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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53758

Chapter 53758 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Siddiqi, A-E-alam.; Younus, M.; Siddiqi, N., 2007:
Improving the quality of Pakistani medical journals: another perspective

Kazancioglu, R., 2014:
Improving the quality of a peritoneal dialysis service: learning from experience

VanDerMeid, K.R.; Elliott, M.R.; Baran, A.M.; Barr, P.M.; Chu, C.C.; Zent, C.S., 2018:
Cellular Cytotoxicity of Next-Generation CD20 Monoclonal Antibodies

Burns, K.E.; Delehanty, J.B., 2018:
Cellular delivery of doxorubicin mediated by disulfide reduction of a peptide-dendrimer bioconjugate

Lelliott, P.; Bleksley, S., 2011:
Improving the quality of acute inpatient care

Shiqing, L.; Kangqing, X.; Peng, Y.; Haihua, S.; Miao, X.; Wenqi, H., 2010:
Improving the quality of acute pain services: experiences of treatment of 5212 patients

Helleringer, Séphane.; Pison, G.; Masquelier, B.; Kanté, A.Malick.; Douillot, L.; Duthé, Géraldine.; Sokhna, C.; Delaunay, Vérie., 2014:
Improving the quality of adult mortality data collected in demographic surveys: validation study of a new siblings' survival questionnaire in Niakhar, Senegal

Ashiru-Oredope, D.; Sharland, M.; Charani, E.; McNulty, C.; Cooke, J., 2012:
Improving the quality of antibiotic prescribing in the NHS by developing a new Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme: Start Smart--Then Focus

Herijgers, P.; Verhamme, P., 2007:
Improving the quality of anticoagulant therapy in patients with mechanical heart valves: what are we waiting for?

Odejide, O.O.; Cronin, A.M.; DeAngelo, D.J.; Bernazzoli, Z.A.; Jacobson, J.O.; Rodig, S.J.; LaCasce, A.S.; Mazeika, T.J.; Earles, K.D.; Abel, G.A., 2014:
Improving the quality of bone marrow assessment: Impact of operator techniques and use of a specimen preparation checklist

Holt, E.W.; Verhille, M.S., 2011:
Improving the quality of bowel preparation: one step closer to the holy grail?

Feeley, T.W.; Lake, F., 2015:
Improving the quality of cancer care in America

Feeley, T.W.; Sledge, G.W.; Levit, L.; Ganz, P.A., 2014:
Improving the quality of cancer care in America through health information technology

Hurria, A.; Naylor, M.; Cohen, H.Jay., 2013:
Improving the quality of cancer care in an aging population: recommendations from an IOM report

Schneider, E.C., 2009:
Improving the quality of cancer care: crossroads or convergence?

Ferrell, B.R.; Smith, T.J.; Levit, L.; Balogh, E., 2014:
Improving the quality of cancer care: implications for palliative care

Shamji, H.; Baier, R.R.; Gravenstein, S.; Gardner, R.L., 2014:
Improving the quality of care and communication during patient transitions: best practices for urgent care centers

Kazdin, A.E., 2010 :
Improving the quality of care and reducing the burden of clinical dysfunction

DuBard, C.Annette., 2013:
Improving the quality of care for Medicaid patients with chronic diseases: Community Care of North Carolina

Zima, B.T., 2007:
Improving the quality of care for children: let's dance

Lee, S.K.; Aziz, K.; Singhal, N.; Cronin, C.M.; James, A.; Lee, D.S.C.; Matthew, D.; Ohlsson, A.; Sankaran, K.; Seshia, M.; Synnes, A.; Walker, R.; Whyte, R.; Langley, J.; MacNab, Y.C.; Stevens, B.; von Dadelszen, P., 2009:
Improving the quality of care for infants: a cluster randomized controlled trial

Soliman, A.; Riyaz, S.; Said, E.; Hale, M.; Mills, A.; Kapur, K., 2014:
Improving the quality of care for medical inpatients by placing a higher priority on ward rounds

Holroyd-Leduc, J.M.; Steinke, V.; Elliott, D.; Mullin, K.; Elder, K.; Callender, S.; Hildebrand, K.A., 2013:
Improving the quality of care for older adults using evidence-informed clinical care pathways

Haines, S.T., 2010:
Improving the quality of care for patients at risk for venous thromboembolism

Riblet, N.B.V.; Schlosser, E.M.; Homa, K.; Snide, J.A.; Jarvis, L.A.; Simmons, N.E.; Sargent, D.H.; Mason, L.P.; Cooney, T.J.; Kennedy, N.L.; Fadul, C.E., 2015:
Improving the quality of care for patients diagnosed with glioma during the perioperative period

Pendley, C., 2011:
Improving the quality of care for patients with HIV through information sharing

Wensing, M.; Kersnik, J., 2013:
Improving the quality of care for patients with chronic diseases: what research and education in family medicine can contribute

Schechter, M.S.; Gutierrez, H.H., 2010:
Improving the quality of care for patients with cystic fibrosis

Liu, S.K.; Prior, E.; Warren, C.; Brown, T.; Snide, J.; Butterly, J.R., 2011:
Improving the quality of care for the hospitalized tobacco user--one institution's transformational journey

Berger, J.S.; Bairey-Merz, C.Noel.; Redberg, R.F.; Douglas, P.S.; Anzalone, D.; Bairey-Merz, N.; Bennett, S.; Berger, J.S.; Burke, S.; Califf, R.; Carlson, M.; Charette, A.L.; Cho, S.Hee.Leslie.; Clancy, C.; Cobuzzi, A.K.; Cook, H.; Correa-de-Araujo, R.; Cryer, D.; DeLoatche, P.; DesNoyer, J.; Desvigne-Nickens, P.; Douglas, P.S.; Duvernoy, C.; Ferriter, A.; Gallauresi, B.; Greenberger, P.; Harmon, M.; Hicks, K.; Hochman, J.; Howell, J.; Jacobs, A.; Johnson, P.; Kasica, K.; Lemtouni, S.; Mark, D., 2008:
Improving the quality of care for women with cardiovascular disease: report of a DCRI Think Tank, March 8 to 9, 2007

Berard, R.; Laxer, R.M., 2011:
Improving the quality of care in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a step in the right direction

Estecahandy, P., 2010:
Improving the quality of care of homeless persons

Newman, E.D.; Lerch, V.; Billet, J.; Berger, A.; Kirchner, H.Lester., 2015:
Improving the quality of care of patients with rheumatic disease using patient-centric electronic redesign software

Wynn, S.D., 2011:
Improving the quality of care of veterans with diabetes. A simulation intervention for psychiatric nurses

Majeed, A.; Lester, H.; Bindman, A.B., 2007:
Improving the quality of care with performance indicators

Lindfield, R., 2014:
Improving the quality of cataract surgery

Palonen, K.P.; Saag, K.G., 2006:
Improving the quality of clinical care for patients with osteoporosis

Bruchet, N.; Loewen, P.; de Lemos, J., 2011:
Improving the quality of clinical pharmacy services: a process to identify and capture high-value "quality actions"

Rowe, I.A.; Parker, R.; Armstrong, M.J.; King, A.L.; Houlihan, D.D.; Mutimer, D.J., 2014:
Improving the quality of clinical practice guidelines for clinicians and patients

Youngson, C.; Fox, K.; Boyle, E.; Blundell, K.; Baker, R., 2008:
Improving the quality of clinical teaching in a restorative clinic using student feedback

Haarhoff, B.; Gibson, K.; Flett, R., 2011:
Improving the quality of cognitive behaviour therapy case conceptualization: the role of self-practice/self-reflection

Ottmani, S-E.; Zignol, M.; Blanc, L.; Bencheikh, N.; Laâsri, L.; Mahjour, J., 2007:
Improving the quality of cohort analysis by incorporating treatment outcomes of 'transferred in' TB cases

West, N.P.; Sutton, K.M.; Ingeholm, P.; Hagemann-Madsen, R.H.; Hohenberger, W.; Quirke, P., 2011:
Improving the quality of colon cancer surgery through a surgical education program

Rajasekhar, P.T.; Rees, C.J.; Rutter, M.D.; Saunders, B.P.; Bramble, M.G.; Hungin, P.; East, J.E., 2012:
Improving the quality of colonoscopy

Prakash, S.Reddy.; Verma, S.; McGowan, J.; Smith, B.E.; Shroff, A.; Gibson, G.H.; Cheng, M.; Lowe Ii, D.; Gopal, K.; Mohanty, S.R., 2014:
Improving the quality of colonoscopy bowel preparation using an educational video

Akhtar, T.; Hipkiss, V.; Stoves, J., 2016:
Improving the quality of communication and service provision for renal patients of South Asian origin: the contribution of a cultural and health improvement officer

Giordano, L.; Webster, P.; Anthony, C.; Szarewski, A.; Davies, P.; Arbyn, M.; Segnan, N.; Austoker, J., 2008:
Improving the quality of communication in organised cervical cancer screening programmes

Brooks, N.; Rojahn, R., 2011:
Improving the quality of community placements for nursing students

Shahid, M.; Khan, M.Saghir., 2018:
Cellular destruction, phytohormones and growth modulating enzymes production by Bacillus subtilis strain BC8 impacted by fungicides

Townsend, M.S.; Ganthavorn, C.; Neelon, M.; Donohue, S.; Johns, M.C., 2015:
Improving the quality of data from EFNEP participants with low literacy skills: a participant-driven model

Reuland, D.S.; Pignone, M., 2014:
Improving the quality of decision-making processes for prostate cancer screening: progress and challenges

Idampitiya, C.; Lenora, D.; Lau, S.; Thomson, G.A.; Fernando, D.J.S., 2008:
Improving the quality of diabetes care in a Sri Lankan diabetes clinic through a diabetes nurse educator

Reddy, P.; Ford, D.; Dunbar, J.A., 2011:
Improving the quality of diabetes care in general practice

Kolbasovsky, A.; Reich, L., 2010:
Improving the quality of diabetes care: a behavioral health intervention

Greysen, S.Ryan.; Allen, R.; Rosenthal, M.S.; Lucas, G.I.; Wang, E.A., 2014:
Improving the quality of discharge care for the homeless: a patient-centered approach

Key-Solle, M.; Paulk, E.; Bradford, K.; Skinner, A.Cockrell.; Lewis, M.C.; Shomaker, K., 2010:
Improving the quality of discharge communication with an educational intervention

Armitage, G.; Newell, R.; Wright, J., 2011:
Improving the quality of drug error reporting

Pronker, E.; Geerts, B.F.; Cohen, A.; Pieterse, H., 2011:
Improving the quality of drug research or simply increasing its cost? An evidence-based study of the cost for data monitoring in clinical trials

Subramanian, J.; Anderson, V.R.; Morgaine, K.C.; Thomson, W.M., 2013:
Improving the quality of educational strategies in postgraduate dental education using student and graduate feedback: findings from a qualitative study in New Zealand

Maiorca, M.; Hanssen, E.; Kazmierczak, E.; Maco, B.; Kudryashev, M.; Hall, R.; Quiney, H.; Tilley, L., 2013:
Improving the quality of electron tomography image volumes using pre-reconstruction filtering

Lee, J.; Cheng, J.; Au, K-ming.; Yeung, F.; Leung, M-tak.; Ng, J.; Hui, E.; Lo, R.; Woo, J., 2014:
Improving the quality of end-of-life care in long-term care institutions

Sanduleanu, S., 2014:
Improving the quality of endoscopic surveillance of patients with lynch syndrome

Sverko, E.; Tomy, G.T.; Märvin, C.H.; Muir, D.C.G., 2012:
Improving the quality of environmental measurements on short chain chlorinated paraffins to support global regulatory efforts

Frowd, C.D.; Bruce, V.; Smith, A.J.; Hancock, P.J.B., 2008:
Improving the quality of facial composites using a holistic cognitive interview

Gavin, L.; Moskosky, S., 2014:
Improving the quality of family planning services: the role of new federal recommendations

Siriwardena, A.Niroshan., 2011:
Improving the quality of general practice: from cottage industry to consortia

Singh, R.; Chauhan, R.; Anwar, S., 2012:
Improving the quality of general surgical operation notes in accordance with the Royal College of Surgeons guidelines: a prospective completed audit loop study

Weber, R.S., 2007:
Improving the quality of head and neck cancer care

Nijm, L.M., 2004:
Improving the quality of health care

Chassin, M.R., 2014:
Improving the quality of health care: what's taking so long?

Chassin, M.R., 2014:
Improving the quality of health care: where law, accreditation, and professionalism collide

Wharam, J.Frank.; Sulmasy, D., 2009:
Improving the quality of health care: who is responsible for what?

Edmond, K., 2013:
Improving the quality of health facility care for neonates in low- and middle-income countries

Ledikwe, J.H.; Grignon, J.; Lebelonyane, R.; Ludick, S.; Matshediso, E.; Sento, B.W.; Sharma, A.; Semo, B-werq., 2014:
Improving the quality of health information: a qualitative assessment of data management and reporting systems in Botswana

Ashoorkhani, M.; Majdzadeh, R., 2012:
Improving the quality of health news

Miyata, H.; Motomura, N.; Kondo, J.; Takamoto, S.; Hasegawa, T., 2010:
Improving the quality of healthcare in Japan: a systematic review of procedural volume and outcome literature

Ihnát, P.; Delongová, P.; Dvořáčková, J.; Horáček, J.; Vávra, P.; Martínek, L.; Guňková, P.; Pelikán, A.; Zonča, P., 2015:
Improving the quality of histopathological examination of colorectal cancer specimens through standard protocol implementation

Nash, D.B.; Ballard, D.J., 2008:
Improving the quality of hospital care in Pennsylvania: a demonstration project

Armenti, K.R.; Celaya, M.O.; Cherala, S.; Riddle, B.; Schumacher, P.K.; Rees, J.R., 2010:
Improving the quality of industry and occupation data at a central cancer registry

Cubero, J.; Chanclón, B.; Sánchez, S.; Rivero, M.; Rodríguez, A.Beatriz.; Barriga, C., 2010:
Improving the quality of infant sleep through the inclusion at supper of cereals enriched with tryptophan, adenosine-5'-phosphate, and uridine-5'-phosphate

Schwartz, V.; Appelbaum, P.S., 2008:
Improving the quality of informed consent to research

Fernandez, A., 2010:
Improving the quality of informed consent: it is not all about the risks

Finn, K.M.; Roy, C.L.; Katz, J.T., 2007:
Improving the quality of intern documentation through structured feedback

Nemcek, A.A., 2010:
Improving the quality of interventional radiology literature

Nakada, K.; Yanaga, K.; Omura, N.; Kawamura, M.; Konishi, H.; Iwasaki, T.; Mitsumori, N.; Hanyu, N.; Kashiwagi, H.; Oki, T., 2012:
Improving the quality of life after gastrectomy is the next issue after saving the lives of patients with gastric cancer

Gibbins, S., 2008:
Improving the quality of life for high-risk infants

Murphy, K.; Cooney, A.; Casey, D., 2015:
Improving the quality of life for older people in long-term care settings

Rigaud, A-S., 2008:
Improving the quality of life in aging

Chan, L.K.W.; Quaba, A.A., 2012:
Improving the quality of life in melanoma: the role of the CO(2) laser

Howe, E., 2009:
Improving the quality of life in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Feldman, G.J., 2013:
Improving the quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: focus on indacaterol

Mira, E., 2007:
Improving the quality of life in patients with vestibular disorders: the role of medical treatments and physical rehabilitation

Eugene, B.; Roper, N., 2008:
Improving the quality of life in terminally ill patients, the value of the theory of Nancy Roper

Degarat, Fçoise., 2008:
Improving the quality of life of a colostomy patient with a urostomy

Schulz, R.; Czaja, S.J.; Lustig, A.; Zdaniuk, B.; Martire, L.M.; Perdomo, D., 2009:
Improving the quality of life of caregivers of persons with spinal cord injury: a randomized controlled trial

Lapid, M.I.; Rummans, T.A.; Brown, P.D.; Frost, M.H.; Johnson, M.E.; Huschka, M.M.; Sloan, J.A.; Richardson, J.W.; Hanson, J.M.; Clark, M.M., 2007:
Improving the quality of life of geriatric cancer patients with a structured multidisciplinary intervention: a randomized controlled trial

Devy, R.; Lehert, P.; Varlan, E.; Genty, M.; Edan, G., 2015:
Improving the quality of life of multiple sclerosis patients through coping strategies in routine medical practice

Habal, M.B., 2014:
Improving the quality of life of patients through pediatric plastic and craniofacial surgery

Paolucci, S.; Smania, N., 2016:
Improving the quality of life of stroke survivors: what to do next? The Italian action for the implementation of a Poststroke Checklist

Turriziani, A.; Attanasio, G.; Cogliandolo, S.; Scarcella, F.; Sangalli, L.; De Gennaro, E.; Scopa, A.; Genualdo, A.; Nazzicone, G.; Ricciotti, M.Adelaide.; Ricciotti, M.; Cassano, A., 2013:
Improving the quality of life of terminally ill oncological patients: the example of palliative care at Hospice Villa Speranza

Lim, C.; Dejong, C.H.; Farges, O., 2015:
Improving the quality of liver resection: a systematic review and critical analysis of the available prognostic models

Evans, W.K.; Ung, Y.C.; Assouad, N.; Chyjek, A.; Sawka, C., 2014:
Improving the quality of lung cancer care in Ontario: the lung cancer disease pathway initiative

Rajesh, A.; Cloud, G.; Harisinghani, M.G., 2013:
Improving the quality of manuscript reviews: impact of introducing a structured electronic template to submit reviews

Tamburlini, G.; Yadgarova, K.; Kamilov, A.; Bacci, A.; Tamburlini, G.; Yagdarova, K.; Kamilov, A.; Bacci, A.; Mačiulevičius, A.; Obstetrician-Gynecologist, S.Hodorogea.; Stepanova, I.; Aripova, R.; Abdurakhmanova, D.; Sadikova, S.; Yuldasheva, Y.; Dilorom, A.; Kasimova, N.; Usmanova, M.; Irgasheva, N.; Azizova, D.; Razikova, M.; Jumaniyazov, K.; Yuldashev, R.; Babadjanova, S.; Lyubchich, N.; Klimashkin, A.; Karabaeva, N.; Muratova, G.; Ishmatova, N.; Akhrarova, F.; Nizamov, F., 2014:
Improving the quality of maternal and neonatal care: the role of standard based participatory assessments

Haapala, I.; Hodge, A.; McNeill, G.; Tseng, M.; Yngve, A., 2011:
Improving the quality of meals eaten or prepared outside the home

Pronovost, P.J.; Berenholtz, S.M.; Goeschel, C.A., 2008:
Improving the quality of measurement and evaluation in quality improvement efforts

Tanenbaum, S.J., 2012:
Improving the quality of medical care: the normativity of evidence-based performance standards

CLARK, D.A., 1949:
Improving the quality of medical care; group medical practice

KAISER, A.D., 1949:
Improving the quality of medical care; regionalization of hospitals

DUBLIN, T.D., 1949:
Improving the quality of medical care; the training of personnel

Pillay-van Wyk, V.; Bradshaw, D.; Groenewald, P.; Laubscher, R., 2011:
Improving the quality of medical certification of cause of death: the time is now!

Funk, M.; Lund, C.; Freeman, M.; Drew, N., 2010:
Improving the quality of mental health care

Minden, S.L.; Ding, L.; Cleary, P.D.; Frankel, D.; Glanz, B.I.; Healy, B.C.; Rintell, D.J., 2014:
Improving the quality of mental health care in multiple sclerosis

Terashita, Y.; Sugimura, S.; Kudo, Y.; Amano, R.; Hiradate, Y.; Sato, E., 2011:
Improving the quality of miniature pig somatic cell nuclear transfer blastocysts: aggregation of SCNT embryos at the four-cell stage

Busato, Aé.; Bhend, H.; Chmiel, C.; Tandjung, R.; Senn, O.; Zoller, M.; Rosemann, T., 2012:
Improving the quality of morbidity indicators in electronic health records in Swiss primary care

Leicht, A., 2015:
Improving the quality of needle and syringe programmes: an overlooked strategy for preventing hepatitis C among people who inject drugs

Seitio, O.S.; Newland, J.A., 2008:
Improving the quality of nurse practitioner education: the case of Botswana

Lees, L., 2010:
Improving the quality of nursing documentation on an acute medicine unit

Pillet, F., 2008:
Improving the quality of nursing for the mother and the baby

Brynildsen, G.; Bjørk, I.Torunn.; Berntsen, K.; Hestetun, M., 2015:
Improving the quality of nursing students' clinical placements in nursing homes: an evaluation study

Dukic, I.; Vissamsetti, B.; Payne, S., 2011:
Improving the quality of operation notes

Drummond, M.F.; Daniel Mullins, C., 2013:
Improving the quality of papers published in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research

Eaton, K.A., 2016:
Improving the quality of papers submitted to dental journal

Siebert, U.; Arvandi, M.; Gothe, R.M.; Bornschein, B.; Eccleston, D.; Walters, D.L.; Rankin, J.; De Bruyne, B.; Fearon, W.F.; Pijls, N.H.; Harper, R., 2015:
Improving the quality of percutaneous revascularisation in patients with multivessel disease in Australia: cost-effectiveness, public health implications, and budget impact of FFR-guided PCI

Lewis, A.; Ilot, I.; Lekka, C.; Oluboyede, Y., 2011:
Improving the quality of perinatal mental health: a health visitor-led protocol

Daihl, E., 2014:
Improving the quality of perioperative services in an era of reform

Johansson, E-Lena.; Benckert, L.; Sjödahl, M., 2007:
Improving the quality of phase maps in phase object digital holographic interferometry by finding the right reconstruction distance

Farrell, M.H.; Christopher, S.A.; La Pean Kirschner, A.; Roedl, S.J.; O'Tool, F.O.; Ahmad, N.Y.; Farrell, P.M., 2016:
Improving the quality of physician communication with rapid-throughput analysis and report cards

Yang, Y-Chao.; Zhang, M.; Li, Y.; Fan, X-Hui.; Geng, Y-Qing., 2013:
Improving the quality of polymer-coated urea with recycled plastic, proper additives, and large tablets

Barnett, J.; Rees, R.; Jani, Y.; George, M., 2013:
Improving the quality of prescribing in the emergency department

Pham, B'.; Stern, A., 2012:
Improving the quality of pressure ulcer care with prevention: a cost-effectiveness analysis

Didden, P.; Spaander, M.C.W.; Wijnhoven, B.P.L.; Kuipers, E.J.; Bruno, M.J., 2012:
Improving the quality of pretreatment staging in patients with esophageal carcinoma - a fast track study

Milne, P.; Coyne, A-Marie.; Pilgrim, D., 2013:
Improving the quality of primary care

Barritt, A.W.; Clark, L.; Cohen, A.M.M.; Hosangadi-Jayedev, N.; Gibb, P.A., 2010:
Improving the quality of procedure-specific operation reports in orthopaedic surgery

Mahar, A.L.; Qureshi, A.P.; Ottensmeyer, C.Andrea.; Chetty, R.; Pollett, A.; Coburn, N.G.; Wright, F.C., 2010:
Improving the quality of processing gastric cancer specimens: the pathologist's perspective

Romero-Rodríguez, M.Cristina.; Pascual, Jús.; Valledor, L.; Jorrín-Novo, Jús., 2015:
Improving the quality of protein identification in non-model species. Characterization of Quercus ilex seed and Pinus radiata needle proteomes by using SEQUEST and custom databases

Apeltsin, L.; Morris, J.H.; Babbitt, P.C.; Ferrin, T.E., 2011:
Improving the quality of protein similarity network clustering algorithms using the network edge weight distribution

Eller, G.A., 2007:
Improving the quality of published chemical names with nomenclature software

Dunt, D.; McKenzie, R., 2013:
Improving the quality of qualitative studies: do reporting guidelines have a place?

Berenholtz, S.M.; Needham, D.M.; Lubomski, L.H.; Goeschel, C.A.; Pronovost, P.J., 2011:
Improving the quality of quality improvement projects

Safford, M.M., 2009:
Improving the quality of quality measurement: the tinkerer, the tailor and the candlestick maker

Rollins, G., 2010:
Improving the quality of quality measures

Knottnerus, J.André.; Tugwell, P., 2014:
Improving the quality of quality of care research

Johnson, A.J.; Ying, J.; Swan, J.Shannon.; Williams, L.S.; Applegate, K.E.; Littenberg, B., 2007:
Improving the quality of radiology reporting: a physician survey to define the target

Ludwig, M.; Palacios-Vargas, Jé.G.; Albertif, G., 1994:
Cellular details of the midgut of Cryptocellus boneti (Arachnida: Ricinulei)

Fei, Y-Tong.; Liu, J-Ping., 2008:
Improving the quality of reporting Chinese herbal medicine trials: an elaborated checklist

Salehiniya, H., 2013:
Improving the quality of reporting a cohort study

MacPherson, H.; Altman, D.G., 2011:
Improving the quality of reporting acupuncture interventions: describing the collaboration between STRICTA, CONSORT and the Chinese Cochrane Centre

Ladd, B.O.; McCrady, B.S.; Manuel, J.K.; Campbell, W., 2011:
Improving the quality of reporting alcohol outcome studies: effects of the CONSORT statement

More, S.J., 2010:
Improving the quality of reporting in veterinary journals: how far do we need to go with reporting guidelines?

Jordan, K.P.; Lewis, M., 2009:
Improving the quality of reporting of research studies

Sox, H.C., 2008:
Improving the quality of reporting studies of quality improvement: the SQUIRE guidelines

Foets, M., 2012:
Improving the quality of research into the health of migrant and ethnic groups

Mikhailova, A.; Valle-Casuso, J.Carlos.; Sáez-Cirión, A., 2018:
Cellular Determinants of HIV Persistence on Antiretroviral Therapy

Kääriäinen, M.; Kukkurainen, M.Leena.; Kyngäs, H.; Karppinen, L., 2011:
Improving the quality of rheumatoid arthritis patients' education using written information

Polyorach, S.; Wanapat, M., 2016:
Improving the quality of rice straw by urea and calcium hydroxide on rumen ecology, microbial protein synthesis in beef cattle

Shahraz, S.; Bhalla, K.; Lozano, R.; Bartels, D.; Murray, C.J.L., 2013:
Improving the quality of road injury statistics by using regression models to redistribute ill-defined events

Cox, K.; Mahone, I.; Merwin, E., 2008:
Improving the quality of rural nursing care

WAYLAND, L.C.N., 2018:
Improving the quality of school medical services

Haider, A.H., 2013:
Improving the quality of science arising from the NTDB: we can do this!

Lopez-Rubio, E., 2014:
Improving the quality of self-organizing maps by self-intersection avoidance

Jeon, M.Yang.; Jeong, H.; Lee, S.; Choi, W.; Park, J.Hyuck.; Tak, S.Jin.; Choi, D.Ho.; Yim, J., 2015:
Improving the quality of sleep with an optimal pillow: a randomized, comparative study

Puchalski, C.; Ferrell, B.; Virani, R.; Otis-Green, S.; Baird, P.; Bull, J.; Chochinov, H.; Handzo, G.; Nelson-Becker, H.; Prince-Paul, M.; Pugliese, K.; Sulmasy, D., 2010:
Improving the quality of spiritual care as a dimension of palliative care: the report of the Consensus Conference

Chapman, P.F.; Crane, M.; Wiles, J.; Noppert, F.; McIndoe, E., 1996:
Improving the quality of statistics in regulatory ecotoxicity tests

Mahal, S.K.; Chee, C.B.; Lee, J.C.Y.; Nguyen, T.; Woo, B.K.P., 2010:
Improving the quality of suicide risk assessments in the psychiatric emergency setting: physician documentation of process indicators

Onerheim, R.; Racette, P.; Jacques, Aé.; Gagnon, R., 2008:
Improving the quality of surgical pathology reports for breast cancer: a centralized audit with feedback

Harrison, D.L., 2008:
Improving the quality of survey research

Klabunde, C.N.; Willis, G.B.; McLeod, C.C.; Dillman, D.A.; Johnson, T.P.; Greene, S.M.; Brown, M.L., 2013:
Improving the quality of surveys of physicians and medical groups: a research agenda

Avillach, P.; Joubert, M.; Fieschi, M., 2008:
Improving the quality of the coding of primary diagnosis in standardized discharge summaries

Talmon, J., 2008:
Improving the quality of the evidence base of health informatics

Boehringer, P.A.; Rylander, J.; Dizon, D.T.; Peterson, M.W., 2007:
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Cellular development of the germinal epithelium during the gametogenic cycle of the golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei (Bivalvia: Mytilidae)

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Improving the quantitative basis of the surgical burden in low-income countries

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Improving the radical cure of Plasmodium vivax malaria

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Improving the rapid and reliable diagnosis of complete distal biceps tendon rupture: a nuanced approach to the clinical examination

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Improving the rates of cadaver organ donation in a tertiary care transplant centre: a role for medical students and ancillary staff

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Improving the rates of organ donation for transplantation

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Improving the readability of online foot and ankle patient education materials

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Improving the realism of deterministic multi-strain models: implications for modelling influenza A

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Improving the recognition of eating gestures using intergesture sequential dependencies

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Improving the recognition of hereditary interstitial kidney disease

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Improving the reconstructed sapiens reference sequence of mitochondrial DNA

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Improving the reconstruction quality with extension and apodization of the digital hologram

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Improving the recording ability of a near-field optical storage system by higher-order radially polarized beams

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Improving the recruitment and retention of doctors by training medical students locally

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Improving the relationship between soil characteristics and metal bioavailability by using reactive fractions of soil parameters in calcareous soils

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Improving the relationship between the community and the class for mentally retarded

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Improving the relative dose intensity of systemic chemotherapy in a community-based outpatient cancer center

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Improving the relevance of speech-language pathology & audiology research and practice

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Improving the reliability of clinical practice guideline appraisals: effects of the Korean AGREE II scoring guide

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Improving the reliability of closed chamber methodologies for methane emissions measurement in treatment wetlands

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Improving the reliability of diagnostic tests in population-based agreement studies

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Improving the reliability of manual and automated methods for hippocampal and amygdala volume measurements

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Improving the reliability of multiplexed fiber optic low-coherence interferometric sensors by use of novel twin-loop network topologies

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Improving the reliability of physician "report cards"

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Improving the reliability of stroke disability grading in clinical trials and clinical practice: the Rankin Focused Assessment (RFA)

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Improving the reliability of the background extrapolation in transmission electron microscopy elemental maps by using three pre-edge windows

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Improving the reliability of the distally based posterior tibial artery adipofascial flap with the great saphenous venoneural network

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Improving the reliability of wireless body area networks

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Improving the replication success of evidence-based interventions: why a preimplementation phase matters

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Improving the reporting and interpretation of clinical trial outcomes

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Improving the reporting and usability of research studies

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Improving the reporting of animal research: when will we ARRIVE?

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Improving the reporting quality of randomised controlled trials in surgery

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Improving the resolution in proton-detected through-space heteronuclear multiple quantum correlation NMR spectroscopy

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Improving the resolution of functional brain imaging: analyzing functional data in anatomical space

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Improving the resolution of ventricular tachycardia substrate mapping: marrying (ultra)structure and function

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Improving the response characteristic of graphic recorders

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Improving the response to post partum dysglycaemia screening in women with previous gestational diabetes mellitus

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Improving the results of cardiac resynchronization therapy: the role of imaging techniques

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Improving the results of the intestinal obstruction treatment

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Improving the retention of child welfare workers by strengthening skills and increasing support for supervisors

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Improving the retrieval of water inherent optical properties in noisy hyperspectral data through statistical modeling

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Improving the revenue cycle by taking the patient's perspective

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Improving the revenue cycle process

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Improving the review of standard operating procedures: a novel electronic system for compounding pharmacies

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Improving the risk-benefit relationship and informed consent for patients treated with hydroxychloroquine

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Improving the robustness of a partial least squares (PLS) model based on pure component selectivity analysis and range optimization: case study for the analysis of an etching solution containing hydrogen peroxide

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Improving the robustness of time-of-flight based shear wave speed reconstruction methods using RANSAC in human liver in vivo

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Improving the role and contribution of pharmacokinetic analyses in antimalarial drug clinical trials

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Improving the role of CT in diagnosing perforated appendicitis: can appendiceal air help?

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Improving the role of intraventricular antimicrobial agents in the management of meningitis

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Improving the role of nursing in the treatment of depression in primary care in Spain

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Improving the routine management of rheumatoid arthritis: the value of tight control

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Improving the rules for hospital participation in Medicare and Medicaid

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Improving the s-shape solar radiation estimation method for supporting crop models

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Improving the saccade peak velocity measurement for detecting fatigue

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Improving the safety and efficacy of warfarin therapy in a metropolitan private hospital: a multidisciplinary practice improvement project

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Improving the safety and outcome of uncinate process dissection in surgery on the pancreatic head

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Improving the safety and quality of care transitions

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Improving the safety and quality of surgical patient care: what can we learn from quality management of industries?

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Improving the safety net for single mothers who face serious barriers to work

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Improving the safety of aging road users: a mini-review

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Improving the safety of blood glucose monitoring

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Improving the safety of blood transfusion by using a combination of two screening assays for hepatitis C virus

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Improving the safety of central venous catheter insertion

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Improving the safety of chemotherapy administration: an oncology nurse-led failure mode and effects analysis

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Improving the safety of immunotherapy

Anonymous, 2012:
Improving the safety of medical devices

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Improving the safety of neonatal care through the development and implementation of a staff-focused delta team

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Improving the safety of oxygen therapy in hospitals: summary of a safety report from the National Patient Safety Agency

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Improving the safety of oxygen therapy in the treatment of acute myocardial infarctions

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Improving the safety of patient transfer from AMU using a written checklist

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Improving the safety of patient turning and repositioning tasks for caregivers

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Improving the safety of patients in England

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Improving the safety of peripheral intravenous catheters

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Improving the safety of pet food: new efforts emphasize preventive measures in manufacturing

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Improving the safety of room air pneumoperitoneum for diagnostic laparoscopy

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Improving the safety of thoracentesis

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Improving the safety of tolerance induction: chimerism and cellular co-treatment strategies applied to vascularized composite allografts

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Improving the safety of transforaminal epidural steroid injections in the treatment of cervical radiculopathy

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Improving the safety of viral DNA vaccines: development of vectors containing both 5' and 3' homologous regulatory sequences from non-viral origin

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Improving the sampling strategy of the Joint Danube Survey 3 (2013) by means of multivariate statistical techniques applied on selected physico-chemical and biological data

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Improving the scalability of psychological treatments in developing countries: an evaluation of peer-led therapy quality assessment in Goa, India

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Improving the scanning speed of atomic force microscopy at the scanning range of several tens of micrometers

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Improving the school environment to reduce school violence: a review of the literature

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Improving the science and evidence for the medical management of disasters: Utstein style

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Improving the science and politics of quality improvement

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Improving the science for botanical and dietary supplements

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Improving the scientific foundation for mixtures joint toxicity and risk assessment: contributions from the SOT mixtures project--introduction

Calabrese, E., 2012:
Improving the scientific foundations for estimating health risks from the Fukushima incident

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Improving the scoring of protein-ligand binding affinity by including the effects of structural water and electronic polarization

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Improving the screening criteria for blunt cerebrovascular injury: the appropriate role for computed tomography angiography

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Improving the search performance of extended connectivity fingerprints through activity-oriented feature filtering and application of a bit-density-dependent similarity function

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Improving the second-eye refractive error in patients undergoing bilateral sequential cataract surgery

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Improving the second-order nonlinear optical response of fluorescent proteins: the symmetry argument

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Improving the secretion of a methyl parathion hydrolase in Pichia pastoris by modifying its N-terminal sequence

Li, M.; Li, D.; Huang, Y.; Liu, M.; Wang, H.; Tang, Q.; Lu, F., 2014:
Improving the secretion of cadaverine in Corynebacterium glutamicum by cadaverine-lysine antiporter

Yu, P.; Zhu, Q.; Chen, K.; Lv, X., 2015:
Improving the secretory production of the heterologous protein in Pichia pastoris by focusing on protein folding

Maisel, W.H.; Kohno, T., 2010:
Improving the security and privacy of implantable medical devices

Improving the selection of linotype trainees

Powis, D., 2010:
Improving the selection of medical students

Van Sise, M.A.; Chappelle, J.; Figueroa, R., 2013:
Improving the selection of recommended prophylactic antibiotics using an electronic medical record

Beaudet, N.; Courteau, J.; Sarret, P.; Vanasse, A., 2015:
Improving the selection of true incident cases of low back pain by screening retrospective administrative data

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Improving the selective cancer killing ability of ZnO nanoparticles using Fe doping

Kamech, Nédia.; Vukičević, D.; Ladram, A.; Piesse, C.; Vasseur, J.; Bojović, V.; Simunić, J.; Juretić, D. , 2013:
Improving the selectivity of antimicrobial peptides from anuran skin

Matheron, Lèce.; Clavier, Séverine.; Diebate, O.; Karoyan, P.; Bolbach, Gérard.; Guianvarc'h, D.; Sachon, E., 2013:
Improving the selectivity of the phosphoric acid β-elimination on a biotinylated phosphopeptide

Wilson, I.B.; Carter, A.E.; Berg, K.M., 2010:
Improving the self-report of HIV antiretroviral medication adherence: is the glass half full or half empty?

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Improving the sensitivity limit of surface plasmon resonance biosensors by detecting mixed interference signals

Chaudhary, U.J.; Rodionov, R.; Carmichael, D.W.; Thornton, R.C.; Duncan, J.S.; Lemieux, L., 2012:
Improving the sensitivity of EEG-fMRI studies of epileptic activity by modelling eye blinks, swallowing and other video-EEG detected physiological confounds

Ma, J.; Zhang, J.; Wu, S.; Li, D.; Zhu, Y.; He, F., 2011:
Improving the sensitivity of MASCOT search results validation by combining new features with Bayesian nonparametric model

Wei, X.; Huang, Z.; Zhang, W.; Du, Y., 2007:
Improving the sensitivity of NIR spectroscopy with an enrichment technique: determining a trace analyte of ethyl carbamate

Cai, D.; Lu, Y.; Lin, K.; Wang, P.; Ming, H., 2008:
Improving the sensitivity of SPR sensors based on gratings by double-dips method (DDM)

McKenzie, H.C.; Hodgson, J.L., 2011:
Improving the sensitivity of Salmonella testing in horses: how good is good enough?

Hynninen, A.; Tönismann, K.; Virta, M., 2012:
Improving the sensitivity of bacterial bioreporters for heavy metals

Zhu, Y.; Chen, N.; Li, Q.; Fang, Q., 2014:
Improving the sensitivity of confocal laser induced fluorescence detection to the sub-picomolar scale for round capillaries by laterally shifting the laser focus point

Sakhaii, P.; Bermel, W., 2014:
Improving the sensitivity of conventional spin echo spectra by preservation of initial signal-to-noise ratio

Shekhar, H.; Doyley, M.M., 2012:
Improving the sensitivity of high-frequency subharmonic imaging with coded excitation: a feasibility study

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Improving the sensitivity of immunoassays by tuning gold nanoparticles to the tipping point

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Improving the sensitivity of liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry analysis of hexabromocyclododecanes by chlorine adduct generation

Cox, J.T.; Marginean, I.; Kelly, R.T.; Smith, R.D.; Tang, K., 2015:
Improving the sensitivity of mass spectrometry by using a new sheath flow electrospray emitter array at subambient pressures

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Improving the sensitivity of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry by using polyethylene glycol modified polyurethane MALDI target

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Improving the sensitivity of needs assessment for substance abuse prevention planning: the measurement of differential severity of consequences for individual substance types

Werzi, R., 2010:
Improving the sensitivity of radionuclide particulate monitoring stations

Wang, Z.; San Lucas, F.Anthony.; Qiu, P.; Liu, Y., 2014:
Improving the sensitivity of sample clustering by leveraging gene co-expression networks in variable selection

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Cellular Diagnostics of CSF

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Improving the sensitivity of the Dutch guidelines for case finding in osteoporosis

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Improving the sensitivity of the IBR-gE ELISA for testing IBR marker vaccinated cows from bulk milk

Serrano, R.; Ortuño, J.; Bañón, S., 2015:
Improving the sensory and oxidative stability of cooked and chill-stored lamb using dietary rosemary diterpenes

Siuly, S.; Li, Y., 2012:
Improving the separability of motor imagery EEG signals using a cross correlation-based least square support vector machine for brain-computer interface

El-Azony, K.M., 2011:
Improving the separation of Cu(II) from Zn(II) based on an anion exchanger for the preparation a 62Zn/62Cu generator

Patterson, J.T.; Asano, S.; Li, X.; Rader, C.; Barbas, C.F., 2015:
Improving the serum stability of site-specific antibody conjugates with sulfone linkers

Zhou, A.; Yang, C.; Kong, F.; Liu, D.; Chen, Z.; Ren, N.; Wang, A., 2014:
Improving the short-chain fatty acids production of waste activated sludge stimulated by a bi-frequency ultrasonic pretreatment

Glenn, C.R.; Nock, M.K., 2015:
Improving the short-term prediction of suicidal behavior

Dhayalan, R.; Satya Narayana Murthy, V.; Krishnamurthy, C.V.; Balasubramaniam, K., 2011:
Improving the signal amplitude of meandering coil EMATs by using ribbon soft magnetic flux concentrators (MFC)

Tu, T.; Sauter, A.D.; Sauter, A.D.; Gross, M.L., 2008:
Improving the signal intensity and sensitivity of MALDI mass spectrometry by using nanoliter spots deposited by induction-based fluidics

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Improving the signal to noise ratio of spectroscopy for tongue inspection by optical modulation

Martin, L.J.; Gao, G.; Kang, G.; Fang, Y.; Woo, J.G., 2010:
Improving the signal-to-noise ratio in genome-wide association studies

Maclin, E.L.; Low, K.A.; Fabiani, M.; Gratton, G., 2007:
Improving the signal-to-noise ratio of event-related optical signals

Payton, O.D.; Picco, L.; Miles, M.J.; Homer, M.E.; Champneys, A.R., 2012:
Improving the signal-to-noise ratio of high-speed contact mode atomic force microscopy

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Improving the simple, complicated and complex realities of community-acquired pneumonia

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Improving the simultaneous production of laccase and lignin peroxidase from Streptomyces lavendulae by medium optimization

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Improving the simultaneous removal efficiency of COD and color in a combined HABMR-CFASR system based MPDW. Part 1: optimization of operational parameters for HABMR by using response surface methodology

Oliver, J.F.; Rafecas, M., 2011:
Improving the singles rate method for modeling accidental coincidences in high-resolution PET

Haroche, Fédéric., 2014:
Improving the situation for mothers and children in prison

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Improving the skills of rural and remote generalists to manage mental health emergencies

Şahinkaya, S.; Sevimli, M.F.; Aygün, A., 2012:
Improving the sludge disintegration efficiency of sonication by combining with alkalization and thermal pre-treatment methods

Anonymous, 2014:
Improving the social determinants of rural and remote health

Cheng, Y.; Hao, W.; Xu, H.; Yu, Y.; Wang, T.; Chen, R.; Zhang, L.; Du, Y.; Wang, X.L.; Dou, S.X., 2013:
Improving the solubility of Mn and suppressing the oxygen vacancy density in Zn(0.98)Mn(0.02)O nanocrystals via octylamine treatment

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Improving the solubility of a new class of antiinflammatory pharmacodynamic hybrids, that release nitric oxide and inhibit cycloxygenase-2 isoenzyme

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Improving the solubility of anti-LINGO-1 monoclonal antibody Li33 by isotype switching and targeted mutagenesis

Bignon, C.; Li, C.; Lichière, J.; Canard, B.; Coutard, B., 2014:
Improving the soluble expression of recombinant proteins by randomly shuffling 5' and 3' coding-sequence ends

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Improving the spatial accuracy in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) based on the blood oxygenation level dependent (BOLD) effect: benefits from parallel imaging and a 32-channel head array coil at 1.5 Tesla

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Improving the spatial orientation of human teeth using a virtual 3D approach

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Improving the spatial resolution of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using passive air samplers in a multi-industrial city

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Improving the spatial resolution of magnetic resonance inverse imaging via the blipped-CAIPI acquisition scheme

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Improving the species cross-reactivity of an antibody using computational design

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Improving the specific activity of β-mannanase from Aspergillus niger BK01 by structure-based rational design

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Improving the specification quality of inclusion criteria of patients in chemotherapy clinical trials

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Improving the specificity and efficacy of CRISPR/CAS9 and gRNA through target specific DNA reporter

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Improving the specificity of EEG for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease

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Improving the specificity of autofluorescence bronchoscopy

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Improving the specificity of exon prediction using comparative genomics

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Improving the specificity of immunological detection in aged human brain tissue samples

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Improving the specificity of the PF4 ELISA in diagnosing heparin-induced thrombocytopenia

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Improving the spectral resolution and spectral fitting of (1) H MRSI data from human calf muscle by the SPREAD technique

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Improving the spectrophotometric determination of the alkylating activity of anticancer agents: a new insight into the mechanism of the NBP method

Puchalski, C.M.; Vitillo, R.; Hull, S.K.; Reller, N., 2015:
Improving the spiritual dimension of whole person care: reaching national and international consensus

Peters, A.; Ceasar, S.; Scallan, S., 2012:
Improving the spread of appraisals throughout the year: a pilot of two management strategies

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Improving the stability and activity of oral therapeutic enzymes-recent advances and perspectives

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Improving the stability and antioxidant properties of sesame oil: water-soluble spray-dried emulsions from new transesterified phenolic derivatives

Poor, C.B.; Andorfer, M.C.; Lewis, J.C., 2015:
Improving the stability and catalyst lifetime of the halogenase RebH by directed evolution

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Improving the stability and function of purified ABCB1 and ABCA4: the influence of membrane lipids

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Improving the stability of algebraic curves for applications

Salman, D.; Barton, S.; Gebara, S.Nabhani., 2014:
Improving the stability of anticancer drugs

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Improving the stability of aptamers by chemical modification

Meng, Y.; Hu, Z.; Ai, N.; Jiang, Z.; Wang, J.; Peng, J.; Cao, Y., 2014:
Improving the stability of bulk heterojunction solar cells by incorporating pH-neutral PEDOT:PSS as the hole transport layer

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Improving the stability of insulin in solutions containing intestinal proteases in vitro

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Improving the stability of nanostructured silicon thin film lithium-ion battery anodes through their controlled oxidation

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Improving the stability of probiotic bacteria in model fruit juices using vitamins and antioxidants

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Improving the stability of short hairpin RNA against fetal bovine serum using the third double-stranded RNA-binding domain from Staufen protein

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Improving the stability of the EC1 domain of E-cadherin by thiol alkylation of the cysteine residue

Ghanimeh, S.; El-Fadel, M.; Saikaly, P., 2013:
Improving the stability of thermophilic anaerobic digesters treating SS-OFMSW through enrichment with compost and leachate seeds

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Improving the stability of α-conotoxin AuIB through N-to-C cyclization: the effect of linker length on stability and activity at nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Zheng, F-Lei., 2016:
Improving the staging of chronic kidney disease for better early prevention.

Poston, G., 2010:
Improving the staging system in colorectal cancer

Chen, S-lun., 2013:
Improving the standard in diagnosis and treatment of multiple myeloma

Raghu, G., 2009:
Improving the standard of care for patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis requires participation in clinical trials

Pariser, D.M., 2008:
Improving the standard of care for patients with psoriasis

Osbourne, A., 2013:
Improving the standardized patient experience

Rautaharju, P.M., 2009:
Improving the standards for evaluation of electrocardiographic criteria for left ventricular hypertrophy: a second opinion

Kasoju, N.; Bora, U., 2011:
Improving the standards of scientific publishing in India

Pholeros, P.; Lea, T.; Rainow, S.; Sowerbutts, T.; Torzillo, P.J., 2014:
Improving the state of health hardware in Australian Indigenous housing: building more houses is not the only answer

Baskin, D.G.; Hewitt, S.M., 2015:
Improving the state of the science of immunohistochemistry: the Histochemical Society's standards of practice

Morris, S.G.; Kimber, S.W.L.; Grace, P.; Van Zwieten, L., 2013:
Improving the statistical preparation for measuring soil N2O flux by closed chamber

Prager, J.; Petersson, B.A.T., 2010:
Improving the statistical wave field description using the Waterhouse correction

Herd, M-Teresa.; Hall, T.J.; Jiang, J.; Zagzebski, J.A., 2012:
Improving the statistics of quantitative ultrasound techniques with deformation compounding: an experimental study

Juan-Blasco, M.; Urbaneja, A.; San Andrés, V.; Castañera, P.; Sabater-Muñoz, B., 2014:
Improving the sterile sperm identification method for its implementation in the Area-wide Sterile Insect Technique Program against Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Spain

Saarela, M.; Alakomi, H.L.; Mättö, J.; Ahonen, A.M.; Puhakka, A.; Tynkkynen, S., 2011:
Improving the storage stability of Bifidobacterium breve in low pH fruit juice

Schroder, H.S.; Moser, J.S., 2014:
Improving the study of error monitoring with consideration of behavioral performance measures

Ting, J.; Rozen, W.M.; Morsi, A., 2010:
Improving the subfascial dissection of perforators during deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap harvest: the hydrodissection technique

Stowasser, M., 2012:
Improving the success and reliability of adrenal venous sampling: focus on intraprocedural cortisol measurement

Bowen, J.; Acciaioli, G., 2009:
Improving the success of bottom-up development work by acknowledging the dynamics among stakeholders: a case study from an Engineers Without Borders water supply project in Tenganan, Indonesia

Ho, M-Jen.; Venci, J., 2013:
Improving the success of mailed letter intervention programs to influence prescribing behaviors: a review

Tsang, C.; Gilleard, O.; Dheansa, B., 2012:
Improving the success of nipple reconstruction

Jain, U., 2015:
Improving the success of video laryngoscopic intubation

Boyd, A.E.; DeFord, L.L.; Mares, J.E.; Leary, C.C.; Garris, J.L.; Dagohoy, C.G.; Boving, V.G.; Brook, J.P.; Phan, A.; Yao, J.C., 2014:
Improving the success rate of gluteal intramuscular injections

Till, M.; Robson, A.; Byrne, M.J.; Nair, A.V.; Kolek, S.A.; Shaw Stewart, P.D.; Race, P.R., 2014:
Improving the success rate of protein crystallization by random microseed matrix screening

Colombo, A.; Giannini, F., 2014:
Improving the success to recross into the side branch after mini-crush technique for bifurcation lesions

Ing, E.; Ing, S., 2010:
Improving the sun safety of bicycle helmets

Wobbe, L.; Remacle, C., 2016:
Improving the sunlight-to-biomass conversion efficiency in microalgal biofactories

Roberts, M.S., 2010:
Improving the supply of donor organs: being careful with the gift of life

Shen, C-Hsiung.; Lin, J-Che., 2011:
Improving the surface biocompatibility with the use of mixed zwitterionic self-assembled monolayers prepared by a proper solvent

Klaassen, E.L., 2007:
Improving the surface friction of silicone elastomer parts

Faccani, E.; Mattioli, S.; Lugaresi, M.Luisa.; Di Simone, M.Pierluigi.; Bartalena, T.; Pilotti, V., 2007:
Improving the surgery for sigmoid achalasia: long-term results of a technical detail

Chokejaroenrat, C.; Kananizadeh, N.; Sakulthaew, C.; Comfort, S.; Li, Y., 2014:
Improving the sweeping efficiency of permanganate into low permeable zones to treat TCE: experimental results and model development

Logvinenko, I.I.; Poteriaeva, E.L.; Vlasov, V.G.; Isaĭchenko, L.N.; Laptev, V.Ia., 2010:
Improving the system of methods covering clinical and rentgenologic observation over workers exposed to dust aerosol

Zhao, L.P.; Bai, N.; Li, X.; Fang, Z.P.; Zhong, Z.W.; Hein, A.A., 2008:
Improving the system stability of a digital Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor with a special lenslet array

Wøien, H.; Vaerøy, H.; Aamodt, G.; Bjørk, I.T., 2015:
Improving the systematic approach to pain and sedation management in the ICU by using assessment tools

Chiu, R.Y.T.; Tsuji, T.; Wang, S.J.; Wang, J.; Liu, C.T.; Kamei, D.T., 2014:
Improving the systemic drug delivery efficacy of nanoparticles using a transferrin variant for targeting

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Improving the tablet characteristics and dissolution profile of ibuprofen by using a novel coprocessed superdisintegrant: a technical note

Jafri, W.; Mumtaz, K.; Burdick, W.P.; Morahan, P.S.; Freeman, R.; Zehra, T., 2007:
Improving the teaching skills of residents as tutors/facilitators and addressing the shortage of faculty facilitators for PBL modules

Pierson, J.; Fernández, Jé.Jesús.; Bos, E.; Amini, S.; Gnaegi, H.; Vos, M.; Bel, B.; Adolfsen, F.; Carrascosa, Jé.L.; Peters, P.J., 2010:
Improving the technique of vitreous cryo-sectioning for cryo-electron tomography: electrostatic charging for section attachment and implementation of an anti-contamination glove box

Puppi, J.; Strom, S.C.; Hughes, R.D.; Bansal, S.; Castell, J.V.; Dagher, I.; Ellis, E.C.S.; Nowak, G.; Ericzon, B-Goran.; Fox, I.J.; Gómez-Lechón, M.José.; Guha, C.; Gupta, S.; Mitry, R.R.; Ohashi, K.; Ott, M.; Reid, L.M.; Roy-Chowdhury, J.; Sokal, E.; Weber, A.; Dhawan, A., 2012:
Improving the techniques for human hepatocyte transplantation: report from a consensus meeting in London

Li, H-lian.; Wei, Y-jie.; Lü, C-ming.; Chen, W-liang., 2013:
Improving the temperature robustness of the DOAS based on two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy technology

Subudhi, S.K.; Callahan, M.K.; Wolchok, J.D., 2011:
Improving the therapeutic benefits of ipilimumab

Deol, P.Kaur.; Kaur, I.Pal., 2014:
Improving the therapeutic efficiency of ginger extract for treatment of colon cancer using a suitably designed multiparticulate system

Govindan, S.V.; Cardillo, T.M.; Rossi, E.A.; Trisal, P.; McBride, W.J.; Sharkey, R.M.; Goldenberg, D.M., 2016:
Improving the therapeutic index in cancer therapy by using antibody-drug conjugates designed with a moderately cytotoxic drug

Richardson, P.G., 2010:
Improving the therapeutic index in myeloma

McDermott, D.F., 2011:
Improving the therapeutic index of IL-2

Leonard, R.C.F.; Williams, S.; Tulpule, A.; Levine, A.M.; Oliveros, S., 2009:
Improving the therapeutic index of anthracycline chemotherapy: focus on liposomal doxorubicin (Myocet)

Hoppe, B.S.; Mamalui-Hunter, M.; Mendenhall, N.P.; Li, Z.; Indelicato, D.J., 2013 :
Improving the therapeutic ratio by using proton therapy in patients with stage I or II seminoma

Hoppe, B.S.; Flampouri, S.; Lynch, J.; Slayton, W.; Zaiden, R.; Li, Z.; Mendenhall, N.P., 2012:
Improving the therapeutic ratio in Hodgkin lymphoma through the use of proton therapy

Prestwich, R.; Dyker, K.; Sen, M., 2010:
Improving the therapeutic ratio in head and neck cancer

Burmeister, B., 2014:
Improving the therapeutic ratio in non-operable oesophageal cancer

Andisheh, B.; Belkić, Dž.; Mavroidis, P.; Alahverdi, M.; Lind, B.K., 2015:
Improving the therapeutic ratio in stereotactic radiosurgery: optimizing treatment protocols based on kinetics of repair of sublethal radiation damage

Sramek, C.; Leung, L-Shan.; Leng, T.; Brown, J.; Paulus, Y.M.; Schuele, G.; Palanker, D., 2011:
Improving the therapeutic window of retinal photocoagulation by spatial and temporal modulation of the laser beam

State, M.; Brands, P.J.; van de Vosse, F.N., 2010:
Improving the thermal dimensional stability of flexible polymer composite backing materials for ultrasound transducers

Ghirlando, R.; Balbo, A.; Piszczek, G.; Brown, P.H.; Lewis, M.S.; Brautigam, C.A.; Schuck, P.; Zhao, H., 2013:
Improving the thermal, radial, and temporal accuracy of the analytical ultracentrifuge through external references

Liang, C.; Gui, X.; Zhou, C.; Xue, Y.; Ma, Y.; Tang, S-Yan., 2016:
Improving the thermoactivity and thermostability of pectate lyase from Bacillus pumilus for ramie degumming

Birkel, C.S.; Douglas, J.E.; Lettiere, B.R.; Seward, G.; Verma, N.; Zhang, Y.; Pollock, T.M.; Seshadri, R.; Stucky, G.D., 2013 :
Improving the thermoelectric properties of half-Heusler TiNiSn through inclusion of a second full-Heusler phase: microwave preparation and spark plasma sintering of TiNi(1+x)Sn

Voutilainen, S.P.; Boer, H.; Alapuranen, M.; Jänis, J.; Vehmaanperä, J.; Koivula, A., 2009:
Improving the thermostability and activity of Melanocarpus albomyces cellobiohydrolase Cel7B

Yao, M-Ze.; Wang, X.; Wang, W.; Fu, Y-Jun.; Liang, A-Hua., 2014:
Improving the thermostability of Escherichia coli phytase, appA, by enhancement of glycosylation

Zhang, Z-Gang.; Yi, Z-Lin.; Pei, X-Qiong.; Wu, Z-Liu., 2010:
Improving the thermostability of Geobacillus stearothermophilus xylanase XT6 by directed evolution and site-directed mutagenesis

Yu, H.; Li, J.; Zhang, D.; Yang, Y.; Jiang, W.; Yang, S., 2008:
Improving the thermostability of N-carbamyl-D-amino acid amidohydrolase by error-prone PCR

Wang, J.; Tan, Z.; Wu, M.; Li, J.; Wu, J., 2014:
Improving the thermostability of a mesophilic family 10 xylanase, AuXyn10A, from Aspergillus usamii by in silico design

Wang, C.; Huang, R.; He, B.; Du, Q., 2013:
Improving the thermostability of alpha-amylase by combinatorial coevolving-site saturation mutagenesis

de Paula, F.T.; Frauches, P.Q.; Pedebos, C.; Berger, M.; Gnoatto, S.C.B.; Gossmann, G.; Verli, H.; Guimarães, J.A.; Graebin, C.S., 2014:
Improving the thrombin inhibitory activity of glycyrrhizin, a triterpenic saponin, through a molecular simplification of the carbohydrate moiety

Mercuri, M.; Velianou, J.L.; Welsford, M.; Gauthier, L.; Natarajan, M.K., 2010:
Improving the timeliness of care for patients with acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction: implications of "self-transport" versus use of EMS

Brooks, H.L.; Hodson, J.; Richardson, S.J.; Stezhka, L.; Gill, M.J.; Coleman, J.J., 2014:
Improving the timeliness of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus antimicrobial decolonization therapy administration: a descriptive account

Tomer, G.; Choi, S.; Montalvo, A.; Sutton, S.; Thompson, J.; Rivas, Y., 2014:
Improving the timeliness of procedures in a pediatric endoscopy suite

Sherkhanov, S.; Korman, T.P.; Bowie, J.U., 2015:
Improving the tolerance of Escherichia coli to medium-chain fatty acid production

Montoya, Jé.G., 2007:
Improving the tools in the fight against cytomegalovirus or strengthening David to defeat Goliath

da Silva, E.Rodrigues.; de Freitas, Z.Maria.Faria.; Gitirana, L.de.Brito.; Ricci-Júnior, E., 2011:
Improving the topical delivery of zinc phthalocyanine using oleic acid as a penetration enhancer: in vitro permeation and retention

Díaz, N.Cornejo.; Vargas, M.Jurado., 2009:
Improving the trade-off between simulation time and accuracy in efficiency calibrations with the code DETEFF

Scicluna, H.A.; Grimm, M.C.; Jones, P.D.; Pilotto, L.S.; McNeil, H.Patrick., 2014:
Improving the transition from medical school to internship - evaluation of a preparation for internship course

Amedee, R.G.; Maronge, G.F.; Pinsky, W.W., 2012:
Improving the transition of care in patients transferred through the ochsner medical center transfer center

Chieng, R.; Coutsouvelis, J.; Poole, S.; Dooley, M.J.; Booth, D.; Wei, A., 2014:
Improving the transition of highly complex patients into the community: impact of a pharmacist in an allogeneic stem cell transplant (SCT) outpatient clinic

Eaton, M.A.W., 2013:
Improving the translation in Europe of nanomedicines (a.k.a. drug delivery) from academia to industry

Percie du Sert, N.; Rice, A.S.C., 2015:
Improving the translation of analgesic drugs to the clinic: animal models of neuropathic pain

Jickling, G.C.; Sharp, F.R., 2016:
Improving the translation of animal ischemic stroke studies to humans

Ornstein, S.; Nietert, P.J.; Jenkins, R.G.; Wessell, A.M.; Nemeth, L.S.; Rose, H.L., 2008:
Improving the translation of research into primary care practice: results of a national quality improvement demonstration project

Vesterinen, H.M.; Sena, E.S.; ffrench-Constant, C.; Williams, A.; Chandran, S.; Macleod, M.R., 2010:
Improving the translational hit of experimental treatments in multiple sclerosis

Talwalkar, J.A., 2014:
Improving the transparency and trustworthiness of subspecialty-based clinical practice guidelines

van Dijk, W.; van der Kooij, H.; Koopman, B.; van Asseldonk, E.H.F.; van der Kooij, H., 2014:
Improving the transparency of a rehabilitation robot by exploiting the cyclic behaviour of walking

Laversin, S.; Baujard, V.; Gaudinat, A.; Simonet, M-Ana.; Boyer, Célia., 2011:
Improving the transparency of health information found on the internet through the honcode: a comparative study

Peat, G.; Riley, R.D.; Croft, P.; Morley, K.I.; Kyzas, P.A.; Moons, K.G.M.; Perel, P.; Steyerberg, E.W.; Schroter, S.; Altman, D.G.; Hemingway, H.; Abrams, K.; Altman, D.; Briggs, A.; Brünner, N.; Croft, P.; Hayden, J.; Hingorani, A.; Hemingway, H.; Kyzas, P.; Malats, Núria.; Moons, K.; Peat, G.; Perel, P.; Riley, R.; Roberts, I.; Sauerbrei, W.; Schroter, S.; Steyerberg, E.; Timmis, A.; van der Windt, Dëlle., 2015:
Improving the transparency of prognosis research: the role of reporting, data sharing, registration, and protocols

Orthmann, A.; Fichtner, I.; Zeisig, R., 2012:
Improving the transport of chemotherapeutic drugs across the blood-brain barrier

Elkins, R.Meredith.; McHugh, R.Kathryn.; Santucci, L.C.; Barlow, D.H., 2012:
Improving the transportability of CBT for internalizing disorders in children

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Bruch, I.; Fritsche, J.; Bänninger, D.; Alewell, U.; Sendelov, M.; Hürlimann, H.; Hasselbach, R.; Alewell, C., 2011:
Improving the treatment efficiency of constructed wetlands with zeolite-containing filter sands

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Improving the treatment experience for patients with type 2 diabetes: role of the nurse practitioner

Keat, A.; Gaffney, K.; Marzo-Ortega, H.; Cornell, T.; MacKay, K.; Skerrett, J.; Van Rossen, L.; Wordsworth, B.Paul., 2011:
Improving the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis in the UK

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Improving the treatment of atherosclerosis by linking anti-inflammatory and lipid modulating strategies

Davidson, H.Edward., 2015:
Improving the treatment of diabetes

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Improving the treatment of major osteoporotic fractures

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Improving the treatment of necrotizing pancreatitis--a step up

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Improving the treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma with antibody-targeted radionuclides

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Improving the treatment of non-aqueous phase TCE in low permeability zones with permanganate

Lanigan, S.W., 2007:
Improving the treatment of port wine stain birthmarks

Ruggeri, M.; Tansella, M., 2008:
Improving the treatment of schizophrenia in real world mental health services

Shimizu, S.; Mizuguchi, Y.; Ohno, Y., 2014:
Improving the treatment of schizophrenia: role of 5-HT receptors in modulating cognitive and extrapyramidal motor functions

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Improving the treatment outcome of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia through targeted antibody therapy

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Improving the uncertainty on short-term radon measurements using PADC detector

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Improving the undergraduate clinical placement experience in mental health nursing

Grueso, E.; Kuliszewska, E.; Prado-Gotor, R.; Perez-Tejeda, P.; Roldan, E., 2014:
Improving the understanding of DNA-propanediyl-1,3-bis(dodecyldimethylammonium) dibromide interaction using thermodynamic, structural and kinetic approaches

Tacchi, M.Jane.; Downie, E.; Sreeneth, S.; Scott, J., 2013:
Improving the understanding of medication non-adherence among mental health professionals: findings from a series of UK training workshops

Guerrini, L.; Barrett, L.; Dougan, J.A.; Faulds, K.; Graham, D., 2013:
Improving the understanding of oligonucleotide-nanoparticle conjugates using DNA-binding fluorophores

Clerk, N.; Antunes, G.; Williams, J.; Dibble, W., 2013:
Improving the uptake of HIV testing in patients with tuberculosis

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Improving the uptake of long acting reversible contraception: a review

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Improving the uptake of preconception care and periconceptional folate supplementation: what do women think?

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Improving the uptake of pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with COPD: qualitative study of experiences and attitudes

Ng, J.Q.; Morlet, N., 2013:
Improving the uptake of screening for diabetic retinopathy

Wallace, J.; Byrne, C.; Clarke, M., 2015:
Improving the uptake of systematic reviews: a systematic review of intervention effectiveness and relevance

Bauer, D.T.; Guerlain, S., 2011:
Improving the usability of intravenous medication labels to support safe medication delivery

Pander Maat, H.; Lentz, L., 2011:
Improving the usability of patient information leaflets

Leonard, P., 2009:
Improving the use of IT in the NHS

Dobesh, P.P.; Phillips, K.W.; Haines, S.T., 2008:
Improving the use of anticoagulant therapies in acutely ill medical patients

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Improving the use of benzodiazepines--is it possible? A non-systematic review of interventions tried in the last 20 years

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Improving the use of evidence in health impact assessment

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Improving the use of human milk during and after the NICU stay

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Improving the use of intravenous bisphosphonates in women with breast cancer metastatic to bone

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Improving the use of modelling for projections of climate change impacts on crops and pastures

García-Sosa, A.T.; Maran, U., 2015:
Improving the use of ranking in virtual screening against HIV-1 integrase with triangular numbers and including ligand profiling with antitargets

Schnell, R.; Bachteler, T.; Reiher, Jörg., 2011:
Improving the use of self-generated identification codes

Porfirio, L.L.; Harris, R.M.B.; Lefroy, E.C.; Hugh, S.; Gould, S.F.; Lee, G.; Bindoff, N.L.; Mackey, B., 2016:
Improving the use of species distribution models in conservation planning and management under climate change

Moncayo-Nieto, O.L.; Reid, P.; Laurenson, I.F.; Simpson, A.J., 2014:
Improving the use of sputum cultures in lower respiratory tract infection

Gallagher, M.; Oliver, K.; Hurwitz, M., 2011:
Improving the use of venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in an Australian teaching hospital

Watkins, J.B.; Danielson, D., 2014:
Improving the usefulness of budget impact analyses: a U.S. payer perspective

Li, C.; Colosi, L.M., 2014:
Improving the usefulness of molecular similarity-based chemical prioritization strategies

McKillop, J.M.; Nielson, W.R., 2012:
Improving the usefulness of the Multidimensional Pain Inventory

Adair, T., 2013:
Improving the utilisation of demographic and health surveys as a source of health information

Christini, D.J., 2009:
Improving the utility of T-wave alternans by quantifying its relationship to underlying action-potential duration alternans

Stepanski, E.J., 2007:
Improving the utility of interpreting sleep fragmentation

Starr, J.L.; Simpson, C.E., 2007:
Improving the utility of nematode resistance in groundnut

Litwin, M.S., 2009:
Improving the utility of quality-of-life data from men with prostate cancer

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Improving the utility of speech recognition through error detection

Munasinghe, R.L.; Arsene, C.; Abraham, T.K.; Zidan, M.; Siddique, M., 2011:
Improving the utilization of admission order sets in a computerized physician order entry system by integrating modular disease specific order subsets into a general medicine admission order set

Saaka, M.; Galaa, S., 2011:
Improving the utilization of health and nutrition services: experience from the Catholic Relief Services supported the Development Assistance Programme in Ghana

Rajić, A.; Young, I.; McEwen, S.A., 2015:
Improving the utilization of research knowledge in agri-food public health: a mixed-method review of knowledge translation and transfer

Launay, O., 2014:
Improving the vaccination coverage against influenza and Streptococcus pneumonia in the populations at risk: the role of pulmonary care services

Gröning, F.; Bright, J.A.; Fagan, M.J.; O'Higgins, P., 2012:
Improving the validation of finite element models with quantitative full-field strain comparisons

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Improving the validity and reliability of a health promotion survey for physical therapists

Carroll, N.M.; Ellis, J.L.; Luckett, C.F.; Raebel, M.A., 2012:
Improving the validity of determining medication adherence from electronic health record medications orders

Lemoël, F.; Govciyan, S.; E.O.ri, M.; Marquette, C-Hugo.; Levraut, J., 2013:
Improving the validity of peripheral venous blood gas analysis as an estimate of arterial blood gas by correcting the venous values with SvO₂

DiClemente, R.J.; Swartzendruber, A.L.; Brown, J.L., 2013:
Improving the validity of self-reported sexual behavior: no easy answers

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Improving the value of CME: impact of an evidence-based CME credit designation on faculty and learners

Dickerson, J.A.; Cole, B.; Conta, J.H.; Wellner, M.; Wallace, S.E.; Jack, R.M.; Rutledge, J.; Astion, M.L., 2014:
Improving the value of costly genetic reference laboratory testing with active utilization management

Pyne, D.B.; Spencer, M.; Mujika, Iñigo., 2014:
Improving the value of fitness testing for football

Gordon, D.S.; Fischbacher, C.; Stockton, D., 2010:
Improving the view of Scotland's health: the impact of a public health observatory upon health improvement policy, action and monitoring in a devolved nation

Choy, W.C.H.; Ho, C.Y., 2007:
Improving the viewing angle properties of microcavity OLEDs by using dispersive gratings

Yang, M-Quan.; Weng, B.; Xu, Y-Jun., 2013:
Improving the visible light photoactivity of In2S3-graphene nanocomposite via a simple surface charge modification approach

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Improving the vision of colonoscopy: does the fine print really matter?

Bautista, P.A.; Yagi, Y., 2011:
Improving the visualization and detection of tissue folds in whole slide images through color enhancement

Zhang, Y.; Zhang, W.; Johnston, A.H.; Newman, T.A.; Pyykkö, I.; Zou, J., 2010:
Improving the visualization of fluorescently tagged nanoparticles and fluorophore-labeled molecular probes by treatment with CuSO(4) to quench autofluorescence in the rat inner ear

Schargel, K.; Placeres-Daban, J.; Garcia-Conca, V.; Belda, J.I.; Aguirre Balsalobre, F., 2015:
Improving the visualization of non-absorbable T-Flux(®) implants in deep sclerectomy. Colouring technique

Ortiz, M.C.; Sarabia, L.A.; Sánchez, M.S.; Arroyo, D., 2011:
Improving the visualization of the Pareto-optimal front for the multi-response optimization of chromatographic determinations

Sinha, A.; Hollingsworth, K.G.; Ball, S.; Cheetham, T., 2013:
Improving the vitamin D status of vitamin D deficient adults is associated with improved mitochondrial oxidative function in skeletal muscle

Cobelo-García, A.; Santos-Echeandía, J.; López-Sánchez, D.E.; Almécija, C.; Omanović, D., 2014:
Improving the voltammetric quantification of ill-defined peaks using second derivative signal transformation: example of the determination of platinum in water and sediments

Cascales Campos, P.A.; Romero, P.R.; Gonzalez, R.; Zambudio, A.R.; Martinez Frutos, I.M.; de la Peña, J.; Bueno, F.S.; Robles Campos, R.; Miras, M.; Pons Miñano, J.A.; Sanmartin Monzo, A.; Domingo, J.; Bixquert Montagud, V.; Parrilla Paricio, P., 2010:
Improving the waiting list by using 75-year-old donors for recipients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Abrams, S., 2013:
Improving the way to detect cracks in teeth

Robins, J.G.; Waitt, C.D., 2011 :
Improving the welfare of captive macaques (Macaca sp.) through the use of water as enrichment

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Improving the well-being of couples facing cancer: a review of couples-based psychosocial interventions

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Improving the well-being of nursing leaders through healing touch training

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Improving the work efficiency of healthcare-associated infection surveillance using electronic medical records

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Improving the work environment through the use of research instruments: an example

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Improving the work potential of brain-injured adolescents and young adults

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Improving the working relationship between doctors and pharmacists: is inter-professional education the answer?

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Improving the workplace: the pivotal role of nurse leaders

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Improving the yeast two-hybrid system with permutated fusions proteins: the Varicella Zoster Virus interactome

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Improving the yield of mono-DNA-functionalized gold nanoparticles through dual steric hindrance

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Improving the yield of soluble 6xHis-tagged interferon-alpha via the addition of repressor of the araBAD promoter system in Escherichia coli

Barrett, J.Patrick., 2009:
Improving the "business of medicine"

Coverdale, J.H.; Weiss Roberts, L.; Balon, R.; Louie, A.K.; Beresin, E.V., 2008:
Improving the "impact" of academic psychiatry

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Improving therapeutic HPV peptide-based vaccine potency by enhancing CD4+ T help and dendritic cell activation

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Improving therapeutic and prophylactic measures at early stages of occupational diseases between metallurgists

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Improving therapeutic efficacy of a complement receptor by structure-based affinity maturation

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Improving therapeutic engagement with adolescent sexual offenders

Marcu, L.G., 2014:
Improving therapeutic ratio in head and neck cancer with adjuvant and cisplatin-based treatments

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Improving therapeutic strategies for secondary bacterial pneumonia following influenza

Kelly, P.J.; Deane, F.P., 2012 :
Improving therapeutic use of homework: suggestions from mental health clinicians

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Improving therapist fidelity during implementation of evidence-based practices: Incredible years program

Krop, I., 2012:
Improving therapy for HER2-positive cancers through neoadjuvant studies

Armitage, J.O., 2011:
Improving therapy for patients with aggressive lymphoma

DeWall, R.J.; Varghese, T., 2012:
Improving thermal ablation delineation with electrode vibration elastography using a bidirectional wave propagation assumption

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Improving thermal barrier coatings by laser remelting

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Improving thermal dewatering characteristics of mechanically dewatered sludge: response surface analysis of combined lime-heat treatment

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Improving thermal stability and efficacy of BCNU in treating glioma cells using PAA-functionalized graphene oxide

Yu, X.; Ma, H.; Jin, Z., 2013:
Improving thermal stability of a resonator fiber optic gyro employing a polarizing resonator

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Improving thermal stability of xylanase by introducing aromatic residues at the N-terminus

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Improving thermostability of papain through structure-based protein engineering

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Improving thin-film crystalline silicon solar cell efficiencies with photonic crystals

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Improving thin-film manufacturing yield with robust optimization

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Improving threading algorithms for remote homology modeling by combining fragment and template comparisons

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Improving thromboprophylaxis: performance measures and practical strategies

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Improving throughput and user experience for information intensive websites by applying HTTP compression technique

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Improving tibial component alignment in total knee arthroplasty

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Improving tibial component coronal alignment using clearly defined anatomical structures in total knee arthroplasty

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Improving time discrimination in children and adults in a temporal bisection task: the effects of feedback and no forced choice on decision and memory processes

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Improving time to continence after robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy: augmentation of the total anatomic reconstruction technique by adding dynamic detrusor cuff trigonoplasty and suprapubic tube placement

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Improving timeliness and efficiency in the referral process for safety net providers: application of the Lean Six Sigma methodology

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Improving timeliness of and access to primary percutaneous coronary intervention during all hours mission accomplished?

Lowthian, J.; Cameron, P., 2012:
Improving timeliness while improving the quality of emergency department care

Chien, A.T.; Li, Z.; Rosenthal, M.B., 2010:
Improving timely childhood immunizations through pay for performance in Medicaid-managed care

Mulsow, J.; Shields, C., 2015:
Improving timely detection and recording of colorectal peritoneal metastases

Cherian, K.; Cherian, N.; Cook, C.; Kaltenbach, J.A., 2014:
Improving tinnitus with mechanical treatment of the cervical spine and jaw

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Improving tissue preparation for matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging. Part 1: using microspotting

Arnett, M.R.; Baba, N.Z., 2011:
Improving tobacco dependence education among the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry faculty

Arnett, M.R.; Baba, N.Z.; Cheek, D., 2012:
Improving tobacco dependence education for dental and dental hygiene students at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry

Niemeier, B.S.; Chapp, C.B.; Henley, W.B., 2016:
Improving tobacco-free advocacy on college campuses: a novel strategy to aid in the understanding of student perceptions about policy proposals

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Improving tolerability of lithium with a once-daily dosing schedule

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Improving tolerance of AIs: predicting risk and uncovering mechanisms of musculoskeletal toxicity

Bizarra, F.; Ribeiro, S., 2009:
Improving toothbrushing behaviour in an institution for the disabled in Lisbon, Portugal

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Improving topical non-melanoma skin cancer treatment: In vitro efficacy of a novel guanosine-analog phosphonate

Sigmundsdottir, H., 2010:
Improving topical treatments for skin diseases

Chao, Y-Nan.; Lin, J-Hsien.; Ng, K-Kwang.; Wu, C-Hsin.; Hong, P-Kwan.Andy.; Lin, C-Fang., 2014:
Improving total nitrogen removal in aeration basin retrofitted with entrapped biomass

Festing, M.F.W., 2010:
Improving toxicity screening and drug development by using genetically defined strains

Halm, B.M.; Lee, M.T.; Franke, A.A., 2013:
Improving toxicology knowledge in preclinical medical students using high-fidelity patient simulators

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Improving tracheostomy care: a prospective study of the multidisciplinary approach

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Improving tracheostomy management through design, implementation and prospective audit of a care bundle: how we do it

Tebeaux, E., 2010:
Improving tractor safety warnings: readability is missing

Heit, O.F.; Silva, R.F.; Franco, A., 2014:
Improving traditional dental autopsies in postmortem examinations of intraoral gunshot wounds

M Dzhambov, A.; D Dimitrova, D.; H Turnovska, T., 2016:
Improving traffic noise simulations using space syntax: preliminary results from two roadway systems

Sivak, M.; Tsimhoni, O., 2008:
Improving traffic safety: conceptual considerations for successful action

Wanless, S.; Wanless, S.G., 2011:
Improving training and education in patient handling

Bruns, D.E., 2008:
Improving training in laboratory medicine

Aiken, L.S.; West, S.G.; Millsap, R.E., 2009:
Improving training in methodology enriches the science of psychology

Ashton, M., 2012:
Improving training in motivational interviewing

O'Neill, W.Charles., 2009:
Improving training in nephrology procedures: yes we can

Cavel, O.; Giguere, C.; Lapointe, A.; Levy, A.; Yung, F.; Hickey, C.; Rhondali, O.; Froehlich, P., 2014:
Improving training in pediatric otolaryngology: simulating airway surgery

Yardley, S.J.; Walshe, C.E.; Parr, A., 2010:
Improving training in spiritual care: a qualitative study exploring patient perceptions of professional educational requirements

Macmanes, M.D.; Eisen, M.B., 2013:
Improving transcriptome assembly through error correction of high-throughput sequence reads

Feldmesser, E.; Rosenwasser, S.; Vardi, A.; Ben-Dor, S., 2014:
Improving transcriptome construction in non-model organisms: integrating manual and automated gene definition in Emiliania huxleyi

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Improving transesterification acitvity of CaO with hydration technique

Agirre, M.; Zarate, J.; Puras, G.; Ojeda, E.; Pedraz, Jé.Luis., 2015:
Improving transfection efficiency of ultrapure oligochitosan/DNA polyplexes by medium acidification

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Improving transfer of mental health care for rural and remote consumers in South Australia

Fadul, R.M.; Brown, L.M.; Powell-Cope, G., 2015 :
Improving transfer task practices used with air travelers with mobility impairments: a systematic literature review

Verbruggen, H.; Tyberghein, L.; Belton, G.S.; Mineur, F.; Jueterbock, A.; Hoarau, G.; Gurgel, C.Frederico.D.; De Clerck, O., 2014:
Improving transferability of introduced species' distribution models: new tools to forecast the spread of a highly invasive seaweed

Gallagher-Swann, M.; Ingleby, B.; Cole, C.; Barr, A., 2011:
Improving transfusion practice: ongoing education and audit at two tertiary speciality hospitals in Western Australia

Dowshen, N.; Nguyen, G.T.; Gilbert, K.; Feiler, A.; Margo, K.L., 2014:
Improving transgender health education for future doctors

Boschmann, A.; Nofen, B.; Platzner, M., 2015:
Improving transient state myoelectric signal recognition in hand movement classification using gyroscopes

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Improving transition from paediatric to adult cystic fibrosis care: programme implementation and evaluation

Chin, B.J.; Sakuda, C.Maiì.; Balaraman, V., 2009:
Improving transitional care in Hawaii: opening communication between community-based and tertiary-care healthcare providers

Anonymous, 2012:
Improving transitions cuts HF readmissions

Muñoz-Solomando, A.; Townley, M.; Williams, R., 2010:
Improving transitions for young people who move from child and adolescent mental health services to mental health services for adults: lessons from research and young people's and practitioners' experiences

Singh, R.; Roberts, A.C.; Singh, A.; Heider, A.R.; Norris, T.; Porreca, D.; Singh, G., 2011:
Improving transitions in inpatient and outpatient care using a paper or web-based journal

Harlan, G.A.; Nkoy, F.L.; Srivastava, R.; Lattin, G.; Wolfe, D.; Mundorff, M.B.; Colling, D.; Valdez, A.; Lange, S.; Atkinson, S.D.; Cook, L.J.; Maloney, C.G., 2010:
Improving transitions of care at hospital discharge--implications for pediatric hospitalists and primary care providers

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Improving transitions of care for patients with thromboembolic disease

Bisognano, M.; Boutwell, A., 2009:
Improving transitions to reduce readmissions

Pérez-Rodríguez, J.; Arroyo-Peña, A.G.; García-Pedrajas, Nás., 2014:
Improving translation initiation site and stop codon recognition by using more than two classes

Jiménez, J.; Kalergis, A., 2007:
Improving translational biomedical research in Chile

Lingen, M.W., 2007:
Improving translational research for oral cancer screening aids: putting my "money" where my mouth is

Li, M.; Anand, R.K., 2018:
Cellular dielectrophoresis coupled with single-cell analysis

Wang, H.; Zhang, C.; Shi, X.; Zhang, L.; Zhou, Y., 2012:
Improving transmembrane protein consensus topology prediction using inter-helical interaction

Sakib, M.Nazmus.; Tang, J.; Zheng, W.Jim.; Huang, C-Tser., 2012:
Improving transmission efficiency of large sequence alignment/map (SAM) files

Liu, X.; Wei, X.; Slusher, R.E.; McKinstrie, C.J., 2007:
Improving transmission performance in differential phase-shift-keyed systems by use of lumped nonlinear phase-shift compensation

Faggion, C.Mariano., 2012:
Improving transparency in dental research by making the raw data available

Halpern, S.D.; Salluh, J.I.F., 2015:
Improving transparency in registration of randomized clinical trials in critical care

Zanotto, D.; Lenzi, T.; Stegall, P.; Agrawal, S.K., 2014:
Improving transparency of powered exoskeletons using force/torque sensors on the supporting cuffs

Frank-Bader, M.; Beltran, K.; Dojlidko, D., 2012:
Improving transplant discharge education using a structured teaching approach

Musgrave, C.R.; Pilch, N.A.; Taber, D.J.; Meadows, H.B.; McGillicuddy, J.W.; Chavin, K.D.; Baliga, P.K., 2013:
Improving transplant patient safety through pharmacist discharge medication reconciliation

Reaven, J.; Blakeley-Smith, A.; Beattie, T.L.; Sullivan, A.; Moody, E.J.; Stern, J.A.; Hepburn, S.L.; Smith, I.M., 2015:
Improving transportability of a cognitive-behavioral treatment intervention for anxiety in youth with autism spectrum disorders: results from a US-Canada collaboration

Corvetto, M.A.; Altermatt, F.R., 2015:
Improving transversus abdominis plane block safety

Douglas, R.James.; Vasanthi, B.; Giles, A.J.A.; Kumar, G.Anand., 2010:
Improving trauma care in India: a recommendation for the implementation of ATLS training for emergency department medical officers

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Improving value is improving health care, not rationing

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Improving vital statistics in the Pacific 2011-2014

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Improving women's health is a shared priority

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Improving women's health locally and globally

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Improving your AIM. Better care for the most seriously ill patients boosts quality and reduces costs

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Improving your balance. Exercises that help

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Improving your financial fortune

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Improving your health. 10 tips that can help

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Improving your recipes one step at a time

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Improving your spatial IQ can lift your social IQ

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Improving your value equation

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Improving your workplace violence prevention program

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Improving youths' health through school-based health centers

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Improvised Darkfield Apparatus

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Improvised dental cone

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Improvised sterilizer

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Improvised straight needle suture passer

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Improvised summer travel, illustrative clinical cases

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Impudently following one's own impulses

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