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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53633

Chapter 53633 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pinho, Nália.de.Alencar.; Pierin, A.Maria.Geraldo., 2014:
Hypertension control in brazilian publications

Ong, H.T.; Ong, L.Meng.; Ho, J.J., 2013:
Hypertension control in chronic kidney disease: don't miss the forest for the trees

Wang, Z.; Wang, X.; Chen, Z.; Wang, W.; Zhu, H.; Chen, W.; Zhu, M.; Hu, S.; Staessen, J.A.; Liu, L.; Fodor, J.George.; Zhang, J.; Zhu, J.; Sun, J.; Wang, J.; Li, F.; Tang, X.; Xu, X.; Li, Z.; Wan, L.; Xiang, Q.; Wu, M.; Hu, Y.; Pan, E.; Zhou, M.; Lu, F.; Liu, G.; Zhao, X.; Wang, Y.; Li, B., 2014:
Hypertension control in community health centers across China: analysis of antihypertensive drug treatment patterns

Khosravi, A.Reza.; Rowzati, M.; Gharipour, M.; Fesharaki, M.Gholami.; Shirani, S.; Shahrokhi, S.; Jozan, M.; Khosravi, E.; Khosravi, Z.; Sarrafzadegan, N., 2012:
Hypertension control in industrial employees: findings from SHIMSCO study

Siu, J.T.P.; Tejani, A.M.; Musini, V.; Bassett, K.; Mintzes, B.; Wright, J., 2012:
Hypertension control in patients with diabetes

Kent, A., 2012:
Hypertension control in pregnancy

Neutel, J.M.; Gilderman, L.I., 2008:
Hypertension control in the elderly

Berlowitz, D.R., 2015:
Hypertension control in the elderly: too much of a good thing?

Li, J-jun., 2008:
Hypertension control in the very old people in China: what we learn from the Chinese subgroup analysis in the hypertension in the very elderly trial?

van der Laarse, A.; van der Wall, E.E., 2008:
Hypertension control is needed in elderly marathon runners!

Peng, H.; Zhang, Y., 2015:
Hypertension control prevalence estimates should account for age

Li, W-Wen.; Wallhagen, M.I.; Froelicher, E.S., 2008:
Hypertension control, predictors for medication adherence and gender differences in older Chinese immigrants

Bonolo, P.; Senger, M.; Ramiro, L.; Araújo, S., 2015:
Hypertension control: a positive deviance approach

Alderman, M.H., 2007:
Hypertension control: improved, but not enough!

Neutel, J.M.; Sica, D.A.; Franklin, S.S., 2007:
Hypertension control: still not there-how to select the right add-on therapy to reach goal blood pressures

Kang, C-Ki.; Park, C-A.; Lee, H.; Kim, S-Hoon.; Park, C-Wan.; Kim, Y-Bo.; Cho, Z-Hee., 2009:
Hypertension correlates with lenticulostriate arteries visualized by 7T magnetic resonance angiography

Papadopoulos, D.P.; Mourouzis, I.; Thomopoulos, C.; Makris, T.; Papademetriou, V., 2011:
Hypertension crisis

Johnson, W.; Nguyen, M-Le.; Patel, R., 2013:
Hypertension crisis in the emergency department

Steichen, O., 2013:
Hypertension cure rate after adrenalectomy for unilateral primary aldosteronism

Deeter, K.H.; Roberts, J.S.; Bradford, H.; Richards, T.; Shaw, D.; Marro, K.; Chiu, H.; Pihoker, C.; Lynn, A.; Vavilala, M.S., 2011:
Hypertension despite dehydration during severe pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis

Baguet, J-Philippe.; Boutin, I.; Barone-Rochette, G.; Levy, P.; Tamisier, R.; Pierre, Hélène.; Boggetto-Graham, L.; Pépin, J-Louis., 2014:
Hypertension diagnosis in obstructive sleep apnea: self or 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring?

Mayor, S., 2011:
Hypertension diagnosis should be based on ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, NICE recommends

Bueche, C.Z.; Hawkes, C.; Garz, C.; Vielhaber, S.; Attems, J.; Knight, R.T.; Reymann, K.; Heinze, H-Jochen.; Carare, R.O.; Schreiber, S., 2014:
Hypertension drives parenchymal β-amyloid accumulation in the brain parenchyma

Anonymous, 1957:
Hypertension due to Unilateral Renal Disease

Ostry, H., 1948:
Hypertension due to a tuberculous autonephrectomy

Sumanth, A.; Sankar, J.; Ravikumar; Sridharan, S., 2010:
Hypertension due to angiodysplasia

Small, H.Yvonne.; Montezano, A.C.; Rios, F.J.; Savoia, C.; Touyz, R.M., 2014:
Hypertension due to antiangiogenic cancer therapy with vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitors: understanding and managing a new syndrome

Held, I.W., 2017 :
Hypertension due to arteriosclerosis, and its complications

Boganen, H.; van Hee, K.; Grundmeijer, H.G.L.M., 2008:
Hypertension due to liquorice and liquorice tea consumption

Okamura, H.; Doi, M.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Fustin, J-Michel., 2011:
Hypertension due to loss of clock: novel insight from the molecular analysis of Cry1/Cry2-deleted mice

Pool, N.D., 2018:
Hypertension due to perirenal constriction; case report

Abad Cardiel, Mía.; Ruisánchez Muñumel, J.Vicente.; Martell Claros, N., 2010:
Hypertension due to persistent hypokalemia: a complex case

Kissel, M.; Phoon, C.K.L.; Kahn, P.J., 2016:
Hypertension during intravenous immune globulin infusion for Kawasaki's disease: an underreported phenomenon?

Cassidy-Bushrow, A.E.; Bielak, L.F.; Rule, A.D.; Sheedy, P.F.; Turner, S.T.; Garovic, V.D.; Peyser, P.A., 2010:
Hypertension during pregnancy is associated with coronary artery calcium independent of renal function

Asad, R.A.; Garovic, V.D., 2014:
Hypertension during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of chronic and end-stage kidney disease

Tranquilli, A.L., 2014:
Hypertension during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of later cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and diabetes

Calcaterra, V.; Mannarino, S.; Corana, G.; Codazzi, A.Claudia.; Mazzola, A.; Brambilla, P.; Larizza, D., 2014:
Hypertension during therapy with triptorelin in a girl with precocious puberty

Lankhorst, S.; Kappers, Mëtte.H.W.; van Esch, J.H.M.; Danser, A.H.Jan.; van den Meiracker, A.H., 2014:
Hypertension during vascular endothelial growth factor inhibition: focus on nitric oxide, endothelin-1, and oxidative stress

Gaziano, T.A.; Bertram, M.; Tollman, S.M.; Hofman, K.J., 2015:
Hypertension education and adherence in South Africa: a cost-effectiveness analysis of community health workers

Cohen, J.D., 2009:
Hypertension epidemiology and economic burden: refining risk assessment to lower costs

Arima, S.; Uto, H.; Ibusuki, R.; Kumamoto, R.; Tanoue, S.; Mawatari, S.; Oda, K.; Numata, M.; Fujita, H.; Oketani, M.; Ido, A.; Tsubouchi, H., 2014:
Hypertension exacerbates liver injury and hepatic fibrosis induced by a choline-deficient L-amino acid-defined diet in rats

Plouin, P-François., 2010:
Hypertension excellence centers

Bonato, C.F.; do-Amaral, C.C.F.; Belini, L.; Salzedas, L.M.P.; Oliveira, S.H.P., 2013:
Hypertension favors the inflammatory process in rats with experimentally induced periodontitis

Burney, B.; Oliva, R.; Zorn, K.C.; Bakris, G., 2011:
Hypertension following kidney injury

Rubin, M.F., 2011:
Hypertension following kidney transplantation

Wainwright, J., 1949:
Hypertension following renal infarction

Levy, D., 2007:
Hypertension from Framingham to ALLHAT: translating clinical trials into practice

Van Huysse, J.W.; Dostanic, I.; Lingrel, J.B.; Hou, X.; Wu, H., 2011:
Hypertension from chronic central sodium chloride in mice is mediated by the ouabain-binding site on the Na,K-ATPase α₂-isoform

Ghods, R.; Gharooni, M.; Amin, G.; Nazem, E.; Nikbakht Nasrabadi, A., 2014:
Hypertension from the perspective of Iranian traditional medicine

Pruijm, M.; Bochud, M.; Burnier, M., 2009:
Hypertension genetics: what have we learned so far?

Hopkins, K.; Bakris, G.L., 2010:
Hypertension goals in advanced-stage kidney disease

Turner, J.Rick.; Kothari, S., 2015:
Hypertension guidances published in 2013: a busy year with more to follow

Drawz, P.E.; Bocirnea, C.; Greer, K.B.; Kim, J.; Rader, F.; Murray, P., 2009:
Hypertension guideline adherence among nursing home patients

Alanen, S.; Ijäs, J.; Kaila, M.; Mäkelä, M.; Välimäki, M., 2008:
Hypertension guideline implementation: experiences of Finnish primary care nurses

Heneghan, C.; Perera, R.; Mant, D.; Glasziou, P., 2008:
Hypertension guideline recommendations in general practice: awareness, agreement, adoption, and adherence

Clark, C.E.; Campbell, J.L., 2009:
Hypertension guidelines

Aronow, W.S., 2011 :
Hypertension guidelines

Bakris, G., 2009:
Hypertension guidelines and chronic kidney disease: physicians, please follow directions

Frank, W.; Konta, B., 2005:
Hypertension guidelines and their effects on the health system

Ram, C.Venkata.S., 2015:
Hypertension guidelines in need of guidance

Weber, M.A.; Materson, B.J., 2010:
Hypertension guidelines: a major reappraisal critically examines the available evidence

Jennings, G.L.R.; Touyz, R.M., 2014:
Hypertension guidelines: more challenges highlighted by Europe

Messerli, F.H., 2014:
Hypertension guidelines: political correctness trumping expertise?

Martin, U., 2008:
Hypertension guidelines: thresholds, targets, and teratogenicity

Robles Perez-Monteoliva, Nás.Roberto., 2015:
Hypertension guidelines: too many and discordant

Covarsí, A.; González, P.; Barrera, A.; Suárez, M.A.; Gallego, S.; Castellano, I., 2008:
Hypertension high resolution consultation. A year of experience

Omura-Matsuoka, E.; Yagita, Y.; Sasaki, T.; Terasaki, Y.; Oyama, N.; Sugiyama, Y.; Todo, K.; Sakoda, S.; Kitagawa, K., 2011:
Hypertension impairs leptomeningeal collateral growth after common carotid artery occlusion: restoration by antihypertensive treatment

Wong, L.J.; Kupferman, J.C.; Prohovnik, I.; Kirkham, F.J.; Goodman, S.; Paterno, K.; Sharma, M.; Brosgol, Y.; Pavlakis, S.G., 2011:
Hypertension impairs vascular reactivity in the pediatric brain

Svetkey, L.P.; Pollak, K.I.; Yancy, W.S.; Dolor, R.J.; Batch, B.C.; Samsa, G.; Matchar, D.B.; Lin, P-Hwa., 2009:
Hypertension improvement project: randomized trial of quality improvement for physicians and lifestyle modification for patients

Rigsby, B.D., 2011:
Hypertension improvement through healthy lifestyle modifications

Scordo, K.Anne.; Pickett, K.Anne., 2014:
Hypertension in 2014: making sense of the guidelines

Lang, T., 2013:
Hypertension in Africa: a challenge?

Moulton, S.A., 2010:
Hypertension in African Americans and its related chronic diseases

Solanki, P.; Zakir, R.M.; Patel, R.J.; Pentakota, S-Ram.; Maher, J.; Gerula, C.; Saric, M.; Kaluski, E.; Klapholz, M., 2016:
Hypertension in African Americans with heart failure: progression from hypertrophy to dilatation; perhaps not

Watson, R.E.; Karnchanasorn, R.; Gossain, V.V., 2009:
Hypertension in Asian/Pacific Island Americans

Ratnam, S.; Nauli, S.M., 2010:
Hypertension in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease: A Clinical and Basic Science Perspective

Islam, A.K.M.Monwarul.; Majumder, A.A.S., 2013:
Hypertension in Bangladesh: a review

Meehan, K.A.; Bankoski, A.J.; Tejan, E.; Ansumana, R.; Bangura, U.; Stenger, D.A.; Jacobsen, K.H., 2011:
Hypertension in Bo, Sierra Leone

Chilov, K.; Vladimirov, V.; Stanchev, L., 2014:
Hypertension in Bulgaria

Botdorf, J.; Chaudhary, K.; Whaley-Connell, A., 2011:
Hypertension in Cardiovascular and Kidney Disease

Cicala, M.Verena.; Mantero, F., 2010:
Hypertension in Cushing's syndrome: from pathogenesis to treatment

Agyemang, C.; Kunst, A.E.; Bhopal, R.; Zaninotto, P.; Unwin, N.; Nazroo, J.; Nicolaou, M.; Redekop, W.K.; Stronks, K., 2011:
Hypertension in Dutch and English ethnic minorities. Blood pressure better controlled in English groups than in Dutch groups

Hamlin, A.A.; Sukharev, D.; Campos, L.; Mu, Y.; Tassone, F.; Hessl, D.; Nguyen, D.V.; Loesch, D.; Hagerman, R.J., 2012:
Hypertension in FMR1 premutation males with and without fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS)

Anonymous, 1957:
Hypertension in General Practice: A pilot survey into its incidence and treatment conducted by the Northern Home Counties Faculty

Pozdísek, Z.; Ludka, O.; Musil, V.; Vlasínová, J.; Snopková, S.; Lokaj, P.; Spinar, J., 2008:
Hypertension in HIV positive patients

Kenerson, J.G., 2014:
Hypertension in Haiti: the challenge of best possible practice

Hammami, S.; Hadded, S.; Lajmi, K.; Chouchane, S.; Ghédira, L.; Meriem, C.B.; Guediche, M.N., 2010:
Hypertension in Henoch-Schönlein purpura without renal involvement

Li, C.; Kelly, T.N., 2015:
Hypertension in India

Anchala, R.; Kannuri, N.K.; Pant, H.; Khan, H.; Franco, O.H.; Di Angelantonio, E.; Prabhakaran, D., 2015:
Hypertension in India: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prevalence, awareness, and control of hypertension

Namayandeh, S.; Sadr, S.; Rafiei, M.; Modares-Mosadegh, M.; Rajaefard, M., 2011:
Hypertension in Iranian urban population, epidemiology, awareness, treatment and control

Zaharan, N.L.; Mahmud, A.; Bennett, K.; Feely, J., 2011:
Hypertension in Ireland: public awareness and doctors choice of therapy

Adragna, N.C.; Chen, Y.; Delpire, E.; Lauf, P.K.; Morris, M., 2008:
Hypertension in K-Cl cotransporter-3 knockout mice

Cheng, T.O., 2008:
Hypertension in Kazaks is more than just gene polymorphism

Barquera, Són.; Campos-Nonato, I.; Hernández-Barrera, Lía.; Villalpando, S.; Rodríguez-Gilabert, César.; Durazo-Arvizú, Rón.; Aguilar-Salinas, C.A., 2010:
Hypertension in Mexican adults: results from the National Health and Nutrition Survey 2006

Jones, D.W., 2009:
Hypertension in Mississippi: we can do better

Enkh-Oyun, T.; Kotani, K.; Davaalkham, D.; Uehara, R.; Sadakane, A.; Aoyama, Y.; Tsuboi, S.; Nakamura, Y., 2013:
Hypertension in Mongolia: an overview

Alstad, K.S.; Smirk, F.H., 1948:
Hypertension in New Zealand; a survey of 443 consecutive deaths in Dunedin Hospital

Newmark, J., 2010:
Hypertension in Pakistan

Saleem, F.; Dua, J.Sungai.; Hassali, A.Ahmad.; Shafie, A.Akmal., 2010:
Hypertension in Pakistan: time to take some serious action

Vergara, C.; Wang, F.; Banfi, V., 2008:
Hypertension in Puerto Ricans in the Continental United States

Hasumi, T.; Jacobsen, K.H., 2013:
Hypertension in South African adults: results of a nationwide survey

Manopunya, S.; Khositseth, S., 2011:
Hypertension in Thai children: a report from a hospital in suburban area

Leelacharas, S., 2010:
Hypertension in Thailand

El-Shahat, Y.I.; Bakir, S.Z.; Farjou, N.; Hashim, T.; Bohaliga, A.; Al-Hossani, H.; Jaffar, A.R., 2008:
Hypertension in UAE Citizens - Preliminary Results of a Prospective Study

Anonymous, 1949:
Hypertension in Unilateral Renal Disease

Porter, E., 1936:
Hypertension in Women:-A Clinical Study

Modeste, N.N.; Abbey, D.E.; Hopp, J.W., 1984:
Hypertension in a Caribbean population

Morton, O., 1962:
Hypertension in a General Practice

Patch, F.S.; Rhea, L.J.; Codnere, J.T., 1940:
Hypertension in a Girl of 12, Associated with Unilateral, Chronic, Atrophic Pyelonephritis; Treated by Nephrectomy

Brooker, J., 2010:
Hypertension in a child

Szmigielska, A.; Roszkowska-Blaim, M.; Werner, Bżena.; Kamińska, H.; Brzewski, Mł., 2012:
Hypertension in a girl with severe coarctation of the aorta and renal agenesis

Smoley, B.A.; Smith, N.L.; Runkle, G.P., 2008:
Hypertension in a population of active duty service members

Ong, H.T.; Oung, L.S.; Ong, L.M.; Tan, K.P.S., 2011:
Hypertension in a residential home for the elderly in Penang, Malaysia

Dubb, S.Singh.; Tafader, A.; Meeran, K.; Fletcher, J., 2015:
Hypertension in a teenager: a family affair

Carson, M.P.; Chen, K.K., 2014:
Hypertension in a woman planning pregnancy

Pyron, M.I., 2002 :
Hypertension in a young golfer

Aglony, M.; Acevedo, M.; Ambrosio, G., 2010:
Hypertension in adolescents

Palma, G.; Giordano, R.; Russolillo, V.; Cioffi, S.; Palumbo, S.; Mucerino, M.; Poli, V.; Vosa, C., 2011:
Hypertension in adult after operation of aortic coarctation

Riley, E.H.; Wright, R.J.; Jun, H.J.; Hibert, E.N.; Rich-Edwards, J.W., 2012:
Hypertension in adult survivors of child abuse: observations from the Nurses' Health Study II

Cerise, C., 2011:
Hypertension in adults without diabetes or complications: what is the target blood pressure?

Logan, A.G., 2011:
Hypertension in aging patients

Stiefelhagen, P., 2012:
Hypertension in an 80-year-old patient. To treat or not to treat?

Baekken, M.; Os, I.; Sandvik, L.; Oektedalen, O., 2008:
Hypertension in an urban HIV-positive population compared with the general population: influence of combination antiretroviral therapy

Hager, A., 2010:
Hypertension in aortic coarctation

Orłowska-Baranowska, E., 2014:
Hypertension in aortic stenosis: more questions than answers

Kaden, J.J.; Haghi, D., 2008:
Hypertension in aortic valve stenosis--a Trojan horse

Leddy, J.J.; Izzo, J., 2009:
Hypertension in athletes

Macknight, J.M., 1999:
Hypertension in athletes and active patients: tailoring treatment to the patient

Chapman, A.B.; Stepniakowski, K.; Rahbari-Oskoui, F., 2010:
Hypertension in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

De Almeida, E.A.F.; Prata, M.Martins., 2008:
Hypertension in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: observational study in 207 patients with a mean follow-up of 107 months

Steichen, O., 2010:
Hypertension in black patients

Kountz, D.S., 2013:
Hypertension in black patients: an update

Mouhayar, E.; Salahudeen, A., 2011:
Hypertension in cancer patients

Akiş, N.; Pala, K.; Meriç-Utku, A.; Seyithan, Böl.; Sarandöl, E.; Aytekin, H., 2010:
Hypertension in children (12-14 years)--a case-control study in Bursa, Turkey

Lomelí, C.; Rosas, Mín.; Mendoza-González, C.; Méndez, A.; Lorenzo, Jé.Antonio.; Buendía, A.; Férez-Santander, S.Mario.; Attie, F., 2008:
Hypertension in children and adolescence

Bocelli, A.; Ballo, P., 2008:
Hypertension in children and adolescents

Meyers, K.; Falkner, B., 2010:
Hypertension in children and adolescents: an approach to management of complex hyper-tension in pediatric patients

Falkner, B., 2010:
Hypertension in children and adolescents: epidemiology and natural history

de Ferranti, S.D.; Gillman, M.W., 2012:
Hypertension in children and adolescents: more questions than answers

Marcel, J.E., 1948:
Hypertension in children and unilateral nephropathy

Snyder, C.H.; Vick, E.H., 2018:
Hypertension in children caused by pheochromocytoma; report of 3 cases and review of the literature

Al-Mograbi, H.; Abu-Odeh, A.; Habahbeh, Z.; Al Nader, M.; Hasan, M.Ahmad., 2007:
Hypertension in children with ambiguous genitalia: six cases

Peralta, C.A.; Shlipak, M.G., 2008:
Hypertension in children with chronic kidney disease: a call to action

El-Hout, Y.; Licht, C.; Pippi Salle, J.L.; Ngan, B-Yee.; Bagli, D.J.; Lorenzo, A.J.; Farhat, W.A., 2010:
Hypertension in children with poorly functioning unilateral kidneys: predictors of resolution after nephrectomy

Uddaraju, A.; Ram, C.Venkata.S., 2015:
Hypertension in children, not a "small" problem

Seikaly, M.G., 2007:
Hypertension in children: an update on treatment strategies

Saxena, A., 2013:
Hypertension in children: approach to management

Feber, J.; Ahmed, M., 2010:
Hypertension in children: new trends and challenges

Tedla, F.M.; Brar, A.; Browne, R.; Brown, C., 2011:
Hypertension in chronic kidney disease: navigating the evidence

Azancot, M.A.; Ramos, N.; Moreso, F.J.; Ibernon, M.; Espinel, E.; Torres, I.B.; Fort, J.; Seron, D., 2014:
Hypertension in chronic kidney disease: the influence of renal transplantation

Robicsek, F., 2008:
Hypertension in coarctation

Kowal, P.; Arokiasamy, P.; Lopez Ridaura, R.; Yong, J.; Minicuci, N.; Chatterji, S., 2012:
Hypertension in developing countries

Koopman, J.J.E.; van Bodegom, D.; Beenakker, K.G.M.; Jukema, J.W.; Westendorp, R.G.J., 2012:
Hypertension in developing countries

Tibazarwa, K.B.; Damasceno, A.A., 2014:
Hypertension in developing countries

Jermendy, Görgy., 2009:
Hypertension in diabetes mellitus

Campbell, N.R.C.; Leiter, L.A.; Larochelle, P.; Tobe, S.; Chockalingam, A.; Ward, R.; Morris, D.; Tsuyuki, R., 2009:
Hypertension in diabetes: a call to action

Biswas, A.; Alvarez, A.; Mukherjee, D., 2011:
Hypertension in diabetes: optimal pharmacotherapy

Glandt, M.; Bloomgarden, Z.T., 2011:
Hypertension in diabetes: treatment considerations

Van Buren, P.N.; Toto, R., 2011:
Hypertension in diabetic nephropathy: epidemiology, mechanisms, and management

Colatrella, A.; Loguercio, V.; Mattei, L.; Trappolini, M.; Festa, C.; Stoppo, M.; Napoli, A., 2011:
Hypertension in diabetic pregnancy: impact and long-term outlook

Elzubier, A.G., 2000:
Hypertension in diabetics registered in primary health care centers in makkah district, saudi arabia

Prasad, G.V.Ramesh.; Ruzicka, M.; Burns, K.D.; Tobe, S.W.; Lebel, M., 2009:
Hypertension in dialysis and kidney transplant patients

Koziarz, M.; Drozdz, D.; Drozdz, T.; Łatka, M.; Kwinta, P., 2014:
Hypertension in early school aged children born prematurely with extremely low birth weight

Kalaitzidis, R.; Li, S.; Wang, C.; Chen, S-Cheng.; McCullough, P.A.; Bakris, G.L., 2009:
Hypertension in early-stage kidney disease: an update from the Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP)

Allen, M.; Kelly, K.; Fleming, I., 2013:
Hypertension in elderly patients: recommended systolic targets are not evidence based

Hörl, W.H., 2011:
Hypertension in end-stage renal disease: different measures and their prognostic significance

Dwivedi, G.; Beevers, D.Gareth., 2009:
Hypertension in ethnic groups: epidemiological and clinical perspectives

Tschudi, P.; Martina, B., 2010:
Hypertension in general practice in Switzerland

Sibai, B.M.; Ross, M.G., 2010:
Hypertension in gestational diabetes mellitus: pathophysiology and long-term consequences

Maepe, L.M.; Outhoff, K., 2012:
Hypertension in goldminers

Vinkenes, K.; Kjeldsen, S.Erik., 2013:
Hypertension in healthy people over 80 should be treated

Agarwal, R.; Sinha, A.D.; Pappas, M.K.; Abraham, T.N.; Tegegne, G.G., 2015:
Hypertension in hemodialysis patients treated with atenolol or lisinopril: a randomized controlled trial

Shafi, T.; Waheed, S.; Zager, P.G., 2014:
Hypertension in hemodialysis patients: an opinion-based update

Miskulin, D.C.; Zager, P.G., 2009:
Hypertension in hemodialysis patients: the role of antihypertensive medications

Ostry, H., 2018:
Hypertension in hydronephrosis relieved after retrograde pyelography and nephrectomy

Martins, I.Salas.; de Oliveira, D.Cristina.; Marinho, S.Pita.; de Araújo, Eália.Aparecida.Cândico., 2008:
Hypertension in impoverished social segments in the state of São Paulo

Dionne, J.M.; Abitbol, C.L.; Flynn, J.T., 2012:
Hypertension in infancy: diagnosis, management and outcome

El-Reshaid, K.; Al-Owaish, R.; Diab, A., 2008:
Hypertension in kuwait: the past, present and future

Ince, N.; Işsever, H.; Ince, H.; Ozyildirim, B.; Işik, E.; Hapçioğlu, B.; Ozdilli, K.; Akçay, M.E.; Calak, B.; Agkoç, N., 2008:
Hypertension in leather tanning workers working in Istanbul, Turkey

Hryniewiecka, E.; Paczek, L., 2012:
Hypertension in liver transplant recipients

Cardous-Ubbink, M.C.; Geenen, M.M.; Schade, K.J.; Heinen, R.C.; Caron, H.N.; Kremer, L.C.M.; Van Leeuwen, F.E., 2010:
Hypertension in long-term survivors of childhood cancer: a nested case-control study

Hoffmeister, P.A.; Hingorani, S.R.; Storer, B.E.; Baker, K.Scott.; Sanders, J.E., 2010:
Hypertension in long-term survivors of pediatric hematopoietic cell transplantation

Pogorevici, A.; Gluhovschi, C.; Gluhovschi, G.; Velciov, S.M.; Trandafirescu, V.; Secrii, R.V., 2008:
Hypertension in lupus nephritis

Mendizábal, Y.; Llorens, S.; Nava, E., 2013:
Hypertension in metabolic syndrome: vascular pathophysiology

Littlejohn, N.K.; Siel, R.B.; Ketsawatsomkron, P.; Pelham, C.J.; Pearson, N.A.; Hilzendeger, A.M.; Buehrer, B.A.; Weidemann, B.J.; Li, H.; Davis, D.R.; Thompson, A.P.; Liu, X.; Cassell, M.D.; Sigmund, C.D.; Grobe, J.L., 2013:
Hypertension in mice with transgenic activation of the brain renin-angiotensin system is vasopressin dependent

Segura, J.; Ruilope, L.M., 2011:
Hypertension in moderate-to-severe nondiabetic CKD patients

Sbihi, H.; Davies, H.W.; Demers, P.A., 2008:
Hypertension in noise-exposed sawmill workers: a cohort study

Peco-Antić, A., 2009:
Hypertension in obese children and adolescents

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Hypertension in obese patients: Pathophysiology and management

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