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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53744

Chapter 53744 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Li, J.H.; Zhang, N.; Wang, J.A., 2008:
Improved anti-apoptotic and anti-remodeling potency of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells by anoxic pre-conditioning in diabetic cardiomyopathy

Bari, A.; Chella, N.; Sanka, K.; Shastri, N.R.; Diwan, P.V., 2016:
Improved anti-diabetic activity of glibenclamide using oral self nano emulsifying powder

Zoto, T.; Kilickap, S.; Yasar, U.; Celik, I.; Bozkurt, A.; Babaoglu, M.Onder., 2016:
Improved anti-emetic efficacy of 5-HT3 receptor antagonists in cancer patients with genetic polymorphisms of ABCB1 (MDR1) drug transporter

Sabzevari, A.; Adibkia, K.; Hashemi, H.; De Geest, B.G.; Mohsenzadeh, N.; Atyabi, F.; Ghahremani, M.Hossein.; Khoshayand, M-Reza.; Dinarvand, R., 2013:
Improved anti-inflammatory effects in rabbit eye model using biodegradable poly beta-amino ester nanoparticles of triamcinolone acetonide

Krovi, S.Archana.; Swindell, E.P.; O'Halloran, T.V.; Nguyen, S.T., 2013:
Improved anti-proliferative effect of doxorubicin-containing polymer nanoparticles upon surface modification with cationic groups

Harada, M.; Bobe, I.; Saito, H.; Shibata, N.; Tanaka, R.; Hayashi, T.; Kato, Y., 2011:
Improved anti-tumor activity of stabilized anthracycline polymeric micelle formulation, NC-6300

Treat, L.H.; McDannold, N.; Zhang, Y.; Vykhodtseva, N.; Hynynen, K., 2013:
Improved anti-tumor effect of liposomal doxorubicin after targeted blood-brain barrier disruption by MRI-guided focused ultrasound in rat glioma

Jin, M-Ji.; Piao, S-Jun.; Jin, T-Xiong.; Jin, Z-Hu.; Yin, X-Zhe.; Gao, Z-Gao., 2014:
Improved anti-tumor efficiency against prostate cancer by docetaxel-loaded PEG-PCL micelles

Touil, Y.S.; Seguin, J.; Scherman, D.; Chabot, G.G., 2011:
Improved antiangiogenic and antitumour activity of the combination of the natural flavonoid fisetin and cyclophosphamide in Lewis lung carcinoma-bearing mice

Zhang, H.; Sun, Y.; Tian, A.; Xue, X.Xin.; Wang, L.; Alquhali, A.; Bai, X., 2014:
Improved antibacterial activity and biocompatibility on vancomycin-loaded TiO2 nanotubes: in vivo and in vitro studies

Chifiriuc, C.Mariana.; Grumezescu, A.Mihai.; Saviuc, C.; Croitoru, C.; Mihaiescu, D.Eduard.; Lazar, V., 2013:
Improved antibacterial activity of cephalosporins loaded in magnetic chitosan microspheres

Lellouche, J.; Friedman, A.; Lellouche, J-Paul.; Gedanken, A.; Banin, E., 2013:
Improved antibacterial and antibiofilm activity of magnesium fluoride nanoparticles obtained by water-based ultrasound chemistry

Ungureanu, C.; Popescu, S.; Purcel, G.; Tofan, V.; Popescu, M.; Sălăgeanu, A.; Pîrvu, C., 2015:
Improved antibacterial behavior of titanium surface with torularhodin-polypyrrole film

Peng, K-Ti.; Hsu, W-Hsiu.; Hsu, R.Wen-Wei., 2011:
Improved antibiotic impregnated cement prosthesis for treating deep hip infection: a novel design using hip compression screw

Luke, J.; Carnes, A.E.; Hodgson, C.P.; Williams, J.A., 2009:
Improved antibiotic-free DNA vaccine vectors utilizing a novel RNA based plasmid selection system

Gagnon, P., 2008:
Improved antibody aggregate removal by hydroxyapatite chromatography in the presence of polyethylene glycol

Haredy, A.M.; Nishizawa, A.; Honda, K.; Ohya, T.; Ohtake, H.; Omasa, T., 2013:
Improved antibody production in Chinese hamster ovary cells by ATF4 overexpression

Tørfoss, V.; Isaksson, J.; Ausbacher, D.; Brandsdal, Børn-Olav.; Flaten, Gøril.E.; Anderssen, T.; Cavalcanti-Jacobsen, C.de.A.; Havelkova, M.; Nguyen, L.T.; Vogel, H.J.; Strøm, M.B., 2014:
Improved anticancer potency by head-to-tail cyclization of short cationic anticancer peptides containing a lipophilic β(2,2) -amino acid

Harper, P.; Pollock, D., 2012:
Improved anticoagulant control in patients using home international normalized ratio testing and decision support provided through the Internet

Pan, C-Jiang.; Hou, Y-Hua.; Liu, H-Quan.; Ding, H-Yan.; Dong, Y-Xiao., 2014:
Improved anticoagulation of titanium by sequential immobilization of oligo(ethylene glycol) and 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine

Shafik, A.N.; Khodeir, M.M.; Gouda, N.A.; Mahmoud, M.E., 2012:
Improved antifibrotic effect of a combination of verapamil and silymarin in rat-induced liver fibrosis

Ali, M.; Afzal, M.; Verma, M.; Misra-Bhattacharya, S.; Ahmad, F.Jalees.; Dinda, A.Kumar., 2014:
Improved antifilarial activity of ivermectin in chitosan-alginate nanoparticles against human lymphatic filarial parasite, Brugia malayi

Shen, X.; Zhao, Y.; Feng, X.; Bi, S.; Ding, W.; Chen, L., 2013:
Improved antifouling properties of PVDF membranes modified with oppositely charged copolymer

Mo, Y.; Tiraferri, A.; Yip, N.Yin.; Adout, A.; Huang, X.; Elimelech, M., 2013:
Improved antifouling properties of polyamide nanofiltration membranes by reducing the density of surface carboxyl groups

Essa, S.; Louhichi, F.; Raymond, M.; Hildgen, P., 2013 :
Improved antifungal activity of itraconazole-loaded PEG/PLA nanoparticles

Brautaset, T.; Sletta, Håvard.; Nedal, A.; Borgos, S.Even.F.; Degnes, K.F.; Bakke, I.; Volokhan, O.; Sekurova, O.N.; Treshalin, I.D.; Mirchink, E.P.; Dikiy, A.; Ellingsen, T.E.; Zotchev, S.B., 2008:
Improved antifungal polyene macrolides via engineering of the nystatin biosynthetic genes in Streptomyces noursei

Chen, J.; Li, Z.; Huang, H.; Yang, Y.; Ding, Q.; Mai, J.; Guo, W.; Xu, Y., 2011:
Improved antigen cross-presentation by polyethyleneimine-based nanoparticles

Harvey, R.; Guilfoyle, K.A.; Roseby, S.; Robertson, J.S.; Engelhardt, O.G., 2011:
Improved antigen yield in pandemic H1N1 (2009) candidate vaccine viruses with chimeric hemagglutinin molecules

Lizarazo-Jaimes, E.H.; Monte-Neto, R.L.; Reis, P.G.; Fernandes, N.G.; Speziali, N.L.; Melo, M.N.; Frézard, Fédéric.; Demicheli, C., 2013:
Improved antileishmanial activity of Dppz through complexation with antimony(III) and bismuth(III): investigation of the role of the metal

González, R.; Albericio, F.; Cascone, O.; Iannucci, N.B., 2010:
Improved antimicrobial activity of h-lysozyme (107-115) by rational Ala substitution

Watanabe, Y.; Neoh, H-Min.; Cui, L.; Hiramatsu, K., 2008:
Improved antimicrobial activity of linezolid against vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus

Singh, N.; Rai, V., 2013:
Improved antimicrobial compound production by a new isolate Streptomyces hygroscopicus MTCC 4003 using Plackett-Burman design and response Surface methodology

Friedman, A.J.; Blecher, K.; Schairer, D.; Tuckman-Vernon, C.; Nacharaju, P.; Sanchez, D.; Gialanella, P.; Martinez, L.R.; Friedman, J.M.; Nosanchuk, J.D., 2012:
Improved antimicrobial efficacy with nitric oxide releasing nanoparticle generated S-nitrosoglutathione

Newsome, C.T.; Flores, E.; Ayala, A.; Gregory, S.; Reichner, J.S., 2012:
Improved antimicrobial host defense in mice following poly-(1,6)-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1,3)-β-D-glucopyranose glucan treatment by a gender-dependent immune mechanism

Thrupp, L.D., 1970:
Improved antimicrobial susceptibility testing in clinical microbiology laboratories

Sarić, A.; Sobocanec, S.; Balog, T.; Kusić, B.; Sverko, V.; Dragović-Uzelac, V.; Levaj, B.; Cosić, Z.; Macak Safranko, Z.; Marotti, T., 2010:
Improved antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential in mice consuming sour cherry juice (Prunus Cerasus cv. Maraska)

Ansel, G.M., 2012:
Improved antiplatelet therapy? There's a generic thought

Guan, P.; Wang, L.; Hou, X.; Wan, Y.; Xu, W.; Tang, W.; Fang, H., 2015:
Improved antiproliferative activity of 1,3,4-thiadiazole-containing histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors by introduction of the heteroaromatic surface recognition motif

Ji, S.; Park, J.; Lim, H., 2012:
Improved antireflection properties of moth eye mimicking nanopillars on transparent glass: flat antireflection and color tuning

Cocohoba, J.M.; Murphy, P.; Pietrandoni, G.; Guglielmo, B.Joseph., 2013:
Improved antiretroviral refill adherence in HIV-focused community pharmacies

Mitrpant, C.; Porensky, P.; Zhou, H.; Price, L.; Muntoni, F.; Fletcher, S.; Wilton, S.D.; Burghes, A.H.M., 2013:
Improved antisense oligonucleotide design to suppress aberrant SMN2 gene transcript processing: towards a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy

Nasr, M.; Nafee, N.; Saad, H.; Kazem, A., 2015:
Improved antitumor activity and reduced cardiotoxicity of epirubicin using hepatocyte-targeted nanoparticles combined with tocotrienols against hepatocellular carcinoma in mice

Chae, S.Young.; Kim, T.Hyung.; Park, K.; Jin, C-Hao.; Son, S.; Lee, S.; Youn, Y.Seok.; Kim, K.; Jo, D-Gyu.; Kwon, I.Chan.; Chen, X.; Lee, K.Choon., 2010:
Improved antitumor activity and tumor targeting of NH(2)-terminal-specific PEGylated tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand

Guha, P.; Dey, A.; Sarkar, B.; Dhyani, M.V.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Bandyopadhyay, S.K., 2008:
Improved antiulcer and anticancer properties of a trans-resveratrol analog in mice

Nemes, A.; Galema, T.W.; Soliman, O.I.I.; Bogers, A.J.J.C.; ten Cate, F.J.; Geleijnse, M.L., 2008:
Improved aortic distensibility after aortic homograft root replacement at long-term follow-up

Westenberg, J.J.M.; de Roos, A.; Grotenhuis, H.B.; Steendijk, P.; Hendriksen, D.; van den Boogaard, P.J.; van der Geest, R.J.; Bax, J.J.; Jukema, J.Wouter.; Reiber, J.H.C., 2011:
Improved aortic pulse wave velocity assessment from multislice two-directional in-plane velocity-encoded magnetic resonance imaging

Zhong, L.; Ghista, D.; Tan, R.San., 2012:
Improved aorto-ventricular matching in ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy patients after surgical ventricular restoration

Gatti, L.; Cossa, G.; Tinelli, S.; Carenini, N.; Arrighetti, N.; Pennati, M.; Cominetti, D.; De Cesare, M.; Zunino, F.; Zaffaroni, N.; Perego, P., 2014:
Improved apoptotic cell death in drug-resistant non-small-cell lung cancer cells by tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand-based treatment

Evans, A.G., 1949:
Improved apparatus for dispensing penicillin in hospitals

Fulcher, O.H., 1948:
Improved apparatus for skeletal traction of the cervical spine

Woollam, J.A.; Sugawara, K., 1978:
Improved apparatus for trapped radical and other studies down to 1.5 K

Zhang, H.; Kerssebaum, R.; Gschwind, R.M., 2009:
Improved applicability of DOSY experiments by high resolution probes combined with gradient amplifiers of diffusion units

Nishijima, H.; Yasunari, T.; Nakayama, T.; Adachi, N.; Shibahara, K-ichi., 2010:
Improved applications of the tetracycline-regulated gene depletion system

Beachley, G.M.; Ondov, J.M., 2013:
Improved apportionment of ambient PM constituents to sources in Tampa, FL, with pseudo-deterministic receptor model-II

Büdel, B.; Colesie, C.; Green, T.G.Allan.; Grube, M.; Lázaro Suau, R.; Loewen-Schneider, K.; Maier, S.; Peer, T.; Pintado, A.; Raggio, Jé.; Ruprecht, U.; Sancho, L.G.; Schroeter, B.; Türk, R.; Weber, B.; Wedin, M.; Westberg, M.; Williams, L.; Zheng, L., 2014:
Improved appreciation of the functioning and importance of biological soil crusts in Europe: the Soil Crust International Project (SCIN)

Qian, Y.; Sun, H., 2011:
Improved approach for ultra-sensitive detection of NO

Yao, Y.; Guo, J.; Ding, L-gang.; Bao, J-ru.; Huang, W.; Shi, R.; Wu, L-min.; Zhang, S., 2012:
Improved approach to atrial septum puncture: experience in 539 cases

Chen, Z-Zhong.; Wang, L., 2009:
Improved approximation algorithms for reconstructing the history of tandem repeats

Wieland, M.; Hartig, Jörg.S., 2008:
Improved aptazyme design and in vivo screening enable riboswitching in bacteria

Cofer, W.R.; Collins, V.G.; Talbot, R.W., 1985:
Improved aqueous scrubber for collection of soluble atmospheric trace gases

Wang, B.; Qin, L.; Neumann, K.D.; Uppaluri, S.; Cerny, R.L.; DiMagno, S.G., 2010:
Improved arene fluorination methodology for I(III) salts

Paparao, P.; Ghosh, A., 1991:
Improved arithmetic Fourier transform algorithm

Lohmann, A.W.; Sinzinger, S., 1992:
Improved array illuminators

Ismail, N.; Sun, F.; Sengo, G.; Wörhoff, K.; Driessen, A.; de Ridder, Ré.M.; Pollnau, M., 2012:
Improved arrayed-waveguide-grating layout avoiding systematic phase errors

Önnby, L.; Kumar, P.Suresh.; Sigfridsson, K.G.V.; Wendt, O.F.; Carlson, S.; Kirsebom, H., 2014:
Improved arsenic(III) adsorption by Al2O3 nanoparticles and H2O2: evidence of oxidation to arsenic(V) from X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Grady, D.J.; Gentile, M.A.; Riggs, J.H.; Cheifetz, I.M., 2014:
Improved arterial blood oxygenation following intravenous infusion of cold supersaturated dissolved oxygen solution

Vandsburger, M.H.; Janiczek, R.L.; Xu, Y.; French, B.A.; Meyer, C.H.; Kramer, C.M.; Epstein, F.H., 2010:
Improved arterial spin labeling after myocardial infarction in mice using cardiac and respiratory gated look-locker imaging with fuzzy C-means clustering

Jahng, G-Ho.; Weiner, M.W.; Schuff, N., 2007:
Improved arterial spin labeling method: applications for measurements of cerebral blood flow in human brain at high magnetic field MRI

Ozdogru, I.; Celik, A.; Dogan, A.; Orscelik, O.; Sahin, O.; Elcik, D.; Saka, T.; Topsakal, R.; Oguzhan, A., 2013:
Improved arterial stiffness in mitral stenosis after successful percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty

Shonai, T.; Takahashi, T.; Ikeguchi, H.; Miyazaki, M.; Amano, K.; Yui, M., 2009:
Improved arterial visibility using short-tau inversion-recovery (STIR) fat suppression in non-contrast-enhanced time-spatial labeling inversion pulse (Time-SLIP) renal MR angiography (MRA)

Mendrik, A.M.; Vonken, E.P.A.; de Kort, G.A.P.; van Ginneken, B.; Smit, E.J.; Viergever, M.A.; Prokop, M., 2013:
Improved arterial visualization in cerebral CT perfusion-derived arteriograms compared with standard CT angiography: a visual assessment study

Fournier, S.B.; Donley, D.A.; Bonner, D.E.; Devallance, E.; Olfert, I.Mark.; Chantler, P.D., 2016:
Improved arterial-ventricular coupling in metabolic syndrome after exercise training: a pilot study

Priest, A.Nicholas.; Taviani, V.; Graves, M.John.; Lomas, D.John., 2015:
Improved artery-vein separation with acceleration-dependent preparation for non-contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography

Mullinger, K.J.; Morgan, P.S.; Bowtell, R.W., 2008:
Improved artifact correction for combined electroencephalography/functional MRI by means of synchronization and use of vectorcardiogram recordings

Gao, W.; Zhao, B.; Zhou, G.Tao.; Wang, Q.Ying.; Yu, C.Yang., 2015:
Improved artificial bee colony algorithm based gravity matching navigation method

Gella, P.; Salas, M.; Mencía, M., 2014:
Improved artificial origins for phage Φ29 terminal protein-primed replication. Insights into early replication events

Shigeto, S.; Katafuchi, T.; Okada, Y.; Nakamura, K.; Endo, F.; Okuyama, T.; Takeuchi, H.; Kroos, M.A.; Verheijen, F.W.; Reuser, A.J.J.; Okumiya, T., 2011:
Improved assay for differential diagnosis between Pompe disease and acid α-glucosidase pseudodeficiency on dried blood spots

Glander, P.; Sombogaard, F.; Budde, K.; van Gelder, T.; Hambach, P.; Liefeldt, L.; Lorkowski, C.; Mai, M.; Neumayer, H.H.; Vulto, A.G.; Mathot, R.A., 2009:
Improved assay for the nonradioactive determination of inosine 5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Gans, J.D.; Wolinsky, M., 2008:
Improved assay-dependent searching of nucleic acid sequence databases

Holub, J.M.; Larochelle, J.R.; Appelbaum, J.S.; Schepartz, A., 2014:
Improved assays for determining the cytosolic access of peptides, proteins, and their mimetics

Doyle, B.J.; Grace, P.A.; Kavanagh, E.G.; Burke, P.E.; Wallis, F.; Walsh, M.T.; McGloughlin, T.M., 2010:
Improved assessment and treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms: the use of 3D reconstructions as a surgical guidance tool in endovascular repair

Katelaris, A.G.; Jorm, C.M., 2011:
Improved assessment needed for young doctors

Ohya, M.; Otani, H.; Kimura, K.; Saika, Y.; Fujii, R.; Yukawa, S.; Shigematsu, T., 2011:
Improved assessment of aortic calcification in Japanese patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis

Chang, G.; Madelin, G.; Sherman, O.H.; Strauss, E.J.; Xia, D.; Recht, M.P.; Jerschow, A.; Regatte, R.R., 2012:
Improved assessment of cartilage repair tissue using fluid-suppressed ²³Na inversion recovery MRI at 7 Tesla: preliminary results

Kerac, M.; Seal, A.; Blencowe, H.; Bunn, J., 2009:
Improved assessment of child nutritional status using target weights and a novel, low-cost, weight-for-height slide chart

Soria, G.; De Notaris, M.; Tudela, Rúl.; Blasco, G.; Puig, J.; Planas, A.M.; Pedraza, S.; Prats-Galino, A., 2011:
Improved assessment of ex vivo brainstem neuroanatomy with high-resolution MRI and DTI at 7 Tesla

Diercks, A-Kathrin.; Bürgers, H.F.; Schwab, A.; Schenkel, J., 2013:
Improved assessment of frozen/thawed mouse spermatozoa using fluorescence microscopy

Toma, H.S.; Barnett, J.M.; Penn, J.S.; Kim, S.J., 2011:
Improved assessment of laser-induced choroidal neovascularization

Wiedemeier, D.B.; Hilf, M.D.; Smittenberg, R.H.; Haberle, S.G.; Schmidt, M.W.I., 2014:
Improved assessment of pyrogenic carbon quantity and quality in environmental samples by high-performance liquid chromatography

Putra, L.G.Johns.; Minor, T.X.; Bolton, D.M.; Appu, S.; Dowling, C.R.; Neerhut, G.J., 2009:
Improved assessment of renal lesions in pregnancy with magnetic resonance imaging

Krebs, E.J.; Schulte, J.B.; Roundy, D., 2014:
Improved association in a classical density functional theory for water

Giraud, V.; Allaert, F.A., 2010:
Improved asthma control with breath-actuated pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI): the SYSTER survey

Basheti, I.A.; Reddel, H.K.; Armour, C.L.; Bosnic-Anticevich, S.Z., 2007:
Improved asthma outcomes with a simple inhaler technique intervention by community pharmacists

Rano, T.A.; Kuo, G-Hong., 2009:
Improved asymmetric synthesis of 3,4-dihydro-2-[3-(1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethoxy)phenyl]-5-[3-(trifluoromethoxy)phenyl]-alpha-(trifluoromethyl)-1(2H)-quinolineethanol, a potent cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitor

Johnsen, E.L.; Mogensen, P.H.; Sunde, N.Aa.; Østergaard, K., 2009:
Improved asymmetry of gait in Parkinson's disease with DBS: gait and postural instability in Parkinson's disease treated with bilateral deep brain stimulation in the subthalamic nucleus

Malefyt, A.P.; Wu, M.; Vocelle, D.B.; Kappes, S.J.; Lindeman, S.D.; Chan, C.; Walton, S.Patrick., 2014:
Improved asymmetry prediction for short interfering RNAs

Zhu, Y.; Mao, C.; Wu, J.; Li, S.; Ma, R.; Cao, H.; Ji, M.; Jing, C.; Tang, J., 2014:
Improved ataxia telangiectasia mutated kinase inhibitor KU60019 provides a promising treatment strategy for non-invasive breast cancer

Torkmahalleh, M.Amouei.; Yu, C-Ho.; Lin, L.; Fan, Z.; Swift, J.L.; Bonanno, L.; Rasmussen, D.H.; Holsen, T.M.; Hopke, P.K., 2014:
Improved atmospheric sampling of hexavalent chromium

Cho, H.; Felts, J.R.; Yu, M-Feng.; Bergman, L.A.; Vakakis, A.F.; King, W.P., 2013:
Improved atomic force microscope infrared spectroscopy for rapid nanometer-scale chemical identification

Radhakrishnan, A.; Vitalis, A.; Mao, A.H.; Steffen, A.T.; Pappu, R.V., 2012:
Improved atomistic Monte Carlo simulations demonstrate that poly-L-proline adopts heterogeneous ensembles of conformations of semi-rigid segments interrupted by kinks

Bauer, S.; Park, J.; von der Mark, K.; Schmuki, P., 2008:
Improved attachment of mesenchymal stem cells on super-hydrophobic TiO2 nanotubes

Daouk, Jël.; Fin, Lïc.; Bailly, P.; Meyer, M-Etienne., 2008:
Improved attenuation correction via appropriate selection of respiratory-correlated PET data

Shindell, D.T.; Faluvegi, G.; Koch, D.M.; Schmidt, G.A.; Unger, N.; Bauer, S.E., 2009:
Improved attribution of climate forcing to emissions

Dimova, N.; Burnett, W.C.; Lane-Smith, D., 2010:
Improved automated analysis of radon (222Rn) and thoron (220Rn) in natural waters

Kume, T.; Kim, B-Keuk.; Waseda, K.; Sathyanarayana, S.; Li, W.; Teo, T-Jin.; Yock, P.G.; Fitzgerald, P.J.; Honda, Y., 2013:
Improved automated lumen contour detection by novel multifrequency processing algorithm with current intravascular ultrasound system

Gaskill, C.; Forbes-Stovall, J.; Kessler, B.; Young, M.; Rinehart, C.A.; Jacobshagen, S., 2010:
Improved automated monitoring and new analysis algorithm for circadian phototaxis rhythms in Chlamydomonas

Marques, J.Cabral.; Vanessa, A.Chaves.Oliveira.; Fiorelli, M.Batista.; Kasahara, N., 2010:
Improved automated perimetry performance in elderly subjects after listening to Mozart

Oliveira, C.M.; Cristóvão, L.M.; Ribeiro, M.Luisa.; Abreu, Jé.R.Faria., 2012:
Improved automated screening of diabetic retinopathy

Al-Kofahi, Y.; Lassoued, W.; Lee, W.; Roysam, B., 2010:
Improved automatic detection and segmentation of cell nuclei in histopathology images

Kumar Padhy, P.; Majhi, S., 2009:
Improved automatic tuning of PID controller for stable processes

Brenizer, A.G., 1949:
Improved autotransfusion

Dim, C.C.; Ekwe, E.; Madubuko, T.; Dim, N.R.; Ezegwui, H.U., 2010:
Improved awareness of Pap smear may not affect its use in Nigeria: a case study of female medical practitioners in Enugu, southeastern Nigeria

Anonymous, 2014:
Improved awareness, better screening needed to identify delirium patients who present to the ED

Lagkouvardos, I.; Shen, J.; Horn, M., 2015:
Improved axenization method reveals complexity of symbiotic associations between bacteria and acanthamoebae

Brakenhoff, G.J.; Müller, M., 1996:
Improved axial resolution by point-spread autocorrelation function imaging

Siegel, N.; Brooker, G., 2015:
Improved axial resolution of FINCH fluorescence microscopy when combined with spinning disk confocal microscopy

Li, Q.; He, Y.L.; Tang, G.H.; Tao, W.Q., 2010:
Improved axisymmetric lattice Boltzmann scheme

Kong, F.; Wang, A.; Liang, B.; Liu, W.; Cheng, H., 2014:
Improved azo dye decolorization in a modified sleeve-type bioelectrochemical system

Odedra, S.; Wimperis, S., 2012:
Improved background suppression in ¹H MAS NMR using composite pulses

Laczka, O.; Maesa, Jé-María.; Godino, N.; del Campo, J.; Fougt-Hansen, M.; Kutter, J.P.; Snakenborg, D.; Muñoz-Pascual, F-Xavier.; Baldrich, E., 2011:
Improved bacteria detection by coupling magneto-immunocapture and amperometry at flow-channel microband electrodes

Marjieh, I.; Meir, O.; Zaknoon, F.; Mor, A., 2015:
Improved bacterial detection using immobilized acyl-lysyl oligomers

Bibby, K., 2014:
Improved bacteriophage genome data is necessary for integrating viral and bacterial ecology

Choi, J.Young.; Kim, Y-Su.; Wang, Y.; Kang, J.Nam.; Roh, J.Yul.; Shim, H.Jin.; Woo, S-Dong.; Jin, B.Rae.; Je, Y.Ho., 2010:
Improved baculovirus vectors expressing barnase using promoters from Cotesia plutellae bracovirus

Barai, N.D.; Boyce, S.T.; Hoath, S.B.; Visscher, M.O.; Kasting, G.B., 2008:
Improved barrier function observed in cultured skin substitutes developed under anchored conditions

Kircher, M.; Stenzel, U.; Kelso, J., 2009:
Improved base calling for the Illumina Genome Analyzer using machine learning strategies

Beuf, K.De.; Schrijver, J.De.; Thas, O.; Criekinge, W.Van.; Irizarry, R.A.; Clement, L., 2013:
Improved base-calling and quality scores for 454 sequencing based on a Hurdle Poisson model

Schraml, J.; Sandor, P.; Korec, S.; Krump, M.; Foller, B., 2013:
Improved baseline in 29Si NMR spectra of water glasses

Alihodzic, A.; Tuba, M., 2015:
Improved bat algorithm applied to multilevel image thresholding

Zhu, D.; Li, H., 2010:
Improved bayesian network inference using relaxed gene ordering

Berrill, M.; Alessi, D.; Wang, Y.; Domingue, S.R.; Martz, D.H.; Luther, B.M.; Liu, Y.; Rocca, J.J., 2010:
Improved beam characteristics of solid-target soft x-ray laser amplifiers by injection seeding with high harmonic pulses

Nichelatti, E.; Pozzi, G., 2008:
Improved beam propagation method equations

Farsund, O.; Arisholm, G.; Rustad, G., 2010:
Improved beam quality from a high energy optical parametric oscillator using crystals with orthogonal critical planes

Barker, D.L.; Loree, T.R., 1977:
Improved beam quality in double discharge excimer lasers

Engström, D.; Bengtsson, Jörgen.; Eriksson, E.; Goksör, M., 2008:
Improved beam steering accuracy of a single beam with a 1D phase-only spatial light modulator

Wong, L.Jie.; Kärtner, F.X.; Johnson, S.G., 2014:
Improved beam waist formula for ultrashort, tightly focused linearly, radially, and azimuthally polarized laser pulses in free space

Di Sebastiano, A.; Pozzi, G., 1992:
Improved beam-propagation method equations for the analysis of integrated-optics lenses

O'Brien, P.; O'Connell, C.; Fenwick, S.; Stewart, B.; Marshall, A.C.; Hickey, P., 2011:
Improved bed use with creation of a short-stay unit in a cardiac catheterization recovery room

Wei, J.L.; Mayo, M.S.; Smith, H.J.; Reese, M.; Weatherly, R.A., 2007:
Improved behavior and sleep after adenotonsillectomy in children with sleep-disordered breathing

Wei, J.L.; Bond, J.; Mayo, M.S.; Smith, H.J.; Reese, M.; Weatherly, R.A., 2009:
Improved behavior and sleep after adenotonsillectomy in children with sleep-disordered breathing: long-term follow-up

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Improved benefits for retrenched employees

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Improved biliary detection and diagnosis through intelligent machine analysis

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Improved biohydrogen production with an expression of codon-optimized hemH and lba genes in the chloroplast of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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Improved biolistic transfection of hair cells

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Improved biological network reconstruction using graph Laplacian regularization

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Improved biomarker performance for the detection of hepatocellular carcinoma by inclusion of clinical parameters

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Improved biovar test for Ralstonia solanacearum

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Improved blending of the lid/cheek with modified Gore-Tex knotted cable suspension suture systems

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Improved block truncation coding using optimized dot diffusion

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Improved blood pressure control in the hands of the hypertension specialist: method, magic, or something in between?

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Improved blood velocity measurements with a hybrid image filtering and iterative Radon transform algorithm

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Improved blue, green, and red fluorescent protein tagging vectors for S. cerevisiae

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Improved blunt dissectors for greater safety in face lift surgery

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Improved body mass index after mesenterico-portal bypass

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Improved bone-forming functionality on diameter-controlled TiO(2) nanotube surface

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Improved bottom-up strategy to efficiently separate hypermodified histone peptides through ultra-HPLC separation on a bench top Orbitrap instrument

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Improved bounds for subband-adaptive iterative shrinkage/thresholding algorithms

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Improved bracing compliance in children with clubfeet using a dynamic orthosis

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Improved brain uptake of peptide-based CNS drugs via alternative routes of administrations of its nanocarrier delivery systems: a promising strategy for CNS targeting delivery of peptides

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Improved breast MRI specificity in nonmalignant breast lesions using additional diffusion-weighted sequences without significant increases in examination time

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Improved breast cancer biomarker detection through a simple, high frequency, low cost external proficiency testing program

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Improved breast cancer survival among hormone replacement therapy users is durable after 5 years of additional follow-up

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Improved breastfeeding success through the baby-friendly hospital initiative

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Improved breath alcohol analysis in patients with depressed consciousness

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Improved brilliant blue G staining of the internal limiting membrane with sharp cut filters of a novel viewing filter system

Lloyd, M.S., 1949:
Improved bronchoscopic glasses

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Improved brushing durability of titanium dioxide coating on polymethylmethacrylate substrate by prior treatment with acryloxypropyl trimethoxysilane-based agent for denture application

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Improved bulk myocardial motion suppression for navigator-gated coronary magnetic resonance imaging

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Improved bulk rotation detection and correction in MRI

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Improved buprenorphine immunoassay performance after urine treatment with β-glucuronidase

Stoler, J., 2014:
Improved but unsustainable: accounting for sachet water in post-2015 goals for global safe water

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Improved calcium sulfate recovery from a reverse osmosis retentate using eutectic freeze crystallization

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Improved calcium utilization at motor nerve terminals exposed to botulinum neurotoxin in mice

Sarangapani, S.; Brown, D.A., 2013:
Improved calculations of the electromechanical properties of tangentially poled stripe-electroded piezoelectric bars and cylinders with nonuniform electric fields

Daniell, H.W.; Pentrack, J., 2013:
Improved calf stretch for nocturnal cramp prevention

Fares, A.; Abbas, F.; Maria, D.; Mair, A., 2012:
Improved calibration functions of three capacitance probes for the measurement of soil moisture in tropical soils

Liu, B.; Wang, Z., 2014:
Improved calibration method for depolarization lidar measurement

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Improved calibration of the human mitochondrial clock using ancient genomes

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Improved calibration technique for in vivo proton MRS thermometry for brain temperature measurement

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Improved calibration technique of the infrared imaging bolometer using ultraviolet light-emitting diodes

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Improved callus induction, shoot regeneration, and salt stress tolerance in Arabidopsis overexpressing superoxide dismutase from Potentilla atrosanguinea

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Improved cancer specific-survival in patients with carcinoma invading bladder muscle expressing cyclo-oxygenase-2

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Improved candidate drug mining for Alzheimer's disease

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Improved canine and human visceral leishmaniasis immunodiagnosis using combinations of synthetic peptides in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Civilini, E.; Melissano, G.; Chiesa, R., 2010:
Improved cannulation: technique for thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair

Muto, T.; Takeda, M.; Ohshima, M.; Futamura, M.; Ito, K.; Sakamoto, T., 2010:
Improved capability of a revised test kit, FASTKIT ELISA version II (Egg), to detect heated proteins of egg white but not egg yolk

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Improved capacitance characteristics of electrospun ACFs by pore size control and vanadium catalyst

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Improved capacity of a monkey-tropic HIV-1 derivative to replicate in cynomolgus monkeys with minimal modifications

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Liu, C.; Kang, J., 2012:
Improved capillary electrophoresis frontal analysis by dynamically coating the capillary with polyelectrolyte multilayers

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Improved chemical energy component analysis

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Improved cluster-in-molecule local correlation approach for electron correlation calculation of large systems

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Improved coagulation and blood conservation in the golden hours after cardiopulmonary bypass

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Improved coarse-grained model for molecular-dynamics simulations of water nucleation

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Improved coarse-graining of Markov state models via explicit consideration of statistical uncertainty

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Improved collimation test

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Improved collimation testing technique

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Improved colloidal stability of bacterial cellulose nanocrystal suspensions for the elaboration of spin-coated cellulose-based model surfaces

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Improved color purity of green OLED device based on Au thin film

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Improved combined superior-transseptal approach to the mitral valve

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Improved communication techniques enable residents to provide better care now and in the future

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Improved compaction and packing properties of naproxen agglomerated crystals obtained by spherical crystallization technique

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Improved compatibility of liquid chromatography with electrospray tandem mass spectrometry for tracing occurrence of barbital homologous residues in animal tissues

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Improved compensation in flow cytometry by multivariable optimization

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Improved compensation of atmospheric turbulence effects by multiple adaptive mirror systems

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Improved competence after a palliative care course for internal medicine residents

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Improved complementary polymer pair system: switching for enzyme activity by PEGylated polymers

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Improved completion rates and characterization of drug reactions with an intensive Chagas disease treatment program in rural Bolivia

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Improved complexation of paraquat derivatives by the formation of crown ether-based cryptands

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Improved compliance and patient satisfaction with estradiol vaginal tablets in postmenopausal women previously treated with another local estrogen therapy

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Improved compliance by BPM-driven workflow automation

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Improved compliance with venous thromboembolism pharmacologic prophylaxis for patients with gynecologic malignancies hospitalized for nonsurgical indications did not reduce venous thromboembolism incidence

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Improved compositional analysis of block copolymers using diffusion ordered NMR spectroscopy

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Improved composting of Undaria pinnatifida seaweed by inoculation with Halomonas and Gracilibacillus sp. isolated from marine environments

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Improved compound-specific delta13C analysis of n-alkanes for application in palaeoenvironmental studies

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Improved compressed sensing MRI with multi-channel data using reweighted l(1) minimization

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Improved compressed sensing-based algorithm for sparse-view CT image reconstruction

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Improved compressed sensing-based cone-beam CT reconstruction using adaptive prior image constraints

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Improved compressibility, flowability, dissolution and bioavailability of pioglitazone hydrochloride by emulsion solvent diffusion with additives

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Improved computation for Levenberg-Marquardt training

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Improved computational fluid dynamic simulations of blood flow in membrane oxygenators from X-ray imaging

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Improved computational fronto-central sleep depth parameters show differences between apnea patients and control subjects

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Improved computational performance of MFA using elementary metabolite units and flux coupling

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Improved computational target site prediction for pentatricopeptide repeat RNA editing factors

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Improved computer-aided detection of small polyps in CT colonography using interpolation for curvature estimation

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Improved concentration method for bacteria, including tubercle bacilli

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Improved conditional expression systems resulting in physiological level of HNF4alpha expression confirm HNF4alpha induced apoptosis in the pancreatic beta-cell line INS-1

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Improved conditions for passivity of neural networks with a time-varying delay

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Improved conduction and increased cell retention in healed MI using mesenchymal stem cells suspended in alginate hydrogel

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Improved conductivity of carbon nanotube networks by in situ polymerization of a thin skin of conducting polymer

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Improved conductivity reconstruction from multi-echo MREIT utilizing weighted voxel-specific signal-to-noise ratios

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Improved cone-beam computed tomography in supine and prone breast radiotherapy. Surface reconstruction, radiation exposure, and clinical workflow

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Improved confidence intervals of a small probability from pooled testing with misclassification

Potter, W.Edward.; Strzelczyk, J.Jodi., 2011:
Improved confidence intervals when the sample is counted an integer times longer than the blank

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Improved configuration and reduction of phase noise in a narrow linewidth ultrawideband optical RF source

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Improved configuration space sampling: Langevin dynamics with alternative mobility

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Improved confinement due to open ergodic field lines imposed by the dynamic ergodic divertor in TEXTOR

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Improved conjugation and purification strategies for the preparation of protein-polysaccharide conjugates

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Improved conjunctival transplantation for corneal ulcer

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Improved consistency in DNPH-mediated pyruvic acid analysis of onion juice by modifying the sample processing order

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Improved consistency in interpretation and management of cardiovascular variables by intensive care staff using a computerised decision-support system

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Improved constrained optimization method for reaction-path determination in the generalized hybrid orbital quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical calculations

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Improved constraints on an axion-mediated force

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Improved contact prediction in proteins: using pseudolikelihoods to infer Potts models

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Improved contact predictions using the recognition of protein like contact patterns

Carré, H.; Boman, J.; Osterlund, A.; Gärdén, B.; Nylander, E., 2008:
Improved contact tracing for Chlamydia trachomatis with experienced tracers, tracing for one year back in time and interviewing by phone in remote areas

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Improved content aware scene retargeting for retinitis pigmentosa patients

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Improved continence in patients with neurogenic sphincteric incompetence with combination tubularized posterior urethroplasty and fascial wrap: the lengthening, narrowing and tightening procedure

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Improved continuous extractor for determination of theobromine in cocoa

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Improved continuous-flow print head for micro-array deposition

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Improved contractility with tepid modified full blood cardioplegia compared with cold crystalloid cardioplegia in a piglet model

Jain, A.; Kuhls-Gilcrist, A.; Bednarek, D.R.; Rudin, S., 2009:
Improved contrast and spatial resolution with Single Photon Counting (SPC) for an area x-ray imager, the newly developed high-resolution Micro-Angiographic Fluoroscopic (MAF) detector

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Improved contrast ultrasound with tissue harmonic minimizing pulse

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Improved control of tuberculosis and activation of macrophages in mice lacking protein kinase R

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Improved controlled atmosphere high temperature scanning probe microscope

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Improved conventional method for the laboratory diagnosis of peritonitis from peritoneal dialysate in Sudan

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Improved convergence for two-component activity expansions

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Improved conversion efficiency of Ag2S quantum dot-sensitized solar cells based on TiO2 nanotubes with a ZnO recombination barrier layer

Chen, C.; Xie, Y.; Ali, G.; Yoo, S.Hwa.; Cho, S.Oh., 2010:
Improved conversion efficiency of CdS quantum dots-sensitized TiO2 nanotube array using ZnO energy barrier layer

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Improved conversion efficiency of amorphous Si solar cells using a mesoporous ZnO pattern

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Improved conversion rates in drug screening applications using miniaturized electrochemical cells with frit channels

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Improved coomassie blue dye-based fast staining protocol for proteins separated by SDS-PAGE

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Improved corneal toxicity and permeability of tranilast by the preparation of ophthalmic formulations containing its nanoparticles

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Improved corneal wound healing through modulation of gap junction communication using connexin43-specific antisense oligodeoxynucleotides

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Improved corner detection by ultrasonic testing using phase analysis

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Improved coronary artery blood flow following the correction of systolic dyssynchrony with cardiac resynchronization therapy

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Improved correction for gradient nonlinearity effects in diffusion-weighted imaging

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Improved correction of spatial inhomogeneities of surface coils in quantitative analysis of first-pass myocardial perfusion imaging

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Improved correction of supraorbital rim deformity in craniosynostosis by the "tilt" procedure

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Improved correlation analysis and visualization of industrial alarm data

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Improved correlation between CT emphysema quantification and pulmonary function test by density correction of volumetric CT data based on air and aortic density

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Improved correlation discrimination using an amplitude-modulated phase-only filter

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Improved correlation energy extrapolation schemes based on local pair natural orbital methods

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Improved correlation of the neuropathologic classification according to adapted world health organization classification and outcome after radiotherapy in patients with atypical and anaplastic meningiomas

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Improved correlation to quantitative DCE-MRI pharmacokinetic parameters using a modified initial area under the uptake curve (mIAUC) approach

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Improved correspondence of resting-state networks after macroanatomical alignment

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Improved corticosteroid treatment of recalcitrant de Quervain tenosynovitis with a novel 4-point injection technique

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Improved cosmesis in early breast cancer using conformal radiotherapy

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Improved cosmetic activity by optimizing the Lithospermum erythrorhizon extraction process

Reeves, J.; Kapp, B., 2014:
Improved cost, health, and satisfaction with a health home benefit plan for self-insured employers and small physician practices

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Improved cost-effectiveness and efficiency with a slower shockwave delivery rate

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Improved count rate corrections for highest data quality with PILATUS detectors

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Improved coupled-mode theory for the dynamics of semiconductor laser arrays

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Improved coupling technique of ultracompact ring resonators in silicon-on-insulator technology

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Improved coverage and accuracy with strand-conserving sequence enrichment

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Improved coverage of fungal diversity in polluted groundwaters by semi-nested PCR

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Improved cre reporter transgenic Xenopus

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Improved criteria and comparative genomics tool provide new insights into grass paleogenomics

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Improved criterion-referenced assessment in indirect tracking of haemophilia A using a 0.23 cM-resolution dense polymorphic marker set

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Improved critical current density of MgB2--carbon nanotubes composite

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Improved critical structure sparing with biologically based IMRT optimization

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Improved cross validation of a static ubiquitin structure derived from high precision residual dipolar couplings measured in a drug-based liquid crystalline phase

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Improved cross-linked enzyme aggregates for the production of desacetyl beta-lactam antibiotics intermediates

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Improved cryopreservability of stallion sperm using a sorbitol-based freezing extender

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Improved cryopreservation of human hepatocytes using a new xeno free cryoprotectant solution

Gantait, S.; Sinniah, U.Rani.; Suranthran, P.; Palanyandy, S.Rengeswari.; Subramaniam, S., 2016:
Improved cryopreservation of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) polyembryoids using droplet vitrification approach and assessment of genetic fidelity

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Improved cryopreservation protocol for Blanca-Celtibérica buck semen collected by electroejaculation

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Improved cryopreservative medium suitable for the freeze-storage and transplantation of fetal neural tissues

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Improved crystal quality and harmonic generation in GaSe doped with indium

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Improved crystallization of Escherichia coli ATP synthase catalytic complex (F1) by introducing a phosphomimetic mutation in subunit ε

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Improved crystallographic structures using extensive combinatorial refinement

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Improved cultivation and metagenomics as new tools for bioprospecting in cold environments

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Improved culturability of SAR11 strains in dilution-to-extinction culturing from the East Sea, West Pacific Ocean

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Improved culturability of cellulolytic rumen bacteria and phylogenetic diversity of culturable cellulolytic and xylanolytic bacteria newly isolated from the bovine rumen

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Improved culture conditions for the growth and detection of Borrelia from human serum

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Improved culture-based isolation of differentiating endothelial progenitor cells from mouse bone marrow mononuclear cells

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Improved current and power density with a micro-scale microbial fuel cell due to a small characteristic length

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Improved current density with Al2O3 coated ZnO nanorod in hybrid solar cell

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Improved current era outcomes in patients with heterotaxy syndromes

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Improved current extraction from ZnO/PbS quantum dot heterojunction photovoltaics using a MoO3 interfacial layer

Zhu, H.; Fan, Y.; Lu, H.; Liang, Z., 2011:
Improved curvature estimation for computer-aided detection of colonic polyps in CT colonography

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Improved curve fits to summary survival data: application to economic evaluation of health technologies

Williams, B., 2016:
Improved cusco's vaginal speculum

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Improved cw lasers in the 11-13-um wavelength region produced by optically pumping NH3

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Improved cycle outcomes after laparoscopic ovarian diathermy in hyper-responder patients with previous ART failure

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Improved cyclic performance of Si anodes for lithium-ion batteries by forming intermetallic interphases between Si nanoparticles and metal microparticles

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Improved cyclodextrin-based receptors for camptothecin by inverse virtual screening

Wang, Z.Jane.; Renata, H.; Peck, N.E.; Farwell, C.C.; Coelho, P.S.; Arnold, F.H., 2015:
Improved cyclopropanation activity of histidine-ligated cytochrome P450 enables the enantioselective formal synthesis of levomilnacipran

Patterson, D.M.; Jones, K.A.; Prescher, J.A., 2015:
Improved cyclopropene reporters for probing protein glycosylation

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Improved cytochrome P450 3A4 molecular models accurately predict the Phe215 requirement for raloxifene dehydrogenation selectivity

Sano, T.; Kutsuna, N.; Hasezawa, S., 2010:
Improved cytoplasmic pH measurements in SNARF-1 stained plant cells by image processing

Mesa-Pereira, B.; Medina, C.; Camacho, E.María.; Flores, A.; Santero, E., 2015:
Improved cytotoxic effects of Salmonella-producing cytosine deaminase in tumour cells

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Improved cytotoxicity and multidrug resistance reversal of chitosan based polymeric micelles encapsulating oxaliplatin

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Improved cytotoxicity of doxorubicin by enhancing its nuclear delivery mediated via nanosized micelles

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Improved damage thresholds for metal mirrors

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Improved data normalization methods for reverse phase protein microarray analysis of complex biological samples

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Improved data pages for an interference-based cryptosystem

Wang, S.; Jin, L.; Chen, D-Yan., 2009:
Improved data processing method of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

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Improved data search by zero-order (dc) peak filtering in a defocused volume holographic content-addressable memory

Kim, J.Hyun.; Iyer, V.; Joshi, S.B.; Volkin, D.B.; Middaugh, C.Russell., 2013 :
Improved data visualization techniques for analyzing macromolecule structural changes

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Improved data, methods and tools for the 2007 HIV and AIDS estimates and projections

McMurry, A.J.; Fitch, B.; Savova, G.; Kohane, I.S.; Reis, B.Y., 2014:
Improved de-identification of physician notes through integrative modeling of both public and private medical text

Vicente, E.; Herraiz, J.L.; España, S.; Herranz, E.; Desco, M.; Vaquero, J.J.; Udías, J.M., 2013:
Improved dead-time correction for PET scanners: application to small-animal PET

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Improved debromination of polybrominated diphenyl ethers by bimetallic iron-silver nanoparticles coupled with microwave energy

Kong, F.; Wang, A.; Ren, H-Yu.; Huang, L.; Xu, M.; Tao, H., 2014:
Improved dechlorination and mineralization of 4-chlorophenol in a sequential biocathode-bioanode bioelectrochemical system with mixed photosynthetic bacteria

Tan, J.; Wolfe, B., 2014:
Improved decisional conflict and preparedness for decision making using a patient decision aid for treatment selection in psoriasis: a pilot study

Wagenaar, J.B.; Ventura, V.; Weber, D.J., 2010:
Improved decoding of limb-state feedback from natural sensors

Tan, K.Ooi.; Scholz, I.; van Beek, J.D.; Meier, B.H.; Ernst, M., 2014:
Improved decoupling during symmetry-based C9-TOBSY sequences

Tang, J.; Liu, L.; Hu, S.; Chen, Y.; Chen, J., 2008:
Improved degradation of organophosphate dichlorvos by Trichoderma atroviride transformants generated by restriction enzyme-mediated integration (REMI)

Zhang, Y.; Wang, Y., 2012:
Improved degree of conversion of model self-etching adhesives through their interaction with dentine

Pye, J.; Yevick, D., 2014:
Improved degree of polarization-based differential group delay measurements

Chu, H.; Xiong, Z.; Wu, G.; Guo, J.; He, T.; Chen, P., 2010:
Improved dehydrogenation properties of Ca(BH4)2-LiNH2 combined system

Chen, W-Hua.; Zheng, W.Xing., 2008:
Improved delay-dependent asymptotic stability criteria for delayed neural networks

Liu, P-Lin., 2013:
Improved delay-dependent robust stability criteria for recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays

Xie, X.; Ren, Z., 2015:
Improved delay-dependent stability analysis for neural networks with time-varying delays

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Improved delay-dependent stability condition of discrete recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays

Cao, J., 2014:
Improved delay-dependent stability conditions for MIMO networked control systems with nonlinear perturbations

Liu, P-Lin., 2014:
Improved delay-dependent stability of neutral type neural networks with distributed delays

Yi, N.; Zhuang, G.; Da, L.; Wang, Y., 2012 :
Improved delay-leaping simulation algorithm for biochemical reaction systems with delays

Liu, P-Lin., 2014:
Improved delay-range-dependent robust stability for uncertain systems with interval time-varying delay

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Improved delayed enhanced myocardial imaging with T2-Prep inversion recovery magnetization preparation

Machida, H.; Takeuchi, H.; Tanaka, I.; Fukui, R.; Shen, Y.; Ueno, E.; Suzuki, S.; Lin, X-Z., 2013:
Improved delineation of arteries in the posterior fossa of the brain by model-based iterative reconstruction in volume-rendered 3D CT angiography

Ali, L.; Loutfi, I.; Biswas, G.; Hadi, N.; Girgis, T., 2011:
Improved delineation of parathyroid lesions in patients with chronic renal failure using magnified pinhole imaging

Song, A.W.; Chang, H-Chiu.; Petty, C.; Guidon, A.; Chen, N-Kuei., 2015:
Improved delineation of short cortical association fibers and gray/white matter boundary using whole-brain three-dimensional diffusion tensor imaging at submillimeter spatial resolution

Miller, J.H.; Walkiewicz, T.; Towbin, R.B.; Curran, J.G., 2010:
Improved delineation of ventricular shunt catheters using fast steady-state gradient recalled-echo sequences in a rapid brain MR imaging protocol in nonsedated pediatric patients

d'Angelo, I.; Parajó, Y.; Horváth, Aó.; Kéri, Görgy.; La Rotonda, M.Immacolata.; Alonso, Mía.José., 2010:
Improved delivery of angiogenesis inhibitors from PLGA:poloxamer blend micro- and nanoparticles

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Improved delivery of cardiovascular care (IDOCC) through outreach facilitation: study protocol and implementation details of a cluster randomized controlled trial in primary care

Deshmukh, D.D.; Ravis, W.R.; Betageri, G.V., 2008:
Improved delivery of cromolyn from oral proliposomal beads

Petryk, A.A.; Giustini, A.J.; Gottesman, R.E.; Hoopes, P.Jack., 2013:
Improved delivery of magnetic nanoparticles with chemotherapy cancer treatment

Zhang, J.; De Masi, L.; John, B.; Chen, W.; Schifferli, D.M., 2014:
Improved delivery of the OVA-CD4 peptide to T helper cells by polymeric surface display on Salmonella

Scott, W.W.; Beall, D.P.; Eng, J.; Matthiesen, C.L.; Prater, S.; Enis, J., 2008:
Improved demonstration of cartilage narrowing in the knee joint using standing PA flexed radiographs

Díaz-Valdés, N.; Manterola, L.; Belsúe, V.; Riezu-Boj, Jé.I.; Larrea, E.; Echeverria, I.; Llópiz, D.; López-Sagaseta, J.; Lerat, Hé.; Pawlotsky, J-Michel.; Prieto, Jús.; Lasarte, J.J.; Borrás-Cuesta, F.; Sarobe, P., 2011:
Improved dendritic cell-based immunization against hepatitis C virus using peptide inhibitors of interleukin 10

North, M.A.; Bhattacharyya, S.; Truhlar, D.G., 2011:
Improved density functional description of the electrochemistry and structure-property descriptors of substituted flavins

Hong, S.Won.; Banks, T.; Rogers, J.A., 2010:
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Improved derivation efficiency and pluripotency of stem cells from the refractory inbred C57BL/6 mouse strain by small molecules

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Improved derivation for uncontrolled bleeding in aortic root and arch surgery

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Improved description of the bipolar ciliate, Euplotes petzi, and definition of its basal position in the Euplotes phylogenetic tree

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Improved design for high resolution electrospray ionization ion mobility spectrometry

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Improved design for stray-light reduction with a hemispherical imager

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Improved design for the atmospheric pressure photoionization source

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Improved design of a tangential entry cyclone separator for separation of particles from exhaust gas of diesel engine

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Improved design of anaerobic digesters for household biogas production in indonesia: one cow, one digester, and one hour of cooking per day

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Improved design of orbital domains within the cluster-in-molecule local correlation framework: single-environment cluster-in-molecule ansatz and its application to local coupled-cluster approach with singles and doubles

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Improved design of proton source and low energy beam transport line for European Spallation Source

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Improved desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry performance using edge sampling and a rotational sample stage

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Improved detectability in medical microwave radio-thermometers as obtained by active antennas

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Improved detectability of neuronal connectivity on mechanical sectioning setup by using confocal detection

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Improved detection and identification of aquatic fungi and chitin in aquatic environments

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Improved detection does not fully explain the rising incidence of well-differentiated thyroid cancer: a population-based analysis

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Improved detection of aneuploid blastocysts using a new 12-chromosome FISH test

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Improved detection of antibiotic compounds by bacterial reporter strains achieved by manipulations of membrane permeability and efflux capacity

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Improved detection of atmospheric turbulence with SLODAR

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Improved detection of botulinum type E by rational design of a new peptide substrate for endopeptidase-mass spectrometry assay

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Improved detection of coastal acid sulfate soil hotspots through biomonitoring of metal(loid) accumulation in water lilies (Nymphaea capensis)

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Improved detection of domoic acid using covalently immobilised antibody fragments

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Improved detection of equine antibodies against Sarcocystis neurona using polyvalent ELISAs based on the parasite SnSAG surface antigens

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Improved detection of hepatic metastases with contrast-enhanced low mechanical-index pulse inversion ultrasonography during the liver-specific phase of sonazoid: observer performance study with JAFROC analysis

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Improved detection of host cell proteins (HCPs) in a mammalian cell-derived antibody drug using liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry in conjunction with an HCP-enrichment strategy

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Improved detection of incident HIV infection and uptake of PMTCT services in labor and delivery in a high HIV prevalence setting

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Improved detection of incident dysplasia by probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy in a Barrett's esophagus surveillance program

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Improved detection of inflammatory bowel disease by additional automated motility analysis in magnetic resonance imaging

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Improved detection of intact tyrosine sulfate-containing peptides by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry in linear negative ion mode

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Improved detection of intracerebral hemorrhage with transcranial ultrasound perfusion imaging

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Improved detection of ischemic heart disease by combining high-frequency electrocardiogram analysis with exercise stress echocardiography

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Improved detection of landmarks on 3D human face data

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Improved detection of latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in HIV-1 seropositive individuals using cultured cellular assays

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Improved detection of liver metastasis by registration and subtraction of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

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Improved detection of lung or bone metastases with an I-131 whole body scan on the 7th day after high-dose I-131 therapy in patients with thyroid cancer

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Improved detection of magnetic signals by a MEMS sensor using stochastic resonance

Isozumi, R.; Fukui, M.; Kaneko, A.; Chan, C.W.; Kawamoto, F.; Kimura, M., 2015:
Improved detection of malaria cases in island settings of Vanuatu and Kenya by PCR that targets the Plasmodium mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase III (cox3) gene

Ensani, F.; Enayati, L.; Rajabiani, A.; Omranipour, R.; Alavi, N.; Mosahebi, S., 2015:
Improved detection of metastases by step sectioning and immuno-histochemical staining of axillary sentinel nodes in patients with breast carcinoma

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Improved detection of microbial DNA after bead-beating before DNA isolation

Han, I.; Lee, T.Kwon.; Han, J.; Doan, T.Van.; Kim, S.Bo.; Park, J., 2012:
Improved detection of microbial risk of releasing genetically modified bacteria in soil by using massive sequencing and antibiotic resistance selection

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Improved detection of microbial ureteral stent colonisation by sonication

Bernard, V.; Lecharny, A.; Brunaud, Véronique., 2011:
Improved detection of motifs with preferential location in promoters

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Improved detection of mutated human cytomegalovirus UL97 by pyrosequencing

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Improved detection of mycobacteria species in formalin-fixed tissue sections

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Improved detection of natural hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg) mutants by a new version of the VITROS HBsAg assay

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Improved detection of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oscillations within human neutrophils

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Improved detection of nonmuscle invasive urothelial carcinoma of the bladder using pirarubicin endoscopy: a prospective, single-center preliminary study

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Improved detection of opioid use in chronic pain patients through monitoring of opioid glucuronides in urine

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Improved detection of ovarian cancer metastases by intraoperative quantitative fluorescence protease imaging in a pre-clinical model

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Improved detection of overrepresentation of Gene-Ontology annotations with parent child analysis

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Improved detection of parenchymal cysticercal lesions in neurocysticercosis with T2*-weighted angiography magnetic resonance imaging

Schaefer, Jürgen.R.; Leussler, D.; Rosin, L.; Pittrow, D.; Hepp, T., 2014:
Improved detection of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation utilizing a software-assisted electrocardiogram approach

Zhang, S.; Yao, Z-Ping., 2012:
Improved detection of phosphopeptides by negative ion matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry using a proton sponge co-matrix

Szucs-Farkas, Z.; Patak, M.A.; Yuksel-Hatz, S.; Ruder, T.; Vock, P., 2010:
Improved detection of pulmonary nodules on energy-subtracted chest radiographs with a commercial computer-aided diagnosis software: comparison with human observers

Freund, D.M.; Prenni, J.E., 2014:
Improved detection of quantitative differences using a combination of spectral counting and MS/MS total ion current

Larsen, B.B.; Chen, L.; Maust, B.S.; Kim, M.; Zhao, H.; Deng, W.; Westfall, D.; Beck, I.; Frenkel, L.M.; Mullins, J.I., 2014:
Improved detection of rare HIV-1 variants using 454 pyrosequencing

Zhang, L.; Pei, Y-Fang.; Li, J.; Papasian, C.J.; Deng, H-Wen., 2011:
Improved detection of rare genetic variants for diseases

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Improved detection of reactive metabolites with a bromine-containing glutathione analog using mass defect and isotope pattern matching

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Improved detection of regional melanoma metastasis using 18F-6-fluoro-N-[2-(diethylamino)ethyl] pyridine-3-carboxamide, a melanin-specific PET probe, by perilesional administration

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Improved detection of remote homologues using cascade PSI-BLAST: influence of neighbouring protein families on sequence coverage

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Improved detection of rhamnolipid production using agar plates containing methylene blue and cetyl trimethylammonium bromide

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Improved detection of semen by use of direct acid phosphatase testing

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Improved detection of sentinel lymph nodes in SPECT/CT images acquired using a low- to medium-energy general-purpose collimator

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Improved detection of silent atrial fibrillation using 72-hour Holter ECG in patients with ischemic stroke: a prospective multicenter cohort study

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Improved detection of small lung cancers with dual-energy subtraction chest radiography

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Improved detection of subendocardial hyperenhancement in myocardial infarction using dark blood-pool delayed enhancement MRI

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Improved detection of synovial boundaries in ultrasound examination by using a cascade of active-contours

Kristensen, T.; Vestergaard, H.; Møller, M.Boe., 2011:
Improved detection of the KIT D816V mutation in patients with systemic mastocytosis using a quantitative and highly sensitive real-time qPCR assay

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Improved detection of the pulse oximeter signal with a digital nerve block in patients in poor health status

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Improved detection of toxic chemicals by Photobacterium phosphoreum using modified Boss medium

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Improved detection of toxigenic Clostridium difficile using the Cepheid Xpert C difficile assay and impact on C difficile infection rates in a tertiary hospital: a double-edged sword

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Improved detection of transgene and nonviral vectors in blood

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Improved detection of ultraviolet radiation with gas-filled phototubes through photoionization of excited atoms

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Improved detection of vanB2-containing enterococcus faecium with vancomycin susceptibility by Etest using oxgall supplementation

Li, Y.; Rao, C.; Tao, L.; Wang, J.; Lorbetskie, B.; Girard, M., 2014:
Improved detection of variants in recombinant human interferon alpha-2a products by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography on a core-shell stationary phase

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Improved detection rate of structural abnormalities in the first trimester using an extended examination protocol

Liu, X.; Eichenberger, M.; Fujioka, Y.; Dong, J.; Ueda, H., 2013:
Improved detection sensitivity and selectivity attained by open-sandwich selection of an anti-estradiol antibody

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Improved detection sensitivity of D-mannitol crystalline phase content using differential spectral phase shift terahertz spectroscopy measurements

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Improved detection suggests all Merkel cell carcinomas harbor Merkel polyomavirus

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Improved detergent-based recovery of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs)

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Improved determination of FID signal parameters in low-field NMR

Quinn, T.; Parks, H.; Speake, C.; Davis, R., 2014 :
Improved determination of G using two methods

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Improved determination of milk oligosaccharides using a single derivatization with anthranilic acid and separation by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

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Improved determination of phoxim residue in stored wheat by HPLC with DAD

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Improved determination of structural changes of 2-pyridone-(H2O)1 upon electronic excitation

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Improved determination of the neutron lifetime

Bartolini, R.A., 1972:
Improved development for holograms recorded in photoresist

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Improved development of mouse and human embryos using a tilting embryo culture system

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Improved development of thermally fixed holograms in photorefractive LiNbO(3) crystals with high-intensity laser pulses

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Improved developmental ability of porcine oocytes grown in nude mice after fusion with cytoplasmic fragments prepared by centrifugation: a model for utilization of primordial oocytes

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Improved device performance of organic crystal field-effect transistors fabricated on friction-transferred substrates

Nuti, C.; Vassal, Fçois.; Mertens, P.; Lemaire, J-Jacques.; Magnin, M.; Peyron, R., 2013:
Improved dexterity after chronic electrical stimulation of the motor cortex for central pain: a special relevance for thalamic syndrome

Cichosz, S.Lebech.; Johansen, M.Dencker.; Ejskjaer, N.; Hansen, T.Krarup.; Hejlesen, O.K., 2014:
Improved diabetes screening using an extended predictive feature search

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Improved diabetic control during oral sulfonylurea treatment in two children with permanent neonatal diabetes mellitus

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Improved diabetic control in advanced heart failure patients treated with left ventricular assist devices

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Improved diabetic wound healing through topical silencing of p53 is associated with augmented vasculogenic mediators

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Improved diagnoses of autoimmune hepatitis using an anti-actin ELISA

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Improved diagnosis and prognosis using Decisions Informed by Combining Entities (DICE): results from the NHLBI-sponsored Women's Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation (WISE)

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Improved diagnosis and treatment of anastomotic leakage after colorectal surgery

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Improved diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue sarcoma patients after implementation of national guidelines: a population-based study

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Improved diagnosis in children with partial epilepsy using a multivariable prediction model based on EEG network characteristics

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Improved diagnosis of Strongyloides stercoralis using recombinant antigen-based serologies in a community-wide study in northern Argentina

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Improved diagnosis of Ziehl-Neelsen smear negative tuberculosis using sodium hypochlorite sedimentation method

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Improved diagnosis of acoustic neuroma with auditory brain-stem evoked responses and gadolinium-enhanced MRI

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Improved diagnosis of actively bleeding aneurysm on CT angiography using delayed CT images

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Improved diagnosis of central nervous system tuberculosis by MPB64-Target PCR

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Improved diagnosis of central venous catheter-related bloodstream infections using the HB&L UROQUATTRO™ system

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Improved diagnosis of colorectal cancer using a combination of fecal occult blood and novel fecal protein markers

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Improved diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies by the combination of 123I-metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) myocardial scintigraphy and 99mTc-ethylcysteinate dimmer (ECD) brain perfusion SPECT

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Improved diagnosis of idiopathic giant cell myocarditis and cardiac sarcoidosis by myocardial gene expression profiling

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Improved diagnosis of infection associated with osteosynthesis by use of sonication of fracture fixation implants

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Improved diagnosis of melioidosis using a 2-dimensional immunoarray

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Improved diagnosis of mild hypothyroidism using time-of-day normal ranges for thyrotropin

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Improved diagnosis of oral premalignant lesions in submucous fibrosis patients with 5-aminolevulinic acid induced PpIX fluorescence

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Improved diagnosis of pancreatic adenocarcinoma using haptoglobin and serum amyloid A in a panel screen

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Improved diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection by multiplex PCR of sonication fluid from removed implants

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Improved diagnosis of pleural tuberculosis using the microscopic- observation drug-susceptibility technique

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Improved diagnosis of pulmonary emphysema using in vivo dark-field radiography

Ulrich, A.; Haefeli, J.; Blum, J.; Min, K.; Curt, A., 2013:
Improved diagnosis of spinal cord disorders with contact heat evoked potentials

Mashkova, T.A.; Zheltova, A.N.; Beloborodova, L.L., 2011:
Improved diagnosis of the severity of chronic decompensated tonsillitis

Gonzalez, M.Selena.; De Brasi, C.Daniel.; Bianchini, M.; Gargallo, P.; Stanganelli, C.; Zalcberg, I.; Larripa, I.Beatriz., 2014:
Improved diagnosis of the transition to JAK2 (V⁶¹⁷F) homozygosity: the key feature for predicting the evolution of myeloproliferative neoplasms

Anonymous, 2008:
Improved diagnosis of tuberculosis

Alisjahbana, B.; van Crevel, R., 2007:
Improved diagnosis of tuberculosis by better sputum quality

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Improved diagnosis of well-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma with gadolinium ethoxybenzyl diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and Sonazoid contrast-enhanced ultrasonography

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Improved diagnosis specificity in bone and joint infections using molecular techniques

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Improved diagnostic accuracy of a 3-day protocol of home blood pressure monitoring for the diagnosis of arterial hypertension

Boursier, Jérôme.; Bacq, Y.; Halfon, P.; Leroy, V.; de Ledinghen, V.; de Muret, A.; Bourlière, M.; Sturm, N.; Foucher, J.; Oberti, Fédéric.; Rousselet, M.Christine.; Calès, P., 2008:
Improved diagnostic accuracy of blood tests for severe fibrosis and cirrhosis in chronic hepatitis C

Partridge, S.C.; Rahbar, H.; Murthy, R.; Chai, X.; Kurland, B.F.; DeMartini, W.B.; Lehman, C.D., 2011:
Improved diagnostic accuracy of breast MRI through combined apparent diffusion coefficients and dynamic contrast-enhanced kinetics

Liao, L-Jen.; Kang, C-Chih.; Jan, I-Shiow.; Chen, H-Chin.; Wang, C-Lin.; Lou, P-Jen.; Chang, T-Chau., 2009:
Improved diagnostic accuracy of malignant neck lumps by a simple BMVC staining assay

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Improved diagnostic accuracy of pancreatic diseases with a combination of various novel serum biomarkers--case control study from Manipal Teaching Hospital, Pokhara, Nepal

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Improved diagnostic accuracy of testicular biopsies for infertility through simplified criteria and a dedicated pathologist

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Improved diagnostic accuracy with multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging of the breast using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging, diffusion-weighted imaging, and 3-dimensional proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging

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Improved diagnostic and surgical techniques in adenoid treatment in children

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Improved diagnostic efficacy by rapid cytology test in fluoroscopy-guided bronchoscopy

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Improved diagnostic imaging and interventional therapies prolong survival after resection for hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhosis: the university of bologna experience over 10 years

Chung, C.; Wilson, C.; Bandaranayaka-Mudiyanselage, C-Bandara.; Kang, E.; Adams, D.Scott.; Kappmeyer, L.S.; Knowles, D.P.; McElwain, T.F.; Evermann, J.F.; Ueti, M.W.; Scoles, G.A.; Lee, S.S.; McGuire, T.C., 2014:
Improved diagnostic performance of a commercial Anaplasma antibody competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using recombinant major surface protein 5-glutathione S-transferase fusion protein as antigen

Gao, Y.; Ou, Q.; Huang, F.; Wang, S.; Shen, L.; Shen, Y.; Wu, J.; Zheng, J.; Weng, X.; Zhang, W.; Shao, L., 2013:
Improved diagnostic power by combined interferon-gamma release assay and nested-PCR in tuberculous pleurisy in high tuberculosis prevalence area

Hendriksz, C., 2011:
Improved diagnostic procedures in attenuated mucopolysaccharidosis

Mangseth, K.; Helgeland, L.; Klos, J.; Molven, A.; Vintermyr, O.Karsten., 2009:
Improved diagnostic segregation of mantle cell lymphoma by determination of cyclin D1/D3 expression ratio in formalin-fixed tissue

Oosterling, I.; Roos, S.; de Bildt, A.; Rommelse, N.; de Jonge, M.; Visser, J.; Lappenschaar, M.; Swinkels, S.; van der Gaag, R.Jan.; Buitelaar, J., 2010:
Improved diagnostic validity of the ADOS revised algorithms: a replication study in an independent sample

Ragauskas, A.; Bartusis, L.; Piper, I.; Zakelis, R.; Matijosaitis, V.; Petrikonis, K.; Rastenyte, D., 2015:
Improved diagnostic value of a TCD-based non-invasive ICP measurement method compared with the sonographic ONSD method for detecting elevated intracranial pressure

Thiel, C.; Rind, N.; Popovici, D.; Hoffmann, G.F.; Hanson, K.; Conway, R.L.; Adamski, C.R.; Butler, E.; Scanlon, R.; Lambert, M.; Apeshiotis, N.; Thiels, C.; Matthijs, G.; Körner, C., 2012:
Improved diagnostics lead to identification of three new patients with congenital disorder of glycosylation-Ip

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Improved diagnostics of cerebral gliomas using FET PET

Kulchavenya, E.; Azizoff, A.; Brizhatyuk, E.; Khomyakov, V.; Kholtobin, D.; Breusoff, A.; Naber, K.G., 2013:
Improved diagnostics of chronic inflammatory prostatitis

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Improved diagnostics through quantitative ultrasound imaging

Xuan, J.; Klimach, U.; Zhao, H.; Chen, Q.; Zou, Y.; Wang, Y., 2008:
Improved diagnostics using polarization imaging and artificial neural networks

Rück, A.; Vallin, H.; Sylvén, C., 2008:
Improved diagnostics yield better and better treatment

Marshall, N., 2008:
Improved dialogue is key to equipping

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Improved diastolic function after myoblast transplantation in a model of ischemia-infarction

Sasikala, T.S.; Nair, B.P.; Pavithran, C.; Sebastian, M.T., 2012:
Improved dielectric and mechanical properties of polystyrene-hybrid silica sphere composite induced through bifunctionalization at the interface

Wang, D.; Bao, Y.; Zha, J-Wei.; Zhao, J.; Dang, Z-Min.; Hu, G-Hua., 2013:
Improved dielectric properties of nanocomposites based on poly(vinylidene fluoride) and poly(vinyl alcohol)-functionalized graphene

Kim, W.Han.; Lee, J.Hee.; Danishefsky, S.J., 2009:
Improved dienophilicity of nitrocycloalkenes: prospects for the development of a trans-Diels-Alder paradigm

McGill, C.R.; Keast, D.R.; Painter, J.E.; Romano, C.S.; Wightman, J.D., 2014:
Improved diet quality and increased nutrient intakes associated with grape product consumption by U.S. children and adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003 to 2008

Liu, A.; Berhane, Z.; Tseng, M., 2010:
Improved dietary variety and adequacy but lower dietary moderation with acculturation in Chinese women in the United States

Liu, J.; Tan, J.; Bin, H.; Wang, Y., 2010:
Improved differential confocal microscopy with ultrahigh signal-to-noise ratio and reflectance disturbance resistibility

Skikne, B.S.; Punnonen, K.; Caldron, P.H.; Bennett, M.T.; Rehu, M.; Gasior, G.H.; Chamberlin, J.S.; Sullivan, L.A.; Bray, K.R.; Southwick, P.C., 2011:
Improved differential diagnosis of anemia of chronic disease and iron deficiency anemia: a prospective multicenter evaluation of soluble transferrin receptor and the sTfR/log ferritin index

Saha, I.; Plewczynski, D.; Maulik, U.; Bandyopadhyay, S., 2012:
Improved differential evolution for microarray analysis

Kilsdonk, I.D.; Wattjes, M.P.; Lopez-Soriano, A.; Kuijer, J.P.A.; de Jong, M.C.; de Graaf, W.L.; Conijn, M.M.A.; Polman, C.H.; Luijten, P.R.; Geurts, J.J.G.; Geerlings, M.I.; Barkhof, F., 2014:
Improved differentiation between MS and vascular brain lesions using FLAIR* at 7 Tesla

Tarján, Mós.; Chen, H-Hsi.; Tot, T.; Wu, W.; Lenngren, A.; Dean, P.B.; Tabár, László., 2012:
Improved differentiation between ductal and acinar prostate cancer using three-dimensional histology and biomarkers

Gaukrodger, N.; Thompson, D.; Sarginson, S.J.; Magee, J.G.; Sails, A.D., 2011:
Improved differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in the north of England using additional variable number tandem repeat loci

Pinker, K.; Bogner, W.; Baltzer, P.; Karanikas, G.; Magometschnigg, H.; Brader, P.; Gruber, S.; Bickel, H.; Dubsky, P.; Bago-Horvath, Z.; Bartsch, R.; Weber, M.; Trattnig, S.; Helbich, T.H., 2015:
Improved differentiation of benign and malignant breast tumors with multiparametric 18fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography magnetic resonance imaging: a feasibility study

Bernard, S.A.; Murphey, M.D.; Flemming, D.J.; Kransdorf, M.J., 2010:
Improved differentiation of benign osteochondromas from secondary chondrosarcomas with standardized measurement of cartilage cap at CT and MR imaging

Dietrich, C.F.; Ignee, A.; Braden, B.; Barreiros, A.Paula.; Ott, M.; Hocke, M., 2008:
Improved differentiation of pancreatic tumors using contrast-enhanced endoscopic ultrasound

Van Pham, P.; Thi-My Nguyen, P.; Thai-Quynh Nguyen, A.; Minh Pham, V.; Nguyen-Tu Bui, A.; Thi-Tung Dang, L.; Gia Nguyen, K.; Kim Phan, N., 2015:
Improved differentiation of umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells into insulin-producing cells by PDX-1 mRNA transfection

Angell, D.K., 1987:
Improved diffraction efficiency of silver halide (sensitized) gelatin

Pestana, N.; Mortensen, L.J.; Runnels, J.P.; Vickers, D.; Murthy, S.K.; Lin, C.P.; Niedre, M., 2014 :
Improved diffuse fluorescence flow cytometer prototype for high sensitivity detection of rare circulating cells in vivo

Håkansson, P.; Mella, M., 2007:
Improved diffusion Monte Carlo for bosonic systems using time-step extrapolation "on the fly"

Sun, P.Zhe., 2007:
Improved diffusion measurement in heterogeneous systems using the magic asymmetric gradient stimulated echo (MAGSTE) technique

Jeong, H-Kyu.; Dewey, B.E.; Hirtle, J.A.T.; Lavin, P.; Sriram, S.; Pawate, S.; Gore, J.C.; Anderson, A.W.; Kang, H.; Smith, S.A., 2016:
Improved diffusion tensor imaging of the optic nerve using multishot two-dimensional navigated acquisitions

Finsterbusch, Jürgen., 2008:
Improved diffusion-weighting efficiency of pulsed gradient stimulated echo MR measurements with background gradient cross-term suppression

Sun, Q.; Chen, J.; Zhang, H.; Ding, S.; Li, Z.; Williams, P.N.; Cheng, H.; Han, C.; Wu, L.; Zhang, C., 2014:
Improved diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) measurement of total dissolved inorganic arsenic in waters and soils using a hydrous zirconium oxide binding layer

del Castillo-Santaella, T.; Sanmartín, E.; Cabrerizo-Vílchez, M.Angel.; Arboleya, J.Carlos.; Maldonado-Valderrama, J., 2015:
Improved digestibility of β-lactoglobulin by pulsed light processing: a dilatational and shear study

Mateo, E.F.; Zhou, X.; Li, G., 2011:
Improved digital backward propagation for the compensation of inter-channel nonlinear effects in polarization-multiplexed WDM systems

Zhang, X.; Yuan, J.; Du, S.; Kripfgans, O.D.; Wang, X.; Carson, P.L.; Liu, X., 2015:
Improved digital breast tomosynthesis images using automated ultrasound

Singh, D.Kumar.; Panigrahi, P.K., 2010:
Improved digital holographic reconstruction algorithm for depth error reduction and elimination of out-of-focus particles

Mudassar, A.Ahmad.; Butt, S., 2014:
Improved digital image correlation for in-plane displacement measurement

Solaberrieta, E.; Otegi, J.Ramon.; Mínguez, R.; Etxaniz, O., 2015:
Improved digital transfer of the maxillary cast to a virtual articulator

Jacobs, S.F.; Bass, D., 1989:
Improved dimensional stability of Corning 9600 and Schott Zerodur glass ceramics

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