De Ioannes, P.; Ferreira, J.; Manubens, A.; Becker, Mía.Inés., 2012:
Hemocyanins as immunostimulants

Brohult, S., 2012:
Hemocyanins of the gastropods

Stoepler, T.M.; Castillo, J.C.; Lill, J.T.; Eleftherianos, I., 2014:
Hemocyte density increases with developmental stage in an immune-challenged forest caterpillar

Zheng, S-Bang.; Zhou, Y-Biao.; Li, L-Han.; Wu, J-Yi.; Song, X-Xia.; Jiang, Q-Wu., 2015:
Hemocyte morphology and classification in Oncomelania hupensis

Le Pabic, C.; Goux, D.; Guillamin, M.; Safi, G.; Lebel, J-Marc.; Koueta, Né.; Serpentini, A., 2015:
Hemocyte morphology and phagocytic activity in the common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis)

Couleau, N.; Techer, D.; Pagnout, C.; Jomini, Séphane.; Foucaud, L.; Laval-Gilly, P.; Falla, J.; Bennasroune, A., 2013:
Hemocyte responses of Dreissena polymorpha following a short-term in vivo exposure to titanium dioxide nanoparticles: preliminary investigations

Lapointe, J.F.; Dunphy, G.B.; Mandato, C.A., 2012:
Hemocyte-hemocyte adhesion and nodulation reactions of the greater wax moth, Galleria mellonella are influenced by cholera toxin and its B-subunit

Bunt, S.; Hooley, C.; Hu, N.; Scahill, C.; Weavers, H.; Skaer, H., 2010:
Hemocyte-secreted type IV collagen enhances BMP signaling to guide renal tubule morphogenesis in Drosophila

Imamura, K.; Ishii, K.; Hamamoto, H.; Sekimizu, K., 2012:
Hemocytes and humoral factors in silkworm blood are cooperatively involved in sheep erythrocyte aggregation

Kurz, S.; Jin, C.; Hykollari, A.; Gregorich, D.; Giomarelli, B.; Vasta, G.R.; Wilson, I.B.H.; Paschinger, K., 2013:
Hemocytes and plasma of the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) display a diverse repertoire of sulfated and blood group A-modified N-glycans

Manachini, B.; Arizza, V.; Parrinello, D.; Parrinello, Nò., 2011:
Hemocytes of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and their response to Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Bacillus thuringiensis

Carrara, N., 1948:
Hemocytoblastic leukemia; chronic byphasic course with amyelic prestage; bone lesions

Locatelli, F.; Manzoni, C.; Viganò, S.; Cavalli, A.; Di Filippo, S., 2011:
Hemodiafiltration - state of the art

Calò, L.A.; Naso, A.; Davis, P.A., 2009:
Hemodiafiltration and oxidative stress in dialysis patients

Barta, K.; Czifra, Árpád.; Kun, C.; Páll, A.; Kulcsár, J.; Paragh, Görgy.; Lőrincz, Ián.; Padra, Tás.János.; Agarwal, A.; Zarjou, A.; Abolfazl, Z.; Balla, József.; Szabó, Zán., 2015:
Hemodiafiltration beneficially affects QT interval duration and dispersion compared to hemodialysis

Li, M-qin.; Shi, Z-xiang.; Xu, J-yuan.; Lu, B.; Li, J-qiong.; Xu, Y-jun.; Wang, X-Meng.; Li, S-mei.; Mo, X., 2015:
Hemodiafiltration combined with resin-mediated absorption as a therapy for hyperlipidemic acute pancreatitis

Georgianos, P.I.; Sarafidis, P.A.; Karpetas, A.; Kosmidis, D.; Sioulis, A.; Liakopoulos, V.; Stamatiadis, D.N.; Papagianni, A.; Zebekakis, P.E.; Nikolaidis, P.; Lasaridis, A.N., 2014:
Hemodiafiltration does not have additional benefits over hemodialysis on arterial stiffness, wave reflections and central aortic pressures

Laurin, L-Philippe.; Lévesque, Rée.; Roy, L., 2012:
Hemodiafiltration does not improve drug protein binding compared to conventional hemodialysis: an in vitro study

Ronco, C.; Cruz, D., 2007:
Hemodiafiltration history, technology, and clinical results

Stefánsson, B.V.; Abramson, M.; Nilsson, U.; Haraldsson, Börje., 2012:
Hemodiafiltration improves plasma 25-hepcidin levels: a prospective, randomized, blinded, cross-over study comparing hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration

Thumfart, J.; Puttkamer, C.V.; Wagner, S.; Querfeld, U.; Müller, D., 2015:
Hemodiafiltration in a pediatric nocturnal dialysis program

Colì, L.; Cuna, V.; Ferri, A.; Donati, G.; Cianciolo, G.; Stefoni, S., 2011 :
Hemodiafiltration reduces mortality and prevents comorbidities? Technical innovations to improve hemodynamics and efficacy

Wratten, M.Lou.; Ghezzi, P.M., 2007:
Hemodiafiltration with endogenous reinfusion

Borrelli, S.; De Simone, W.; Zito, B.; De Simone, E.; Guastaferro, P.; Nigro, F.; Iulianiello, G.; Credendino, O.; Bassi, A.; Leone, L.; Capuano, M.; Genualdo, R.; Rossano, R.; Russo, F.; Auricchio, M.R.; Minutolo, R.; De Nicola, L.; Conte, G.; D'Apice, L.; Saviano, C., 2015:
Hemodiafiltration with endogenous reinfusion in chronic inflammation: a possible therapeutic alternative?

Bolasco, P.G.; Ghezzi, P.M.; Serra, A.; Corazza, L.; Murtas, S.; Mascia, M.; Cossu, M.; Ferrara, R.; Cogoni, G.; Cadinu, F.; Casu, D.; Contu, B.; Passaghe, M.; Ghisu, T.; Ganadu, M.; Logias, F., 2011:
Hemodiafiltration with endogenous reinfusion with and without acetate-free dialysis solutions: effect on ESA requirement

Hougardy, J-Michel.; Husson, Cécile.; Mackie, N.E.; Van Vooren, J-Paul.; Gastaldello, K.; Nortier, Jëlle.L.; Goffard, J-Christophe., 2012:
Hemodiafiltration with online regeneration of ultrafiltrate for severe nevirapine intoxication in a HIV-infected patient

Calò, L.A.; Naso, A.; Davis, P.A.; Pagnin, E.; Corradini, R.; Tommasi, A.; Sereni, L.; Ragazzi, E., 2011:
Hemodiafiltration with online regeneration of ultrafiltrate: effect on heme-oxygenase-1 and inducible subunit of nitric oxide synthase and implication for oxidative stress and inflammation

Ronco, C., 2011:
Hemodiafiltration: Evolution of a technique towards better dialysis care

Ozayar, E.; Degerli, S.; Gulec, H., 2013:
Hemodiafiltration: a novel approach for treating severe amitriptyline intoxication

Fischbach, M.; Fothergill, H.; Zaloszyc, A.; Seuge, L., 2012:
Hemodiafiltration: the addition of convective flow to hemodialysis

Himmelfarb, J.; Ikizler, T.Alp., 2010:

Dreyer, G.; Gonani, A.; Luyckx, V., 2011:

Bai, B.; Zhang, Q.; Wan, C.; Li, D.; Zhang, T.; Li, H., 2018:
CBP/p300 inhibitor C646 prevents high glucose exposure induced neuroepithelial cell proliferation

Enriquez, M.; Remy, L.M.; O'Connor, J.J., 2018:
CBPR and Nursing: Are You Ready?

Quiñones-Lombraña, A.; Li, N.; Del Solar, V.; Atilla-Gokcumen, G.Ekin.; Blanco, J.G., 2018:
CBR1 rs9024 genotype status impacts the bioactivation of loxoprofen in human liver

Carlton-Casey, D.; Deck, K.; Foster, M., 2009:
Hemodialysis Special Interest Group clinical networking sessions

Subramanian, P.T.; Jamal, A.; Shah, M.Y., 2008:
Hemodialysis Utilization in a Single in-Center Dialysis Unit, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Varandas, A.J.C., 2018:
CBS extrapolation in electronic structure pushed to the end: a revival of minimal and sub-minimal basis sets

Ibrahim, S.; Maqbool, S.; Azam, M.; Iqbal, M.Perwaiz.; Qamar, R., 2018:
CBS mutations and MTFHR SNPs causative of hyperhomocysteinemia in Pakistani children

Rose, D.A.; Sonaike, E.; Hughes, K., 2013:
Hemodialysis access

Foley, R.N.; Chen, S-Cheng.; Collins, A.J., 2010:
Hemodialysis access at initiation in the United States, 2005 to 2007: still "catheter first"

Krivitski, N., 2010:
Hemodialysis access flow measurements using flow dilution and in-line dialysance are not interchangeable for hemodialysis access flow surveillance

Haddad, N.J.; Winoto, J.; Shidham, G.; Agarwal, A.K., 2012:
Hemodialysis access monitoring and surveillance, how and why?

Gallieni, M.; Losi, B.; Cozzolino, M.; Zoni, U., 2007:
Hemodialysis access recirculation measured with a simple and economical potassium-based dilutional method

Barone, G.W.; Wright, C.F.; Krause, M.W.; Brosnahan, G.M.; Portilla, D.; Banerjee, S.; McCowan, T.C.; Culp, W.C.; Yousaf, M., 2007:
Hemodialysis access success: beyond the operating room

Assadian, A.; Assadian, O.; Holak, G.; Watkins-Riedel, T.; Senekowitsch, C.; Kovarik, J.; Hagmüller, G.W., 2008:
Hemodialysis access surgery--is there an increased risk of acquiring hepatitis C virus compared to other elective vascular interventions?

Richard, T., 2007:
Hemodialysis access without a shunt or catheter: the circulating port

Hedin, U., 2011:
Hemodialysis access--a vascular surgical problem

Ekbal, N.J.; Swift, P.A.; Chalisey, A.; Steele, M.; Makanjuola, D.; Chemla, E., 2008:
Hemodialysis access-related survival and morbidity in an elderly population in South West Thames, UK

Daugirdas, J.T., 2012:
Hemodialysis adequacy and biocompatibility

Kanagasundaram, N.Suren., 2013:
Hemodialysis adequacy and the hospitalized end-stage renal disease patient--raising awareness

Amini, M.; Aghighi, M.; Masoudkabir, F.; Zamyadi, M.; Norouzi, S.; Rajolani, H.; Rasouli, M-Reza.; Pourbakhtyaran, E., 2011:
Hemodialysis adequacy and treatment in Iranian patients: a national multicenter study

Montazerifar, F.; Hashemi, M.; Karajibani, M.; Dikshit, M., 2011:
Hemodialysis alters lipid profiles, total antioxidant capacity, and vitamins A, E, and C concentrations in humans

Ayub, M.Akar.; Bacci, M.Rodrigues.; Fonseca, F.Luiz.Affonso.; Chehter, E.Zimberg., 2014:
Hemodialysis and hepatitis B vaccination: a challenge to physicians

Fischbach, M.; Dheu, Céline.; Seuge, L.; Orfanos, N., 2009:
Hemodialysis and nutritional status in children: malnutrition and cachexia

Juergensen, E.; Wuerth, D.; Finkelstein, S.H.; Juergensen, P.H.; Bekui, A.; Finkelstein, F.O., 2007:
Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis: patients' assessment of their satisfaction with therapy and the impact of the therapy on their lives

Vázquez-Rodríguez, J.Gustavo., 2010:
Hemodialysis and pregnancy: technical aspects

Coskun, C.; Kural, A.; Döventas, Y.; Koldas, M.; Ozturk, Hümeyra.; Inal, B.Berçik.; Gümüs, A., 2007:
Hemodialysis and protein oxidation products

Spagnolo, A.G., 2011:
Hemodialysis and the birth of bioethics committees

Santoro, A.; Mancini, E., 2010:
Hemodialysis and the elderly patient: complications and concerns

Quesnelle, Réjean., 2013:
Hemodialysis and toxins: is there a risk?

Einollahi, B.; Sadeghi Ghahrodi, M., 2012:
Hemodialysis arteriovenous fistula after transplant: to keep or not to keep?

Hara, T.; Sofue, T.; Kohno, M., 2014:
Hemodialysis arteriovenous fistula created from the posterior tibial artery and a saphenous vein branch

Huijbregts, H.J.T.; Bots, M.L.; Wittens, C.H.A.; Schrama, Y.C.; Moll, F.L.; Blankestijn, P.J.; Schrama, Y.C.; Wittens, C.H.; Aerts, H.; van Westen, T.; Beukhof, J.R.; de Groot, A.; Temmink, S.; van Wijk, E.; Hollander, A.A.; Olsman, J.G.; Kokx, T.; Boeren, C.; van Jaarsveld, B.C.; Nagesser, S.K.; Baars, M.; Parlevliet, K.J.; van de Kaaden, A.; Nube, M.J.; Wijnker, J.; Betjes, M.G.; Chardon, L.; Konings, M.; Doorenbos, C.J.; Vermeij, C.G.; Voskamp, M.; van den Dorpel, M.A.; de Smet, A.A.; Steegma, 2008:
Hemodialysis arteriovenous fistula patency revisited: results of a prospective, multicenter initiative

Hudson, S.; Macdonald, M., 2011:
Hemodialysis arteriovenous fistula self-cannulation: moving theory to practice in developing patient-teaching resources

Cartier, J-Charles.; Truche, A-Sophie.; Tonini, J.; Zaoui, P.; Carron, P-Louis., 2014:
Hemodialysis as a treatment of ifosfamide intoxication

Caluwé, R.; Vanholder, R.; Dhondt, A., 2010:
Hemodialysis as a treatment of severe accidental hypothermia

Akıncı, E.; Yüzbaşıoglu, Yücel.; Coşkun, F., 2011:
Hemodialysis as an alternative treatment of mexiletine intoxication

Canaud, B.; Chénine, Lïla.; Formet, Cédric.; Gérard, F.; Leray-Moragués, Hélène., 2007:
Hemodialysis as renal replacement therapy of choice for diabetic patients

Lindsay, R.M.; Sternby, J.; Olde, B.; Persson, R.; Thatcher, M.Ellen.; Sargent, K., 2007:
Hemodialysis blood access flow rates can be estimated accurately from on-line dialysate urea measurements and the knowledge of effective dialyzer urea clearance

Otsuki, H.; Ito, K.; Kosaka, T.; Hamada, S.; Takahashi, M.; Isono, M.; Nakamura, K.; Kuwahara, Y.; Kaji, T.; Asano, T., 2011:
Hemodialysis case in which RCC was identified after disappearance of perirenal hematoma following spontaneous renal rupture treated by transcatheter arterial embolization

Rosenblum, A.; Wang, W.; Ball, L.K.; Latham, C.; Maddux, F.W.; Lacson, E., 2014:
Hemodialysis catheter care strategies: a cluster-randomized quality improvement initiative

Dinwiddie, L.C.; Bhola, C., 2010:
Hemodialysis catheter care: current recommendations for nursing practice in North America

Van Der Meersch, H.; De Bacquer, D.; Vandecasteele, S.J.; Van den Bergh, B.; Vermeiren, P.; De Letter, J.; De Vriese, A.S., 2015:
Hemodialysis catheter design and catheter performance: a randomized controlled trial

Valencia, C.A.Restrepo.; Villa, C.A.Buitrago.; Cardona, J.A.Chacon., 2013:
Hemodialysis catheter implantation in the axillary vein by ultrasound guidance versus palpation or anatomical reference

Gabaldon, D.; Xu, Z.; Sun, Y.; Servilla, K.S.; Hartshorne, M.F.; Tzamaloukas, A.H., 2012:
Hemodialysis catheter infection with unusual presentation and grave outcome

Chirinos, J.C.; Neyra, J.A.; Patel, J.; Rodan, A.R., 2015:
Hemodialysis catheter insertion: is increased PO2 a sign of arterial cannulation? A case report

Chapla, K.; Oza-Gajera, B.P.; Yevzlin, A.S.; Shin, J-Im.; Astor, B.C.; Chan, M.R., 2016:
Hemodialysis catheter locking solutions and the prevention of catheter dysfunction: a meta-analysis

Skandalos, I.; Michalopoulos, A.; Iatrou, K.; Sombolos, K., 2013:
Hemodialysis catheter malposition induced by a brachiocephalic vein stenosed stent

Lopez, S., 2014:
Hemodialysis catheter outcomes pilot study

Evans, E.C.; Hain, D.; Kear, T.M.; Dork, L.A.; Schrauf, C., 2014:
Hemodialysis catheter outcomes pilot study: no dressing coverage with prescribed showering

Jang, Y.S.; Kim, S.H.; Lee, D.H.; Kim, D.H.; Seo, A.Y., 2009:
Hemodialysis catheter placement via a persistent left superior vena cava

Dalal, P.; Dalal, T.; Shah, G., 2011:
Hemodialysis catheter related rhodococcus bacteremia in immunocompetent host

Lucas, T.C.; Tessarolo, F.; Veniero, P.; Caola, I.; Piccoli, F.; Haase, A.; Nollo, G.; Huebner, R.; Brunori, G., 2014:
Hemodialysis catheter thrombi: visualization and quantification of microstructures and cellular composition

Yevzlin, A.S., 2008:
Hemodialysis catheter-associated central venous stenosis

Bairy, M.; Prabhu, R.; Prasad, S., 2016:
Hemodialysis catheter-induced stroke

Aydogdu, S.; Celebi, O.Ozcan.; Sahin, D., 2010:
Hemodialysis catheter: induced giant right atrial thrombus

Skofic, N.; Buturović-Ponikvar, J.; Kovac, J.; Premru, V.; Knap, B.; Marn Pernat, A.; Kersnic, B.; Gubensek, J.; Ponikvar, R., 2009:
Hemodialysis catheters with citrate locking in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury treated with intermittent online hemofiltration or hemodialysis

Otero González, A.; Conde Olasagasti, J.; Martín de Francisco, A.L.; González Parra, E., 2007:
Hemodialysis centers guides

Chan, M.R., 2008:
Hemodialysis central venous catheter dysfunction

Hung, A.M.; Ikizler, T.Alp., 2008:
Hemodialysis central venous catheters as a source of inflammation and its implications

Garlich, F.M.; Goldman, M.; Pepe, J.; Nelson, L.S.; Allan, M.J.; Goldstein, D.A.; Goldfarb, D.S.; Hoffman, R.S., 2014:
Hemodialysis clearance of glyphosate following a life-threatening ingestion of glyphosate-surfactant herbicide

Hirao, Y.; Kashiyama, E.; Umehara, K.; Kohno, M.; Ikei, N.; Hogstrom, B., 2014:
Hemodialysis clearance of iosimenol, a novel iso-osmolar radiographic contrast medium

Sutter, M.; Tereshchenko, N.; Rafii, R.; Daubert, G.Patrick., 2010:
Hemodialysis complications of hydroxocobalamin: a case report

Thiery-Vuillemin, A.; Curtit, E.; Maurina, T.; Montange, D.; Succi, C.; Nguyen, T.; Kim, S.; Montcuquet, P.; Pivot, X.; Royer, B., 2013:
Hemodialysis does not affect everolimus pharmacokinetics: two cases of patients with metastatic renal cell cancer

Sasso, L.; Capuano, A.; Minco, M.; Paglia, A.; Pirozzi, F.; Memoli, B.; Carlomagno, G.; Petretta, M.; Bonaduce, D., 2014 :
Hemodialysis does not affect ventricular-arterial coupling beyond the reduction of blood pressure and preload

Decker, B.S.; O'Neill, K.D.; Chambers, M.A.; Slaven, J.E.; Yu, Z.; Jones, D.R.; Moe, S.M., 2013:
Hemodialysis does not alter in vitro hepatic CYP3A4 and CYP2D6 metabolic activity in uremic serum

Cramer, Y.S.; Rosenkranz, S.L.; Hall, S.D.; Szczech, L.A.; Amorosa, V.; Gupta, S.K., 2010:
Hemodialysis does not significantly affect the pharmacokinetics of nevirapine in HIV-1-infected persons requiring hemodialysis: results from ACTG A5177

Teruel Briones, J.L.; Fernández Lucas, M., 2008:
Hemodialysis dose. Difficulty in measuring it

Mekki, K.; Remaoun, M.; Belleville, J.; Bouchenak, M., 2012:
Hemodialysis duration impairs food intake and nutritional parameters in chronic kidney disease patients

Bezzaoucha, S.; Merghoub, A.; Lamarche, C.; Pichette, V.; Lafrance, J-Philippe.; Laurin, L-Philippe.; Vallée, M.; Robitaille, R.; Leblanc, M.; Bell, R., 2014:
Hemodialysis effects on phenytoin pharmacokinetics

Lacson, E.; Wang, W.; Lazarus, J.Michael.; Hakim, R.M., 2009:
Hemodialysis facility-based quality-of-care indicators and facility-specific patient outcomes

Sakkas, G.K.; Karatzaferi, C., 2012:
Hemodialysis fatigue: just "simple" fatigue or a syndrome on its own right?

Nikolic, B., 2009:
Hemodialysis fistula interventions: diagnostic and treatment challenges and technical considerations

Kubale, R.; Walker, G.; Jung, E.M.; Clevert, D-A.; Bücker, A., 2010:
Hemodialysis fistulas: possibilities of vascular ultrasound

Collen, J.F.; Das, N.P.; Koff, J.M.; Neff, R.T.; Abbott, K.C., 2008:
Hemodialysis for hyperammonemia associated with ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency

Kaur, A.; Davenport, A., 2015:
Hemodialysis for infants, children, and adolescents

Kute, V.B.; Godara, S.M.; Shah, P.R.; Gumber, M.R.; Goplani, K.R.; Vanikar, A.V.; Munjappa, B.C.; Patel, H.V.; Trivedi, H.L., 2012:
Hemodialysis for methyl alcohol poisoning: a single-center experience

Becknell, B.; Smoyer, W.E.; O'Brien, N.F., 2015:
Hemodialysis for near-fatal sodium phosphate toxicity in a child receiving sodium phosphate enemas

Singh, T.; Hallows, K.R., 2015:
Hemodialysis for the treatment of severe accidental hypothermia

Maoz, D.; Reinitz, R.; Rimon, U.; Knecht, A.; Badayev, L.; Holtzman, E.; Schneiderman, J., 2009:
Hemodialysis graft flow surveillance with prompt corrective interventions improves access long-term patency

Wusirika, R.; Leavitt, M.; Boyer, C.; Wilson, T.J.; Gorrell, V.L.; Segal, J.; Weitzel, W.F., 2008:
Hemodialysis graft with blind loop inflow segment treated with stent placement

Vachharajani, T.J.; Moossavi, S., 2007:
Hemodialysis grafts: on the controversial decision to stent venous anastomotic stenoses

Milinkovic, M.; Zidverc-Trajkovic, J.; Sternic, N.; Trbojevic-Stankovic, J.; Maric, I.; Milic, M.; Andric, B.; Nikic, P.; Jovanovic, P.; Rosic, P.; Stojimirovic, B., 2009:
Hemodialysis headache

Schievink, W.I.; Maya, M.Marcel., 2010:
Hemodialysis headache and presyrinx in spontaneous intracranial hypotension

Donadee, C.L.; Gladwin, M.T., 2010:
Hemodialysis hyperhemolysis. A novel mechanism of endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular risk?

Silva, A.M.V.; Signori, L.U.; Plentz, R.D.M.; Moreno, H.; Barros, E.; Belló-Klein, A.; Schaan, B.D.; Irigoyen, M.C., 2008:
Hemodialysis improves endothelial venous function in end-stage renal disease

De Blasio, A.; Sirico, M.; Di Micco, L.; Di Iorio, B., 2015:
Hemodialysis improves the subendocardial viability ratio

Diamant, M.J.; Young, A.; Gallo, K.; Xi, W.; Suri, R.S.; Garg, A.X.; Moist, L.M., 2011:
Hemodialysis in a satellite unit: clinical performance target attainment and health-related quality of life

Arabi, Z., 2012:
Hemodialysis in an underserved area (Hama, Syria): A base for a situation analysis project

Youssef, D.Mohammed.; Neemat-Allah, M.Abd.Alfattah., 2014:
Hemodialysis in children: eleven years in a single center in Egypt

Honoré, P.M.; Jacobs, R.; Joannes-Boyau, O.; Boer, W.; De Waele, E.; De Regt, J.; Spapen, H.D., 2013:
Hemodialysis in chronic kidney disease--balancing fluid and salt on the inflammation tightrope

Bergman, S.M., 2010:
Hemodialysis in hypotensive heart failure using midodrine

Pieringer, H.; Biesenbach, G., 2008:
Hemodialysis in patients older than 65 years with end-stage renal failure--comparison of outcome in patients with and without diabetes

Fofi, C.; Festuccia, F.; Barberi, S.; Apponi, F.; Chiacchiararelli, L.; Scopinaro, F.; Punzo, G.; Menè, P., 2014:
Hemodialysis in patients requiring 131I treatment for thyroid carcinoma

Canaud, B.; Leray-Moragués, Hélène.; Chenine-Koualef, L.; Patrier, L., 2012:
Hemodialysis in patients with chronic renal insufficiency

Barthelemy, A.; Lobbedez, T.; Bechade, C.; Henri, P.; Batho, J-Marie.; Cardineau, E.; Jeanson, A.; Landru, I.; Lefort, Fçoise.; Potier, J.; Zagdoun, E.; Thibon, P., 2016:
Hemodialysis in satellite dialysis units: incidence of patient fallback to the in-center dialysis unit

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