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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53593

Chapter 53593 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

How does rectus femoris fibrosis affect gait?
, Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics. Part B 23(6): 549-553 (2014)

How does reflux affect laryngeal tissue quality? An experimental and histopathologic animal study
, Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery 143(6): 760-764 (2010)

How does regulatory Ca2+ regulate the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger?
, Channels 1(6): 397-399 (2007)

How does renal denervation lower blood pressure and when should this technique be considered for the treatment of hypertension?
, Current Cardiology Reports 15(11): 414 (2013)

How does repetition affect memory? Evidence from judgments of recency
, Memory and Cognition 38(1): 102-115 (2010)

How does research on motor skills translate into clinical skills learning?
, Medical Education 44(1): 11-13 (2010)

How does reverse shoulder replacement change the range of motion in activities of daily living in patients with cuff tear arthropathy? A prospective optical 3D motion analysis study
, Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery 134(8): 1065-1071 (2014)

How does reviewing the evidence change veterinary surgeons' beliefs regarding the treatment of ovine footrot? A quantitative and qualitative study
, Plos one 8(5): E64175 (2013)

How does reward expectation influence cognition in the human brain?
, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 20(11): 1980-1992 (2008)

How does rheumatoid arthritis need to be managed?
, Clinical Medicine 10(2): 151-153 (2010)

How does roasting affect the antioxidants of a coffee brew? Exploring the antioxidant capacity of coffee via on-line antioxidant assays coupled with size exclusion chromatography
, Food and Function 4(7): 1082-1092 (2013)

How does robotic anti-reflux surgery compare with traditional open and laparoscopic techniques: a cost and outcomes analysis
, Surgical Endoscopy 28(5): 1686-1690 (2014)

How does routine disclosure of medical error affect patients' propensity to sue and their assessment of provider quality? Evidence from survey data
, Medical Care 48(11): 955-961 (2010)

How does saccade adaptation affect visual perception?
, Journal of Vision 8(8): 3.1-316 (2008)

How does sacral modulation work best? Placement and programming techniques to maximize efficacy
, Current Urology Reports 12(5): 327-335 (2011)

How does satisfaction with the health-care system relate to patient experience?
, Bulletin of the World Health Organization 87(4): 271-278 (2009)

How does secondary neoplasm arise from mature teratomas in growing teratoma syndrome of the ovary? A report of two cases
, Pathology International 63(12): 607-610 (2013)

How does self-efficacy affect performance of learner?
, Journal of Ayub Medical College Abbottabad 24(1): 109-110 (2012)

How does self-injury feel? Examining automatic positive reinforcement in adolescent self-injurers with experience sampling
, Psychiatry Research 215(2): 417-423 (2014)

How does self-reported history of stroke compare to hospitalization data in a population-based survey in New Zealand?
, Stroke 41(11): 2678-2680 (2010)

How does semi-automated computer-derived CT measure of breast density compare with subjective assessments to assess mean glandular breast density, in patients with breast cancer?
, British Journal of Radiology 87(1044): 20140530 (2014)

How does sensitivity to dynamical heterogeneity in supercooled colloidal liquids depend on tracer size?
, Journal of Chemical Physics 129(10): 104514 (2008)

How does sensory processing dysfunction affect play?
, American Journal of Occupational Therapy 61(2): 201-208 (2007)

How does sequence structure affect the judgment of time? Exploring a weighted sum of segments model
, Cognitive Psychology 66(3): 259-282 (2013)

How does service workers' behavior affect their health? Service climate as a moderator in the service behavior-health relationships
, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology 15(2): 105-119 (2010)

How does severe brachycephaly affect dog's lives? Results of a structured preoperative owner questionnaire
, Veterinary Journal 198(3): 606-610 (2013)

How does sex trafficking increase the risk of HIV Infection? An observational study from Southern India
, American Journal of Epidemiology 177(3): 232-241 (2013)

How does sexual minority stigma "get under the skin"? A psychological mediation framework
, Psychological Bulletin 135(5): 707-730 (2009)

How does shear affect Abeta fibrillogenesis?
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 112(51): 16249-16252 (2008)

How does short-term low-dose simvastatin influence serum prohepcidin levels in patients with end-stage renal disease? A pilot study
, Therapeutic Apheresis and Dialysis 14(3): 308-314 (2010)

How does sipuleucel-T alter our clinical practice?
, Bju International 106(7): 945-946 (2010)

How does site of pelvic organ prolapse repair affect overactive bladder symptoms?
, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery 20(4): 203-207 (2014)

How does smoking affect olfaction in Parkinson's disease?
, Journal of the Neurological Sciences 340(1-2): 215-217 (2014)

How does smoking reduce the risk of preeclampsia?
, Hypertension 55(5): 1100-1101 (2010)

How does social integration influence breast cancer control among urban African-American women? Results from a cross-sectional survey
, Bmc Women's Health 8(): 4-4 (2008)

How does social networking enhance the nursing narrative?
, Nursing Management 40(9): 16-20 (2009)

How does social position influence self-reported health status? A comparative analysis between 1998 and 2003
, Cadernos de Saude Publica 26(4): 762-774 (2010)

How does socio economic position link to health behaviour? Sociological pathways and perspectives for health promotion
, Global Health Promotion 17(2): 25-33 (2010)

How does socioeconomic development affect COPD mortality? An age-period-cohort analysis from a recently transitioned population in China
, Plos one 6(9): E24348 (2011)

How does solar power work?
, Scientific American 300(1): 108 (2009)

How does solar ultraviolet-B radiation improve drought tolerance of silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.) seedlings?
, Plant Cell and Environment 38(5): 953-967 (2015)

How does spacer length of imidazolium gemini surfactants control the fabrication of 2D-Langmuir films of silver-nanoparticles at the air-water interface?
, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 430: 85-92 (2014)

How does spatial dispersal network affect the evolution of parasite local adaptation?
, Evolution; International Journal of Organic Evolution 64(6): 1795-1801 (2010)

How does speaking another language reduce the risk of dementia?
, Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics 14(5): 469-471 (2014)

How does spinal canal decompression and dorsal stabilization affect segmental mobility? A biomechanical study
, Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery 130(2): 285-292 (2010)

How does spirituality affect physical health? A conceptual review
, Holistic Nursing Practice 21(6): 324-328 (2007)

How does sport psychology actually improve athletic performance? A framework to facilitate athletes' and coaches' understanding
, Behavior Modification 34(5): 386-402 (2010)

How does static stretching influence the tendons mechanical response?
, Acta Ortopedica Brasileira 21(5): 258-261 (2013)

How does stigma affect people with mental illness?
, Nursing Times 108(28): 12-14 (2012)

How does stigma affect work in people with serious mental illnesses?
, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal 35(5): 381-384 (2012)

How does stigma influence mental health nursing identities? An ethnographic study of the meaning of stigma for nursing role identities in two Belgian psychiatric hospitals
, International Journal of Nursing Studies 52(1): 307-316 (2015)

How does stigma "get under the skin"?: the mediating role of emotion regulation
, Psychological Science 20(10): 1282-1289 (2009)

How does stress influence periodontitis?
, Journal of the International Academy of Periodontology 14(2): 42-49 (2012)

How does stress lead to risk of alcohol relapse?
, Alcohol Research 34(4): 432-440 (2012)

How does stress possibly affect cardiac remodeling?
, Peptides 57: 20-30 (2014)

How does subintimal angioplasty compare to transluminal angioplasty for the treatment of femoral occlusive disease?
, International Journal of Surgery 12(4): 361-364 (2014)

How does subjective experience of pain relate to psychopathology among psychiatric patients?
, General Hospital Psychiatry 34(5): 534-540 (2012)

How does sublingual immunotherapy work?
, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 120(3): 533-536 (2007)

How does successful off-pump pulmonary vein isolation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation influence heart rate variability and autonomic activity?
, Innovations 3(1): 1-6 (2008)

How does sucrose stabilize the native state of globular proteins?
, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 50(1): 230-235 (2012)

How does sulphur availability modify N acquisition of white clover (Trifolium repens L.)?
, Journal of Experimental Botany 61(1): 225-234 (2010)

How does summer affect sexual desire?
, Duodecim; Laaketieteellinen Aikakauskirja 129(13): 1375-1378 (2013)

How does sunitinib cause hypothyroidism?
, Thyroid 20(3): 243-244 (2010)

How does support from peers compare with support from adults as students transition to secondary school?
, Journal of Adolescent Health 54(5): 543-549 (2014)

How does surgery affect sexual desire and activities in patients with lumbar disc herniation?
, Spine 35(6): 647-651 (2010)

How does swimming compare with walking as a form of exercise?
, Mayo Clinic Health Letter 28(5): 8-8 (2010)

How does symmetry impact the flexibility of proteins?
, Philosophical Transactions. Series A Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences 372(2008): 20120041 (2014)

How does synaptotagmin trigger neurotransmitter release?
, Annual Review of Biochemistry 77: 615-641 (2008)

How does target duration affect object substitution masking?
, Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance 36(5): 1267-1279 (2010)

How does tele-learning compare with other forms of education delivery? A systematic review of tele-learning educational outcomes for health professionals
, New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 24(2): 70-75 (2013)

How does tele-mental health affect group therapy process? Secondary analysis of a noninferiority trial
, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 78(5): 746-750 (2010)

How does temporal preparation speed up response implementation in choice tasks? Evidence for an early cortical activation
, Psychophysiology 49(2): 252-260 (2012)

How does testing affect retrieval-related processes? An event-related potential (ERP) study on the short-term effects of repeated retrieval
, Cognitive Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience 15(1): 195-210 (2015)

How does that work?
, Northwest Dentistry 86(6): 21-23 (2007)

How does the 'ancient' asexual Philodina roseola (Rotifera: Bdelloidea) handle potential UVB-induced mutations?
, Journal of Experimental Biology 216(Pt 16): 3090-3095 (2013)

How does the 50/500 rule apply to MVPs?
, Trends in Ecology and Evolution 27(10): 578-584 (2012)

How does the 7th TNM edition fit in gastric cancer management?
, Annals of Surgical Oncology 18(5): 1219-1221 (2011)

How does the Affordable Care Act support children at risk for or with diabetes?
, North Carolina Medical Journal 72(5): 379 (2011)

How does the Bax-alpha1 targeting sequence interact with mitochondrial membranes? The role of cardiolipin
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1788(3): 623-631 (2009)

How does the CJOT measure up? Taking journal quality metrics into account
, Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy. Revue Canadienne d'Ergotherapie 79(4): 195-198 (2012)

How does the Coast Guard find people lost at sea?
, Scientific American 301(5): 30 (2009)

How does the DNA sequence affect the Hill curve of transcriptional response?
, Physical Biology 9(5): 056006 (2012)

How does the Earth system generate and maintain thermodynamic disequilibrium and what does it imply for the future of the planet?
, Philosophical Transactions. Series A Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences 370(1962): 1012-1040 (2012)

How does the FDA's drug approval process work?
, Ons Connect 29(2): 43 (2014)

How does the German Association against Rheumatism and Arthritis convey health literacy?
, Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie 73(8): 721-728 (2014)

How does the HIV epidemic in NSW compare to other Australian jurisdictions and internationally?
, New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 21(3-4): 55-60 (2010)

How does the Lalonde budget affect you?
, Canadian Medical Association Journal 128(11): 1320-1322 (1983)

How does the Mediterranean diet promote cardiovascular health? Current progress toward molecular mechanisms: gene-diet interactions at the genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic levels provide novel insights into new mechanisms
, Bioessays 36(5): 526-537 (2014)

How does the NPM1 mutant induce leukemia?
, Pediatric Reports 3(Suppl. 2): E6 (2011)

How does the New Cooperative Medical Scheme influence health service utilization? A study in two provinces in rural China
, Bmc Health Services Research 10: 116 (2010)

How does the QB site influence propagate to the QA site in photosystem II?
, Biochemistry 50(24): 5436-5442 (2011)

How does the Schwann cell lineage form tumors in NF1?
, Glia 56(14): 1590-1605 (2008)

How does the Taquari River influence in the cladoceran assemblages in three oxbow lakes?
, Brazilian Journal of Biology 73(4): 717-725 (2013)

How does the Visual Cortex of the Blind Acquire Auditory Responsiveness?
, Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 5: 52 (2011)

How does the World Trade Organization know? The mobilization and staging of scientific expertise in the GMO trade dispute
, Social Studies of Science 42(1): 75-100 (2012)

How does the absence or presence of subglottal medialization affect glottal airflow?
, Annals of Otology Rhinology and Laryngology 119(8): 559-566 (2010)

How does the addition of steric hindrance to a typical N-heterocyclic carbene ligand affect catalytic activity in olefin metathesis?
, Dalton Transactions 42(20): 7433-7439 (2013)

How does the adsorption of microcystins and anatoxin-a on nanofiltration membranes depend on their co-existence and on the water background matrix
, Water Science and Technology 66(5): 976-982 (2012)

How does the age gap between partners affect their survival?
, Demography 47(2): 313-326 (2010)

How does the age of hoverfly females affect their reproduction?
, Communications in Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences 72(3): 503-508 (2007)

How does the amount of surgical insult affect bone around moving teeth?
, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 145(4 Suppl): S92 (2014)

How does the angiotensin II type 1 receptor 'trump' the type 2 receptor in blood pressure control?
, Journal of Hypertension 31(4): 705-712 (2013)

How does the antagonism between capping and anti-capping proteins affect actin network dynamics?
, Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter 23(37): 374101 (2011)

How does the ascending aorta geometry change when it dissects?
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 63(13): 1311-1319 (2014)

How does the axial ligand of cytochrome P450 biomimetics influence the regioselectivity of aliphatic versus aromatic hydroxylation?
, Chemistry 15(22): 5577-5587 (2009)

How does the balance of excitation and inhibition shift during epileptogenesis?
, Epilepsy Currents 7(3): 86-88 (2007)

How does the body know how old it is? Introducing the epigenetic clock hypothesis
, Interdisciplinary Topics in Gerontology 40: 49-62 (2015)

How does the boron concentration affect hydrogen storage in lithium decorated zero- and two-dimensional boron-carbon compounds?
, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15(7): 2507-2513 (2013)

How does the brain create rhythms?
, Ideggyogyaszati Szemle 63(1-2): 13-23 (2010)

How does the brain encode epistemic reliability? Perceptual presence, phenomenal transparency, and counterfactual richness
, Cognitive Neuroscience 5(2): 122-124 (2014)

How does the brain limit the severity of inflammation and tissue injury during bacterial meningitis?
, Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology 72(5): 370-385 (2013)

How does the brain process rhythm?
, Elife 3: E02658 (2014)

How does the brain process upright and inverted faces?
, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Reviews 1(1): 63-75 (2002)

How does the brain rapidly learn and reorganize view-invariant and position-invariant object representations in the inferotemporal cortex?
, Neural Networks 24(10): 1050-1061 (2011)

How does the built environment relate to body mass index and obesity prevalence among public housing residents?
, American Journal of Health Promotion 22(3): 187-194 (2008)

How does the camera assistant decide the zooming ratio of laparoscopic images? Analysis and implementation
, Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention 11(Pt 2): 611-618 (2008)

How does the canadian general public rate moderate Alzheimer's disease?
, Journal of Aging Research 2011: 682470 (2011)

How does the cell overcome LCP nanoparticle-induced calcium toxicity?
, Molecular Pharmaceutics 10(11): 4391-4395 (2013)

How does the central nervous system address the kinetic redundancy in the lumbar spine? Three-dimensional isometric exertions with 18 Hill-model-based muscle fascicles at the L4-L5 level
, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part H Journal of Engineering in Medicine 224(3): 487-501 (2010)

How does the cerebral cortex work? Development, learning, attention, and 3-D vision by laminar circuits of visual cortex
, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Reviews 2(1): 47-76 (2003)

How does the color influence figure and shape formation, grouping, numerousness and reading? The role of chromatic wholeness and fragmentation
, Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics 30(5): 583-593 (2010)

How does the consumption of fructose and high fructose corn syrup impact the health of children and adolescents?
, Journal of Pediatric Nursing 25(5): 459-460 (2010)

How does the dehydration change the host-guest association under homogeneous and heterogeneous conditions?
, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16(18): 8667-8674 (2014)

How does the duration of active pushing in labor affect neonatal outcomes?
, Journal of Perinatal Medicine 40(2): 171-178 (2011)

How does the emotive content of televised anti-smoking mass media campaigns influence monthly calls to the NHS Stop Smoking helpline in England?
, Preventive Medicine 69: 43-48 (2014)

How does the entering of copper nanoparticles into biological wastewater treatment system affect sludge treatment for VFA production
, Water Research 63: 125-134 (2014)

How does the environment impact on the quality of life of advanced cancer patients? A qualitative study with implications for ward design
, Palliative Medicine 22(6): 768-774 (2008)

How does the ethoxylated grafting of polyelectrolytes affect the self-assembly of polyanion-cationic surfactant complex salts?
, Langmuir 30(39): 11493-11503 (2014)

How does the evidence rate?
, Hospital Peer Review 38(8): 90-91 (2013)

How does the extraction of local and global auditory regularities vary with context?
, Plos one 9(9): E107227 (2014)

How does the fate intervene in the debate between holism and reductionism? conclusion of the file cancer/Haredhol
, Medecine Sciences 30(6-7): 699-700 (2014)

How does the first water shell fold proteins so fast?
, Journal of Chemical Physics 134(8): 085107 (2011)

How does the fit together? First pain in the joints - then the abdomen
, MMW Fortschritte der Medizin 156(10): 24 (2014)

How does the functional mobility scale relate to capacity-based measures of walking ability in children and youth with cerebral palsy?
, Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics 34(2): 185-196 (2014)

How does the general practitioner understand the patient? A qualitative study about psychological interventions in general practice
, Psychology and PsychoTherapy 82(Pt 2): 199-217 (2009)

How does the general public view posthumous organ donation? A meta-synthesis of the qualitative literature
, Bmc Public Health 11: 791 (2011)

How does the genetic assassin select its neuronal target?
, Mammalian Genome 22(3-4): 139-147 (2011)

How does the genome structure and lifestyle of a virus affect its population variation?
, Current Opinion in Virology 9: 39-44 (2014)

How does the heart (not) die? The role of autophagy in cardiomyocyte homeostasis and cell death
, Heart Failure Reviews 15(1): 15-21 (2010)

How does the heart respond to aortic stenosis: let me count the ways
, Circulation. Cardiovascular Imaging 6(6): 858-860 (2013)

How does the heart sense changes in oxygen tension: a role for ion channels?
, Antioxidants and Redox Signaling 22(6): 522-536 (2015)

How does the homophone meaning generation test associate with the phonemic and semantic fluency tests? A quantitative and qualitative analysis
, Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society 13(3): 424-432 (2007)

How does the host-specialized aphid deal with food deficiency?
, Insect Science 21(3): 334-341 (2014)

How does the impact of a community trial on cardio-metabolic risk factors differ in terms of gender and living area? Findings from the Isfahan healthy heart program
, Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 17(8): 732-740 (2012)

How does the inclusion of twins conceived via fertility treatments influence the results of twin studies?
, Twin Research and Human Genetics 15(6): 746-752 (2012)

How does the injection protocol influence the attenuation-time curve in CT perfusion measurements: comparison of measured and simulated data
, Medical Physics 36(8): 3487-3494 (2009)

How does the ionic liquid organizational landscape change when nonpolar cationic alkyl groups are replaced by polar isoelectronic diethers?
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 117(4): 1130-1135 (2013)

How does the isomerization rate affect the photoisomerization-induced transport properties of a doped molecular glass-former?
, Journal of Chemical Physics 139(3): 034501 (2013)

How does the journal impact factor affect the CV of PhD students?
, Embo Reports 15(3): 207 (2014)

How does the journey affect the message(RNA)?
, Rna Biology 6(2): 169-170 (2009)

How does the keystone state compare nationally?
, Pennsylvania Dental Journal 75(2): 21-24 (2008)

How does the kinase Lck phosphorylate the T cell receptor? Spatial organization as a regulatory mechanism
, Frontiers in Immunology 3: 167 (2012)

How does the landscape change in lysosomal storage disease
, La Pediatria Medica E Chirurgica 29(5): 275-278 (2007)

How does the law recognize and deal with medical errors?
, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 102(7): 265-271 (2009)

How does the left ventricle work? Ventricular rotation as a new index of cardiac performance
, Korean Circulation Journal 39(9): 347-351 (2009)

How does the level of BCG vaccine protection against tuberculosis fall over time?
, Bmj 343: D5974 (2011)

How does the lidocaine patch (5%) relieve pain?
, Pain 153(6): 1332-1333 (2012)

How does the long G·G* Watson-Crick DNA base mispair comprising keto and enol tautomers of the guanine tautomerise? The results of a QM/QTAIM investigation
, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16(30): 15886-15899 (2014)

How does the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) influence CD8 T cell differentiation?
, Cell Cycle 9(15): 2952-2957 (2010)

How does the mammary gland proteome change during puberty?
, Journal of Proteome Research 7(11): 4611 (2008)

How does the media profile of cancer compare with prevalence?
, Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 93(1): 9-12 (2011)

How does the medical graduates' self-assessment of their clinical competency differ from experts' assessment?
, Bmc Medical Education 13(): 24-24 (2013)

How does the metabolism of tumour cells differ from that of normal cells
, Bioscience Reports 33(6): (2013)

How does the migraine attack stop? It is NOT the trigger: common headache triggers do not predict cessation of pain
, Headache 52(1): 189-190 (2012)

How does the milk removal method affect teat tissue and teat recovery in dairy ewes?
, Journal of Dairy Research 81(3): 350-357 (2014)

How does the mind work? Insights from biology
, Topics in Cognitive Science 1(1): 145-172 (2009)

How does the mining industry contribute to sexual and reproductive health in developing countries? A narrative synthesis of current evidence to inform practice
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 22(23-24): 3597-3609 (2013)

How does the mirror neuron system change during development?
, Developmental Science 10(5): 524-526 (2007)

How does the mite Varroa destructor kill the honeybee Apis mellifera? Alteration of cuticular hydrcarbons and water loss in infested honeybees
, Journal of Insect Physiology 58(12): 1548-1555 (2012)

How does the mobility of phospholipid molecules at a water/oil interface reflect the viscosity of the surrounding oil?
, Langmuir 24(16): 8431-8434 (2008)

How does the modular organization of entorhinal grid cells develop?
, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8: 337 (2014)

How does the mother of a child with ADHD experience her situation? (II)
, Kinderkrankenschwester 30(5): 194-200 (2011)

How does the motor relearning program improve neurological function of brain ischemia monkeys?
, Neural Regeneration Research 8(16): 1445-1454 (2013)

How does the nature of the steric stabilizer affect the pickering emulsifier performance of lightly cross-linked, acid-swellable poly(2-vinylpyridine) latexes?
, Langmuir 23(13): 6903-6910 (2007)

How does the nephrologist manage an LVAD patient on chronic maintenance dialysis?
, Seminars in Dialysis 27(3): 284-288 (2014)

How does the new CKD-EPI equation help in the estimation of glomerular filtration in the elderly?
, Revista Espanola de Geriatria y Gerontologia 46(3): 176-177 (2011)

How does the nickel pincer complex catalyze the conversion of CO2 to a methanol derivative? A computational mechanistic study
, Inorganic Chemistry 50(8): 3816-3825 (2011)

How does the number of resected lymph nodes influence TNM staging and prognosis for esophageal carcinoma?
, Annals of Surgical Oncology 17(3): 784-790 (2010)

How does the nurse educator measure caring?
, International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship 10: (2013)

How does the operative strategy for primary hyperparathyroidism impact the findings and cure rate? A comparison of 800 parathyroidectomies
, Journal of the American College of Surgeons 207(2): 246-249 (2008)

How does the oxidative burst of macrophages kill bacteria? Still an open question
, Molecular Microbiology 80(3): 580-583 (2011)

How does the past of a soccer match influence its future? Concepts and statistical analysis
, Plos one 7(11): E47678 (2012)

How does the patho-physiology influence the treatment of pelvic congestion syndrome and is the result long-lasting?
, Phlebology 27(Suppl. 1): 58-64 (2012)

How does the peer review/ dental care process work?
, Journal of the Michigan Dental Association 90(10): 18-18 (2008)

How does the persistence of depression influence the continuity and type of health insurance and coverage limits on mental health therapy?
, Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics 10(3): 133-144 (2007)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative as it relates to the physical exam?: Consideration of differential diagnosis based on double vision and vertigo
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(2): 486-491 (2014)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative as it relates to the physical exam?; A case of spinocerebellar degeneration with peripheral neuropathy
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(2): 482-485 (2014)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative as it relates to the physical exam?; Approach to dyspnea and wheezing
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(7): 1727-1732 (2014)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative as it relates to the physical exam?; Arthralgia--the diagnostic process from clinical course
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(7): 1724-1726 (2014)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative as it relates to the physical exam?; Limb ataxia and a slight fever
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(6): 1423-1428 (2014)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative as it relates to the physical exam?; Management of a case of current smoker with massive hemoptysis
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(6): 1417-1422 (2014)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative as it relates to the physical exam?; New onset symptoms of cough and low grade fever in a patient with chronic cough
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(6): 1429-1432 (2014)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative at it relates to the physical exam?
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(1): 198-199 (2014)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative at it relates to the physical exam?: A case with weight loss, hyponatremia and malaise
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(4): 1008-1011 (2014)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative at it relates to the physical exam?; approach to intermittent palpitation and unusual awareness of the heartbeat
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(1): 205-208 (2014)

How does the physician interpret the patient's narrative at it relates to the physical exam?; fever and weakness: clinical reasoning based on combination of symptoms
, Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 103(1): 200-204 (2014)

How does the pitch and pattern of a signal affect auditory arousal thresholds?
, Journal of Sleep Research 18(2): 196-203 (2009)

How does the plant proteasome control leaf size?
, Plant Signaling and Behavior 5(9): 1119-1120 (2010)

How does the preparation of rye porridge affect molecular weight distribution of extractable dietary fibers?
, International Journal of Molecular Sciences 12(5): 3381-3393 (2011)

How does the presence and duration of central visual impairment affect reaching and grasping movements?
, Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics 31(3): 233-239 (2011)

How does the presence of antenatally detected caliectasis predict the risk of postnatal surgical intervention?
, Urology 80(1): 203-206 (2012)

How does the protein environment optimize the thermodynamics of thiol sulfenylation? Insights from model systems to QM/MM calculations on human 2-Cys peroxiredoxin
, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 33(3): 584-596 (2015)

How does the purpose of inspection influence the potency of visual salience in scene perception?
, Perception 36(8): 1123-1138 (2007)

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How does the three-day payment rule affect your practice?
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How does this study change my practice?
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How does we treat liver metastases from colorectal cancer by cure-intent surgery ?
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How does your MOF grow?
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How does your community measure up to sanitation standards?
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How does your cortex grow?
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How does your doctor talk with you? Preliminary validation of a brief patient self-report questionnaire on the quality of physician-patient interaction
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How does your facility assist nurses in coping, both personally and professionally, with the loss of a patient?
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How does your facility encourage lifelong learning and continuing education?
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How does your institution help you maintain work-life balance? Self-scheduling enables staff to pick shifts that work for them
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How does your institution meet the needs of childhood cancer survivors?
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How does your kindergarten classroom affect your earnings? Evidence from Project Star
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How does your output grow? Measuring billing department productivity
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How does your practice grow? The rationale for expansion
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How does your salary measure up?
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How does ΔNp63α drive cancer?
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How does "knowledge translation" affect my clinical practice?
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How does "mirroring" support joint action?
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How drinking water is made safe
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How earlobes can signify leadership potential
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How early can cognitive decline be detected?
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How early can one diagnose Cushing's disease? An early diagnosis in a case of prepubertal Cushing's disease
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How early can the seeding dates of spring wheat be under current and future climate in Saskatchewan, Canada?
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How early can we go? Taking hypothermia out of the intensive care unit
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How early can we predict Alzheimer's disease using computational anatomy?
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How early do airway inflammation and remodeling occur?
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How early do antibiotics have to be to impact mortality in severe sepsis? A prospective, observational study from an emergency department
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How early do children understand gesture-speech combinations with iconic gestures?
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How early do parent concerns predict later autism diagnosis?
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How early in treatment is PAP adherence established? Revisiting night-to-night variability
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How early is early enough to prevent stroke in atrial fibrillation?
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How early is the atherosclerotic risk in rheumatoid arthritis?
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How early renal biopsy has to be performed in children with isolated asymptomatic proteinuria?
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How early should VATS be performed for retained haemothorax in blunt chest trauma?
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How early should obesity prevention start?
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How early should psoriatic arthritis be treated with a TNF-blocker?
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How early to test for a cancer-causing germline mutation
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How early would we really administer biologics?
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How easy are the syntheses of allenes?
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How eating affects mood
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How eating well can boost maternal mental health
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How ecology shapes prey fish cognition
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How ecosystem services knowledge and values influence farmers' decision-making
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CD74 regulates complexity of tumor cell HLA class II peptidome in brain metastasis and is a positive prognostic marker for patient survival
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How education can improve care for residents with dementia
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How educational theory can inform the training and practice of vascular surgeons
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How effective and cost-effective was the national mass media smoking cessation campaign 'Stoptober'?
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How effective and safe is interventional stroke therapy?
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How effective are DNA barcodes in the identification of African rainforest trees?
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How effective are acute geriatric wards at admitting geriatric patients?
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How effective are alprostadil and hydrocortisone on reperfusion injury in kidney after distant organ ischemia?
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How effective are breast cancer screening programmes by mammography? Review of the current evidence
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How effective are clinical pathways with and without online peer-review? An analysis of bone metastases pathway in a large, integrated National Cancer Institute-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center Network
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How effective are continuous flow left ventricular assist devices in lowering high pulmonary artery pressures in heart transplant candidates?
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How effective are copayments in reducing expenditures for low-income adult Medicaid beneficiaries? Experience from the Oregon health plan
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How effective are disease-modifying drugs in delaying progression in relapsing-onset ms?
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How effective are dose-adjusted warfarin and aspirin for the prevention of stroke in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation? An analysis of the UK General Practice Research Database
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How effective are drug treatments for children with ADHD at improving on-task behaviour and academic achievement in the school classroom? A systematic review and meta-analysis
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How effective are exercise-based injury prevention programmes for soccer players? : A systematic review
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How effective are hospital adjunct clinical instructors?
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How effective are injection treatments for lateral epicondylitis?
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How effective are interdental cleaning aids in improving dental health?
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How effective are long-term psychoanalytic treatments in adolescents? A comparison between the evaluations of the patients, their parents and their therapists
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CD74-ROS1 G2032R mutation transcriptionally up-regulates Twist1 in non-small cell lung cancer cells leading to increased migration, invasion, and resistance to crizotinib
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How effective are non-drug, non-surgical treatments for primary dysmenorrhoea?
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How effective are nurses' medicine discussions?
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How effective are patient-based educational interventions in the management of cancer pain? Systematic review and meta-analysis
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How effective are physical activity interventions for alleviating depressive symptoms in older people? A systematic review
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How effective are pictograms in communicating risk about driving-impairing medicines?
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How effective are programs at managing transition from hospital to home? A case study of the Australian Transition Care Program
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How effective are psychological therapies and antidepressants for irritable bowel syndrome?
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How effective are public health departments at preventing mortality?
, Economics and Human Biology 13: 34-45 (2014)

How effective are radio programs in dissemination of health messages to the rural masses?
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How effective are short message service reminders at increasing clinic attendance? A meta-analysis and systematic review
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How effective are silver wound dressings? Wound healing of critically colonized and infected wounds
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How effective are some common treatments for traumatic brain injury?
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How effective are spiritual care and body manipulation therapies in pediatric oncology? A systematic review of the literature
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How effective are strategies for non-communicable disease prevention and control in a high risk population in a developing country? Isfahan Healthy Heart Programme
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How effective are the ESC/EAS and 2013 ACC/AHA guidelines in treating dyslipidemia? Lessons from a lipid clinic
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How effective are the current treatments for children diagnosed with manic/mixed bipolar disorder?
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How effective are the linkages between self-management programmes and primary care providers, especially for disadvantaged patients?
, Chronic Illness 7(1): 20-30 (2011)

How effective are we at understanding ineffective esophageal motility?
, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 68(3): 432-433 (2008)

How effective can optical-CT 3D dosimetry be without refractive fluid matching?
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How effective could laser-based approaches be in assisting dendritic cell immunotherapy?
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How effective has the Clean Water Act been at reducing pollutant mass emissions to the Southern California Bight over the past 35 years?
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 154(1-4): 413-426 (2009)

How effective incident management retains market share
, Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning 6(1): 13-24 (2012)

How effective is ECT for those with borderline personality disorder?
, Nursing New Zealand 14(9): 12-14 (2008)

How effective is GPi-DBS in the treatment of Meige's syndrome?
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How effective is Swedish massage on blood glucose level in children with diabetes mellitus?
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How effective is [corrected] the use of DBS and DPS as tools to encourage widespread therapeutic drug monitoring?
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How effective is a hospital at home service for people with acute mental illness?
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How effective is a modified exercise program on its own or with back school in chronic low back pain? A randomized-controlled clinical trial
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How effective is a psychological intervention program for patients with refractory bipolar disorder? A randomized controlled trial
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How effective is a saline arthrogram for wounds around the knee?
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How effective is a short-term educational and support intervention for families of an adolescent with type 1 diabetes?
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How effective is adenoidectomy alone for treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea in a child who presents with adenoid hypertrophy?
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How effective is amniotomy as a means of induction of labour?
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How effective is bibliotherapy for very old adults with subthreshold depression? A randomized controlled trial
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How effective is bibliotherapy-based self-help cognitive behavioral therapy with Internet support in clinical settings? Results from a pilot study
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How effective is bone augmentation in implant treatment
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How effective is citicoline for acute ischaemic stroke?
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How far along are you?
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How far did we get?
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How far have we come?
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How far have we come?
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How far we have come & the places we will go!
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How fares basic science?
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How fast you walk linked to how long you will live. Gait speed may reflect overall health and appears to be as reliable a predictor of longevity as other factors, such as age and gender
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How fat is fat?
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How females entrap males
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How fit are you? See how you measure up
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How four health plans manage biotech drugs
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CD7 is expressed on a subset of normal CD34-positive myeloid precursors
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How free healthcare became mired in corruption and murder in a key Indian state
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How free is free will? Neuro-scientific and philosophical aspects of motivation and decision-making
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How free is freedom of expression?
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How free of tobacco smoke are 'smoke-free' homes?
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How free retinol behaves differently from rbp-bound retinol in RBP receptor-mediated vitamin A uptake
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How frequency and intensity shape diversity-disturbance relationships
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How frequent emergency department use by US Veterans can inform good public policy
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How frequent is the fifth arch artery?
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How frequently and when do patients undergo cholecystectomy after bariatric surgery?
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How frequently do allegations of scientific misconduct occur in ecology and evolution, and what happens afterwards?
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How frequently should a patient taking amiodarone be screened for thyroid dysfunction?
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CD80 and CTLA-4 as diagnostic and prognostic markers in adult-onset minimal change disease: a retrospective study
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How frugal is Mother Nature with haplotypes?
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How fruit developmental biology makes use of flow cytometry approaches
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How full is our antihypertensives pipeline?
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How fun are your meetings? Investigating the relationship between humor patterns in team interactions and team performance
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How fungi have shaped our understanding of mammalian immunology
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