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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53619

Chapter 53619 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Timón, V.; Praveen, C.S.; Escamilla-Roa, E.; Valant, M., 2014:
Hybrid density functional based study on the band structure of trioctahedral mica and its dependence on the variation of Fe(2+) content

Wang, Z.; Zhao, M.; Wang, X.; Xi, Y.; He, X.; Liu, X.; Yan, S., 2012:
Hybrid density functional study of band alignment in ZnO-GaN and ZnO-(Ga(1-x)Zn(x))(N(1-x)O(x))-GaN heterostructures

Pozun, Z.D.; Henkelman, G., 2011:
Hybrid density functional theory band structure engineering in hematite

Nolan, M.; Long, R.; English, N.J.; Mooney, D.A., 2011:
Hybrid density functional theory description of N- and C-doping of NiO

Chen, H.; Ye, Z.; Cai, J.; Liu, H.; Hu, Y.; Jiang, J., 2007:
Hybrid density functional theory for homopolymer mixtures confined in a selective nanoslit

Qin, L.; Duan, Y.; Shi, H.; Shi, L.; Tang, G., 2013:
Hybrid density functional theory studies of AlN and GaN under uniaxial strain

Albu, T.V.; Swaminathan, S., 2007:
Hybrid density functional theory with a specific reaction parameter: hydrogen abstraction reaction of difluoromethane by the hydroxyl radical

Arul Murugan, N.; Kongsted, J.; Rinkevicius, Z.; Aidas, Kęstutis.; Mikkelsen, K.V.; Ågren, H., 2011:
Hybrid density functional theory/molecular mechanics calculations of two-photon absorption of dimethylamino nitro stilbene in solution

Niskanen, J.; Arul Murugan, N.; Rinkevicius, Z.; Vahtras, O.; Li, C.; Monti, S.; Carravetta, V.; Agren, H., 2013:
Hybrid density functional-molecular mechanics calculations for core-electron binding energies of glycine in water solution

Baishya, S.; Deka, R.C., 2012:
Hybrid density functional∕molecular mechanics studies on activated adsorption of oxygen on zeolite supported gold monomer

Mandiracioğlu, A., 2010:
Hybrid designs in studies

Broadwater, J.; Chellappa, R., 2007:
Hybrid detectors for subpixel targets

Foltánková, V.; Matula, P.; Sorokin, D.; Kozubek, S.; Bártová, E., 2013:
Hybrid detectors improved time-lapse confocal microscopy of PML and 53BP1 nuclear body colocalization in DNA lesions

Wang, H.; Xu, Z.; Li, Z.; Cui, K.; Ding, J.; Kohandehghan, A.; Tan, X.; Zahiri, B.; Olsen, B.C.; Holt, C.M.B.; Mitlin, D., 2014:
Hybrid device employing three-dimensional arrays of MnO in carbon nanosheets bridges battery-supercapacitor divide

Stoupin, S.; Shvyd'ko, Y.V.; Shu, D.; Blank, V.D.; Terentyev, S.A.; Polyakov, S.N.; Kuznetsov, M.S.; Lemesh, I.; Mundboth, K.; Collins, S.P.; Sutter, J.P.; Tolkiehn, M., 2014:
Hybrid diamond-silicon angular-dispersive x-ray monochromator with 0.25-meV energy bandwidth and high spectral efficiency

Zeng, Z-Sen.; He, Q-Qin.; Liang, Y-Hong.; Feng, X-Qing.; Chen, F-Er.; De Clercq, E.; Balzarini, J.; Pannecouque, C., 2010:
Hybrid diarylbenzopyrimidine non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors as promising new leads for improved anti-HIV-1 chemotherapy

Benjamin, S.L.; Levason, W.; Reid, G.; Rogers, M.C., 2011:
Hybrid dibismuthines and distibines as ligands towards transition metal carbonyls

Wang, K.; Zheng, Z.; Su, Y.; Wang, Z.; Song, L.; Zhu, J., 2009:
Hybrid differential interrogation method for sensitive surface plasmon resonance measurement enabled by electro-optically tunable SPR sensors

Stone, T.; George, N., 1988:
Hybrid diffractive-refractive lenses and achromats

Yudovsky, D.; Durkin, A.J., 2011:
Hybrid diffusion and two-flux approximation for multilayered tissue light propagation modeling

Alexander, A.L.; Wu, Y-Chien.; Venkat, P.C., 2007:
Hybrid diffusion imaging (HYDI)

Shi, Z.; Zhao, H.; Xu, K., 2012:
Hybrid diffusion-P3 equation in N-layered turbid media: steady-state domain

Marin, E.; Offoiach, R.; Lanzutti, A.; Regis, M.; Fusi, S.; Fedrizzi, L., 2014:
Hybrid diffusive/PVD treatments to improve the tribological resistance of Ti-6Al-4V

Cao, L.; Pan, G.; de Jong, J.; Woodward, S.; Meng, H., 2008:
Hybrid digital holographic imaging system for three-dimensional dense particle field measurement

Munshi, S.; Beri, V.K.; Gupta, A.K., 2007:
Hybrid digital-optical correlation employing a chirp-encoded simulated-annealing-based rotation-invariant and distortion-tolerant filter

Moon, S.; Qi, H., 2012:
Hybrid dimensionality reduction method based on support vector machine and independent component analysis

Galvanauskas, A.; Fermann, M.E.; Blixt, P.; Tellefsen, J.A.; Harter, D., 1994:
Hybrid diode-laser fiber-amplifier source of high-energy ultrashort pulses

Kashdan, E.; Bunimovich-Mendrazitsky, S., 2014:
Hybrid discrete-continuous model of invasive bladder cancer

Cao, H.; Ibarz, B., 2011:
Hybrid discrete-time neural networks

Zemann, W.; Metzler, P.; Jacobsen, C.; Obwegeser, J.Anton., 2014:
Hybrid distraction: a novel method for distraction osteogenesis of the alveolar process

Jia, X-Hong.; Rao, Y-Jiang.; Yuan, C-Xu.; Li, J.; Yan, X-Dong.; Wang, Z-Nan.; Zhang, W-Li.; Wu, H.; Zhu, Y-Yu.; Peng, F., 2013:
Hybrid distributed Raman amplification combining random fiber laser based 2nd-order and low-noise LD based 1st-order pumping

Winter, S.M.; Balo, A.R.; Roberts, R.J.; Lekin, K.; Assoud, A.; Dube, P.A.; Oakley, R.T., 2013:
Hybrid dithiazolothiadiazinyl radicals; versatile building blocks for magnetic and conductive materials

Jacquemin, D.; Perpète, E.A.; Maurel, Fçois.; Perrier, Aélie., 2010:
Hybrid dithienylethene-naphthopyran multi-addressable photochromes: an ab initio analysis

Qureshi, S.Ahmad.; Mirza, S.M.; Rajpoot, N.M.; Arif, M., 2011:
Hybrid diversification operator-based evolutionary approach towards tomographic image reconstruction

Blough, B.E.; Landavazo, A.; Partilla, J.S.; Baumann, M.H.; Decker, A.M.; Page, K.M.; Rothman, R.B., 2014:
Hybrid dopamine uptake blocker-serotonin releaser ligands: a new twist on transporter-focused therapeutics

Walsh, J.J.; Bell, A., 2009:
Hybrid drugs for malaria

Woo, L.W.Lawrence.; Bubert, C.; Purohit, A.; Potter, B.V.L., 2011:
Hybrid dual aromatase-steroid sulfatase inhibitors with exquisite picomolar inhibitory activity

Tikhenko, N.; Rutten, T.; Tsvetkova, N.; Voylokov, A.; Börner, A., 2015:
Hybrid dwarfness in crosses between wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and rye (Secale cereale L.): a new look at an old phenomenon

Costa, R.S.; Machado, D.; Rocha, I.; Ferreira, Eénio.C., 2010:
Hybrid dynamic modeling of Escherichia coli central metabolic network combining Michaelis-Menten and approximate kinetic equations

Mageswaran, P.; Techy, F.; Colbrunn, R.W.; Bonner, T.F.; McLain, R.F., 2012:
Hybrid dynamic stabilization: a biomechanical assessment of adjacent and supraadjacent levels of the lumbar spine

Sparta, M.; Shirvanyants, D.; Ding, F.; Dokholyan, N.V.; Alexandrova, A.N., 2013:
Hybrid dynamics simulation engine for metalloproteins

Barreto, F.S.; Pereira, R.J.; Burton, R.S., 2016:
Hybrid dysfunction and physiological compensation in gene expression

Engels, W.R., 2008:
Hybrid dysgenesis in Drosophila melanogaster: rules of inheritance of female sterility

Repetto, Mía.Victoria.; Winters, M.J.; Bush, A.; Reiter, W.; Hollenstein, D.Maria.; Ammerer, G.; Pryciak, P.M.; Colman-Lerner, A., 2018:
CDK and MAPK Synergistically Regulate Signaling Dynamics via a Shared Multi-site Phosphorylation Region on the Scaffold Protein Ste5

Luo, D-Qing.; Huang, C-Zheng.; Xie, W-Lin.; Xu, F-Feng.; Mo, L-Qiu., 2015:
Hybrid eccrine gland and hair follicle hamartoma: a new entity of adnexal nevus

Ma, Y.; Penney, G.P.; Bos, D.; Frissen, P.; Rinaldi, C.Aldo.; Razavi, R.; Rhode, K.S., 2010:
Hybrid echo and x-ray image guidance for cardiac catheterization procedures by using a robotic arm: a feasibility study

Zhang, X-Yin.; Zhang, X-Jing.; Huang, Z-Li.; Zhu, B-Shang.; Chen, R-Rong., 2015:
Hybrid effects of zirconia nanoparticles with aluminum borate whiskers on mechanical properties of denture base resin PMMA

Naji, A.; Atzberger, P.J.; Brown, F.L.H., 2009:
Hybrid elastic and discrete-particle approach to biomembrane dynamics with application to the mobility of curved integral membrane proteins

Wang, H.; Cai, L.; Paul, A.; Enejder, A.; Heilshorn, S.C., 2015:
Hybrid elastin-like polypeptide-polyethylene glycol (ELP-PEG) hydrogels with improved transparency and independent control of matrix mechanics and cell ligand density

Duke, A.R.; Peterson, E.; Mackanos, M.A.; Atkinson, J.; Tyler, D.; Jansen, E.Duco., 2013:
Hybrid electro-optical stimulation of the rat sciatic nerve induces force generation in the plantarflexor muscles

Del'Haye, P.; Papp, S.B.; Diddams, S.A., 2013:
Hybrid electro-optically modulated microcombs

Chen, Q.; Chen, B., 2012:
Hybrid electrodynamics and kinetics simulation for electromagnetic wave propagation in weakly ionized hydrogen plasmas

Gao, J.; Sin, M.L.Y.; Liu, T.; Gau, V.; Liao, J.C.; Wong, P.Kin., 2011:
Hybrid electrokinetic manipulation in high-conductivity media

Sin, M.L.Y.; Shimabukuro, Y.; Wong, P.Kin., 2009:
Hybrid electrokinetics for separation, mixing, and concentration of colloidal particles

Chi, W.Seok.; Roh, D.Kyu.; Kim, S.Jin.; Heo, S.Yeon.; Kim, J.Hak., 2013:
Hybrid electrolytes prepared from ionic liquid-grafted alumina for high-efficiency quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells

Gutiérrez, M.; Llobera, A.; Vila-Planas, J.; Capdevila, F.; Demming, S.; Büttgenbach, S.; Mínguez, S.; Jiménez-Jorquera, C., 2010:
Hybrid electronic tongue based on optical and electrochemical microsensors for quality control of wine

Toomey, J.P.; Kane, D.M.; Davidović, A.; Huntington, E.H., 2009:
Hybrid electronic/optical synchronized chaos communication system

Inganäs, O., 2010:
Hybrid electronics and electrochemistry with conjugated polymers

Baker, L.M.; Krile, T.F., 1982:
Hybrid electrooptical power cepstrum analyzer

Beca I, J.Pablo., 2008:
Hybrid embryos as a source of embryonic stem cells

Meitzel, T.; Radchuk, R.; Nunes-Nesi, A.; Fernie, A.R.; Link, W.; Weschke, W.; Weber, H., 2011:
Hybrid embryos of Vicia faba develop enhanced sink strength, which is established during early development

Lin, K.Tsan., 2010:
Hybrid encoding method for hiding information by assembling double-random phase-encoding technique and binary encoding method

Rabinowitz, B., 2008:
Hybrid encounter documenting

Zou, J.; Xia, Y.; Yang, H.; Ma, H.; Zhang, X., 2014:
Hybrid endarterectomy and endovascular therapy in multilevel lower extremity arterial disease involving the femoral artery bifurcation

Bos, W.T.; Tielliu, I.F.; Sondakh, A.O.; Vourliotakis, G.; Bracale, U.M.; Verhoeven, E.L., 2010:
Hybrid endograft solution for complex iliac anatomy: Zenith body and Excluder limbs

Georgiadis, G.S.; Antoniou, G.A.; Georgakarakos, E.I., 2013:
Hybrid endografts are effective in distal and proximal fixation zones and in intermediate docking areas in endovascular aortic aneurysm repair

Georgiadis, G.S.; Trellopoulos, G.; Antoniou, G.A.; Georgakarakos, E.I.; Nikolopoulos, E.S.; Iatrou, C.; Lazarides, M.K., 2013:
Hybrid endografts combinations for the treatment 
of endoleak in endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair

Vilallonga, R.; Pimentel, R.; Rosenthal, R.J., 2014:
Hybrid endolaparoscopic management of biliary tract pathology in bariatric patients after gastric bypass: case report and review of a single-institution experience

Box, A.; Raj, G.; Otton, G.; Bonaventura, A.; Scurry, J., 2010:
Hybrid endometrial carcinoma with short non-villous papillae and serous papillary carcinoma

Moreira-Pinto, Jão.; Ferreira, Aíbal.; Miranda, A.; Rolanda, C.; Correia-Pinto, J., 2014:
Hybrid endoscopic thymectomy: combined transesophageal and transthoracic approach in a survival porcine model with cadaver assessment

Antoniou, G.A.; Sfyroeras, G.S.; Karathanos, C.; Achouhan, H.; Koutsias, S.; Vretzakis, G.; Giannoukas, A.D., 2009:
Hybrid endovascular and open treatment of severe multilevel lower extremity arterial disease

Zheng, Y-Hong.; Choi, N.; Deng, H-Ru.; Kouk, C.; Yu, K.; Rui, F., 2009:
Hybrid endovascular aorta repair with simultaneous supra-aortic branch or iliac branch revascularization

Shimamura, K.; Kuratani, T.; Matsumiya, G.; Shirakawa, Y.; Takeuchi, M.; Takano, H.; Sawa, Y., 2009:
Hybrid endovascular aortic arch repair using branched endoprosthesis: the second-generation "branched" open stent-grafting technique

Marzban, M., 2008:
Hybrid endovascular procedure for high risk elderly patients

Reddy, V.Seenu.; McNeil, J.D.; Crozier, M.W.; Bloomer, T.L.; Merritt, H.Marie.; Lopera, J.E., 2011:
Hybrid endovascular pseudoaneurysm and pulmonary stenosis repair in bovine arch

Kang, W.Chol.; Shin, E.Kyun.; Park, C-Hyun.; Kang, J.Mo.; Ko, Y-Guk.; Choi, D.; Youn, Y.Nam.; Shim, W-Heum., 2014:
Hybrid endovascular repair for aortic arch pathology: intermediate outcomes and complications: a retrospective analysis

Ma, X.; Guo, W.; Liu, X.; Yin, T.; Jia, X.; Xiong, J.; Zhang, H.; Wang, L., 2010:
Hybrid endovascular repair in aortic arch pathologies: a retrospective study

Watanabe, Y.; Kuratani, T.; Shirakawa, Y.; Torikai, K.; Shimamura, K.; Sawa, Y., 2014:
Hybrid endovascular repair of a dissecting thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm with stent graft implantation through the false lumen

Cooper, D.G.; Markur, S.; Walsh, S.R.; Cousins, C.; Hayes, P.D.; Boyle, J.R., 2009:
Hybrid endovascular repair of an aneurysmal chronic type B dissection in a patient with Marfan syndrome with an aberrant right subclavian artery

Hong, S.; Park, H.Ki.; Shim, W-Heum.; Youn, Y-Nam., 2011:
Hybrid endovascular repair of thoracic aortic aneurysm in a patient with Behçet's disease following right to left carotid-carotid bypass grafting

Mitchell, R.O.; Rogers, A.G.; Earle, G.F.; Imam, M., 2010:
Hybrid endovascular repair of thoracic aortic aneurysms by debranching and the creation of landing zone-zero

Darcin, O.Tansel.; Kalender, M.; Kunt, A.Gul.; Karaca, O.Guven.; Ecevit, A.Niyazi.; Darcin, S., 2015:
Hybrid endovascular repair of thoracoabdominal aorta: early results

Nakao, Y.; Mitsuoka, H.; Furuya, H.; Shintani, T.; Higashi, S., 2012:
Hybrid endovascular repair with reconstruction of superior mesenteric and celiac arteries for thoracoabdominal and abdominal aortic aneurysms

Lamb, K.M.; Moudgill, N.; Whisenhunt, A.K.; Ayad, M.; Abai, B.; Salvatore, D.; DiMuzio, P.J., 2015:
Hybrid endovascular treatment of an aberrant right subclavian artery with Kommerell aneurysm

Stanley, G.A.; Arko, F.R.; Foteh, M.I.; Jessen, M.E.; DiMaio, J.Michael., 2012:
Hybrid endovascular treatment of an anomalous right subclavian artery dissection in a patient with Marfan syndrome

Frigatti, P.; Grego, F.; Deriu, G.P.; Lepidi, S., 2009:
Hybrid endovascular treatment of aneurysm degeneration in a rare right-aortic arch anomaly with Kommerell diverticulum

Yang, Y.; Zhang, H.; Lee, S.; Kim, D.; Hwang, W.; Wang, Z.Lin., 2013:
Hybrid energy cell for degradation of methyl orange by self-powered electrocatalytic oxidation

Lee, D-Yeong.; Kim, H.; Li, H-Min.; Jang, A-Rang.; Lim, Y-Dae.; Cha, S.Nam.; Park, Y.Jun.; Kang, D.Joon.; Yoo, W.Jong., 2013:
Hybrid energy harvester based on nanopillar solar cells and PVDF nanogenerator

Matsui, H.; Noda, Y.; Hasegawa, T., 2012:
Hybrid energy-minimization simulation of equilibrium droplet shapes on hydrophilic/hydrophobic patterned surfaces

Hickey, D.P.; McCammant, M.S.; Giroud, F.; Sigman, M.S.; Minteer, S.D., 2015:
Hybrid enzymatic and organic electrocatalytic cascade for the complete oxidation of glycerol

Kuroki, K.; Tada, H.; Kunugida, F.; Sekiguchi, Y.; Machino, T.; Yamasaki, H.; Igarashi, M.; Aonuma, K., 2016:
Hybrid epicardial and endocardial ablation of a persistent atrial tachycardia arising from the marshall bundle: the importance of a detailed analysis of the local potentials

Choi, J-Il.; Pak, H-Nam.; Kim, Y-Hoon., 2008:
Hybrid epicardial and endocardial catheter ablation in a patient with atrial fibrillation and suspicious left atrial thrombus

Solovyev, A.; Mi, Q.; Tzen, Y-Ting.; Brienza, D.; Vodovotz, Y., 2014:
Hybrid equation/agent-based model of ischemia-induced hyperemia and pressure ulcer formation predicts greater propensity to ulcerate in subjects with spinal cord injury

Sim, D.G.; Jeong, S.Y.; Lee, D.H.; Park, R.H.; Kim, R.C.; Lee, S.U.; Kim, I.C., 2008:
Hybrid estimation of navigation parameters from aerial image sequence

Tometzki, T.; Engell, S., 2010:
Hybrid evolutionary optimization of two-stage stochastic integer programming problems: an empirical investigation

Shim, H.; Lee, S., 2014:
Hybrid exposure for depth imaging of a time-of-flight depth sensor

Grala, Pł.; Zieliński, W., 2009:
Hybrid external fixation for neglected fractures of the distal radius: results after one year

Savolainen, V.T.; Pajarinen, J.; Hirvensalo, E.; Lindahl, J., 2010:
Hybrid external fixation in treatment of proximal tibial fractures: a good outcome in AO/ASIF type-C fractures

Voor, M.; Antoci, V.; Kam, B.; Roberts, C., 2008:
Hybrid external fixation of proximal tibia fractures: biomechanical analysis of four commercial systems

Yang, D-fu.; Zhang, G-lin.; Zhang, M.; Xia, L-ping.; He, J-hua.; Peng, J-yang., 2009:
Hybrid external fixator combined with limited internal fixation for the treatment of high-energy tibial plateau fractures

Ayerdi, B.; Graña, M., 2014:
Hybrid extreme rotation forest

Iannelli, D., 2013:
Hybrid eyewear delivers safety success in heavy manufacturing

Sobhani-Tehrani, E.; Talebi, H.A.; Khorasani, K., 2014:
Hybrid fault diagnosis of nonlinear systems using neural parameter estimators

Yu, T.; Park, Y.; Li, S.; Jones, D.P., 2013:
Hybrid feature detection and information accumulation using high-resolution LC-MS metabolomics data

Abdat, F.; Amouroux, M.; Guermeur, Y.; Blondel, W., 2012:
Hybrid feature selection and SVM-based classification for mouse skin precancerous stages diagnosis from bimodal spectroscopy

Van Dijck, G.; Van Hulle, M.M.; Van Vaerenbergh, J., 2007:
Hybrid feature subset selection for the quantitative assessment of skills of stroke patients in activity of daily living tasks

Cifor, A.; Risser, L.; Chung, D.; Anderson, E.M.; Schnabel, J.A., 2014:
Hybrid feature-based diffeomorphic registration for tumor tracking in 2-D liver ultrasound images

Miller, J.D.; Slipchenko, M.N.; Meyer, T.R.; Stauffer, H.U.; Gord, J.R., 2011:
Hybrid femtosecond/picosecond coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering for high-speed gas-phase thermometry

Kearney, S.P.; Scoglietti, D.J., 2013:
Hybrid femtosecond/picosecond rotational coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering at flame temperatures using a second-harmonic bandwidth-compressed probe

Kearney, S.P.; Scoglietti, D.J.; Kliewer, C.J., 2014:
Hybrid femtosecond/picosecond rotational coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering temperature and concentration measurements using two different picosecond-duration probes

Yang, Y.; Lohwacharin, J.; Takizawa, S., 2016:
Hybrid ferrihydrite-MF/UF membrane filtration for the simultaneous removal of dissolved organic matter and phosphate

Lin, X.; Xie, J.; Zhu, L.; Lee, S.; Niu, G.; Ma, Y.; Kim, K.; Chen, X., 2011:
Hybrid ferritin nanoparticles as activatable probes for tumor imaging

Chen, C-Yao.; Tsai, W-K.; Miranda, Jé.A., 2008:
Hybrid ferrohydrodynamic instability: coexisting peak and labyrinthine patterns

Prinz, G.A., 1990:
Hybrid ferromagnetic-semiconductor structure

Paladino, D.; Quero, G.; Caucheteur, C.; Mégret, P.; Cusano, A., 2010:
Hybrid fiber grating cavity for multi-parametric sensing

Caucheteur, C.; Debliquy, M.; Lahem, D.; Megret, P., 2008:
Hybrid fiber gratings coated with a catalytic sensitive layer for hydrogen sensing in air

Mazzoni, D.L.; Cho, K.; Davis, C.C., 1991:
Hybrid fiber-optic sensor using true heterodyne measurement techniques

Spillman, W.B.; Soref, R.A., 1982:
Hybrid fiber-optic sensors using liquid-crystal light modulators and piezoceramic transducers

Brummer, H.; Zhang, M.Yi.; Piddoubny, M.; Medler, S., 2014:
Hybrid fibers transform into distinct fiber types in maturing mouse muscles

Zhou, T.; Xiao, X.; Li, G., 2012:
Hybrid field-assisted solid-liquid-solid dispersive extraction for the determination of organochlorine pesticides in tobacco with gas chromatography

Varela-Rizo, H.; Martín-Gullón, I.; Terrones, M., 2012:
Hybrid films with graphene oxide and metal nanoparticles could now replace indium tin oxide

Bao, H.; Rao, C.; Zhang, Y.; Dai, Y.; Rao, X.; Fan, Y., 2010:
Hybrid filtering and enhancement of high-resolution adaptive-optics retinal images

Johir, M.A.H.; Vigneswaran, S.; Kandasamy, J., 2011:
Hybrid filtration method for pre-treatment of stormwater

Bauler, P.; Huber, G.A.; McCammon, J.Andrew., 2012:
Hybrid finite element and Brownian dynamics method for diffusion-controlled reactions

Ying, W.; Henriquez, C.S., 2007:
Hybrid finite element method for describing the electrical response of biological cells to applied fields

Alavikia, B.; Ramahi, O.M., 2011:
Hybrid finite element-boundary integral algorithm to solve the problem of scattering from a finite array of cavities with multilayer stratified dielectric coating

Salski, B.; Gwarek, W., 2009 :
Hybrid finite-difference time-domain Fresnel modeling of microscopy imaging

Alavikia, B.; Ramahi, O.M., 2011:
Hybrid finite-element-boundary integral algorithm to solve the problem of scattering from a finite and infinite array of cavities with stratified dielectric coating

Kuloglu, M.; Lee, R., 2012:
Hybrid finite-element/rigorous coupled wave analysis for scattering from three-dimensional doubly periodic structures

Arnold, M.L.; Martin, N.H., 2010:
Hybrid fitness across time and habitats

Pereira, F.Ladeira.; Janson, M.; Sant'Ana, E., 2010:
Hybrid fixation in the bilateral sagittal split osteotomy for lower jaw advancement

Albert, M.C.; LaFleur, B.C., 2015:
Hybrid fixation with sublaminar polyester bands in the treatment of neuromuscular scoliosis: a comparative analysis

Lintz, F.; Pujol, N.; Pandeirada, C.; Boisrenoult, P.; Beaufils, P., 2011:
Hybrid fixation: evaluation of a novel technique in adult osteochondritis dissecans of the knee

Bajgai, S.Prasad.; Prachyawarakorn, V.; Mahidol, C.; Ruchirawat, S.; Kittakoop, P., 2012:
Hybrid flavan-chalcones, aromatase and lipoxygenase inhibitors, from Desmos cochinchinensis

Aé, L.; Chen, J.; Lux-Steiner, M.Ch., 2008:
Hybrid flexible vertical nanoscale diodes prepared at low temperature in large area

Lin, R.; Zhang, X.; Long, X.; Fatikow, S., 2013:
Hybrid flexure hinges

Nitiyanontakit, S.; Varanusupakul, P.; Miró, M., 2013:
Hybrid flow analyzer for automatic hollow-fiber-assisted ionic liquid-based liquid-phase microextraction with in-line membrane regeneration

Kuraya, M.; Katayama, K.; Kitamori, T., 2008:
Hybrid flow velocimeter measurements of transparent and turbid liquids in a microchannel using a transmission grating

Iijima, H.; Fukuda, Y.; Arai, Y.; Terakawa, S.; Yamamoto, N.; Nagayama, K., 2014:
Hybrid fluorescence and electron cryo-microscopy for simultaneous electron and photon imaging

Bhardwaj, A.; Kaur, J.; Sharma, S.Kiran.; Huang, Z.; Wuest, F.; Knaus, E.E., 2013:
Hybrid fluorescent conjugates of COX-2 inhibitors: search for a COX-2 isozyme imaging cancer biomarker

Brahatheeswaran, D.; Mathew, A.; Aswathy, R.Girija.; Nagaoka, Y.; Venugopal, K.; Yoshida, Y.; Maekawa, T.; Sakthikumar, D., 2012:
Hybrid fluorescent curcumin loaded zein electrospun nanofibrous scaffold for biomedical applications

Brun, N.; Ungureanu, S.; Deleuze, Hé.; Backov, Rénal., 2010:
Hybrid foams, colloids and beyond: from design to applications

Rodins, K.; Baillie, L., 2012:
Hybrid follicular cyst (pilomatrical and infundibular) arising within a sebaceous nevus

Engeberg, E.D.; Meek, S.G.; Minor, M.A., 2008:
Hybrid force-velocity sliding mode control of a prosthetic hand

Bolotnikova, O.I.; Bodunova, E.N.; Trushnikova, E.P.; Obraztsova, A.M.; Mikhaĭlova, N.P., 2007:
Hybrid formation and copulation activity in the yeast Pachysolen tannophilus

Quinteros, D.; Vicario-de-la-Torre, M.; Andrés-Guerrero, V.; Palma, S.; Allemandi, D.; Herrero-Vanrell, Río.; Molina-Martínez, I.T., 2015:
Hybrid formulations of liposomes and bioadhesive polymers improve the hypotensive effect of the melatonin analogue 5-MCA-NAT in rabbit eyes

Alper, J.; Howard, J., 2011:
Hybrid four-headed myosin motor engineered with antagonistic motor domains

Yeh, J.H.; Kostuk, R.K.; Tu, K.Y., 1996:
Hybrid free-space optical bus system for board-to-board interconnections

Binder, B.James.; Vanden-Broeck, J-Marc., 2011:
Hybrid free-surface flows in a two-dimensional channel

Taylor, J.Andrew.; Picard, G.; Porter, A.; Morse, L.R.; Pronovost, M.F.; Deley, G., 2015:
Hybrid functional electrical stimulation exercise training alters the relationship between spinal cord injury level and aerobic capacity

Kurzman, J.A.; Miao, M-Sheng.; Seshadri, R., 2011:
Hybrid functional electronic structure of PbPdO₂, a small-gap semiconductor

Moses, P.Georg.; Miao, M.; Yan, Q.; Van de Walle, C.G., 2011:
Hybrid functional investigations of band gaps and band alignments for AlN, GaN, InN, and InGaN

Saint-Cricq, P.; Pigot, T.; Nicole, L.; Sanchez, Cément.; Lacombe, S., 2009:
Hybrid functional mesostructured thin films with photo-oxidative properties in the visible range

Stroppa, A.; Picozzi, S., 2010:
Hybrid functional study of proper and improper multiferroics

Liu, H.; Cui, W.; Ma, Y., 2013:
Hybrid functional study rationalizes the simple cubic phase of calcium at high pressures

Friedrich, C.; Betzinger, M.; Schlipf, M.; Blügel, S.; Schindlmayr, A., 2012:
Hybrid functionals and GW approximation in the FLAPW method

Marsman, M.; Paier, J.; Stroppa, A.; Kresse, G., 2008:
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Hybrid one-electron/many-electron methods for ionized states of molecular clusters

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Hybrid procedure

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