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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 53767

Chapter 53767 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ohkouchi, S.; Nakamura, Y.; Ikeda, N.; Sugimoto, Y.; Asakawa, K., 2007:
In situ mask designed for selective growth of InAs quantum dots in narrow regions developed for molecular beam epitaxy system

Folberth, C.; Scherb, H.; Suhadolc, M.; Munch, J.Charles.; Schroll, R., 2009:
In situ mass distribution quotient (iMDQ) - a new factor to compare bioavailability of chemicals in soils?

Enami, S.; Hoffmann, M.R.; Colussi, Aín.J., 2014:
In situ mass spectrometric detection of interfacial intermediates in the oxidation of RCOOH(aq) by gas-phase OH-radicals

Nilsson, A.; Forngren, B.; Bjurström, S.; Goodwin, R.J.A.; Basmaci, E.; Gustafsson, I.; Annas, A.; Hellgren, D.; Svanhagen, A.; Andrén, P.E.; Lindberg, J., 2013:
In situ mass spectrometry imaging and ex vivo characterization of renal crystalline deposits induced in multiple preclinical drug toxicology studies

Lim, Y-Je.; Deo, D.; Singh, T.P.; Jones, D.B.; De, S., 2008:
In situ measurement and modeling of biomechanical response of human cadaveric soft tissues for physics-based surgical simulation

Turchin, A.V.; Dubov, M.; Williams, J.A.R., 2010:
In situ measurement and reconstruction in three dimensions of femtosecond inscription-induced complex permittivity modification in glass

Oen, A.M.P.; Janssen, E.M.L.; Cornelissen, G.; Breedveld, G.D.; Eek, E.; Luthy, R.G., 2011:
In situ measurement of PCB pore water concentration profiles in activated carbon-amended sediment using passive samplers

Li, M.; Qiang, Z.; Li, T.; Bolton, J.R.; Liu, C., 2011:
In situ measurement of UV fluence rate distribution by use of a micro fluorescent silica detector

Rowson, S.; McNally, C.; Duma, S.M., 2009:
In situ measurement of achilles tendon tension during dorsiflexion - biomed 2009

Namkung, W.; Song, Y.; Mills, A.D.; Padmawar, P.; Finkbeiner, W.E.; Verkman, A.S., 2009:
In situ measurement of airway surface liquid [K+] using a ratioable K+-sensitive fluorescent dye

Akamaru, S.; Hara, M.; Matsuyama, M., 2012:
In situ measurement of alternating current magnetic susceptibility of Pd-hydrogen system for determination of hydrogen concentration in bulk

Yao, B.; Zhou, L-xi.; Zhang, F.; Zhang, X-chun.; Xu, L.; Zhang, X-ling.; Zhou, H-gang.; Dong, F.; Zhou, L-yan., 2011:
In situ measurement of atmospheric HCFC-22 at the Shangdianzi GAW regional station

Dominguez-Medina, S.; McDonough, S.; Swanglap, P.; Landes, C.F.; Link, S., 2012:
In situ measurement of bovine serum albumin interaction with gold nanospheres

Knox, W.H., 1992:
In situ measurement of complete intracavity dispersion in an operating Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser

Gonzalez-Valencia, R.; Magana-Rodriguez, F.; Gerardo-Nieto, O.; Sepulveda-Jauregui, A.; Martinez-Cruz, K.; Anthony, K.Walter.; Baer, D.; Thalasso, F., 2015:
In situ measurement of dissolved methane and carbon dioxide in freshwater ecosystems by off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy

Yuan, B.; Tao, Q.; Zhao, X.; Cao, K.; Cui, T.; Wang, X.; Zhu, P., 2014:
In situ measurement of electrical resistivity and Seebeck coefficient simultaneously at high temperature and high pressure

Alston, W.E., 1980:
In situ measurement of film index of refraction for the optical coating technician

Flower, W.L.; Hurd, A.J., 1987:
In situ measurement of flame-formed silica particles using dynamic light scattering

Suzuki, A.; Nonaka, H., 2009:
In situ measurement of gas composition changes in radio frequency plasmas using a quartz sensor

Lagu, R.K.; Najafi, S.I.; Ramaswamy, R.V., 1984:
In situ measurement of ionic concentration during fabrication of ion-exchanged waveguides

Parry, C.; Blonquist, J.Mark.; Bugbee, B., 2015:
In situ measurement of leaf chlorophyll concentration: analysis of the optical/absolute relationship

Surface, J.Andrew.; Skemer, P.; Hayes, S.E.; Conradi, M.S., 2013:
In situ measurement of magnesium carbonate formation from CO2 using static high-pressure and -temperature 13C NMR

Angel, R.; Conrad, R., 2009:
In situ measurement of methane fluxes and analysis of transcribed particulate methane monooxygenase in desert soils

Lücking, F.; Trabattoni, A.; Anumula, S.; Sansone, G.; Calegari, F.; Nisoli, M.; Oksenhendler, T.; Tempea, G., 2014:
In situ measurement of nonlinear carrier-envelope phase changes in hollow fiber compression

Chen, Y-Min.; Hobson, P.; Burch, M.D.; Lin, T-Fuh., 2010:
In situ measurement of odor compound production by benthic cyanobacteria

Samaranayake, C.P.; Sastry, S.K., 2011 :
In situ measurement of pH under high pressure

Min, S.K.; Samaranayake, C.P.; Sastry, S.K., 2011:
In situ measurement of reaction volume and calculation of pH of weak acid buffer solutions under high pressure

Hawke, R.; McConchie, J., 2011:
In situ measurement of soil moisture and pore-water pressures in an 'incipient' landslide: Lake Tutira, New Zealand

Wenjun, J.; Zhou, S.; Jingyi, H.; Shuo, L., 2015:
In situ measurement of some soil properties in paddy soil using visible and near-infrared spectroscopy

Kek, W.K.; Miller, J.; Rawson-Lax, E.; Wilson, C.G.; Uttamchandani, D., 2010:
In situ measurement of spectral changes in the anterior eye following application of ultraviolet-absorbing compounds

Webster, C.R.; Menzies, R.T., 1984:
In situ measurement of stratospheric nitric oxide using a balloon-borne tunable diode laser spectrometer

Hong, H.; Krause, H.Joachim.; Sohn, S.; Baik, T.; Park, J.Hyun.; Shin, S.; Park, C.; Song, D., 2014:
In situ measurement of superoxide and hydroxyl radicals by frequency mixing detection technique

Ye, X.; Lei, X.; Chen, Z.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, A., 2010:
In situ measurement of the enantiomeric excess of alcohols and amines under asymmetric reduction reaction by 1H NMR

Lee, C-Yuan.; Su, A.; Liu, Y-Chieh.; Fan, W-Yuan.; Hsieh, W-Jung., 2009:
In situ measurement of the junction temperature of light emitting diodes using a flexible micro temperature sensor

Lin, J-ren.; Lin, Z-yu.; Du, R-gui.; Lin, C-jian., 2011:
In situ measurement of the permeability of concrete by FTIR-MIR

Bruce, C.W.; Yee, Y.P.; Jennings, S.G., 1980:
In situ measurement of the ratio of aerosol absorption to extinction coefficient

De Bruyne, S.; De Malsche, W.; Deridder, S.; Gardeniers, H.; Desmet, G., 2014:
In situ measurement of the transversal dispersion in ordered and disordered two-dimensional pillar beds for liquid chromatography

Strohaber, J.; Uiterwaal, C.J.G.J., 2008:
In situ measurement of three-dimensional ion densities in focused femtosecond pulses

Chiu, H-Wei.; Chuang, J-min.; Lu, C-Chi.; Lin, W-Tso.; Lin, C-Wann.; Lin, M-Lien., 2014:
In situ measurement of tissue impedance using an inductive coupling interface circuit

Morris, J.B.; Cichocki, J.A.; Smith, G.J., 2013:
In situ measurement of vapor uptake in the rodent upper respiratory tract

Li, B.; Martin, S.; Welsch, E., 2008:
In situ measurement on ultraviolet dielectric components by a pulsed top-hat beam thermal lens

Sorvajärvi, T.; DeMartini, N.; Rossi, J.; Toivonen, J., 2014:
In situ measurement technique for simultaneous detection of K, KCl, and KOH vapors released during combustion of solid biomass fuel in a single particle reactor

Kim, T.; Kim, S.; Olson, E.; Zuo, J-Min., 2007:
In situ measurements and transmission electron microscopy of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors

Durry, G.; Megie, G., 2008:
In situ measurements of H2O from a stratospheric balloon by diode laser direct-differential absorption spectroscopy at 1.39 microm

Hu, C.; Voss, K.J., 2008:
In situ measurements of Raman scattering in clear ocean water

Sun, Y.; Wang, L.; Wang, Y.; Quan, L.; Zirui, L., 2011:
In situ measurements of SO2, NOx, NOy, and O3 in Beijing, China during August 2008

Watarai, H.; Oyama, H., 2008:
In situ measurements of aggregation and disaggregation of Cu(II) complex at liquid/liquid interface

Hirokawa, J.; Kato, T.; Mafuné, F., 2009:
In situ measurements of atmospheric nitrous acid by chemical ionization mass spectrometry using chloride ion transfer reactions

Johnson, K.S.; Beehler, C.L.; Sakamoto-Arnold, C.M.; Childress, J.J., 1986:
In situ measurements of chemical distributions in a deep-sea hydrothermal vent field

Wu, Z.; He, M.; Lin, C., 2011:
In situ measurements of concentrations of Cd, Co, Fe and Mn in estuarine porewater using DGT

Wang, Z.; Deng, H.; Chen, L.; Xiao, Y.; Zhao, F., 2013:
In situ measurements of dissolved oxygen, pH and redox potential of biocathode microenvironments using microelectrodes

Tsukahara, S.; Kamiya, Y.; Fujiwara, T., 2010:
In situ measurements of emission transition dipole moment of individual ordered microdomain of diprotonated tetraphenylporphine aggregate formed at dodecane/aqueous H2SO4 interface

Williams, B.J.; Goldstein, A.H.; Kreisberg, N.M.; Hering, S.V., 2010:
In situ measurements of gas/particle-phase transitions for atmospheric semivolatile organic compounds

Kim, H.B.; Hayashi, M.; Nakatani, K.; Kitamura, N.; Sasaki, K.; Hotta, J.; Masuhara, H., 1996:
In situ measurements of ion-exchange processes in single polymer particles:  laser trapping microspectroscopy and confocal fluorescence microspectroscopy

Søndergaard, J., 2007:
In situ measurements of labile Al and Mn in acid mine drainage using diffusive gradients in thin films

Zhu, W.; Puppulin, L.; Leto, A.; Takahashi, Y.; Sugano, N.; Pezzotti, G., 2014:
In situ measurements of local temperature and contact stress magnitude during wear of ceramic-on-ceramic hip joints

Anderson, T.N.; Lucht, R.P.; Priyadarsan, S.; Annamalai, K.; Caton, J.A., 2007:
In situ measurements of nitric oxide in coal-combustion exhaust using a sensor based on a widely tunable external-cavity GaN diode laser

Balkanov, V.; Belolaptikov, I.; Bezrukov, L.; Chensky, A.; Budnev, N.; Danilchenko, I.; Dzhilkibaev, Z.A.; Domogatsky, G.; Doroshenko, A.; Fialkovsky, S.; Gaponenko, O.; Garus, A.; Gress, T.; Karle, A.; Klabukov, A.; Klimov, A.; Klimushin, S.; Koshechkin, A.; Kulepov, V.; Kuzmichev, L.; Lubsandorzhiev, B.; Lovzov, S.; Mikolajski, T.; Milenin, M.; Mirgazov, R.; Moroz, A.; Moseiko, N.; Nikiforov, S.; Osipova, E.; Pandel, D.; Panfilov, A.; Parfenov, Y.; Pavlov, A.; Petukhov, D.; Pokhil, P.; Pokolev, 2008:
In situ measurements of optical parameters in Lake Baikal with the help of a Neutrino telescope

Leeuw, T.; Boss, E.S.; Wright, D.L., 2013:
In situ measurements of phytoplankton fluorescence using low cost electronics

Kumar, S.; Singh, S.; Bajwa, B.S.; Sabharwal, A.D., 2012:
In situ measurements of radon levels in water and soil and exhalation rate in areas of Malwa belt of Punjab (India)

Papatheodorou, G.N.; Kalampounias, A.G., 2009:
In situ measurements of the D(1) and D(2) Raman band intensities of vitreous and molten silica in the 77-2150 K temperature range

Yamashita, D.; Ishizaki, A.; Yamamoto, T., 2014:
In situ measurements of the desorption of water from a TiO₂ surface under dry air by collecting the photoemission yield with an open counter

Tsukahara, S.; Suehara, M.; Fujiwara, T., 2008:
In situ measurements of the dynamics of single giant DNA molecules at the toluene-trioctylamine/water interface by total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy

Kaminski Schierle, G.S.; van de Linde, S.; Erdelyi, M.; Esbjörner, E.K.; Klein, T.; Rees, E.; Bertoncini, C.W.; Dobson, C.M.; Sauer, M.; Kaminski, C.F., 2012:
In situ measurements of the formation and morphology of intracellular β-amyloid fibrils by super-resolution fluorescence imaging

Tan, C.Hua.; Huang, X.Guang.; Shi, Y.Ping., 2009:
In situ measurements of the solubilities of salt-water systems by a fiber sensor

Vrbka, M.; Křupka, I.; Hartl, M.; Návrat, Táš.; Gallo, Jří.; Galandáková, Aéla., 2014:
In situ measurements of thin films in bovine serum lubricated contacts using optical interferometry

Shiroma, Y.; Isa, N.; Hosoda, M.; Sorimachi, A.; Ishikawa, T.; Tokonami, S.; Furukawa, M., 2011:
In situ measurements of thoron exhalation rate in Okinawa, Japan

Turgut, A.; Yamamoto, T., 2008:
In situ measurements of velocity dispersion and attenuation in New Jersey Shelf sediments

Wei, X.; Chen, Q.; Peng, L.; Cui, R.; Li, Y., 2009:
In situ measurements on individual thin carbon nanotubes using nanomanipulators inside a scanning electron microscope

Liu, Y.; Feng, J.; Shi, L.; Niu, R.; Sun, Q.; Liu, H.; Li, J.; Guo, J.; Zhu, J.; Han, D., 2012:
In situ mechanical analysis of cardiomyocytes at nano scales

Kaushik, G.; Fuhrmann, A.; Cammarato, A.; Engler, A.J., 2012 :
In situ mechanical analysis of myofibrillar perturbation and aging on soft, bilayered Drosophila myocardium

Giri, B.; Almer, J.D.; Dong, X.Neil.; Wang, X., 2013:
In situ mechanical behavior of mineral crystals in human cortical bone under compressive load using synchrotron X-ray scattering techniques

Liu, X.; Fernandes, R.; Jurisicova, A.; Casper, R.F.; Sun, Y., 2010:
In situ mechanical characterization of mouse oocytes using a cell holding device

Liu, H.; Wen, J.; Xiao, Y.; Liu, J.; Hopyan, S.; Radisic, M.; Simmons, C.A.; Sun, Y., 2015:
In situ mechanical characterization of the cell nucleus by atomic force microscopy

Reed, J.; Walczak, W.J.; Petzold, O.N.; Gimzewski, J.K., 2008:
In situ mechanical interferometry of matrigel films

Ofek, G.; Natoli, R.M.; Athanasiou, K.A., 2009:
In situ mechanical properties of the chondrocyte cytoplasm and nucleus

Kim, J-Woo.; Núñez, J.Carpena.; Siochi, E.J.; Wise, K.E.; Lin, Y.; Connell, J.W.; Smith, M.W., 2011:
In situ mechanical property measurements of amorphous carbon-boron nitride nanotube nanostructures

Poppe, H.; Kneitz, H.; Bröcker, E-B.; Hamm, H., 2012:
In situ melanoma and palmar spiny hyperkeratoses: coincidence or paraneoplasia?

Bonamonte, D.; Arpaia, N.; Cimmino, A.; Vestita, M., 2014:
In situ melanoma of the nail unit presenting as a rapid growing longitudinal melanonychia in a 9-year-old white boy

Zhang, L.; Foreman, D.P.; Grant, P.A.; Shrestha, B.; Moody, S.A.; Villiers, F.; Kwak, J.M.; Vertes, A., 2015:
In situ metabolic analysis of single plant cells by capillary microsampling and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry with ion mobility separation

Izamis, M-Louisa.; Sharma, N.S.; Uygun, B.; Bieganski, R.; Saeidi, N.; Nahmias, Y.; Uygun, K.; Yarmush, M.L.; Berthiaume, F., 2011:
In situ metabolic flux analysis to quantify the liver metabolic response to experimental burn injury

Shrestha, B.; Vertes, A., 2010:
In situ metabolic profiling of single cells by laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Miura, D.; Fujimura, Y.; Wariishi, H., 2013:
In situ metabolomic mass spectrometry imaging: recent advances and difficulties

Morgan, A.J.; Mosselmans, J.F.W.; Charnock, J.M.; Bennett, A.; Winters, C.; O'Reilly, M.; Fisher, P.; Andre, J.; Turner, M.; Gunning, P.; Kille, P., 2013:
In situ metal imaging and Zn ligand-speciation in a soil-dwelling sentinel: complementary electron microprobe and synchrotron microbeam X-ray analyses

Thode, C.J.; Cook, P.L.; Jiang, Y.; Serdar Onses, M.; Ji, S.; Himpsel, F.J.; Nealey, P.F., 2013:
In situ metallization of patterned polymer brushes created by molecular transfer print and fill

Stanisz, E.; Zgoła-Grześkowiak, A., 2014:
In situ metathesis ionic liquid formation dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction for copper determination in water samples by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry

Vieira, F.Costa.Beber.; Pereira, Aônio.Batista.; Bayer, Célio.; Schünemann, A.Luis.; Victoria, F.de.Carvalho.; de Albuquerque, Méli.Pereira.; de Oliveira, Cássio.Strassburger., 2013:
In situ methane and nitrous oxide fluxes in soil from a transect in Hennequin Point, King George Island, Antarctic

Tung, Y-Tien.; Chen, L-Jen.; Chen, Y-Ping.; Lin, S-Tai., 2011:
In situ methane recovery and carbon dioxide sequestration in methane hydrates: a molecular dynamics simulation study

Kastlander, J.; Bargholtz, C., 2011:
In situ method to determine depth distribution of buried activity

Kömle, N.I.; Hütter, E.S.; Macher, W.; Kaufmann, E.; Kargl, Günter.; Knollenberg, Jörg.; Grott, M.; Spohn, T.; Wawrzaszek, R.; Banaszkiewicz, M.; Seweryn, K.; Hagermann, A., 2011:
In situ methods for measuring thermal properties and heat flux on planetary bodies

Wharfe, J.; Adams, W.; Apitz, S.E.; Barra, R.; Bridges, T.S.; Hickey, C.; Ireland, S., 2007:
In situ methods of measurement--an important line of evidence in the environmental risk framework

Kachatkou, A.; Marchal, J.; van Silfhout, R., 2014:
In situ micro-focused X-ray beam characterization with a lensless camera using a hybrid pixel detector

Cho, K.Young.; Lee, S.; Park, J-Ki., 2007:
In situ micro-sized gel-forming injectable implant using biodegradable amphiphilic graft copolymer

Kosina, S.; Grasserbauer, M.; Drack, H., 1979:
In situ microanalysis of iron compounds by valence-band x-ray spectra on the basis of the band vector and representative-space transformation concept

Liu, J.; Eddings, M.A.; Miles, A.R.; Bukasov, R.; Gale, B.K.; Shumaker-Parry, J.S., 2009:
In situ microarray fabrication and analysis using a microfluidic flow cell array integrated with surface plasmon resonance microscopy

Smith, H.D.; Duncan, A.G.; Neary, P.L.; Lloyd, C.R.; Anderson, A.J.; Sims, R.C.; McKay, C.P., 2012:
In situ microbial detection in Mojave Desert soil using native fluorescence

Peixoto, L.; Min, B.; Martins, G.; Brito, Aónio.G.; Kroff, P.; Parpot, P.; Angelidaki, I.; Nogueira, R., 2011:
In situ microbial fuel cell-based biosensor for organic carbon

Sung, B.; Kim, M.Su.; Corrigan, A.; Donald, A.M.; Soh, K-Sup., 2009:
In situ microextraction method to determine the viscosity of biofluid in threadlike structures on the surfaces of mammalian organs

Katayama, K.; Uchimura, H.; Sakakibara, H.; Kikutani, Y.; Kitamori, T., 2007:
In situ microfluidic flow rate measurement based on near-field heterodyne grating method

Gardner-Morse, M.G.; Tacy, N.J.; Beynnon, B.D.; Roemhildt, M.L., 2011:
In situ microindentation for determining local subchondral bone compressive modulus

Sonek, G.J.; Liu, Y.; Iturriaga, R.H., 1995:
In situ microparticle analysis of marine phytoplankton cells with infrared laser-based optical tweezers

Leclerc, E.; El Kirat, K.; Griscom, L., 2007:
In situ micropatterning technique by cell crushing for co-cultures inside microfluidic biochips

Copin, R.; Vitry, M-Alice.; Hanot Mambres, D.; Machelart, A.; De Trez, C.; Vanderwinden, J-Marie.; Magez, S.; Akira, S.; Ryffel, B.; Carlier, Y.; Letesson, J-Jacques.; Muraille, E., 2012:
In situ microscopy analysis reveals local innate immune response developed around Brucella infected cells in resistant and susceptible mice

Opitz, B.; Prediger, A.; Lüder, C.; Eckstein, M.; Hilterhaus, L.; Lindner, P.; Beutel, S.; Scheper, T.; Liese, A., 2014:
In situ microscopy for in-line monitoring of the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose

Belini, V.Luís.; Wiedemann, P.; Suhr, H., 2013:
In situ microscopy: a perspective for industrial bioethanol production monitoring

Williams, V.S.; Landesman, A.L.; Shack, R.V.; Vukobratovich, D.; Bhushan, B., 1988:
In situ microviscoelastic measurements by polarization-interferometric monitoring of indentation depth

Lizuka, K., 1973:
In situ microwave holography

Yang, D.; Jin, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Ma, G.; Chen, X.; Lu, F.; Nie, J., 2008:
In situ mineralization of hydroxyapatite on electrospun chitosan-based nanofibrous scaffolds

Fu, L.; Ma, G.; Yan, E.C.Y., 2010:
In situ misfolding of human islet amyloid polypeptide at interfaces probed by vibrational sum frequency generation

Oliveira, J.M.A.; Gonçalves, J., 2009:
In situ mitochondrial Ca2+ buffering differences of intact neurons and astrocytes from cortex and striatum

Deaguero, A.L.; Bommarius, A.S., 2014:
In situ mixed donor synthesis of ampicillin with ethylene glycol co-solvent

Zhao, W-Wei.; Ma, Z-Yuan.; Xu, J-Juan.; Chen, H-Yuan., 2014:
In situ modification of a semiconductor surface by an enzymatic process: a general strategy for photoelectrochemical bioanalysis

de Celis, J.; Amadeo, N.E.; Cukierman, A.L., 2008:
In situ modification of activated carbons developed from a native invasive wood on removal of trace toxic metals from wastewater

Huang, H-Chan.; Chen, L-Chen.; Lin, S-Bin.; Hsu, C-Ping.; Chen, H-Huang., 2010:
In situ modification of bacterial cellulose network structure by adding interfering substances during fermentation

Yamamoto, H.; Demura, T.; Morita, M.; Kono, S.; Sekine, K.; Shinada, T.; Nakamura, S.; Tanii, T., 2015:
In situ modification of cell-culture scaffolds by photocatalytic decomposition of organosilane monolayers

Versluis, F.; Voskuhl, J.; van Kolck, B.; Zope, H.; Bremmer, M.; Albregtse, T.; Kros, A., 2013:
In situ modification of plain liposomes with lipidated coiled coil forming peptides induces membrane fusion

Noisser, T.; Reichenauer, G.; Hüsing, N., 2013:
In situ modification of the silica backbone leading to highly porous monolithic hybrid organic-inorganic materials via ambient pressure drying

Ruka, D.R.; Simon, G.P.; Dean, K.M., 2013:
In situ modifications to bacterial cellulose with the water insoluble polymer poly-3-hydroxybutyrate

Bai, S.; Zhao, J.; Du, G.; Zheng, J.; Zhu, Z., 2008:
In situ modifying of carbon tube-in-tube nanostructures with highly active Fe(2)O(3) nanoparticles

Pulsipher, A.; Park, S.; Dutta, D.; Luo, W.; Yousaf, M.N., 2015:
In situ modulation of cell behavior via smart dual-ligand surfaces

Liu, Y.; Xiao, L.; Joo, K-Il.; Hu, B.; Fang, J.; Wang, P., 2015:
In situ modulation of dendritic cells by injectable thermosensitive hydrogels for cancer vaccines in mice

Verrax, J.; Pedrosa, R.Curi.; Beck, R.; Dejeans, N.; Taper, H.; Calderon, P.Buc., 2009:
In situ modulation of oxidative stress: a novel and efficient strategy to kill cancer cells

Moon, B.Joon.; Lee, G-Young.; Im, M.Jeong.; Song, S.; Park, T., 2014:
In situ modulation of the vertical distribution in a blend of P3HT and PC(60)BM via the addition of a composition gradient inducer

Akiva-Tal, A.; Kababya, S.; Balazs, Y.S.; Glazer, L.; Berman, A.; Sagi, A.; Schmidt, A., 2011:
In situ molecular NMR picture of bioavailable calcium stabilized as amorphous CaCO₃ biomineral in crayfish gastroliths

Lorenzo Tejedor, Mónica.; Mizuno, H.; Tsuyama, N.; Harada, T.; Masujima, T., 2012:
In situ molecular analysis of plant tissues by live single-cell mass spectrometry

Guo, C.Xian.; Zheng, X.Ting.; Ng, S.Rui.; Lai, Y.; Lei, Y.; Li, C.Ming., 2011:
In situ molecular detection of ischemic cells by enhanced protein direct electron transfer on a unique horseradish peroxidase-Au nanoparticles-polyaniline nanowires biofilm

Nicklas, J.L.; Moisan, P.; Stone, M.R.; Gookin, J.L., 2010:
In situ molecular diagnosis and histopathological characterization of enteroadherent Enterococcus hirae infection in pre-weaning-age kittens

Ocadiz-Delgado, R.; Albino-Sanchez, M.Estela.; Garcia-Villa, E.; Aguilar-Gonzalez, M.Guadalupe.; Cabello, C.; Rosete, D.; Mejia, F.; Manjarrez-Zavala, M.Eugenia.; Ondarza-Aguilera, C.; Rivera-Rosales, R.Ma.; Gariglio, P., 2013:
In situ molecular identification of the influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Neuraminidase in patients with severe and fatal infections during a pandemic in Mexico City

Andreu, V.; Collados, R.; Testillano, P.S.; Risueño, Mía.Del.Carmen.; Picorel, R.; Alfonso, M., 2007:
In situ molecular identification of the plastid omega3 fatty acid desaturase FAD7 from soybean: evidence of thylakoid membrane localization

Hua, X.; Yu, X-Ying.; Wang, Z.; Yang, L.; Liu, B.; Zhu, Z.; Tucker, A.E.; Chrisler, W.B.; Hill, E.A.; Thevuthasan, T.; Lin, Y.; Liu, S.; Marshall, M.J., 2014:
In situ molecular imaging of a hydrated biofilm in a microfluidic reactor by ToF-SIMS

Loring, J.S.; Schaef, H.T.; Turcu, R.V.F.; Thompson, C.J.; Miller, Q.R.S.; Martin, P.F.; Hu, J.; Hoyt, D.W.; Qafoku, O.; Ilton, E.S.; Felmy, A.R.; Rosso, K.M., 2012:
In situ molecular spectroscopic evidence for CO2 intercalation into montmorillonite in supercritical carbon dioxide

Li, H.; Ye, S.; Wei, F.; Ma, S.; Luo, Y., 2013:
In situ molecular-level insights into the interfacial structure changes of membrane-associated prion protein fragment [118-135] investigated by sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy

Chou, J.; Elbers, D.; Clement, G.; Bursavich, B.; Tian, T.; Zhang, W.; Yang, K., 2010:
In situ monitoring (field screening) and assessment of lead and arsenic contaminants in the greater New Orleans area using a portable X-ray fluorescence analyser

Li, M.; Zhao, C.; Yang, X.; Ren, J.; Xu, C.; Qu, X., 2013:
In situ monitoring Alzheimer's disease β-amyloid aggregation and screening of Aβ inhibitors using a perylene probe

Davies, M.L.; Watson, T.M.; Holliman, P.J.; Connell, A.; Worsley, D.A., 2014:
In situ monitoring and optimization of room temperature ultra-fast sensitization for dye-sensitized solar cells

Wei, S.; Li, L., 2010:
In situ monitoring for development of rectangular photoresist gratings on transparent substrates

Steyskal, E-Maria.; Topolovec, S.; Landgraf, S.; Krenn, H.; Würschum, R., 2013:
In situ monitoring magnetism and resistance of nanophase platinum upon electrochemical oxidation

Reisner, A.; Wolinski, H.; Zechner, E.L., 2012:
In situ monitoring of IncF plasmid transfer on semi-solid agar surfaces reveals a limited invasion of plasmids in recipient colonies

Lugstein, A.; Mijić, M.; Burchhart, T.; Zeiner, C.; Langegger, R.; Schneider, M.; Schmid, U.; Bertagnolli, E., 2013:
In situ monitoring of Joule heating effects in germanium nanowires by μ-Raman spectroscopy

Steinfeldt, N., 2013:
In situ monitoring of Pt nanoparticle formation in ethylene glycol solution by SAXS-influence of the NaOH to Pt ratio

Chung, W-Ho.; Hwang, H-Jun.; Lee, S-Hyun.; Kim, H-Sung., 2012:
In situ monitoring of a flash light sintering process using silver nano-ink for producing flexible electronics

Furusawa, H.; Uemura, K.; Yoshimine, H.; Okahata, Y., 2012:
In situ monitoring of a trace intermediate during DNA phosphorylation by T4 polynucleotide kinase for transient kinetic studies

Moody, B.; Haslauer, C.M.; Kirk, E.; Kannan, A.; Loboa, E.G.; McCarty, G.S., 2011:
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In situ oxidation synthesis of Ag/AgCl core-shell nanowires and their photocatalytic properties

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In situ pH within particle beds of bioactive glasses

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In situ photopolymerization of polyacrylamide-based preconcentrator on a microfluidic chip for capillary electrophoresis

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In situ polymerase chain reaction and hybridization to detect low-abundance nucleic acid targets

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In situ polymerization of tropoelastin in the absence of chemical cross-linking

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In situ posterolateral and fibular interbody fusion in high grade spondylolysthesis

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In situ preactivation strategies for the expeditious synthesis of oligosaccharides: A review

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In situ precipitation of magnetic fluid encapsulated in giant liposomes

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In situ precipitation: a novel approach for preparation of iron-oxide magnetoliposomes

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In situ preparation and protein delivery of silicate-alginate composite microspheres with core-shell structure

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In situ preparation of 1D Co@C composite nanorods as negative materials for alkaline secondary batteries

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In situ preparation of Al-containing PVDF ultrafiltration membrane via sol-gel process

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In situ preparation of a Ti³⁺ self-doped TiO₂ film with enhanced activity as photoanode by N₂H₄ reduction

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In situ preparation of an ultra-thin nanomask on a silicon wafer

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In situ preparation of biomimetic thin films and their surface-shielding effect for organisms in high vacuum

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In situ preparation of fluorescent CdTe quantum dots with small thiols and hyperbranched polymers as co-stabilizers

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In situ preparation of gold nanoparticle-loaded lysozyme-dextran nanogels and applications for cell imaging and drug delivery

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In situ preparation of highly fluorescent dyes upon photoirradiation

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In situ preparation of highly fluorescent pyrene-dyes from non-luminous precursors upon photoirradiation

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In situ preparation of magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles inside nanoporous poly(L-glutamic acid)/chitosan microcapsules for drug delivery

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In situ preparation of magnetic nonviral gene vectors and magnetofection in vitro

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In situ preparation of network forming gold nanoparticles in agarose hydrogels

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In situ preparation of novel p-n junction photocatalyst BiOI/(BiO)2CO3 with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity

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In situ preparation of powder and the sorption behaviors of molecularly imprinted polymers through the complexation between polymer ion of methyl methacrylate/acrylic acid and Ca++ ion

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In situ replacement with cryopreserved homografts for infected aortic prostheses

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In situ triaxial magnetic field compensation for the spin-exchange-relaxation-free atomic magnetometer

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