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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53755

Chapter 53755 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yeo, C.Hong.; Gordon, R.; Nusem, I., 2014:
Improving operating theatre communication between the orthopaedics surgeon and radiographer

van As, A.B.; Brey, Z.; Numanoglu, A., 2011:
Improving operating theatre efficiency in South Africa

Morgan, D.; Fisher, N.; Ahmad, A.; Alam, F., 2009:
Improving operation notes to meet British Orthopaedic Association guidelines

Bordoloi, S.K.; Beach, K., 2007:
Improving operational efficiency in an inner-city emergency department

Juurlink, D.N.; Dhalla, I.A.; Nelson, L.S., 2013:
Improving opioid prescribing: the New York City recommendations

Cheatle, M.D.; Barker, C., 2014:
Improving opioid prescription practices and reducing patient risk in the primary care setting

Schmitz, T.L.; Gardner, N.; Vaughn, M.; Medicus, K.; Davies, A., 2008:
Improving optical bench radius measurements using stage error motion data

Song, Q.H.; Cao, H., 2010:
Improving optical confinement in nanostructures via external mode coupling

Khan, B.; Wildey, C.; Francis, R.; Tian, F.; Delgado, M.R.; Liu, H.; Macfarlane, D.; Alexandrakis, G., 2012:
Improving optical contact for functional near‑infrared brain spectroscopy and imaging with brush optodes

Zhang, N.Fan.; Silver, R.M.; Zhou, H.; Barnes, B.M., 2012:
Improving optical measurement uncertainty with combined multitool metrology using a Bayesian approach

Liao, B-Huei.; Hsiao, C-Nan., 2014:
Improving optical properties of silicon nitride films to be applied in the middle infrared optics by a combined high-power impulse/unbalanced magnetron sputtering deposition technique

Martins, S.; Silva, A.C.; Ferreira, D.C.; Souto, E.B., 2010:
Improving oral absorption of Salmon calcitonin by trimyristin lipid nanoparticles

Li, Y.; Song, J.; Tian, N.; Cai, J.; Huang, M.; Xing, Q.; Wang, Y.; Wu, C.; Hu, H., 2015:
Improving oral bioavailability of metformin hydrochloride using water-in-oil microemulsions and analysis of phase behavior after dilution

Biron, E.; Chatterjee, J.; Ovadia, O.; Langenegger, D.; Brueggen, J.; Hoyer, D.; Schmid, H.A.; Jelinek, R.; Gilon, C.; Hoffman, A.; Kessler, H., 2008:
Improving oral bioavailability of peptides by multiple N-methylation: somatostatin analogues

Messadi, D.V.; Wilder-Smith, P.; Wolinsky, L., 2010:
Improving oral cancer survival: the role of dental providers

Dyck, D.; Bertone, M.; Knutson, K.; Campbell, A., 2013:
Improving oral care practice in long-term care

Gabor, F.; Fillafer, C.; Neutsch, L.; Ratzinger, G.; Wirth, M., 2010:
Improving oral delivery

Vyas, V.; Agha, R.; Ahmad, T., 2014 :
Improving oral function and cosmesis in a case of Freeman-Sheldon syndrome

Gurenlian, J.R., 2014:
Improving oral health

Crall, J.J., 2011:
Improving oral health and oral health care delivery for children

Sherman, D.K.; Updegraff, J.A.; Mann, T., 2008:
Improving oral health behavior: a social psychological approach

Crall, J.J., 2007:
Improving oral health for individuals with special health care needs

Shah, M.A.; Darby, M.L.; Bauman, D.B., 2011:
Improving oral health in Pakistan using dental hygienists

Cibulka, N.J.; Forney, S.; Goodwin, K.; Lazaroff, P.; Sarabia, R., 2011:
Improving oral health in low-income pregnant women with a nurse practitioner-directed oral care program

Clemmens, D.A.; Kerr, A.Ross., 2007:
Improving oral health in women: nurses' call to action

Bress, L.E., 2016:
Improving oral health literacy - the new standard in dental hygiene practice

Rainchuso, L., 2016:
Improving oral health outcomes from pregnancy through infancy

Cohen, D.Walter., 2011:
Improving oral healthcare delivery

Mertz, E.A.; Finocchio, L., 2010:
Improving oral healthcare delivery systems through workforce innovations: an introduction

Tran, P.; Mannen, J., 2009:
Improving oral healthcare: improving the quality of life for patients after a stroke

Ong, J.J.; Read, T.; Chen, M.; Walker, S.; Law, M.; Bradshaw, C.; Garland, S.M.; Tabrizi, S.N.; Cornall, A.; Grulich, A.; Hocking, J.; Fairley, C.K., 2015:
Improving oral human papillomavirus detection using toothbrush sampling in HIV-positive men who have sex with men

Harnacke, D.; Mitter, S.; Lehner, M.; Munzert, Jörn.; Deinzer, R., 2012:
Improving oral hygiene skills by computer-based training: a randomized controlled comparison of the modified Bass and the Fones techniques

Mouraret, S.; Hunter, D.J.; Bardet, C.; Popelut, A.; Brunski, J.B.; Chaussain, C.; Bouchard, P.; Helms, J.A., 2014:
Improving oral implant osseointegration in a murine model via Wnt signal amplification

Shearer, J., 2009:
Improving oral medication management in home health agencies

Hofstadter-Duke, K.L.; Daly, E.J., 2012:
Improving oral reading fluency with a peer-mediated intervention

Afrashtehfar, K.Ian.; Kurtzman, G.Michael.; Mahesh, L., 2012:
Improving oral rehabilitation through the preservation of the tissues through alveolar preservation

Hong, Z., 2007:
Improving organ donation in Canada

Martin, S.R., 2007 :
Improving organ donation in Canada

Dalley, K., 2008:
Improving organ donation rates - what can be done?

Ebadat, A.; Brown, C.V.R.; Ali, S.; Guitierrez, T.; Elliot, E.; Dworaczyk, S.; Kadric, C.; Coopwood, B., 2014:
Improving organ donation rates by modifying the family approach process

Smith, M., 2009:
Improving organ donation rates in the United Kingdom

Lynch, R.J.; Mathur, A.K.; Hundley, J.C.; Kubus, J.; Pietroski, R.E.; Mattice, B.J.; Punch, J.D.; Englesbe, M.J., 2009:
Improving organ procurement practices in Michigan

Englesbe, M.J.; Shah, S.; Cutler, J.A.; Africano, R.; Lynch, R.; Seely, M.; Hasz, R.; Sweeney, M.L.; Roberts, J.; Merion, R.M.; Kenny, D.; Wright, D.; Mancuso, D.; Landis, D.; Miller, H.; Guzzetti, J.; Pietropaulo, L.; Seely, M.; Forster, P.; Africano, R.; Berry, D.; Sweeney, M.; Nikolychick, B.; Wilson, B.; Smith-Fields, C.; Berg, E.; Bowman, J.; Cutler, J.; Nicholl, K.; Hasz, R.; Dunn, S.; Langnas, A.; Higgins, B.; Punch, J.; Roberts, J.; Barr, M.; Englesbe, M.; Merion, R.; Shah, S., 2010:
Improving organ procurement travel practices in the United States: proceedings from the Michigan Donor Travel Forum

Hamilton, T.E., 2008:
Improving organ transplantation in the United States--a regulatory perspective

Bailie, R.; Si, D.; Dowden, M.; O'Donoghue, L.; Connors, C.; Robinson, G.; Cunningham, J.; Weeramanthri, T., 2007:
Improving organisational systems for diabetes care in Australian Indigenous communities

Kerrouault, E.; Denis, N.; Le Conte, P.; Dabouis, Gérard., 2007:
Improving organization of care could reduce referrals of cancer patients to the emergency department. Prospective analysis of 123 patients

Willis, C.D.; Saul, J.E.; Bitz, J.; Pompu, K.; Best, A.; Jackson, B., 2014:
Improving organizational capacity to address health literacy in public health: a rapid realist review

Arnold, E., 2014:
Improving organizational climate for excellence in patient care

Nembhard, I.M.; Northrup, V.; Shaller, D.; Cleary, P.D., 2013:
Improving organizational climate for quality and quality of care: does membership in a collaborative help?

Küey, L., 2009:
Improving organizational identity: latest activities of the WPA Secretariat

Takimoto, J.K.; Adams, K.L.; Xiang, Z.; Wang, L., 2009:
Improving orthogonal tRNA-synthetase recognition for efficient unnatural amino acid incorporation and application in mammalian cells

Duggal, N., 2007:
Improving orthopedic outcomes: focus on rehabilitation

Pham, V-Hung., 2014:
Improving osseointegration of Co-Cr by nanostructured titanium coatings

Elias, C.Nelson.; Meirelles, L., 2010:
Improving osseointegration of dental implants

Kim, S.Eun.; Kim, C-Seop.; Yun, Y-Pil.; Yang, D.Hyeok.; Park, K.; Kim, S.Eun.; Jeong, C-Mo.; Huh, J-Bo., 2015:
Improving osteoblast functions and bone formation upon BMP-2 immobilization on titanium modified with heparin

Charalambous, C.P.; Mosey, C.; Johnstone, E.; Akimau, P.; Gullett, T.K.; Siddique, I.; Wilkes, R.A., 2009:
Improving osteoporosis assessment in the fracture clinic

Outman, R.C.; Curtis, J.R.; Locher, J.L.; Allison, J.J.; Saag, K.G.; Kilgore, M.L., 2012:
Improving osteoporosis care in high-risk home health patients through a high-intensity intervention

Curtis, J.R., 2011:
Improving osteoporosis care through multimodal interventions: insights from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics

Castellanos, N.Pilar.; Martínez, E.; Gutierrez, J., 2012:
Improving osteoporosis diagnosis in children using image texture analysis

Tulk, C.; Lane, P.; Gilbey, A.; Johnston, H.; Chia, K.; Mitchell, L.; Bagga, H.; Wong, P.K.K., 2015:
Improving osteoporosis management following minimal trauma fracture in a regional setting: The Coffs Fracture Card Project

Tan, E.C.K.; George, J.; Stewart, K.; Elliott, R.A., 2015:
Improving osteoporosis management in general practice: a pharmacist-led drug use evaluation program

MacLaughlin, E.J., 2010:
Improving osteoporosis screening, risk assessment, diagnosis, and treatment initiation: role of the health-system pharmacist in closing the gap

Slater, R., 2016:
Improving ostomates' confidence with a discharge-solidifying agent

Kennedy, D.W., 2014:
Improving our ability to classify rhinologic disorders

Turner, D.A.; Arnold, J.H., 2008:
Improving our approach to sedation in the pediatric intensive care unit: is it time to inhale?

Wingren, C.Johan.; Merlo, J., 2015:
Improving our knowledge on the risk of congenital malformations in families with celiac disease

Fontaine, J.J., 2011:
Improving our legacy: incorporation of adaptive management into state wildlife action plans

Crook, S.; Wiafe, B., 2012:
Improving our patients' experience: ideas for change

Ciancio, S.G., 2007:
Improving our patients' oral health: the role of a triclosan/copolymer/ fluoride dentifrice

Dunn, K., 2009:
Improving our services

Baumann, S.L., 2008:
Improving our stories

Pau, S.; Edwards, E.J.; Still, C.J., 2013:
Improving our understanding of environmental controls on the distribution of C3 and C4 grasses

Shivkumar, K.; Tung, R., 2009:
Improving our understanding of epicardial ventricular tachycardia in nonischemic cardiomyopathy

Porter, M.P., 2013:
Improving our understanding of male urethral cancer: an example of the strengths and limitations of the SEER cancer registry

Irwin, C.E.; Berg, T.D., 2012:
Improving our understanding of the prevention of human papillomavirus

Stitzenberg, K.B.; Chang, Y.; Louie, R.; Groves, J.S.; Durham, D.; Fraher, E.F., 2014:
Improving our understanding of the surgical oncology workforce

Flowers, C.R., 2010:
Improving our use and understanding of antibodies in B-cell lymphomas

De Simoni, A., 2014:
Improving out-of-hours handovers

Lund-Kordahl, I.; Olasveengen, T.M.; Lorem, T.; Samdal, M.; Wik, L.; Sunde, K., 2010:
Improving outcome after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest by strengthening weak links of the local Chain of Survival; quality of advanced life support and post-resuscitation care

Coolsen, M.M.E.; van Dam, R.M.; Chigharoe, A.; Olde Damink, S.W.M.; Dejong, C.H.C., 2015:
Improving outcome after pancreaticoduodenectomy: experiences with implementing an enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) program

Ziakas, P.D.; Poulou, L.S., 2008:
Improving outcome after positive interim PET in advanced Hodgkin's disease: reality vs expectation

Endres, M.; Engelhardt, B.; Koistinaho, J.; Lindvall, O.; Meairs, S.; Mohr, J.P.; Planas, A.; Rothwell, N.; Schwaninger, M.; Schwab, M.E.; Vivien, D.; Wieloch, T.; Dirnagl, U., 2008:
Improving outcome after stroke: overcoming the translational roadblock

Minnerup, J.; Schäbitz, W-Rüdiger., 2012:
Improving outcome after stroke: time to treat new targets

Hartgrink, H.H., 2009:
Improving outcome for scirrhous gastric cancer

Mahomed, A.; Zaparackaite, I.; Adam, S., 2010 :
Improving outcome from Plastibell circumcisions in infants

Hiramatsu, M., 2007:
Improving outcome in geriatric peritoneal dialysis patients

Miedema, A.; Stubenitsky, B.M.; Jansen, N.J.; van der Molen, A.B.Mink.; van Vught, A.J., 2008:
Improving outcome in meningococcal disease: don't forget compartment syndrome!

Jackson, R.J.H.; Nolan, J.P., 2012:
Improving outcome in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: impact of bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation and prehospital physician care

Emslie, G.J., 2008:
Improving outcome in pediatric depression

Harris, T.; Davenport, R.; Hurst, T.; Jones, J., 2013:
Improving outcome in severe trauma: trauma systems and initial management: intubation, ventilation and resuscitation

Harris, T.; Davenport, R.; Hurst, T.; Hunt, P.; Fotheringham, T.; Jones, J., 2013:
Improving outcome in severe trauma: what's new in ABC? Imaging, bleeding and brain injury

Han, S.Hyeok.; Lee, S.Choel.; Ahn, S.Vogue.; Lee, J.Eun.; Choi, H.Young.; Kim, B.Seok.; Kang, S-Wook.; Choi, K.Hun.; Han, D.Suk.; Lee, H.Yung., 2007:
Improving outcome of CAPD: twenty-five years' experience in a single Korean center

El Chaar, M.; Claros, L.; Ezeji, G.C.; Miletics, M.; Stoltzfus, J., 2015:
Improving outcome of bariatric surgery: best practices in an accredited surgical center

Vargas-Infante, Y.A.; Guerrero, M.Lourdes.; Ruiz-Palacios, G.M.; Soto-Ramírez, L.E.; Del Río, C.; Carranza, J.; Domínguez-Cherit, G.; Sierra-Madero, J.G., 2007:
Improving outcome of human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients in a Mexican intensive care unit

Sood, D.; Nundy, S.; Soin, A.S., 2009:
Improving outcome of liver resection in patients with colorectal metastases

Schlomm, T.; Huland, H.; Graefen, M., 2015:
Improving outcome of surgical procedures is not possible without adequate quality measurement

Shi, R-Zhen.; Li, Q-Ping., 2008:
Improving outcome of transplanted mesenchymal stem cells for ischemic heart disease

Thakur, C.P.; Kumar, A.; Mitra, D.K.; Roy, A.; Sinha, A.Kumar.; Ranjan, A., 2010:
Improving outcome of treatment of kala-azar by supplementation of amphotericin B with physiologic saline and potassium chloride

Ingegnoli, F.; Boracchi, P.; Gualtierotti, R.; Biganzoli, E.M.; Zeni, S.; Lubatti, C.; Fantini, F., 2011:
Improving outcome prediction of systemic sclerosis from isolated Raynaud's phenomenon: role of autoantibodies and nail-fold capillaroscopy

Briffa, T.; Chow, C.K.; Clark, A.M.; Redfern, J., 2014:
Improving outcomes after acute coronary syndrome with rehabilitation and secondary prevention

Jeremy, R.W.; Kritharides, L.; Brown, A., 2014:
Improving outcomes after coronary artery bypass surgery: lessons from indigenous Australians

D'Amico, T.A., 2013:
Improving outcomes after esophagectomy: the importance of preventing postoperative pneumonia

Hanna, G.B.; Boshier, P.R.; Knaggs, A.; Goldin, R.; Sasako, M., 2012:
Improving outcomes after gastroesophageal cancer resection: can Japanese results be reproduced in Western centers?

Farmer, D.G.; Venick, R.S.; Busuttil, R.W., 2011:
Improving outcomes after intestinal transplantation at the University of California, Los Angeles

Brügger, L.; Rosella, L.; Candinas, D.; Güller, U., 2011:
Improving outcomes after laparoscopic appendectomy: a population-based, 12-year trend analysis of 7446 patients

Hanssen, T.Aminda.; Nordrehaug, J.Erik.; Eide, G.Egil.; Hanestad, B.Rokne., 2007:
Improving outcomes after myocardial infarction: a randomized controlled trial evaluating effects of a telephone follow-up intervention

Karunakar, M.; McLaurin, T.M.; Morgan, S.J.; Egol, K.A., 2009:
Improving outcomes after pertrochanteric hip fractures

Montie, J.E., 2008:
Improving outcomes after radical cystectomy

Cramer, S.C., 2012:
Improving outcomes after stroke by LEAPS (Locomotor Experience Applied Post-Stroke) and bounds

Grocott, M.P.W., 2009:
Improving outcomes after surgery

Valdiserri, R.O., 2014:
Improving outcomes along the HIV care continuum: paying careful attention to the non-biologic determinants of health

Steele, S.R.; Bleier, J.; Champagne, B.; Hassan, I.; Russ, A.; Senagore, A.J.; Sylla, P.; Pigazzi, A., 2015:
Improving outcomes and cost-effectiveness of colorectal surgery

Boling, P.A.; Chandekar, R.V.; Hungate, B.; Purvis, M.; Selby-Penczak, R.; Abbey, L.J., 2013:
Improving outcomes and lowering costs by applying advanced models of in-home care

Lee, F., 2009:
Improving outcomes and perceptions

Singh, S.; Kumar, R.Krishna.; Sundaram, K.R.; Kanjilal, B.; Nair, P., 2013:
Improving outcomes and reducing costs by modular training in infection control in a resource-limited setting

Castillo, R.C.; Wegener, S.T.; Newell, M.Zadnik.; Carlini, A.R.; Bradford, A.N.; Heins, S.E.; Wysocki, E.; Pollak, A.N.; Teter, H.; Mackenzie, E.J., 2013:
Improving outcomes at Level I trauma centers: an early evaluation of the Trauma Survivors Network

Fissell, R.; Hakim, R.M., 2014:
Improving outcomes by changing hemodialysis practice patterns

Chan, D.M.; Golubev, I.; Shipchandler, T.Z.; Nunery, W.R.; Lee, H.B.Harold., 2014:
Improving outcomes by combining septoplasty with primary external dacryocystorhinostomy

Throndson, K.; Sawatzky, J-Ann.V., 2009:
Improving outcomes following elective percutaneous coronary intervention: the key role of exercise and the advanced practice nurse

Murray, D., 2014:
Improving outcomes following emergency laparotomy

Chan, P.S.; Nallamothu, B.K., 2012:
Improving outcomes following in-hospital cardiac arrest: life after death

Kurien, M.; Sanders, D.S., 2011:
Improving outcomes following percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG)--a seven-day waiting policy is essential

Mishra, A.; Chawla, R.; Foster, M.; Power, D., 2015:
Improving outcomes following peripheral nerve injury: national standards, education and training in the U.K

Coventry, P.A.; Gellatly, J.L., 2007:
Improving outcomes for COPD patients with mild-to-moderate anxiety and depression: a systematic review of cognitive behavioural therapy

Nissenson, A.R., 2014:
Improving outcomes for ESRD patients: shifting the quality paradigm

Nacey, J.N.; Delahunt, B.; Mark, S.D., 2014:
Improving outcomes for New Zealand men with prostate cancer

Han, F.; Miyagawa, Y.; Verlengia, G.; Ingusci, S.; Soukupova, M.; Simonato, M.; Glorioso, J.C.; Cohen, J.B., 2018:
Cellular Antisilencing Elements Support Transgene Expression from Herpes Simplex Virus Vectors in the Absence of Immediate Early Gene Expression

Rapp-Paglicci, L.; Stewart, C.; Rowe, W., 2013:
Improving outcomes for at-risk youth: findings from the Prodigy Cultural Arts Program

Harbison, J.M.; Kriet, J.David.; Humphrey, C.D., 2013:
Improving outcomes for composite grafts in nasal reconstruction

Williams, M.E., 2010:
Improving outcomes for diabetic patients on dialysis-an introduction

Brooke, B.S.; Kraiss, L.W.; Stone, D.H.; Nolan, B.; De Martino, R.R.; Reiber, G.E.; Goodman, D.C.; Cronenwett, J.L.; Goodney, P.P., 2015:
Improving outcomes for diabetic patients undergoing revascularization for critical limb ischemia: does the quality of outpatient diabetic care matter?

Port, F.K.; Pisoni, R.L.; Bommer, Jürgen.; Locatelli, F.; Jadoul, M.; Eknoyan, G.; Kurokawa, K.; Canaud, B.J.; Finley, M.P.; Young, E.W., 2007:
Improving outcomes for dialysis patients in the international Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study

Bluml, B.M.; Watson, L.L.; Skelton, J.B.; Manolakis, P.Gasdek.; Brock, K.A., 2015:
Improving outcomes for diverse populations disproportionately affected by diabetes: final results of Project IMPACT: Diabetes

Russell, N.H., 2013:
Improving outcomes for elderly patients with AML

Milstone, L.M.; Choate, K.A., 2013:
Improving outcomes for harlequin ichthyosis

Hunger, S.P.; Raetz, E.A.; Loh, M.L.; Mullighan, C.G., 2011:
Improving outcomes for high-risk ALL: translating new discoveries into clinical care

Orzano, A.John.; Strickland, P.Ohman.; Tallia, A.F.; Hudson, S.; Balasubramanian, B.; Nutting, P.A.; Crabtree, B.F., 2007:
Improving outcomes for high-risk diabetics using information systems

Palma, D.A.; Senan, S., 2013:
Improving outcomes for high-risk patients with early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer: insights from population-based data and the role of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy

Miyamoto, T.; Rho, E.; Kim, A.; Inoue, T., 2018:
Cellular Application of Genetically Encoded Sensors and Impeders of AMPK

Law, A.B.; Erridge, S.C.; MacKean, M.J.; Kerr, G.R.; Ironside, J.A.D.; Little, F.A.; Price, A., 2007:
Improving outcomes for limited stage small cell lung cancer patients in Scotland with concomitant chemoradiation

Velásquez, G.E.; Becerra, M.C.; Gelmanova, I.Y.; Pasechnikov, A.D.; Yedilbayev, A.; Shin, S.S.; Andreev, Y.G.; Yanova, G.; Atwood, S.S.; Mitnick, C.D.; Franke, M.F.; Rich, M.L.; Keshavjee, S., 2015:
Improving outcomes for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: aggressive regimens prevent treatment failure and death

Duffy, J.R.; Hoskins, L.M.; Dudley-Brown, S., 2010:
Improving outcomes for older adults with heart failure: a randomized trial using a theory-guided nursing intervention

Weinberg, L.; Houli, N.; Nikfarjam, M., 2014:
Improving outcomes for pancreatic cancer: radical surgery with patient-tailored, surgery-specific advanced haemodynamic monitoring

McCurdy, H.M., 2014:
Improving outcomes for patients receiving transarterial chemoembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma

Blinder, V.S.; Chadburn, A.; Furman, R.R.; Mathew, S.; Leonard, J.P., 2008:
Improving outcomes for patients with Burkitt lymphoma and HIV

Pemmaraju, N.; Kantarjian, H.; Garcia-Manero, G.; Pierce, S.; Cardenas-Turanzas, M.; Cortes, J.; Ravandi, F., 2015:
Improving outcomes for patients with acute myeloid leukemia in first relapse: a single center experience

Gish, R.G., 2007:
Improving outcomes for patients with chronic hepatitis B

Russell, K.Golden.; Rosenzweig, J., 2007:
Improving outcomes for patients with diabetes using Joslin Diabetes Center's Registry and Risk Stratification system

Flowers, C.R.; Sinha, R.; Vose, J.M., 2010:
Improving outcomes for patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Ellis, M.J., 2008:
Improving outcomes for patients with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer: back to the drawing board

Jolly, K.; Chambers, R., 2014:
Improving outcomes for patients with obesity

Shah, D.; Dhillon, A.; Mulvaney, E.; Robinson, M.; Weerasuriya, N., 2014:
Improving outcomes for patients with proximal femoral fractures

Hull, S.; Chowdhury, T.A.; Mathur, R.; Robson, J., 2015:
Improving outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes using general practice networks: a quality improvement project in east London

Laprade, R.F.; Griffith, C.J.; Coobs, B.R.; Geeslin, A.G.; Johansen, S.; Engebretsen, L., 2014:
Improving outcomes for posterolateral knee injuries

Vorhies, V.; Glover, C.M.; Davis, K.; Hardin, T.; Krzyzanowski, A.; Harris, M.; Fagan, M.; Wilkniss, S., 2009:
Improving outcomes for pregnant and parenting foster care youth with severe mental illness: an evaluation of a transitional living program

Swallow, C.J.; Catton, C.N., 2012:
Improving outcomes for retroperitoneal sarcomas: a work in progress

Björck, M.; Mani, K., 2014:
Improving outcomes for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm

Rivers, E.P.; Ahrens, T., 2008:
Improving outcomes for severe sepsis and septic shock: tools for early identification of at-risk patients and treatment protocol implementation

Riviello, E.D., 2014:
Improving outcomes for severe sepsis in Africa: one step closer

Tracy, B.; Griffiths, M.; Cox, C., 2009:
Improving outcomes for stroke patients

Britto, M.T.; Vockell, A-Liisa.B.; Munafo, J.Knopf.; Schoettker, P.J.; Wimberg, J.A.; Pruett, R.; Yi, M.S.; Byczkowski, T.L., 2014:
Improving outcomes for underserved adolescents with asthma

Chacko, A.; Kofler, M.; Jarrett, M., 2015:
Improving outcomes for youth with ADHD: a conceptual framework for combined neurocognitive and skill-based treatment approaches

Molitoris, B.A.; Levin, A.; Warnock, D.G.; Joannidis, M.; Mehta, R.L.; Kellum, J.A.; Ronco, C.; Shah, S., 2007:
Improving outcomes from acute kidney injury

Levin, A.; Warnock, D.G.; Mehta, R.L.; Kellum, J.A.; Shah, S.V.; Molitoris, B.A.; Ronco, C., 2007:
Improving outcomes from acute kidney injury: report of an initiative

Story, H.L.; Love, R.R.; Salim, R.; Roberto, A.J.; Krieger, J.L.; Ginsburg, O.M., 2012:
Improving outcomes from breast cancer in a low-income country: lessons from bangladesh

Waterer, G.W.; Lopez, D., 2012:
Improving outcomes from community-acquired pneumonia: we need to be more sophisticated about cause and effect

Gardiner, A.; McGivney, A.; McGuire, P.; Oliphant, R., 2015:
Improving outcomes from ischaemic colitis: more questions than answers

Drabek, T.; Kochanek, P.M., 2015:
Improving outcomes from resuscitation: from hypertension and hemodilution to therapeutic hypothermia to H2

Goldberg, D.S.; Abt, P.L., 2015:
Improving outcomes in DCDD liver transplantation: there can only be strength in numbers

Evens, A.M., 2010:
Improving outcomes in PTLD

Rozen, W.M.; Ashton, M.W., 2008:
Improving outcomes in autologous breast reconstruction

Anonymous, 2008:
Improving outcomes in bipolar disorder. Psychosocial therapies augment medication, but challenges remain

Yip, C.H.; Buccimazza, I.; Hartman, M.; Deo, S.V.S.; Cheung, P.S.Y., 2015:
Improving outcomes in breast cancer for low and middle income countries

Gillespie, T.Wicklin.; Lipscomb, J., 2015:
Improving outcomes in breast cancer: where should we target our efforts?

Min, J.K., 2008:
Improving outcomes in cardiovascular disease

Hall, W.A., 2014:
Improving outcomes in cerebral aspergillosis

Amid, A.; Odame, I., 2015:
Improving outcomes in children with sickle cell disease: treatment considerations and strategies

Imber, C.; Stebbing, J.; Shankar, A., 2012:
Improving outcomes in cholangiocarcinomas

Slutsky, A.S., 2009 :
Improving outcomes in critically ill patients: the seduction of physiology

Glück, S.; Mamounas, T., 2011:
Improving outcomes in early-stage breast cancer

Arnold, F.W.; LaJoie, A.Scott.; Brock, G.N.; Peyrani, P.; Rello, J.; Menéndez, R.; Lopardo, G.; Torres, A.; Rossi, P.; Ramirez, J.A., 2009:
Improving outcomes in elderly patients with community-acquired pneumonia by adhering to national guidelines: Community-Acquired Pneumonia Organization International cohort study results

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Improving preparedness for PED and other exotic pig diseases

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Improving processes in your medical practice

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Improving processes to capture present-on-admission pressure ulcers

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Improving productivity and profitability of a bioanalytical business through sales and operation planning

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Improving productivity in the NHS

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Improving productivity of modern-day drug discovery

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Improving professional practice through certification

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Improving progress test score estimation using bayesian statistics

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Improving progression-free and overall survival in patients with cancer: a potential role for bisphosphonates

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Improving project efficiency

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Anonymous, 2012 :
Improving prospects for young offenders and rescue dogs

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Improving prostate-specific antigen screening

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Improving protection against proximal colon cancer by colonoscopy

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